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[000:00:00;00] ah al jazeera, as a you ah, all ah, to grind forces withdraw from ethiopia is, am horror, and a far regions after territorial gains by the government. ah, hello, i'm mary. i'm demise in london. you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program as the army kron variance surges across europe, germany limits gatherings, and the u. k urges portion head of christmas. those sorts survived your tell us.
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life will never be the same again for the philippines scrambles to send much heated aid to remote communities. as the death toll continues to climb after super typhoon roy and a new era in chalet. former student protested gabrielle burridge promises to be a president that unites the country after winning the runoff election. ah, we begin the program in ethiopia. i took brian rebel forces of announced to retreat, mocking a turning point in a conflict that sent shock waves through the region. a spokesman for the 2 grey pupils aberration francais all fighters with drawing to their northern stronghold of tig wry after months of fighting, where they took over large parts of africa, 2nd most populous country. if opiates, central government, as said the withdrawal is a prerequisite for any peace towards the fight, he has caused a major humanitarian crisis,
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international mediation efforts. failing to bring about any resolution, rebel say they are withdrawing so that aid can enter, but the central government says it's a cover up for them military setbacks. meanwhile, a rebel own tv station is released new pictures of the aftermath of government as strikes into gray drones bomb the region for 3 days last week, killing at least 28 people purchase tro residents carrying that audio from a market. dozens of people being treated for injuries of declined. deborah michael is a writer. french got dot com, which is aligned the t p l f. it's been documenting the fighting. now he says, but while they might have retreated, it doesn't mean they're going to disarm. when i think the courses have been stuck between hot place and iraq, because on the one hand the, the international community has been making enormous pressure on them to withdrawal . so that the governments could be converted into age because they depend government conditions the delivery of
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a joint of though they have to go back to the, to the enemy that would otherwise invade. right. so they have that in the other 100 percent. in the other hand, they know that this would mean that the government will base to drive the next day, visit the kind of devastation that they have when they return from hoses where integrated not yet. so i don't think this is within the cost. in this example, because if they do that, that will be a better duty to protect mr. grant against poses that made it clear that they would invade. if there was an opportunity to do that, ah, you can, government is only for the current of ours restrictions might be needed with record
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case that was reported over the past week. i. mr. boyce johnson is describe the situation is extremely difficult and urged caution. but senior minutes to the police to be pushing back on implementing any new measures before christmas. john hall has this report so far in england government guidance against the omicron variant has focused on the boost of vaccination campaign. and the pace of the rollout has shut up in recent days, the rate of only grown infections has sought to with scientists warning the new year could bring thousands of hospital admissions and deaths each day. if strict measures are brought in soon. at a cabinet meeting on monday, the prime minister boris johnson was found himself caught between the scientists and rebellious ministers and n p's. who say not enough is yet known about omicron. we know that there's been and i got the data in front of me. $104.00 hospitalizations from only crohn, the question really is, does that and there's
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a lag time of days and weeks to finding out whether that leads to more fatalities as a result of this, that's if you like the missing piece of the data puzzle. but we constantly keep it under review in a pre recorded statement, johnson erred on the side of caution, political caution. that is less so perhaps in the interests of public health we, we will have to reserve the, the possibility of taking further action to, to protect the public and to protect public health, to protect our, in a chess. and we weren't hesitate to, to take that action. but in the meantime, what i would say to everybody is, please exercise caution. the wave of on the crone concern, meanwhile, is spreading fast across europe. germany becomes the latest country to confirm plans for new restrictions with social gatherings limited to a maximum of 10 vaccinated or recently recovered people from december. the 28th. while in france,
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approval has been given for the use of the pfizer biotech vaccine in children, aged 5 and above. both countries joined by austria in limiting travel from britain, the current omicron capital of europe. but all will know there's no preventing its arrival eventually. back in the u. k. covert milling teens returned to the headlines has been nothing but bad news for the prime minister. the next installment in the so called party gates, scandal, features a photo of johnson and his wife. joining staff and officials put cheese on wine in the downing street garden last summer. the government insists these were work colleagues joining an after work gathering and that no rules were broken. the public who were under locked down at the time and now facing another difficult christmas. we likely see it differently. jonah, whole elders, europe lumbered. israel is banning all is citizens from traveling to the united states,
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canada and 8 other countries because of concerns about on the chrome or the measures are going to take effect from midnight on tuesday. israel has largely close its international borders after the new variant was detected last month. country is experiencing a 5th wave of infections. and then in the us there's been a 50 percent. sure, surgeon croyt a virus cases this month, fears of new restrictions across the country and around the world. so wall street may mark as for more than one percent on monday, new york has seen a 3rd straight day of record case numbers. while a state of emergency has been declared in washington, us reported more than 70000 new infections on sunday. let's go live now to gabriel elizondo in new york. we see that there is a reaction there in the markets uncertainty over the fact that only con could have on people's lives and businesses. how, what is the, the response both politically and among the public to this i think the public is saying, oh no,
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here we go again. that's pretty much the sense here. there's sort of an eerie feel here in new york city, whereas we all know that it for a time, this was the global epa center of the pandemic in march and april and may of 2000 year 2000. so what we're getting now is we're getting a sense that this is coming back and we're getting this 3rd wave of arm now of this new variant. and we actually now have the 4th consecutive day here in new york of record. new infections is 23000 was just announced a short time ago by the governor. she says she's not going to make mass closures here in the state. they don't want to do that. they don't want to panic people, but certainly you can sense the urgency that this really is this 3rd wave, if you will hear there for about 4000 people in hospitals here in new
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york, that's way below where it was during the original peak, but still much higher than it was for many, many months previously. and you're getting the sense here now that people are very worried, you go out to the streets of new york and you see long lines, sometimes even hundreds of people waiting to get tested. and we're seeing this elsewhere throughout the united states as well, with spears, to be a shortage of personnel to do testing. and even testing sites that have been closed down previously are now having to start to reopen again in washington, d. c, the mayor there declared a state of emergency on monday and re instituted the indoor mask mandate. we're seeing that elsewhere as well. but the bottom line here is that you are starting to see events being canceled or postponed. and many health officials had predicted that this could be a long, difficult winter here in north america, and especially in the united states due to cov it. and that's exactly what we're
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starting to see. the 1st signs of an q from your gabriel is on reporting to us now the number of people killed in the strongest typhoon to hit the philippines this year. a serge sir, 375. and the 500 have been injured in at least 56 and missing. but in remote areas, these figures are likely to be much higher. the de now got islands right at the api center as jamila alan, dog and reports. so i was a desperate for food and drinking water. ah, this is central, say, delinquent island, a town which bore the brunt of super typhoon rice fury on thursday. what was once a thriving coastal community, now desolate? my maritime and you're on the you're carrying that have been living here for more than 50 years. a home the built to raise a family. this is all with no live 1000000 love and for to like i own when when you know that they phoned was very strong and then we went downstairs to hain. but our
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wall street journal. so we ran a were a, were very scared to that animal. a everywhere you look, there is this struction, it's been days since they formed re devastated the southern philippines. but this community remains cut off from the rest of the world, though. so survived here. tell us life will never be the same again for them. men here feel frustrated and abandoned. hardly anything is spirit here in that that not even its provincial capital, like a landscape scraped by a steel brush or the immediate aftermath of a bomb explosion. this is how this devastation looks like. up close mary. jane basil you says she's grateful. she survived the typhoon with her family and one month old baby. now hunger has become pervasive here. there is nothing left
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to harvest. they have no money to my leave of wilma, the kids are so small, i still need to be with my baby. i prayed to the lord to please make the typhoon stop. the wind was already so strong and it started at 12 noon with that. oh, well, 88 year old anesthesia tells us she wants to be reunited with their daughter who lives from another town. anesthesia was rescued after home collapsed beneath her. there are many others in san jose to shocked to share their ordeal. while others see the ply dawn simply because they have no choice, everything was wiped out in an instant the sea. now, there is only suffering jamal allen dog and al jazeera in haggard province southern philippines. of a former laughter student leader is going to become chillies. youngest president, gabrielle barrak as hell, talked with the man he's replacing the outgoing president,
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sebastian panera. and jerry says he's optimistic facilities economy under bartch. as despite the markets, reacting negatively to his victory, while leaving the palace barge said he is expecting a smooth transition of power when he takes office lily. but on chemo am leaving in peace because they're going to have an oddly transfer, a transfer of institutional state apparatus makes this up available for democracy to work. and that's good news for you that because it's something that perhaps one doesn't know how to appreciate and couldn't. and if you live, we have to value it and deepen and our latin america. addison is seen him and has been following the story from santiago and has more on the reaction to bartch victory, speech, and meeting with pinero, has made what it seems to be a very good impression, including on those who have been his opponents all the while. it was a reassuring speech, it was a huge one that said that really addressed those who had to polish them, not just to have supported his policies all along. and he's sounded very,
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very moderate and conciliatory. so i've heard from a lot of people who have said just that, but they're not quite as worried now as they had been. it was very interesting when he arrived at the presidential palace before actually go in. he made a slight detour to greet the large, large crowds of people who had heard that he was going to go and visit the president of a senior that he took celsius with them and signed autographs. basically sending the message that the common man and woman are going to be his priority above everything else. but he did take his tour of the presidential palace, which is rather ironic. it happened just 2 months after he himself had voted in favor of a move in congress. he is still a congressman to impeach president dan p. d. so there you see how or just the difference that one electoral triumph can make relations. so i had done the
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grief and anger in north east india where the army is accused of killing civilians in discipline. i will tell you about a japanese millionaire shooting for the moon after taking a tour of the international space station. ah hello, welcome to look at the international forecast. we have sundry down, pause a, rumbling away across the far north of australia. those showers do actually extend their way across the cape your peninsula. pushing right down into queensland further south. high pressure remains in charge here. so this days, fine and dry temperatures picking up once again in adelaide to around $2627.00 celsius, a similar temperature there too. for melbourne, warming off in perth at around 30 degrees as we go on into work wednesday that he continues to cross southern pass. notice how the showers extended to
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a good part of any out back queensland pushing down across at northeast corner of new south wales. further flooding concerns coming in here then as we go one through the next couple of days, wednesday going on into thursday. more live he showers a rolling through here. brightest guys, over southern possible st. radia. more showers up towards the north showers. the longest spells afraid also making the way into new zealand, but some dry spells as well. fair, but cloud. having said that, we have got some dry weather into southern parts of japan at the moment, but we are looking at quite a wind. she makes feeding into work. northern air is as we go on through tuesday and on into wednesday, widespread and disruptive snow on the carts and some other wet weather, putting away from china. ah, the step beyond the comfort zone. poor
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assumptions are challenged. travel to the ends of the earth on further experience, the unimaginable of the people who live it is a probably the most extreme situation i've been involved in. how quickly things contract award winning documentary, the old for suction, witness on a, just the euro. lou ah, welcome back. look at the main stories now. to grind rebels, battling the ethiopian government, say they all withdrawing that troops from the northern regions of a fought, and i'm hora. groups as the retreat will allow humanitarian aid to enter the region . the government says it's
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a cover for military setbacks. u. k. government is one to further restrictions being needed to keep the only concurrent of ours varying under control. but senior ministers believe to be pushing back on implementing any new restrictions before christmas. and the former left a student a to gabriela bar. it she said to become chiles. youngest president, for the 5 year old one sunday's runoff election as pledge to raise taxes and oppose destructive mining practices. now rescue teams or walking to free people trapped by heavy flooding in malaysia. following more than 3 days of torrential rain, at least 7 people have been killed in tens of thousands, forced to flee their home. since the deluge started on friday, more than a months worth of rain fell in a single day estates of hung salon gore and the area around the capitol color lampa, have been the worst effected. i move here in
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2012. i think this one was that we need to with loose or nothing or that i'm, i've seen this before back in the ninety's. this area had flooding, but this time it's really bad because nobody anticipated this level of flooding. humanitarian groups and men law say civilians are being targeted and fighting between the on the and ethnic rebel groups on 3000 of escape of violence by crossing the border into neighboring into thailand this week. but to hundreds of already been forced back as catch up as how diane reports these type of attacks are forcing thousands of people to escape me on more fighting between the military and rebels is intensifying and current. state in the southeast. civilians are fleeing across the border into neighboring thailand, hoping to find refuge. the army bombed half of my house. my baby was very sick, but i managed to run out while my daughter was passed out. we were in the jungle
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for 2 days and more heavy explosions were launched. nearby. hundreds of children are among the many forced to move. this family managed to escape, but only temporarily. ty, security forces have allowed some villagers to cross the river to receive food and water. but afterwards they're being sent back to me on more. many r returning balance, hurley fearing they'll lose what's left of their belongings. are clear to you all that i go. i picked up my child and ran immediately across the river to thailand. i heard about 50 artillery rounds at our village in just one day, all of us nearby in the sugar cane field, myanmar villa dorothy. the attacks are getting dangerously close, but for many escaping isn't an option layla within the week of it. it's scary, but i don't know where i can run to with my 5 children. i'm not authorized to
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travel freely, so i can't go anywhere. i want to go back to my village, but there's no work there. army commanders deny targeting civilians, but humanitarian group say the military is cracking down on protesters and rubble. grove, such as the korean national union, particularly since the military to al, still democratically elected leader on songs, which she and february, 2nd come night. while some families that manage to stay in thailand will sleep in this outdoor area meant for livestock. it's a break from the fighting nearby, but who knows for how long? katya little bit of a young al jazeera state of nag aligned in india's northeast, is asking the central government to repeal a controversial law that they say allow soldiers to shoot to kill. earlier this month, the indian army killed 14 civilians after mistaking some of them for rebels, sparking protests across the state. pony mit al has more from india's capital,
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new delhi young bumping. ben is still being treated in hospitals for gunshot wound. it's been 2 weeks since a soldier shot the coil miner and several others. during confrontations with villagers didn't and saw his friend died in front of him and he was lucky to have survived. what's wonder this from geography as a child, i was told that the army is there to protect the nation. i never thought they would fight it, fellow citizens. what do i season of after the incident? i have lost free and convenient army for decades on rebel groups. in ne, india had been fighting for secession. most are now engaged in peace talks with the government. soldiers shot and killed 6 coal miners travelling in this pickup truck earlier this month. the government said soldiers mistook them for rebel fighters. later that evening, soldiers again opened fire during violent phil just in mon towns, opening village close to where the ambush happened. at least 8 civilians and a soldier died in protest, shootings thinked,
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and was among several injured after wiper protest across the region. the state legislature in the capital city of golden mo, foster resolution calling for government leaders in new delhi to roll back the law allowing security forces to search arrest and kill with impunity. the armed forces, especially car, was actor rough spot with past 63 years ago to combat on rebellion in regions including indian, administered cush, mute, and the ne, in a given situation. it might have been better, best serve the security perspective of government. but traveling down the line timeline, now we are in the, in a new face in elucidation in new media. so, i am seeing that this has become completely irrelevant and obsolete. some political analysts say the status quo was told the piece process in the region where rebel attacks have used over the last few years. you don't need the distributor is act,
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you don't need the sweat. but if the government believes that it is necessary to have it for whatever situation it sees existing now and have it in pockets, you can do that. and that's possible when people lead to under who will accept it. citizen groups in the region say they won't cooperate the troops until the law is repeated. since then, hope to recover soon and reunite with his family. he says the emotional scars from the shootings will take longer to he. pardon me? well, i'll just the last new deli, some news from yemen. now the savvy coalition says it's carried out an air strike on the airport coalitions as the strikes were aimed at military targets. and that the airport had been used to launch cross border attacks. a short time earlier had warned all civilians and aid workers to evacuate. the area st are is under who's the rebel control? the jury has started deliberations in the trial of a foreign minnesota police officer involved in the shooting of a black man during
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a traffic stop. in closing arguments, prosecutors said kimberly porter was acting recklessly when she shot dante right in minneapolis earlier this year. a 20 year old was killed shortly after being pulled over for having an expired license. plate buttress pleaded not guilty to manslaughter, saying she believed she was discharging her taser and not her hand gun. jury deliberations have also started in the sex trafficking trial of british socialite elaine maxwell closing argument wrapped up a short time ago in the new york court room. prosecutors of accused maxwell, i've been complicit in the abuse of underage girls my late finance here jeffrey epstein, the 59 year old as pleaded not guilty. she faces up to 70 years in prison if convicted the chinese dennis pay at punctuate has denied making an accusation of sexual assault against a senior government official. in her 1st on camera interview since posting the claim on social media, pen sex pen,
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it says it had been many misunderstandings as she describes it about this story. wrinkled gupta reports, punctuation interview with the singaporean chinese news outlet on the side lines of a skiing event in shanghai seems impromptu. oh, hadn't got but it is here that china's best known tennis star spoke publicly for the 1st time about her allegation of sexual assault against her former top communist party official for so we are tongue is 300 words. we're sure why you want you since she there she are. these hometown ah no way we're boisterous in shoe war. good in your come on to go
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that i often with oh, so you would have very little news. she did it last month. punctuated social media post shocked many in china and the tennis community. she said she was assaulted by former vice premier zango lee and was forced into a relationship within 30 minutes. that post was removed. pung was in seen in public for 3 weeks and cold screw for proof of a safety videos like these started emerging of social media in sundays video punk says, she's always been free. oh, towards the yama that on question legit uncheck towards the yama does. yeah, we all he or they're like, yes, yeah. would it? his of yama region,
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although women's tennis association has suspended tournaments in china because of concerns over beijing, censorship of pung and her well being in a reaction to sundays interview. the w t. a says, the video is not enough to address their concerns about a safety cracker gupta al jazeera. now a japanese billionaire is landed back on earth after almost 2 weeks and space on japan's most popular public figures is sako. my z, our entertain social media followers were photographs of videos from the international space station. now he set his sights on the moon. as obey were boys, se of jeff has gone there. back on earth. you saw cool my as our spent 12 days in space, a practice run for when he hopes to become the 1st space tourist on illinois mosques . space x trip around the moon in 2023. the 4 to 6 year old took off from carfax, than, than between his assistant and video producer,
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years or herano flew along to document his journey. it took months of training before the flight into space, missouri updated his followers on social media. he said he was fulfilling a childhood dream. i know that soon he came along there. i didn't think i'd be able to go to space. i used to like the starry sky and heavenly bodies. i feel fortunate to have this opportunity and to finally fulfill my dream book, it's not known how much it's exactly cost to reach for the stars and for, but it's thought to be around $50000000.00 with the u. s. companies space adventures. mazda was a household name in japan, making his fortune with an online fashion company in the country known for its conformist corporate culture. the businessman stood out, documenting in detail his experiences of everyday activities on board the space vision i know in the haunting. no, he has the 1st japanese civilian to go to space. i'm very proud of him. his
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courageous won him what i think his rich and amazing normal people can't do that, but he became the 1st japanese to do so. i'm envious. that's my candid opinion and left off. but if you don't have millions to spend in the trip to the moon when the billionaire hopefully bless off in 2 years time, he's pledged to take 8 people with him for free. all you have to do is apply to stand a chance, sage aside, beg, i'll desert. ah, a quick look at main stories this hour now and the to grind force is battling the ethiopian government. say they are withdrawing their troops from the northern regions of afar and am. hara ethiopia central government has said their treat was a prerequisite for any peace talks to happen. more than a year, a fight is caused a major humanitarian crisis. thousands have been killed. hundreds of thousands of


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