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tv   [untitled]    December 21, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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ah, now g 0. when ever you a but uneven cancelled is better than a life cancelled. affirm warning from the world health organization advising countries to step up their efforts to curb the spread of the armor, chrome buried. ah phillips, the whole rahman you're watching out there along my headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 30 minutes. the desperate plea for aid, tens of thousands are still left without food and water. in the aftermath of the typhoon that hit the philippines also took his troubled labour rebound slightly
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after the latest government moves to trying to strengthen the currency and comp muscle relaxer a blunder of epic proportions and another trial of a deadly u. s. police shooting jury begins deliberating the fate of minneapolis officer who shot out of black motorists last year. welcome to the program council now and celebrate later or risk. more death starts the stock message from the health of the head of the world health organization. as cases of the omar cong grown virus very dries rapidly across the world. all of us are seek off this bond on me all off. i want to spend time with friends and family . all of us, one to get back to normal. the fastest way to do this is for all of us
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leaders and individuals to make the difficult decisions that must be made to protect ourselves and others, but uneven cancelled is better than a life cancelled. it's better to conceal now and celebrate later zahn to celebrate to now and grieve later. peru has confirmed, for new cases of all recalls since 1st detecting the new variant on sunday. like many countries around the world, it's tightening restrictions ahead of the holiday season. officials want more people to get booster shots. amera chandry has more. another patient in another stretcher, and another makeshift tent. as the number of those infected with coven 19 continue to rise, health officials are taking drastic steps to prevent a new outbreak. ah, alady land dad, the application of the 3rd booster, those will be advanced,
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no longer be necessary to wait 5 months, but only 3 is done for 2 reasons. first, because it's already been demonstrated, there are several countries such a thing, lynde and other countries that already applying this $30.00 off to 3 months. it's absolutely safe. there's no problem. 74 percent of its population has been vaccinated. but officials want to increase that figure to 80 percent by the end of the year. ramona for them. yes, it bothers me because i had a meeting with my family and now they say, i will no longer be able to drink my beer or dancer anything like that. more than 200000 people have died from corona virus, one of the highest mortality rates in the world. the government is desperate to prevent more death, but not every one is convinced and new measures will work and so on. and it depends on the people how responsible they are with their health and the environments with other people. actually. because the laurie's made people do not listen to the law.
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and even if they say there is a curfew before 11 at night, many people may make the peruvian government is reducing public capacity and shopping centers from 80 to 60 percent. and extending cofi by 2, i was during christmas and new year's eve. another holiday ruined by a pandemic that many hoped would be over by now. her marriage or $30.00 british prime minister boys, johnson has said that he's looking at all kinds of measures to stop the rapid spread on the kron. these 12 people have now died with the variant indignation, kingdom of hospitalizations in london. arising steeply elsewhere in europe, germany is set to limit private gatherings to 10 vaccinated all recovered people from the 28th of december in france. approval has been given for the use of the find the vaccine in children, aged 5 and above. the zealand has postponed his plans to reopen until the end of february and with phones to the rapid spread all be overcome by rent. it had
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previously announced that non quarantine travel would be reopened for citizens from january and for foreign tourists by april. all the evidence sofa points to me, crohn being the most transmissible very and yet and public health advice suggests that so in every case coming in threat border and dr. managed oscillation facilities will be the army, chrome variant or immediate job right now must be to slow it down to july from entering the new zealand community for as long as we possibly can. lockdown restrictions have been ruled out in australia, even though over 19 infections. all hitting rec, old daily highs. prime minister scott morrison says the country needs to move past what he describes as the heavy hand of government. and instead take a common sense approach to living with the virus. i'm calling cases to now account for 3, nearly 3 quarters of all us covert infections. new york state has reported a record number of cases 3 days in a row, and
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a state of emergency has been declared in washington d. c. allen fisher has the latest growing lines for testing, growing numbers of those infected, growing concern where this is all heading in america, across the country. people are spending hours in line to get a covert test plan. it's a kind of be careful, you know, given them asked on indoors, even though it's not mandated trying to be safe as possible. i've got 2 little ones . so my concern is mostly with them ones vaccinated and one is not because too little to get back to night. and so we feel very secure in our workplace. we make sure that we're safe, 50000 people, airport. so getting busy or to as people head off for the christmas and new year holidays, there's a worry that that could lead to another search in a few weeks. and it could put further strain on hospital systems across the us. many states already seeing double digit jumps in hospital admissions, those most at risk, people who refuse to get back sedated or boosted. if you get infected,
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you could transmit that to someone else who might be vulnerable. who might be an elderly person, might be someone with an the line condition that actually you're playing a role in transmitting that infection to them, even though you yourself are not particularly bothered by that infection. joe biden plans to address the nation on tuesday. the president will arch more vaccinations and a nice and expanded test program, but he won't be talking about looking the country don't to be clear, coven 19 is not the same threat to fully vaccinate individuals. that it was in march 2020. his objective is to continue, continue to make vaccines available, reduce cases around the country, reduced hospitalizations and deaths across the country, and do that through making of vaccines testing and a range of a utilities available to present our vaccines. at the weekend. former president donald trump told an audience in texas he'd received his booster short. he was
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booed by people repeat to see him. that's always a very tiny group, marie. so one happy new year in new york, one of the symbols of the new year celebrations arrived in the city. officials have still to make a decision on whether it's safe for the event to go ahead. i'll in fisher, i'll just eat of washington. the national hockey league in the us and canada has postponed 5 ball game schedule this week. due to a rise in coven 19 cases amongst players, it brings the total number of games pushed back to 49. even if teams return next, procedures will change. though staff will be allowed to enter team facilities except to get the coven 19 test. well, co 8 is not requiring a vaccine booster shot for all incoming travelers that let line to anyone who's gone ball the 9 months since their last job. well, travelers will also have to koren teen at home for 10 days, unless they have a negative pcr test within 72 hours of their arrival until the news now
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and the governor of a central philippine province is warning of looting. if a doesn't reach affected areas, tens of thousands of people are with our food, our to typhoon right, made lungful on saturday. at least 375 people have died and about 56 is still missing. as to mill ollander good reports now from the dinner got islands. this is san jose to negate island, a town which bore the brunt of super typhoon rice fury on thursday. what was once a thriving coastal community now desolate? my marriage there in your own dear to ring. i have been living here for more than 50 years. a home they built to raise a family. this is all what's left of it live, but very lot of for to like i all. when, when your me that they phone was very strong running new at those stairs to haine. but our walls below gallon. so we rather than
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a were you are very scared of an animal right everywhere you look, there is destruction. it's been these since they've formed re devastated the southern philippines, but this community remains cut off from the rest of the world. though so survived here tell us. life will never be the same again for them. men here feel frustrated and abandoned. hardly any thing is spared here in the market. not even its provincial capital, like a landscape scraped by a steel brush or the immediate aftermath of a bomb explosion. this is how this devastation looks like up close. mary jane basil says she's grateful she survived the typhoon with her family and one month old baby. now hunger has become pervasive here. there is nothing left to harvest. they have no money. the school money of wilma,
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the kids are so small. i still need to be with my baby. i prayed to the lord to please make the typhoon stop. the wind was already so strong and it started at 12 noon for that. oh, well, 88 year old anesthesia tells us she wants to be reunited with their daughter, who lives from another town. anesthesia was rescued after home collapsed beneath her. there are many others in san jose to shocked to share their ordeal. while others see they play dine simply because they have no choice. everything was wiped out in an instant. they say. now, there is only suffering jamal allan doug and al jazeera innagot province. southern philippines. rescue workers and malaysia are evacuating people from the was flood, had region there. 14 have died for them were found and selling all the countries wealthiest or most populous region. now the government has been criticized over
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slow rescue efforts due to a lack of boats and manpower. the army has been mobilized across southern states after months worth of seasonal rainfall fell on friday. night rebels from ethiopia to gray region. so they've completely pulled back from am harder and a far regions of the north that a gray people's liberation front says the withdrawal could be a decisive opening for peace. and they want the international community to put pressure on the government to hold his military operations into gray brianca group to has more after weeks of making advances, a significant setback, one that could alter the course of a few years war. tiguan rebels say the retreating from harrow and far regions in the north area said they had captured just months ago, which once put them within striking distance from the capital, addis ababa interested? this thought not interested in scooting about again
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interested in securing the interest of interest in ensuring that the see was on hold for people is broken ever since. prime minister abi amen march to the front line to rally his troops against the rebels. the shift in the battlefield has been swift and a real offensive with chinese drones and morality weapons have destroy to grind supply lines. the causes have been stuck between hot place and iraq. because on the one hand, the, the international community has been making enormous pressure on them to withdrawal . so that the government could be conveyed into a because they depend government conditions. the delivery of aid on the to grapples is withdrawing. that we can all go, they have to go that to the, to the enemies that would otherwise innovate to gripe for us. this won't be pushing
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for the fire and as imposed sanctions in response to human rights abuses. during the conflicts, we've long urged in human rights abuse violations and for negotiated resolution to the conflict. so in fact, if we use the movement of to grand forces back into to t great, that is something we would welcome, it's something we've called for. and we hope it opens the door to to broader diplomacy, for millions of a few pins, facing hunger and starve, lieschen a diplomatic end to the conflict couldn't come soon enough. priyanka gupta, alt 0. well, stella had hail now deserved a full american priest as found guilty of sexually abusing often girls under his care in east timor and concerns over chinese investments as thailand plans for high speed railway off track the stories after the break. ah
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hello there. let's start in south east asia and malaysia's been hit by what have been described as the worst floods in years that's after more than a month. rain fell in a day on saturday. now the torrential rain stop, but people are still being rescued from those flood waters and it's still a rather wet picture with thunderstorms rolling into koala lumper on wednesday. it's going to get wet her across southern areas of indo china. we could see some possible flooding, affecting southern areas of vietnam, cambodia, and thailand, as that heavy rain rolls in and the rains are going to pick up as well because parts of bornea and it's looking a lot dryer across central areas of the philippines. and it has in recent days now as we move over to australia, if you are the hot and dry with exceptional heats affecting western areas, australia recorded its highest temperature so far this year with the temperature
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nearly touching, $48.00 degrees in a town called marty in western australia, but you can see that he remains heat wave conditions affecting the north, central and western areas within the temperature in per pick up. once again, by the time we get into thursday, we are seeing some thunderstorms pop off across the top and. and we are going to see wet weather between brisbin and sydney in the days to come ah, stepped beyond the comfort zone. where assumptions are charlan traveled to the ends of the earth, and further experience the unimaginable of the people who live it is a probably the most extreme situation are being involved in how quickly things can change award winning documentary. but also a perception witness on
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a just the euro. lou ah, welcome back. you're watching over here with me, said robin. a reminder of all top stories. the head of the world health organization is calling for limits to gatherings during the holiday period. thought it had all said there's evidence the amazon strain is more transmissible and can evade vaccines. but he insisted it's still too early to say if it's a milder form than the delta variant. there are warnings of looting bade, does not reach storm affected regions of the philippines. tens of thousands of without food, water and electricity, since typhoon rise landfall on saturday. 375 people have died and 56 are still
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missing. rebels from ethiopia to gray region say that they withdrawing from several northern territories. the dry people's liberation front has been losing its foothold of the regions of. uh huh. and a fall turkeys lira has shown some recovery off the back of measures by the government to ease the currency crisis present regis type odo, and announced a series of steps including a promise to compensate savers for losses incurred, he says, exporters will also be protected, isn't that amazon bank, other kid took, did as well learn. and if the deposit earnings of the turkish, leora assets in our people's bank are higher than the exchange rate increase, they will get this return. however, if the exchange rate return exceeds the deposit earnings, the difference will be paid directly to our citizens are more over. this income will be exempted from tax. and addition,
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we will put into use tools that will ensure that turkish li are assets are used in a way that does not create a new foreign exchange demand from now on. our citizens wanted to switch their deposits from turkish lira to foreign currency, fearing that the exchange rate will be higher thought. now the mirror has gained about 30 percent against the us dollar. following all the ones announcement to both to the currency at the moment, one us dollar will give you $13.00 lira. now, the turkish banks association sat around $1000000000.00 in savings were converted to the lira. new measures were announced earlier on tuesday. the later traded at 11.5 layer following the governance, the financial initiative, the level has been the worst effected currency this year, having a 55 percent of its value. the sol, so the husk of a tech extensively for say without their choice, be now on the set. depending on who you ask, the president's moves have positives and negatives best. right?
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well it's, it's quite a radical move. i mean, the desperate times call for desperate measures, and this can be considered as one of the extra ordinary measures taken by, by, by the government. simply, the model is the 2 to guarantee the deficit. and it's quite a risk because so far the, since the turkish lira was only losing track for a long time, towards her being used to save the money in dollars rather than the national currency. but we'll sell the, the national currency, turkish lira and by the dollar. so that creates the shortage of the dollars into market, but loss of turkish layer. and that causes the loss of the where use in, in the, in the turkish lira. and now the government is coming up with a mortal and guaranteeing that policy. and for example, if you have $100.00 to actually right, and in your bank account at the end of the month, if it is losing 15 percent, then the government, we compensate that a month. so it's making the saving in dollars meaning here. but the economists are quiet cautious to say that this is not the sustainable model,
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because this will lead to more and more turkish lee right in the market. and that's when surely going to cause the inflation and the loss of the whether using to me or the government. whoever says that this is a temporary measures, and today the minister or finance knew anything about he is going to explain the details of the model as of now, that is what we know brussels at a thanks very much for the up there will keep an eye on things as suddenly in turkey. thank you. they for me, as missionary, has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for sexually abusing young girls in east timor 84 year old richard thus far, abused them as a shelter for orphans and impoverished children. whose default by the catholic church in 2018? jessica washington is in jakarta and neighboring indonesia. she says the case has divided the predominantly catholic nation. a team let's say is a very religious country around 98 percent of the population identify as catholic
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and the church has played a very important role in the history of this young nation. many still feel a sense of gratitude to the catholic church for the support that the church gave people during the indonesian occupation that provided food, shelter, and safety during what was a very difficult time for many timorese people. and so as a result, many people still feel a sense of discomfort at anything that discredits the institution of the catholic church. and in this figure of rich a dashboard, we have a figure who was not only a priest, but a very influential one. at that he had support not only within the country, but also international jonas who saw the work that he was doing as the director of this often age and all the shelters that he himself set up and believes that he was doing amazing work for him. for local timorese people, we spoke to one of the people who was a foreign dona who said that he was absolutely shocked when he heard these accusations that he was among many who saw the accused as
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a sort of mother teresa like figure who was doing wonderful things for east timor, and as a result, there was a lot of shock when, when this case really became public knowledge. but it is hugely significant because this is the 1st time that a case has been raised against such a high profile priest. and as we've seen, there has been a guilty verdict that has been passed down. and what this could mean is that it could be the catalyst for further cases for further victims of sexual abuse. to come forward, the u. s. christian group whose missionaries were held hostage for months in haiti say that they were not released. they escaped the groups as the 12 hostages, travel through forests. after slipping past guards on december, the 15th a gang kidnapped the group mid october and went demanding a $1000000.00 for each person. when they sent the timing was right, they found a way to open the door that was closed and blocked,
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filed silently to the path that they have chosen to follow and quickly left the place that they were hell. despite the fact that numerous guards were close by a blunder of epic proportions, those of the words of the prosecutor to describe the fatal actions of a former police officer who shot and killed a black motorist. kimberly porter pleaded not guilty to manslaughter, saying that she meant to use her taser but to hug gun and shot dante right. john 100 has more from minneapolis. tragic accident or manslaughter. those are the choices for the jury now weighing the fate of former police officer. kimberly potter, i answer you realize this case is important and serious, and therefore to sir sher careful consideration, we will await your verdict. potter says she mistook her gun for her taser when she fatally and accidentally shot dante, right? prosecutors say she knew wrong from right and should have known left from right
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when she pulled the firearm on her right side and not as she says, she thought she was doing the taser on her left i i just, i am. there is no mistake defense. you will not see an instruction on the defense of mistake. the judge will not give you an instruction that says a person is not guilty if they commit a mistake. she pulled her hand gun instead of a taser. that's recklessly handling a fire. in the trials most dramatic moment, the former police officer took the stand herself breaking down as she relived the shooting. i remember yelling taser taser taser and nothing happens. potters defense lawyer argue she can't be convicted of miss handling a gun in the april traffic stop because she didn't know she was using it. and that
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in any case, she was authorized in using deadly force because dante wright was resisting arrest . she didn't know she hadn't gone so how could she consciously, recklessly handle dr. right? took it upon himself to flee even left after he was shot purposely. ah, the racially charged shooting of a black man by a white police officer came as attention on the black lives matter movement was at its peak. it happened during the trial of derek shaven, the white police officer ultimately convicted of murdering another black man named george floyd drawing protesters from minneapolis to the nearby suburb of brooklyn center, where potter killed. right. both sides a grave at kimberly potter made a mistake when she shot donte right afterward, she fell to the ground and cried out. i'm going to prison. the question the jury asked it is i now, should she ponders lawyers asked for miss trial over the length and style of the
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prosecutions closing arguments? perhaps a sign of concern about the outcome a request. the judge denied john henderson al jazeera minneapolis thailand has announced its delaying the closure of bangkok central station for a month. now the station was due to shot on thursday to make way for a new high speed railway funded in part by chinese loans. but those plans have been delayed. tony chang reports now from bank coke. the more than a century fallen pon station in bangkok has stood as a testament to tie independence in the face of colonial dominance. opened in 1916 at a time when thailand was threatened by british regional control, it says at the center of se, asia's 1st railway network. but while m pong is due to close, to make way for new grand central station, at the heart of a high speed rail network. that's caused considerable concern for many, particularly as china is the main investor. i need a little unlock, i'm,
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it's important to make sure that when china makes investment, how are we going to make people of this country or of this region get benefit from an investment? china has long held ambitions for a high speed rail network in to southeast asia. as part of the belt and road initiative designed to bring chinese investment to neighboring countries. laos opened its high speed rail line in december. but huge cost of the project laying line through difficult terrain has left the la government with a debt to china. the critics say will be crippling. after the military coup in 2014, thailand's ruling generals quickly signed up to a chinese high speed rail project. but ty, negotiators bulked at the high interest rates and plans to construct a network that ran the length of the country were curtailed. but when you go into the details, i would say that that i, bureaucrats are very good at tardy lane projects. when, as the terms and not favorable cause civil servant government officer, i'm
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a government officer. we are, we have been taught from the beginning that we have to do everything to protect the interests of our country. those delays a clear to see while the project well underway, work has been slow, and thailand remains reliant on its old rolling stone. the elevated shack has been raised, but there is still more than 200 kilometers to go before the final destination on the gulf of thailand. and those delays go all the way down the line. and this is bank got brand new grand central station, though high speed trains arriving today. because the time government hasn't yet decided whether it's going to use china's high speed track. and the crowds arriving at the new station are coming to catch a train. this is now the tie capital central cove at 19 vaccination center with delays and the vaccine roll out this year. that's a process. the government's far more interested in keeping on track, tourney chang,
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al jazeera banker. and you can follow that story, we're covering here on the channel by logging into ours at al serra dot com. our top story is about the armor con numbers across europe and into the us with a jump of nearly 70 percent across the country. ah, what you all just bear with me. so robin a reminder of all the top stories, the head of the world health organization is calling for limits to gatherings during the holiday period. dr. draws said that there's evidence the armor constrain is more transmissible and can evade vaccines. but he insisted, it's still too early to say if it's milder than the delta variant on off ice r. c. cause this pandemic all off. i want to spend time with friends and family, all of us want to get back to normal.


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