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the opiates to glide, reach, and say they withdrawn from several more than 10, refers the supply people's liberation front has been losing its foothold in the regions of a fall of near restrictions on gatherings and businesses in south korea. following a rise in covey. 19 infections, health workers warning of a major crisis as hospitals, a strained with you daily infections and serious cases. more on that with dr. honest turner's an internist at ms medi women's hospital at a former associate professor at samsung medical center. she joins us now live from so could have you with dr. just how bad is the situation there in south korea right now? well, thank you again for having me. and i am actually pleased to say that since we started our 3rd shot easter campaign in october, 13th, i think we may finally be seeing the effects of positive effects. a 3rd chart boosters in our elderly population. of course,
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we had pete in terms of the daily kirby cases. i december 15, our hospitals were full. we had more cobit cases in our band. our hospital could handle for several days. but since this weekend, we may have turned the tie and the number of elderly you covered cases, age 60 and above, as finally, or did decrease. and so we're holding our breath, but hopefully this will be a trend that continues or i. so that's, that's, that's the good news. the problem is that you're dealing with war, delta mostly at the moment, the delta variant. what happens when on the con, hits south korea. right, so that's when i'm social restrictions. and 3rd, 3rd chart boosters become that much more important. fortunately, we are using m r n a vaccines as our 3rd chart boosters. i and right now at all
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adults, 18 and older i if it's been more than 2 months and 2nd, both of bear covet vaccine, they are eligible to receive a their child booster and our goal is not only device, nate, 100 percent of seniors, age 16 over by the end of this year, but also to try to back and eat as many adults as possible as our best defense strategy against i'm a cranberry. okay, so you're satisfied that having boosted so many of the, the, the vulnerable among those who are 60 plus in the country that you have a good chance of, of, of with withstanding this, this, on the chrome wave. right. you know, if at the end of the day it's all about saving lives and preventing critically and severe severely ill cases. and that's what i, vaccines are still intended and still seem to do in terms of their effectiveness.
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and so search on procedures will be critical to getting us protected. of course, in early part of next year, we hope to have enough the eyes of oral antiviral pills as well. i. and so if there are high risk cases who happened to get the on the con berryhead, we anticipate that the oral antiviral pulse will still be effective against the armor con variance i. and we will be able to use these effective medications early on. ah, to help our high risk patients. really good story, dr. but it's actually for being with us. dr. alice turned them in sol. thank you. thailand has announced that its delaying the closure of bangkok, central station for a month. the station was due to shut on thursday to make way for a new high speed railway funded in part by chinese loans. but those plans have been delayed. al jazeera started chang report style from bangkok, but more than
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a century, while m pon station in bangkok has stood as a testament to tie independence in the face of colonial dominance. opened in 1916 at a time when thailand was threatened by british regional control. it says that the center of southeast asia is 1st railway network, but while am pong is due to close, to make way for new grand central station at the heart of a high speed rail network. that's caused considerable concern for many, particularly as china is the main investor. i need a little and what i'm, it's important to make sure that when china makes investment, how are we going to make people of this country or this region get benefit from an investment? china has long held ambitions for a high speed rail network in to southeast asia. as part of the belt and road initiative designed to bring chinese investment to neighboring countries. laos opened at high speed rail line in december. but huge cost of the project laying,
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lying through difficult terrain, has left allow government with a debt to china. the critics say will be crippling. after the military coup in 2014, thailand's ruling generals quickly signed up to a chinese high speed rail project. but ty, negotiators bulked at the high interest rates and plans to construct a network that ran the length of the country were curtailed. but when you go into the details, i would say that that i, bureaucrats are very good at tardy lane projects. when, as a turns and not favourable cause, civil servant government officer, i'm a government officer. we are, we have been taught from the beginning that we have to do everything to protect the interests of our country. those delays a clear to see while the project well underway, work has been slow, and thailand remains reliant on its old rolling stock. the elevated shack has been raised, but there is still more than 200 kilometers to go before the final destination on
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the gulf of thailand. and those delays go all the way down the line. and this is bank got brand new grand central station below high speed trains arriving today. because the time government hasn't yet decided whether it's going to use china's high speed track. and the crowds arriving at the new station on coming to catch a train. this is now the ty, capital central cove, at 19 vaccination center, with delays and the vaccine roll out this year. that's a process. the government's far more interested in keeping on track tony cheng l to 0 banker. let's take a closer look at the proposed high spill re speed, railway network. good. it's you to connect china to so east asia ally and linking coming to louse as capital the ante, an as just been completed in the cost of $6000000000.00. the segment bank colquitt has yet to be built, as sir, is estimated to cost around $12500000000.00,
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giving this portion of the project total cost of $18.00 and a half $1000000000.00. andrew collier is the managing director of orient capital research. he's also the author of shadow banking of the rise of capitalism in china . he joins us now live from hong kong and re you heard me throwing around some huge numbers. there is the belton road initiative. chide has belt road initiative, nothing for but a debt tramp foot 4 countries desperate for investment cash. well, they keep in mind that this isn't really investment. basically the chinese, for the most part, are lending the money to all these countries are not investing. they're not putting their money in to buy an asset. they're saying we'll give you some subsidized loans . and we'll provide our technology in the case of some countries like laos that are desperate for a some sort of involvement and to improve their economies. they've got kind of gotten in over their heads as you've,
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your people have pointed out. their debt is way too high to the chinese banks. they're paying a pretty decent, decently high interest rates. and are there are probably, it's questionable whether they're really needed the railway in the 1st place, thailand, a little different because they're negotiating position is always been stronger, partly because of their geographical location. and also because the country is diplomatically stronger. so thailand is balked at the 2 and a half percent that the chinese wanted. there were to asking for 2 percent of the chinese also wanted to manage the land adjacent to the railway, which can be quite profitable for real estate projects. and they're trying to push their own equipment because they're desperate to keep the western westerners and the japanese out of the region. so it's an interesting little dance. and thailand has been pretty good about keeping it's the chinese of arm's length to thailand made an upgraded railway. what difference is it going to make to, to the tie economy? well, that's a, that's a big question. a lot of people say that the chinese high speed rail was really not
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worth the money. there's big is some advantages because of one of them is that if you get the of the rail, passengers trains through quickly. you can move more freight because the tracks are emptier. you can also do business at one part of the country to the other fairly easily in china. but at what cost, i mean that money is coming from other places like education that is like and is being spent instead on the train business. so that's a very difficult question to answer. and a lot of people say that in fact, the slower trains would be cheaper way to go, but it's hard to, i can't go either way and out with that question. all right, under many things and it good talk to you 100 calia. that in hong kong, former us missionary has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for sexually abusing young girls in east timor 84 year old richard dash brush accused and abused them rather at his shelter for orphans and impoverished children. he was paid for by the
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catholic church in 2018. jessica washington is in jakarta and neighboring into these. yeah, she says the case is divided. the predominantly catholic nation, a team or less state is a very religious country. around 98 percent of the population identify as catholic and the church has played a very important role in the history of this young nation. many still feel a sense of gratitude to the catholic church for the support that the church gave people during the indonesian occupation that provided food, shelter, and safety during what was a very difficult time for many timorese people. and so as a result, many people still feel a sense of discomfort at anything that discredits the institution of the catholic church. and in this figure of richard dashboard, we have a figure who was not only a priest, but a very influential one that he had support not only within the country, but also international. jonas,
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who saw the work that he was doing as the director of this orphan age and all the shelters that he himself set up and believes that he was doing amazing work for him for local timorese people. we spoke to one of the people who was a foreign dona, who said that he was absolutely shocked when he heard these accusations that he was among many who saw the accused as a sort of mother teresa like figure who was doing wonderful things for east timor and as a result, there was a lot of shock when, when this case really became public knowledge. but it is hugely significant because this is the 1st time that a case has been raised against such a high profile priest. and as we've seen, there has been a guilty verdict that has been us down. and what this could mean is that it could be the catalyst for further cases for further victims of sexual abuse to come forward. us christiana group, who as missionaries, were held hostage for months in haiti say that they were not released,
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they escaped. the group says the 12 hostages travelled through forests of slipping past guards on december 15th gang kids. not the group in mid october were demanding a $1000000.00 for each person. the government of care gustavo is taking control of a private gold mine, saying it have concerns about safety and the environment. the canadian owners say it's a pretext for nationalization. al jazeera has been given unprecedented access to the mine zane bus robbie. as more from kid guest ons is a cool region. the foothills of the te and shown mountain range dramatic terrain that stretches across 5 countries. its highest, pete is the central asian nation of kurdistan, where i do look landscape, hide the secret what the country's president described as an environmental disaster . for 30 years, a major industrial operation has scarred the land and been at the center of serious
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industrial accidents. earlier this year, following decades of public protest, the new government seized operational control of the contour goldmine from its canadian partners. centera gold standard on a compatible, interesting though it's on kenya. this was done only with cooper, just because they damaged our vironment. they violated our laws, worked outside the law. all this was proven to be initiated, a criminal. ok. as for the come to mind, it is a very big organization. it's the organization that could decide kyrgyzstan destiny language for the past $2530.00 is. they worked only with corrupt practices that bob barrack lee of destroyed our environment. mc amiga, ma, monica t. n. john. while negotiations are under way about the future of mining operations at the site, new management is trying to lessen environmental impact and improve safety conditions, especially the monitoring of seismic activities. at bunker as soon as temporary,
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external management was introduced, they brought attention to improving the safety of mountain mining operations. we bought new radar systems install this a white stumps and earlier we didn't have them on dollars. we also bought turn you right as which now in australia and undergoing tasting and calibration come tour is the biggest industrial operation in the country. the single biggest generator of revenue and the biggest private sector employer. everything here is just bigger since taking over operation that the comb for gold, my new management is added a fleet of these giant done for having more moving power means being able to extract more goal more quickly. crudest arms economy depends on this gold mine. but pulling or from the ground and gold from the or is dirty work with great economic benefit comes inevitable ecological harm. at one of the communities closest to the mind, there is open support for nationalization,
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but worry for the mountains with columbus though. the thing i think come towards been good for our economy, but the same time there's some damage, the environment we are concerned about, receding glaciers. there's also talk a 1000000000 to tons of waste of, we have some concerns. dig for gold and grow the economy or preserve the natural environment, a question that is likely to keep coming up as long as there is gold in these hills . zane bas ravi al jazeera at the come to a gold mine in eastern kirk hassan. in panama. indigenous women have turned out in force of the countries ancestral games. they competed in competition such as talk of all long racing and archery. 7 recognized tribes take part in panama, indigenous ancestral games, which seek to preserve and promote cultural traditions. the world indigenous games will be held in brazil next year. and just ahead here albany saw in sport will hear
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from fif of presidents gianni infant tino as he makes his case to hold the world cup every 2 years. ah.
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ah ah ah ah, thomas bought his and b thanks so much origin or fee for president johnny and francine or has told al jazeera that holding a world cup every 2 years will benefit all countries the european and south american confederations are strongly against the idea. the head of the world football hosted an online summit with member associations in dough, hard to discuss the plan fee for se,
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but any of the world cut will generate more than $4000000000.00 and additional revenue over a 4 year cycle. i spokesman francine after that meeting. he told me the revamped calendar should result in a fair distribution of footballs, wealth. there is a gap which is, which is getting bigger and bigger. no longer club level, what it is already. huge, but also national team levels between some continents and, and it's our responsibility to work and to make proposals on how we can not close this gap by bringing those were up down on the country. those were up, we need to make them grow even more. but we need to bring those one of them up as well, and the proposals that are now on the table i think, are going into the direction we have to discuss them. we have to debate them to come child, and we'll see where we end. you wait for obviously assuring their research painting a negative outlook for them. will your proposal undermine and the valley full in york? well, i think that the reserves are, has been commissioned to
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a fees are 2 nielsen and to open economics. demonstrate that there is a huge upside and a great benefit for all, including in particular of course europe. this is important because we need to encourage those who are working well and you wave and europe works well . i mean, i've been there for 16 years, so i know that i need to college them to work even better to do even more, to generate even more revenues. and this proposal is exactly going in their directions. i think it is a win win situation, of course, are a few things to fine tune and the few, how should i say, maybe more in depth, philosophical, big discussions to have as well, at least now we can discuss also based on some facts and figures and bring the discussion to a different level and you believe it is compatible with player welfare as well. no
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only is compatible with play of welfare. what is it is actually positive for player one. i mean, if i don't trust our son langer and the medical team that we have in fever and or network or about that, then we have to stop here immediately. there are people who know the player well for while it's actually them. and one of the keys of the proposal is to reduce the travels for national team players, because that's where most of the injure, injuries of fatigues is happening. and also to guarantee mandatory recipe that at the end of the season. and another important element when it comes to players is that all players are competitors. so when you are competitive, you want to play and you want to play big games to play big match as big teams, big tournaments. so we offer them as well. somehow this opportunity ahead of
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african football patrice met separate and says his consonants biggest tournament will go ahead as planned and set the is visiting house country cameroon and says the cup of nations is still on target to kick off on january the 9th. many cups with african players wanted the event to be postponed to, to the global surgeon corona virus cases, or a record 9. see english premier league players and staff have tested positive for current virus in the last week. the clubs have decided to carry on playing regardless. teams have been told if they have 13 fit plants plus a goalkeeper, they should fulfill their fixtures. 16 percent of players in the league remain unvaccinated and predictable. things are going to happen and stop complaining about everything that happens and one more. and then then you find excuses. we can finance gears to anything we know is going to happen. we know that bad news are going to come probably. so we have to respect them and we have to to try to prevent
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them. of course we can with all the protocol that we have, but we have to, we provide as well to have plan b, c. and the well, national hockey lea gives to take an early christmas break you to kind of in one thing the game between the minnesota wild and the dallas. tulsa did take place on monday and the be see more games on tuesday. but 5 games surfaces they have been postponed. a total of 49 games has now been laid to seize and use the panoramic and the new dance as to whether the legal release plays to compete in february's when on the electric thing, i think if that is the case, in my opinion, a smart decision i mean, i don't know who would really want to go and, you know, those circumstances, you know, especially, you know, i just put myself in that situation with a family and that's not, is there a chance that you want to run the risk of being stuck over there that alone makes it not doing enticing stuff. kerry was once again in game winning for the golden
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state warriors carries 30 points help secure 113 to 98 went over the sacramento kings. both king seems missing players to, to kind of 19 current of our us has put more than 70 plays out of action across the lake, or off out just being as smart as, as possible. wearing masks as often as you can. and, you know, doing all the things that are recommended. so it's tough to be back in this this state, but tell for everybody all over the world. well, there is a bright prospect on the horizon for the warriors head. coach care has been picked to lead the u. s. mens team the next to lympics that will be in paris in 2024. the us have won the gold medal of left for summer games. next year dot com raleigh will break new ground for the 1st time in the rallies. 44 year history, spain's miss i marcy will lead an old female team into the event. the 4000
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kilometer rice starts in saudi arabia next month. we know that they're being a drivers with diverse but never a whole team. and i think this is a good opportunity to get busy ability in one of the, the biggest platforms and what their sport and they encourage 2 other girls to the mechanics and to be part of the, of these adventure and as your school for now, adrian army and finally, as they say on all the best, her news programs, i give you a blank canvas. how much would you pay for it? and, well, i mean, i consider myself a blank canvas on i'm open to office and $84000.00. i. that is the amount that a museum in denmark gave an artist to create a work of art. the frame was supposed to be filled with the cash. all they got though, was an empty framed. the artist kept the cash for himself. that's not bad work if you can get them outside. i thanks very much. i b as may i have
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a jam june reports from my i'll berg does now public and legal dispute about whether the empty frame is modern ottawa, ashley theft. just days before new cove at 19 restrictions forced the closure of museums across denmark, art enthusiasts, in the city of alberto, take a peek at pieces, questioning how happy we are with our jobs and why there never seem to be enough hours in the day. the exhibit is called work it out and museum director lassie anderson tells us one particular piece has created quite a stir. when you work with artists who they challenge the way we perceive the world . and you can you can never know what you get. the constant museum of modern art certainly had no idea what they'd be in for when they loaned danish artist yes, honey. more than half a 1000000 corona, approximately $84000.00. the cash was supposed to be placed inside these
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frames. an attempt to recreate an earlier work by hunting and to illustrate income gaps affecting danes. but when the canvases were delivered, they were blank. hunting had decided on his own to create a new work. when he called, take the money and run. my staff was really worried saying, oh my god, we don't have the options. we wandered and wells, all the money the museum is displaying the piece, but they're also threatening legal action if the money isn't eventually returned. the controversy has both driven up attendance and sparked the debate in denmark about the true value of an artist's work. which means the constant museum now finds itself in a unique position, exhibiting a piece that some have called art, and others have labeled theft. when we meet haunting in his studio in another town, he explains how inspiration struck. do something about the an average stages in
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commer. why don't you do something about your own situation izzo sos than i thought? no, no, i'm gone to a fantastic piece for the show, harming, says, creating what the museum requested would have cost too much out of his own pocket. he considers the new piece a commentary on low wages and believes that makes it even more appropriate for the art show. oh, i asked if he plans to return the money. no, no, no, no, no, no. the, no strictly. that's not gonna happen. back at the museum, we heard what visitors think. brilliant. if someone gave you a lot of money, allows you to put them on a pain thing. wouldn't your bid some? it doesn't seem like an arc to me. every 5 grand blanc. an argument that won't be settled anytime soon. as viewers continue to ponder, how one piece can seemingly be as conceptual as it is literal. mamma,
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jim's room al jazeera albert denmark. excellent, i'm going to take the money i run. i think that's it. that is house. i hale will be here to update you with more than i should use. just a moment. i'll see you again. thanks so much bye for now. ah, mm. and frank assessments this gracious, please continue to weaken luca shan club, even though perhaps he believes in the beginning there have looks bank for her informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from their young people. that is one of the most helpful things to come out of this
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critical debate. do you think it should be facilitated? not choke it, right? it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child swans that inside story on al jazeera. in the next episode of fries, nick talk to him to greenpeace crew on a voyage through the widow sea. to highlight the importance of protecting this fragile antarctic ecosystem against an expanding list of man, made threats beneath the surface of this magnificent desolation is just tv with life. release it, so the remotest rules are unsolved. take century on al jazeera healing the debate, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future. 8, now it's not
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a lock can get this completed back. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do. the tools to deal with this to you are now to sierra. ah, south career imposes new restrictions to try to stop the spread of the aba called barry, and after a rise in new corona, virus infections. ah ha, ha ha robin. you're watching al jazeera liked my headquarters here in day, also coming up. but i need been cancelled is better than a life canceled the firm warning from the world health organization advising countries to step up efforts to curb the spread of the on the comm variant.


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