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central parts of africa, those seasonal rains, have shifted further south using heavy rain effect areas such as zambia as well as zimbabwe, pulling into northern areas of mozambique and it remains a very wet picture for south africa. we've got funded storms in johannesburg that's expected to last through to the weekend and it will be cloudy and windy in cape town at the weather. ah. during the debates, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from of climate impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future, it's now. this is not a lot. countries is probably the best we cannot lose or we know what to do. and we have the tools to do to get we must build all the stream on al jazeera. coded 19 is
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a public health crisis that has been compounded by capitalism. ali rate navigates the big questions raised by the global pandemic powers. the system based on private ownership in the state of profit. so the world in a ton of capitalism is the pandemic back cause so much of the suffering exploited protected people or the profit episode. one of all hail the look down on out his era. oh, a welcome back. you're watching. i'll just time to recap on headline. the number of daily deaths from the current
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a virus in the u. k is nearly called rupert than just one day. there were a 172 deaths reported on tuesday up from 4 before monday, but it's too early to say whether that jump represents a trend or just statistical blip. the us says it will provide 7 global, a groups, an additional $580000000.00 to fight over 19, within the next hour president joe biden will announce plans to provide $500000003.00 rapid home fit for american head of the high and national election commission and libya says he's dissolving the electoral committee. them ending their work? elections were scheduled for december the 24th. let's get you more on cobra. 19 in the u. s. and biden's plans to counter the threat posed by the on the chrome very. and joining us from the fans, these is jennifer victor. she's a professor of political science at george mason university's shaw school of policy
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and government. good to have you with us. so we'll biden's initiative. the one is an ounce, you say, will it dampen that criticism that he didn't pay enough attention to other initiatives other than just vaccines? do you think perhaps, i mean, i think what we're seeing with the white house press release this morning and the address that biden has scheduled for today is really 2 things. one is a much more deliberate, full throated full throttled policy response from the executive branch to respond to coated. and this latest highly contagious wave of co that in the, on the kron variance. and then the 2nd thing i think we're seeing is the white house using it. it's public platform, you know, it's, it's using it's, it's messaging and all of the, the media and sort of control that it can take over the public agenda to draw people's attention to this issue. which i think is particularly notable. because,
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you know, social science research tells us that when political leads such as elected leaders, bring strong messages about appropriate things, way appropriate ways to respond to an emergency. and those are driven by evidence backed medicine. that is, that is the most effective way to help people coordinate a response to an emergency that that's what you'd think, cried but given the highly politicized times in the us. do you, how do you think republicans will respond to this? will this initiative become as politically divisive as vaccinations? that's a great question. so i guess we'll all need to perhaps turn into some conservative news media and see how this is getting recorded and reacted to their you know, as you stated by all accounts, the way that politics in the united states goes is. ready that partisans just react
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negatively to whatever their opposite is doing. in the case of public health matters, it's a little bit different, of course, with vaccines. it's become highly politicized. in this case, it's interesting that, you know, president biden is extensively relying on his executive branch power. he's talking about bringing out, fema and mobilizing forces to support states and using national resources that are at his disposal. he doesn't need any republicans. he doesn't need any of congress to help support him in doing that. and it, it shows that there really is quite a lot of capacity within the executive branch for him to do this stuff on, on his own, in a way that will hopefully be impactful. how do you think it'll impact his poll numbers? oh, that's a great question. so i mean, the poll numbers are, are very service static, right? so, right now people seem to be responding to, you know,
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concerns about gas prices. whole numbers seem to be very all throughout, you know, decades for decades now, a presidential pull names or numbers have been very responsive to gas prices. and so we're going through a gas price spike to some extent, in the u. s. right now, and there's not a ton of president can do about things like that. but i think, you know, as a, as a president, she's doing the things he can do, the tools that he had in his disposal to take action on this. he is now throwing them out there, whether or not it will impact the poll numbers in the end. but i think it's pretty hard to say, i think those are impacted by all sorts of complexities. but at least from an evidence base policy point of view, the stuff that he's announcing today is the type of thing that medical and public health, the experts have been sort of asking for for a little while now. so that seems positive. all right, jenna. think to that, thanks so much. thank you. took his lira has recovered some ground after the
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government introduced measures to ease the currency crisis, but the opposition says it's not enough by calling for immediate elections following the string of race and economic problems. president projects i voted on announced a series of steps including a promise to compensate favors for losses from inflation. he says, exporters will also be protected. is a little more than one because i get to that as of our learning is the deposit earnings of the turkish little assets and our people's bank are higher than the exchange rate increase. they will get this return. however, the exchange rate return exceeds the deposit earnings, the difference will be paid directly to our citizens. moreover, this income will be exempt from tax. that the markets reacted positively to that noun, spend in the lire rebounded against the dollar, but it is still far from recovering from its steady decline. over the past year, the drops sped up in september when under pressure of a motor tuan turkey central bank comp key interest rates by 5 percentage points.
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this was despite high inflation and take a look at the countries consumer price index over the past 12 months. it hit an annual rate of 21 percent in november. i'll just 0 resource out of that has more on how the turkish government is trying to rescue its currency. turkish lira has been losing value against a dollar dramatically over the past month, and people who were paid in at the local currency were selling turkish euro and $1000000000.00 as saving to avoid the losses. so this was further weakening the turkish lira gas, the u. s. t and the government has attempted several times to stop this full actuation and all the attempts so far. how failed, so the desperate times are call for desperate measures. president jeff, taper, avalon came up with a needy economy more though, and he got a bit of radical move. and he said that the losses are going to be compensated by
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the government. so it is given the guarantee to the deposit, which means if someone has $100.00 lire in his bank account and at the end of the month, if they're turkish, they're a loses value by 15 percent. and the government is going to add 15 lira to that account to compensate the, the loss. so this move is aiming to give an end to the ad bullet the de la position in the country, and also encourage people to save in turkish lira rather than the the, the, the, the u. s. d. so, but however many of the economists are seeing that these neither con, with model, is not sustainable because eventually it will cause more losses, as it will require no tremendous amount of turkish. they are in their market. and also for the central bank to print more and more turkish lira, which will lead the losses of the wedding and turkish lira and also cause the high
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inflation tens of thousands of people have marked the 20th anniversary of what's known as argentina's. great crisis in 2139 people were killed in a crackdown though a nationwide protests and riots after the government imposed measures to ease large scale debt of critic say 20 years on the situation in argentine or is no different. the government is in the midst of negotiations with the international monetary fund to restructure $44000000000.00 it owes to the global fund theresa bo reports from one osiris. o. this building housed at disco prior to the cove pandemic. but the loved down and argentine has already shaky economy, forced owner, so i can neil to adapt me. but i think if i look at what he has now filled the room with machines used to mind group to currencies. he's not only doing it for himself,
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but also for those who want to invest are busy, but i don't, we are good at elac and there what i, when you're in the beginning, it was very complicated and hidden. they sent us an email address and we checked was valid though no phone ups. now everyone wants to do it yet. we rent space and the handling of the machines and we have to separate the funds because of heat and energy required to operate. and it's proven a success. neil has expanded establishing mining farms all around when a site is there, located in restaurants, and on rooftops with a growing list of clients. crypto currencies have become away from people in argentina to protect themselves from endless economic crisis that include inflation and evaluation. and now capital control. this crypto currency farms use enormous amounts of electricity and they're profitable here in argentina because energy is relatively cheap if compared to other countries in the region. identity is trying
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to recover from the economic effects of this and demick. it's also about to close the 40000000000 debt agreement with the international monetary fund to establish the economy. but many fear the medicine could be worse than the disease. yet, i'm not, there is no agreement with the i m f without adjustments. so this protest is the beginning of a series of movements we will do to reject which ever agreement our country and our preston science for die m s. b. now it will be a resident where the for amanda says they're trying to close a deal that won't affect argentina's most vulnerable citizens. he also says an agreement is essential to get the economy out of the red economy. see a deal is necessary to give origin tina credibility in international market. so, but i think the political survival instinct, i believe,
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will make the government close a deal. argentine us micro economy and all the problems we face can resist and crisis. the agreements with the i m f is the only tool the government has to stabilize the economy and generate expectations, which is what the country needs ident tina has had over 20 agreements with the i m f. and people here have gotten used to living in crisis and that's why they have started to find a turn, a deal like crypto currency mining that they hope will protect them from the fluctuations and instability of the economy at home. that he said, well, i'll defeat one aside. if a diffract american priest has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for sexually abusing young girls in east timor, 84 year old richard dash back, abused them at his shelter for orphans and impoverished children. he was the frogged by the catholic church in 2018 thailand has announced its delaying the
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closure of bangkok, central station for a month. the station was due to shop on thursday to make way for a new high speed railway funded in part by chinese loans. tony chang reports from bangkok but more than a century while m pon station in bangkok has stood as a testament to tie independence in the face of colonial dominance. opened in 1916 at a time when thailand was threatened by british regional control. it says at the center of se, asia's 1st railway network. but while m pong is due to close, to make way for a new grand central station, at the heart of a high speed rail network. that's caused considerable concern for many, particularly as china is the main investor level of the camera i'm. it's important to make sure that when china makes investment, how are we going to make people of this country or of this region get benefit from an investment? china has long held ambitions for
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a high speed rail network in to southeast asia. as part of the belt and road initiative designed to bring chinese investment to neighboring countries. laos opened at high speed rail line in december. but huge cost of the project laying line through difficult to rein has left allow government with a debt to china. the critics say will be crippling. after the military coup in 2014, thailand's ruling generals quickly signed up to a chinese high speed rail project. but ty negotiate as bulk to the high interest rates and plans to construct a network that ran the length of the country were curtailed. but when you go into the details, i would say that that i, bureaucrats are very good at tardy lane projects. when, as our terms and not favorable cause civil servant government officer, i'm a government officer. we are, we have been taught from the beginning that we have to do everything to protect the interests of our country. those delays
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a clear to see while the project well underway, work has been slow, and thailand remains reliant on its old rolling stone. the elevated shack has been raised, but there is still more than 200 kilometers to go before the final destination on the gulf of thailand. and those delays go all the way down the line. and this is bank got brand new grand central station, low high speed trains arriving today. because the thai government hasn't yet decided whether it's going to use china's high speed track. and the crowds arriving at the new station on coming to catch a train. this is now the ty, capital central cove, at 19 vaccination center, with delays and the vaccine roll out this year. that's a process. the government's far more interested in keeping on track. tony chang l to 0 banker. now if you're a budding artist, you might like this story. how much would you pay for this black canvas museum and
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denmark gave an artist more than $84000.00 to create a piece. the frame was supposed to be filled with the cash. but then the artist sent it back empty and he kept the cash for himself. mohammed jump june reports from our book. there is now a publican legal dispute about whether the empty frame is mod not or just theft. just days before new cove at 19 restrictions forced the closure of museums across denmark, art enthusiasts, in the city of alberto, take a peek at pieces, questioning how happy we are with our jobs and why there never seem to be enough hours in the day. the exhibit is called work it out and museum director lassie anderson tells us one particular piece has created quite a stir. when you work with artists who they chelsor way we perceive the world. and you can you can never know what you get. the constant museum of modern art
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certainly had no idea what they'd be in for when they loaned danish artists. yes, honey. more than half a 1000000 krona approximately $84000.00. the cash was supposed to be placed inside these frames. an attempt to recreate an earlier work by hunting and to illustrate income gaps affecting danes. but when the canvases were delivered, they were blank. hunting had decided on his own to create a new work. one he called take the money and run. my staff was really worried saying, oh my god, we don't have the options. we wandered on wells, all the money the museum is displaying the piece. but there are also threatening legal action if the money isn't eventually returned. the controversy has both riven up attendance and spark the debate in denmark about the true value of an artist's work. which means the constant museum now finds itself in a unique position,
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exhibiting a piece that some have called art, and others have labeled theft. when we meet haunting in his studio in another town, he explains how inspiration struck. do something about the an average stages in commer. why don't you do something about your own situation as well? so, so the next one? no, no, i'm gone to a fantastic piece for the show, harming, says, creating what the museum requested would have cost too much out of his own pocket. he considers the new piece a commentary on low wages and believes that makes it even more appropriate for the art show. oh, i asked if he plans to return the money. no, no, no, no, no, no. the no strictly. that's not gonna happen. back at the museum, we heard what visitors think. brilliant. if someone gave you a lot of money, allow skill to put them on a painting. wouldn't your bid centered?
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doesn't seem like an arc to me. every 5 brent blank. an argument that won't be settled anytime soon. as viewers continue to ponder, how one piece can seemingly be as conceptual as it is literal. mamma, jim's room al jazeera elbow. denmark still had an al jazeera installed africa's top football sauce. scheduled to take part in the confidence biggest tournament when it go ahead is planned all the details. come out in a few moments. ah . with
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a whole. ah. ah.
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or i suppose funds i catch up on the game with follow sammy thank you so much. i had of african football patrice, messed up. a has confirmed the continents biggest herment will go ahead as planned on step is visiting host country cameroon, and says the combinations is on target to kick off. on january the 9th, many clubs with african players wanted the event to be postponed due to the quote go global search. in corona virus cases or journeys now from london is football journalist gary al smith and gary is cameron ready to host the tournaments already. every 2 years for this argument come. so european clubs, especially when she she wants always because the one reason, although i should try this will be in a long line of excuses. oh, by us you know, cover quite a while there most of the african shopped there. she also stood
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women's africa, a couple of nations and the pool a crowd of 50000 people. pyro covered mary personally. okay. okay. teams in europe still refused to let their african players participate in the combinations. no, because for a simple reason, i mean that he follows up in he thought international sanction. so total, including the africa, couple of missions. you have no choice, but if you don't release your player 2 things will happen. either play out, hopefully in any domestic competition or so, or else the fees are a fee and a clock up sanction to you. yes. so what are the chances that it could still be postponed or cancelled at the last minute? 0 upset a dessert? love him?
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no. far. the only thing that can happen to me was, is if an absolutely devastating, you know, a surge of on the crown or the crew number of seats are coming and it's, and it's goes beyond common sense or anything. but let me just could salmonella to african football football agent today, or what he said us will similar to assist you in championships up in the nation's li copy in the midst of the panoramic where a lot of the countries hot could i did speak. why was it never canceled? why was away from around it? why is the conversation not about africa is thinking of innovative, wasted were, are the only crew and it was constantly that is good for you. okay. well, how much excitement is there among fans for the turn meant to happen? well, he was excited his, i mean christmas discovery,
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but in the 1st week of january, i'm going to face it. this is probably the 1st time in a very long time, but we are good idea of the, the info player in the world. that is mussa language as well. you've got to it's 4 countries, many of fantastic story lines coming in that a little metos who kind of surprised they are great countries like old jerry who are just more b r m caught those hills like jackie by the way. why? oh, i'm sorry. stadia and also you out, you know, nigeria who just changed your coach and you don't know what's gonna happen. the i think a couple of issues is one of the best tournament in the well, because it is unpredictable and there is a little excitement i don't to join us on. the 7 are from the month of january and i'm just going to give you a little on what. busy i consider probably the most hipster that was unpredictable to water. okay, gary al smith. thank you once again for joining us here on our program.
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thank you for allowing me to then be a now and steph curry was once again in game winning form for the golden state warriors. curry's 30 points help secure a 113 to 98. when over these sacramento kings of both teams are missing players due to coven, 19 corona viruses put more than 70 players out of action across the league. just being as smart as, as possible. we're masks as often as you can and, you know, doing all the things that are recommended. so it's so tough to be back in this state, but come tough for everybody over the world. the national hockey league will take an early christmas break due to coven 19 this game between minnesota wild and the dallas stars did take place on monday,
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and they'll be 2 more games this choose. dame 5 game set for thursday been postponed. a total of $49.00 games have now been delayed due to pandemic, or renewed doubts as to whether the leave will release players to compete and february's winter olympics. and next year's dagger rally will break new ground for the 1st time in the rallies, 44 year history, spain's per say. marty will lead an all female team into the event. the 4000 kilometer race starts in saudi arabia and next month we know that they're being drivers who drivers, but never a whole team. and they think this is a good opportunity to get busy, goofy in one of the biggest platforms, motorsport. and they encourage 2 other girls to be mechanics to be part of the these adventure. okay, and that is all your sport for now. back to you, sammy, thanks so much, father. you can find much more on our website, al jazeera. don't come back in a few minutes. ah
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ah. a villages the revolt takes a road trip across spain. spanish, people love to tell you who they are and where they come from. and i am no exception. one woman's journey seeking her heritage and of covering new insights into christian spies of listen, i'm origin. it's a story that seems to have been her brush that come to the street in search of my groups on al jazeera.
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ah, the latest news as it breaks this used to be the historic town center. now it is the level with detailed coverage live trust is robbie and cry is that like my dad country that should step up and pushed back against perceived, aggressive russia and china from around the world. a database is being established for make sure they have the details of the sympathizer, of the supportive and the fighters, which belong to the group african narrative from african perspective now. but now we're about his big daily life. with short documentaries, by african filmmakers from democratic republic of congo. and wanda, there was never going to be letting an obstacle just stand in front of you. you ladies. what made the intimate connection between myself and rhonda diggers and merchants. and secondly,
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africa direct on al jazeera ah mold and untold stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera ah, free rapid covert tasks, and us military personnel deploy to help in hospitals. president biden is to announce new measures to tackle the surgeon, omicron variant while bars and restaurants close early in south korea as a new covert curfew kicks in there. ah, marianne.


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