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tv   [untitled]    December 21, 2021 11:30pm-12:00am AST

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a promise, let's do the work with the cost cutters, gateway to whoa trade. ah ah, oh, i marian demise in london, a main story. now. you as president joe biden has announced a raft of measures to try and limit the sprite of ami crohn. he cove at 19 very at now accounting foremost, 3 quarters of all new cases across the country. $500000000.00 free at home rapid tests will be made available for americans from next month. and a 1000 military personnel will be deployed to help overwhelmed hospitals and rapid rise of infections is again disrupting life in the united states with events in sports games canceled the state of emergency decline in washington, dc. speaking a short time ago, biden assured americans,
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his government is prepared for the coming months with stockpiles of vaccines and p, p e. but he also warned those who were unvaccinated, that they faced severe illness and possibly death this winter. all these people who had not been back, you have an obligation to yourselves, to your friend me quite frankly. i normally criticized this to your country. get fractions it now it's free. it's convenient. i promise you would save lives. an aster god, leave it you preach, rowdy duty we're getting import sedans, prime minister abdullah hum dock is about to stand down. it's a month after making a deal with the military that's been described as a betrayal of sedans. civilian revolutionaries handle was kept under house arrest for a month after the military coup in october. since that power grab that had been mass protest in the country, including just stir just a couple of days ago over the weekend,
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which marked the 3rd anniversary of the start of the revolution. the government in ethiopia says it's military's in the process of clearing to grind, rebel forces from the northern am horror and to far provinces tpl i've invaded the territories in june. the separate groups had on monday was withdrawing to create an opening for peace and to enable the flow of humanitarian aid. about 400000 people are facing famine inside. take right libyans, a schedule, devotion of presidential election on friday that might not happen. after the head of the high national elections commission dissolved, the electoral committees ending their work and the philippine troops. sir. a racing to deliver food and water to islands, ravaged by typhoon ry. survivors of the deadly storm are slowly returning to their destroyed homes. at least 375 people were killed out as air well, continues news
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. my name is paula. last years and i'm on a journey research in my group. it's becoming clear to me the number of foreigners countries, their unit maurice goes. these were most names when 15 o 2 were told to convert genuity or face explosion. a few stayed and remained under the radar by changing their certain names to non descript names. that would not attract the attention. who's today's madrid? says many clues to the muslim past. my mother's name just tanya means the type of treat. could this be a maurice, chris called her name is. i'm trying to have it under my the way, let me go into my you know, one of them we're under, but it didn't make it. uh huh. i forgot the last unit i'm can see mean hitting but don't you. so this was i can get started. it's dana,
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and you'll need to think about it, but they just don't know. da's let me come with dante which is different. and those are going to go into the actual source. just a 2nd. i don't need that, but i love to read after you stand with your name. well there is, it's just an emotive fundamental ment. anybody that i'm already have you let me know how to should be dealing with course you may have forgotten, let me know. yeah. and so my husband and we got, if we got out of this, i know i love the phase and said i me start e r las burger's today as chris jennifer interest. how i came up in the office or the medical to ask, what if we got a this is monte cristo i'm vivian, doyen. in mighty there's they amuse, gideon dollars most as to last push on. if you do, i mean she didn't american dollars, she didn't gave say uncle m m. i already asked them on money that i'll ask us to latin a. yep. i think i'm just uncle from caliber of young. christina sic, i'll greg williams hadn't understood the intelligent they knew m discount on the rental of monte cristo which hello, monique, or that he can grenadine ok. you have anybody. we book a gamble for gay. how many learning when you're making in that event that you
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noticed for the letter, what that was helpful address there. but again, especially with the intent seller's agent. i think others illustrator, of mores, cause that he thing it under his time on time funding caliber. let him get back to come in to say america got dollars. ah, in a cd like madrid, it's hard to know exactly where a 1000000000 muslims and their descendants, the maurice coast might. happily, they kept a low profile, but throughout the city there are clues everywhere. the street names and architecture point to a strong art up influence. i've been reading about a region where there is a strong evidence of the mores close enough, maria, self of spain. it is said that a group of maurice was found refuge in a castle where somehow they were protected from the explosion. decree. it was time for another rotate
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aah with villa. blanca dna are in lincoln gentle st. they or chill wind up or bluff young. don't rental you transport fee until you could. his generals be a horse. he wants to synthesize port vent all day, morty schools in boca yeah. the america saddle can double suck e cause we're not coded. castiano via hoyt, your daughter got to live. and what is school you enough? amelia, for them entire, cassandra's aladdin. ivan ahmad, lost our sin more late than i'm this familiar case. if he ended in crucial that arena morocco's as he kissed almost or he and it wouldn't look normally important if amelia's for that also us e dad would out we wanna a clinics young on rest enough, amelia's and we'll discuss the i type water mia, irena look at another in a similar mac is a little bit with upper micha,
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a star. sophia eda. okay. what i what i want, i'm boss community though this bit of insulin plum, political and i when i started to hear that, what did he set up? well, maurice got cuomo, contra bissell contract with him, could his java is conceded coma, but a militia the lorraine espanol? he lexical? no, not. we are the 10th living with us. is the persona convenient? but i'm an anthem into is with him and, and billy blank. what little financial sky lucon, cynthia, and marcus is with moody schools. you buy one out of mosque as though it took them into believe either. 6 he had a wound benefield or i will put a de la english jackie that some joe would ever. blanca sick a comcast was maurice was even got out of most put a will come on out of courtesy. vehicles equal lithium. it's armando wasn't office and i will yell a host, i'm anthony. 60 you 80. think when i saw us last was in form. ask in mr. castillo safely. robin, thumb rossi. layla's. will us notice if he got the m. c. got that? i feel know you spun almost when mana is to law up,
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he is lateral seem will odessa soneta hickey existed at home in the north ana, the glad i feel now more generous when i, when i leon study, and that aces now leon's up with him on his la believe a sample of metallic one will see me in those equinox units. he in love, is it 8 is good to go. many goth young. this was what he school's, you know, what his ghost was and up what i 11 my lot. and yet, eagle eyes, dekessa marcus, other than it was on countries. others could have told us that one of notarial is in liberal, civil tease, most in liberal stay mother munoz or india la mr. garcia, assistant and bundle this he, when they lost money schools got uncle my neck. ava put us on a super vince yes. dominant and done the war i, la jolla, if you feel or india and quit and went to that awful, you can put out a move just went, is he invented, put it in fia, did it, that is die? well yeah, that was what he school's been with and it was like he is the way it up with him most the most threat as he gets and it was, but he was in dcc acoustic it out one nuclear and then what he's ghost i'm in
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available uncle equal, i'm almost almost up enough. i'm yet must on this. he hamilton us. what they put out a little he's in consult that of even or in the atlanta mm hm. ah ah, one thing has become clear after talking to our tele spanish historians, architects and anthropologists. the maurice cause who stayed were very skilled at covering their tracks. i suppose it's because they had to. there are many clues as to their existence, but lead them from evidence. i'm heading to under loose the cradle of the arab
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heritage in gabriel, anthony. and i even got to go to the aisle to implement a highly lampey. why didn't i the name be some medical minus a little came he might even what he could available for, because i think if they're not the ones he lives legally, if you see there was on it, if you're coming in the line, but he got either udo phenomenon, lab, artificial body, or without that belief ability, hamilton phenomena, can michelle been there and he relating claims you get hold of him and he, i love enough money. if he has swollen, you renewed another demilia and if i media monica, been calling my case, the person to somebody me to put said we both going put been bit godaddy. she'll she'll kill me, them with 11 for sometime in the i'm when we're done. some good one level guessing the giffin gussie that the fatal calling had comerica going into
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a hole at the time he went the whole house. he that will allow you to become your e k. a monkey didn't have a family for the egan. i've been at it pretty much him with the 50 a. she gave a call. you can some kayla went and documented if you can come to the office, you have a bit of a young concede. ok. not a lot of money when i'm out in the world of rather well, we'll get, you know, we will get, you know, we can call you about the and he said no, i don't see them in the majority of them because when i was not dealing with the fatal see, i guess i need it. i'm part of the radio wasn't back in august. if when we put on the single take it all it to the motor fuel. one of them, you know that brigade come come on. the 11th again, the gig is redna one days ago, and he's on this game we'll do that, came back to the elegant but the, when we go to a separate money. yeah. yeah. so let me, let me do a couple of money here. is it will see in the one thing of the important stuff in
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the future is he ended up once the thing he, they will, and those will be on the see them on time. the only get me i there's is a story that is like peeling spanish onion layer by layer until eventually you reach the core. but i still don't know if i have a place in the story. my surname for last year's comes from the word palace. but bessie type something else, and then if we can begin to relapse in and how that goes with local life is when we implemented the democratic a little bit later. thanks another call i would like to come in for what i want to go now for one of the stuff i'm you can do when will my,
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to my you are the all but out if he's in the interest on this, i know at the level and i will be happy to meet them. he said that maybe any other plan, so let me let you know also, but i believe the one that i saw him. so when was the last time you came in? was a portion of money. yeah, so commission pete of about yes, somebody. but it didn't. the little boy sort of a go ahead and that for me that be some professionally important to me and all the whole feel names minority equal this, i mean asking other future save me another left on it from what he said? no, no, i'm not familiar with the name of him what he's going on with him. okay. and which i mean more. yes. yet they call over to the left to me putting them in. i see me
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let me pick up the liquor or the locks, or even during the month to remove or get paid, or i think i will now, of course on bravo advantage. every day, i presume it's a cash cash on the go button. be let me put under the more inclusive, you know, stomach, denise denita, david graham. he could do it on the for charlotte, video. i. so it seems that i come from the, from the ellis. maurice goes, what relation and what a journey the accepted version is that most, if not all of them are, is cuz we're forced out in the 17th century. but now it's clear that many managed to escape the expulsion problems. today's research suggests that ignorance of the history of our country is not just due to the utter failure of our historian to reveal it. but also because of efforts to hide spain's muslim pastor. if this
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is indeed the case, it means that islam was present and a barium peninsula for far longer than we saw. ah, we fall must come full circle to the mountains of granada in the south of spain. ah, i guess said i've done this more discussing why weeks when the templates to get an idea of course of awesome. you've got the all, i'm not a they said and they rather what aches, genie you don't wanna say they, this one, i'm on the nasa legacy echo echo. i mean, they want to say that way about what about the antibiotic that up on a movie called the white apple dot say it on the leveling? i think another, but i did that with darby at law is,
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was to play it safe way. the i'm all i did my band though over for my little might out when we be in that i read while they don't morning got yes at whatever. i said most all america and i think another more to that up while avoiding me. i so what i thought he think she'd be, it'll come all and what i hope we'll talk about a full field. i be di. lassi lit up with tci. i'll watch the lakers tiana that will be sent out a sample based on quality eval calamari cookie. good, are you saba, looking behind the actual a syllabus? clearly another market on the mobile. neither my they like to know that if you got phyllis, either of the philosophy loving a hudson by that thing, spelling modica giving in his stuff lying by the explore or from the call our iniesta almost a relief eager has he fainted?
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what i would o clock down in a good way to get another equal to your main thief, alice williams sienna monique, like i said, let me ask you, and i don't the longest it out. let me say it did they like hold on? i little got on my seated fella. they be like you, gala in medium. they manifest. it's also been a hard i you thought maybe they palazzios for him will. will side on this. i'm a fable who is with that amount of feeling, what even in a really good analysis incentive will settle what a fable never said of amelia egg or indicates william is about a could you put him just one last legal when you had asked me to sorta he already does. he that he likes they will expose you. i mean thing but not only that, i'm not the one. yeah. like luther because i don't comedy cause he saw that in the marine corps. mclamore turner and i the but i your lower monthly manion. it actually did a than killer, is modica civilization. co lady think it is generally eva iraq. anything on a circle sent off on us from a 30 minute me thought the for me not. is it possible money?
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ah, it's a story we're nothing is as it seems, my own ancestors may have been influential people who made their way in spanish society, but always needed to watch their bags. to find out more. i'm on the way to me, the historian, with an interest in the story of the palazzios palm. he lives in our cars, and that's were in 1567 yard for horace. rebellion began. large numbers of maurice gross living in the kingdom of grenada took up arms in protest against sanctions restricting their freedoms. ah, it didn't end well for the maurice ghost were eventually the port that from grenada and other parts of the peninsula.
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ah, la familia, palazzios. he will not like on the familiar monica committee that i picked the animal a you a cycles here and then to relax, gladly luckless hair. it out that you brought up. don't leave it in. natalie fidela . neither monica with in. it's a tear. i love for her rock luck, amelia, or laurie, foot, or look a lead it out own laugh. william fulton de lang competence. he all little get your coffee at all or let it off, but you're sorry, i'm the some 8, i'm portent. deanna. okay. deanna, or eco fatal. she didn't vertical l briefly, but he will know a little for so i will not go back to the
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the i can see, i think in april climbing on green el rey, nobody control raised ours were too, too old. i'm not here in the gospel, c dot or near the mit leader the library leo. normally the media the done? yes. of course. have it in jet. i don't think we talked that until i knew. i mean it was in the at the la la field, the rudy margaret. thought it during your me interested didn't tell you a lot but you notice i when we see it are math in a lateral great. you know, or a lot of money and now, by the last year it is from actually me up to hear from the la familia, just have a case where they, okay,
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what i would like to not simpler the level or money that you will not make is every month, however, you didn't that call, i would say look, give us, they bought them. they don't. i mean if you have to get in touch to see and take a like a 3 that are hardly met the, i'm not a she could for molly. like ever are considered lucky to dc perfume. don't be well, it really says have a photo of a computer lover who we are in a wheel. yeah. and that is which i lead. i got another she sorry, k u d. i don't know me. yeah. angel garza. e love the woman collateral. they her clara showy, nice feel about it. if he panted a party that they love, i ah, that's as much as i could find out about the philosophy plan. they clearly had muslim roots, but nobody knows for sure. if they took the christian or the muslim side, the out,
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the hires rebellion. what i find most eye opening is that this story of those maurice cos who state is largely unknown by today's his spaniards. it's a story that seems to have been airbrush that from history. most people still believe that all of the barriers muslims were expelled and that none remained. oh, oh. oh i of course, today's his spain has a sizable muslim population with many spanish converts to islam. ah, i wonder, is this in some unseen way an act of connection with the conscious muslim past? a 21st century revival of the maurice. gus?
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oh ah, i left a lot layla with those with yes 1st the manner or no a lot. second year than a little aren't on tom rick along. read me a man affordably made o me mother for last year. well no, you're that. are there mass, but good. e r m papa mama. yeah. on the world . maggie december. no, the 2nd i'm on a theorem on their model. kiss i'm well yeah, we have a choice so. so mandate letters who we are with the lack of tom but i don't know soccer way yet. i feel like i believe and part of the new man. yes. i love the feminine army area gone down. are you sampler tower? mom? come on board call. come fly. i see on the boogie. dunno in the de
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la la hin day. no, no mom. we normally into laughing. then boy lloyd, i was in brooklyn, new berlin for them if you can play some political me that new feder knowing wonder how long she did that i am fiddle either way going in for law than the unity, a unity. ella said about a year that you the last year for that in law, martha, instead of inner city montalvo potter meadow, chopped off hello, is it a desk and a 0. so the guy is going to get in as an as monument. i was just going to see them . but cassie doors, commerce or the man e. com. okay. yes. and the on his i am on another shipment than if he had
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ah hang another from england one impossible in santa for moreland me, maria dunbar. alma sat down paulina from the bazaar for like a year panelling but if only the dissolution from okay, i didn't know you many that no, no. the st. the sullen fell on but this sola nodded henderson. ah slash ah.
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it's the end of this cultural journey of discovery. one where i met many people were able to shed light on to spans muslim past. as to my own maurice classroom, i never found definitive proof. there was no sign certificate of heritage. yet in many ways, the practical discovery of my likely muslim origins was something i had long suspected. searching for my roots has given me a deeper understanding of where i came from. more importantly, i now look differently on the place i call home. mm. ah ah
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a a a ah ah ah, ah.
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hello, we still have plenty of showers across northern parts of australia, rolling out the northern territory to queensland and still extending their way down into eastern parts of new south wales where we have of course, seen some disrupting flooding. we have got more thundershowers just coming in here as we go on through wednesday, easing up into the southeast corner of queens. that is still quite a crop of showers across northern parson. that's going to continue to be the case as we go one into thursday by thursday. let's look a little further west. it's warming up, getting up to around 35 celsius in perth. could get up to around 38 by friday, reaches a 42 on christmas day. that will be the hottest christmas for perth on record. we asked looking at sir one or 2 showers longest bells of rain making the way across the zealot. but it's in the process of drawing up and brightening up here as we head towards the christmas. we can. meanwhile, we're looking at some dry weather, grassy, making its way toward southern parts of china. our old tropical storm,
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a typhoon re. that's now making its way further into the open waters brightest guys coming back in behind for a time course. a good part of china and the korean peninsula for now, still some wind, she shares for northern parts of japan feeding all the way up into her kite. ah, i've come back to sarajevo to revisit the fascinating part of calcium history. they were crazy, creative, even visionary. they were top lesta, not realistic. i was them as a child during and just pops into people still love them. it was basically too bad to be true. what they were predicting can comma to heal ethnic divisions and national tensions that exist in both you today. once upon a time in sarajevo on al jazeera mm, to play an important role in protecting human client. dr. richard phrase
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ah ah, mm mm. this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm sorry, i'm noisy in london. welcome to the news hour coming up in the next 60 minutes. if you're not fully vaccinated, you have good reason to be concerned. president ivan tells americans, it's that patriotic duty to get vaccinated. as he announces free home cova testers .


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