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tv   [untitled]    December 22, 2021 11:30am-12:00pm AST

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at this restaurant, which like so many others in copenhagen was already struggling to hire staff. now things are even more tenuous. i think all of the people who worked in the hospitality business or of course of course concerned it's sad that the christmas again, this year will be affected by commit. a time normally reserved for festivity now filled once more with uncertainty. how much am drama does ita company ah, the headlines on al jazeera u. s. president joe biden has announced measures to limit a surge of ami kron cases. they include expanded tests, support for hospitals on more vaccinations, but he stopped short of calling for another lockdown. all these people who have not been back so you have an obligation to yourself to your family and quite frankly,
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i'm not criticizing this to your country, get faxes it now it's free. it's convenient. i promise you, which saves lives. i'm honest to god, leave it your patriot duty. severe weather is having a devastating impact on large parts of south east asia. in malaysia, at least 20 southern people have been killed and 70000 displaced. thousands are missing after days of torrential rain triggered some of the worst flooding in years . aid is being delivered to survivors on typhoon ravaged island in the philippines . at least 370 people died when type of rice struck. more than 400000 people have been forced to take shelter and evacuation centers. there are reports that through don's prime minister are de la handoff is about to stand down. he was reinstated in november after he made a deal with the military. but it's been criticized by protesters as a betrayal. is really for some have shot dead,
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a young palestinian man after claims he tried to run over is really soldiers in the occupied. west bank is really military said, a man crashed his car into military jeep after being shot. 2 israeli soldiers were also reportedly wounded opposition supporters in georgia or demanding the release of jailed former president. mikhail sucked us relief on tuesday. thousands rallied in the capital to really see threatening and math hunger strike. factors really was arrested in october after exile in ukraine. the during gillan maxwell sex trafficking trial has asked to review, printed testimony of 3 of her accusers. the british socialized pleaded not guilty to grooming teenagers for under age sex or their former boyfriend jeffrey epstein. if found guilty, she could face up to 70 years in prison. those are the headlines on al jazeera up next and the stream about. if america held up a mirror to itself, what would it see in the center race is the story of america what's working and
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what's not? a lot of people were only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda. if america can't handle multiple challenges on multiple fronts, we need to go back to school. the bottom line on al jazeera, i on semi ok to day on the stream, a private immigration detention center in the us state of georgia is closing down because of complaints about abuse and neglect. this is wendy story. i will, you know, i, i was, i was in years and i went to a certain you and i survived really high. so by physical abuse,
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i survive abuse and i am so detainees, alan immigration center being survivors. we are digging deeper into this story. if you're joining us live on youtube, jump into the comments actually be part of today's program. i guess will be delighted to answer your questions. let us meet the guess. her roommate, laura, set out a nice to see all if you are only please introduce yourself to i international audience. tell them who you are and how you're connected to the story. just briefly . yes, my name is a writer and i was one of the 1st women to speak up about the abuse. and i'm 20 years old mexico. so get to have you and laura, please introduce yourself to our stream audience. my name is laura, i'm a courtesy, i am a professor at columbia law school and one of the lawyers working to represent the brave women who organized to tell the truth about medical abuses at the erwin
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county detention center. thank you so much for joining us and saturday. get to have you here on the stream. introduce yourself to our international audience. thanks for having me. my name is that's her under hurry, i'm the advocacy director at the tension arch network. the reason we go all see if i get together and wanted to share this story with you. it was because of a new fort lines documentary. it's called no consent. it tells a story of what happened at the o in detention center. have a look black m brown immigrant women at the mercy of the private prison corporation. val blinds investigates allegations of medical abuse of women nailed at a privately run immigration detention facility in rome, georgia. you still don't know what happened. so i am here saying that you don't have a chance to read everything and we'll deal exposed by a nurse turned whistle, blew our blow. there wasn't a 1000 times over. if i had no consent,
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surgery scandal, in immigrant detention on al jazeera. you know, i'm just trying to think when i, i have the stories that come out of this immigration center. incredible abuse is human rights abuses? what is going on in the private sanction centers anyway? united states that should give us concern. yeah, i think the, the main thing to note here, right, is that erwin, unfortunately, and sadly, is not unique. and it's not just private detention, it's all of the detention center across the country, whether they're private, whether they are local and county jails, whether they are run by the federal government. there have been countless reports from advocates, including the tension, watch network, and many others over the years. you know, the government's own inspectors have documented physical sexual abuse, medical negligence, really throughout the u. s. immigration detention system across the country. so this is really a big problem and the fact that we were able to take this when or when,
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because the bravery of women like her me is a huge, huge victory. and i'm just so honored to be here with her. i mean, if you are trying to explain to international audience what it was like being in the oh, in detention facility, how would you describe life that before we even get to the terrible things that happened to you? like there is dead. literally, you're surrounded by dead, you know, everything is just negative and dark. there is no light. sunlight from natural. you know, it's horrible. it's very bad condition negative and just the environment, the area, everything is negative. it's not good. and just to be pin, you're not in prison, you're not there because you did something illegal. how would you explain what line
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did you in the detention facility in the 1st place? i believe. well, ended me in erwin county, was a purpose. and i believe that's why i ended up in erwin county detention center or immigrants for a purse. and for this there was a lot of abuse going on. let's start talking about some official face a laura, if you could lay out where these complaints of neglect and abuse started from this particular facility in georgia. so how are you on the side? yeah, that starting as early as 2018 lawyers representing women at the erwin county detention center, notified both eyes and the private prison corporation lasalle that women were being abused by the guy to call the gynecologist who as providing services there. and
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as early as 2018 lawyers raised an alarm saying that this doctor leaves whim in traumatized and abused and they don't want to go back to him. but for years continuing through last fall, when the whistleblower complaint was filed, women kept being brought to this gynecologist and woman after a woman after woman was subjected to nonconsensual, medically unnecessary gynecological procedures and surgeries. so surgeries and procedures that they did not need surgeries and procedures that left them in trauma and in pain lasting to this day. now what happened is that the women brave women like her ro, me organized to inside the prison, to shed light on the truth of what was happening. now woman after a woman after woman was being abused there. or, i mean, i'm going to play you
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a video and this video is from priyanka bot. she's a staff attorney at projects self and their coal for of the whistleblower complaints. so these abuses were happening when we were getting medical treatment that they are saying we did not need this. and then a whistleblower spilled the beans. and these are some of the stories that were beginning to leak out. have a listen to priyanka and then pick up. here we go. personally, i will never forget the pure horror and to stare in the voices that the people i talked to inside erwin horn from being separated from their families and children, or from not receiving h. i v and breast cancer medication that their life's dependent on horn from having a coven 19 and not getting health work from being thrown in solitary. some assignments for styling and complain are asking for a p. b or from not knowing what happened to their own bodies. from waking up with
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holes in their stomach and not understanding why and horror from wondering if they too would die inside. and i stood time since dinner as so many others already had. that is very true. i do remember every single situation that she mentioned. i was very afraid of dying, of co, vague i was afraid of getting infected, i didn't know was affected, although i complained to the nurse is not just me, but all of us, we were all state we complained and they never listen to was b, b neglect don't solitary for complaining also was true. i also was solid, hated for a couple of days for complaining about an interview situation. so all of the above is so real and just here in a and see in the videos and hearing the, the, the news of erwin county shutting down is like almost your grieving. you know,
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i feel like they took, that took a lot for me. and however, on the line for the personal role that i have been able to receive, i remember the pain everything. yeah. and i just have to say i, i can't underscore enough this point around retaliation because ice and detention center staff are able to act with impunity. the threat of retaliation and abuse when people speak out is very, very real. you know, people are, as she said, put in solitary confinement. their deportations can be set up. they are often denied you know, the most basic necessities and due process when they speak out physical force rubber, bullets, pepper spray. these are all very often used, including also force feeding or threats of force feeding, hunger strikers. you know, last year, thousands of people across the detention system took part in hunger strikes to bring attention to the situation they were facing inside because of covert the lack
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of p, p e. the lack of testing the, the lack of soap. and many of them were subjected these, these types of retaliation. so it's, it's a real, a real threat. so as we were putting the show together, we reached out to the u. s. immigration and customs enforcement agency. so they, you hear them audience around the world. you hear them described as ice and literally, just as we were about to start the show, their statement came in. so just in time for us to have a look at it. so i am reading it at the same time that you are reading it, so we're going to put it up here for a little while, and i am going to work my way through it. i guess i want you to actually have a debate with this statement. ok, when you see things that you're how you're concerned about, we're going to discuss it so. all right, thank you for your patience. thank you for sending the statement. this statement comes from tanya. ramin spokesperson for the office of public affairs at ice. and
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they say here that the owen county detention center soon as possible and consistent with any legal obligations will be closed down. there is an ongoing investigation cetera. what does that ongoing investigation need to be looking at? sure, i mean, you know, i think it's important that they're taking the step this, this investigation, the office of inspector general isn't, is investigating these allegations that erwin county and you know, we do hope that the results of the investigation. we expect them to confirm what advocates and people in detention have already shared. but you know, this is not the 1st investigation of its kind. there have been countless investigations from the office of inspector general countless reports, countless inspections throughout the system. so, you know, we're, we're glad the inspection is happening but, but we already know what needs to happen, or when the closing of erwin,
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as well as bristol county, which was now the same time. these need to be 1st steps and we need to see more of these detention centers, shutting down inspections aren't enough and, and have never gotten us there. we need to start thinking of a different way and phasing out the youth detention entirely. let's go back to the i statement cuz i saw her own me. i saw you leaning forward. there's something here that i want to ask you about. all detainees must receive access to appropriate medical care and medical care decisions should be made by medical person. now, what was your experience her? oh me. correct. i did experience lives in confusion on my way to surgery and it was a bad experience with scary. the 1st time i met doctor man, he said i needed surgery the 1st very 1st time he ever met me. he said,
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you need surgery because you have, this is when you're right ovary. i had 2 kids in, i was 27 at the time. i had never heard of this. so i was very surprised when he told me that also i was surprised when he gave me a shot. he said it was for hormones that i would, you know, make the says go away and all the time i have so many questions like, well, what if i get deported or released before? how do we finish the process? and i, you know, i said to myself, ok, well then, i guess we'll see each other in 3 months for the next shot. however, he missed it. he missed that 3rd mom shot and i was just and shot at that time because he should have had his nose in his computer and should have known that the 3rd or the 3rd month mark was coming up if he was still interested to remove, assist with homes, i did have some side effects from the shot that i had never experienced. he said,
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he gave me a double shot. i am american. i am very american and i had that one shot in my past life. and i never had a whole month bleeding or pain experience. and it was scary because it was dark colored blood. and so it was scary to me honestly, and not to mention it when it came down to my surgery date that was scheduled or july 31st. and when i found i had a big, you know, i never knew that could have died. you know? so i was in shock at that time when the nurse stated, and i quote or a man is going to be just because he can do the surgery. and i'm just like, oh my god, like, i'm sorry. do i have co it? you know, i was confused. i was elation for cobra was so unsanitary. no kimmy ross is just ridiculous. i know the nurse, the excuse me,
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the officers wouldn't clean. i mean, it was dirty how they passed the food of their not cleanings. i'm just, you know, i was just now, well, none of the conditions that are in harmony and we're not well not to mention, i told them i don't want to surgery after july 31st. they try to give me a 2nd, a surgery august 14th. and i deny because misuses story was not i did not, she told me to her that if, if, if i may, because to go for what you went for was gonna take a lot longer than we have on the stream. so what i, what i picked up from your story that shocked me and brought me back to the history of experimentation on black and brown people. united states was that you came to the doctor with cramps and the doctor was planning on giving you a hysterectomy that you had no idea was going to happen. i'm, i'm gonna leave it there because people can follow more of your story by watching
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the fort lines episode no consent, but just hear that audience, because that is shocking. i'm going to go to youtube. sherry was, this is totally horrific. it almost seems like it was pre planned by the government . i am so tired of all these innocent people being so victimized, a laura instant response to show his comment. go ahead. very briefly. the horrific abuse at the erwin county detention center is shocking. it is stomach turning, it's awful and simply closing down the detention center is not enough. all of the women who survived medical abuse at the erwin county detention center deserve a path to legal immigration status. all of the women who were deported in retaliation for speaking out about the medical abuse like her ro, me deserve to be back in the united states with their families, with their us citizen children. and there must be a meaningful investigation to an earth, all of the complicity in the system from ice officers to the private contractors
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who allowed this abuse to take place for a year. this is saj cruz. i thank you for being part of this program. that right, so i was wondering all of the women going to win the case in the class action lawsuit. what is your feeling here? well, i can't tell the future. i certainly believe that they deserve to win and they deserve much more than that. they deserve justice. they deserve knowing that this isn't going to happen to other women. they deserve knowing that, you know, migrants are going to be respected in this country. that, that we can welcome people with dignity that we can treat people with dignity. so, so these women need to get some form of justice through the court system and then we need to fight. so that no one else experiences this again, you know, or i am wondering where politics comes into what is happening at these private detention immigration centers around the united states. this is one particularly
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horrible situation in georgia. but there are many detention centers and private ones. facilities around the united states. this is diego, hey, diego rate is a really interesting question about the politics of these private detention facilities. i've only seen 2 today go in or, and they respond to him. the closure of the county detention center is certainly a victory for all the detainees. folks who have decided to speak up against the abuses happening at this facility for all the formally detained folks, or when who have been organizing to shut this place down in front of the organizers and advocates in the state of georgia who have been fighting for this issue for many years, isn't it for them? but this is only a step in the right direction for the vitamin ministration. who knows who needs to release everyone who is, is still detained, that there are when coming into center. and he's to recognize that the substance abuse is, are not isolated and that they have been happening all over the country. and the
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immigrant prisons need to be shut down by an administration has a mandate to shut this places down for diego is absolutely right. they erwin county detention center is emblematic of the types of horrific abuses that take place in ice detention nation wide. there is no need for an immigration detention system. every one in immigration detention should be released safely into the community. i am looking at you too, right now how, how are me and i'm looking at, i'm t immigrant sentiment. people are upset and they're saying, why are you complaining? you're getting care. who knows what might happen in your developing wells country, that is some prejudice coming out of this youtube conversation. and
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what worries me is that everybody who's in the care of united states should not necessarily, or should not feel unsafe in that care. that was my reaction to those comments. what is your reaction to those comments? you know why i believe that my up most respect and love goals for all of those people who would respond such a thing because they've never been through it. and that's my response. you've never been 3 and so until you do or you might point us because you're from america in america, the teachers to speak up in the documentary, no consent, or which is a deputy deputy or later on today. that's wednesday 22 hours 30 g m t. and you can also watch it online. i will tell people where they can watch it online. your little girl makes an appearance and i want to share her with the well. because
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monica, who was the correspondent, asi, little go about you, because when you revealed what was happening at the detention facility, you were very swiftly deported. and so now you are in one country, your little go is in the united states, you're not together. this is what you little go had to say about that. we have so much memories with her and those me cry all the time. so if we can just have more memories and play together with my sister or be amazing and what would you do if you see her? what's the 1st thing you would do? i would hug are really tight. her me this some way that you spoke how you stood up for yourself and for other women. would you ever think about taking that back,
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rethinking where that got you are which have been deported anyway. i would just be go a 1000 times over again. i would, i was never kitten, marsha, because it's pain that i had never experienced. but when i did, it was her towards it could have lost her mind set her egg. i did mention how many of the private facilities immigration facilities are around the united states. oh, i'm just looking right here on my laptop mapping us immigration detention as the i statement really looks i is like, this is not those behavior that a u. s. agency. shippy displaying this is not good practice. is there a way that you can look at these detention centers around the u. s, and say they should say be best practices we have learned from the o n facility,
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and now we need to make sure that detainees are protected. yes, i mean as, as the laura said before, there's actually 0 need for a detention system at all. so best practice is to close them all down, you know, as, as we've all mentioned, you know, detention is cruel, but it's not only cruel. it's completely unnecessary. most people who are detained in the united states in the immigration system have community is they have loved ones in the united states, to house them and support them and help them navigate their immigration cases. you know, for the small number that don't, there are networks of shelters and services, particularly along the border, but really across the country that can provide services and are prepared and willing and able to do that. you know, studies have shown that the vast majority of people who are released attend to their court hearings. so even, you know, this is often used as the justification or we, they have to go to court. we can't make them go to court unless we detain them,
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and it's simply not true. and in fact, you know, nearly a 100 percent of immigrants with lawyers and attend their hearings. so our messages allow people to be in community with their loved ones, with the support of their networks and offer support to those that need it and provide access to legal counsel. that's really all we need to do. and we need to shutter every single one of these facilities across the country. set her eye and laura and her me, thank you so much for being part of this program. her me in particular, i wish that your family is reunited as soon as possible. thank you for sharing your painful experience with us on this streaming really appreciate it. and we show you where you can see no consent. the latest film from a j 4 lines. you can watch it online right now at fort lines online at al jazeera dot com, and also a premieres this week, wednesday 20 to 30 g empty on al jazeera english. thanks for watching everybody. thank you. guess. thank you for the you. 2 comments. i'll see you next time. take
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care ah coveted beyond. well, he's taken without hesitation. fought and died for the power defines our world, and honestly, babies were dying. i did it not in your bed. it's the glass can babies to deck. people empower investigates. expose is and question the school. the use and abuse of power around the globe. on al jazeera coded 19 is a public health crisis that has been compounded by capitalism. ali rate navigates the big questions raised by the global pandemic powers. the system are based on private ownership in the state of profit. so the world in
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a ton of capitalism is the pandemic back cause so much of the suffering exploited protect the people all the profit episode. one of all hail the look down on out is there a recent study shows with rentable disease or cancer, 15 percent of the deaths of children, a booster production launch. i agree to receive early childhood education with
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ah. ready a rast of new measures announced to help badly unconcerned sweeping across the u. s . ah, this is all to 0 life from headquarters, and i'm getting navigator also coming up. doesn't still missing in malaysia, after severe flooding while much needed supplies, finally reached survivors of typhoon.


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