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and let us take care of everything. cats are a ways the air line you can rely on. ah ah, elegant adrian finnegan here in though ha headlines on al jazeera u. s. president biden has announced measures to limit a surge of omicron cases. they include expanded tests, support for hospitals and more vaccinations, but he stopped short of calling for another lockdown. all these people who not been back so you have an obligation to yourself to your family. and quite frankly, i know you criticize this to your country. get faxes it now it's free. it's convenient. i promise you it saves lives. i'm honest to god,
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leave it you patriotic duty. israel may become the 1st country to roll out a 4th dose of the coven 19 vaccine. a government panel has recommended the people over the age of 60 be given the jab. israel reported its 1st death with the variant on tuesday. libby as elections commission is proposing that the countries presidential election take place on january 24th. the vote had been scheduled to take place in 2 days. monic trina has the latest from tripoli. elections commission is proposing is suggesting that the 1st round of presidential elections be postponed to january 24th. but they were very clear in saying that it's the parliament that has to to put, put this date into, or into a set this date into motion or so the issues that, that have have left these elections, not able to a carryon still remain, right? so i'll libya has 2 legislative side. the previous political agreement are stated
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that they had to agree the parliament in eastern libya and the high council state in western would be had to agree on a constitutional framework for the elections to be held. that never happened. aid is now being delivered to survivors on typhoon ravished, islands in the philippines. at least 375 people died when typhoon roy hit central and southern regions in malaysia flooding as killed at least 27 people that displaced 70000 dozens are missing. after days of torrential rain triggered some of the worst flooding in ears. israeli forces of shot dead, a young palestinian man after claims that he tried to run over israeli soldiers in the occupied west bank is where the military says they shot the man. his vehicle then caught fire after crashing into a military jeep. there's the headline, sna. let's get you back to al jazeera world news. my name is paula.
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last years, and i'm on a journey research in my group. it's becoming clear to me that a number of foreigners can trace their unit. maurice goes. these were movement. when 15 o 2 were told to convert journey to or face explosion, a few stayed and remained under the radar by changing their surnames to non descript names that would not attract attention. who's today's madrid? there's many close to it's muslim past my mother's name just tanya. means that type of treat. could this be a maurice, chris called her name is deborah, let me get them my way. let me go into my cell phone. i think we can make it. uh huh. i forgot that number last unit. i'm andros. you mean hitting but don't you. so this was i can get back to this dana in an annual meeting and they think about it,
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but they just don't know the age. let me come. we important thing, which is $400000.00 are going to go to the actual source. you just a 2nd. i don't need that, but after you stand with him will they had is just an emotive fundamental meant anybody that i'm going to let me ask, how does it should be dealing with school? she made them in the gate and let me know. and so my husband and if he gather at this, i know i already faced and said i missed ya asperger's today as christian as the most interesting came, get fish in the 1st time or the man. if i could ask, what if we got a isn't what he's cautious to be done, even though en, in mighty there's they amuse, gideon dollars most as to last push on. if you do, i mean she does not look until the she don't gave say, i'm glad i am. i already asked them and then in that ask us to latin a. yep. i think i understand from the college of young christina, sick i'll collectively, adams hadn't understood i see intelligent. i know i am just kinda rental of monte cristo. hello monica, that he can grenadine. okay. you have anybody. we book a gamble for gay. many learned when you're making in that event that you know there
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was a lateral directional progress. there's but again, it's just aren't. we didn't then seller's agent. i think others illustrate of mores custody thing. air ontario is time and time funding. collab, latham copatrick. i meant to say, but american got dollars. ah, in a city like madrid, it's hard to know exactly where a 1000000000 muslims and their descendants, the maurice coast might. happily. they kept a low profile. but throughout the city there are clues everywhere. the street names and architecture point to a strong art up influence. ah, i've been reading about a region where there is the strong evidence of the mores close enough. maria, south of spain. it is said that a group of maurice was found refuge in a castle. where somehow they were protected from the explosion decree. it was time for another rotate
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aah with philip blanca dna ha! in milk and gentle cynthia, torn up bluff young. don't rental you transport fee until he could. his generals be a horse. he wants to synthesize port fender morty. scores. apopka? yeah, the america saddle can double suck e, cause we're not coded cuz it's generally a hoyt your daughter got to live and what a school you enough. amelia, for them. entire k song loss, aladdin ivan ahmad. last our sin, more late than i'm this familiar kid, if he ended in crucial that arena morocco's as he kissed almost or he and it will look normally important if amelia's for that also us e dad would out we wanna a clinics young on the rest of amelia's and we'll discuss and i wanted you to let you know that another one on mac is
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a little bit with upper micha esta. sophia eda. okay. what i what i want? i'm best community that is built into plan political and i wanna start the here. then what did he set up? well, maurice got cuomo contra bissell contract with him. could his java is conceded coma, but a militia the rain espana? he lexical? no, not. we are the 10th living with us. it's a persona convenient, but i'm an anthem into is with him and, and billy blank little financial sky liquid, cynthia and marcus is with moody schools. you buy one out of mosque as though it took, i'm into believe either. 6 he had a wound benefield or i will put a de la english jackie this. i'm joel devin blanca sick, a comcast was maurice was even got out of most put a will power. others could have channels. vehicles equal to lithium. it's armando wasn't office. and if we have a host, i mean denise to castillo ethan, when i saw us, one of us was inform. ask in mr. castillo syphilis, rob on thumb, rossi layla's for last. notice if you got the m. c. got that i saw. no. you spun almost romana,
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he is the law of. he is lateral symbol. odessa soneta hickey existed at ailment the no sooner the glad i feel. now more you know, is when i, when i leon study interfaces now leon's, up up in the market slow, believe a sample of metallic one will see me in those equinox units. he in love. is it a desk with the company goth young? this was what he schools, you know what his ghost was an apple though on one my lot. and yet eagle eyes, darker somewhat casala than it was on country. now this could, it would us for the one of know that he, alice, in liberal say about these most in liberal stay mother munoz or india i mr. garcia, assistant and bundle this year. it is when the last muddy school's got a home when that k i, if okay, what are some of the super events? yes, dominant and done the water, la jolla, if you feel or india and quit and went with it all equal, but out a move just went, is he invented, put it in fia, did it, that is die? well, yeah, that was what he schools better with and it was like he is the way it up with him. most the most rad, as he gets, and it was, but he was in the fios khaki, stick it out, one nuclear and, and what he's ghost, i'm in available,
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uncle equal. i'm almost, i'm, was that up enough. i'm yet must on this. he hamilton us. what they put out a little he's in, consult that of even or in the atlanta. oh 0, one thing has become clear after talking to our spanish historians, architects and anthropologist. the maurice cause who stayed were very skilled at covering their tracks. i suppose it's because they had to, there are many clues as to their existence. but lethal from evidence. i'm heading
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to under loose the cradle of the are up hurry ditch in the ab anthony. soon as i even got to go to the i'll doing implement ohio lampey. why did it, and i the name, be some medical minus a little came. he might even what he opened up, it will ever be to the get on after once he lives legally. if he's here, there was one of the future commune, thought, but he got even cooled off and on. we know a lot of people by the other level in dallas, i really the amazon phenomena give me some, been there, and he relating agreement. 2 you get hold of them and i love it every month. yes. all in the new, another. the media. and if i media monica, you know, monique lima, k, the bus. and this other thing, the for 7 people when put on godaddy, she'll, she'll kill mint, them with a little unofficial. tell me when put on that some little one level kissing the given cassie to be fatal. go ahead. comerica will and power will have this and he
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went the whole as he that allow you to come your e k a month. he didn't have a family for the eating. i prefer that it probably met him when he 50 a and she gave me a call. you can sample kayla when that document if you can go for the better as you can see it. okay. nobody can la monica, monique, cool. i might as well if you rather do i see i'm i said well, we'll get yeah, no, we won't. we'll about the and he said look, i don't see them in the majority of them are because when they put out so not the and it would be to see, i guess when you get i'm part of the radio working back again because i didn't put up if, when we put on the single take it all it to the motor fuel. but i mean if we double gate, i'm a company on the on u e. lucy indicators retina one days ago. and he's on this game will do battle to be elegant, but the one we got to was every month. yeah. yeah. so like i'm going to be do whatever money it will she in the $1.00 thing of the important be united future is
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he ended up once the thing he, they will and always will be will use it on the see them on time. the only get me i there's is a story that is like peeling spanish onion layer by layer until eventually you reach the core. but i still don't know if i have a place in the story. my surname philosophy comes from the word parlor. but bessy type something else and then if we can get him to be and we have that cuz we look up is when we when did the weather feel like the face analysis on the call? i would recommend what i would want to go now for water, but for some one of the cookies in when will my through my,
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the order the all but out if he's in the, into the sunday and we have decided on the level and i say go be if you can invoice them, maybe earlier than that. so let me let me know. but i did, i did get your so let me have him book this. i mean, if it was in the policy and then you can do it in that was a portion of money. yeah. so let me get a commission pete of about. yeah. somebody will be getting a little bit of a lower than that. but for me to have them be some professionally important to me and they feel names minority equal this. i mean thing after another future, save me that. not enough. on medical i'm the no, no i'm not familiar. what was the name on every month when they went in on the other m. okay. and which, i mean, yes, yet they never let me. i'm putting them in. i see me never
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a development that's only good or the looks at e during the month to remove or get paid or i think i'll go now of course on bravo advantage every day i presume in cash, cash on the it'll go move on and be let me put under the more inclusive. nice common denise to me that david morgan m a. he could do it on a checklist video. ah. so it seems that i come from the, from you. maurice goes. what other relation and what a journey the accepted version is that most, if not all of them are, is because we're forced out in the 17th century. but now it's clear that many managed to escape the expulsion problems. today's research suggests that ignorance of the true history of our country is not just due to the utter failure of our historian to reveal it. but also because of efforts to hide spain's muslim past.
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if decent indeed the case, it means that islam was present on de baron peninsula for far longer than we thought. ah, we fall must come full circle to the mountains of granada in the south of his spain . ah ah, what do you think is said, i've been the hardest cousin why weeks, when the tempest a point of awesome. you've got the all, i'm not a busier than the either. what aches, jamie, you don't wanna say they this one up by nasa. a legacy echo economy. they want to hear that. why was why we ask you that we thought about multi call the one i hope will da say it on the leveling it. i love it. are they gonna madam? but i did that sort of vehicle is was to play it safe way. the i'm all i get my
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band though over for my little might out we be in that i read while they don't monique gotten yes at whatever. what i said most all america, and i got another more to that up while avoiding me. i so what i don't think she'd be, it'll come all and what i owe to talk about a full field. i be di laskey lit up. the dcf dow wasn't liquors tiana that will be sent out a sent me a stomach water yellow con la moda, cookie video, samsung building tonight. they asked us luck clearly see another market on the mobile. neither my they like to know that into the deal with by the philosophy loving a, harass or bother, i think spell if modica giving any stuff lying by the export or from the call hour iniesta. it's almost a recall if he guy, has he feigned, think of what i would
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o clock down in a good way to get another hipa yourdomain dave, alice williams, sienna, monique, like i said, i'm yes, even i don't need honestly how all, let me say it did they like hold on, i little i don't, i say they failed. are they be like you? galle, b, b, m, they manifest. having a harder you thought. maybe they pull out yours for him. bill will side on this. i'm a fable who's with that amount of feeling weeks in a really good anal, synthetic will settle what a table nother said. amelia egg or indicates will give me a call to put him both on last legal for them. he had asked me to sorta, he already does he, that he likes what he exposes. i mean thing and i believe that on monday when he, i'll leave it with us. i don't comedy cause he saw that in the marine corps, a mikaela mo turner and i think but i your lower monthly manion. it actually did a then killer. is monica civilization, calais, we think it was kind of etha, iraq. anything critical sent off on us from a 30 minute me thought the for me not. is it possible money?
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ah, it's a story we're. nothing is as it seems. my own ancestors may have been influential . people who made their way in spanish society, but always needed to watch their backs, to find out more. i'm on the way to me, the historian, with an interest in the story of the palazzios palm. he lives in our cars, and that's were in 1567 at yahoo! harris rebellion began ah, large numbers of maurice course living in the kingdom of bernardo, took up arms in protest against sanctions restricting their freedoms. ah, it didn't end well for the maurice ghost were eventually the port that from grenada and other parts of the peninsula. ah,
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la familia, palazzios. he will not like on the familiar monica committee that i p. kennimore. a yo is hickle's hid on the interlocking blood, the luckless hare it. i'll thought it booked up. don't leave it in. natalie felt like we la monica with in it that here i love her. rock luck, emilia. or laurie foot, or look a lead it out own laugh. william fulton de lang competence. he all that okay, of course he at all or to let it off but you're sorry, i'm the song young or eco fatal. see an embargo a flip. he will know a little for so i will not going to i
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don't usually i'll think enough programming or you know, it will re, nobody control raised our way to, to them on our kia in the gospel c dot or near the mit leader. the library leo, altura. normally the old, the tanya ramos course have it in jet. i don't think we're talking that i'm telling you, i mean, can you deal to at the law, nicky? lucky on the route, the margaret thought it during your me interested did you notice i didn't we didn't see it. our math in a level. great. you know, when a lot of money and now, by the last year, when i came up to here for the la familia, just have a case where they look at what i would like to not simply level or money 30. you
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will not make a shelf in my life. you know how to do that. god, i would say, look, gave us, they bought them. they don't. i mean, if you had to give me a like a 3 hour hundley met the motor, she could put them only for 4. considered i look to dc perfume on be what it says. i make a photo of it, but i don't love who we are in this which i'll either megan or another. she sorry, k u. d. i don't know me. yeah. angel garza. e woman, duffy, colorado. they had clara showy. nice feel. well not. but if he panted a party that he was really i ah, that's as much as i could find out about the policies plan. they clearly had muslim routes, but nobody knows for sure. if they took the christian or the muslim side in the out,
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the horrors were brain. what i find most eye opening is that the story of those maurice cos who state is largely unknown by today's his spaniards. it's his story that seems to have been air brushed from history. most people still believe that all of a various muslims were expelled and that none remained. oh, oh. oh. of course, today's his, spain has a sizable muslim population with many spanish converts to islam. ah i wonder, is this in some unseen way an act of connection with the conscious muslim past? a 21st century revival of the maurice cush. oh
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i layla's with la layla with little guys with yes. first the manner on our lot shape only if than a little aren't on rick along read me a man affordably made. oh me mother felicia. well now yeah, that is a mass. but katiano and papa. mamma, eob west palm the world your brother magna december. no. the 2nd my money here monday margot kiss on while aliya the choice i saw mother day flattish. now we'll know it equally thought he like october, a dollar circle where he had a flood and i believe, a pilot of any man. you're so long as human or not marianne town. or is he in plethora? come on for gone. come fly. i see on bulky. dunno in the de la
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la hen dang. and no night mom we normally into laughing. and then boy loy, i was him grown folk, nibbling permit me, deal them, play some political me, that minister going wonder how long she did that i am better either way go in for law than the unity a unity taylor said about a year and i think the last year for that in lamar county, instead of inner city, madame court meadow shelter. ah, well, no. is it a business? yes. and again, is going to get in as an investment go moleskin as either because he does commerce or the man e. com. okay. yes. and young as i am, unavailable than if he had
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ah, in another from england of an impasse island. sienna, from all a memorial. it unto alma sat down, put am from the bus here for like a year telling. but if anybody saloon moves from okay, i didn't know him many there know another sent the sullen, fell on with their soul and on the tent ah slash ah,
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it's the end of this cultural journey of discovery. one where i met many people were able to shed light on to spans muslim past. as to my own, maurice goswick, i never found definitive proof. there was no sign certificate of heritage. yet in many ways, the practical discovery of my likely muslim origins was something i had long suspected. searching for my route has given me a deeper understanding of where i came from. more importantly, i now looked differently on the place i call home. mm. wow. oh
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oh, they travel thousands of commerce in to pick berries, but do type work is exploitation in the forest suite, one 0 one east investing aids one out there. and what we do in al jazeera is try to balance this story and he's the people who allow us into their lives, dignity, and humanity. ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle airways. hello, we're seeing some torrential downpours in bolivia. recently the usual crop of showers across much of the amazon basin, but the wet weather has been across western parts of brazil into central and
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eastern areas of bolivia where we have seen widespread flooding showers set to remain here as we go on through the next couple of days, more lively downpours in placing see the heavier rain there across. so central and eastern parts pushing into were western areas of brazil over towards east because see some lively showers here as well as in wet weather there too for northern argentina and also for paraguay to the south of that. 32 celsius in santiago, 30 degrees there in want to sarah some more of the same as we go one through thursday, further north, the usual crop of showers there up towards venezuela. british diana pushing across a gainer itself for one or 2 showers to coming into the east and others over the caribbean, over the next day or so. the weather weather now making its way across cuba. jamaica hispaniola or the crop of showers. there, as you can see, just rolling in doesn't go on into thursday. the east and others should be somewhat dryer and brighter. drive across a good part of that is the side of the u. s. with rain moving out of the way,
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snow into east in canada, and turning increasingly snowy to the west. oh, the weather sponsored by cataract ways. ah, each and every one of us had to go to responsibilities to change our personal space for the better we in we could do this experiment and if by diversity could increase just a little bit that would be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet, louise and credit be rare species for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly year in jenny, these people because this says the re saying business extremely important services they provide the city i, we need to take america to try to bring people together trying to deal with people
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who can left behind lou. ready ready 2, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm adrian finnegan. this is denise. i live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes in a bit to contain the spread of the omicron various israel announces the little role of a 4th booster program. doesn't still missing malays yet, about a severe flooding while much needed supplies, finally reached survivors of typhoon ryan, the philippines. the world food program was that 8000000 people in yemen face.


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