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so my sense is suffering exploit, it would take the people for the profit episode, one of all hail the lockdown, and his ear. ah, a israel announces that it'll roll out a 4th jab booster program to try to contain the spread of the alma chrome variant. ah, hello again, i'm adrian for again. this is al 0 alive from doha. also coming up, my gere destroys up to 1000000 vaccine doses because the date for use has expired. doesn't still missing in malaysia of the severe flooding while vital age finally reaches survive as a typhoon right. in the philippines,
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the world food program warns and 8000000 people in yemen face cuts to food rations due to a lack of funds. ah, israel may become the 1st country to roll out a 4th dose of the cove at 19 vaccine. a government panel has recommended the people over the age of 60 be given. the jap prime minister, enough for the bennett, says that it will help to fight the spread of oma kwan. israel reported its fast death with variance on tuesday. we talked about piron county. i is a senior clinical lecturer at the university of exit us medical school. he says that unless poorer nations, a fully vaccinated, richer countries immunizing that population multiple times won't stop variance emerging. every little controlled exposure to the wireless is proteins enables your body bodies immune system to be reminded and then reminded
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again that you need to make immunity against me. and more importantly, that remember me in other words, immune memory. so of course, it makes a lot of biological sense that a 4th and maybe a 5th vaccine out would be beneficial in that it augment the immunity. having said all this, that is of cause a concern that we need to also immunize the rest of the world to we need to immunize people who have not had any vaccines at all. because that is where the greatest public health gain comes from. again, this is an example of the rich a nation's can do whatever they like, because they've got the vaccines that what the supplies and they can immunize their population once twice christ. and now the 4th time, the credit is people die. and we need to accept that if you do not immunized people die. and then furthermore,
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i have said this repeatedly is if you do not suppress infections in one rouble countries where you have a lot of immune suppressed people, then you will get the um, the drive for variance to emerge. and omicron is one such example. and we can definitely get other variants, which will again, be a setback if we don't suppress infections in all over the world. more a 1000000 curved line chain vaccines have been destroyed in nigeria, health officials there. so the doses that expired jobs that are nations from europe given to nigeria through the international kovacs vaccine sharing program for that us bar. as more from a boucher, according to health officials in the capital c t. m. i did this vaccine in october, and some of them had just about 2 weeks to expire before they would give it to the country. and so they tried as much as we could to get to distributed across the
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country, especially to route settings where some of these people needed them to be vaccinated . but it couldn't be only succeeded, invest anything about the media and people with it. and about 1500000 people, or rather i'm that they had to be immediate on 66000 faxing because at the health official said to be aware hamilton, i didn't want to take that route given that already people have been very reluctant to come in to go back today to decided to go public in trying to more like to show us because i did in the home of the conspiracy theories about vaccination, and people have been saying or thought they needed to reassure. and i didn't that these vaccines. we have put in, they've been cutting out before the vaccines distributed and administered on they didn't. so this public display or the public because all of this expired vaccines
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is just to show people that the health authorities were on top of it gave. i were making sure that whatever vaccine were given to people where after they of good quality us president joe biden as an estimation to limit a surgeon on a cron cases, that they include expanded tests, support for hospitals and more vaccination. as part he stopped short of calling for further restriction, this escrow lived out of washington out of harris. kimberly how could his staff for us, what's been the reaction than to the president's plan to combat the omicron varied? well that surprisingly a lot of the ordinary americans on the street are happy that the president has kept his promise and is not implementing locked downs or aggressive measures to limit the number of people at indoor gatherings. for example, because we're heading into the busy holiday season in terms of christmas as well as new years. and so many people have plans. they don't want to break. but at the same
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time, public health officials are having a very different reaction. there is alarm in the public health community that the federal government has not gotten more aggressive in terms of trying to restrict the spread of the omnicom variant, which is the dominant. what now in the united states, the concern is, is that so much of what the federal government has proposed is simply not going to be enough or is too little too late. for example, those half 1000000000 rapid tests that americans will finally have access to. they're not gonna get them until january. the problem is, is that many people have plans to gather with relatives and friends prior to that and maybe annoyingly spreading the virus, particularly if they're asymptomatic. so the concern is, as we already see an outbreak in the united states due to the thanksgiving american thanksgiving holiday that occurred a couple of weeks ago. that things are only going to get worse. so public health
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officials calling for the federal government to go a step further, even as some of the public is saying that they like what they've heard from joe biden. okay, so that's a response to the federal level. what's happening right now around the country? well, the problem for is around the country is that in the absence of aggressive action by the federal government states and cities, municipalities are kind of taking matters into their own hands. so what you have is kind of a patchwork of different types of protocols. it's led to confusion in the united states, and it's also led to people sort of traveling to one jurisdiction, thinking they're complying. only to find that they're not what we're seeing as in new york, boston chicago. things are getting a lot more strict in terms of being required to show a vaccination card to gain entry into public venues such as movie theaters or sports events if they're even being held at all. and on top of that, we're, we're also seeing our people essentially in the business community making up rules
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as they go. and so it's led to a lot of confusion in the united states and a lack of compliance in many cases. because what we know is that in the sort of tough economic times that we're still experience in the u. s. many private businesses simply don't have the staff members to enforce some of these protocols. and so as a result, it is led to a lot of confusion. public health officials fear a spike in cases in the u. s. ounces here is kimberly hancock live in washington dc . kimberly many thanks. 100 new travel restrictions had to be enforced in thailand to help counter the oma crone variance, the government says that the measures will be reviewed in early january, but a study chang reports now from bangkok that may be too late for many struggling businesses to survive. the beaches applicant may look busy, but this is as good as it's going to get less than 2 months after fully opening its boulders. thailand is once again shutting down lava. for now,
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we will issue no more commission and this is the same for ties up with high from now we're back to the old system of quarantine. when entering in an attempt to slow the spread of the oma chrome variant visitors to thailand will once again have to quarantine for a period of $7.00 to $10.00 days. depending on vaccination status will or relatively few cases of the new there into been detected. only 63 percent of the population a fully vaccinated, but the health benefits may be outweighed by a tourist industry that struggling to survive. this measure a sir flagger almost like a bits and, and for the choice industry, i think it had them so bad. we've just been opening for a few months after the cross shall fall on 2 years already. on bank hawks famous cow, san road. a few tourist arrivals. those who are already have approval can still enter on the thailand test and go scheme. but with so much uncertainty surrounding
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international travel, many will choose to stay away. be runs a hair breeding business. she's just surviving the things a going from bad to worse. if they ever delay, feel our best net get worse. of course it will and it's never been the same since before the country shut, tao. this do have a few customers, but they are all tight. it's high season for the tie tourist industry. many had been banking on a busy holiday season and a fresh start in january. but the promises of the tie government to live with cove at 19 now seem a shaky as their hopes for the future. this is normally the busiest time of year on the cow sand road. these new regulations mean the tourists won't be back. and for the ty tourist industry. 2022 is unlikely to be a happy new year. tony chang al jazeera, bangkok,
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food water and medical supplies are now being delivered to survivors on typhoon ravished, islands in the philippines. at least 375 people died when super typhoon ride. devastated southern and central regions. ounces here as general alan dog and reports from dinner, get province in the southern philippines. sunni go city. what was once a thriving community in the southern philippines? now reduced to this? everywhere we go. there is destruction. this police station was no match for typhoon rice, piri. even the local hospital has not been spared. and then again, maybe providing basil united or walked up for miles desperate for drinking water. i asked about her family. she says her home was damaged and she had to leave her children behind. romeo bernard list to fields frustrating
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a. we are like children, abandoned by their parents. what papa to the government, please don't forget us. please help us. many survivors say they are now forced to scab inch for food. are we also not human? they asked me and wonder why help has not arrived. a few hundreds of meters away, city go airport. despite the damage, the ears trip is still operational. and from here, military, reconnaissance flights and 8 operations take off from above. it is clear that typhoon run spared no one, but we need to be on the ground to see how bad it is. so we take a boat and duck onto nugget island. even for a con, she often battered by natural disasters. the magnitude of the destruction is
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unprecedented. in san jose, there is hunger and heartbreak. unicef also says close to more than 800000 children, are in need of emergency assistance. st. by st. despair survivors say it feels like a struggle even to stay alive. while there are those who are still too shocked to share their or do you. one woman approached me and asked if they had been forgotten to look on me. please, please help us. it's christmas. she tells us, but what we're seeing is just a fraction of the devastation, at least for other provinces or suffering from the type would raise fury. this humanitarian crisis is only just unfolding to melinda. again, al jazeera got dr. in setting phillips with a weather update. next here on al jazeera, then growing signs that libya's presidential election isn't going to take place as
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planned. and on earth after 66000000 years, this baby dinosaur, one of the best preserved embryos ever found. ah hallo we got some bitterly cold weather moving across the korean peninsula, inch to pad at the moment we are looking at some significant snowfall for some the winds coming in from an north lee general nor the direction with a cold direction. so see effect snow coming in to our northern parts of japan through kado. much of her northern areas of the han she also seeing some when she weather. we will also see some of that windy weather, sliding down across the korean peninsula. 7 celsius for soul on thursday, make the most of it talk temperature 3 degrees and falling as we go on into friday and that snow becoming somewhat more widespread. it will cause some disruption
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lively showers into q. she could see some light showers, long spells of rain too, into central and eastern parts of china for a time in the southern china. things are now a good deal quieter than of late, somewhat quieter to ensue where malaysia, although usual cropper showers. they are across southeast asia, some lively showers, possible into southern areas of cambodia. pushing across into the gulf of thailand, one or 2 showers possible still in to west will anchor over the next hour say, but the main system to watch out for this westerly disturbance just pushing across northern parts of pakistan, cold weather, eating over the next day or so much of india, lottie dry ah, ah, mother nature's gift of colorful landscapes, but strong infrastructure governance. arising where investments are waiting to
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flourish. wake read tv, even supplied by tradition. in were beautiful possibilities are offered. lou ah, hello again. this is l 0. let's remind you, the may nearest the saw israel may become the 1st country to roll out a 4th dose of the coven 19 vaccine. a government palace recommended that people over the age of 60 be given the jap prime minister enough to lead. bennett says that it will help fight the spread on on the chrome. u. s. president joe biden has
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announced measures to limit a surge of on the chronic cases. they include expanded tests, support for hospitals and more vaccinations, but he stopped short of cooling for another long down. and aid is now being delivered to survivors on typhoon ravished, islands of the philippines, at least $375.00 people died. when typhoon roy hit some of them central regions, over 400000 people, been forced to take shelter in evacuation centers. the un security council has been meeting to discuss the humanitarian situation in afghanistan. it's just to prove to plan to provide aid and suspend sanctions. the nation of 38000000 is facing food shortages that may trigger another refugee exodus. afghanistan's economy has been crippled since the taliban took over. as the u. s. withdrew its troops in august. let's go live now to the un altitude. kristen salumi has been following that session that there. what's been decided, kristen well,
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what the security council has just done. it is not removing sanctions from afghanistan far from it. it is clarifying that humanitarian aid is exempt from sanctions. this was done at the request of the united states with support of the entire council. it passed unanimously because of concern that the afghan economy is on the verge of collapse without cash getting into the country. the united states and a world banks froze nearly $10000000000.00 of afghan money after the taliban took control because of sanctions that prevent the taliban blood prevent the dealing with the taliban. so the united nations has been warning that more cash is needed in the country in order to prevent mass starvation. they warn that half the country is now on the facing food and security. and the situation could get much
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worse because of the lack of cash because of a drought and cove it and so on. so this resolution a clarifies that aid can get to, into the country for humanitarian purposes. initially, the united states had wanted aid to be reviewed on a case by case basis. certain members of the council, namely china and russia, had argued that against that they said that humanitarian aid should be allowed in full stop without any conditions. and that, that was the changes that were, were made were to accommodate back concerns. so essentially what is in the resolution is that the united nations, after 6 months, will present to the council. it's view of what has been happening with this money to get into the country to reassure the international community. the money is not going places that it shouldn't be, it shouldn't. it is not going to sanctioned individual and is not being used for
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anything besides humanitarian aid. so a lot of compromises, a lot of back and forth. the united states originally originally wanted this done earlier in the week. but now we have a unanimous vote. clearly the international community concerned about the situation . and now more money will be able to get to those in need and afghanistan. kristen salumi reporting live from the un. kristen many thanks. the u. n. 's world food program has announced that it will have to reduce rations for 8000000 people in yemen due to a lack of funding. the contracts will begin in january, the u. s. agency is warning of serious consequences as hunger rises. the country's been on the brink of famine since 2016 because of the civil war. the world food program says that 5000000 people a close to starvation, a beer, a tougher, is a city, a spokesperson with the world food program. she since the aide budget set aside for yemen, a shrunk due to multiple global crises. these cuts the coming of the worst possible
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time for the 13000000 people who are dependent on the wealth with programs, assistance to survive. $5000000.00 people are on the brink of a fan of famine, and these are the ones that were going to keep their food rations in tax. but that is a huge risk to more millions, more. who are basically surviving every day on very meager resources. the wilson program needs $800000000.00 to maintain the current level of food assistance for the next 6 month. at this in 2022, w a f t needs at $2000000000.00. that's huge amount of money because we're assisting over 13000000 people and that's just with, with the badly enough food basket to keep people alive. now, donors have given and provide the funding in, in this year, around with fundraising, 1400000000, but the nice growing piece that's, you know,
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that's higher than our ability to continue to generate resources. also, there are a lot of humanitarian crises that on the world, you know, type food, hurricane's food crisis from south to then of gun is which is making, gets extremely difficult for, you know, situations and emergencies like yemen to stay on the funding. you know, on the, to get the generate funding at this very level of competition for sure. or small resource people in malaysia living through one of the worst floods of their country is seen in recent times. the death toll has risen to 27. more than 60000 people have been forced to leave our homes now correspond in florence. louis reports now from valencia's capital. cornel lumper, still under water. after 4 days pa, hung state in central peninsula. malaysia is the worst affected buildings and
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vehicles submerged. the 2 main highways still not accessible in some parts. officials have warned that water levels in several major rivers remain dangerously high. across the country, search and rescue efforts continue. the military, emergency personnel and volunteers pitch in to distribute aid and carry people to safety. some had been trapped for days. we have to kind of billings one another we have we definitely will have anger because some of you know you, us be we will not being warned by the government that the, the weather will be that serious. and then what will be that series as well. and then we have, we also felt that you're probably in the bathroom because this of your control by doesn't vision is learned. major disaster, many say these are the worst floods they've experienced. a local aid organization estimates. families may need up to $2500.00 each for home repairs and to replace
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furniture and appliances. business owners to are suffering unsure of when they'll be able to reopen. i'm disappointed with a politician with her memo polymer and members always are fit. on one, they will come during the time of disaster. they're the only come the dish or this up glad the disasters mother. the prime minister has acknowledged weaknesses in the government's response. but said the responsibility should be shouldered by the state governments as well. unlikely to a late public anger, questions are now being asked about the government's lack of flood preparedness, especially during the monsoon season. opposition politicians say that needs to be an inquiry to examine what went wrong and to improve the country's readiness to face future disasters. the monsoon season is expected to last through to february
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with the potential for yet more rain and floods. florence louis al jazeera kuala lumpur. libya selections commission is proposing that the presidential election takes place on january 24th 4th. rather, the votes had been scheduled to take place on december 24th 2 days from today. the ballots has been mobbed by disputes over rules and regulations are correspond. malik, trina reports from tripoli. in the last couple of weeks, it's been clear that the 1st round of presidential elections weren't going to happen. and that's because there wasn't a constitutional framework agreed upon by the rival legislative houses. according to a previous agreement, a previous political settlement, others to legislative houses in libya, the parliament in east, in the east facing the eastern eastern libya and the high council state base. here in tripoli. they were supposed to come together and agree upon a constitutional framework that never happened. are, you know, they would decide on who can run for 4 elections. what kind of,
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what kind of powers as a president have are. so are really there what, there wasn't a chance for this election to happen? you know, the un, the international community were painting or the presidential election as something that would unite the country. but what we've seen on the ground is that libya has become more divided than ever, or because of these elections. and what many are saying now is that a libya should move ahead with parliamentary elections and a constitutional framework. and then after that, we can move ahead and, and vote for a president. once we decide, once the libyan people decide on what kind of governing system or libya would have, and what kind of power the president would, would it would it would have. or then we can vote for someone who we believe can lead the country a forward. a government minister in madagascar swam for more than 12 hours to reach land. after his helicopter crashed into the sea. it happened of the country's northeastern coast on monday to other passengers still missing search galle was
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traveling to inspect a shipwreck where at least 39 people died. one of the earliest known depictions of jesus christ as the good shepherd has been found on a ring. it was retrieved from shallow waters off the coast of israel apiece was among a hall of hundreds of artifacts discovered of a recent months in an area that is rich in archaeological treasures. bernard smith's reports, these mediterranean offers rich fishing grounds for roman and mum will come ticket is if something glints in the water. it's often gold. the commission in this find by israeli, archaeologists of coins gems and other artifacts were scattered along the sea, but just 4 meters on the water. one piece stood out a ring showing jesus christ as the good shepherd. the good shepherd was one of the earliest christian symbols and used by the christian community
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in the east. the image sort of tells that jesus is the shepherd who protects the christians. nearly christians, it thought the ring would have been made around the mid 3rd century. evidence of a christian community in the region. the archaeologists believe the whole is from 2 ships wrecked by a storm of the coast of the holy land. they found hundreds of silver and bronze roman coins, as well as figurines, pottery vessels at iron work. at the time the ships went down, the area was known as seas urrea. it's here. the acts of the apostles describes pizza baptizing the romans, ensuring cornelius in an area that was one of the earliest centers of christianity . bernard smith, al jazeera scientists and southern china, had discovered a perfectly preserved dinosaur embryo fossil. even though it's not a hatched, it's providing more insight into the evolution of bugs leah hunting reports brought
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to life after 66000000 years. scientists have recreated this toothless thereupon embryo after finding its fossil perfectly preserved through a hoss and also the 4th was well kept. we can see its posture rather clearly. it head lay on the belly with feet on either side, forming quite a special, curling posture. yet, scientists say this is one of the best dinosaur embryo remains ever recovered and reveals a clear link between dinosaurs and modern day birds. this is hannah. go see that such a posture is similar to that of modern bird embryos before hatching financial. we believe the talking postures that modern burges to help them with successful hatching has actually evolved from donald from millions of years ago on this little life was named baby young men and is believed to have been buried after a mudslide, which prevented it from being disturbed by scavengers, the specimen was one of several egg fossils that were found in china,
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but forgotten in storage for decades. until now, did you now think with a paid her? she's not the embryo. fossil baby young, the young was discovered in the southern part of aisd, china's jung see province. you are. the embryo we previously found was not very complete. what was the embryo we found this tom is the best preserved donna so embryo fossil. so far it would have grown to be 2 to 3 meters long, and if it had lived to be an adult, it would have likely fet on plants. now people from all over the world can feast their eyes on it. leah harding al jazeera. ah, it is good savvy with us. hello, adrian, showing adherent though all the headlines is israel may become the 1st country to roll out a 4th dose of the coven 19 vaccine. a government panelist recommended the people above the age of 60 be given the jab, israel.


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