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tv   [untitled]    December 22, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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neglect and babies to deck people in power investigates, exposes, and questions from the use and abuse of power around the globe. on al jazeera, ah, nigeria destroys up to a 1000000 vaccine doses after they're used by date expires. ah, hello, i'm emily. i, gwen this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up, israel becomes the 1st country to announce it will offer a false co good shot, but it's not likely to be the last with afghanistan facing famine, the un security council eases sanctions against the taliban,
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making it easier to send to 8. and the world food program warns 8000000 people in yemen face cutscene food aid, due to a lack of funds. ah, more than a 1000000 coven. 19 vaccines have been destroyed in nigeria. health officials say the doses had expired and they buried them to ratio the public about the safety of the countries and vaccination program. vaccines have now be dep. what's a good bye? do john, have our man time protection agency? we have come from him. our prime minister all night you to be a transparent, you know, i, did you real budget these boxes did not expire before the decision to do today is an opportunity for my do i still have
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for the fif, you know, vaccination program. fidelis has been following this story from a boucher, according to health officials in the capital c t. m. i did these faxing off in october and some of them had just about 2 weeks to expire before they would give it to the country. and so they tried as much as we could to get to distributed across the country, especially to route setting where some of these people needed them to be vaccinated . but it couldn't be only succeeded, invest anything about the media and people with it. and about 1500000 people or rather i'm that they had to be immediate on 66000. maxine because at the health official said to be aware, hamilton, i didn't want to take that route given that already people have been very reluctant
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to come in to go back today to decided to go public in trying to more like to show us because i did in the home of the conspiracy theories about vaccination, and people have been saying or thought. so they needed to reassure and i didn't that these vaccines we put in that they've been cutting out before the vacuum distributed and administered on they didn't. so the public display or the public because all of this expired vaccine is just to show people that the health authorities were on top of it gave. i were making sure that whatever vaccine were given to people, where after the good quality and israeli government panel has recommended a full dose of the coven, 19 vaccine is needed for people older than 16. if ministers give the go ahead, the country would become the 1st nation to roll out a 4th jab, hurry, faucet reports. israel was an early leader in mass,
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vaccinations against covey 19 the 1st country to go for the booster shot. now it's looking to break new ground again, an expert panel is advised the government to offer a 4th shot to everyone over 60 to those who are especially vulnerable and to frontline medical stuff. i don't know. i think that there's a lot of a lot of confusion and i feel at that point what i do for myself and my children is part of the advice about personal dr. israel's prime minister has called the recommendation. wonderful news and says he's impatient for final health ministry approval. his campaign to increase the vaccination rate among younger children, though, and the double jabbed to get the 1st booster. the sofa fallen short of its targets, combined with a hundreds of thousands who refused a vaccine altogether. it means about 40 percent of the population is estimated to be under or unprotected against ami chrome. we are made a lot of fe into few interviews with doctors with the nurses,
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a we are going to the schools to convince them to come to have a vaccine. yet not all of them are confirmed like much in the worlds response to the sudden breakthrough of on the chrome. this is a decision that's being made without the full information. one small is really study into the effect of a full vaccination, has yet to report its results. nonetheless, it's been decided that this is an opportunity, the greater protection that's worth going for. one public health expert says, with the efficacy, untested promoting a 4th injection could add to the mistrust of those hesitant to be vaccinated. so we are doing something that is unusual. reverse epidemiology, we 1st duty intervention, then we studied it. it's not done in preventive medicine. you may do it in severely sick patients that you have nothing as to offer and you say ok, we need to try something. it's make sense, but you don't do it with preventive medicines within the government panel though, the counter arguments when the day 86 percent of its members voted in favor of the
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additional booster, not for the 1st time the world will be watching israel's results. hurry full, set out 0, west jerusalem. and germany's house minister meanwhile says a 4th dose will be necessary because if only crone the government's own of 10000000 doses of vaccine made by 5 by and take specifically targeting new variant. it's also getting millions of been newly approved novak's and yet to be authorized and been valid. neva, jab vel, arrive early next year. the what, how the organization has, once again highlighted vaccine inequity. it's calling on rich nations to share gems with developing countries. while some countries i know rolling out blanket booster programs only have of w just member states, i've been able to reach the target of facts in 1840 percent of their populations by
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the end of the year. because of distortions in global supply. enough vaccines where hadn't that globally this year, that the 40 percent target could have been reached in every country by september if those vaccines had been distributed equitably. several callbacks. and albert to the us now and president joe biden has announced measures to limit the surge of army kron cases. bang, bang glued, expanded test says port for hospitals and more vaccinations, but he stopped short for calling for more restrictions. let's bring in. kimberly, how could, who's been covering developments in washington? they say hello. kimberly. how has biden's plan been received by americans? a lot of americans are happy with the precedence announcements because there were fears that he would impose restrictions such as limiting the size of gatherings or even locked down measures. but instead,
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the president kept his promise and did not impose those. instead hoping that he can slow the spread of the armor car, very it through additional testing, as well as a public education campaign to really try and get the number of people who are getting boosted or their 1st vaccination. that that is something that will be of a priority there. so 40000000 americans who are not yet vaccinated in any former capacity. so the u. s. president working hard to try and get that number to go down . but at the same time, public health officials are not feeling the same sense of elation, especially heading into the christmas break as well as the new year holiday. and the reason for this is because they feel that a lot of the measures put in place by the federal government are going to be too little too late. for example, those 500000000 rapid tests that will be dispensed to americans starting in january
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through a website. many feel this is not going to be accessible enough. you have to remember that there are pockets of the united states that don't even have internet access. so the ability to get one of these tests is going to be a challenge. and it's also likely to come too late, given the fact that we're already seeing the impact of the thanksgiving american holiday and the spike in cases and public health officials, fear those numbers are only going to rise with christmas and new year's kimberly. speaking of some of those challenges, what's happening on a local level? well, what we're seeing in the absence of an aggressive approached by the federal government is cities, municipalities, states doing their own efforts. in other words, what we're seeing in boston in new york and chicago are at number of different measures and varying forms. for example, some are asking you to input your vaccination status into an app on your phone. and then to show that before you go to a venue,
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we're also seeing the cancellation of some sports events, performances of broadway, for example, in new york city. but here's the challenge, is that the economy is still not where it was and as still trying to bounce back from the effects of the pandemic. and there's a real shortage of staff. and so what we're seeing are private business is trying to implement some of these rules and having difficulty doing it, given the fact that they're already short staffed, they don't have a dedicated person that can police these different health regulations. and so it's led to a lot of confusion, a patchwork of regulations and a public that in some cases ignoring them altogether, which certainly is not going to help in terms of trying to turn around the outbreak of the omni carn, variance in the u. s. which right now accounts for about 3 quarters of the cases certainly is a dynamic situation. thank you very much for that update. kimberly how could our white house correspondent to portugal now which has imposed
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a number of new corona virus restrictions as ami chrome cases rise. night clubs and bars have been ordered to close and people must now work from harm. add to gatherings are limited to 10 people in each group on news. ave a negative corona virus test is also required to enter public places. portugal has one of the world's highest vaccination rights. so the world news now and the us is to grant special licenses to allow the american government and international organizations to operate in afghanistan under certain conditions. despite sanctions, the move follows the adoption by the un security council of resolution on humanitarian aid for the country. it said that support would not be in violation of sanctions against the taliban, which now rules the nation as canister is fighting food shortages that may trigger another refugee exodus for more in the story. let's bring in christian salumi who has been following that session at the united nations christian. why was this
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resolution so badly made it well, since the taliban took over afghanistan earlier this year, people and entities that are on the international sanctions list here at the united nations have essentially been in charge of government ministries and entities in afghanistan that are dealing with humanitarian aid, and this has been a challenge of for the organizations that provide ada, want to provide aid in particular the united nations because they're worried that if they try to help the people that they will be seen in violation of sanctions and this is stop them from getting access to donor funds and so on and so forth. and so the situation was getting extremely dire in afghanistan with us so many people in need of help due to a lack of cash flow in the country. china has said that the in this meeting,
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leading up to the vote on this resolution, which kind of clears the way for, for the money to get in that, that, you know, those, the sanctions are against individuals or against entities. humanitarian aid should automatically be exempt from that. this is for the people not for those who are on the sanctions list, but the united states said that it agencies had a right to be concerned. and that by passing this resolution, it would clarify that there are in fact exemptions for humanitarian aid. they have rightly assessed that the provision of such assistance could run afoul of un sanctions against members of the taliban and associated persons and entities. through this resolution we have proposed to day the security council can decide to exempt humanitarian assistance to enable more life saving aid and other activities to meet face acumen needs of the people of afghanistan. thank you. thank you,
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said the current situation in afghanistan is at a critical stage facing monte pom, arduous and complex challenges. the most important task is to help afghanistan mitigate the humanitarian crisis de soonest and to stabilize and restored the economy. so christian, this is a while ago and been how will i don't show that the money does not get used for other purposes? right. while the report calls on the u. n's a humanitarian, a coordinator, emergency relief coordinator, to update the council every 6 months on what funds have been paid, who they've gone to. whether or not there's been any diversion of funds to these sanctioned individuals or entities and the but there's many obstacles in the delivery of aid. the united states wanted something a bit stronger. they were looking for
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a case by case review of anything allowed into the country funding wise, china, backed by russia thought that wasn't necessary. they question the need for that. again saying that this is going to the people, it shouldn't be an issue. they also question the need for a time limit. initially, the united states had proposed allowing this for a 9 month period. some members of the council indian france wanted an even tighter time frame. a china and russia pushed back. they settled on a year going forward to allow this to happen and then re evaluate the decision. the resolution was welcomed by the humanitarian chief here at the united nations. martin griffith, he said he's been calling for the council to do something to help the situation there. he said this will allow the un to bring in much needed aid according to plans that they've been developing a just when they most crucially need it. well,
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let's hope that this certainly does help some afghans. thank you very much. kristin salome live for us outside the united nations. still ahead on al jazeera. after months of warning, the you take steps to punish poland for what he calls violations of k tracy. and will tell you about a very special golden ring from the run them era discovered by israeli archaeologist ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies. the weather sponsored my cattle airways. hello, we got some bitterly cold weather moving across the korean peninsula, inch to pad at the moment we are looking at some significant snowfall for some the winds coming in from a north lea general nor the direction with a cold direction. so see effect snow coming in to our northern parts of japan
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through kado. much of her more than areas of the hunt. she also seeing some when she, whether we will also see some of that winter weather sliding down across the korean peninsula, 7 celsius for so on thursday, make the most of it talk temperature 3 degrees and falling as we go on into friday . let snow becoming somewhat more widespread, it will cause some disruption, lobby showers in to q. she could see some live the showers long spells of rain to into central and eastern parts of china for a time in the southern china. things are now a good deal. quieter than of late, somewhat quieter to ensue where malaysia, although usual cropper, showers there across southeast asia, some larvae, showers possible into southern areas of cambodia. pushing across into the gulf of thailand, one or 2 showers possible still into worse relying for over the next hour or so. but the main system to watch out for is, is wesley disturbance just pushing across northern parts of pakistan called web easing over the next day. or so much of india, lassie dry for the weather sponsored by caraway's
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twana will be part of the greatest global gathering in history that expo 2022 by what's what will be there to showcase her investment opportunities, her unique culture and heritage, economic diversity as pristine wildlife and natural resources. so look out what's wanna add that expo 2022 by spectacle, where we will unleash albert central ports. wanna all pride your destination. ah ah, hello, are you watching al jazeera, i'm emily angland armando,
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that's up stories this hour. more than a 1000000 curve of 19 vaccines have been destroyed in nigeria. health officials say the doses had expired and were buried to ratio the public about the vaccination program safety. israel may become the 1st country to roll out a full dose of the vaccine. a government panel has recommended people above 60 years old be given a 4th job. and the un security council has agreed to provide humanitarian aid in afghanistan. it said it would not be in violation of sanctions against the taliban . a nation of 38000000 is facing severe food shortages. new travel restrictions are to be enforced in thailand to help counter the army con variance. a government says the measures will be reviewed in early january, but as tiny chang reports from bangkok and may be too late for many struggling businesses. the beaches of pickup may look busy, but this is as good as it is going to get less than 2 months after fully opening
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its borders. thailand is once again shutting down la van, for now we will issue no more permission. and so this is the same for ties up with my from now, we're back to the old system of quarantine. when entering with her in an attempt to slow the spread of the oma chrome varian visitors to thailand will once again have to quarantine for a period of 7 to 10 days. depending on vaccination status will or relatively few cases of the new there into been detected only 63 percent of the population a fully vaccinated. but the health benefits may be outweighed by a tourist industry that struggling to survive. this measure is her flag. they're almost like a bits intend for their choice industry. i think it had them so where we've just been opening for a few months after the cross shall fall out 2 years already on bank ox, famous cow son rode
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a few tourist arrivals. those who are already have approval can still enter on the thailand test and go scheme. but with so much uncertainty surrounding international travel, many will choose to stay away. be runs a hair breeding business. she's just surviving that things are going from bad to worse. if they ever delay through our best net get worse, of course it will. and it's never been the same since before the country shut down . these do have a few customers, but they are all ties. it's high season for the tide tourist industry. many had been banking on a busy holiday season and a fresh start in january. but the promises of the tie government to live with cove at 19 now seem a shaky as their hopes for the future. this is normally the busiest time of year on the cow san road. these new regulations mean the tourists won't be back. and for the ty tourist industry. 2022 is unlikely to be
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a happy new year. tony chang al jazeera banker. the european union is taking legal action against poland over a court decision that violated one of the blocks key principles. earlier this year, poland constitutional court ruled that polish law tags, presidents, ivory, you know, the court is dominated by judges loyal to the ruling euro skeptic. lauren justice party warsaw has called the e u action an attack on its sovereignty. we also considered that the constitutional tribunal no longer meets the requirements of an independent and impartial deborah established by law as required by the treaty. the european union is a community of values and of law, and the rights of europeans under the treaties must be protected no matter where they live in the union. boyd shak shibel ski is the editor in chief of visa grad
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insight, a political current affairs magazine. he says there seems to be no way out of the style made for the moment in order to reverse the order to get out of the deadlock, which results for now in suspension of your funds for poland, polish government would need to change the judicial law and provide independence for the court system in poland, bigger independence than it is now because it was limited by the government. but part of the government minority fraction in fact is blocking that on building its popularity of about up to 10 percent of the electorate. on that you exit guard and then it is blocking the government for him to to any action including any other form. the government overall is afraid of losing majority. one year had scheduled elections. so that is a deadlock. there is no way for you to blink on this issue. there is
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a fundamental issue for the whole of, of the block on values and rules. the ones that the you has agreed upon. all member states agreed upon it, including the polish government, which is reforming the, the, the formula under which the funds are being dispersed among member states that need that. and poland should comply to what it as obliges itself to it is not possible for the you to withdraw unless he wants to lose all credibility. the u. n. world food program has announced it will have to reduce ration for 8000000 people in yemen to, to a lack of funding. the cutbacks will start from january and the un agencies warning of serious consequences is hunger, rises. the country has been on the brink of famine since 2016 because of the civil war. the w f pay says $5000000.00 people close to starvation. i b e t f is
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the senior spokeswoman for the world food program. she says the budget set aside for yemen has shrunk, choose from multiple global crises. these cuts are coming at the worst possible time. for the 13000000 people who are dependent on the welfare programs, assistance to survive. $5000000.00 people are on the brink of a fan of famine, and these are the ones that were going to keep their food rations in tax. but that is a huge risk to more millions, more. who are basically surviving every day on very meager resources, the wealth would put the need $800000000.00 to maintain the current level of food assistance for the next 6 month. at this in 2022 w of p needs at $2000000000.00. that's huge amount of money because we're assisting over 13000000 people and that's just with, with the badly enough food basket to keep people alive. now,
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donors have given and provide the funding in, in this year, around with fundraising, 1400000000, but the nice growing piece that, you know, that's higher than our ability to continue to generate resources. also, there are a lot of humanitarian crises that on the world, you know, type food, hurricane food crisis from south to then i've got his plan, which is making get extremely difficult for, you know, situations and emergencies like yemen to stay on the funding. you know, on the to get the generate funding at this very level of competition for sure. it a small resource maybe is elections, commission is proposing the presidential election type placed on january 24th. the vote happening scheduled for this friday. but the ballot has been marked by dispute
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over rules and regulations. one of the earliest known depictions of jesus christ as the good ship it has been found on a ring. it was retrieved from shallow waters off the coast of israel. the pace was amongst the whole of hundreds of artifacts discovered over recent months in an area rich and logical treasures than it's made for these mediterranean offers rich fishing grounds for roman and mum will come ticket is if something glints in the water, it's often gold. the commission in this find by israeli, archaeologists of coins gems and other artifacts were scattered along the sea, but just 4 meters on the water. one piece stood out a ring showing jesus christ as the good shepherd. the good shepherd was one of the earliest christian symbols and used by the christian community
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in the east. the image sort of tells that jesus is the shepherd who protects the christians. yearly christians, it thought the ring would have been made around the mid 3rd century. evidence of a christian community in the region. the archaeologists believe the whole is from 2 ships wrecked by a storm of the coast of the holy land. they found hundreds of silver and bronze roman coins, as well as figurines, pottery vessels at iron work. at the time the ships went down, the area was known as seas urrea. it's here. the acts of the apostles describes pizza baptizing the romans, ensuring cornelius in an area that was one of the earliest centers of christianity . bernard smith, al jazeera, a government minister and madagascar swam for more than 12 hours to reach land, but he's helicopter crashed into the scene. he was traveling to inspect
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a ship wreck. now come web has the stores for fishermen found madagascar please minister swimming near the coastal town of my humbug says gala had been in a helicopter that had crashed at sea nearly 12 hours before the mom. my time to die hasn't come yet. i'm cold but i'm not injured. the prime minister came to meet him. the helicopter he was in a slave to investigate the ship rec, when it crashed or knocked. it was like any other accident from all of a sudden there were gusts of wind and the chopper dove. if we're still alive, it's because we were flying at low altitude. we didn't fall from very high because we were flying low and following the sea. kelly says he grabbed onto the helicopter pilot seat and used it as a float, the pilot missing. and so he's galleys assistant that the helicopter mechanics
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survived. he also swam for about 12 hours towards the shore before being spotted by some fisherman, heat and asia. and i'm going to love what it was about 4 o'clock in the morning. we were adjusting our sales and we saw him. and he called for help. he said, help helicopters down, help us to get a colleague. say he's, we've been a strong swimmer. many of those on board, the wrecked ship weren't so lucky. somebody's have been recovered, and dozens is still missing. malcolm web out his era. ah, hello, i'm emily. angry with the headlines on al jazeera will than a 1000000 coven. 19 vaccines have been destroyed in nigeria. how the visual say the doses had expired and they were buried to ratio the public about the safety of the country's vaccination program. as you can see, the vaccines are now be deposited by day job,
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remain time protection. will come through in our promise to all nigeria.


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