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tv   [untitled]    December 22, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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with diverse coaches ah, and conflicting politics. one 0, one east. on al jazeera. ah, holding the powerful to account as we examined the u. s. his role in the world on al jazeera. ah no country can boost its way out of the pandemic. a sharp warning from the w h o, as israel says it will offer a force coven shot, and the u. k. reports more than a 106000 infections in one day. and why nigeria hopes destroying more than a 1000000 likes? 5 vaccines will encourage more people to get the jap ah,
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hello, and barbara sarah, you're watching al jazeera life from london also coming up. the un says it would have to be use food rations for $8000000.00 yemenis because of a funding shortfall. growing and growing, the southern philippines were survivors of super typhoon. i feel, forgotten by their government and how it covered, locked down, turn one of back, dad's oldest neighborhood into a popular open air art gallery. ah hello. thank you for joining us. the head of the world health organization as hit out at well see countries rushing to roll out cove in 1900 boosters, while large portions of the globe remain unvaccinated terrace? are there no more? gabrielle says they're only deepening vaccine inequality and prolonging the
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pandemic by giving the virus more opportunities to spread and mutate. the global pride, it might be to support all countries to reach the 40 percent target as quickly as possible. and the 70 percent target by the middle of this year. no country can boost its way out of the pandemic and boosters cannot be seen as a ticket to go ahead with the plan celebrations without the need for other precautions. while in israel, the government panel has recommended a force. both of the cove at 1900 vaccine is needed for people over the age of 60. if this happens, israel could become the 1st country to roll out a 4th job. harry full set reports from western loosely israel was an early leader in mass, vaccinations against covey. 19 the 1st country to go for the booster shot. now it's
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looking to break new ground again. an expert panel is advised the government to offer a 4th shot to everyone over 60 to those who are especially vulnerable and to frontline medical stuff. i don't know. i think that there's a lot of a lot of confusion and i feel at that point what i do for myself and my children is part of the advice about personal dr. israel's prime minister has called the recommendation. wonderful use and says he's impatient for final health ministry approval. his campaign to increase the vaccination rate among younger children, though and for the double jabbed to get the 1st booster. the sofa full and short of its targets, combined with a hundreds of thousands who refused vaccine altogether. it means about 40 percent of the population is estimated to be under or unprotected against ami chrome. we are made a lot of fe into few interviews with doctors with the nurses, a we are going to the schools to convince them to come to have a vaccine. yet not all of them are conference,
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like much in the world's response to the sudden breakthrough of on the chrome. this is a decision that's being made without the full information. one small is there any study into the effect of a full vaccination? has yet to report its results. nonetheless, it's been decided that this is an opportunity, the greater protection that's worth going for. one public health experts says with the efficacy untested promoting a 4th injection could add to the mistrust of those hesitant to be vaccinated. so we are doing something that is unusual reverse epidemiology, we 1st duty intervention, then we studied it. it's not done in preventive medicine. you may do it in severely sick patients that you have nothing as to offer and you say ok, we need to try something. it's make sense, but you don't do it with preventive medicines within the government panel though, the counter arguments when the day 86 percent of its members voted in favor of the additional booster, not for the 1st time the world will be watching israel's results. hurry full,
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sit out, 0, west jerusalem. meanwhile, more than a 1000000 covered, 1000 vaccines have been destroyed in nigeria, health official, say the doses had a short sell shelf life and had expired. they were donated through the international kovacs program and delivered within weeks of expiring the country, a struggling to build public trust in the vaccine. as you can see, these vaccines have now be deposited by our main time protection agency. we have come through in our promise to all night to be transparent in order to be of vaccinate vaccine did not expire before we took the decision to read through them. today is an opportunity for nigeria. i still have for the p vaccination program. fidelis and bob
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has more now from a boucher on why the vaccines were destroyed so publicly according to health officials in the capital c t. m. i did these back seem to soft in october, and some of them had just about 2 weeks to expire before they would give it to the country. and so they tried as much as we could to get to distributed across the country, especially to route settings where some of these people needed them to be vaccinated . but it couldn't be only succeeded investigating about the media and people with it. and about 1500000 people, or rather that they had to be immediate on 66000 of instruct team because they felt official to be aware handful tonight and they would want to take that route given that already people have been very reluctant in coming to get vaccinated, they decided to go public in trying to more like to show us because i did
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a lot of the consider futility about vaccination and people have been saying or thought. so they needed to tell more like reassuring that dyslexia we have put in that they've been cutting out before the vaccines distributed and admit that on they didn't. so the public display or the public because all of this expired vaccine is just to show people that the health authorities were on top of me. again, i were making sure that whatever vaccine were given to people were actually of good quality will be on the con outbreak in south africa. squatting province appears to have passed its peak about a month after it was 1st discovered there. the number of new daily cases is now falling, although scientists say that there could be that that could be down to lower levels of testing ahead of the holiday period. but data collected by the south african
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institute for communicable diseases shows on the current continues to appear less severe than previous variance. it found patients were 80 percent less likely to be hospitalized than those diagnosed with another variant. and for the 1st time since the pandemic began, the u. k. has reported more than a 100000 new infections in just one day. while scotland and wales have both tightened restrictions. the slow, the spread of on the crunch. u. k prime minister boris johnson has chosen not to impose similar measures in england at least until after christmas. but parts of the economy are suffering anyway because of a fearful public and staff shortages for the challenge reports. it's one of london's best known restaurant chains, but you'll have no problem getting a table at the also lanky and spittle fields right now. it's normally the busiest time of the year, but like hospitality businesses, up and down the country auto. if desperate the customers in the last week we had
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like over a 1000 cancellations for lunch and dinner days, we do 100 roughly 100 for lunch and then 120 for dinner. we're doing about 40 for both. on the corona's made a brutal time for restaurants, cafes, hotels, clubs, and theaters. the government ended speculation on tuesday promising no new restrictions in england this side of christmas at least. but people have been heating advice to limit social contact. and responding to alarm calls from hospitality, $1300000000.00 has been pledged to help the industry. it doesn't seem nearly enough from his mer to be con, says that while any government support is welcome, what's on offer really does not cost. he says that with them show closed for a week and cost $330000.00. an average nightclub say, is expecting to leave, perhaps $34000.00 over the christmas period. so the government offer
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a $4500.00 per business. he says it's just a drop in the ocean. leah agrees and says they also need more guidance. tell us what to do, what is actually happening. if we're going to close and if restaurants are going to close, they need to let us know or so that we can plan as well rather than just saying, okay, we're going to make an announcement on the 27th because it's, it's been a lot of rumors while england tries to boost its way out on the chrome clutches, changes are being made to y salacious rules. the ease, crippling star shortage is across many businesses and services most vaccinated and vaccinated. people can now enter the 10 day isolation, 3 days early. if they test negative 2 days running, as long as they test the negative through lateral flow tests on day 6 and they 7 take 24 hours apart, they can leave isolation. if you are someone that work to their care, home or the chest even, you can return to work. but of course,
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those people will also be following the rules that affect by their workplace is where they test regulate. meanwhile, the u. k is infection rate push 3100000 a day for the 1st time on wednesday. the country isn't tacit. microns clutches yet by any means. reach helen's out 0 london. u. s. health regulations have given the green light to the 1st the anti viral pill to treat cove at 19 americans age 12 and older will be able to take 5 years back slowly the tablet, the friend off the worst effects of the virus studies showed that it reduce the risk of hospitalization and the best among patients with the most severe symptoms by nearly 90 percent or previously authorized drugs against the disease require nivea or an injection while i white house corresponding kimberly. how could join us live now from washington d. c. so what more do we know about the santi viral pill?
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well, we know that it is going to give a lot of people who are in high risk categories, say for obesity or heart disease. a lot of hope. the secret to this antiviral pill that's been approved under emergency authorization from the food and drug administration is getting it to the patient quickly after diagnosis. that's what is most effective. we understand it's a 5 day course. you take 3 pills a day. i and this is a lot cheaper and very effective. the public health experts are saying, and this is a really a boost because what it will do is it will allow for doctors to treat patients who may not have access to some of the more expensive therapeutics that can only be administered in a hospital through the intravenous process, so this is hopeful for the global fight against co good 19, because again, there are some people that are hard to reach and it may not even be vaccinated that are now going to be offered hope. now that the catch and all of this is that
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there's a limited supply right now. we know there are just a 180000 courses of this that are available and a good portion of that almost half will be going to patients in the united states. we know that there are contracts underway with the u. k. government with australians, government as well as the united states for more to be made. but the problem is also the timeline. it takes about 9 months to reduce these medications. but what we're hearing it from the drug maker, pfizer, is they're hoping to cut that timeline in half by next year. we should also point out there is another antiviral pill that is being manufactured by merck. that is expected to get emergency authorization very soon, but it does not have the same effectiveness just about 30 percent reduction in severe cases of coven, 19 and contrast to the 90 percent effectiveness by the pill produced by pfizer. so certainly this is hopeful. it's going to allow for another layer of treatments,
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especially for those hard to reach areas around the globe. but again, right now the excitement is a little bit contained, given the fact that there is such a limited supply. and that timeline will be in place for the foreseeable future. absolutely. kimberly help you with the latest from washington d. c. kimberly. thank you. the i desperately needed aid will soon be sent to afghan histone after the united nations security council voted to allow a sanctions exemption. it means governments and agencies can send money and goods to the country for the 1st time since the taliban took over. international aid made up about 75 percent of the previous government's budget, but that was suspended in august, leaving the economy on the brink of collapse. the central banks overseas assets of nearly $10000000000.00 were also frozen. meaning that state employees haven't been
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paid in months and cash has been hard to come by. according to the world food program, more than half of the countries 30000000 people are now facing acute hunger. while 3800000 children under 5 or malnourished. 7 out of 10 families have resorted to borrowing money for food, which is pushing them deeper into poverty. chris salumi is the united nations. she says that many donors had been reluctant to send aid to have chemist on because of sanctions against the taliban. the situation was getting extremely dire in afghanistan with us so many people in need of help due to a lack of cash flow in the country at china. has said that the in this meeting, leading up to the vote on this resolution, which kind of clears the way for, for the money to get in that, that, you know, the, the sanctions are against individuals or against entities. humanitarian aid should automatically be exempt from that. this is for the people not for those who are on
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the sanctions. less with the united states said that it agencies had a right to be concerned and that by passing this resolution, it would clarify that there are in fact exemptions for humanitarian aid. through this resolution, we have proposed to day the security council can decide to exempt humanitarian assistance to enable more life saving, aid and other activities to meet basic human needs of the people of afghanistan. the resolution was welcomed by the humanitarian chief here at the united nations. martin griffith. he said he's been calling for the counsel to do something to help the situation there. he said this will allow the un to bring in much needed aid according to plans that they've been developing a just when they most crucially need it. the un says it's been forced to reduce food rations for millions of people in yemen due to a lack of funding. it's world food program agency says there will be serious
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consequences. as hunger rises, the cutbacks will start in january. yemen has been on the brink of famine since 2016 because of the war. 5000000 people are close to starvation and millions more rely on aid. the organization needs almost $2000000000.00 to continue to deliver a vital food assistance. half the population of young men is facing food insecurity for short. that just they are unable to put food on the table for the family. these 5 millions of these are in, in a very precarious situation. that's what we call the emergency food level of emergency level, the food insecurity. so meaning that if you know, if the situation gets worse, they will be the 1st ones to be in a family like condition. the very serious situation. it's the causes of this hunger crisis are complex, but the impact on the people of yemen is very clear. the inadequate for the
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consumption as rising food prices are increasing, access to food is becoming a major challenge. and we still have acting active fighting in many parts of the country. still to come in this half hour swept away in a sea of mud. torrential rain and heavy flooding, devastating hearts of bolivia and that madagascar government minister says the swan for 12 hours for safety after helicopter crashed while on the rescue mission. ah, with getting going for thursday, december, the 23rd. here's what you need to know for europe and africa. hello everyone, that cold arctic air sling and further toward the south. so i put the colors on
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here. the darker the purple, the lower the temperature. moscow minus 12, kiev minus 8 degrees. now in terms of that active weather, we've got some rain being thrown into northern ireland, western and northern portions of scotland as swath of snow. and speaking of snow, we're also going to get a light dusting through denmark. so copenhagen, couple centimeters, a same goes for the northeast of germany. drenching rank cutting across iberia temperatures have fallen in seville, 16 degrees. and i think the worst of this will be for that western portion of spain on thursday. and for italy and the balkan stuff in really here to speak of just some cloud cover temperatures pretty well where they should be, you know, is stumble low temperature's a gloomy pattern here. but give it time are about to change years or 3 day forecast . you shoot up to 14 degrees by sunday, sir, temperatures both by day and night, above average. now for the top end of africa both for the west and the east. we've got some showers working across a boat for northern sections of egypt, at least cairo. it's going to be cloudy and cool on thursday with
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a hive. 17 degrees that you're up the season. ah! in the far reaches of the new siberian islands. gold rush viva is in the air oh hunters searching for priceless woolly mammoth tusks of honor the holy grail. an incredible journey into the realms of science fiction, where cloning and synthetic biology have scientists playing god. witness genesis to point toe, the hunt for the woolly mammoth on al jazeera. o . a
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reminder now of the top stories on al jazeera, the world health organization has warned, wealthy countries rushing to administer booster vaccines. they could be prolonging the cobra. 1900 pandemic, because large portions of the globe remain on vaccination. this is israel became the 1st country to announce that will give a forced vaccine dose. nigeria has publicly destroyed more than a 1000000 expired cubic vaccines. donated to the kovacs program to help boost people's confidence in the job. and the un security council is applying a sanction exemption to afghan this done to get the vital humanitarian aided governments and the agencies cannot send money in goods to the country for the 1st time. since the taliban took over the rescue teams have been searching for at least 17 missing people in me and are after a landslide at a mine it hit while workers were digging for jade in northern catch and said when
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they were swept into one person has been confirmed that the area is the center of the world's biggest and most lucrative jade mining in the street, but miners often work in dangerous conditions. there have been hundreds of deaths in landslides in recent years. survivors of a devastating storm in the philippines are desperate for food, water and medical supplies. at least 375 people died when super typhoon rye made landfall with unexpected intensity last week. and those left in its wake say they've been forgotten by the authorities from did i get province in the southern philippines? jemina allan dog and reports sunni go city. what was once a thriving community in the southern philippines? now reduced to this? everywhere we go. there is destruction. this police station was no match for
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typhoon rise, fury. even the local hospital has not been spared. and then a v baby about their seal united or walked up for miles desperate for drinking water. i asked about her family. oh, she says her home was damaged and she had to leave her children behind. romeo bernard list to fields frustrating. a we are like children, abandoned by their parents. what up to the government? please don't forget us. please help us. i mean, many survivors see they are now forced to scab inch for food. are we also not human? the asked me and wonder why help has not arrived. a few hundreds of meters away, city go airport. despite the damage, the ears trip is till operational and from here, military,
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reconnaissance flights and eat operations take off. from above. it is clear that type one right spirit, no one, but we need to be on the ground to see how bad it is. so we take a boat and duck hunting, now, good island. even for a con, she often battered by natural disasters. the magnitude of the destruction is unprecedented. in san jose, there is hunger and heartbreak units have also says close to more than 800000 children are in need of emergency assistance. st by st. this pear. survivors say it feels like a struggle even to stay alive. while there are those who are still too shocked to share their or do you one woman approached me and asked if they had been forgotten . hello, i'm not, i'm a police,
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please help us. it's christmas. she tells us. but what we're seeing is just the fraction of the devastation. at least 4 other provinces are suffering from the type when rise fury. this humanitarian crisis is only just unfolding jamal alan dog and al jazeera dinner got prov in southern philippines. several people are missing after torrential rain calls the major flooding. in bolivia, dozens of homes have been damaged and highways have flooded. leaving some communities cut off santa cruz and coach or bombard are among the worst that places . priyanka. gupta has more in bolivia, workers in a raft, with a heavy machine caught in a swirling sea of mud and flood water. the sheer force of the part of our river was too strong. the 2 were swept away, leaving the bunk of metal tossed around like a paper boat until it disappeared. element element of after trying to save her
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heavy machinery, they got trapped by flood waters and were swept away. bolivia is in the middle of its rainy season. floods are not uncommon. and so my name is the misery, the dilemma. we have been stuck here since early morning because of rising river water. as rivers rise, holmes, roads and farm land are destroyed and several people are missing. rescue workers are trying to reach them. but more rain is expected in the coming days. with warnings that water levels me rise even further. prank up though, i'll to 0. a government minister and madagascar says he swam for more than 12 hours . so to reach land after the helicopter that he was in crashed, said k, i was traveling to inspect the shipwreck for at least 83 people died. the helicopter crashed into the sea off the northeastern coast,
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used one of the seats as a flotation device during his swim. another official also survived. 2 people are missing. the said, the helicopter dived and got destroyed to be. i didn't have a life jacket, but the pilot, the mechanic did, and i took the pilot chair as a life belt and that's how i was saying. i swam from 730, leaving until 7 30 in the morning. i think the last month that the libby is electro commission is proposing this friday's presidential election be pushed back a month to january 24th. the parliamentary committee passed with overseeing the votes as it would be impossible to hold it on friday or have been months of preparations and negotiations for the you in fact, process, but in a blow to piece efforts the ballot has been marred by dispute over rules and regulations of iraq yard, his have transformed one of baghdad,
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the oldest neighborhoods into an open air art gallery. the prose project began at the height of the pandemic when residents were under locked down. but now it's drawing locals and curious tourists to the area in run con reports now from the media in back that they call themselves the butterfly effect. a collective of street artists with one goal in mind to beautify the neighbourhood. we're in the al amberin area of called the mia. it's one of the oldest parts of baghdad. it's also home to the a mom called in mosque which dates back to the beginning of the 16th century. ali khalifa is the leader of the collective. he wanted to bring joy during the current of virus pandemic when people couldn't leave the neighborhoods for her to dinner with our rational. we started by drawing on to school walls, but after the outbreak and the curfew, people were imprisoned to these narrow lanes. we decided to shift our drawings to these parts of the city and waited for the reaction of people. it was a complete surprise. it brought joy to people,
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lay very quickly more people lost the collective to pay their houses down upon within. while it's not a month up, the area was cold and neglected, but with the help of the guys and they creativity, which they do for free, is come alive again. alan bahrain is one of the oldest places in cut me a city. the walls were cracked and there was no life in them. budget on the guys have revived these walls with colorful pictures. i was very pleased with their ideas. i love the fact that these are history on the was a long ha, the idea behind a lot of the murals here is to reflect the local community, the residents that live here, the characteristics of the community. for example, this house belongs to a very famous local butcher. so what the collective have done is paint a street scene with a butcher in it. the way may have looked centuries ago. the collective does all of this voluntarily, but they did run into trouble with the architects association which said that they were destroying the character of the neighborhood,
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but support from the residents. quickly dismiss the accusation. the painting continues both with new work and maintaining the old. now that the cry of virus restrictions have been lifted, the artisan residents hope the more people visit and it will become a defining motif of the neighborhood the years to come and run con algebra called mia baghdad. fast food chain, mcdonalds will be rationing the fries. it sells in japan because of a potato shortage. from friday it will only be selling small sized portions for a week, but not only is blaming floods in canada and the disruption to the supply chain caused by the time. as a reminder, now of the top stories on al jazeera, the world health organization has warned, wealthy countries rushing the handle boost to vaccines. actually risk prolonging
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the coven pandemic, while large portions of the globe remain unvaccinated. israel has become the 1st country to announce that will give a force vaccine don't.


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