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tv   [untitled]    December 22, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am AST

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but it's also the idea of challenging those in power. if a politician comes on this channel, they will be challenged. and that's what people expect was. they want the questions answered. that is what we've always done. that's what we will continue today. ah hello and barbara, sarah, london, these are the top stories on al jazeera, much the world health organization has warned. wealthy countries rushing the handout booster vaccines risk prolonging the coven pandemic, while large portions of the globe remain unvaccinated. israel has become the 1st country to announce it will give a force vaccine dose the global prairie to might be to support all countries to
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reach the 40 percent target as quickly as possible and the 70 percent target by the middle of this, you knock on 3 come boost its way out of the pandemic and boosters cannot be seen as a ticket to go ahead with the planned celebrations, without the need for other precautions. more than a 1000000 cove at 19 vaccines have been destroyed in nigeria, the astrazeneca shops were sent through the international kovacs program and delivered within weeks of expiring. it were destroyed in public to help boost people's trust in the vaccine. and the u. k. study has found the risk of on the con, causing a hospital stay is 40 to 45 percent lower than with the delta variant. the study was carried out by imperial college. the variant is driving a surge of cases in the u. k. though. daily infections of exceeded
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a $100000.00 for the 1st time. the past they days have seen britain's highest numbers of new cases since the start of the pandemic. but 8000 people are currently hospital with the virus which is lower than during previous waves. the un security council is applying a sanctions exemption to afghanistan to get humanitarian aid to the millions in desperate need. governments and agencies can now send the money and goods to the country for the 1st time since the taliban to power rescue teams have been searching for at least 70 missing people in myanmar after a landslide, at a mine it hit while workers were digging for jade a northern catching state when they were swept into a lake. so far, one person has been confirmed dead. the area is the center of the and mars secretive jade industry. or minor is often work in dangerous conditions, landslides, of course, hundreds of deaths in recent years. back to witness. now i have been use our for
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you and just under half an hour with no. do you still keep that resume to play with a script is we're sure. the good news. yes. shows good martin to been goes to the walker. provide to me of the with
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. ringback busy p o j is home with my full ease on motor or not and law. here we got the the knowledge had though us knew that could there are all you she even you couldn't you could total come on, put on. i was now mother cronin and i told her that all the time
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a young can not and you're telling me that we didn't at all cool. paul can take on the memo. the tissue would talk to young. would you like it? i don't i do though. the oven just kind of was what you see here is a egg of a cow. i wish this was an egg of an asian elephant that we can use to solve the number. but i imagine an asian often a would be about the same size, the same look, i think. and the light you see the very small micro pipette. either way he's going to do is going to insert this micro pipe pad into the a and withdraw the nucleus and is a nucleus that contains all this genetic information. and i can see that both
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materials are now within the peptide. oh yes. now we're going to provide the genetic information by inserting just one fell into the egg and that one cell is enough to buy all that information to give rise to entire organism with count alive cube it is with
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a when it's crying. very sure. one of them on sunday we can get, i'll call it a i believe we haven't to. okay. there you thank you. got on phenomenal or no. no, no, no, no, i don't know how everybody. oh
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oh my brother he bought that with you would do with him, would you bet the road that the list to me i was late that it said this in a quote please. kimberly this is patel. im that is still will be in the the with
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when be and then you know, by science can you all at the time rapidly young to be my praise and he, corey, me and they all are sold for all the various from the label
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with my colleague for business role nephew logia. oh, holly, probably. i mean i see my new phase i i totally backbone from robin freedom. oh hey, i'm ready to quickly go through. this is
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a headquarter part of b t. i is just this, the cubic everyone stays here and it's very convenient for all kind of communication. and we have a lot of support elements in every corner of the building. just re encourage the young people to do more outside to be in great idea. great. i ha, thank you. what's the primary focus of b, j. them a secrecy sequence? yes. is it sequencing for the preservation of genomes? we sequencing for erin, a general scene, yet more like a platform. we just a see the clues and the principle from that a big data that's quite interesting. and you see application and moving more towards human. yes. this we have about 2 almost 2 mean population sample. is it disease medium 2,
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meaning yeah. best for the 1000000. they save prenatal diagnoses. now, do you wilkin with an inch sunday and did that i'm so happy to have we're guest from a very important that we would like to share with some, some pose from you. of course, only to do the research. we will realize that the dream that our baby memos will just come from the lab all and then he will place it in your museum. it's our dream, your whether that's not our final purpose. we began another mission. let's to write would read that a secret,
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then based on the reading on the knowledge you were helpful, right? right. just the with the computer and then only with the 4 letter is ipg. are you able to co 8 a living thing? no, we proposed that the 1st the project to sequence able to thing in the word the earth by a genom project. goss work is still imperfect, but if we work together we can make god perfect with the book of life breaking with the same language. all the secrets adjust him based,
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double her legacy with coral alliance. so patient animals, all along. excellent. it's and i being yes, yes. with anson damien madness. oh, all was escalated by our team is invaluable. ah, it is the most, the poll full. and then how does the sequence of the work you are the 1st the wall or how close the look at it is also the physical problem for me, it will be inside that little boy with
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highly automatic a high level demand to come out with all this sickness work, you know right now in all we have 400 of all was cell and then very soon we'll make a 1015 for you. all of them the yeah, these are only free to i have you try to seek them man, vinny? oh yes, of course. yes. but because an international collaboration will not reveal the
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details and using our samples of flemish info as an excellent without them pull the hallway data. but you know, sequences i actually have they were part of the must be the next time just the sure if we have a lot of fun to collaborate all over the work for them who dr. job church, medical schooling have a good friend and also very important collaborate to be just fine agreement to be the wife of the rate rate person grade is to thank you. this is the jean museum and expansion hall about what
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b, b, i. e s. and what we're doing, why now this is the daily sample collection to you, the mothers blood test. if the baby has a down syndrome or other chromosome disease, you can see clearly that, especially for the don't, the room cart has nearly 2000000 samples all over the world. and the parties are what they call cash call making money for b g i to support the group of the growth of the whole group. me this is the history of b t i. we have milestones like the human genome product. they see the, the reason why b b, i started, we learn from the united states from the u. k. but now we've grown to be
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a big in the sequencing research institute in the war with the cost of being dropped dramatically. it's like $1000.00 for one geno. so this possibility we can do all kinds of applications. me with calling the gene and the online ensure the continuation of genes and open a new life age stone, read, understand right, and apply digitize ation of or jordan, sustainable development of human beings. it is responsible for the life. it
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preserves the essence of what he is evolutionary history. it's a positive foundation in years of people use against diseases. it guarantees the continuation of life in and makes the prosperity mean. yeah. and nutrition, health and medical insurance. everything it is that becoming an issue or even a potential ethical issue, then with maybe insurance companies being more interested in the, in the sequence of their potential. no, actually we use our technologies via could avoid the birth of 1st effect. i mean, like the down syndrome birth don't, don't tell we could we can screen out because avoid the birth of
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the fans really scared, especially from a western european perspective. and that's the ethical considerations for something like that seems very sensitive. ah with in with
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ah! with hello welcome to your worlds weather update will begin in australia. we've got the risk of seen some storms flare up toward a what color brisbin, right for coastal sections of new south wales. but i want to take you a few days out now. so here we are on saturday. we have some concern over this developing tropical cyclone looking to affect the northern territory. darwin in the line of fire there, but at the same time the heat. so i put the colors on the darker the red, the higher the temperature will get per $42.00 degrees, while above average, the record for december $44.00. so i don't think you'll get there, but you may break a daily temperature record after new zealand heavy falls for the escape. but it's going to be a cloudy day in gibbon with a hive. 25 degrees looking good in wellington full on sunshine and 22 for you. off to southeast asia, southern portions of sumatra. that rains going to pile up in the days to come.
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we've got some thunderstorms which have been city, call them poor singapore and jakarta. with a high 30 degrees, cold air really digging in across northern parts of china. it's going to start to some further south into korea. also the northeast of china, beijing at one. but let's focus on korea. so the next few days, look at your temperatures here. we're really going to struggle minus 6 on sunday in the sunshine that is well below average for this some beer. that sure whether updates you say, ah ha ha, defines alons, new babies were doi, i did it, not available. people empower, investigate, exposes, and questions they use and abuse of power around the globe on algebra. a war in afghanistan is now who will non taliban figures make up a part of with
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that american, you can report within the caliber believe it. there will be a how it for you to tell about the inside story podcast. a frank assessment of the div headlines subscribe. now, however you listen to podcast. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm barbara sarah. this is the al jazeera use, our life from london. thank you for joining us, coming up in the next 60 minutes. no, god, 3 can boost its way out of the palm to me. w h o warns wealthy countries could be pro.


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