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northwest of bolivia now central and eastern portions, flash flooding, a destroying roads here, cut people off, waiting and wondering what happens next. a lot of that act of weather pushing into western brazil. we've got some storms in the forecasts for rio de janeiro on thursday with a hive 26. that's it, sir. ah. ah. millions ordered to stay at home. a chinese city goes into lockdown after a rise in corona virus cases. ah. and come all santa maria here in doha. this is the world news from al jazeera. no country can boost its way out of the pandemic. the global health ball swans rich
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nations against their sweeping booster program saying it, lenny deepen vaccine inequity. a cheaper, faster way to treat covered 90 new a struggle for his green light, an anti virus drug for home used to treat early infections and a lifeline for millions of afghans. the u. n votes to exempt humanitarian aid from sanctions imposed on the taliban government. well more than 13000000 people have been ordered to stay home in the chinese city of shyanne, around a 140 cove at 19 infections have been recorded in the past 2 weeks. and one person per household is allowed to leave home every 2 days to buy essential goods. china on high alert for outbreaks as it gives up to host the winter olympic games which are due in february. so katrina, you in beijing to take us through this one, a 140 infections in 2 weeks in a city of 13000000 people,
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the outsider might look at that and think maybe a bit of an over reaction. but this is china's way of dealing with coven. that's right, china is one of the few countries that has a 0 tolerance approach to the virus even now, after we're in late 2021 of this pandemic. and c'mon, at the latest count. we have now over 200 cases reported and she, and in this outbreak has spread to at least 5 other cities. and there have been at least one infection noted in bay june. so from thursday midnight authorities have said that the city, a $13000000.00 people will be under strict lockdown. as you mentioned, only one member of the household is allowed to leave the home every 2 days to collect groceries. only certified, essential workers will be allowed to go to work. schools has been closed for some days, no entertainment than use have been closed,
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or long distance transport that's busses, trains flights have all been cancelled, and the city is currently conduct a mass testing authority say they're already up to the 3rd round of mass testing. now it is unusual nowadays in china to see such a wide spread general lockdown of an entire city. we haven't seen this kind of locked on really much this year. so this is really quite different. we have had sporadic outbreaks in china in the lead up to this point, but up until then authorities have handled it with really targeted a lot of targeted locked downs affecting just certain communities she on a city, perhaps not many people will have heard too much about it, i think it's in the tier, the sort of 2nd tier of chinese, our cities are important to tourism bears. well, the, the term go to war is and things are, i'm just thinking about the effect on this, on this particular city. that's right. it is actually in china very well nor in popular city,
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as you mentioned because of the terra casa warriors. it's a former, a major hub here in china, and many people flocked to that city domestic tourist, particularly that what is more significant about she and why we're seeing this lockdown is geographically. it's not too far away from the venue of the winter olympics and it's in the north of the country and were just weeks away from the opening of the beijing 2022 games. the government is really keen to have what they say will be a very safe olympics. they've said that spectators will be able to attend a lot. is at stake for chinese international image when it comes to this event. and the authorities simply do not want to be dealing with a wide spread nation wide outbreak at the same time as holding the games. and so they're imposing this very strict look down the 0 tolerance approach over she and over 13000000 people in the hope that they might be able to get these infections under control quickly. instead of katrina, you reporting from beijing. thank you. katrina on
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a look at india as well where tourism has been hit hard by the army con variance even though cases a lower than in many parts of the world. the government has imposed new restrictions on inbound travelers. just days after fully reopening its borders, poverty metal with more now from new delhi the famous hammerhead was all set for a busy season. it is a favorite among foreign tourists who were expected to throng the storied monuments of rogers pon in western india. but now these rooms and hotel lobbies are empty during peak season. plunging the struggling industry into 4 don certainty and heavy losses the port in dollars me buddhism and the business will be dependent on it will not be copied until foreign thought is gum and immortal. doesn't start to properly even today, the situation is such that the clueless rushes only felt on elkins and the hotels live. you can on the, please enjoy reopened. it borders last week for the for last time since the pandemic began in march 2020. but new restrictions and testing requirements for
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inbound travelers. fuel by fears over the omicron variant means many have see to wave. in 2019 tourism accounted for almost 70 percent of india, g d, p, and 40000000 jobs. much of this income was generated by foreign visitors. but last year as borders remain close to most travelers, the industry lost nearly 75 percent of its annual revenue. we know to the store in the heart of new delhi was once bustling with international customers today. small businesses like his are struggling to survive. what a shiny dr levy business has been done, but i had hoped that there was science that international flights were resuming woman. we thought we were going to start frequenting markets and business will pick up. but with omicron, i don't know how long will have to wait before situation improves. many states into the new delhi, which has one of the highest number of on the phone cases have limited gathering. so the end of the some states have imposed nyesha. you should testing requirements
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for travelers the prospect of a you'll need. the long awaited recovery for the traveler and hospitality industry has been put on hold. shoveling with al jazeera new jelly for the 1st time. since the pandemic began, the u. k. is reported more than a 100000 new infections and just one day of scotland, wales about tightened restrictions to slow the spread of our micron. the british prime minister paras johnson's chosen not to impose similar measures in england more from london now to reach hammonds. it's one of london's best known restaurant change, but you'll have no problem getting a table had the also lanky and spittle fields right now. it's normally their busiest time of the year, but like hospitality businesses, up and down the country for to lanky is desperate for customers. in the last week we had like over a 1000 cancellations. for most days, we do 100 for lines,
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roughly 100 for lunch, and then 120 for dinner. we're doing about 40 for both or micron has made is a brutal time for restaurants, cafes, hotels, clubs, and theaters. the government ended speculation on tuesday promising no new restrictions in england this side of christmas at least. but people have been heating advice to limit social contact, and responding to alarm calls from hospitality. $1300000000.00 has been pledged to help the industry. it doesn't seem nearly enough from his mer to be con, says that while any government support is welcome, what's on offer really does not cost. he says that with them show closed for a week and cost $330000.00. an average nightclub, se is expecting to leave, perhaps $34000.00 over the christmas period. so the government's offer of just a $1010.00 per business. he says, is just a drop in the ocean layer agrees and says they also need more guidance. tell us
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what to do, what is actually happening. you know, if we're going to close and if restaurants are going to close, then he said us nor so that we can plan as well rather than just saying, okay, we're going to make an announcement on the 27th because it's, it's been a lot of rumors while england tries to boost its way out of microns clutches, changes are being made twice. elation rules, the ease, crippling star shortages across many businesses and services most vaccinated and vaccinated. people can now enter the 10 day isolation, 3 days early. if they test negative 2 days running, as long as they test the negative for lateral flow tests on day 6 and they 7 take 24 hours apart, they can leave isolation. if you are someone that work to their care, home or the chest even, you can return to work. but of course, those people will also be following the rules that affect by their workplace is where they test regulate. meet all the u. k. infection rate pushed through $100000.00
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a day for the 1st time on wednesday. the country isn't out of oma chromes clutches yet. what by any means. gorge, allen's now to 0 london room, while the head of the world health organization has head out at wealthy countries. refuse russ, i'm sorry, rushing to roll out their coven. 19 booster shots to address admin on give to you through, says the only. and they are in a deepening vaccine inequality, and it would prolong the pandemic by giving the virus more opportunities to spread and a tight the global prairie to might be to support all countries to reach the 40 percent target as quickly as possible. and the 70 percent target by the middle of this year nor country come boost its way out of the pandemic. and boosters cannot be seen as a ticket to go ahead with the planned celebrations without the need for other precautions. health regular is in the u. s. meanwhile,
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have given the green light to the 1st pill should treat covey 19 studies showed it reduce the risk of hospitalization and death among patients. with the most severe symptoms down nearly 90 for cents is a closer look at this new drug. our packs live, it is, it's called approved for treating high risk adult patients and children above 12 years at home. it's proven to be effective if given within 5 days of symptoms appearing, but it is priced at $530.00 per course, and patients are required to take 3 pills twice a day for 5 days. spoke to julia fisher about this and associate professor of micro biology and immunology at georgetown university medical center. she told us visors pill production mate facing challenges in the short term. it's going to take a while for pfizer to wrap up the production of this therapy. it's not easy to scale up quickly, it's a, it's a complex drug manufacturer. it's actually 2 different treatments combined. and
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while it 2020 to 5 risk is committing to providing about a 120000000 courses of, of this treatment in the short term. what's comments in the next few weeks is about 65000 doses and put that into perspective at current covered 19 infection rates in the us with a number of new infections a day. if, if half the patients who were eligible because they are at risk of progressing to severe disease and been hospitalized would cover 19 disease. we would burn through that entire stock in one day if even half the people were treated. so it's, it's not a lot and the 2nd thing is it's not a cheap treatment. so we're still looking to the vaccines to prevent severe disease as the most effective way to keep people out of hospitals and to perfect them for to, to protect it from severe disease and death. but it's good to have another tool in the tool kit, giving a booster doses to people who are fully vaccinated does give those individual some
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a, some incremental protection. and it potentially does protect them against severe disease and death, which is again incredibly important to protect those vulnerable populations like people who are older, who have underlying chronic diseases. but boosting people who are already vaccinated in particularly high income countries and high middle income countries is reducing the vulnerable population slightly. while we have enormous populations worldwide that haven't even had the opportunity to have a 1st dose of vaccine. and to have that protection in the news, i had hundreds killed, thousands displaced as storms and floods devastate large parts of south east asia. a very special golden ring in the roman era discovered by israeli archaeologist. ah, ah,
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look forward to burritos guys. with sponsored by capital airways. hello there, away we go with your weather report for asia. nice to see you. we've got some more clouds drifting into the northwest of india. so what that's going to do by night act as a bit of a blanket trap in the daytime. warmth that we see. so your temperature is will not be as low. we still do have a cold snap watch in play for the indian state of o. disha, but otherwise you're going to be hard pressed to find any rain across the country. summer we are seen a lot of rain and it's piling up is for southern sections of sumatra. also some thunderstorms in the forecast to him in city, call them poor singapore in jakarta, with a high of 30 degrees after indo china southern sections just getting scrape to a sum range here. so vietnam, cambodia, just spilling into thailand a bit of a drizzly day for hong kong to be expected. same goes for type here with the high 21 degrees. nothing major. but what is major is that cold air in northern china
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starting to sun further toward the south impact the northeast is wall. that's on thursday. let me show you saturday. we'll put the colors on the dark or the purple, the lower the temperature sol, just high of minus 6 to crease, so well below average. but look at in the north harbor minus 20 beijing minus 4 degrees with wall to wall sunshine. that's the plus on saturday. that sure weather update. we'll see again soon. bye for now. oh, the weather sponsored by casara ways. i've come back to saudi po to revisit the fascinating part of calcium history. they were crazy, creative, even visionary. they were top lesta, not realistic. i watch them as a child during and just pops into people still love them. it was basically too bad to be true. what they were predicting can comment to heal ethnic divisions and national tensions exist in both you today. once upon a time in sarajevo on al jazeera
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lou aah on al jazeera, these are the top stories this hour. more than 13000000 people ordered to stay home in the chinese city of shyanne. around 200 cove infections have been recorded there in the past 2 weeks. the china is on high alert for outbreaks as it goes up to host the winter olympics. in february. the u. k is reported more than a 100000 daily to run of ours infections. in the 1st time, scotland and wales of tightened restrictions. the british prime minister of ours. johnson's chose not to impose similar measures in england. and us health regulators of approved fives as pills, treat cove at 19 studies showed reduces severe symptoms by nearly 90 percent of the
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approval of the mac pill in the u. k. okay, on to other news, the un security council unanimously adopted a resolution allowing humanitarian aid into afghanistan. the council voted to apply a sanctions exemption, meaning governments and agencies can now send money and goods to the country for the 1st time. since the taliban took power. and millions of afghans do desperately need food and medicine. kristen salome reports now from new york is, will not cook as by the un security council, paved the way for more aid to afghanistan unanimously. passing the u. s. sponsored resolution, explicitly stating humanitarian assistance and other activities that support basic human needs and afghanistan are not a violation of international sanctions. china supported the resolution after pushing back against an initial draft requiring case by case aid exemptions. thank you. thank you for the current situation in afghanistan is at a critical stage facing monte pom,
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arduous and complex challenges. the most important task is to help africa understand, mitigate the humanitarian crisis, the soonest and to stabilize and restore the. let me go hog in the u. s. insisted the u. n. emergency relief coordinator report back to the counsel every 6 months to ensure the aid does not benefit those on the sanctions list. it is essential for the security council to receive regular updates on the implementation of this resolution. such information is critical to enabling sufficient oversight to ensure that assistance is reaching the intended beneficiaries. by mitigating diversion, after the resolution passed, a spokesman for the taliban welcomed the measure, saying, we appreciate it. it can help afghanistan's economic situation. he also called on the international community to speed up the removal of crippling economic sanctions . the un has warned that half the population doesn't have enough to eat. cash flow
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has been an issue since the taliban took control of the government, leading the world bank to freeze nearly $10000000000.00 and assets. civil servants haven't been paid and months aid groups. welcome the resolution. it is a very important as that in the sands, batts, b i. sanctions. i've had an impact on, on the capacity to, to bringing assistance to bringing. i man shall as to port at the present cheese to our people in the services that we need to up to support right now. at this moment, the ones humanitarian shave. martin griffith's called the resolution on milestone the rare agreement among council members. evidence of the shocking level of need and suffering and afghanistan. kristen salumi al jazeera, the united nations, the u. n's well sued programs announced it will have to reduce rations for 8000000
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people in yemen due to a lack of funding, a cut back. so start in january and the u. n. agencies warning of serious consequences. as hunger rises, yelman's been on the brink of famines 2016 because of the civil war. the w piece is 5000000 people are close to starvation. libby's elections commissions promising the country's presidential pol take place on january 24th thing is that have been scheduled for this friday. the bell that's been marked by disputes over rules and regulations. alec trainer reports from tripoli, just 2 days ahead of what had been scheduled as the 1st round of a presidential election. the high national elections commission released a statement suggesting polling people spawn for a month to january 24th. more than 2 and a half 1000000 people had already picked up their court for the december 24th vote . but the whole process has been more by controversy about rules and regulations.
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many say without a constitution, a presidential election will only lead to more division and conflict. it's now clear, it won't go ahead as scheduled. i did call morse as the delay was expected, that of another unborn. busy we were expecting that the elections weren't going to happen on december 24th. but now setting a new date will also be a contentious issue. from a legal standpoint, the parliament must agree with the high council of state on a new date. the question now is the money, how long will the postponement be far? and will they come to an agreement on a constitutional framework anyway? according to a previous political agreement, the parliament base an eastern libya and the high council of state in the west must agree on a constitutional framework to hold the elections. that never happened. here in this coffee shop in tripoli, some people tell us they don't think a presidential election is the way forward. and as far as elections are concerned,
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i think we need to have parliamentary elections 1st and then a presidential one. the parliament has been in power for several years and they haven't done anything for them and have a number to me. i'm happy the presidential elections on happening to hold elections . you have to have a foundation. now, foundation is a constitution. we. if we don't have a constitution that identifies what kind of governing system we have yet, and the pal is a president, has we have, how can we vote for president on that? libya has seen 10 years of political divisions and conflict since the revolution that toppled, war more get duffy in 2011. the international community has painted presidential and parliamentary elections as the only way to unite the country, or without a constitution or legal framework. many here believe a presidential election will only further. the conflict mal trina al jazeera tripoli sods of hit the northwestern syrian province of id, lip area controlled by rebels, which as homes to 1000 home,
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to thousands of internally disposed syrians who fled the civil war. and he though still stuck in camps and aiden's aid agencies say people burning plastics to keep warm through the winter is putting them at risk of respiratory diseases. thus a big report. so syrians have very little choice, their homes bombed, displaced in their own countries. and now these syrians must endure floods on her years, on the, at about a year. we've been cold for 4 days. nope. the heaters land working and the tensor leaking water in our situation is miserable. we've been displaced for 3 years and have no idea whether we will return or not. people have lost hope to return home or not. it's not just the water they have to contend with. temperatures in winter can drop below 0. their struggle is to stay warm as well as dry o leather. so roughly on the little gum and not every morning, i wake up and find that my children aren't near me. shall they go out early to collect scraps of plastic from the streets, such as bags and shoe soles,
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whatever they can find to feed the furnace here, our own riots which we can use to keep warm and cook her meals. i lay. but what the children collect to burn is bad for their lungs, m i n a murphy, i can't afford a boiler, and fuel is expensive. we need fire to do everything. i can't feed them because i don't have an oven. the winter is very hard. welcome home. at least there's something to keep them warm. one dish yearly, we don't get any aid or anything and that's our situation. it gets crowded with around 15 people crammed in one tent, where they eat and drink and set them. but some are beginning to feel the effects on their health. lori hagley, the smell is strong and there is a lot of smoke. yesterday. my chest started hurting, and i wanted to go to see a doctor, but i couldn't afford it for lack. as the adults tried to repair the damage done by floods, the children who have no nothing else except this camp. try to make the most of what they have
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a sad bag. i'll g 0. rescue teams in me and morrow searching for only 70 people missing after a landslide. at a jade at mine, they was swept into a lake in north and catch in the state and area that is the center of me in mars, secretive jade industry. where mine is often work in dangerous conditions, landslides, of course, hundreds of deaths in recent years. food, water, and medical supplies of being delivered to survivors on the typhoon. ravage islands in the philippines, at least 375 people died when super type in right. devastated southern and central regions. jamil alan jargon reports now from dinner province in the southern philippines. so he go city. what was once a thriving community in the southern philippines now reduced to this? everywhere we go, there is destruction. this police station was no match for typhoon rice fury. even the local hospital has not been spared. and then again,
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maybe for part of their seal united or walked up for miles desperate for drinking water. i asked about her family. oh, she says her home was damaged and she had to leave her children behind. romeo bernard list to fields frustrating a. we are like children, abandoned by their parents. what up at the government? please don't forget us. please help us. i mean many survivors say they are now forced to scavenge for food. are we also not human? they asked me and wonder why help has not arrived. a few hundreds of meters away, city go airport. despite the damage the ears chip is still operational. and from here, military reconnaissance flights and 8 operations take off. from above.
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it is clear that type one right spirit, no one, but we need to be on the ground to see how bad it is. so we take a boat and duck onto nugget island. even for a con, she often battered by natural disasters. the magnitude of the destruction isn't breasted entered in san jose. there is hunger and hunk freak. unicef also says close to more than $800000.00 children. are we need of emergency assistance. st. vice, treat this pair. survivors say it feels like a struggle even to stay alive. while there are those who are still too shocked to share their or to you. one woman approached me and asked if they had been forgotten . hello, no miami, police police helpless. it's christmas. she tells us. but what we're seeing is just
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the fraction of the devastation. at least 4 other provinces are suffering from the type would rise fury. this humanitarian crisis is only just unfolding shemelle alan dog and al jazeera in her gut province southern philippines. the hong kong university has removed a statue commemorating the victims of the 1989 tiana mon square massacre, which is of course highly censored in china. the university says the decision was based on legal advice. after the implementation of beijing's national security law in hong kong, one of the earliest known depictions of jesus christ as the good shepherd has been found on a ring, it was retrieved from shallow waters off the coast of israel apiece. that was amongst a hall of hundreds of artifacts discovered over recent months in an area rich and archaeological treasures. the support from brandon smith. these the mediterranean offers rich fishing grounds for roman and mum look antiquities. if something glints
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in the water, it's often gold. decommissioning this find by israeli, archaeologists of coins gems and other artifacts were scattered along the sea bed. just 4 meters under water. one piece stood out a ring showing jesus christ as the good shepherd. the good shepherd was one of the earliest christian symbols am used by the christian community in the east. the image sort of tells that jesus is the shepherd who protects the da christians, eulley christians. it's thought the ring would have been made around the mid 3rd century, evidence of a christian community in the region. the archaeologists believed the whole is from 2 ships wrecked by a storm of the coast of the holy land. they found hundreds of silver and bronze roman coins as well as figurines, pottery vessels at ironwork. at the time the ships went down,
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the area was known as caesar ear. it's here that the acts of the apostles describes peter baptizing the roman centurion, cornelius in an area that was one of the earliest centers of christianity. bernard smith, al jazeera, fanny london's big ben is all set to chime once again. bell will mark the start of 2022. when it rings. 12 times. it went silence in 2017 for renovations, or the clock now has an hour had made a gun metal weighing $300.00 kilos. the neo gothic style towel was unveiled way back in 18. 59. it is one of the most famous lie months in the world. ah, how fast they are. these are the top stories on al jazeera, more than 13000000 people ordered to stay home in the chinese, the city of shyanne ran 200 covey infections had been recorded there in the past 2
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weeks, and china is on high alert for outbreaks. as a gears up to host the winter olympics in february is more from katrina you.


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