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reporting the commitment to under reported prices, the commitment to the human story. but it's also the idea of challenging those in power. if a politician comes on this channel, they will be challenged and that's what people expect was. they want the questions answered. that is what we've always done. that's what we will continue, should it ah millions ordered to stay at home at chinese city, goes in to lockdown after arise. in corona virus cases. no country come boost its way out of the pond to me. that level house chief warns reach nations again, sweeping booster program saying they'll deep and vaccine inequity. ah,
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are you watching al jazeera live from doha with me? funny back people also ahead. hundreds are killed in thousands display. so storms and floods devastate large parts of south east asia and, and lifeline for millions of afghans. d u. n votes to exempt humanitarian aid from sanctions imposed on the taliban government. ah, more than 13000000 people have been ordered to stay home in the chinese city of shon, around a 140 cove. 19 infections have been recorded there over the past 2 weeks. only one person per household is allowed to leave home every 2 days to buy essential goods. china is on high alert for brakes as it gears up to holes to winter olympics in february, katrina, you has more from b j. the latest count we have now over 200 cases reported and she and this outbreak
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has spread to at least 5 other cities. and there have been at least one infection noted in beijing. so from thursday midnight authorities have said that the city of $13000000.00 people will be under strict lockdown. only one member of the household is allowed to leave the her every 2 days to collect groceries. only certified, essential workers will be allowed to go to work. school has been closed for some days now. entertain, then you have been closed, long distance transport that buses, trains flights, have all been cancelled. the city is currently conducting mass testing authority, say the already up to the 3rd round of mass testing. now, it is unusual nowadays in china to see such a wide spread general lockdown of an entire city. we haven't seen this kind of locked on really much. this year, so this is really quite different. we have had sporadic outbreaks in china in the lead up to this point. but up until then authorities have handled it with really targeted,
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targeted lockdown affecting just certain communities. what is more significant about she and, and why we're saying this lockdown is geographically, it's not too far away from the venue of the winter olympics, and it's in the north of the country and which is weeks away from the opening of the page in 2022 games, the government is really keen to have what they say will be a very safe olympics. they've said the spectators will be able to attend a lot. is at stake for china's international image when it comes to this event. or for the 1st time since the panoramic began, the u. k. has reported more than a 100000 you infections in just one day. while scotland and wales have both time and restrictions to fill the spread. omicron, british prime minister boys johnson has chosen not to impose similar measures in england, where we challenge has more from london. it's one of london's best known restaurant chains, but you'll have no problem getting a table at the also lanky and spittle fields right now. it's normally the busiest
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time of the year, but like hospitality businesses, up and down the country, water lengthy is desperate. the customers in the last week we had like over a 1000 cancellations for lunch and dinner days. we do 100 for lunch, roughly a 100 for lunch, and then 120 for dinner. we're doing about 40 for both. on the corona's made as a brutal time for restaurants, cafes, hotels, clubs, and theaters. the government ended speculation on tuesday promising no new restrictions in england decide of christmas at least. but people have been heating advice to limit social contact, and responding to alarm calls from hospitality. $1300000000.00 has been pledged to help the industry. it doesn't seem nearly enough from his mer to be con, says that while any government support is welcome, what's on offer really does not cost. he says that a with them show closed for a week and cost $330000.00. an average nightclub say, is expecting to lose,
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perhaps $34000.00 over the christmas period. so the government's offer of just a $1010.00 per business. he says, is just a drop in the ocean layer agrees and says they also need more guidance. tell us what to do, what is actually happening. you know, if we're going to close and if restaurants are going to close, they need to let us know or so that we can plan as well rather than just saying, okay, we're going to make an announcement on the 27th because it's, and it's a lot of room as while england tries to boost its way out of all microns clutches, changes are being made to weiss elation rules. the eas, crippling star shortages across many businesses and services most vaccinated and vaccinated people can now ends their 10 day isolation. 3 days early. if they test negative 2 days running, as long as they test the negative through a lateral flow test on day 6 and they 7 take 24 hours apart,
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they can leave isolation. if you are someone that works in a care home or the n a chest even, you can return to work. but of course, those people will also be following the rules that affect by their workplace is where they test regulate. meanwhile, the u. k is infection rate, push 3100000 a day for the 1st time on wednesday. the country isn't tacit. microns clutches yet . by any means. re challenz out there of london. the head of the world health organization has head out of wealthy countries rushing to roll lot cove in 1900 booster shots. dr. tedra says their only deepening vaccine inequality and would prolong the pandemic by giving the virus more opportunities to spread and mutate. the global priority might be to support all countries to reach the 40 percent target as quickly as possible. and the 70 percent target by the middle of this year . no country can boost its way out of the pandemic
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and boosters cannot be seen as a ticket to go ahead with the plumb celebrations, without the need for other precautions. health regulators in the u. s. have given the green light to the 1st cold with 19 pill. a studies showed that it reduce the risk of hospitalization and death among patients with the more severe symptoms by nearly 90 percent. let's take a closer look at this new drug pack. slow veda has been approved for treating high risk adult patients and children above 12 years at home is proven to be effective if given within 5 days of symptoms, appearing its rice at $530.00. for course, patients are required to take 3 pills twice. a day for 5 days. julie fisher is an associate professor of microbiology and immunology at the george time university medical center. she says fi this pill production may face challenges. in the short term, it's going to take a while for pfizer to wrap up the production of this therapy. it's not easy to
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scale up quickly. it's a, it's a complex drug manufacturer. it's actually 2 different treatments combined. and while it 2022, pfizer is, is committing to providing about a 120000000 courses of, of this treatment in the short term. what comments in the next few weeks is about 65000 doses and put that into perspective at current covered 19 and infection rates in the us with a number of new infections the day. if half the patients who are eligible because they are at risk of progressing to severe disease and be hospitalized would cover 19 disease, we would burn through that entire stock in one day if even half the people were treated. so it's, it's not a lot and the 2nd thing is it's not a cheap treatment. so we're still looking to the vaccines to prevent severe disease as the most effective way to keep people out of hospitals and to perfect them for
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to, to protect it from severe disease and death. but it's good to have another tool in the tool kit, giving a booster doses to people who are fully vaccinated does give those individual some a, some incremental protection. and it potentially does protect them against severe disease and death, which is again incredibly important to protect those vulnerable populations like people who are older, who have underlying chronic diseases. but boosting people who are already vaccinated in particularly high income countries and high middle income countries is reducing the vulnerable population slightly. while we have enormous populations worldwide that haven't even had the opportunity to have a 1st dose of vaccine. and to have that protection soft shortages in denmark having a di impact, particularly on hotels and restaurants. jar vacancies, art of record high in the unemployment rate is low economies say that actually means the danish economy is looking strong despite the surgeon govern 19 cases.
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mama jam june reports from copenhagen as the manager of this business hotel and copenhagen susanna learned, should not be checking guests in your class. but denmark has more job vacancies than at any time in at least 10 years. so the added responsibility falls upon her at any given hour. susanna can also be found running the front desk, answering phones occasionally, even tidying up to where she says that at the height of the pandemic life, there was even more to do more cleaning rooms, sometimes flushing toilets, that. i mean, it's hundreds of toilets. we need to flush, we needed to clean that the whole public area. that's normally housekeeping. who do that? while the labor shortage has made things particularly difficult for denmark's hospitality sector. economists say one thing that's helped both hotels and restaurants is the
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hiring of foreign workers. susanna is swedish and says that makes sense for both employers and employees. young, more money here and then mark the number of jobs vacancies may be soaring. but denmark is also experiencing low unemployment rates, economic experts believe those 2 trends showcase how well the danish economy had been emerging from the impacts of covered 19 until our micron. the variant of the corona virus is beginning to darken outlooks. those are concerned that we going to locked down again. and on top of that, you also have the issue about increasing prices and therefore you see inflation around copenhagen masks are back along with signs on doors, making people question just how festive the season will be. capacity limits and stores and restaurants are being introduced just days before christmas. a time when
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danes look forward to doing their holiday upping and gathering with loved ones. olivia ken riggs work, serving food and drinks at this restaurant, which like so many others in copenhagen was already struggling to hire staff. now things are even more tenuous. i think, oh, there were people who worked in the hospitality business or of course of course concerned. it said that the christmas again, this year will be affected by by commit a time normally reserved for festivity now filled once more with uncertainty. how much am drama does either company in other world news, the death toll from major flooding in malaysia has risen to at least a 33. a huge cleanup is now underway. the flats triggered by days of heavy rain have also displaced nearly 70000 people. overflowing rivers have swamp cities and cut off major roads. melisha is most densely populated,
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state selling or is the worst effected rescue as a continued to search for those tail missing. draw in 3 has more from a flat hit area in carrack sutton, which is in this residential area in hot town in central asia. hawkins state only begin to receive 2 days and that's when cleanup efforts. again, you can see distance so much, much, every track doesn't have to be brought in. and we will say that nothing on the ground floor balance can be a salvage. they've had to throw everything out. furniture, electrical appliances. the water levels will so quickly so unexpectedly bad you at home to escape. one man said he swam to safety and had to cling on to his neighbor's balcony. a few dollars away. people here haven't been able to return home because of also there's no electricity or water supply. taking shelter. i believe centers that are already over many questioning where government and help
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it's being slow. there also questions about why the government wasn't better. there is a disaster life. hong is the worst effect states in malaysia. and they're still many areas that are still in the philippines, whose war and medical supplies are being delivered to survivors on typhoon ravage, islands at least 375 people died when super typhoon rye hit, southern and central regions. president rodrigo, to tend to has the greatest state of calamity. and the military has been deployed to get aid to survivors rescue teams in myanmar searching for at least 70 people after a landslide. at a jade mine, there were swept into a lake in northern could change state authority, see at least one person as dives the areas the center of myanmar secretive jade industry. where miners often work in dangerous conditions. landslides have caused hundreds of deaths in recent years. still ahead on al jazeera, a timely boost for afghanistan. as the un security council pays the way for more
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aid into a country. these all are changing lives. i was on the job even more than focused on and i'll tell you about the efforts to cultivate world. ah hello, welcome to your world's weather report for the middle east hang tight, we'll get to africa as well. so here's the situation disturbed weather for the levant, that scooting across northern sections of syria and into flood stricken areas of northern iraq. then we've got this ribbon of cloud over northern sections of saudi . that's going to spill into cats. are in still that wind coming down the goal. so we'll see when gus in doha, up to 45 kilometers per our bill is focused on. ria, your winds are going to switch around. look, you go from 24 down to just 16 on sunday. so well below average of the pakistan
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we've got some snow through the mountains here. same goes in afghanistan is all about 90 degrees. you get to prepare for it to hear folks because you're temperatures are gonna take a big drop as we had towards the start of next week. summer we did have a drop in temperatures, isda, bowl butts hang tight. things are about to improve years a 3 day forecast. you're going to shoot up to 14 degrees or your temperatures both by day and night, while above average are storms through the equitorial countries, particularly heavy in and around kinshasa. if we go further toward the south, a lot of activity going on here is through zombie as in bob way southern sections of mozambique and that eastern side of south africa turbans got a high of 26 degrees on thursday. that's it. that's all. see you soon. ah, from the al jazeera london, gro casenita 2 people in thoughtful conversation with no haste, and no limitation. what is even more and to me that now is system innovation,
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systems design and system transformation part one of human rights activists. k me, nighty, and environmentally. we know nella kink. i lived as you have the fossil fuel arrow my entire life and i'm looking for a graceful transition out of it. studio. be unscripted on out his era. ah, lou ah, welcome back. a recap of our top stories on al jazeera, more than 14000000 people have been ordered to stay home in the chinese city of sham. around 200 over 900 infections have been recorded there over the past 2 weeks . china is on high alert for operates as it gears up to host to winter olympics in
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february, u. s. health regulators have approved sizes. covered 19 hill studies show it reduces severe symptoms by nearly 90 percent. it follows the approval of the murk pill in the u. k. the death toll from major flooding in malaysia has risen to at least $33.00 days after it began. almost 70000 people remained shelters and remain in shelters. malaysia's most densely populated state salon gore is a worse effective now than use c. u and security council has unanimously adopted a resolution allowing humanitarian aid into afghanistan. a council voted to apply a sanctions exemption, meaning government and aged agencies can now send money and goods to the country for the 1st time since the taliban to power. millions of afghans desperately need food and medicines. kristen salome reports from the united nations. look as by the un security council, paved the way for more aid to afghanistan unanimously,
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passing a us sponsored resolution, explicitly stating humanitarian assistance and other activities that support basic human needs and afghanistan are not a violation of international sanctions. china supported the resolution after pushing back against an initial draft, requiring case by case aid exemptions. thank you. thank you for the current situation in afghanistan is critical stage fixing monk to pull our troops on complex challenges. the most important task is to help africa understand, mitigate the humanitarian crisis, the soonest and to stabilize unrestored economy will hold in the u. s. insisted the un emergency relief coordinator report back to the counsel every 6 months to ensure the aid does not benefit those on the sanctions list. it is essential for the security council to receive regular updates on the implementation of this resolution. such information is critical through enabling sufficient oversight to
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ensure that assistance is reaching the intended beneficiaries. by mitigating diversion, after the resolution passed, a spokesman for the taliban welcomed the measure, saying, we appreciate it. it can help afghanistan's economic situation. he also called on the international community to speed up the removal of crippling economic sanctions . the un has warned that half the population doesn't have enough to eat. cash flow has been an issue since the taliban took control of the government, leading the world bank to freeze nearly $10000000000.00 and assets. civil servants haven't been paid and months aid groups. welcome the resolution. it is a very important us that in the sands, batts, b, i, sanctions. i've had an impact on, on the capacity to, to bringing assistance to bringing. i man shall as to port that he pretty cheese to
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our people in the services that we need to support right now. at this moment. the ones humanitarian chief martin griffith's called the resolution on milestone the rare agreement among council members. evidence of the shocking level of need and suffering and afghanistan. kristen salumi al jazeera, the united nations libby as elections commission is proposing the countries presidential poll take place on january 24th. the vote had been scheduled for this friday, but it's been marked by dispute. so the rules and regulations malik, trainer reports from tripoli, just 2 days ahead of what had been scheduled as the 1st round of a presidential election. he high national elections commission released a statement suggesting polling people's pond for a month to january 24th. more than 2 and a half 1000000 people had already picked up the records for the december 24th vote . but the whole process has been marred by controversy about rules and regulations
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. many say without a constitution, a presidential election will only lead to more division and conflict. it's now clear, it won't go ahead as scheduled either co moves as the delay was expected. that of another number. busy we were expecting that the elections one to going to happen on december 24th. but now setting a new date will also be a contentious issue. from a legal standpoint, the parliament must agree with the high council of state on a new date. the question now is them, how long will the postponement be far? and will they come to an agreement on a constitutional framework anyway? according to a previous political agreement, the parliament basin eastern libya and the high council estate in the west must agree on a constitutional framework to hold the elections. that never happened. here in this coffee shop in tripoli, some people tell us they don't think
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a presidential election is the way forward. i mean, as far as elections are concerned, i think we need to have parliamentary elections 1st and then a presidential one. the parliament has been in power for several years and they haven't done anything for them and development to be it. i'm happy the presidential elections are happening to hold elections. you have to have a foundation. now, foundation is a constitutionally, if we don't have a constitution that identifies what kind of governing system we have, and the powers of president has, how can we fight for president on met? libya has seen 10 years of political divisions and conflict since the revolution that toppled wall mortgage duffy in 2011. the international community has painted presidential and parliamentary elections as the only way to unite the country, or without a constitution or legal framework. many here believe a presidential election will only further. the conflict mal trina al jazeera tripoli to nisha is former president, msf, mar, zilkey,
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has been sentenced to 4 years in prison. the court charged mar, zilkey, who lives in france with assaulting the security of the state. as because of recent comments he made, urging france to and support for to nature's government can present, ty, side, suspend parliament in july, which mar, zilkey has called a cool. the european union is taking legal action against poland over a court decision that violates one of the blocks key principles. early this year, poland constitutional court rule that polish lo, takes precedence over e you law. the court is dominated by judges loyal to the ruling year. a skeptic law injustice body war, so has called the you action an attack on its sovereignty. now, a flourishing wild olive industry in northern pakistan is providing much needed jobs. the government hopes it will shift people away from joining armed groups. osama bin jarvis report from batch al high in the hindu kush mountains near the
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afghan border. these trees are slowly changing lives in budge or district alone. there are millions of wild olive trees. and with some old science and new interests there been grafted or joined with morton varieties. these mostly european type of olives produce more quantity and better quality olive oil. in 3 to 5 years, the new variant of wild trees becomes a source of revenue for local tribesmen who had very few prospects in these remote areas of pakistan. by jord is one of the poorest districts and many people migrate to largest cities to look for jobs. the rugged terrain is unforgiving for most crops, but its right has been able to successfully draft 10000 while trees in just over 10 years. and he's written books to educate farmers and also established a small nursery to help others around him improve their livelihoods. logo. hey mob . now many of the people who went towards militancy did so because we had no jobs,
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no paternity is here. nobody knew we a blizzard, god, given resources. and if the government takes serious steps, we can have enough work here that people from other countries would come to us. economists believe locally produced oil can bring financial relief to the country. a spike, assignees consume an estimated 24 kilograms of oil every year. olives are not just providing opportunities, but are also meant to bring down the import bill of a cash strapped economy and enable plantation in areas where there's very little water. government, this res, give out saplings and seeds to promote polio farming. but critics say these initiatives, lack awareness, have insufficient facilities, and mostly rely on imported seeds. the wide olive tree project offers more live with over pos on i'm a do our main focus for the olive plantations is the marginalized lands, especially the tribal areas, but jour, north and south was interesting. these were militancy hit areas where people were jobless and faced extreme poverty. but now this all of initiative will bring prosperity to their lives. the minister says homegrown olive cultivation and
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production will save $3000000000.00 a year on imports. it could also have re bay, some of the $100000000.00 debt between pocket fund in italy. in recent years, 9000000 fees have been planted pockets on his 8000000 acres available for all of trees. that's larger than spain, the largest producer of olive oil, government officials, environmentalists and farmers agree, and the positive impact growing olives can have on the economy, deforestation in jobs. yet pakistan still spends billions of dollars a year to import commodities, which can potentially be produced at home from a job without of era, by george northwest like a son. iraqi artists have transformed one of baghdad, oldest neighborhoods into an open art gallery. it's been popular with low holes and the district is drawing a lot of curious choice in ron connery for some back that they call themselves the
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butterfly effect. a collective of street artists with one goal in mind to beautify the neighborhood. we're in the l and marine area of called me up. it's one of the oldest parts of baghdad. it's also home to the mom called the mosque, which states back to the beginning of the 16th century. alex oliver is the leader of the collected. he wanted to bring joy during the current of virus pandemic when people can leave. the neighborhood had to dinner coming out of us and we started by drawing on to school was but after the outbreak and the co few people were imprisoned to these narrow blaine, we decided to shift our drawings to these parts of the city and waited for the reaction of people, it was a complete surprise and it brought joy to people very quickly, more people are collected to pay their houses. tom, upon listen, while it's not a month up, the area was cold and neglected. but with the help of the guys and the creativity which they do for free is come alive again. alan bahrain is one of the oldest places and cut me a city. the walls were cracked and there was no life in them. the guys have revived
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these walls with colorful pictures. i was very pleased with their ideas. i love the fact that these are history on the was or an i, you know, the idea behind a lot of the murals here is to reflect the local community, the residents that live here, the characteristics of the community. for example, this house belongs to a very famous local butcher. so what the collective have done is paint a street scene with a butcher in it. the way may have looked centuries ago. the collective does all of this voluntarily, but they did run into trouble with the architect association, which said that they were destroying the character of the neighborhood, but support from the residence quickly dismissed the accusation. the painting continues both with new work and maintaining the old. now that the crone of irish restrictions have been lifted, the artisan residents hope the more people visit, and it will become a defining motif of the neighbourhood. the years to come. among con,
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our desert cardona bagdad, hong kong university has removed a statue commemorating the victims of the 1989 gentlemen square massacre, which is highly sensitive. in china. the university says the decision was based on legal advice after the implementation of beijing's national security law. in hong kong, london's big ben is all set to chime once again, the iconic bell will mark the sort of 2022 by ringing 12 times. it went silent in 2017 for renovation o'clock now has our hands made of gun metal weighing all of 300 kilos. ah no, again, i'm fully betty bill with the headlines on al jazeera, more than 13000000 people have been ordered to stay home in the chinese city of shan. around 200 covered 19 infections have been recorded there over the past 2 weeks. china is on high alert for outbreaks as it gears up to holes the winter
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olympics in february, katrina you has more from beach in the latest count we had now over 200 cases reported.


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