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hey dawn, al jazeera, why the un released and works agencies hed says his organization can't meet the needs of palestinian refugees, 11 on plus, ship, wreck treasures in the ancient depiction of jesus christ as the good ship. it has been found in waters off the coast of israel, and coming up in sport, there's major concern among premier league manages over issues relating to coven, 19, and to player welfare. ah frank assessments, this crisis is continued to weaken luca shanker, even though perhaps he believes in the beginning there have what's been informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from the young people. that is one of the most hopeful things to come out of this book. critical debate. do you think any should be facilitated? not sure. okay, it's a great. it's a really simple question. let's give samuel child swans the inside story on al
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jazeera in the country with an abundance of resource rate. foreign want indonesia whose firms for me, we move pool to grow and froth. we balance for rena economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let be part when the this is growth and progress invent. even if you're now lou ah, hello. now to sierra,
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i'm emily angland. reminder of that up stories for salam president vladimir putin as tow journal as he hopes russia will achieve. collective coven 19 heard immunity next year. he went on to reaffirm the nato expansion into eastern europe was unacceptable in his eyes. more than 13000000 people have been ordered to stay home in the eastern chinese city of c, on 200 cove, downtown infections had been recorded since the beginning of the month. china is on high alert as a keys up to host the winter olympics. in february and african center for disease control says the army con variant is up to 80 percent less likely to cause hospitalization than the delta strain. but it says its findings are based on the region and might not apply to other countries. many bob wins living and working in south africa have been forced to cancel their plans to go home for christmas. zimbabwe has introduced a mandatory quarantine for incoming travelers because of cove at 19 and the only
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con, very end. but for many, the cost of a trip home is now proving too much gillian wolf reports from cape town. usually at the sun of year, these bus seats would be packed with them bobbins heading home to spend christmas with their families. but not this year, after new quarantine restrictions were introduced in zimbabwe to curve the spread of the omicron variant of cooper 19. it's also bad news for bus companies. augustine's business would normally send for buses a day each carrying around 60 passengers. now it's just one. sometimes with us who was 5 on board to go over to study blunder, vent business, goofy medicare, good to do so you're physically getting older with health care good visible. good morning. usual is on the a mega a this year it was hoped,
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the festive season would help businesses recover financially after the pandemic shut south africa's borders from much of last year. but new travel bands are again, having a major impact. micron said is affected business a lot because quite a, quite, quite a number of people are no longer able to travel. and i also am outside. we could not be able to make our plans for the holiday or the during that we have to especially the issues of current in a if you get into current in now, it's gonna take about 14 days and then the whole it is all already over the recent ruling requires incoming travelers to quarantine and government approved facilities at their own expense. it's cost many zimbabwe and migrant workers in south africa cannot afford. here in south africa, the minimum wage around $21.00 ran an hour and us dollars. the currency used in symbolic way, that's a $1.40. so you can imagine just how much people would have to say in order to both
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travel and quarantine. it's the exchange rate that makes it impossible for most workers to go home. it also means and bob way struggling economy will not get it's desperately needed annual influx of foreign currency. those in bob williams who do make the 24 hour long trip home or using up their savings and borrowing from others . some say they really have no choice. you can liver, or you can stay married 3 years, 4 years, 5 years without senior clayton's. no us difficulties. and will also what children, what the you see now is see last see them day there must see us. you see, so that's why we decided to plug and now for those fortunate to be going home tomsman with family despite having to quarantine 1st far outweighs the financial burdens of waiting for them when they return your wolf, al jazeera, cape town,
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belgium wo, shut down all of its nuclear power plants by 2025. the move we'll see it needing to make up for the energy shortfall with gas fired plants being an option. it says it's still intends to keep new generation nuclear technology on the table. although completely phasing out nuclear power has been part of belgian law since 2003 the head of the u. n. relief in works agency, the palestinian refugees is told us he is organizations on the verge of financial collapse. felipe last, a rainy is warning unwind can no longer make the growing needs of refugees in lebanon. santa hata has more from barrett in exile for decades. these palestinian refugees have long lived on the margins of society. they are among the most vulnerable and poorest communities in lebanon. their situation has been made worse because the economy is close to collapse. and now they're lifeline faces
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a shortage of funds, the financial crisis. so for on one us being on existential nature. and it's all from existence from nature because we cannot properly deliver our services any more at the time to needs in to come up significantly. increase always providing access to education to all, to produce and reproduce. the girls and boys in the camp and in the country, we are providing assistance to more than 200000 people. and we are providing primary health care lebanon's. currency crash has hurt the palestinians as well. inflation lead to food prices increasing by 10 fold. oh, well, well, i mean people are just buying the basic. they no longer buying kilos, but in grounds for many help from the un is vital, especially since the lebanese state denies palestinians basic services. i kid
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mahonnan own rob provide education and medicine by the should give us more help because many people can afford to buy bread. a recent decision by the lebanese authorities to expand palestinian rights in the labor market is welcomed here as a way to deal with rising unemployment. but many tell us it's limited and what is needed is to grant them basic rights. i. i can't resist on my truck, under my name. i can't even get a license to drive it up. there are minimum rights which palestinians don't have. we thank the minister for the new decree, but i doubt it will resolve and in government shovel palestinians have faced what rights groups call discriminatory policies since they 1st arrived in lebanon in 1948 successive governments, believe easing restrictions and providing them citizenship will encourage them to settle here permanently, that's why the majority rely on the informal labor market, but opportunities are drying up america. if you don't work,
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we can do. and there is a much work nowadays because of the economic crisis. even before the economic collapse, lebanon's palestinians were struggling. it has since pushed more into poverty. the united nation says it now has to find money so that the crisis won't have what it calls a devastating humanitarian impact center. could there else is eda, beirut, the number of people killed in a shipwreck in madagascar has risen to icy 55 children among those dead. it happened off the north eastern coast on monday. the coast guard says 138 people were on board. the wooden cargo vessel which was not fit to carry passengers. only 50 people have been rescued so far. an explosion has taken place outside a passport office in the afghan capital of cobbled security forces, say they were able to kill the attacker before he entered the building, but could not prevent the bomb blast. several people were injured. the un
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security council has unanimously adopted a resolution allowing humanitarian aid into afghanistan. the council voted to apply as sanctions exemption. many governments and agencies can now send money in goods to the country. for the 1st time since the taliban took over, millions of afghans desperately need food and medicine. as christian salome reports from the united nations, his will not cook as by the un security council, paved the way for more aid to afghanistan unanimously. passing a u. s. sponsored resolution, explicitly stating humanitarian assistance and other activities that support basic human needs and afghanistan are not a violation of international sanctions. china supported the resolution after pushing back against an initial draft, requiring case by case aid exemptions. donkey i'll hunt you through the current
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situation in afghanistan is out a critical stage facing multiple articles and complex challenges. the most important task is to help africa understand, mitigate the humanitarian crisis. the soonest on to stabilize unrestored economy will hold in the u. s. insisted the un emergency relief coordinator report back to the counsel every 6 months to ensure the aid does not benefit those on the sanctions list. it is essential for the security council to receive regular updates on the implementation of this resolution. such information is critical to enabling sufficient oversight to ensure that assistance is reaching the intended beneficiaries. by mitigating diversion, after the resolution passed, a spokesman for the taliban, welcome the measure saying we appreciate it. it can help afghanistan's economic situation. he also called on the international community to speed up the removal of crippling economic sanctions. the u. n. has warned that half the population doesn't
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have enough to eat. cash flow has been an issue since the taliban took control of the government, leading the world bank to freeze nearly $10000000000.00 and assets. civil servants haven't been paid and months. aid groups. welcome the resolution. it is a very important step in the signs beds the sanctions. i've had an impact on, on the capacity to, to bringing assistance to bringing i 9 show us to port than the pretty cheese to our people in the services that we need to, to support right now at this moment. the ones humanitarian chief martin griffith's called the resolution on milestone the rare agreement among council members. evidence of the shocking level of need and suffering and afghanistan. kristen salumi al jazeera, the united nations estrella will begin withdrawing its troops from the solomon
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islands up to days of unrest last month for them. 200 pace, capers from fiji. papa new guinea and new zealand were also deployed as a request from the islands government in november, protest is stormed parliament in a bid to topple the prime minister. china, meanwhile, has announced it will send a team of advises and provide equipment to the pacific island nation. thousands of resident doctors in india have gone on strike. they demanding the government resume, hiring post graduate doctors. there has been a freeze issue to the pandemic. they say the delay has left a government, run the hospitals understaffed and overwhelmed with coven. 19 patience happening, middle reports from india's capital, new tele, with his ministry, and new daily, where hundreds of doctors have been protesting for several weeks. these doctors a residence belonging to several government on hospitals in india, every year,
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more than $40000.00 residents, appear for an entrance exam. of these results, there are a lot of changing supports in hospitals, but this batch of residence that process has been delayed by several months. you thought it was supposed boned on diploma 19 cases started rising in a death and then it was the toward several petitions will fight in the supreme court is challenging the government's decision to resolve some of these training spots was wanting to know us go through economic manpower to hosp producer on the stove, because more than 40 phone calls and doctors who have cleared the exam or sitting or torn despite expectations of record covered v, it's to, doctors are forced to sit at home. during the peak of secondary, many medical students were asked to work in hospitals, so qualified doctors are sitting at home while unqualified ones or walking in the hospital. why residency, they have continued to show up for work for emergencies. i'm covered 19 related duties. 7 hospitals, which are already understaffed,
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have been overwhelmed with patients waiting several hours for treatment. doctors here see they will continue to protest till their demands are met. a flourishing wilder olive industry in northern pakistan is providing much needed jobs. the government hopes it'll shift people away from joining armed groups and could also see families pay less for food. a summer binge of aid reports from bad. jo. hi, in the hindu kush mountains near the gone border, the street slowly changing lives in budge or district alone. there are millions of wild olive trees and with some old science and new interests had been grafted or joined with more than varieties. these mostly european type of olives produce more quantity and better quality olive oil. on monday, in 3 to 5 years, the new variant of wild trees becomes a source of revenue for local tribesman who had very few prospects in these remote
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areas of pakistan. by jord is one of the poorest districts and many people migrate to largest cities to look for jobs. the rugged terrain is unforgiving for most crops, but its right has been able to successfully draft 10000 while trees in just over 10 years. and he has written books to educate farmers and also established a small nursery to help others around him improve their livelihoods. logo. hey mob . now, many of the people who went towards milton. so did so because we are no jobs, no patucci him, no fighting. we a blizzard cut, given resources, and if the government take serious steps, we can have enough work here that people from other countries would come to us. economists believe locally produced oil can bring financial relief to the country. spike assignees can zoom in estimated 24 kilograms of oil every year. olives are not just providing opportunities, but are also meant to bring down the import bill of a cash strapped economy and enable plantation in areas where there's very little water. government nurseries give out saplings and seeds to promote polio farming.
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but critics say these initiatives, lack awareness, have insufficient facilities, and mostly rely on imported seeds. the wide olive tree project offers more liberal for pos on i'm a do our main focus for the olive plantations is the marginalized lands, especially the tribal areas, but shower north and south was here stand. these were militancy hit areas where people were jobless and faced extreme poverty. but now this all of initiative will bring prosperity to their lives. the minister says homegrown olive cultivation and production will save $3000000000.00 a year on imports. it could also have pre based some of the $100000000.00 debt between pocket fund in italy. in recent years, 9000000 fees have been planted, focused on his 8000000 acres available for olive trees. that's larger than spain, the largest producer of olive oil, government officials, environmentalists and farmers agree, and the positive impact growing olives can have on the economy, deforestation,
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and jobs. yet pakistan still spends billions of dollars a year to import commodities, which can potentially be produced at home, some of a job without their badge or northwest like a son. one of the earliest known references to jesus christ as the good ship it has been found on a ring, it was retrieved from shallow waters off the coast of israel. the pace was amongst a whole of hundreds of artifacts discovered over recent month in an area rich in ocoee, logical treasures that it's me these the mediterranean off as rich fishing grounds for roman and mom will come ticket is if something glens, in the water, it's often gold, the commission in this find by israeli, archaeologists of coins gems and other artifacts was scattered along the sea, but just 4 meters on the water. one piece stood out a ring showing jesus christ as the good shepherd. the good shepherd was one of the
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earliest christian symbols and used by the christian community in the east. the image sort of tells that jesus is the shepherd who protects the christians. yearly christians, it thought the ring would have been made around the mid 3rd century. evidence of a christian community in the region. the archaeologists believed the whole is from 2 ships wrecked by a storm of the coast of the holy land. they found hundreds of silver and bronze roman coins, as well as figurines, pottery vessels at iron work. at the time the ships went down, the area was known as caesar. maria, it's here. the acts of the apostles describes pizza baptizing the romans, ensuring cornelius, in an area that was one of the earliest centers of christianity. bernard smith, al jazeera, still head on al jazeera, we'll have all the latest sports news,
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including how the u. s. produced a huge upset in t 20 cricket or those details after the break with peter. ah, african narratives from african perspectives now. but now we're about his big daily my shift, a short documentary by african filmmakers from democratic republic of congo. and one that there was never going to be letting an obstacle just stand in front of you. you ladies what made the intimate connection between myself and drawn dot diggers and merchants. and secondly, africa direct on al jazeera ah mother, nature's gift of cold full landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance arising were investments are waiting to flourish with even supplied by tradition
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into where beautiful possibilities are offered. lou, the time after we've paid everything. thank you. we start with the primitive and 2 more matches of being postponed because of covered 19 positive cases in the lead score means they won't play liverpool on sunday, and also on boxing day will happen and won't be in action because of rising cases in the walk for team that's not 12 matches postponed in the past 2 weeks. coupled
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with heavy fixture congestion. this time of year, liverpool boss yoga club, says play a welfare is paramount. the german thinks it would be better if the upcoming lead cup semi final was paid over one leg rather than 2 managers will meet with the premium later on thursday to discuss the ongoing cove in 1900 issues which is disrupted the competition. i don't speak about player well for welfare since this year as figure out that it's in 6 years maybe longer. so yeah, it's like it is. so if the things i'd say would help more, i would say it much more often, but it doesn't help me put just great. now another headline. i said it, i would prefer only one semi final. so be be the draw is i think we play it awesome . i'm fine with that to play there and see who is better and go for it, but i can, i can see any kind of changes actually live holds opponents. him at lee have semi
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final will be arsenal. but before that contest, also must 1st visit norwich in 3 days time. that is followed by her match against wolves. 2 days later, kellogg sets as echoed club sentiments about play a welfare. without the blue, we can do nothing. so we have to really listen to the players because they are the ones that have to be that easy for us and to be there and demand. and they're the ones have to perform and they have to do it on the same with, with the funds. because this industry where without any of those to me, so i think we have to listen much more so or place in the n. b a and 9 game has been postponed because of the recent surgeon code 19 cases. the decision came off the brooklyn were unable to have the minimum age play is available for thursdays in council with portland, the nets have been forced to postpone the last 3 games. they should be able to play next on sunday, awaits of the lakers on christmas day. now dallas could be without a superstar look don't judge for december 21st after he was added to the coven,
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$900.00 protocols list. on wednesday night the n b i reported 95 plays from 22 teams. we're dealing with a virus related issue, but not everyone on the list has tested positive for corona virus. as we can see, it's affecting everybody is a lot of different people. you know, people who are vaccinated, we do have boosters, you know, so you just don't know what's going to happen. who is going to affect how is going to affect somebody, you know, the amount of time you'll be out due to your health and what you're still in a symptom. and then on the other hand, some people don't have symptoms. so it just, you don't, you don't know what to do right now and i think that's the frustrating part. but everybody it will take an extraordinary price of code $19.00 for supposed to permit of the beijing winter olympics in february. that's according to organizes in the chinese capital. all athletes and related personnel will be kept inside the bubble to contain the spread of the virus. no of the fans will be allowed to travel to
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china for the games. and to 24 clinics are being built especially to treat anyone who does fall ill with cove of 19 nearly current home in one world champion max for stoppin hopes to remain at red bull racing for at least the next 10 years. speaking on austrian tv for stop and said, the victory won't change his approach to driving, which was often criticized throughout the championship battle with louis hamilton. the dutchman believes if he has the fastest car, he will win more titles, egyptian side. alas, lee, have won the calf supercop and they did it in dramatic fashion. the car obey scene were trailing roger casablanca for much of the game, but scored a last gasp equalizer. it meant the match which was played and cutter went to penalties. a pretty disastrous mis handing i lastly the shoot out $65.00. it's the 8th time. they've won the trophy. we have our own philosophy, the way we play and that's what i told him. and after massey,
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you have to trust the will reply. we have when so many trophies who have won the champions league were want us to back up. we came in the world cup, playing in this way. so way to night you want to change because the score is 10. so you have to be patient. and we were patient and we got her the results that you wanted. parasol jamin defender sergio ram. us will spend more time on the sideline after receiving his 1st read god. since moving to p as g in just a 2nd, lee game in france because of injury, grandma was sent off of the 2 cautions in the space of 4 minutes later in the match against laurie. on a former round, madrid captain has now received 27 red carts throughout his professional career. he has g. we're heading for defeat against the team coming 2nd loss. it will strike marrow, a car to the solvers to one or draw over in spain, a rail, madrid we're missing several players against athletic bill bow because of a coven 19 outbreak at the club. but they did have they may man up front. having
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benjamin the french international school twice in the opening, 7 minutes, grabbing his $400.00 career goal in the process to on the final school ramah to the 8 points clear at the top of the league. now you would not ordinarily associate the united states with cricket. but on wednesday, the u. s. a shocked established cricketing nation island in a t 20 international in florida. this was the 1st time a full international cricket council member played against the united states on us soil and home side clearly made the most of the opportunity of the government unseen. it's $65.00 of the states post $188.00 for 6. the homeowners restricted the irish, just 162 for 6 for 26 run when the americans will co host the 202014. when he woke up with the waste in the world class full. that's all supposed so now we'll have more for you again a little bit later. emily, thank you very much, peter. and that's it for this news hour. but don't go anywhere. i'll have more of
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the day's news in just a moment. so stay with us in the meantime into our website, out to 0 duck ah, join the debates, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future, it's now, it's not a lock can get is this completed. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools and to get back with all the patient. this stream on al jazeera, african narratives from african perspectives. now, but now we're about his big daily. why shift a short documentary by african filmmakers from democratic republic of congo. and wanda,
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there was never going to be letting an obstacle just stand in front of you. that is, what made you the intimate connection between myself and dwanda, diggers, and merchants. and secondly, africa direct on al jazeera. i will totally sell the result of this great and historic presidential election. if i win a lot of people talk, their world was being turned upside down. way doug has been manipulated by populace like donald trump laying on racial anxieties. one person, one that citizens have political as well. and of course, in the united states, as in many other parts of the world, that remains an ideal, but not a reality. from a for the people of brotherhood, i have a dream. my dream is that people may my daughter,
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the young people just have a full voice and don't feel targeted because of their race or ethnicity. ah . and new studies suggest the ami con variant is milder than dealt up concerns remain over rising infections. ah, hello, i'm emily. ang, when this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up, rushes president says he wants to avoid conflict with you.


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