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tv   [untitled]    December 24, 2021 9:00am-9:31am AST

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so much of the sufferings exploited protected people for the profit episode. one of all, hale the lockdown on out his era. ah ha, i'm fully batty boy. in doha, with a look at the headlines on al jazeera south, korea's government has pardoned former president park you and he has been serving a 22 year prison sentence for corruption. it was one of current leader more j ins. new year amnesty, she was the country's 1st democratically elected leader to be thrown out of office . robert kelly is a professor of political science and diplomacy at pusan national university. he explained some of the reasons behind park sa, misty. she had both physical and mental health issues. since impeachment, i mean, she's pretty clearly not going to have any kind of meaningful political role in
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korean life if she's allowed to go home is appears going to happen. i think she's now on her seventy's and she's really struggled. she's been in prison. she just had surgery in her shoulder and right now with cove it in the rest of it. right. because also because she's older, she's just not really going to play any kind of meaningful role. she won't be a disruptive force or going to challenge her piece or something like that. so i think this is something of a sort of humanitarian gesture, as she still is broadly seen as sort of as corrupt figure is probably never really belong in the office. didn't really understand the gravity didn't really understand very well. the gravity of the, of the off that you held, and i don't really what are you disappointed that she's gone? there are some die hard and pulled out. i don't know, maybe 2025 percent of the population that thinks that she was removed inappropriately. this is some kind of like north korean coo or something like that, or whatever that, that machine the current president are pushed out to take the presidency. well, that's out. pretty small. minority opinion again, there some divers, i think most of the country just think that she is just or you know, sort of corrupt figure who is,
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who's best to just be sort of pushed out of the way and then kind of forgotten. she's nearly as polarizing some agree, as previous presidents, you know, will stay in jail who are much more contested figures by di, my sense is shoulder sort of be forgotten. as she, yes, she goes in return. a fairy in bangladesh has caught fire killing at least 30 people. thousands of others suffered injuries. rescue teams managed to save a number of passengers, but local sources say the death toll is likely to rise. the ferry was packed with 500 people. thousands of civilians are fleeing air and artillery strikes along the mars border with thailand. mars military is targeting rebels from the korean ethnic minority. the conflict has escalated since the coo in february. in the u. s. a former police woman has been found guilty of manslaughter for killing a black man during a traffic stop in minnesota. kimberly potter is shot 20th dante right. last april. she said she mistakenly fight had gone instead of her taser. john hendern has more
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from minneapolis. this was a very closely watch trial here throughout the united states because dante wright was shot during the middle of another trial of a white police officer who killed a black man. that was a police officer, derek chauffeur, who knelt on the neck of george floyd. ultimately killing him. in this case, kim potter stood, was almost impassive. simply lowered her head when each of those verdicts was read . she now has been taken immediately into custody and is already at a prison here in the state of minnesota. the u. case health agency has found the army con variant is milder than the delta strain of corona virus. earlier data suggests it's up to 70 percent less likely to cause hospital admissions. the study found that protection from a booster shot begins to drop after 10 weeks, although it's still effective against severe disease. we do know,
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we don't recall that it does a spread a lot more quickly. it's a lot more infectious than delta. so any advantage gained from reduce risk of hospitalization needs to be set against that. and we know, for example, if her, if a much smaller percentage of people are at the risk of hospitalization, is that a smaller percentage of a much larger number? there could be still significant hospitalization. new york city scaling down new year's eve celebrations in response to a surgeon covered 19 cases. the annual event in time square will limit numbers of people and will have to show proof of vaccination and wear masks, infections, or phrase. in 60 percent in the last week, japan has announced it will not send a government delegation to the beijing winter olympics. the u. s u k. canada and australia have announced already boy cars to protest against alleged human rights abuses in china. next, on al jazeera alger 0 out, ah
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ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, spain, it's my country and my home. there is so much to love here. the people landscape, year round, sunshine, culture and heritage in spanish, people love to tell you who they are and where they come from. and i am no
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exception. my family's hometown, shabbier, he sundays than with the the ring in coax. i know that centuries ago these was part of mostly myspace. a hurried, it's long gone, but not forgotten. ah . like many spaniards, i learned about the concrete muslim heritage at school. one day does seem printed on my mind. 711. ah. that's the opening chapter of whose limbs spain a long journey that ended in 1492 with the fall of the 4th r up kingdom renada in the south valencia to the northeast of granada is the home region of my mother and the natural place
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for me to start these quest ah, my name is pole up enough and am going on a journey to find out more about my heritage and the place had called home. it's a culture leap in the dark. i have no idea what exact lead to expect. ah, syria shown for rural krista and let the will and then throw marcus on the near casita of senior 33 allison hill, federal federal, local course, kathy who's having to get a this from dorothy toto yellow based as they carry. well, i professor for room for in the for the early doral. i'm pretty seymour it a little bad. we peluso blushing caution. there must be data for luckily with
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here's the people that call up. all of whom ody sca jackie? yes, it but a coupon. myself, thought he had is, and re as full of senior. the dorothy develop all of your moody sca olive policy that you like the shabby, i guess is 33. okay. saturday, good bye. feel a little more going last your l to hold off from the rescue that honey kissed and unpopular, which as they just then will discourse. mm hm. $1492.00 muslims living in christian areas were called them with danger and for a time their rights. religion and traditions were respected. but then years later, they were given a stark choice convert to christianity or be excited to north west africa. those who state formed the new social class, they were christians of muslim or akin known as the more discourse. some maurice cause were christians in public and at the same time,
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secretly held on to their muslim faith. these lasted for a century, but things came to a head again in 16 o 9. when a royal decree stated that the maurice goes, should be expelled from de b. we and peninsula on this accountant up. awesome. what is crisis? and i know the one here on this one has been there, philip, all of you though, i'm part of that this nobody only but it should enter. don't fin molinas. let's call a few. i don't know if maurice could contest on coming in. but again, the simple, don't wait for the shaggy out sylium said k, the to mean moody schooling on a few knowledge that musicians us more of it this year. but it one little school from the few people in 5th brawler meant though another national too much got us. caveat of foot owners, thought molina, warner give them a window glass and then as them go down the wolf. mm. it's hard to imagine the cruelty of these force expulsion after 8 centuries,
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leaving the peninsula only to be expelled over night. i wandered did some of them digging their heels and stay. these got me thinking about my own family. my mother used to say that her father had our books. he was from and maria in the south of spain. and the story goes that the r upstair were deported to valencia. really? i never mind now. i never knew my grandfather. so it was time to ask my grandmother about him moving. he passed away when still a young man. and i know that talking about him still brings great sadness to my grandmother. but i had to ask and i would have, you know, media in madison, but if you could give me a call back, this is lynn run. what nobody marina to guess when i could do without internet maricel place, yet he went to la mini, i can put a he am out of his,
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i know i put the academy initial and what it is, my name is nelson bank. i was gonna do. it doesn't look like there was a rehab ringo. that was not on the aunt of emanuel's were she to hear from him yet until hinted, and flayed mccloud sometimes go. yes, this is sandy. is daniel frasier under an issue? when is american stapleton associate liliana interstate? she really does nikki, an appointed though or savannah regularly as low as 2 ac? yes, the men and temperament graham, as i gather, they said the miss tina by them is not that on the other t. v with no either like an indian. ah, i have no wonder if my and sisters were maurice because from spain, but apart from
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a sense of skin shift with these people, i precious little evidenced to follow. ha, what must have been life for families denied their faith and a brute it from the land that was rightfully before being cast to drink due to the unknown new york. and what is the one which was eager? does his boy out of it? you know, he said the end of august, if i must have a delivery address from young here on the highway. oh, here for those who are little in nicholas doors, there's the man, what's his cantos, misconduct, my, what else to live out of money? what have you, as at emma is helene. i guess i'll go and yeah, you might have them and just have on a post on a plan, the letters will be initial della paypal. them got it elevated. they don't get either key this. hm. which is a monday, there's an element about posted on and thalia came to the us and he will read
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a final thing call me more discourse. think of me in community met of the out and of premier towards the as this portion foreclosure. i think i mean money skeleton back out on corner postal. less will i don't rely on that. i feel bad about it. others photo bays more than i thought it broke it all foot on a quest. i and i got a mean, and then any ice obvious, i don't, what in days of mean, but foreigners have done this at the atlanta asked. i compet dartford muttered when i'm fin the lot. i mean maurice political so they can look at the last of them in it was just one that's just not enough. know that they may have a whether that is pull soon. a one those international teeth. yes. hello. maurice, cause lucas toppa handle. so can you another one i spoke with duncan, simon maurice 1st it was just on the when last drop us in pretty out is little 30 there in our policy that if he, lia, because our theaters and i don't went over the younger e been and i started stuck into that are what into san antonio, united,
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just until 40. so i won't even do under all of them. what is what a lot of course los angeles be lally's e lacardo checklist. estie was williams, the director told me, norman of kayla. is any near me lucky with me? not maurice kits was her, says alley jada has them within the school year. girl will not give up. all of them . cookie, though, by whole are politic film. they are seniority, who let's go look what else was had to be, feel what is good, marty skirts and i honestly, you important it, perkins, hateful for and out of here. he that. yep. he, those is what i must get and what have you with enough guess on this and then to there's more sketch. so what i mean? no gratified on the they don't want any of your fish hold of a w. okay. and what is the mountains of valencia are not far from the area where i grew up. but in those childhood days, in ever consider that some of the muslims who resisted expulsion may have sought
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refuge in these lonely hills. i am on my way to meet than all, sir. who's written about word these people might have hidden from persecution? yes, no, or be no. he is l'aquila. no one got, well i can only communicate with wireless or so when you hear us great asking me if you know who familiar with me a little head is be able to and i will is a major a lot of will dollars. if we were, what is the sorry, what is it delicate or with family a little on the prestige i can get you actually get stuck in alina. i got the doctor, you got the yeah, it was him for him. there is, i'm one other. i'll make that while the data is in couple out of it. if you didn't
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know if that is back, when i see a us cable from last year, my for thought use them. are you ready? yes, you're asking for that amount of days or the amount of this on the i don't i stop by the phone you last year or the lobby is when we have a car wash up all afternoon with room. i know what he's got stating you and maybe you start ripping him. well i'm one of the lot of get i don't but i can i bought i feel like a yeah. picking your car city. ok. aaliyah. listen. a lot of that or if you on community journal, last gift shall you don't is shawanda im ball. yes. really reliable? yes. you are with us. yes it is. monday, a guy he's had in boy order initially what was get people, why didn't you want to let the others and give us hasn't done english again. i been at the deal man with the young been told by you that your home for the dentist, bruce's george john talk on the 2nd us if you have a load up with a good thing.
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so it seems that some of the maurice course did indeed stay in spain by threats of persecution, the ford station. and beth, i wonder, was this because they simply couldn't leave the place where they had lived for generations. or was it that they stayed out of fear of the unknown? i'm heading to their records valley, also known as the valley of the maurice. gus it's said that some maurice crossing this area escaped depredation because of the good relations they enjoyed with their christian neighbours. i'm on their way to meet someone who claims to know some of the descendants of the maurice coast of these volley, who still live to day in spain. not he afford. i'm told what he's going in, which i mean most of it out at the most nickelodeon. okay, but i think i went in castilla, a lawful mother. i left you a couple of dollars that i, i get i don't,
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we will resume looking at. are you little oriental aluminum, more than them? what is called a latham know, the messiah no. solomon daylight? yeah, really good. does he know in la jolla only me differently lately? going to get out on them in, but there's a little bush or you know room, but then they they families equal yodi headedness, evian, dante murphy school for to get by them was up in the world. there was a loss. the woman daughter, gillian ah, ah, there is no commence. we're used to for the 1st time here around 1568. i've come across one local man in spain, small to see a region was used to paris records to trace he's the me. ah, i don't know in the on air, sorry this an internet on better very him was we mine is the charlo going. i
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see. you're annoyed, i walked in idaho, and under they continue adding adams and cetera, coolly which are going to be, oh, they are going to be, are going to and are the mentors degree. and i'm already gone a long under there. and you know, if i don't get into her last, i think i'll be matthew that i knew i mentioned in doesn't in the think at that, you know, i think i'm in the same daniel cheryl daniels. i got a question that as soon as i'm in the initial initial, i'll go into a benefit loss. i will need those keys to establish a you know, the nice thing is i need to buy so many total minority dining and you don't remember when the, when the made it i'm mentally from when you,
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when the actual made up that i keep but if it was to the interesting 30 those you know, the medically feel that even though the mother has it feels like pieces of for centuries all jake, so i come together the local major, who's travelling on a similar historical journey to mine has gathered the group of people who believe they're all direct descendant of the maurice course. yeah. which is on the job, doesn't i don't know. i mean, like when i get off? no, no, no, it's a 30. i get any. i'm going to you again by so during the initial law, the law marla murray, car, she done so then last year when i was i had a buddy figured out the fish or not get out of the us again as well by the said can get us has to finally get it. like i know i'll get them. will mcclellan are not
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going to the for know 11 through the automated comment complete on my computer so you can okay. will put a new book as hill orchard hint on your issue. um, which one you shown which one you're in, la jolla, go by. good. when i get home, we do have an invalid. carol got a letter, it looked like a piece of kit and a yoga morgan will me ago or go more go. i'll out of the day after that. it, it, the more here, the okay here i've been below, i've, it'll show we had a book, a met planner for to kong or to hint a 1000. i mean, i get out, but if you're so she put a convey is super sad, almost man. so i watch a lot the group who claim to these descendants of the maurice good said, i should meet a british professor who is an expert on spanish history. could the professor
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confirmed what others have claimed that the maurice cause of southern spain were not all expelled at the start of the 16th century? and it's some state. could it be that many of today's christian spaniards half muslim roots? in the case of the maurice goes, it seems clear to me that the expulsion was not a total success law doesn't mean to say that it wasn't the success, but it wasn't a total success. not all of the maurice cars were expelled. and certainly in those who were expelled, significant numbers returned. we don't have numbers of those who returned the obvious reasons. they kept very quiet. they aren't going to publish the fact that they've returned it's quite difficult. it's hard work. goes in a way,
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is much easier to sort of believe they were all expelled than you don't have to do any more work. it's more complicated, but it's much more interesting. and it gives, i think, a much true, a picture of the diversity of spain in the early 17th century. it was still multicultural. it was still multiethnic. and there were still people who were tolerant, who accepted others who were not fanatics, bigots. i'm very much the opposite. of what li black legend lay in the negro as taught us. so i think that's very positive professor, that's an offer to take me to cbd i rover. he wanted to share the evidence he had found there. that suggested that the maurice gus both are bright and prospered in
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this area of e o. b i is. it is a fascinating case. it was a seniority or land. so we have all the documentation of the lord of the village and his archive. and what's clear, the maurice cause a vo rubia are assimilating quite rapidly. they can occupy posts in the town council. this gives them power, political power. they send their children, their sons to university, they run the local school, the doctor and the dentist. maurice course, they seem to be well integrated, but the truth critical thing is they have an educated elite so that when the expulsions come, they actually have political leaders who can keep the group together. they maintain a sense of identity. so even though they're expelled to france, they can very quickly reorganize and come back again. having the support of the counter salinas is also clearly important. and of course,
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having the support of their own christian neighbors who don't want to see them go so that when they do come back by looked after that hidden and their old christian neighbors hide them and they take them food and they look after them. and within a few years after the explosions, the whole villages integrated again when i've been there and talked about my studies and my books on the i rubia, they're always very proud to be able to say, we are descendants of the maurice casa vo rubia. and these are our names and we found on names in your books. hi paula. it's great to see you. this is the handwriting of the counter salinas, who is the law the v a ruby are really that's his own handwriting. this is signature. i see the con they, they salinas every by, they all do get
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a friend gabriella. and this is the answer by the secretary of state antonio, the hour of piggy. so that is that his own is written up himself. and what does he have to do with maurice goes? well, he is the lord of e r. rubia and am. so he is his village and it's a village that is half and half old christians, i am. maurice goes and in the time of the expulsions, the last thing that he wants or needs is half of his village. yeah. disappearing. right. so what he was doing in the background was ensuring that the maurice goes would be able to remain. and then this is the man in charge of the expulsions, the counter salazer, who's also writing officially to say you have to expel your maurice curse and celina. so this is an autograph letter. this is signature, the county alyssa and then salinas writes back and it's absolutely fun. it's really
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funny because they clearly don't like each other and saline as wallace says to him, you don't know anything about my village assigned to do with you. i will sort out what has to be done and you leave my moorish cause alone. i for example, vo rubia at certain surnames. i know we're surnames or marty score. so need nino, nito palazzios in via rubia. i'm already so really, so my name, my surname, if you were from vo rubia and your surname is palazzios castaneda. yeah. i will be reasonably confident that your family were. maurice goes but you don't come from the other. i've no, i mean my grandparents didn't, but others i don't know. you don't know. you need to look and check your your past . yeah. who knows? yeah. when i 1st came across this documentation i thought, wow, this is unique. yeah, i've never read this before. and that's what started me. i got me interested in trying to work out well what, what was happening,
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what happened and particularly to the maurice goes over. yeah, rubia. and was this happening elsewhere? mm. meeting professor godson was sort of a relation, not just his great depth of knowledge, but the fact that he knows things that not even my own palm, you knows. he's confident that both my father and mothers from me names may give clues to possible. maurice goes us history. my father's name is collapse. it's a common name in the captain, madrid. so that's my next destination. ah ah, ah, ah,
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ah, ah. talk to, i'll just see, oh a while the army is, can we listen? design is, are making serious effort in order to in te and to stop, to turn them. because if we meet with global use maintenance, i talked about the stormy stuff. imagine on how to see he's done
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with ah, ah, ah, he won't, jill. just bear with me. so robin, don't remind her of all top news stories. south korea will pardon former president paul gay hood who's been serving a 22 year prison sentence for corruption. that was part of the currently the moon j in new yet amnesty. she was country's 1st democratically elected leader to be thrown out of office. a fairy and bangladesh has caught fire killing at least 30 people. dozens of others have suffered injuries by rescue. teams managed to say the number of passengers, but local sources say the death toll is likely to rise. the ferry was packed with


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