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tv   [untitled]    December 24, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm AST

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there are also positive lights, saving applications of the technology. for example, in auto safety. most people may not realize, but many new automobiles now have a camera that's built into the car that actually is, is observing the driver. and those sorts of technologies can be used. then to help you know, recognize that somebody's using drowsy or you know, is to repair, to driving those sorts of things. like many technologies that have burge and in recent decades, f r t is largely unregulated in september, a united nations report singled out a i enabled f r t as posing special threats to human rights. the un human rights chief michelle bunch. a lead called on member states to issue an immediate moratorium on artificial systems until researchers fully assess what she called the catastrophic risks they pose rob reynolds al jazeera. ah,
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hello, are you watching out his ear and these are the stories we're following. the sound. more than 2000 flights have been cancelled globally on christmas eve. the light is blow served by the army con variant lotanza united and delta airline. say the merits has taken a toll on their staff. u. k prime minister bars johnson is urging the public to get a booster shot over the christmas holiday. mm. appointments for the 19 vaccines are being made available on boxing. and christmas day, johnson has largely resisted calls for tied to restrictions over the festive period . despite the spread of the army con, very, and the case or another record number of infections on thursday me, at least 39 people have been killed after a ferry called fire in bangladesh. rescue teams managed to save some passages, but local sources believe the death tale is likely to rise. the ferry was overcrowded and carrying up to 800 people. police in the northern indian state of
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order rec hand have launched a hate speech investigation following a meeting of hindu religious ladies. videos from last week's events, showed them calling for genocide and the use of weapons against muslims. south korea government, his pardoned former president, pac good. hey, he's been serving a 22 year prison sentence for corruption. the justice ministry says the decision is to help heal national divisions. christmas celebrations had begun in bethlehem the biblical birthplace of jesus christ who bought the new very into omicron has been fewer events this year. the town in the occupied west bank has no service because of international travel restrictions. those are the headlines. i am emily anguish the news continues here on al jazeera after the stream. january, when i just, you know, 20 years ago the euro was brought into circulation. we investigate how the eurozone
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benefited from having unofficial currency be part of the st. enjoy most social media community as sierra leone recovery from civil war continues. we month to decades since the end of one of africa's most brutal conflicts. the bottom line, steve clemens dives headlong into the u. s. issues that shape the rest of the world . as we enter the 3rd year of covey 19, we go back to woo hm. where it all began, and investigate how far we've come since the pandemic january on a, just the euro. ah . hi, anthony ok. on this episode of the stream, we're looking at what we learned living through the corona virus pandemic this year, and how it might help us as we headed into 2022. we have
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a team of medical professionals standing by to answer your questions. we start with doctor madame the cobra, 1900. pandemic has had a significant impact on all of our life instruction to daily life from the mental health and passing illness and our community and our own families to the economic and international impact of travel has been so significant. we'd also have good public health policy. this includes put him on a mass with community transmission and hide physical distancing, having testing available at all time. really important that we have these resources to everybody that needs it. and then 3rd, we have good risk in science, communication and ongoing basis. we need to inform people what is happening and how they need to change their behavior. as things continue to evolve. the big question we're asking on this episode is, can we beat corona virus in 2022. what do we need to do that? we need to margaret, dot ahmed, and thoughts and eyes, i guess for today. nice to see all 3 of you built tomorrow, but will you introduce yourself to international audience?
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tell them who you are, what you do a good evening. i'm a doctor, but i've also been a journalist and i work for the world health organization. and my job really is to inform you about what you can do to protect yourself from all kinds of health threats. but in the last 2 years, it's really been coded cove, it cove it thought to that is always good to have here on the stream. thanks for making tie and we want to see you all day. thanks for having me. for me. my name is ahmed. i'm a doctor, i'm a journalist based in london. it to have you and to a not always get to see you as well please. we want our audience, he well, what you do. thanks for me. good to be on the so hi everyone i'm, i'm a medical doctor, recent ball in central vendor. and i'm an associate biometrics, global hold them policy. all right, so any p a c string for the stream that they use them. okay, we have so many great resources for you right here. you on youtube,
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you've got concerns, you have questions, popped them right hand to the comment section. i will do my best to put them right into today's show. i'm actually going to start with a question that came via twitter margaret. we're going to make you work straight away. this one came from a doctor. doctor douglas says, as the former was me tates when transmitted, is there a possibility that a new variant would be more transportable than armor chron more deadly than delta and resistant to current immune response is, is that possible? that is, unfortunately possible, and that is the worst case scenario. so that's exactly why we have been begging the world to be fair about distribution of vaccines because we need to get the people who are likely to get be sickest protected. because when somebody is sick for a long time, that's when there's the opportunity for these mutations to occur. i'm going to play
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a small report from one of our correspondence, courtney barker, who was reporting from london a day or so ago. this is what he shared with us ahmed. love you to come of the back of that report cuz my concerns are really about an h. s staff and burn out his knee festival. with cases doubling every 2 days. health experts warn the vaccination effort. nice to reach people who haven't had a single dose. that's an estimated 1300000 in london. many millions more across the country analysis shows poor younger, more, ethnically diverse communities. our lease protected the more people against sick the more critical services could soon be in trouble. there currently so many stuff at this one london hospital trough through a down we covered and away from work that they've had to drop in extra help from elsewhere. just a man, the hospitals accident and emergency unit. and so that's a possible risk of a certain number of people ending up in hospital suffering with the omicron variant
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. and the country's national health service could soon be overwhelmed. yes, i've just been as quite difficult because when you do catch co video and you might not feel that by yourself as maybe a young doctor, you still have to turn in the time of work which put strain on your colleagues because they're not having to work almost extra hours, like 191 daughter who finished this just a thing for him and was called back in straight way to get back and talk to the finance just because there was no senior doctor around her supervisor junior doctors. so it becomes unsafe when you're having to work in situations like that where your particular time making life saving decisions. and it becomes almost a strain where you have to pick up other people's other people's work. so it's not actually the code itself that's making you sick and being able to work well. it's just the fact that you have to take time off putting extra strain on of course, the strength and understaffed health service. i'm just thinking of those images
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that we saw from india 2nd wave earlier on this year that was deeply distressing. and shocking out of that 2nd way. what did india learn? what are you going into the new year? with what tools do you have now? thanks. i mean, yes, so i plus, you know, very troubling time as you were actually saying, you know, a lot of distress, lot of failure of the health system to be able to cope with the increasing number of cases. fortunately since then, i think we've been able to ramp up our health services to extend our testing levels have gone up. our testing infrastructure has gone up in the us. i'm fairly well on the vaccination side as well. you know, there's a lot of ground to cover, but that having being said, you know, new radians bring their own challenges and i think the new one would that be better prepared to be able to handle any kind of b now, so funding, there's been okay, you're not seeing the kind of you know,
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that increase that we're seeing in other parts of the world. but the festive season ahead could actually be given a lot of people are traveling around and meeting each other and mosque usage. public health measures seem not to be added to the extend one would like. so, you know, it's, it's going to be tough times ahead, but hopefully we will be able to call and, you know, and then as well, because we need the saying, the most important issue here is to ensure vaccine, equally, not just in india, but across the world. the more people we get back to natives, the more vulnerable individuals we are able to protect. so i think we will all be in a much better state. i'm so putting in vaccine inequity, margaret, you can definitely jump in here. i really want to hear your thoughts. there is something that i saw recently, and i was truly, truly shot. it was astrazeneca in a tape, in nigeria because he had expired. and there was a plan for this. there was kovak, so even if he was the richest nation, there was
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a plan for that. some vaccines could go to countries. he might not have the purchasing power. margot, i'm going to say what went wrong. you can challenge me if you want to know it's heartbreaking and wrong was nigeria was sent doses by don't countries that were just about to expire. and thank you. it's not the only cut. i just come back from afghanistan. i spent a month there and they were racing to, to vaccinate people with, again, it was johnson and johnson, and it was about to expire. when they received doses in august september that were about to expire in november. they managed to vaccinate their mesh to do it, which is incredible, given, particularly the circumstances they're struggling with, with all the other things. but there are so many countries in there. so 1st of all, they're waiting. they don't know when they're gonna get the vaccines. they don't know what they're going to get and they don't know what the expiry date is. and
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then suddenly, of course it comes to us suddenly we've got these doses and here they are. and you know, quickly quickly, quickly we rest. i'm in there and and nigeria found, i don't think it was oh codecs. donations. they had, i had, they managed to get through the ones i got from kovacs. but the problem is they received vaccines at the senshi were within a week. oh, by the time they're on the comic. yeah. yeah. let me, let me, let me just a little donation, but yeah, let me just let me just play a little bit of this because i am sure of humans when you say you will be as, as aggrieved as, as i was when i saw uniform boxes of vaccine just put on to the tape. let's take a look. modified health officials and john alyssa watched as more than the 1000000 doses of expired extract. the big vaccine were crushed, destroyed vaccines were part of the massive shipment of more than 2000000 doses
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received in october admission from developed nations. by november, many of them had expired. we accepted the vaccine in an environment where, despite the interest, despite consorted air force by the federal government to procure the vaccine vaccines were not available in the open market if you want civil because they had largely be mob topped by the wealthy nation. and we had no choice to accept this vaccine, which short staffed life. and i just think that we felt the ethics past. there was a world like supporting our fellow countries. we failed that. we got an f thought. absolutely. you know, i mean, in this kind of a situation where everybody's going to make a now close to 2 years that we have to depend on vaccine charity. not maxine justice vaccine equal you deeply troubling. you know, if we don't understand that sorted out, it is the that the heart of any response to abandon me that we are all protected
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when everyone is protected. it is not by being nationalistic about us. about being narrow minded about your response. if you're going to protect your citizens, because we've seen radiance travel, the right us has traveled, you know, there's, there's just no way of stopping the spread unless everyone is protected. so actually it isn't everyone's interest, including countries themselves to be able to work with other countries to ensure that everyone is protected. and you know, margaret emma would agree with me on this to be actually field is world in this. and if i have, i hope you do it, does that we would have on this and we would do better. i think what we need to remember about this is unfortunately we live in this, i guess it's a capitalistic society where money kind of controls the rules that we go around. and you know, a couple of years ago there was a famous ceo of a pharmaceutical company raise the price of life stating drug by 6000 percent in
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america. and when he was on trial response, he gave was, this is a capitalistic society. i want to make money, this is why i did it. and that's the same thing we're seeing with these vaccines again. so the pfizer vaccine is on course to be the most lucrative drug of 2022. and it's already been the most lucrative of 2021. well, i think they were predicted to receive around $26000000000.00 just the pfizer. despite that, they decided to do a price hike couple months ago for the 5 devices. so we turn around and say, you know, we should have a dish should be a charity box in charge. the problem is that we live in a society which promotes not promotes people who do money hoarding wealth. and yes, what we have to remember is pfizer vaccine was actually developed through public funds. so trump, when he was president, he actually provided fines a with, with, with couple of government money to be able to develop that actually. so it's unfortunate that despite this money coming from public funds, it's not being returned to the public for the world we have and i think it's
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important to, oh sorry. yeah, i know he does that, monica gone. it's really important to also say we never intended it to be a charity and it's very, very wrong. i keep pianos are rich countries giving the poor countries the whole point of the kodak system and system we set up with many rich nations. but with basically, nations around the world was to have a system by which we could roll out vaccines in an orderly way to the highest priority groups at exactly the same time. that was the agreement. that was the understanding. it wasn't about charity. it was purely about margaret in so and something to start doing better now because everyone's been talking about vaccine inequity for a year. right? almost a year now i'll be doing better now. where city move x is coming out. so we've managed to reach the 800000 dose, rolled out, but worldwide 8. no half 1000000000 doses have been rolled out. and there are 16
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times more doses given i think, 16 times more boost does. i haven't got the numbers in front of me really well, boost has been given in wealthy countries, then primary doses getting into the country, still failing to vaccinate. so, and those are decisions as a programmatic decisions being made by wealthier countries. and we're not saying hoarding yet, but we're very, very concern. but those sort of decisions are still going to continue to skip the supply. so we'll still struggle to get those primary doses into people's arms. one more thoughts. i think that the yeah, can't go on it and then i move on on in terms of the boosters, like the visor c o 2 weeks ago said to combo mcroy, we're going to travel for 2 stuff. so that's also promoting growth. your nations from purch trying to purchase more of the boxes, which i think we don't even have the resource to tell us how about on does wise to work with our data. but just him saying that increase the shows off. i increase the
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share price of pfizer and welcome more purchases in world relations, so it is difficult to navigate. all right, so one more thought, nathan, i am pushing us on because you have to look ahead to 2022 as well. hands. he's watching right now says it's shameful that so much of the world is on vaccinated considering this is me adding on to considering how much science has been done, which is where i want to go to next, which is the science that has been done so quickly m ringing derek low. he's a drug discovery researcher who basically flags. what's happened this year and what's going to be exciting next year when we look at the pandemic? yes. one part of the good news is that vaccine production is continuing to go up. another part is that this coming year, we should have at least 2 more vaccines, new ones coming all we have to distribute those around the world, deep into
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a lot of countries and get our distribution networks up to speed. one other thing is that there's a new pill or protease inhibitor, which is much easier to make than the vaccines, and it's already being licensed to generic companies around the world. so i hope that helps to, we're in a completely new era with on the kron but vaccines. i think are still the way that the world gets out of this pandemic. and i just hope that 2022 is the year that we say that we got out of it out what takes us into a puzzle territory. and india is often known as the pharmacy of the world. you make so many of these vaccines for many drugs. how are you feeling looking into 2022. are the scientists really doing extraordinary? well, that is gonna help us out of where we are right now. absolutely. you know, they've done taylor work. i mean, there's no doubt at all that the kind of science we've seen over the last 2 years
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has really shown that when you get to it, when there is a conducive environment and support from government from other stakeholders, from regulators, you can actually make things happen the fact that we have axioms, the fact that you managed to do multi national clinical trials with literally thousands of patients in bed under the year just shows the progress as possible. and you know, countries like india 30, which of the manufacturing capacity can help support a larger availability of drugs that a big spike seen. but for that, i think globally, we have to agree that the priority should not be conference. the parity should not be intellectual property. the party has to be sorted attitude. the parity has to be, you know, just still have an ensuring that as a world we could better with this plan to make. and if we can get that sorted out at various levels than i think there is an article for 2022. and what i meant so hopefully far is that this experience teaches us that many other diseases still need solutions. we can get a scientist together should focus on those problems in the same urgency as we have
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seen for forward. i'm going to share a couple of headlines with our audience. you can see them here on my laptop. i want to ask you what you in the w h a thing in terms of find advancements and how fast it's happening. us army creat single vaccine against all covered and solved variance researches say the f b a the food and drug administration. that's in the u. s. authorize these antiviral pill as 1st approved at home treatment for cove. it up again. change up potentially . pfizer agrees to allow generic versions of it's coded pill. one more headline here. research is developing process to store code 1900 vaccines at room temperature is really got to help with developing nations. margaret, what are you seeing that gives you hope in terms of and the fact i've seen tremendous things right? actually from the beginning, we only knew the size existed for
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a few weeks before the scientists all came together already with ideas about how we were going to solve this problem. i remember being in a room with scientists from all around all zooming in because are in other countries, not because of it at the time. and they were talking about what i knew so far about the sa viruses what vaccines were possibly in the making. how on earth you would structure the studies and are sharing it, didn't matter what country they were from the older term to get on top of it and fast forward 10 months later we had vaccines. we had vaccines going into people's arms. that's never happened. it's unprecedented. we also had huge observe trial assigned to studying all the different drugs that were available ready to see if there was something we already had that could work. not much did work, but we found that steroids did. and, and of course, as you've mentioned,
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we now have a whole range of different treatments. antivirals, we've got the immunological treatments, a whole range of treatments that did not exist. we're not there that we now have so well the scientific world has stood up together in solidarity. i would just like other parts of the human race to, to, to share that kind of solidarity. i mean, i've got a couple, couple of thoughts for you from, from you chip, which i'd really love you to engage with heavier, says many people, wait until that dest, or to demand the medical community, do everything to save them. this is about prevention, lessening demand for health care, thoughts on that one? yeah, i think it's a really difficult question to be honest because obviously we restarted once freedoms and things like that. but when it comes to something as simple as putting on a face moss as it is quite literally a cloth from your just a few minutes that you're on public transport with someone or going to a public venue. why is it so difficult for people to understand that and you're
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right, people who suddenly demand as soon as about to die, they want to be integrated. they want to get to the i see you, they want the emergency medications. some people are going off of the vaccine was on the bed to would be the and i mean is that have you ever had? yeah, no, i didn't. i remember one time this is i ended up being on a, on a bus once. and there was a guy wearing a face not wearing the face was and i just thought you might just just lifting up. and he turned around to me and this was in the us and the turn around me and said you liberals like you're supporting by that and all this stuff. and i know that this isn't a discussion related to politics, to science or anything like that. it's purely to do it even even if for example, somebody was using a word. so i didn't like, and they told me to stop using that word of respect. i would simply respect, you know, someone's uncomfortable this to myself. it's not that difficult, mr. short period. so that kind of stuff, i don't understand fully and i do think that needs to be more done to be able to
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support our selves in terms of being able to do that. i've never seen myself, somebody off the vaccine, but i've seen, i've read articles. there's just one in east of this who was awesome, who she wrote an article, i think it was a chicago truck idea. who was, she said a number of patients. she was going to intimate them walking for the vaccine. and unfortunately, it's way too late that one was sick, the vaccine isn't going to do anything to help her teeny says politics of ruined people getting faxed in the united states. politics lead to the population here, i believe in other countries as well. capital letters, shameful. so we've had an incredible leadership from scientists and policy makers there, probably somewhere behind that. i'm saying diplomatically here, the 1st time that we all she to be on the stream. you had lines on your face from the mouth that you've been wearing you. it was crisis mode. how
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are you treating people who now have cove it in hospital? what advances have be made in treatment that going into 2020 to your not necessarily in crisis mode or are you still? i think it's a few different aspects to that question. number one, i don't think we're on crisis moved as much as we were before, even though we're recording record numbers of the vaccine was almost one is not bad or various other things. it's an issue where we're not actually seeing that many come into a q b on well, the other thing is we haven't really made that many treatment advances. the treatment is to provide oxygen if they need ventilation each bed vents and it's just a lot more streamlined. we kind of know the numbers of oxygen levels with touch, your targeting, that kind of stuff from that perspective. it's a lot more streamlined. and then, you know, giving the steroids, the recommended doses and things like that happens. you know,
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what's happening before before was kind of guessing go. whereas now it's almost like we kind of know the basics as to what's going to work. there are some new drugs are coming on medications, possibly my work when you start using them. yeah. and the acute phase we're using them and patients being treat at home. whether or not that will improve in the acute phase later might be a potential for us to benefit from show. i'm reading your face and your face seems more hopeful for 2022 from the previous faces that we have when we talked about corona virus and that you as well, you're looking much more helpful than on previous conversations. that's something that we've got a hold on now, but how we fix at biggest challenges in 2020 to that is still to be determined. dr. margaret dot net dot net. thank you so much for your conversation and for your advice and your guidance. really appreciate it. going to go to youtube one more time. i had some question was,
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can we be corona virus in 2022. and had a shift on youtube says it's going to be 5 years. oh my goodness, 5 more years stream shows about corrode a virus brace yourself. thank you very much. guess really appreciate you. i will see you next time. thanks for watching. ah coveted beyond well taken without hesitation. fulton died for power. defines our wild launch loop. babies were dying, i did it, nothing about its neglected babies to deck people in power investigates,
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exposes, and questions to the use and abuse of power around the globe on now to sierra the listening post cuts through the noise. we're talking about competing now by seeing monday tools being used to perpetuate those competing narrative separating spin from fuck all 3 versions of the story and then some element of the truth. but the whole story remains and coaching, unpacking the stories you're being told, it's not a science story at all. it's a story about politics. the listening post your guide to the media on a j 0 in the country with an abundance of resource rates are and walk indonesia whose firms for me, we move pool to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs.
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invest. let be part when denise is growth and progress in indonesia now. ah, this is al jazeera ah. you're watching the news, our live from a headquarters in del. how i'm debbie and abigail are coming up with the next 6 minutes on the chrome, dampens holiday plans. hundreds of flights are cancelled just before christmas as corn a virus. infection serge, globally, and over crowded ferry catches fire and bangladesh killing at least 39 people. and as christians celebrate christmas eve were in bethlehem in the occupied wes.


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