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tv   [untitled]    December 24, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm AST

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i'm strong, we balance the green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let people when denise is growth and progress in indonesia now. ah, this is al jazeera ah, you're wanting the news, our life from a headquarters in del. how i'm debbie and abigail coming up for the next 60 minutes . armstrong, dampens holiday plans. hundreds of flights are cancelled just before christmas as corn a virus infection serge, globally. an over crowded ferry catches fire and bangladesh killing at least 39
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people. and as christians celebrate christmas eve were in bethlehem and the occupied west bank to see how the pandemic is affecting this year's preparations. cleaning up from political chaos. people in sudan say they've been left to fend for themselves. i'm devin, ashwin sport cave. it causes another of sunday's primary games to be postponed at a meeting between the league and manages to discuss the situation is described as a waste of time by talking vol. santana, conte, ah, hello, welcome to the news hour more than 2000 flights globally has been cancelled on christmas eve. the latest blow caused by the highly transmissible army kron very, and it's left to would be travelers, stranded as the holiday season kicks off. lufthansa, delta and united airlines say the virus of affected their flight cruise over the u
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. k. be prime minister is urge the public to get booster shots during the festive season. and other countries like france and australia have sort of the wait times to receive booster shots as they rush to stem the tide off infections. we have re challenge whose life for us and louis in the u. k. but 1st, let's cross to alan fisher who's following development from washington d. c. allen and the travel chaos. what more can you tell us about the flight cancellations? no such a merry christmas for hundreds of thousands of travelers. we are told there is more than 400 place, cancelled at the moment, 169 by united 127. by delta, the airlines trying to send out messages via text, an e mail and whatsapp to try and tell people, look your flight on christmas eve is cancelled. don't come to the airport. that's not going to get to every one. there are going to be people showing up at airports across the country who suddenly finding out that their travel plans have been
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thrown into chaos and there's nothing really that they can do about it. so what's the problem? the problem is, of course, the, on the con very, and it is heading flight crews and support staff. it means the airlines simply can't staff the flights that they had shared july. it is just a few days ago since they asked congress to try and reduce the amount of time anyone testing positive. for coven, who works for a near line, could reduce that period of quarantine from the 10 days to 5 days. that was ignored by congress. but the cdc, the center for diseases control, they have said that if they're going to reduce it from 10 to 7 for health care workers. and that's because hospital systems across the country are being inundated . and we're seeing record numbers of infections in places like new york and others around the country. it really is serious if there is any good news on the flight front, it has this. remember when omicron started as a threat,
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joe biden and his administration decided to put in place a flight travel band for 8 southern african countries, or that travel barn is going to be lifted on the 31st of december. there's really no point for it here. no, because alma cron is in all 50 states and is the dominant strain here in the united states. so saying that it's a dominant strain. al and our health officials worried that there could be a further surge in number is after the holiday season. due to that get together is that are taking place over the christmas period. well, this is a very difficult month here in the united states because back in november we had thanksgiving. when people get together with their families around the table go to sporting events. and then we run into christmas where people get together, gather own, with their families and go to sporting events, and we'll see the same at new year as well. so there is a concern that this will just ramp up numbers and we're already seeing record numbers as i see in a number of places right across the united states. the other problem, of course,
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is testing. people just can't get their hands on tests at test sites across the country. people are waiting for hours to make sure that they are negative, and the biden administration knew about this. they were told about it. they could have booked those, and they simply didn't put that in place though they're saying they'll be billions of tests available for january. that's no help to people right now. and remember, joe biden was very critical of donald trump, for not ramping up testing quicker. so that's very much on him. as for across the country, the big celebrations for new year are already being scaled back. they've done it at the big celebration, the iconic celebration in times square and new york, the numbers they're going to be much smaller. they're closing the site for longer, they are making sure that people who actually get in are socially distance and are vaccinated. but that's not stopping health officials worrying about what's going to be on the other side of the christmas and new year holidays rad allen. thank you so
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much for that update from washington d. c. well, over in the u. k prime minister for his johnson resistance calls for a tighter restrictions for the holidays. as cases they are surged to record highs. though the time for buying presence is theoretically running out, there is still a wonderful thing. you can give your family and the whole country that is to get that job, whether it's your 1st or 2nd, or your booster. so that next year's festivities are even better than this is. and in the meantime, i thank you. i wish you all a very merry christmas a. so that was for his johnson's christmas message. let's bring in the every chance he's joining us from louis. so are we, what would you say was the take away message from that christmas message that boris johnson put out what i think it was the classic john saudi and address of optimism really. he had basically peppered his
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speech with lots of rhetorical flourishes. the kind of things you're familiar with, if you listen to borrow johnson speak often. he says that if you needed a big turkey this year, if you have more brussel sprouts to peel, if there's more washing up to do, if they're a big piles of wrapping paper underneath the tree, then that's all to the good. because that shows that you have been able to spend christmas with the people the in love as opposed to last year when effectively christmas was cancelled. a very short notice and lots of families had to stay by themselves. no mingling in large groups. it's all. so the message from barbara johnson is that this year it's different. and if you get your job, you drilled the home again and again, get your job the next year is going to be better still. he won't even so far as to say, it's probably what jesus would have wanted. he said that's getting a job as
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a community might have things to do. you're not just doing it yourself. you're doing it for everyone who live knew you, and that's what jesus, his message was as well. of course, he's right to say that this christmas is better than last years, but with omicron rampaging through the country, everyone knows multiple people who have cobit at the moment. many people are having to isolate so that the virus is still costing a big shadow over this festive season. add it as it did last month. yeah, very so what are the latest figures and what is the status on the crohn right now in the u. k. well, i mean we, every day we're pretty much seeing record infection figures for the entire panoramic. so the ones to be go yesterday on thursday, the 120000 nearly a 100. 20000 new infections and we might well see a new record posted when the figures come out later on. today,
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the vaccine roll out is going on on don't aids. tomorrow is a public holiday christmas day. the day after his boxing day. that's a public holiday as well, but you can still go. so any number of vaccine centers around the country and get a job. so that is the way that the government thinks it's going to beat the omicron variance. it's going to resist as much as it can. any additional lockdown measures we have speculation go into christmas that there might be new ones. the government for that was, wasn't going to be there. is speculation still kind of that there might be some coming in after christmas before new year, but i think the government is trying to squash that speculation as well. so yes, the government wants vaccines and jobs and boost is to be the way out of this. and that's what it's putting all of its eggs into his that that basket. and then you know that the, the plus side is, as we've heard, nothing where as we can hear,
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like when the program, alma kron as a veterans does seem to be, as the new data suggests, at least less severe than previous periods. yeah, we are, we're going to get on to the new data next. thank you so much for re challenge reporting from louis in the u. k. so as rory was just mentioning, the data does suggest that on the crime is milder than previous variance. but you case health security agency says people with a very inter estimated to be up to 70 percent. less likely to be admitted to hospital. imperial college found people infected with ami kron are 40 percent less likely to be in hospital for a night or more. that's compared to the delta variance and very early data from the universe seeing if edinburgh indicates a 2 thirds reduction in the risk of ending up in hospital on tuesday, a study from south africa so that people infected or 70 to 80 percent less likely to have to be admitted, professor cheryl cohen is a senior author of that self african study at the national institutes for
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communicable diseases and has more on her teams findings. when we look at this finding that we have offered you severity, they really are 2 possible explanations and i think it's likely both of them are contributing. the one is that potentially the virus is actually intrinsically less than there are some early data to suggest that the parts of the body that a target potential in the life might be different and contribute to it actually being intrinsically less likely to cause severe disease. but the other important contribution is the role of pre existing immunity. so the in south africa, more than 70 percent of people have had saw a coffee too before. and many people have also had vaccination. and so in the, the people included in our study and then we know on the crime is more likely to cause a breakthrough infection. so many of the patients will actually have had previous conviction over the nation. so. so part of the reduced severity might actually just be that in many, many people, they've already had it before and they have some level of immunity. and when we
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compare those on the current patients in the early wave to people in the delta wave . so the previous wave, we also found a mass prospect that people, they were 70 percent less likely to develop severe disease. and importantly, we really waited from the time of diagnosis. we gave it a whole 3 weeks for those people to actually have got severe disease or got admitted to hospital so. so, you know, the vast majority of those people would have had severe disease if they were going to get it so. so we feel that these data on our quest about christmas celebrations have begun, and bethlehem the biblical birthplace of jesus christ. a new covered 19 variance on the call has meant fewer events. this year. the town has been almost deserted. israel, which controls travel to be occupied, west bank, has effectively suspended foreign tourism because of the pandemic needle. he has more from bethlehem. all these people hear of gather to welcome the latin battery
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out of jerusalem. yet the septic, the bad is arrival here. and now since the beginning of the christmas celebration here battle i have, this is a sound where many balancing is would tell you is like a way to lafayette to be because many believe that jesus christ was born here in battle now. but back to last year, numbers of people are allowed to enter here. the major square is much more. it's a more festive season. last year people weren't even allowed to attend this celebration here in the square. now one element many palestinians would tell you is missing is tourism. this is a city that has long depended on tours coming in. but the plan that make the board does have only been open for just 2 week. israel is the one who put droll was access to the occupied by bank. it's very noise to see some people around here.
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however, this is only the 10th of what used to be here normally is. this gives me a little bit hope that things will get better hopefully in the, in the, in the, in the near future. we still need some time to recover fully. keep in mind we ought not to point people within a very, very resilient people. jesus, what's going on that occupation. he was born as a child that i mean to, ability and weakness. i dictate that tried to kill, but need to find all odds and the all that game. and from this the down game a method will be sent home. but that is not the well as a palestinian. i do believe that i have the fullest in an identity. i have like this is my city, this is my country and i'm not, i'm not really able to move. it was like it with freedom and inside my country, this might be on the goals many years. they that they are lucky that there is no
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upgrade with inhibited lab rates. a people who are dying me, that message of britain is all about. oh, they all. next here will be back to my head on the algebra is our including repair and rebuild. it's been 5 months since germany was hit with severe flooding swap. some people not been able to return home. south korea's government pardons, former president parkland, hey, who's been serving a 22 year sentence for corruption and we hear from england cricket captain joe route on what his side must do to wrestle controlled back from australia in the ashes. ah. but 1st, at least 39 people have been killed, bangladesh after a fire ripped through a fairy carrying hundreds of passengers. police say it broke out in the engine room in the middle of the night and quickly engulfed the boat. bernard smith reports
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this overnight ferry was packed with up to 800 people heading out of dhaka for a weekend, away with friends and family. many would have been sleeping in these crowded cabins as the fire took hold in the engine room or the engine had been running for about an hour while on fire. later, the fire probably spread from the engine to the earl tanker and his tub with a loud bang at this spot. will you spending right now? how about the proposal? as flames whipped through the very many passengers jumped into the river to escape . according to police. they believe the engine carried on running for an hour. as the fire took hold on, many survivors of suffered terrible burn injuries and the death toll is expected to rise. i was on the 2nd floor. suddenly the engine exploded and caught fire. it had be malfunctioning from earlier on, but the negligence of the fairy authority resulted in the fire. the fairy was
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coveting curtains, while the heat from the explosion was trapped inside and that he'd made everything fern. dozens of bodies have been recovered so far, very accidents, a common in bangladesh, usually blamed on over crowding, and lacks enforcement of rules. fairies are a main means of transport and a country that is criss crossed by more than a 130 rivers. the government set up to committees to investigate the fire. they been ordered to report their findings in 3 days. bernard smith, our jersey, was upon, is the latest country to announce that a won't send government officials to the beijing winter olympics. it still sending, however, several olympic officials to china, including the president of the tokyo 2020 games. the u. s. u. k. and canada and australia have already announced diplomatic boycotts and protest against a legit human rights abuses on we are muslims in jin chang churchgoers across the philippines have been eager to worship,
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since the government's eas corona virus restrictions ahead of christmas until recently, services had either been on line or with very limited attendance allowed barnaby low reports romanella inside and outside a crowd of worshippers. as far as the eyes can see, for most filipinos christmas is a sacred holiday that isn't complete without attending church, often daily in the week leading up to christmas. holiday shanella, the nightly police must massis or an important philippine with one of the shots. there were even some less here, despite the pardon me, although very limited. a sprinkler in the philippines. this really dufferin, i just very, very happy with the philippines cove 19 situation has improved considerably. daily infections have only been in a hundreds for weeks now. and would most curbs lift it. the one place filipinos
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have not been hesitant to congregate is here, filipinos, or some of the most devout catholics in the world. each year during the christmas season, churches are filled with the faithful, pre dawn for 9 days of masses. last year, however, coven 19 restrictions forced this tradition move mostly online. the services are still streamed, but churchgoers believe praying as a community could be more powerful, especially during this challenging time. the country is not just reeling from the pandemic, but it is suffering from the aftermath of pipe boone, right. this is really about us continuously continuing the spirit of christmas, which is the cost over to this discussion of the of those who are offering and those who had been devastated by the highest particularly supporting victims of typhoon rye has become an urgent concern. church leaders hope
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this christmas, their flock can extend a helping hand warned to below al jazeera manila. 5 months after floods devastated towns and villages in germany, many people have still not been able to return to their homes. the governments come under criticism for its response with volunteers stepping in to help foster reports from the german town of our vile or 5 months ago to be shot left his business as an event organizer to help victims of the lot. you want to insure those literally left in the cold flood damage their homes. didn't have to stay that way. for too long. with his team of volunteers, he started to collect air conditioners, can be used as well. with the temperature dropping below 0 until ground floor destroyed. daniel coatings over has been camping in her bathroom. the happened who said to you, all we have is this room. we sleep here,
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we cook here. everything happens here. downstairs the situation has not changed since a night in july when she and her 3 children had to escape from the water. she has no insurance and the governments off off help us yet to be seen him and have him of those on top of him on the days when you think things are going well and he's moving forward. but then something happens and you have these days when you just fall apart than everything comes back and living in this construction site where freezing and it's always the valley in the western part of germany was hit by floods after days of torrential rains, almost $200.00 people were killed was a virus of the floods, winter has not only brought darkness and cold, but it also as we find there to magic memories, while thousands of volunteers have held them to cope so far due to lack of government support. many here feel 5 months on have been forgotten or be shot slaves this on long and complicated government procedures. gill,
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i'm lang portez cut. 5 people. the government has a lot of iraq receive, so it takes too long to provide help quickly. we have an immediate help program from the government, but that takes too long to reach people. immediate help means that if someone calls us for heating, we have to install it the next day. we need to reassess disaster protocols in germany. more than 100000 fallen p s came to help they build a camp where hundreds of people receive meals have access to a laundry surface and got mental health support all paid for with donations. for now, we talk about round about 8000000 euro only. we get from what go. busy everywhere from germany, we have to say no from everybody or something from switzerland, from netherland, from looks book. it's the power social media around $1000.00 heaters have now being and sure mentalist have learned again about humanity and solidarity
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and sticking together. so i have a lot of hope that the pilot project in our town can be spread through germany, and it can be spread throughout the world. thanks. hi, tanya, earnings hope means winter will just be a little bit warmer. fasten al jazeera in the saudi led coalition fighting any eman says they've destroyed 9 locations where who the rebels were storing weapons airstrikes took place across the capitol. some of these pictures. so the aftermath. prophy forces, deny accusations. they hid weapons in a sports complex. the rebels have repeatedly launch drones on missile attacks into saudi arabia, since the conflict began in 2015. so don's reinstated prime minister, the handle has been trying to appoint a new cabinet for more than a month without success. the people of sudan say they're the ones paying the price through their resulting political and economic chaos. well,
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how much all reports from hard to me? islam used to own 3 vehicles for rental and public transportation. just a few years ago, he considered himself a successful entrepreneur, but not any more. we drove with a psalm and his last remaining vehicle, which is also planning to sell in order to meet his family's needs. hello, the hell of a sailor. the situation is different now. you can no longer pay for the education of you. children can't buy food because a loaf of bread is now 40 pounds. if a family member fall sick, you can't pay for the treatment. people have drained their savings, likes become absolutely untenable. many sudanese share the same view that the crisis is a direct result of political chaos and the lack of proper government. the absence of government in this country is not a figurative expression. it's rather little and asked because over 2 thirds of the
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cabinet ministers have not been appointed so far, including those of interior defense. and our situation has been going on for nearly 2 months. there was been an explosion in prices soaring inflation and a huge rise in unemployment, leaving many people in a state of desperation. one of the few ministers remaining in his job after october's military takeover is jabrisa by him. head of the dar for arm, justice and equality movement. he defends the lifting of subsidies and an immediate plunge into a deregulated, free market economy. that subsidies for, for example, fulfill her for a wheat. i fall gas. i fought for the different as commodities distorted the economy. i shall, it's a blanket for a subsidy there. each i getting the same as a poor. he believes more people will now be forced to find
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a job in the past. add 1015 passes. in. if i extended family ally on a single working person and that person was tried to feed them through his sad and then the mega income salary. now practically cannot do that. and if people, if they're not working them going to feed themselves. so they have to go and look forward. that's what we're trying to do. but this approach is not popular among the sudanese and that doesn't have been better than what's happening in the country is affecting the market and people's ability to buy and sell merchants praise prices that they wish. while the government has given them free rain, it doesn't seem to care. sudanese households are in a deep mis because of the policy in m. s to our basic services including sanitation and st cleaning. but in the heart of the sudanese capital passes by
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a p as indifferent to what they see of the authorities. mohammed fund at the 0 cartoon still had on the algebra news, our fiction or future. some predict verifying outcomes from facial recognition, technology and artificial intelligence. what i was, i'm a been job aids in a mangrove forest, just off the review. and i'll tell you how the lack of fresh water. it's going. species of mangrove. well, we have m b. a action coming up in florida. steph curry delivers another shooting master to lead the warriors, or at least 8 a we may see some rain across the gulf states. hello everyone. let's talk about that right off the bat. it all has to do with this ribbon of cloud draped over sections
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of saudi. we'll go in for a closer look. i'll put this a day for now and we'll find ourselves on sunday. could see the showers through buffer rain and i think probably the northwest of cats are maybe not doas specifically, but there is certainly the risk for it. and those winds will still be crank into about 50 kilometers per hour. next for go into pakistan. enjoy. well, you can, because temperature is here, will be falling in the days to come. that includes for the horse. so for now, a cloudy day at 19 degrees temperatures however, are going up and it's stumble, but it comes out a bit of a cost. you can see those winds pick up through the boss for as central africa. we've got our plentiful storms here where we would expect to see, especially around lake victoria here heart tomb a bit below average with those winds out of the north $29.00 degrees. and as we looked toward the south, we got some rock in storms across them. bob boys, central southern portions of news and big still wet weather for eastern portions of south africa, just south of durban. the other day we scooped up more than a 100 millimeters of rain and still feeling like summer in cape town. 30 degrees
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the high for you on saturday. enjoy. that's it. we'll see again soon. ah. ah. mother nature's gift of cold full landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance for rising. we're investments are waiting to flourish. we're greed, tv, even supplied by tradition. doing where beautiful possibilities are offered. cobit 19 is a public health crisis that has been compounded by capitalism. alleyway navigates the big questions raised by the global pandemic power system based on private ownership in the state of profit. so the world in
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a ton of capitalism is the pandemic cause of so much of the sufferings exploited protect the people or the prophet episode. one of all, hale, the love down on out is there. o a gun. the top stories on the al jazeera news, our at least 39 people have died after a ferry caught fire in bangladesh. rescue teams managed to save some passengers a local source and save the death toll is likely to rise. the ferry was overcrowded and it was carrying up to 800 people. chris and celebrations taking place right now
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in bethlehem, in the occupied west bank. the biblical birthplace of jesus christ. but the outbreak of the con variance has been far fewer event this year.


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