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in yes, i do believe that a have a palestinian identity. i have like this is my city, this is my country and i'm not, i'm not really able to move. it was like, it was freedom and inside my country, this might be on the goals many years. they that they are lucky that there is no upgrade with inhibited lab rates. a people who are telling me that the method of griffin is all about the next year with no, again, i'm fully battle with the headlines on al jazeera christmas travel plans have again been thrown into chaos by the corona, virus pandemic. the highly transmissible micron, very in test, for se, aligned to cancel more than 4000 flights. worldwide galle elizondo has moved from newark airport in new jersey delta. one of the major carriers here in the u. s. is
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announced over a $125.00 cancellations on friday. united airlines. so another major airline here in the u. s. over a $160.00 cancellations. they say this is all due to a pilot flight attendant and other staff shortages staff that have been hit by the new armory kron variant that is hitting the north east of the united states from jersey. washington dc. new york, particularly hard new york city, is the us epicenter of the on re, kron variant. u. k prime minister voice johnston is urging people to get a booster vaccine shot over the christmas holiday cases. a surgeon across europe with britain reporting another day of reckon infections in avenues, gambia se, truth and reconciliation commission has recommended that former president via jeremy's fan trial for murder, torture, and rape. jamie fled to exile in 2017 after refusing to accept defeat in the
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presidential election. at least 13 migrants have drowned off to their boat capsize in greece is a j. n. c. the 3rd disaster in as many days, coast guard managed to rescue dozens of others. smugglers have been increasingly using the dangerous route between turkey and greece to enter europe. lebanon's president michelle, our own says his country needs 6 to 7 years to emerge from its current economic crisis. the currency has ross up to 90 percent of its value, and millions of people now live in poverty. and both frances has urged the world to look beyond the lives and decorations and remember the poor during the festive season. it's a 2nd time christmas eve mass has been held at saint peter's basilica in the vatican. since the pandemic began. routed it with the headlines on al jazeera is always more news on our website, al jazeera dot com, coming up next one. 0, one east. until just a wild alarm we listened
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as zionists are making serious efforts in order to impede and to stop the 10 of those would we meet with global newsmen. talk about the stormy stance on every year. workers from thailand, travel 8000 kilometers to scandinavian bust bars. anybody in hampton that he would sweden's lucrative? barry tried, depends on the mule, but it all coordinate people with fed some be a to pay it in to your but burden by heavy lunch. there is no guarantee their risk will be matched by reward. pon pon pon, pon behind with me on a lot me like that. my one 0, one east follows thailand, berry pickers across the globe as they seek fortune in sweden, spars ah
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pilot, and a husband boot on leaving a small village in duel faced in thailand. but they're about to make a trip far away. the heading to the wild forests of sweden, home to this prize momento, the atlas of an l. 45 year old udo has been flying to sweden for 20 years. today he's preparing to leave again the telephone graham of what i get. my now call back, i'll be july and land. i'm good. how come what i pay less money on? i in my yet money money. been cassandra in england. he's why fi, lean?
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he's at a neighbor's house. she'll be traveling with her husband and he's getting her hair done before they gone. oh, she wants to look her best for the trip me. one long long while i haven't naughty, good 9 in sin. i believe it. when we rely then hit my nap. laid out the door below him calon the moment before they leave, they pray for a good harvest in sweden. they not kneeling before buddha home, but another precious oak head close to mine. they also pray for good health, so boot alms, left hand was severely injured over 20 years ago. bob, working in a textile factory in taiwan. all there on my. i know. huh. oh, yeah, yeah. i give credit like a call. hey, pam,
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of my dad. so am i paying? no, do you me m, let the, hey, remco hormonal good or bad? mm hm. ah, good on. in pylea, lived in the province of food on tonic. the landscape is shaped by rice fields and sugar plantations in 130 families, leaving their village of da mom. almost every household is had a family member, goes to sweden, who don't want to show us where he and his wife will be working. he is relied on these old map for many years, but whether their upcoming journey will be worth it remains to be seen me from one mancha. my not annoying i. yes, my gall. yet they have hot lap on the market. the. my yeah my now they and i don't
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have a day tomorrow based on what it been me pill song company on the hook and me when the l. him at the not, based on luck on the map will come in the opportunity to earn money in sweden does not come cheap. food on and piling. have h taken out a loan of $75000.00 boss around $2400.00. they borrowed the money from a tie employment agency in the price includes of faith along with the flights and what permits they've signed, the contract which should guarantee working conditions and enough earnings to pay back. they align with. ready ready heard on knows these contract well. he says the content is the same every year. only the name of the tie company changes. how can repair and run that to move
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them even do it, but at heat in your mind that the key no k a bit funny dan low come get leggett lou and yeah, right down and oh by he that but he no on monday i've been delighted i'll tell you that you call him and pat like, you know my next we go to make the village cheap parable. he's a local success story. after working in sweden summer, off to summer pad, bon saved enough money to buy a tractor, a car, and some land. he and his wife now work in the fields once again. but this time it's their own lateral global one called me who called to become to ricky, don't you? and make one look. they caught high unique a lot, 19 pm who improve? what about the um launch and mock top that i hi. you will need
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a market man now. yes. of in puppy through how im me. yeah. come not out. google de la debit. yeah. one of my google me down when i 9 you know, blank on to the public evening. if he was home l one called ho on can you allow up a time to get home and i can't really get w y. who knew the pair upon success has inspired many villages to make the 8000 kilometer journey to sweden, where hard work can earn the more money than i can make here. shang has spent his life working on local rice and sugar farms. but now for the 1st time, he wants to try his luck abroad. and can you can you can man kept them left. she would exit c p a complement danina about been i'm can i go to lake and get by the kilogram yet long? they have them fertilizing sugar cane by hand is a tough job. ended on certain one. chang only finds out each morning if
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you'll have work that day. mommy, mommy and i love him. what get journey that hill you'll lank battle you. a good jay with a tongue. hipaa. that don't rob, not letting who are lacking gameplan filiette for gale countless, yoko seneca, with that light up the anchor long. that didn't get a london yet yet yet me. but so that they had when things go well, he can earn around $350.00. the mom from his work you, it's enough to survive, but not much help with sang lives with these family in this house. the top floor is uninhabitable, had the wood walls had been eaten away. my term on the family is forced to live on
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the ground floor without much protection or privacy. t, i literally get sound by them. like a thought, then send them cat, as i call they like hello like a me to a now let alia. oh yeah, it's the not yet. c a t lane. yeah. holiday me t come, i can man. he and his wife lick have worked hard to pay for him to go to sweden. every afternoon they sell chicken co bad, my saving up to pay a deposit for the trip. they borrowed the rest of the money from the employment agency bank vehicle. what i back in my year. yeah. good lord, i been cotton go me. p die. go me mad. i voting yoga. oh cool. no. yeah. they want a base,
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a future for themselves and their daughter will their dream come true? shang says, the only thing he hasn't had to pay for is these t shirt from the top company that hired in the broad color is intended to prevent him from being shot accidentally by swedish hunters. made a let. the la loca ban to pin. put me back again for le mikey here, main low ticket guy. my little as their time. let me in the middle window to pick ya bang. and they're helping a middle a lady. i help make up the took on woodman, kind of make it in the middle about what me me, me a lady. i get it. go cool. um and then ah oodles and his wife. why live and making the final preparations for their trip off
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. she is accompanying her husband for the 11th. i am now hoping to what will be the only time that they prefer to use their own supplies and their own spices and herbs. for me, pete, if born you go. wow, let go mean all my. oh my hand, no mind. oh. low. hm. level level one, so not like enough all color have making a me make, i mean, we'll a new model. even lemon with some ela model. play. hello and my loan, the logo. we come back and why they they
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have high hopes. they're aiming to earn around $3000.00 each. but it's a gamble. for me, no one knows whether the season will be a productive one or not. by the way, they've got 2 months to collect as many berries with lmi, ha, fly across the world. ah, from thailand's haitian humidity, lie sweden's dense forests. in this endless expanse, thousands of ties of working, plucking the wild berries, the groves. it's the middle of the picking season and we're here to catch up with cheng pie, lynn and doodle. we find shang in the town of soda,
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home, around 3 hours drive from the capital store. it's evening. he and the other workers have just returned from the forest with the berries they gather. he looks exhausted. i have that i live evelyn with sam, have he moved? i move handle on need now. little help with both of them will let me get it. okay, let me have again. ah, but he is working day is far from either. he has to wait. every berry cow. each kilogram earns him around $2.60 with. ma'am,
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with amanda, give me that. me and let me go ask, susan runs the local berry, picking company for the last 2 years is hired mainly 5 seasonal workers. can come your avenue yoga soon to pull up. us got free gum and nick over in she had the day love you were going on with the heat. the financing on that awful, some advil to go approach. car thailand, but i also looked at but yeah, the bottom from your but, but all cooling teeth would set some, b, o, p, it into the pickets had a contract which guarantees a minimum wage of 2004 $100.00 for the season. but in reality,
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the pay per kilo of berries $38.00, you know, x also tells us that this is what the work is prefer. not because they have the chance to earn more money. and he says, that's why they work monday than 8 hours a day. you also can check that to your team of on the mortgage, don't comment to balk mental cannot go forward. i had and then we got them yet on that i thought good. so that when you share like stopping, not so your can you in to him that i don't for the polk county? my extension, i don't been shana family deductible. when the kids they get to school, they get the support also control a earn more than $2400.00. chang has to pick at least 36 kilos a day. to day he's only peaked, 33. it's not a good hall. next
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morning he begins early up at 4. i and he and his group drive for up to 200 kilometers deal board and accommodation cost him $30.00 a day that's on top of the line. he took out in thailand with on reaching the forest. the workers quickly separate. they work alone for hours without a break. chang is learning as he goes. well to let go with if quick one with glut, it doesn't matter lip them to t like below that hello, got nickelodeon luck. i don't you t to las ada? look up at iep and 80 d p. it debit? well, when paddling your domain lock up at the man,
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he's bucket fills up very slowly. whether he finds a lot of berries comes down to chance. now go cleaning up with him again. hello, laughlin, the young man. but men, welcome my net that they're like yet. what have mckayla got the lid? then den dental la blair, half pop cabinet. i've got them yet can't. in the plight of thorn workers like chang is of special interest to this man mat, swing bull. he's a swedish journalist. we investigate labor conditions in the berry industry. he's concerned at the increasing number of ty pickers working with some food at various sites about them about something very little. let's do what is your wor, limone? please gather some fork out the box to tie lum, or in thoughtful,
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putting out in the quality of toyota taylor matthew scott. there broke garrison for cut the box to tie long or corn. scold mccormick, the ball. joe. we showed you the contract of the work is we following when bog says the great minimum wage is an improvement. but the tides have still had to take out large loans in order to come to sweden. all because i had it for more now that we all bought in our mail with all at the box go and then okay, i'm one of the comments on paying this already talked to miss this for thought for a little of baltimore, gold chang has been in sweden football wakes, he's still working to pay off his line. every day he feels further from his dream of burning good money. shank holds his wife. he doesn't want her to
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worry. can ever help you and his daughter is on the line too early. she wants to know if he's collected a lot of berries. what are your mean? will you let me go ahead and meet them when i come then when you're not thinking, like i said, i get there. them man, handle admin company 10 minutes. let me get the electrical got and they said anica to me. well, comically man, somebody from lima, a. ne, here they night. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, me natured me? no home mechanic healthy. ah,
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we leave chang to continue his work. and head 3rd, the know close to the arctic circle. we had to see pi lynn and boot on. they've sent us the gps coordinates for amazing port. it's a parking areas somewhere in swedish slat flatten with a great to make at 6 am the next morning. the area is a ski region, it's july and the middle of summer, but it's only 7 degrees celsius. dot gov on piling and on tell us that where they're working is a 4 hour drive from their accommodation. let me send me new pin
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145, and then on the map and my mother have give me a couple. maybe if your back is galico book lamp and melinda, i hacking on. yeah. couple more money than we'll talk here for a month and that'll help 8th and all that kind of company looks like a lot of all my files off. i need that for for yeah, acorda, him qualified that income they have to travel far because there are very few berries near where they're staying to make the long drive worth it. they spend every 2nd night outdoors. the weather is wet and uncomfortable. but a particularly rare and sought after berry is meant to grow here. oh oh hello, get my low my my little get money later. one. even me for the my local good bye
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bye. they like to get no v by he or call me no really important and for a minute i'm for like our w molina well with when a fire not blow me on the all get on the day begins as it does every morning with a long march on force into the forest. food on doesn't want to risk relying on he's blown out here. every $100.00 measures. he marks the way back to the road. we laid out. hum, buy pull the mind i. oh. tell me when de la car nick, i'm not i my name. when i put in my saddle up on your
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mark kimbrough my time my mom back complaining their hunting for the red cloud. berry extremely hot to cultivate. they grow wild in the arctic regions of scandinavia. golden yellow and color, and similar to raspberries, they can earn almost $13.00 per keela. piling has found a good spot, but she has to pick them quickly before the others come. every member of the group is working for themselves. oh well he for long. what. what, let's let morning backpack on. no or not. while while, while he had one me, why don't guy, levine, member number or not? when i look on my find a made up on the now and thank on fine despite today's good harvest, piling an alarm are almost out of time in just
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a few days. the season will be over. oh i keep going to wendy, like a good girl in the wintertime may, may i present my the phony goddamn yet simself. i tell you that coming that i have spent 2 months looking for clabbered, but it's been a bad year. after paying off all their debts, they will each make $1400.00. less than half they go. on keeping 11 know quite them. i'm wondering anika benefit from one lumpkin liaison when families have been fema loana. not fun as i finally em. matthau oliver
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and chang. this was his 1st summer in sweden. he wasn't the fastest, but he's grew of shed the money from the berries between them. after 2 and a half months, he won't be going home empty handed. he still left with $1500.00 after deducting all expenses and costs. how the local park at little monk, dad, thank you. like a medical god meant to so and i am, oh, glad you're glad. i be named. madden no alaya. hello then for so can new t dude angler phantom natural help and you make on that. and i am only migrant labors out willing to endure such conditions for such mag uptight. but ty, workers will continue to come to swain and to hunt the roots of the forest dreaming
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of a better future. mm. he uses performance ah, to draw attention to the critical and controversial issues facing shawnee are one on one east meets china's after with one out to 0. the health of humanity is at stake. a global pandemic requires a global response. w h o is the guardian of global health delivering life saving tools, supplies, and training to help the world's most vulnerable people, uniting across borders to speed up the development of tests, treatments, and of vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground. in the world and in the lab. now more than ever, the world needs
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w h o. making the healthier world for you. for everyone. i did 19 is a public health crisis that has been compounded by capitalism. alley raid navigates the big questions raised by the global pandemic power. the system are based on private ownership in the pursuit of profit search. the world in a ton of capitalism is the pandemic back cause of so much of the suffering exploited protect the people all the profit episode. one of all hail the look down on out his era. viewing the debate, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplified your voice. it's not really the future. 8, now this is not our responsibility. if people log companies responsibly, feedback,
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we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools to get back. we must build all these prevention. this stream on al jazeera, ah, travel chaos at christmas record. corona, virus infections for thousands of flies to be cancelled or delayed. ah, are you watching al jazeera live from doha with me for the battery boat. also a head, a commission calls for gandy as former president. yeah, i just made to stand trial for murder, torture and rape. a sombre festive season in the philippines where tens of thousands are struggling to find food and shelter.


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