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commentary some poor keener fossil and synagogues to do with colombia, but of course the man who plants vow bombs and arrest history africa direct on al jazeera ah la marianna marcy and london, our main story now protest as they were back out on the streets of sudan calling for the military to leave power to allow for free and fair elections. demonstrators marched through the capitol and towards the presidential palace in defiance of warnings, from the authorities to stay away from key sites in central cartoon security. fast forces fight it tear gas at people while phone and internet services of also been shut down. or today marked a 10th day of major demonstrations as the military seized power in a coup. on october 25th, at least $48.00 people have been killed in anti military protest since the qu
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civilian abdullah hummed up was reinstated as prime minister last month. after striking a power sharing deal with the military. which protest to say is betrayed of the values of the revolution. they are demanding full civilian governance now. little, i'm not sure that these people are good now to the streets to reject this military authority. and als slogans are clear for the i know negotiations, no partnership, no bargain. um, so when i did, the army is for the barracks, the militias do not rule up and we demand to hand over a full power back to civilians. we demand civilian democratic rule. many rahman val is in hart him for us. the information we have and the college we saw indicate that there have been huge numbers of protesters across come to me. some of them were in on demand, some in binary. these are the 2 other city is creating, composing, with cartoon itself, the,
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the capital of sudan. bought your phone if you have taken unprecedented measures since yesterday night. they closed all the bridges needing to central cartoon. and this time around, they deployed 3 times. the number of troops and policemen, even though the troops did not participate in the correct on the number of security forces 3 times more than in the previous occasion. about a week ago, we've been following breaking news from the democratic republic of congo. that has been an explosion in the town of benny. at least 6 people are confined to have died as well as the attacker. it targeted a popular restaurant from the towns made boulevard, and other 4 people were seriously injured. at the no claims of responsibility for the attacks. or christmas travel plans have been thrown into chaos with more than 4000 flights, cancelled worldwide. nearly 900 of those were just in the us on saturday. airlines have only gone down to the current of ours is causing my staffing shortages up ended plans for tens of thousands of holiday travelers over the christmas weekend.
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gabriel elizondo has more details for meal. doesn't matter how many airplanes an airline has, if you don't have pilots and flight attendants and ramp agents to, to staff those flights, they're not going anywhere. they're going to be cancelled. that's exceptionally exactly what's happening. the cancellations are actually accelerating here in the us on saturday. compared to friday, united airlines cancelled about $238.00 flights so far on saturday with more expected us about 12 percent of its total flights for the day. delta airlines, 290 cancellations, about 14 to 15 percent of its scheduled flights on saturday. and it's only 2 o'clock here on the east coast to the united states. so there's more cancellations expected. this is all because a pilots flight attendants and other personnel that are either sick or think they might be sick or have think they've been exposed to someone who, who is sick and therefore need to quarantine and can't work. so these cancellations
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are wreaking havoc throughout this holiday season throughout the world, but particularly airports here in the u. s. and the largest and most powerful space telescope ever built has launched from south america decor large lifts from a tropical rain for us to the edge of time itself. james webb begins a voyage back to the birth of the universe. scientists hope b james web telescope will help humans better understand stars and galaxies that are over 13000000000 years old. and it's traveling some distance. it's final destination is one and a half 1000000 kilometers away. vehicle performance is nominal. all the headlines this, our algae 0 world in such a my roots, if next ah
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me yes. ah ah, spain, it's my country and my home. there is so much to love here. the people landscape, year round, sunshine, culture and heritage. spanish people love to tell you who they are and where they come from. and i am no exception. my family's hometown
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shabby. he sunday's done with the the ring in coax. i know that centuries ago these was part of muslim space. a hurried it's long gone, but not forgotten. ah . like many spaniards, i learned about the conscious muslim heritage at school. one day does seem printed on my mind. 711. ah! that's the opening chapter of roseland spain, a long journey that ended in 1492 with the fall of the 4th r up kingdom ranada in the south. ah valencia to the northeast of granada is the home region of my mother and the natural place for me to start this quest.
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ah, my name is paula enough. and i am going on a journey to find out more about my heritage. and the place had called home, it's a culture leap in the dark, as i have no idea what excite lead to expect. ah, salia shown for rural gustavo. and they love dual and romantic isadine. i said a senior, 33 allison hill, federal federal, local course, kathy who's having to get a is from toyota, yellow based as they carry rock, professor for room for in the for the early doral embry seymour, they don't know where we barely russell, but i think we're shown as the low speed i fast for luckily, with years they beat out that going up all of your moody sca, jackie?
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yes, it broke upon myself. others and re s as full of signor. the dorothy dial up all of your body sca olive polos any that you like this shabby i guess it's did that with that. ok. saturday. good bye. feel a little more going last year, l to hold off from the rescue that of a honey castanan popular, which as they just then will discourse mm. in 1492 muslims living in christian areas were called them with danger. and for a time their rights. religion and traditions were respected, but 10 years later, they were given a stark choice convert to christianity, or be excited to north west africa. those who stayed formed a new social class. they were christians of muslim or akin, known as their mores course. some maurice goes, were christians in public, and at the same time, secretly held on to their muslim faith. these lasted for
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a century, but things came to a head again in 16 o 9 when a royal decrees stated that the maurice cars should be expelled from de b. we and peninsula on their content opp, or somebody's cries for, i know they, well, if you don't feel that up, all of you know, i'm part of that this nobody only but a should enter that. don't fin molinas not quite a few. i don't know if maurice quin this town he come in then, but again those people don't work for they shall be l. sylium said kenya to mean moody's closing on a few knowledge. the musicians us more than the few, but it one little school from the few people in 5th brawler meant they'll know the national teams got us caveat of foot on us. those molina is more marketable into glass and then as them go down the wolf. ah, it's hard to imagine the cruelty of these force expulsion after 8 centuries, leaving the peninsula only to be expelled over night. i wandered did some of them
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digging their heels and stay. these got me thinking about my own family. my mother used to say that her father had our books. he was from my maria in the south of spain. and the story goes that the our upstair were deported to valencia. oh, i never mind now. i never knew my grandfather. so it was time to ask my grandmother about him today. he passed away when still a young man, and i know that talking about him still brings great sadness to my grandmother. but i had to ask and i want to be no media in madison murphy. i'm could been yakima like this. go run what? no matter what i love to get good when i could do without internet warning of place, it went along many i can put a he, i mean out of his i know i boy, they academy michelin. what in us?
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yeah, my name is nelson banker from a do do it isn't with glad. i then rehab being a little louder. i'm on the huntington manuals machine. yeah. kind of and i from him yet until hinted in fluid mccloud from douglas go. yes, this is sandy, is daniel baker under an issue? when is american singleton associate? liliana is did she really the nikki, an affordable or savannah? make you a little hello. it's an estate. yes them in, especially i'm, as i gather they said the minute you know by them he's not that from the other jimmy with. no, you know, like an indian. ah, i've known wondered if my and sisters were maurice because from spain. but apart from a sense of skin shift with these people, i freshest,
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little evidenced to follow. ah, what must be to have been life for families, denied their faith and brooded from the land. that was frightfully before being just a dream due to the unknown hunter's unusual gilmore in which was eager towards his boyd out of it. you know, he said, ever since i know today to look at it 1st from she, i'm here on the other venue. oh, here for those little in nicholas doors, there's the man who says, can't those majors can touch my. what else with us? how do you as an image you so then i guess i got yeah. you might have them and just have or no pushed on a plan. the letters would be initial dell. okay. pulliam gotta delagarza. they don't video e that key this. hm. which is a monday, there's an element about post that on and thalia came to the us and he will read a final thing call me more discourse. think of me in community met of the out and
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of premier was the as this bullshit in foreclosure. i think i mean money school skeleton back out on corner postal. less will i don't rely on that. i feel bad about it. others photo bays more. they like audio book it all foot on a quest. i and they got, i mean, and then any ice obvious, i don't what in taylor, when but foreigners have done this at the other no comfort, our post must as well in dos. i mean maurice political showers there to look at the last of them. mm hm. that's just, that's enough. no. let me map weather that as puts you on a one let you know that's not the theory. hello maurice, cause lucas toppa handle. so can you another one? icicle. duncan's him in maurice 1st. it was just when the when last drop us in pity out is little text the or the enough policy that he filia. because our theaters and i went over that underwriter e been, and i started stuck into that are what into san antonio, united until 4th. so it won't seem on the, under all of what he's got
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a lot of course, last year's be lally's e. lacardo psychology estie was williams the director told me norman of kayla. is honey, i'm lucky. we'll see a mean on maurice kits was her. says our yardi system within the school year kill will not give up all of them cookie though, by whole our politics. you on the senior, this with alex, look what else was had to be feel what is good, marty skirts and i honestly you important for can see the full 4 in out of here. he . yep. he, those is what i must get and what have you with enough on this and then to there's more sketch. so what i mean? no gratified on the they don't want any of your fish hold of a w. okay. i'm with the mountains of valencia are not far from the area where i grew up. but in those childhood days, in ever consider that some of the muslims who resisted expulsion may have sought refuge in these lonely hills. i am on my way to meet the nasir,
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who's written about word these people might have hidden from persecution. yes. job or be know is like we were only got, we're going to look on the phenotype wireless product. so when you have a great guess, give me the, you know, who familiar with me is a little hideous. we're going to and i will, is a major a dollars. if we were not able to get it fixed, i was going to with some of the a little or middle of what requested your i kill it. got you achieve stuck in alina? i got the ball. okay. you got the yeah, it was him for in thing is i'm one other. i'll make that while the data is when couple out of a if you got did he not it. that is back. when i see
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a us cable from last year, my for tuesday, my very cool sierra can i feel like him out of this or the amount of this on the i don't last drop a has the phone. the last year or the lobby is on this. i was how was up all a feeling which will manners, 40 sky state and he and maybe you is that repeating him. well, i'm one of the lot of get i don't break it up or i feel like you're picking your car. city. ok. aaliyah. listen. a lot of latter a few on community journal. last gift sally don't and she will not be involved yesterday a few years. yes. and his mother put their name is helen boy. you quote initial what force get the will. why didn't you give me a bit, let the other some give us has done this english again, i been at the is deal migrate over to the in the general been told by you that your whole got 4 of them to shampoo, says george or john talk on the orange, there's just like in the city or they load up with . so it seems that some of the maurice close did indeed stay in spain by threats of
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persecution, effort station. and beth, i wonder, was this because they simply couldn't leave the place where they had lived for generations. or was it that they stayed out of fear of the unknown? i'm heading to their records, the valley, also known as the valley of the maurice, cuz it said that summaries crossing these area escape deportation because of the good relations they enjoyed with their christian neighbors. i'm on their way to meet someone who claims to know some of the descendants of the maurice gust of these volley, who still live to day in spain, nor say afford em thought what is going in which a minute the road at the most nick of it in okay, but the government in gusty? yeah. a lawful mother. i left you a couple of dollars that i get out on your vehicle looking at. are you there or are you moving more than than what is called
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a lot on are the msn lucel. i'm in there lately. good. does he know in la jolla only me the way i think got to get out on them in but then there's a little bush or you know room but then they they families, nuclear already finished sevien, dante, maurice, cool, followed by them was up in the world are as follows, the window, gillis ah, ah, there is no commence. we're used to for the 1st time here around 1568. i've come across one know can man in spain small to see our region was used to paris records to place his name. ah, i s t i e s. and internet on based on the family man. his teacher, logan asi, annoyed, i work in idaho. and under they continue adding adams ancestral glee
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which are going to be oh, they are going to be are going to look at the winters in korean marine cars under the new if i don't get into her last act. and matthew, that i knew it doesn't mean the think at that korea, oh, i think i'm in the system. daniel michelle daniels. i can push it as soon as i'm in dinner. so to initiate initially go into a benefit loss. i will need those keys to live in. somebody made it easier or you know, they were the best thing is i needed. so by the so many took omitting margarita nieto from middle when the, when the estimated i'm a little mentally i'm from in here in the actual middle packee, a sycamore with
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the ha, ah, it feels like pieces. so for centuries, all dick so are coming together. the local major, who's traveling on a similar historical journey to mine, has gathered the group of people who believe they are all direct descendants of the maurice cas. ah, which is on the internet to l. l. e. i mean, like when i get off? no, no, no, it's actually a good idea, monetary tanya e again. but how do i like to finish it to the law? the law more because she does show them awesome thing when i was i pity anybody figured out the or the official knocking out between us a financial version in bible a by the said can organization has to fund yet it marshall mental like i know i'll get them all mcclellan coronado calling to follow up on through the automated call
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. my complete my complete initial you could okay with you because he'll auto info on you. sure. which one you sure which one you're in late tanya global gave, but i guess a new piece of kit. and oh you go over with me ago. we'll go i'll out of the day after that it be okay. i got a bill i've, it'll chevy it up. okay. mccloud, minnesota. com or the date that i get out. but if you're so she put a convey is super settled with mine. so i would just say law group who claim to be descendants of the maurice. good said, i should meet a british professor who is an expert on spanish history. could the professor confirmed what others have claimed that the maurice cause of southern spain were
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not all expelled at the start of the 16th century? and if some state could it be that many of today's christian spaniards, half muslim roots? in the case of the, of the maurice goes, it seems clear to me that the expulsion was not a total success. that doesn't mean to say that it wasn't the success, but it wasn't a total success. not all of the maurice cars were expelled and certainly in those who were expelled, significant numbers returned. we don't have numbers of those who returned the obvious reasons. they kept very quiet. they aren't going to publish the fact that they've returned it's quite difficult. it's hard work. goes in a way is much easier to sort of believe they were all expelled. then you don't have
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to do any more work. it's more complicated, but it's much more interesting and it gives, i think, a much drew a picture of the diversity of spain and the early 17th century. it was still multicultural. it was still multiethnic and there were still people who were tolerant, who accepted others who were not fanatics, bigots. i'm very much the opposite of what lee black legend lay in the negro as taught us. so i think that's very positive professor that's and offered to take me to see belie rover. he wanted to share the evidence. he had found there that suggested that the maurice gus both are bright and prospered in this area of e o. b i is. it is a fascinating case, it was a seniority or land,
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so we have all the documentation of the lord and the village, and his archive. and what's clear, the maurice cause of the l rubia are assimilating quite rapidly. they can occupy posts in the town council. this gives them power political power. they send their children, their songs to university, they run the local school, the doctor and the dentist maurice course, they seem to be well integrated. but the crew, the critical thing is they have an educated elite so that when the expulsions come, they actually have political leaders who can keep the group together. they maintain a sense of identity. so even though they're expelled to france, they can very quickly reorganize and come back again. having the support of the counter salinas is also clearly important. and of course, having the support of their old christian neighbors who don't want to see them go
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so that when they do come back by looked after that hidden and their old christian neighbors hide them and they take them food and they look after them. and within a few years after the explosions, the whole village is integrated. again, when i've been there and talked about my studies and my books on the rubia, they're always very proud to be able to say, we are descendants of the maurice casa vo rubia. and these are our names and we found on names in your books bipolar straight to see if this is the handwriting of the counter salinas, who is the lord of the year ruby are really his own handwriting. this is signature . i see the comedy they salinas. everybody or do get a fine, gabriela? and this is the answer by the secretary of state antonio, the hour of peggy,
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so that his, that his own is written up himself. and what does he have to do with maurice goes? well, he is the lord of e r. rubia and am. so he is his village and it's a village that is half and half old christians, i am. maurice goes and in the time of the expulsions, the last thing that he wants or needs is half of his village. yeah. disappearing. right. so what he was doing in the background was ensuring that the maurice cost would be able to remain. and then this is the man in charge of the expulsions, the counter salazer who's also writing officially to say you have to expel your maurice curse. and salina, so this is an autograph letter. this is signature, the county alyssa and then salinas writes back and it's absolutely fun. it's really funny because they clearly don't like each other and saline as wallace says to him,
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you don't know anything about my village assigned to do with you. i will sort out what has to be done and you leave. my maurice goes alone. i for example, vo rubia at certain surnames. i know we're surnames or marty score. so need nino, nito palazzios in via rubia. i'm already so really so my name is her name. if you were from vio, rubia and your surname is palazzios castaneda. yeah. i will be reasonably confident that your family were. maurice goes but you don't come from the other. i've no, i mean my grandparents didn't, but others i don't know. you don't know. you need to look and check your your past . yeah. who knows? yeah. when i 1st came across this documentation i thought, wow, this is unique. yeah, i've never read this before. and that's what started me. i got me interested in trying to work out well what, what was happening, what happened? and particularly to the multi school survey rubia. and was this happening elsewhere
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a meeting professor dodson? was that a relation? not just his great depth of knowledge, but the fact that he knows things, but not even my own palm. you knows. he's confident that both my father and mothers from me names may give clues to possible maurice cost us history. my father's name is collapse. it's a common name in the capital madrid, so that's my next destination. ah, there's a lot more to al jazeera than tv with our website mobile app, social media, and podcast. al jazeera digital is a world of award winning online content and portal bring view the very best of it. they're trying to brighten the people to levy to go somewhere else. but the truth
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is that they've got nowhere else to go. so if you miss it online, caps it here with me and her gotten on our designer or i've always been fascinated by space. but the story, the space race isn't just about the men who wish their lives to travel and see unknown. but the ones who held those lives in their hands. your grandfather and his colleagues worked on the space suits the designing space. suits of 11 was his triumph or, and the policy design space to wear his legacy. putting man on the moon on algae 0 in welcome to a world of confidence, service excellence. with business class, where your privacy is paramount. and to your experience, come sit back, relax in your own private space and let us take care of everything.
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catera, it weighs the airlines you can rely on blue . hello, i'm marianne minimize in london, a quick look at me. stories now. protests have been back out on the streets of student calling for the military to leave power and for a transition to free and fair elections. security forces, fied, tear gas. it demonstrates as you march to the presidential palace in defiance of warnings to stay away from key sites in central cartoon. val is in the sudanese capital formation.


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