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under complete surgeries, now people are dying. how will climate migration differ for those who have in those who don't have lot of country see, we will pay poor countries to keep refugees there. a park with me, mark lamond hill on al jazeera. ah ha! protested and saddam faced here, guess the latest demonstration against the military takeover? ah, norman, as before on him, and this is al jazeera live from doe ha, also coming up. call the 19 causes more flight cancellations, and travel chaos and hospitals in the u. s. and u. k. a starting to buckle under the huge number of infections. at least 16 people
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were drawn and the 3rd migrant boat sinking off greece this week, plus with decor, large lift off from a true the most powerful space telescope ever built set sought to unlock the secrets of our galaxy. ah, professors have been back out on the streets of saddam, it was the 10th major demonstration since the military takeover in october security forces fire tear gas internet services were cut in large areas of the capital. it will lockdown, but protested. say they won't back down. bahama vall has more from cut through civil groups of protest as gathered in the outskirts of come to him on saturday afternoon for marching toward the city center, where the presidential policies located. well, i'm not sure that any of these people are going out on the streets to reject this
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330. and now the slogans are clear off the no negotiations, no partnership, no bars and what the army is for the barracks. the militias do not rule us and we demand the hand over a full power to civilians. we demand civilian democratic rule, but the least quickly responded to god forcing the protest. this city, of course, security forces closed on the bridges leading to central cartoon. this, along with an unprecedented police presence in the streets, made it difficult for the dumb of plato said, balance on one or 2 occasions. however, the clouds managed to get closed a few 100 meters away from the warmth of the presidential follies. but they were soon dispersed, several went into the public. this is chanted slogans, calling and military leaders in the ruling 70 council. to see the power to civilians done the state has promised to organize another day,
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a protest on december 13th. they insist not that they will stop their rallies only when power is completely restored to civilian government, $100.00 funds. i just got a camera in hudson as non resident senior fellow at the atlantic councils, africa center. and he says, the international community can put pressure on the military to strike a deal to end the crisis. the greatest leverage that the international community has right now is the fact that it has frozen. the majority of the financial assistance, several $1000000000.00 worth of financial assistance that had been promised to sudan r as a function of the democratic transition. so on october 25th, when the qu happened, the debt relief process from the i m. f world bank funding and then bilateral funding from the e, u. united states, and e u member states was all frozen. and so the, the military is quite anxious to see that money turned back on the international
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community. and it isn't a position right now to dictate the terms under which that money would be restarted . and i think there's 2 sets of, you know, packages that, that, that the international community wants to see. first, on the political side, the military allowing the prime minister to choose his cabinet, allowing him to make political appointments at the state and local level. and then secondly, on the financial side, that the military agrees to open its books and allow military corporations to come under federal control under government, civilian government control. and to begin to relinquish some of the, the power of the purse that the military has held per se for so long in sudan. so i think the number of, of agenda items to seeing that money turn back on by the international community is very tall, right? now, and we're not anywhere close to i think meeting those conditions to seeing that money turned back on. and other news israeli soldiers have injured more than
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$240.00 palestinian protest of the town of boca north of nablus. that's according to the palestinian red crescent. security forces, 5 gas live ammunition and rubber coated steel, bullets demonstrate as rallied after the area was closed to residence. neither abraham has this update from bethlehem and the occupied westbank. there is a lot of increasing tension that's taking place in vertical and in our villages around the north of the occupied west bank where palestinians are saying that they've been left alone for themselves. and they've been organizing local committees to try and send off numerous facts that have been on the rise lately. it's happening precinct ever since last week when the power in some policy and fight as a shot at and it's really settler's car and the killed one second there and injured
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others. and ever since then, the committee has been marching and trying to get to an illegal is really in sacramento, thomas that has been said from circulars in 2005. but then 2nd as a blue tier and an open some sort of a sensor there. and this is the location read, the 2nd half has been killed and is waiting. sometimes i've been trying to get back to whole mission. they wanted support from their political leadership to kind of have a sucker him. and instead of it being in there and recognize out who 16 they didn't get that. the ford things been launching a series of protest dot have been ending up going into passing in villages and attacking palestinians, the least of which was also 2 days ago. at least 7 people have been killed by an explosion in the democratic republic of congo. the congress government says a suicide bomber targeted restaurant and benny. now,
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group has claim responsibility for the attack for the area has been frequently targeted by rebels from the allied democratic forces to the car. the 19 pandemic now, and airlines have been forced to cancel more flights because of staff shortages. us airlines alone cold off of further 900 flights on saturday, bringing the total number of cancellations globally to nearly 5000. the highly transmissible on the con, vary and has seen an increase in employee sickness. and the on the convent fueling a surge of cone of ours cases across europe, france, italy, and the u. k. have reported the highest number of cases since the pandemic began. and although the new strain appears milder its higher rate of transmissible that he is putting pressure on health systems. anderson's reports, exhausted french medical stuff like last christmas, this intensive care units in my say, is struggling with the pressure the most seriously ill patients who haven't been
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vaccinated. like david supper, the vengeance. his wife esther says she thought she was going to be a widow a few days ago. david's grateful he's still alive. usually he says, if he'd been vaccinated, he wouldn't have been at this level of intensive care. while all the crony infections seem to have a lower rate of hospitalization, the extreme increases in infection rates me michelle volume of cases are quickly putting medics under pressure while france is breaking record. so too is italy. the u. k. has been running christmas day clinics to give vaccinations. the priority is on booster jabs the government's heavy reliance on vaccinations to try and quell the armor. chrome infection rates is in question. on christmas eve of reco daily figure of a $120000.00 was reached. and now the office of national statistics is morning the
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one in 10 people in london may be infected with cove it in the coming days. oh, mass christmas. queen elizabeth assured people suffering in britain they would be alone. this year though, her focus wasn't on cupboard. it was the death of her husband, prince philip, the duke of edinburgh. she expressed her grief on a personal level, talking of how she missed the man to whom she'd been married. the 73 years with christmas can be hard for there. she'll have lost loved ones this year, especially. i understand why that for me, in a month since the death of my beloved phillip, i have drawn great comfort from the warmth and affection and the many tribute she, his life, and mike. at 95 years of age, the queen takes her immense care to avoid any exposure to the virus. but for so many people, especially in london,
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that isn't the case. and the health services now warning, there's been a 40 percent increase in hospital admissions. this christmas is surreal for so many people living in the british capital, the government says that it's watching that data before making any decisions on heavier restrictions. that prediction of one in 10 people here suffering from cove . it is a sobering statistic. the government may well introduce heavier restrictions, possibly before the new year under simmons, how to 0 london. now, dozens of survivors of a migrant vote thinking have arrived on the greek island of perils. at least 16 people drowned when they boat capsized in the asia and see late on friday. it's a 3rd such disaster and greek waters, and as many days, officials face people, smugglers are increasingly using a dangerous route from turkey to italy, which avoids heavily patrol areas around the a, g and islands. now petro molnar,
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the associate director of the refugee law lab at york university, and she says, tragedies like these will become more frequent as immigration policies harden. mean, these horrible tragedies really are a symptom of some of the increasingly hard line, border enforcement policies that we've been tracking and seeing all around europe and indeed the world. and unfortunately, with increasing border enforcement and the way that you know, different contexts across the world are developing, people sometimes forced to take more dangerous route. we're really talking about open water. and oftentimes people resort to having to take a small boat that is often overloaded with people, and these votes are not really made to carry large groups of people, for example. and also, you know, just the basic kind of navigation that is sometimes very difficult is very hard for people who are desperately seeking safety. really important for us to remember that, you know, this kind of sharp border enforcement that we keep all around europe in the book
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called it fortress, europe. it will not stop people from seeking safety. instead, it'll compel people to take more dangerous route to try and circumvent being captured by border forces. and at the end of the day, it's really more though it's thinking about the humanity of it all. we're talking about human beings that are losing their lives at sea. and instead it's incumbent upon all of us to think about how we address the root causes that force people to migrate in the 1st place. now my going stuck at the mexico border has been in christmas, hoping for a better life in the united states. though, seeking asylum, remain in mexico after president joe biden revived a controversial policy from the previous administration. it forces refugees to wait in mexico while their applications processed and immigration cor. you'll buy another way to look for joe biden, reversed the policies he initially had in mind and decided to backtrack. well, now he supports basically the same policies as donald trump. i immigrated because they believed in his promises. i'm a man who has lived in the united states and i have grown american children. so i
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thought i would come and seek family reunification. he was still ahead on the bulletin between restoration and reconstruction archeologist to develop intervention the acropolis and christmas under a blockade held christians and garza club with separation from loved ones and holy sites. ah ah, look forward to brightest galleys who with sponsored play cattle airways. hello, thank you for joining in. here's your weather report for asia to see you will begin in india where we've got some clouds floating in toward the northwest. that's very likely to generate some showers out of season showers for new delhi. we look at the next 3 days, 40 percent chance, but okay. i had that up. it to 60 percent chance on my day temperatures here,
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little below where they should be for this and the year. rain is starting to back off across too much of still falling, just not at the same intensity. and we've seen a months worth of rain on indonesia as pop. you are island over the past 24 hours. the ne monsoon given us problems once again for vietnam, wet weather, pretty much from hanoi rate down to denying but toward the west. we've got some sunny spells. this includes you bank hawks, some sunshine and your temperature locks in pretty close to about 30 degrees for the next few days. for areas of japan, some heavy snow for that western portion, those winds will be winding up as well. i think we'll see wind gusts here about 80 kilometers per hour. let's talk about that called will paint the colors are dark, the purple, the lower the temperature, but it's short lived. so this is about the worst of it on sunday. look at solved from minus 6 by monday, 0 and beijing got to have 6 degrees in the sunshine. can't wait for that. see soon . for the weather sponsored by catera, always,
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americans are increasingly saying authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps along the way where the chain of command, if you like, tried to cover what's your take on why they've gotten so wrong? that to me is political malpractice, the bottom line on us politics and policy, and the impact on the world. on al jazeera, the you all with people wrote the world. people pay attention to what we call you and our does is very good. they're bringing the news to the world from here. ah, the me. watching knowledge of the are with me in the line. i'm a reminder of our top stories to cell security forces and saddam have 5 gas for
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tested in the capital costume. tens of thousands rallied to call on the military to stay out of politics. it's the 10 major demonstrations from saratoga, the palestinian red crescent, as israeli forces have injured 240 protested gas live ammunition and rubber. bullets were fired. demonstrations were rounding and bull carved. the area was closed due to the federal activity and france, italy and the u. k. have reported the highest number of corona nevada cases. some pandemic began. experts, a warning that $1.10 people in london could be infected in the coming days. while many hospitals us hospitals don't have enough staff to deal with the high surge and co. 19 cases about $70000.00 americans will hospitalized as of christmas eve. and that figure is up about 50 percent from early november. we'll dr. ali roger is executive vice chair, or the department of emergency medicine at massachusetts general hospital. he says
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the us health care system was already under pressure before the emergence of alma kron over the past. 2 to 4 months, even before omicron, we had been seeing a surge of patients in emergency departments and hospitals around the country. patients who had put off care during covert. and unfortunately, patients who were dealing with the consequences of having put off that preventative care earlier were already filling our emergency department and hospitals. and so now dealing with an o micron surge were stressing and already strained system with these breakthrough cases, what i'm seeing is when i bring a patient into the hospital for a heart attack, stroke or gunshot wound, something completely unrelated to cove it. and they then test positive for coping because they've had a breakthrough case even with the vaccination or because they didn't get the vaccine in one of the vaccines in the 1st place. what ends up happening is that we then have to isolate that patient in the hospital from other patients who don't
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have covered we, every time we go in and see that patient, we have to don full personal protective equipment, even if we're just bringing them a tray of food and then unfortunately that also means that they might potentially spread the virus to help their staff. what we're running into is that the staff who we are counting on actually can't come to work. the problem is that we don't really have, we don't have many backups in place. we were already facing nursing shortages and physician shortages and how and, and housekeeping shortages as workers had left for other industries just being burned out from coven. so we don't really have a reserve force to call up when people call out l. now, grief is about to restore a grand entrance to the acropolis in athens. but that's cause a controversy among some archeologists, john serrato's reports from athens to enter the acropolis in athens. visitor's zigzag up this ramp built in the 1950s, greece as it's now going to give them the experience athenians enjoyed 25 centuries
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ago when they came to worship their patron goddess athena. a grand staircase, 25 meters wide, envisioned as part of the gateway to the acropolis and reimagined by artists. for centuries, the peloponnesian war between athens and sputter interrupted its completion. but the man in charge of restoration on the acropolis as rebuilding, it would be a celebration of the democracy, but conceived it with the establishment of democracy. the number of citizens was 10000 and all of them had to participate to the festival. it was a duty for thee and since citizens, their participation and tear, therefore they had seriously and substantially to widen, to increase, they weight of the ramp. and finally, to create the staircase,
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what dictated the width of the staircase was the width of the entrance to the acropolis behind me built 25 centuries ago. it was designed to allow at least $10000.00 athenians and dozens of sacrificial oxen on to the open space around the temple of athena, where a great sacrifice would take place each year. chorus intends to open up this gate house so that all 5 of its doorways can be used. but some archaeologists say rebuilding the staircase crosses a line from restoration to reconstruction. or, you know, getting from up there though, i don't say that we should necessarily preserve the zigzag ramp, but this is not a decision of one person. there needs to be a wider discussion. it's a huge intervention. even if we had all the original material, we don't have the right to do it on such a scale, then in and get us get plenty of new marble has been inserted into the buildings of the acropolis as part of a 40 year restoration project, including in the gate house whose restoration, daniela's oversaw. it's
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a compromise between 2 schools of thought. conservationists believe in preserving the historical record interventionists would rebuild the temple of athena to its classical glory. and it is that high classical period that tourists come to mark and celebrate to day. so it would appear that goddess is merely giving the greeks and the world's visitors what they want. but critics say his view favors some parts of the archaeological record over others. jumps are hopeless. al jazeera athens. now questions in the besieged garza strip, say they are unable to celebrate christmas freely israeli security personnel have blocked them from accessing wholly sites and seeing family members and be occupied westbank. you not as science has more preset, sorry, i was trying to create some christmas cheer at her home in god. so the trees up and her grandson is helping with the decorations for his sake, she's trying not to let her disappointment show. she'll not see many members of her
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family and hasn't seen subbed for years because of the blockade garza some had to leave home to find for it overseas corners. in the past we used to get together and gather all the family at christmas. but today there's no one left to go on abroad and christmas has no flavor. we can't even travel from here to meet them because of the restrictions those christians left in the gaza strip had to abandon any hope of celebrating christmas and the holy cities of bethlehem and jerusalem. because if israeli security restriction in 20192020 no permits were granted. and this year israel said $500.00 of the $1000.00 christians in gaza would be allowed to go there. still a major problem. people here say israel only grants the permits to one or 2 members of the same family,
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which would mean entire families being split up at christmas. if they traveled with lama samantha city permits could be granted to half of the same family. after we all apply, either just the parents or just the kids, but either way it means that we can't travel or sense of joy is missing. we wish israel would give us our right to visit our holy sites, like everyone else in the world. the views miss lynde seemed, garza had long shared christmas celebrations with the minority christian light the tree and sending christmas greetings to each other this year. we are able to do it great. and so for go with the sample for low piece and we will continue doing that. we hope next year we will go farther to the julio and freedom for policy. and freeform is unjust. and we hope that we're on the scene and people live in such freedoms across palestine.
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prayers are held in the soul orthodox church in gaza. but there is a feeling christians here are missing out on the experience, enjoyed by others of their faith. chris for christ, kinsey gods remains incomplete. but they pray and hope that next here they will be able to reunite with family and friends in be let him are elsewhere, c, l 20 gods. now human rights groups are accusing the miles where the tree of committing a mass killing against civilians as they intensify an offensive against rebel forces. $38.00 bodies were found and been out, trunks and class stayed the save the children shout, he has 2 staff members of missing in the area, lower burden, manly reports these fighters from the korean national defense organization, or k n d o. it's one of 2 ethnic fighting groups operating on the border between
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thailand, amanda, and for the past week, it's been involved in fears. fighting with government forces made a general note if on the air is leading his units on patrol new, the current state help post to strengthening unify local courses. i think the main reason they're dropping bombs at night is to terrorize the people and also to encourage or to encourage their troops by saying ok we, we, we are behind new. right. and are we trying to talk with all the current on group to unify themselves and to fight against the the worst enemies that we're, that we're facing right now who who many fight a thought here, the k into had quarters. it's early morning in this remote village. you recruits a, quote out for roll call and this tiny arrive just days ago along with
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fighters from the korean national union or k, a knew that off, they fled military air rates in the nearby town of lake who i didn't know madrid get to know valley in front of our troops, a gun battle happened when i saw it, but we got the protection by the karen national union soldiers. when the troops backed up, we travelled with them as a group through. so that was we always me, amazon, the attacks may take who are using heavy air strikes and artillery. they aim to cross resistance. the dullest thoughts, heavy fighting local groups, independent media be on my report with the government troops sees dozens of discipline. thousands of people reported to have escaped the fighting, some of being recruited. but many just want out of the conflict. these people are collecting what ever they can and escaping if the cross with the to thailand.
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backing the training center, teach another down in the mountains, she would end up here. she said she joined doctor witnessing atrocities being carried out by the army against the protesters. how they do anything on the same gown, pivot, arizona, i am very angry that have been his army used to add tox. i'm very sorry for the people. i want to revenge to the bazaar, may, for the brutality that they have inflicted on the people have the heavier l. as i say, my bernard olivia, the conflict east during the rainy season. but now the weather has cleared and fighting is intensifying. those who stayed in myanmar now fear for their lives and those their families lore about among the al jazeera. now the largest and most powerful a face telescope ever built as being launched into space from south america. matawan rapids reports from the launch site and crew infringe guiana gets caught.
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it's a space mission 25 years in the making. ah, the launch of the genes web space telescope, the largest and most powerful space observatory ever built, is one for the history books. as successor to the celebrated hubble mission, scientists say the technology aboard the spacecraft, promises answers to questions we haven't even thought yet a vascular in my dreams are my hopes are seeing signatures in planetary atmospheres away from our solar system that could hand to the presence of life will be one of the most important discoveries ever using an enormous gold plated mirror, 6 and a half meters across and instruments that operate in the infrared spectrum. the web telescope seeks to lift the veil on cosmic realms, that in the past were too distant or too cold for any previous telescope to detect
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. web is a marvel of human ingenuity made possible through the dedicated efforts of thousands of scientists and engineers, and the close partnerships between more than a dozen countries. the politics, of course, are always there, but there's a scientist which, you know, sense try to rise above that and say what, what can we achieve together as a common goal scientifically. and that's how we can achieve so much more together by, by pulling our resources pulling our expertise. but always with one goal in mind, let's do the most challenging things that are possible. 20 seconds under the flight . the web launch was carried out by the private space firm ariano space a top in ari and 5 rocket, specially suited for this particular mission. deed, ions 5 as been chosen you to it's reliability. it's like we called but that so it's capacity to performance. the very specific volume we can accommodate on delta ferrying, so 20 years ago in the early 2000,
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it was decided that web we belonged by i and well, celebrations are under way following the successful launch of the james web space telescope. it'll still be a nail biting 30 days before it reaches its orbit. now on its way to its orbit at a location known as lagrano point to some one and a half 1000000 kilometers from earth, web is on course to redefine astronomy. and begin to unfold the mysteries of our universe. manuel, rap, hello al jazeera, carew, french, guiana. ah . hello. again, almond has withdrawn him in dot harvard. the headlines on al jazeera security forces, and saddam have fire tear gas had protested in the capital cartoon. tens of thousands .


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