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actually turns on motors, but in the old days it works like a grandfather's clock. the light does keep, it must come up during the night in 3 hours. he must wind it up for this light to turn it on. but nowadays we have 2 motors that extra 2 and the old insert on the light is now also automated. and if anything goes wrong, head office is alerted via an app. even the traditional fog who doesn't require manual labor, it automatically measures of the humanity blasting warnings were necessary. but wayne says nothing can replace the human touch. it's a sad thing and also a bad thing. because if you most of the space with a and then know like us keepers on that look bay, to be honest. the 1st lighthouse in south africa dates back almost 2 centuries. this lighthouse in cape town is the oldest in south africa. and the 1st slide keeper began working in 1824. back then the light was powered by oil and lay to gas
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and all the work was done manually. but advances in technology mean a light keeper is no longer needed. definitely it is it that i'm dying proficient so does our duty to our fellow staff members that we do do kate and upscale team to change that addiction change the carrier that it can so that they can get involved in different other projects. it may be difficult to tell how many lives have been saved by the diligence of members of the humble profession. and for one of the last generation of keepers like wayne, this is more than just a job. for me, de la al jazeera k columbine, south africa. ah, hello again, i'm elizabeth bronman door hall with the headlines on al jazeera security forces. and saddam has 5 gas. it protest isn't the capital costume. tens of thousands rally
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to call on the military to stay out of politics. it's a 10 major demonstration since october. the palestinian red crescent said his rarely forces have injured 240 protested, tear gas live ammunition and rob closer bullets we'll find. demonstrations were rallying in boca, after the area was closed due to settler activity. at least 7 people have been killed by an explosion in the democratic republic of congo. the government says suicide bomber target at restaurant and benny. a flight carrying the bodies of 16 rocky migrants who drowned in the english channel have arrived and a rank among a group of people who drowned last month trying to reach britain, france, italy, and the u. k. has reported the highest number of corona virus cases. since the pandemic began, experts warning that $1.10 people in london could be infected in the coming days. while those other headlines on algae 0 do stay with us. the listening post is
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coming up next. thank you for watching january on a, just a year. 20 years ago the euro was brought into circulation. we investigate, have a, your exam benefit from having an official currency be part of the stream and going out social media community as sierra leone to recovery from civil war continues. we moved to decade since the end of one of africa's most political complex, the bottom line. steve clemens dives headlong into the u. s. issues that shape the rest of the world. as we enter the 3rd year having 90, we go back to hand where it all began and investigate how far we come since the pandemic january on a just hello hello, i'm richard ginsberg and you're at the listening post. we're breaking format this week with
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a special program on palestine and israel. the violence that spiraled through the month of may the dispossession of palestinians from jerusalem. the blood that was shed at the alex a mosque the renewed brutal onslaught on garza and the stories of resistance all sounded uncomfortably familiar. but for a change, it seemed like the world was listening. watching this program is about who they are listening to young palestinians asserting themselves on line and penetrating the mainstream media by documenting their realities, human rights organizations. finally, seeing legacy media outlets adopting the kind of language terms like apartheid that apply to the occupation. a few days after the cease fire in gaza, we spoke with 2 palestinians who have tilted international attention towards their struggle. from gods a photographer has some solemn whose images captured the bombings and the after
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effects. but we start with shake, shut our resident and activist moon that occurred who showed downs with armed jewish settlers who were backed by israeli police, put her east jerusalem neighborhood on the map when watching when the l occurred. keep in mind, she is 23 years old. 8 the breaking news over night in israel police are bracing for more pretest and clashes with palestinians today. the me is really good for trying to get in families fits and their holes in the area for
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adobe year. i'll sleep in the posters of can i'm and i was on the side of this so that you did you work. they see it shows that are less on hello. obviously one will come up with one of the good. what if you can i'm in here. oh cool. i'm down at the national items, the submittal. so more it's been sunday my given to get out cuz sometimes you need it or couldn't i show. okay, cool haste. i don't want to calculate dylan or handle a center is the alex along in jerusalem, one of the holiest sites in islam under israel control, a confrontation and so at the alex as israeli police priced on good aids to disperse with live worship is, ah
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again a lead that he's not gonna lead us. we've not illinois been doing that even with other than a few minutes. a limo decided when you had mana l. kurt is just one of dozens of activists and journalists arrested and interrogated by the israelis since the so called cease fire. went into effect. paragraph has been following the story, forrest torak, what's behind this latest crackdown on palestinians? one of the israeli sang about, well, in the case of mono curds and her brother mohammed, they're accused of things like participating in riots or disturbing the peace. but the really is no peace for palestinians. as you mentioned, ordinary people,
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activists and jonas are being rounded up violently, often in full view of t v cameras. these ready police have said it openly, they're out to restore to terrance and in jerusalem. we've seen what that me not one simply a palestinian reporter without their arabic was hospitalized after this encounter with is radio security forces. and here is out there as giovanni were daily a reporter with more than 20 years experience in jerusalem. her hand was broken by israeli forces and she was assaulted in the back of a police car. this was what she was told when she arrived at the police station. it's one of the soldiers told me, and we will let you shut off you all this al jazeera here on the guns. so that all is eunice, which setup. if we nets and 0, the silent everyone will set up the israeli as clearly don't like the coverage of
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this oppression. but how do you stop the messengers when there are so many of them? well, with more violence, more rest, more intimidation, which will only generate more headlines. it seems completely illogical. but here's the thing up until now that strategy has worked, israel's occupation settlement policy. it's building demolitions. they are illegal, but they've been persisted with because of international impunity. but the narrative abroad, if not the politics is starting to shift and not in israel's favor. just this week, more than 250 journalists from some of the top media outlets in the world find a letter addressed to their own industry, saying the quote, sanitizing of israel, systematic oppression of palestinians must stop. and this aspect is telling richard a number of reporters who signed that letter from outlet fight,
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washington post cnn and a b c did. so anonymously calling for fact based reporting on palestine, especially in the us media can be professionally costly, even career and the letter size royce groups like human rights watch embed, sullen that have joined palestinians in use in times like apartheid and ethnic supremacy. it says jonas need to examine whether their coverage reflects that reality. thanks. her human rights groups are another critically important source of news, content and context on this story. but selim is in israeli human rights organization, the documents violations in the occupied territories. its executive director joins us now. are guy l odd, thanks for speaking with us here at the listening post today. thank you for having me. we heard earlier in the program about mona and mohammed l cord,
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the video testimony that they've been providing that's all over social media. how much of that material are israeli audience to see? is it making any kind of impact there? very little if any at all, and this is just like a very typical situation where the media in israel, almost all of it except very few other examples. it tends to cover things in a very one directional fashion into the for instance, on the recent assault, the round bomb beings on the gaza. what the public here sees is very one sided. rockets being fire that is very towns and i was 0 coverage of the situation in gaza or in the west bank or an eastern loosening. it's not the result of some, you know, censorship, it's a result imposed by the government. it is a result of self censorship. by the really media that is choosing only to tell him part of the story,
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but far from the entire story silencing the aspects of but as soon human rights abuses while the bombing in gaza has stopped. for now, there's really been no cease fire for ordinary palestinians in israel itself. police have rounded up hundreds of palestinian citizens, arrested many of them, some for simply posting an image or an opinion online. your organization monitor's human rights. what does the best seller make of the measure as the israeli authorities have been taking under what the israeli authorities call operation law and order? it's, it's an excellent point and i, i hope that it's one that could be appreciated by your if you, viewers, that for palestinians living under is really apartheid. there's not a single 2nd of a ceasefire. oh, there is always one form or another in which would assume rights are under assault, visor the authorities be inside the green line in studies are proper or in occupied
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and illegally. next is true selim or in the west bank or in deb, located gaza strip. so there are the moments the days sometimes the weeks in which there is visible violence bomb beings killings and song, television. what you bought a good one, lou, lou, lou, lou, lou. and then there is international media attention as indeed there should be. but when the cameras turn off, but athenians continue to be subject to daily routine, mundane. bureaucratic is really state violence through the imposition of travel restrictions and the needs for permits and the knowledge that if a family member is killed or injured, then the security forces ado it will enjoy almost blanket impunity and the 1000000 other ways in which for the stimulus are abused day in and day out into suppressive reality. and most of the time it's invisible but for,
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for the world. but for the people that are living under the receiving edge of this reality, it's relentless and it will not stop until we see structural change. as part of what you call your camera project, that cell has been working with palestinian citizens across the west bank and jerusalem to film and document abuses. mona and mohammed elk heard were involved as early as 2011. they were just 14 years old at the time. how does video documentation help expose the everyday violence of the occupation? yes, so we've introduced about just over 10 years ago. it also day ability to have video footage because there's an ongoing is really propaganda effort to dismiss anything that a pedestrian says as if somehow false. even if you have a number of witnesses and medical records and so on. still there'll be the suge effort to dismiss and discredit. so we were hopeful that with video footage that
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dots, it would changed out reality that had it now and so on that now them is still an ally, 11 dash i so so we can see how them differ. and on the one hand, i think it's been a very significant success much thanks to the courage and commitment of put a student volunteers that have been doing this effort to try and just document their lived experience through these video cameras. pion suddenly see who the fit on that is your serial 1000000. but at the same time, it's also been another 10 years of occupation, a fresh and impunity for his rallies and apartheid that's. that's the reality. you just used the word apartheid this year, beth cell, m joint palestinian rights groups in using that term to describe israel's policies
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. you were criticized when you did that human rights watch has since joined you in doing so. why is it so important that journalists and opinion makers hovering this story, use that word apartheid? i think 1st and foremost, it's important because it's correct. and the reality needs to be described in the correct way. and the analysis needs to be done on the basis of facts and not on the basis of wishful thinking. and as long as people around the world continue describing the situation here, in a way that's untethered from reality to pretend that there are 2 regimes here. a democracy inside the green line and a temper occupation on the other side of the green line. as long as that's the model democracies plus them for occupation. then people are doing the wrong analysis and arriving at the wrong conclusions. no, there are no 2 regimes here, there is one regime within the river and to see through the government of israel
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that applies the same underlying logic of advancing jo, supremacy at the expense of the rights of philistines. this has a name, the name for that is apartheid. and we need to be accurate, precise, and honest in addressing this injustice. if we wanna end it, organizations like bet, sell em human rights watch amnesty international. through your work, you help provide the frameworks for the news narratives on palestine and israel. you see your work show up in the journalist from your vantage point. is the narrative changing the international narrative on this story? yes, i think we are seeing those changes. and i think 1st and foremost are the result of the, the work of for the sin activists that have been advancing this. and i hope that we had some modest contribution in this. so in this regard, it's late,
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if i'd say better late than never a but i think we are seeing to this is a, this is happening. and i think in a situation which is over all bleak like, this needs to be spelled out it, we shouldn't be, you know, overly optimistic with regard to situation. here, we have a very successful from its own perspective, oppressive regime. again, not only because of its ability to oppress, but because of its ability successfully for decades to get away with it with impunity. we've seen this pattern before, the unrest, the escalation, garza gets bomb, the disproportionate number of palestinian casualties, the eventual cease fire. so how should news organizations treat this story now that things have, quote, unquote returned to normal. don't look away and this has happened already. so i mean, if i think about garza and i think about 20082009 then 2012, and then 2 years later. and then a couple of weeks ago. and yes, there was
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a time of attention and attention shifted away, which means the 2000000 people just went back to living in an unbearable blockade. and being cut off from the rest of the planet. and so much human suffering in such an entrenched injustice. and yet again and again and again and again and again, the attention shifted away. this is not a domestic is really issue. this is one of the most international issue in the context of human rights. in the 21st century. it has to be addressed internationally and it will not to be addressed internationally. if the media doesn't keep its eye watchful on the situation, even when things go back to what is wrongly often called the status quo, it is never static. it is always, the advancements of the privileges of joyce's varies at the expense of the rights
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of for the stimulus. ah, it's a call it ready for the morality of international public opinion to wake up to the injustice here, to wake up. these are the apartheid and to demand change and disk in happen through the commitment of the media. not to walk away from what's happening here because it doesn't walk away from what's happening here for even a single 2nd for put a stands living under this reality. how guy a lot of bad sell him. thanks for speaking with us here at the listening post today . thank you so much. don't walk away or look away as he put it, a message for the global media and those who rely on it for their news and information. palestinians know that their fate will not be determined in jerusalem or television. that international media outlets based in western capitals are the ones that have to stay on this story. if real change is to occur. and if the global media turn their attention elsewhere as they are want to do,
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there's always social media. it's become the place to go for news content that holds power to account and compels mainstream news organizations to do the same. you've been watching a special edition of our program on palestine and israel will see you next time. here at the was me on counting the cost beyond the tourism, the world's richest men, making a drab to control access to the trillion dollar space industry. are cows than you call. why rich nations of emitted agriculture from climate change and how flaring cost lives in iraq. counting the calls on al jazeera, getting close to the people most affected by those in power is often dangerous, but it's absolutely vital that the stories to be told closer to. so i did in this area, we pushed the fall food as we came to the front,
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glowing. now the smell of death is overpowering. a lot of the stories that we cover heidi complex, so it's very important that we make them as understandable as we can do as many people as possible, no matter how much they know about a given price you saw issue as al jazeera correspondence. that's what we strive to do. ah protestors in so don face tear gas in the latest demonstration against the military takeover. ah ha, you watching al jazeera live from doha with me for lead back. people also coming up . is there any soldiers injure hundreds of palestinian protesters as tension escalade silver attacks by israeli settlers?
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human rights groups, excuse me, on mars. military of a massacre after dozens of burned bodies are found.


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