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can to as many people as possible, no matter how much they know about a given chrisy saw issue as al jazeera correspondence, that's what we strive to do. ah, protestors in sudan face tear gas in the latest demonstration against the military takeover. ah. are you watching al jazeera live from doha with me for the battle? also coming up. is there any soldiers injure hundreds of palestinian protesters as tension escalade silver attacks by israeli settlers? human rights groups accuse me on mars military of a massacre. after dozens of burned bodies are found in kaya state,
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it requires decor, large, lift, all, and the most powerful space telescope ever build sets off to unlock the secrets of our galaxy. ah! tens of thousands of protesters have rallied in sudan, demanding the military leaf power, and calling for a transition to civilian roll. security forces, fire tear gas, while phone and internet services were shut down. it was the 10th major demonstration since the military takeover in october and protest her say they won't . back down. mama van has more from khartoum. several groups of protest as godhood in the outskirts of crop to him. on saturday afternoon before marching toward the city center. where the presidential policies located below, i'm not sure that these people are good now to the streets to reject this military
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authority. and als slogans are clear, but they are no negotiations nor partnership. no bargain. um, so what i did, the army is for the barracks. the militias do not rule us and we demand the hand over a full power to civilians. we demand civilian democratic rule. but when this preclude responded, you fear. gov, forcing the full testers to reverse course security forces closed on the bridges leading to central cup to me. this, along with an unprecedented police presence in the street, made it difficult for the dumb of places that balance. on one or 2 occasions, however, the crowd managed to get placed a few 100 meters away from the warmth of the president of police. but they were soon dispersed. several went into the protest, this chanted slogans, calling and military leaders in the ruling 70 council. to see the power to civilians demonstrated thomas to organize another day,
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a protest on december 13th. they insist not that they will stop their rallies, only when power is completely restored to civilian government. $100.00 funds, i just come to me, cameron hudson is a non resident senior fellow at the atlantic council of africa center. he says international community can put pressure on the military to strike a deal to end the crisis. the greatest leverage that the international community has right now is the fact that it has frozen the majority of the financial assistance, several $1000000000.00 worth of financial assistance that had been promised to sudan. r as a function of the democratic transition. so on october 25th, when the qu happened, the debt relief process from the i m f. world bank funding. and then bilateral funding from the e, u. united states, and e u member states was all frozen. and so the, the military is quite anxious to see that money turned back on the international
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community. and it isn't a position right now to dictate the terms under which that money would be restarted . and i think there's 2 sets of, you know, packages that, that, that the international community wants to see. first on the political side, the military allowing the prime minister to choose his cabinet, allowing him to make political appointments at the state and local level. and then secondly, on the financial side, that the military agrees to open its books and allow military corporations to come under federal control under government, civilian government control and begin to relinquish some of the, the power of the purse that the military has held for st. for so long in sudan, so i think the number of agenda items to seeing that money turned back on by the international community is very tall right now. and we're not anywhere close to i think meeting those conditions to seeing that money turned back on. is there any
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soldiers of injured more than $240.00 palestinian protests says in the town of for caught north of nablus, that according to the palestinian red crescent, security forces, fire tear gas live ammunition and rubber coated steel, bullets tensions been escalating in the area since the death of a nice, really secular in december 26th. hundreds of settlers attacked burka earlier this week. need to abraham has more from bethlehem in the occupied westbank. there is a lot of increasing tension that's taking place in vertical and in our villages around the north of the occupied to us bank where palestinians are saying that they've been left alone for themselves. and they've been organizing for committees to try and find off the facts that have been on the rise lately it's happening creasing ever since. last week, when i have seen some policy in fight as
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a shot at and it's really settler's car in the field. one second there and injured others, and ever since then the moon have been marching and trying to get to an illegal is really in sacramento. how much that has been from settlers in 2005, but then 2nd tier and, and open some sorts of a sensor the are. and this is the location read. the 2nd happening has been killed and is waiting happens. i've been trying to get back to the whole mission they wanted support from their political leadership to kind of have a 2nd and instead of it being in that and recognize the out who 16 they didn't get the food. they've been launching a series of protest dot have been ending up going into passing in the villages and attacking palestinians, the least of which was also 2 days ago. human rights groups are accusing men morris
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military of committing a massacre as it intensifies it offensive against rebel forces. the charred remains of 30 people have been found in kaya state witnesses, phase civilians including women and children, were rounded up and shot dead. to save the children. charity says to of its staff are missing in the area. thousands have been fleeing a thompson as strikes along the border with thailand. child when is the executive director of the burma human rights network. he says, the violence in yon my will continue to escalate. if the international community does not impose sanctions on the countries currently to the ethnic people, those were like, like a chain during chain john darney. they all living under a terrorism div under the, you know, the military, the bunnies military operation since several decades. and they are standing up and they're defending the best. and they are still surviving. this. now recently the in
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the, in the, in the same way, the way they have been, you know, practicing in the border area and there with the people. they are practicing the military is practicing in the inside the country everywhere. a killing the young people, not so far. they are more than 1500 young people, peaceful protested, hasn't been killed from 7 years old to 89 years old. so there are many people civilians have been killed in that way. so you see that the violence is the one only the group that the military $11.00 told the power today group. but the important point here is the crime against the genocide. the military has been committed phase no consequence. they are very symbolic action from the dimensional community. and you see the dimension community is a very reluctant to target their lifeline who took up the lifeline. for example, the how getting sanction on the energy sector. the m o g, this is very likely happening because those countries are benefiting from them. and these people, those who are talking about right now that are in be both in any they are asking
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for no plays on. i understand that this is a non starter, but whole, how would these people miserably oppress their being, raising devon and 30 for their life with their asking help to the international community. mm. the covered, 19 pandemic. can the airlines have been forced to count for more fried because of staff shortages? us airlines alone called off a further 900 flights on saturday, bringing the total number of cancellation for globally to nearly 5000 highly transmissible, only con, very in to see an increase in employee sickness. airlines calling on government to reduce the length of cove in 1900, quarantined to allow people to return to work. many u. s. hospitals don't have enough staff to deal with the surge in covered 19 cases . about 70000 americans were being treated in hospital as a friday. that figure is about 50 percent from early november,
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but overall hospitalizations for the only current very, and have remained low compared to previous strains. health officials have repeatedly warned the situation may worse in the 10s of millions of americans all are unvaccinated. now the only current vary in dis, fueling a surge of krona virus cases across europe as well. france, italy and the u. k. have reported the highest number of cases since the panoramic began. and recipients reports exhausted french medical stuff like last christmas. this intensive care units in my say, is struggling with the pressure the most seriously ill patients who haven't been vaccinated. like david supper, the vengeance. his wife esther says she thought she was going to be a widow a few days ago. david's grateful he's still alive. usually he says, if he'd been vaccinated, he wouldn't have been at this level of intensive care. while all the crony
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infections seem to have a lower rate of hospitalization, the extreme increases in infection rates mean the sheer volume of cases are quickly putting medics under pressure while france's breaking record. so too is italy. the u. k. has been running christmas day clinics to give vaccinations. the priority is on booster jabs the government's heavy reliance on vaccinations to try and quell the armor. chrome infection rates is in question. on christmas eve and reco daily figure of a $120000.00 was reached. and now the office of national statistics is morning the one in 10 people in london may be infected with cove it in the coming days. oh, mass christmas queen elizabeth to show people suffering in britain. they would be alone. this year though, her focus wasn't on cupboard. it was the death of her husband, prince philip,
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the duke of edinburgh. she expressed her grief on a personal level, talking of how she missed the man to whom she'd been married. the 73 years with christmas can be hard for there. she'll have lost loved ones this year, especially. i understand why that to me in the months since the death of my beloved phillip, i have drawn great comfort from the warmth and affection and the many tribute she, his life in my egg. at 95 years of age, the queen takes immense care to avoid any exposure to the virus. but for so many people, especially in london, that isn't the case. and the health services now warning, there's been a 40 percent increase in hospital admissions. this christmas is surreal. for so many people living in the british capital, the government says that it's watching the data before making any decisions on heavier restrictions. that prediction of one in 10 people here suffering from cove
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. it is a sobering statistic. the government may well introduce heavier restrictions, possibly before the new year under simmons, how to 0 london still ahead on al jazeera at drought in pakistan is getting worse. pushing millions to the rankest foundation. and between restoration and reconstruction archaeologist said divided about an intervention at the acropolis. ah, we have some exceptional heats around the u. s. golf. hello, everyone. good to see you. so all this warm air is moving inland numbers, way out of whack here in some cases, more than 10 degrees above or you should be now for eastern canada, the u. s. northeast temperatures have fallen a bit, but still look at d. c. at 16 degrees. the flip story,
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if we go toward western canada and the western us temperatures look at this, vancouver minus 4 in edmonton, alberta minus $28.00. this is bitter and dangerous cold, and we do have weather alerts in play for it. now for california, still seen some rain snow across the sierra, nevada that's pushing into arizona. phoenix has a hive. 17 degrees. central america, fairly calm. we've got a few showers costa rica into panama, but not the major here. what has been major is some of the flooding we've seen across a la pies in bolivia, not just in the northwest, but eastern portions of the country as well. and also some flooding in by yes, state in brazil, more of these standards. storms flyer and up there, but most pushing out toward the south atlantic. it's all about the heat into patagonia, $33.00 degrees and comma doro also $33.00. and by jablonka and santiago, under sunny skies, say cool, see you soon. ah.
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coded 19 is a public health crisis that has been compounded by capitalism. alley raid navigates the big questions raised by the global pandemic power system based on private ownership in the pursuit of profit. so the world in a ton of capitalism is the pandemic back cause so much of the suffering exploited protect the people all the profit episode. one of all hail the look down on out is iraq. lou. wow. the me watching al jazeera,
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a reminder of our top stories security forces in don have fire gas at protesters in the capital. cartoon. tens of thousands rallied to call on the military. this stay out of politics. it was the 10th major demonstration since october. the palestinian red crescent. is there any forces have injured 240 protesters, me anomalous security forces? 5 gas live ammunition and rubber coated steel bullets at the cloud tension when escalating him to palestinians killed. and he's really settler on december 16th and human rights school, her accusing the unmarked military of committing a massacre. cha, remains of 30 people have been found in kaya state. have the children and phase 2 of the staff are missing in the area. more now on the current virus pandemic and india will begin administering covered 1900 vaccines to teenagers between the ages of $15.18 in january prime, minister and render. moldy also nouns that health care and frontline workers will get boosted jobs. the health ministry says more than 60 percent of adults have been
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fully vaccinated, while 90 percent had gotten one job in spain, hundreds of people of march through the streets of barcelona to protest against mandatory cove. it $900.00 passes to enter bars and restaurants. the spanish region of catalonia introduce tough measures on christmas eve and a bit to slow the spread of the ohm icon very. and people have been banned from leaving their homes between one and 6 in the morning. and it's also ordered the toes night clubs, while restaurants and jayden have been required to operate at 50 percent capacity. and his concern at places of worship in burundi could drive up colbert 19 infections over the festus season churches in the largest city of bush and bore. i were full, but there was little social distancing, and most worshippers weren't wearing masks. randi has the wrong, the no s rate or vaccinated people in the world, less than one percent have received their job since the occupation, dr. began in october to days of morning have been declared in volcano fossil after
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gunmen ambushed members of a government backed militia, killing 41 civilian volunteers. it happened in the northern rural province. the government, under pressure, or its handling of a 4 year 1000000000 in the desert reach and rebel fighters, an armed band. it had killed thousands of people in this region in the democratic republic of congo. at least 7 people have been killed by an explosion. the government says a suicide bomber targeted a restaurant in benny. no group has claimed responsibility for the time, but the area has been frequently targeted by rebels from the allied democratic forces. very well. now, when i went inside, i saw a movement, a motorcycle turned around. i heard back and i lost control. i didn't know what was going on when i left the restaurant. that's when i learned that they had been people killed. i saw those alive and wounded being taken to the hospital from the
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vin emotional scene in northern iraq. after the bodies of 16 migrants were returned home from france, family members gathered at bill airport to receive their remains. the victims were among a group of people who drowned last month trying to reach britain, an aide group has signed a lawsuit against french and new care forties, accusing them, of ignoring distress calls. dozens of survivors of a migraine boat that sank have arrived on the greek island of paris. succeed people drowned when the boat cat size in the j and c. late on friday. it's the 1st such disaster in greek water as in as many days. officials say people smugglers are increasingly using a dangerous route from turkey to italy, which avoids heavily patrolled areas around the ha in islands. petra molnar is the associate director of the refugee law lab, but york universe city, she says, tragedies like these will become more frequent. does immigration policy is haunted
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in these horrible tragedies really are a symptom of some of the increasingly hard line, border enforcement policies that we've been tracking and seeing all around europe and indeed the world. and unfortunately with increasing border enforcement and the way that you know, different context across the world are developing, people are sometimes forced to take more dangerous route. we're really talking about open water. and oftentimes people resort to having to take a small boat that is often overloaded with people. and these votes are not really made to carry large groups with people, for example. and also, you know, just the basic kind of navigation that is sometimes very difficult is very hard for people who are desperately seeking safety. really important for us to remember that, you know, this kind of sharp border enforcement that we keep all around europe in the book called it for to europe. it will not stop people from seeking safety. instead, it'll compel people to take more dangerous routes to try and circumvent being
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captured by border forces. and at the end of the day, it's really more about thinking about the humanity of it all. we're talking about human beings that are losing their lives at sea. and instead it's incumbent upon all of us to think about how we address the root causes that for people to migrate in the 1st place. the largest and most powerful space telescope, as a belt has been launched into space from south america. find his hope. the james web telescope will help humans better understand the formation of stars and galaxies that are over 13000000000 years old mania rapids report from the launch site in coral entrench ganna. jeff thought it's the space mission 25 years in the make. ah, the launch of the genes web space telescope, the largest and most powerful space observatory ever build, is one for the history books. as successor to the celebrated hubble mission, scientists say the technology board,
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the spacecraft, promises answers to questions. we haven't even thought yet of asking in my dreams, and my hopes are seeing signatures in monetary atmospheres away from our solar system that could hand to the presence of life will be one of the most important discoveries ever using an enormous gold plated mirror. 6 and a half meters across and instruments that operate in the infrared spectrum. the web telescope seeks to lift the veil on cosmic realms that in the past were too distant or too cold for any previous telescope to detect. web is a marvel of human ingenuity made possible through the dedicated efforts of thousands of scientists and engineers, and the close partnerships between more than a dozen countries. the politics, of course, are always there, but there's a scientist which, you know, sense try to rise above that and say what, what can we achieve together as a common goal scientifically. and that's how we can achieve so much more together
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by pulling our resources, pulling our expertise, but always with one goal in mind, let's do the most challenging things that are possible. 20 seconds of the flight, the web launch was carried out by the private space firm arianne space, a top in ari and 5 rocket, specially suited for this particular mission. in deed ions 5 as been chosen due to its reliability. it's like we called but that so it's capacity to performance. the very specific volume we can accommodate until the ferrying so 20 years ago in the early 2000 it was decided that web will belonged by i and for a while, celebrations are under way following the successful launch of the james web space telescope. it'll still be a nail biting 30 days before it reaches its orbit. now on its way to its orbit at a location known as lagrano point to some one and
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a half 1000000 kilometers from earth, web is on course to redefine astronomy. and begin to unfold the mysteries of our universe. manuel, rap, hello al jazeera. carew, french guiana. pakistan has been spending up to $14000000000.00 a year to adapt to the changing environment. the government has described the costs as climate injustice because it contrib is less than one percent of global carbon emissions. oh, sound ma'am. been javin reports from coy stun in pakistan. millions of capital migrate and water dries up in sudden bucket fun farmers and more districts filament on their phones as the dry spells are becoming longer and the movements more frequent. it's a long off road track to get to their villages, with no government support people in the going stand region are trying to adapt to climate, the changes around them. for generations, people in animals here have used the same water source. these ponds retain rain water from surrounding hills. now some non government organizations are helping
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increase their water attention capacity. so when it rains, it lasts a few months. 48 reservoirs with some up to 800 feet deep, have helped more than 74000 people in this terrain. the indiscreet trust says it's use corporate social responsibility funds from logical operations, and there's no government assistance to provide water to villages. bonds like these have help people adapt to the changing climate, but they're still angry of the politicians who represent them saying they only come here for votes. and basic services such as health, education and accessibility are still non existent. activists say big landowners are still underestimating the impact of climate change with killing the abductions common here. they say it's risky to raise their voice for basic rights. if that is school, we need school, hospitals, and roads. the most important necessity is water. and about a month this water will dry up and we'll have to travel far to get some children
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cry if durst, when we run out. and when pregnant women travel for water, many faint and his no nearby health facility gave me, lives become tougher here as yearly rainfall has dwindled, a car says during the time of ancestors, water was plentiful, but now it runs out and many people are forced to migrate and then be delivered, and you don't need to like 360, not even a road, but we are desperate for water for ourselves. and our jacqueline minutes to say it's not possible to reach everyone is focused on is among the top 10 countries most vulnerable to climate change focus on cash strapped. government says it's a victim of climate injustice. we estimated between fixed and $14000000000.00 a year that we have to spend because a forced to that vision. it's not a choice. we have to be, we are forced to adapt to climate change. and these fund come come out of our practice to help out of education out of governance. so i think this is the area
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where the world needs to wake up because this injustice cannot continue with some help. people are adapting, harnessing solar energy has meant there's been diverse migration in some villages. having electricity is like a medical for the, with the family. they can finally book after daylight hours for grades and we have electricity now and the children can study. but we still have no water or gas, so we have to carry water on our heads. but despite all this, some of our villages have returned as there is electricity. here. small scalable projects can be adapted for larger communities if there's political will and money . but focus on what challenges are complex, multifaceted and time is running out to address them from a majority to their correspond. southern pakistan, greece is about to restore a grand entrance to the acropolis in athens,
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but best coughing controversy. among some archeologist john surplus reports from athens to enter the acropolis in athens, visitors zigzag up this ramp built in the 1950s. greece as it is now, going to give them the experience athenians enjoyed 25 centuries ago when they came to worship their patron goddess athena. a grand staircase, 25 meters wide envisioned as part of the gateway to the acropolis and reimagined by artists for centuries. the peloponnesian war between athens and sputter interrupted its completion. but the man in charge of restoration on the acropolis as rebuilding, it would be a celebration of the democracy that conceived it. with the establishment of democracy. the number of citizens was 10000 and all of them had to participate to the festival. it was a duty for thee and since citizens,
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they participation and tear, therefore they had seriously and substantially to widen, to increase they weight of the ramp. and finally, to create the staircase want dictated the width of the staircase, was the width of the entrance to the acropolis behind me. built 25 centuries ago. it was designed to allow at least $10000.00 athenians and dozens of sacrificial oxen on to the open space. around the temple of athena, where a great sacrifice would take place each year. chorus intends to open up this gate house so that all 5 of its doorways can be used. but some archaeologists say rebuilding the staircase crosses a line from restoration to reconstruction. or you gonna get these from up there though? i don't say that we should necessarily preserve the zigzag ramp, but this is not a decision of one person. there needs to be a wider discussion. it's a huge intervention. even if we had all the original material that we don't have
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the right to do it on such a scale, then in and get us get plenty of new marble has been inserted into the buildings of the acropolis as part of a 40 year restoration project, including in the gate house whose restoration, daniela's oversaw, it's a compromise between 2 schools of thought. conservationists believe in preserving the historical record interventionists would rebuild the temple of athena to its classical glory. and it is that high classical period that tourists come to mark and celebrate to day. so it would appear that got us is merely giving the greeks and the world's visitors what they want. but critics say his view favors some parts of the archaeological record over others. jumps are hopeless. al jazeera athens. ah, well, again, i'm fully back, you know, with the headlines.


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