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i like to know what's happening and even trying new out on the other side of cape town, the desmond to to h i. v center sits in the heart of another township. his likeness brightens the lobby. linda gale leads the team to see the latest prevention methods and drugs for h i v n t be to to had t b as a child and want to be a doctor. he was a man of god with a lifelong interest in medicine. and he supported human endeavor in that regard to innovation is part of the plan. if you like, it's god's plan. the project falls under the basement and lea a to, to legacy foundation headed by one of his daughters. those really crucial initiatives, because again, they make a world of difference for people who live at the margins of society. people who are very often forgotten or ignored, who are typically under back at the to,
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to you center. it's about giving underprivileged teenagers opportunities. they are writing their resumes, their curriculum, v days. they merit points, school to twos, for good behavior, which they spend in this case on printing by scanning their thumbs. it's a currency desmond to do, would have hoped, each one they use to pay back to the communities and their country in a positive way. let's get reaction from for an harris. he's the head of leadership development at the nelson mandela foundation. he's joining us from durham is worth thanks for speaking to us on al jazeera. so of course, along with nelson mandela doesn't to, to was very much the moral compass of the country and, and considered the nation's conscience by all. what's your reaction to his passing? well, it's a bad day for us. we're still absorbing the news. i think we've lost a very special human being and i think we've lost a giant struggle for justice in south africa. what do you think
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his legacy will be when it's a huge legacy? and obviously each generation interprets and legacy in its own way. so we don't know what to look like continuous time, but certainly from where i'm sitting right now. i think right at the heart of his legacy is fierce independence. he spoke to to power without fear or favor. and he was in for the long haul. she, he kept working even as things began to feel hopeless during the year, but not the democratic year as well. yeah. that's the thing. he was tough on the the new democracy just as well as he was on south africa apartheid for, wasn't he? yes he was, he was tough on nelson mandela. she was critical of some of the
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policies that the democratic government was the mentoring. and it was very critical of the successes to know montela and suffered in consequence. he was, he was dealt with very harshly. so of all the does, he didn't share the truth and reconciliation commission after apartheid. of course, i mean this to this commission, and did he succeed in, in accomplishing what it set out to do? what will his legacy be when it comes to the truth and reconciliation commission? the broader reconciliation project here, and so that i think we have to acknowledge that the project of the 19 montes has failed. and that we are in deep trouble. but i would argue, and certainly not someone, dana foundation has been organ some time that the true commission could only
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establish a platform for continuing work. and sadly, the south african states failed to implement the recommendation to the commission bishop to, to himself, i can say, when are you going to implement or what about on the global stage? what do you think it was about jasmine to, to that really cemented his his broad appeal globally? well, i think he had enormous moral authority, but also in almost mischievous sense of humor, a war and approachability, which i think made him special in the same way that she won't show. okay, we'll have to leave it there. thank you so much for joining us. and speaking to us from south africa in
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now new restrictions are being imposed been parts of the u. k. ahead of new years eve, scotland wales and northern ireland, or clamping down on large gatherings to curb the spread of the crown variance. no restrictions have not been announced for england that has the highest infraction rates and frances report and yet another record number of corona virus cases. it's the 1st time it's surpassed $100000.00 cases in a single day. president emmanuel macros due to hold a meeting with his cabinet to discuss potential new restrictions. hundreds of people have marched through the streets of barcelona to protest against mandatory covert passes to enter bars and restaurants. the spanish region of catalonia introduced tough measures on christmas eve to slow the spread of the army kron variance. people have been banned from leaving their homes between one and 6 o'clock in the morning. it also the order, the closer of night clubs,
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while restaurants and gems have been required to operate at 50 percent capacity. and many hospitals in the us don't have enough staff to deal with a major surgeon cases of coven, 19 about 70000 infected people were being treated in hospital on friday. that figure is up about 50 percent from early november. but the number hospitalized with the article on very ins remains lower compared to other strains. dr. ali roger is executive vice chair at the department of emergency medicine at massachusetts general hospital. he says the u. s. health care system was already under pressure before on the kron emerged over the past 2 to 4 months, even before omicron. we had been seeing a surge of patients in emergency departments and hospitals around the country. patients who had put off care during covert, and unfortunately, patients who were dealing with the consequences of having put off that preventative care earlier, we're already filling our emergency department and hospitals. and so now dealing
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with an oma, kron surge were stressing and already strained system. with these breakthrough cases, what i'm seeing is when i bring a patient into the hospital for a heart attack stroke, a gunshot wound, something completely unrelated to cove it. and they've then test positive for coping because they've had a breakthrough case even with the vaccination or because they didn't get the vaccine in one of the vaccines in the 1st place. what ends up happening is that we then have to isolate that patient in the hospital from other patients who don't have covered we, every time we go in and need that patient, we have to don full personal protective equipment. even if we're just bringing them a tray of food and then unfortunately, that also means that they might potentially spread the virus to help their staff. what we're running into is that the staff who we are counting on actually can't come to work. the problem is that we don't really have, we don't have many backups in place. we were already facing nursing shortages and physician shortages and how and,
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and housekeeping shortages as workers had left for other industries just being burned out from cobit. so we don't really have a reserve force to call up when people call out l. the managers of a hospital and sidney in australia are apologizing for wrongly telling 400 people. they had tested negative for over 19 when they had in fact been infected. we incorrectly message 400 patients who had been swapped centers from december, the 22nd in december, the 20 to advising and the tested negative to do to scope. and these people in fact, had tested positive, decoded. as soon as you became aware of this issue this morning, said pess, they merely commenced the process to contact these impacted individuals. an emergency response team is now investigating the cause of this mistake, which is believed to be due to human error. we sincerely apologize for the mistake
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with this. been my and australia is most populous state. new southwell has reported a record number of cobra, 1900 infections. people have been forming long queues to take a p c r test. despite the premier urging those who feel well to avoid taking one health ministers urging people to get fully vaccinated. it's very clear from ice. you presentations, that the majority of people who are, you know, i see you are on vaccinated. i. that is at a time that is it a time when 95 percent of our people here in the south wild have received their 1st dose vaccination. so the numbers don't lie, please go and get vaccinated. and here's the prime minister says teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18 will begin receiving covered 1900 vaccinations in january there is remote, he also announced health care and frontline workers will get booster jobs. the health industry says more than 60 percent of adults have been fully vaccinated,
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while 90 percent have received one job. the government in pakistan is spending $14000000000.00 a year on projects to help the country adapt to climate change. for many in rural areas, say the money is not getting to them and they're struggling to survive. some bon jovi reports from coast on, in pakistan, millions of capital migrate and water dries up in sudden markets, fun farmers and more districts filament on their phones. as the dry spells are becoming longer and the movements more frequent, it's a long off road track to get to the villages. with no government support, people in the going stun region are trying to adapt to climb. epic changes around them. for generations, people and animals here have used the same water source. these ponds retain rain water from surrounding hills. now some non government organizations are helping increase their water attention capacity. so when it rains, it lasts
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a few months. 48 reservoirs, but some up to 800 feet deep, have helped more than 74000 people in this building terrain. the in this earth trust says it's use corporate social responsibility funds from large corporations. and there's no government assistance to provide water to villages, bonds like these have help people adapt to the changing climate. but they're still angry at the politicians who represent them saying they only come here for votes and basic services such as health, education and accessibility are still non existent activists. the big landowners are still underestimating the impact of climate change with killing the abductions common. here they say it's risky to raise their voice for basic rights. if that is school, we need school, hospitals, and roads. the most important necessity is water. and about a month this water will dry up and we'll have to travel far to get some children cry if the when we run out. and when pregnant women travel for water, many faint,
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and there's no nearby health facility lives become tougher here as yearly rainfall has dwindled, a car says during the time of ancestors, water was plentiful, but now it runs out and many people are forced to migrate and be delivered into you, you don't need electricity, not even arose, but we are desperate for water for ourselves in our capital minutes to say it's not possible to reach everyone focused on is on the top 10 countries most vulnerable to climate change. focus on cash strapped government says it's a victim of climate injustice. we estimated between fixed and $14000000000.00 a year that we have to spend because a forced to that vision. it's not a choice. we have to be, we are forced to adapt to climate change and these a fund come come out of our priorities are held out of education out of governance . so i think this is the area where the world needs to wake up because this
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injustice cannot continue with some help. people are adapting, harnessing solar energy has meant there's been diverse migration in some villages. having electricity is like a medical for the, with the family. they can finally book after daylight hours for grades. we have electricity now and the children can study, but we still have no water or gas, so we have to carry water on our heads. but despite all this, some of our villages have returned as there is electricity. here. small scalable projects can be adapted to a larger communities if there's political will and money. but focus on water challenges are complex. multifaceted and time is running out to address them from a majority, they are going to stand southern pakistan the volcanic eruption on the spanish island developing alma as officially over after 3 months of daily explosions. the declaration was made after 10 days of low level activity career,
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destroyed around $3000.00 buildings and damaged vital form irrigation systems. people are cleaning up, but it will be months before many can return to their home. thing in spain and the concern is growing over the number of people who are moving away from small towns. it's led to a movement aimed at pressuring the government to offer better services. in such areas. to attract families, natasha for name visited practicum to in the catalina region. i wanted people to relocate to the picturesque town of the comp done population. 183 traffic and pollution for mountain fresh air crowded classrooms for a school of 9 students. there is no hospital police or fire department and forget about a 5 g network. when virginia benham move responded to an advertisement to
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move here, she was lured by the job of managing this 9 room, hostile she and her 7 year old daughter love arrived in january. i reckon on lever . thank neil. as i lived in big city and foam is the 1st time better? i'm very happy. i may be because it was my to him. may. i'm feeling going, hey, i don't know, but i hope it will be so many else. love can rome and play in the village without the safety concerns of a city, but she also has fewer playmates and a 30 minute drive to go swimming in the winter camp marinez cake lighting. mason. my. i prefer to have more kids can because then i have more friends per cent k. as in frank, no ram. according to government statistics, half of spain's municipalities are in danger of losing their population. these are primarily towns of less than 1000 people. however,
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data shows this issue is not just confined to rural areas. people are also moving out of provincial capitols and small to medium sized cities. to reverse the trend this year, the european union gave spain more than $11000000000.00 for a re population program. the goal is to provide small towns with more basic services, high speed internet, and funding for housing and job creation. i keep us in their infancy, i get a go to that. i think the one thing that i either valid here, you can have a childhood that you will have. remember all your life, the kids are on the street alone relate to people from all age. we have mountains and education is high quality talent management. and i'm in more bro van fen. hm. who and her daughter are now part of the 1st population boom in pratt defroster since 2015, 13 people have moved here in the last year. the advertisement campaign seems to be
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working. natasha can 8 l to 0. prior to comp doth space, sports news is coming up after the break, including and b, a highlights from there. i'm on a christmas day schedule. ah . mother nature's gift of cultural landscapes. but strong infrastructure governance arising were investments are waiting to flourish. work re tv even supplied by tradition do where beautiful possibilities are offered. from the al jazeera london broadcast intact to people in thoughtful conversation with no host and no limitations this decade is
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a most consequential decade in advance is off for too many companies that are doing bad things in the front. in part 2 of human rights activists. q, me 19 and environmental. if we known a teeth, the systems are not working, but the longer that you fight them, the more that things change studio be unscripted on out his era. ah ah. hello again. time for the sports news with peter 3. thank you. so much we'll start with football and manchester city. boss pet. guardiola has urged france to wear mosques in stadiums to limit the spread of corona virus. the spaniard fears the premier league may go back to matches behind closed doors. you cannot imagine how the
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furnace play with the people or without the people. this is snow component, but at the end we did behind the closed door to sort by the comic in the wall full book. you know that for the broadcasters form. the thanks for that, we could get our salaries and the people could, you know, could play football in you or for the people or hopefully not that in the state of the people don't use mask, you know, is what i'm surprised the most in our for the 5, you want to the 3, you go to big moles, you all in the places to buy, present for the family? no one use mask were mask. so in and people for the beginning, beginning the say the say the more protection where you could have his hand sanitizers and his and, and the people who don't worry it. and so bryce 3 matches that were originally scheduled for today have been postponed, including that of said he's close as competition for the title. livable also will
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look to continue their good recent form away at norwich. talk them are up against crystal palace and chelsea visit aston villa. in the n b a. the annual christmas day shadow all saw the return of the brooklyn net softer postponing their last 3 games because of covered 19 issues. and they removed the fest of cheer from the los angeles lakers is some to the 5th consecutive loss. james hart returned to actually put out a christmas gift for the brooklyn. it would superstar james hardy returning after spending 2 weeks and cove at 19 health and safety protocols. the los angeles lakers struggled to contain harden the porch for harden, and we're not even 3 minutes into the 3rd. he finished with $36.00 plus 10 rebounds and 10 assists. as the nits opened up a 20 point late hitting into the final quarter with the lake is called the way back, and no surprise who led the combat. he followed that with an assist the
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square, the game with 45 seconds remaining but that's where the scoring ended for the lakers. brooklyn closed out the contest by 7. i knew street is not something that man i was won, but nobody for sorry, for you knows all sure. for our record, nobody's not sure. sorry for guys, alex everybody there buyers. garza top spot in the western conference was on the line when phoenix host golden state warriors had 7 players missing through covered 19 an injury. but they had stiff carry high the sport. the embassies all time leading 3 points you the had a game high. 33 points that gave the war is the lead. early in the 4th quarter, phoenix went down by 9 points in english. 15 game winning streak at home day. he was at the milwaukee bucks. welcome back there, man man diana's auntie to cooper from cover 19 protocols. he has 36 points and 12
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re bounces. the champions rallied from 19 points down to beat the boston south. i was very excited as excited to be on my teammates or so to be on the fans closed play game. ah, you're not. you're not nervous, neither. you nervous, obviously better like canada does. their asked off quarter, krista more think dallas had more than half their regular players missing through corona virus and injury, but they still managed to push the utah jazz with donovan mitchell top scored with $33.00, helping the home side, one by 4 points and kimball walker gave himself and the new york next, the perfect christmas present against atlanta. he posted his 1st triple double in almost 8 years in the 1st by next player on december 25th, new york crews into a 14 point victory. this it's kinda hard to put it in the world, to be honest. but it was, it was, it was special for the state. for vander worth al jazeera, all the green bay packers quarterback aaron rogers has overtaken the franchise
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record for touchdowns. fit by club legend. bread fall of this was the moment of pack of history for roger's. he's td off to find alan lazard was the 400 and 43rd of these korea projects helped green bay to 24. 22 wind here against the cleveland browns. the package with the top team and the nfl right now with 12 winds 40 and it's not quite the same story for the arizona cardinals. a few weeks ago they were tied with the package. but this 20 to 16 feet to the indianapolis colts is a 3rd loss in a row. are no longer the top team even in the division will need to stop winning again in order to make sure a play or play england's misery and the ashes series against strange continued on day one of the 3rd fest in melbourne. the of these dominated the start of the traditional boxing. they tested the mc g on sunday test and pat cummins dismissed each of the top 3 english batsmen support jo reed hitting 15 the rule now for just
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$185.00. the australians with $61.00 for one at the close of plate, thanks to the risks david want to in, in, in the final hour. it remains a lot to join a pretty, pretty small cloud, hopefully not a big business community in cricket. so if i can be a role model, young, indigenous kids to want to play cricket a good we got together, i'm stronger and tougher with our dismissals. and we know that we spoke about that and, and that's just being honest with ourselves so. so when we need to keep her keep doing that, we saw in that 2nd and in adelaide that we body for a period of time and for a long each while we're here and look when it comes down to the 2nd ins again here,
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this is after organ after the. okay, that's all the sports needs during. thank you so much peter. well, greece says restoring a ground entrance to the acropolis in athens, but that's causing controversy. among some archaeologists who say the project goes beyond its intended aim of restoration. john serrato's reports from athens to enter the acropolis in athens, visitors zigzag up this ramp built in the 1950s. greece says it is now going to give them the experience athenians enjoyed 25 centuries ago when they came to worship their patron goddess athena. a grand staircase, 25 meters wide envisioned as part of the gateway to the acropolis and reimagined by artists for centuries. the peloponnesian war between athens and sputter interrupted its completion. but the man in charge of restoration on the acropolis as rebuilding, it would be a celebration of the democracy, but conceived it with the establishment of democracy. the number of citizens was
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10000 and all of them had to participate to the festival. it was a duty for thee and since citizens, their participation and 10 therefore they had seriously and substantially widen, to increase, they weights of their amp. and finally, to create the staircase won't dictated the width of the staircase, was the width of the entrance to the acropolis behind me. built 25 centuries ago. it was designed to allow at least $10000.00 athenians and dozens of sacrificial oxen on to the open space. around the temple of athena, where a great sacrifice would take place each year. goodness intends to open up this gate house so that all 5 of its doorways can be used. but some archaeologists say rebuilding the staircase crosses
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a line from restoration to reconstruction. or you gonna get these from there though? i don't say that we should necessarily preserve the zigzag ramp, but this is not a decision of one person. there needs to be a wider discussion. it's a huge intervention. even if we had all the original material that we don't have the right to do it on such a scale, then in and it gets us get plenty of new marble, has been inserted into the buildings of the acropolis as part of a 40 year restoration project. including in the gate house whose restoration done no less oversaw. it's a compromise between 2 schools of thought. conservationists believe in preserving the historical record interventionists would rebuild the temple of athena to its classical glory. and it is that high classical period that tourists come to mark and celebrate to day. so it would appear that got us is merely giving the greeks and the world's visitors what they want. but critics say his view favors some parts of the archaeological record over others. jumps are hopeless. al jazeera evans. i
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thought him in his our way back in a moment with more news. ah, the listening post cuts through the noise. so can you not complete the math, they seeing what they called me to perpetuate with the listening post your guide to the media on us just 0. the latest news as it breaks a new man with added a voice of these giant done for us having more moving power. these being able to extract more full, more quickly with detail covering everywhere you look, there is this structure. the full survive did tell us like will never be the same again, them from around the world. he fell to the guy and cried out. i'm going to prison. the question the jury has to decide now. he should, she knew in the far reaches of the new siberian islands,
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gold rush, fever is in the air, hunters searching for priceless woolly mammoth tasks of an earth, the holy grail. an incredible journey into the realms of science fiction where cloning and synthetic biology have scientist playing god. witness genesis to point toe, the hunt for the woolly mammoth on al jazeera. thanks a ah
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ah, ah. ready you brit allen's human rights activist, archbishop desmond tutu, has died. he was awarded the nobel prize for his fight against apartheid. ah, it was from y'all to 0 life from headquarters in del hi denning abigail, also coming up. human rights groups accuse me in mars military of a massacre. after dozens of burn bodies are found in chaos, state the saudi la coalition defends air strikes on the sun. i airport saying the whole fees, we're using it to launch ballistic missile.


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