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tv   [untitled]    December 26, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm AST

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i rest history africa direct on al jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm emily anglin. this is the news, our life from dough coming up in the next 60 minutes. we have lost a great icon. a father tributes pourin for archbishop desmond to to south africa is anti apartheid hero, and nobel laureate has died at the age of 90. his adelaide coalition defends air strikes on santa airport, saying that these were using it to launched ballistic missiles with his full as
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health human rights groups. excuse me, in mass military of america, after dozens of burned bodies of fad in k estates and degeneration, left traumatized, how children in peru have had their lives turned upside down by the pandemic. i'm devin ash, with sport, australia continued to dominate the ashes after another bass in collapse from england. and manchester city are in command of the english premier league beating lesta to extend their lead at the top of the table. ah. the south african nobel peace prize winner jasmine to, to has died that he was 90 years old, appointed the 1st black archbishop of cape town to rose, to prominence in the 1980s as a vocal opponent of the apartheid. he used to popup in public demonstrations to
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energize opinion against racial inequity, both at home and abroad, south africa, presidents or ram opposed to lead the tributes calling to, to a patriot without equal and a leader of principle and pragmatism. it's actually very sad and i don't think not only for so that because, but for africa as a continent, we have lost a great icon, a father, a human who are they not just full that the african peep, this african people. but for africa as, as, as a nation, africa, as a unit, africa, as one. i feel i feel, i feel very, very down emotional right now. because he was somebody that almost everybody liked, especially the kids. love him. journal. how takes a look back at desmond tutu life this is jasmine to,
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to hearing the news that nelson mandela would soon be released. he was seldom one to contain his feelings. it just triggered me off this to twos responses, head of south africa, the truth and reconciliation commission on hearing details of atrocities committed by both sides. if not to mention, then we have a blessed desmond and pillow too, too was born in a mining town outside johannesburg. at a time of strict segregation, things would get much worse. as he grew up to 2 was 17, when the national party came to power in 1948 racial inequality became law. apartheid. he wanted to be a doctor, but became a teacher instead witnessing 1st hand the government's policy of depriving black south africans of education,
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consigning them to servitude. and the protests that followed the like the sharp fil massacre in 1960. ringback 59 people were killed and most of them were short in the best, the running away, protesting against the past. last, i remember as a moment when you realize that black life was cheap, the 22 must have thought he could do more in the church. he joined the clergy eventually obtaining high anglican office as dean of johannesburg and later archbishop of cape town, it propelled him into the public eye as an unflinching moral voice. why our struggle is way to succeed. he's lot just because of number i believe rate was a big because it is a just by 984 desmond to to had one global admiration. he was awarded the
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nobel peace prize. it was the kind of recognition that south africa's anti apartheid movement needed to become a global force for a very, very long time. i. i did hope that the world would, would hear a pretty and that is why we were to apply sanctions. archbishop desmond tutu was one of the world's foremost human rights campaign. as an active member of the elders in the cause of world peace remembered as much for his unremitting optimism. an infectious laugh that when he introduced nelson mandela, south africa's new president in 1994 to to recalled that he whispered to god, if i die now, it would be almost the perfect moment. someone up there must really have been on our side. or badging for us when mandela died, many worried that south africa had lost its moral compass. they may now wonder
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whether it's lost its guiding light. yeah. and gillian wolf is outside desmond home in cape town. hello there, gillian, what can you tell us about the significance of the area? that's right, well the significance about this area particularly is that this is a area that wouldn't, would not have been possible for people like different to, to, to have lived in prior to a part. hi. this was an only white neighborhood and that is exactly what represents what he was fighting against, which was segregation. he's been living in this area for several decades ever since he retired as archbishop. now i've been speaking to some of the family members that have been coming in today to honor their respects, to more together, to offer their morals for support. and also to make arrangements in the coming days ahead of how they're going to honor his life and legacy. and i spoke to the
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daughter of desmond to to know tom b. and i asked her what it was like to have a father as a freedom fighter. and she spoke fondly about that, saying that he really instilled a sense of a boon to within the children within the family home. and that's the idea of a shared humanity to have god live within them and to, to treat each other with respect within the home. and then also to then spread that around their community. something that he exactly represented in his life legacy. now i also spoke to her about, of course her father being what seems to be like the last i conic freedom fighter of south africa and what that meant for the future generation of south african leadership. and this is exactly what she had to say. i always remind people that, you know, my dad was a grown man by the time the world knew of him and man with, with grandchildren. so that when i look at the young people of south africa today,
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i have great hope for the kind of leadership that our country needs. i see that our country actually has and of course i offer how south africa will commemorate his life and legacy. but i also ask how they of the family will intimately remember him. and she told me that they have plans to celebrate his life. incorporating the 2 traditions of the family, that is the closer tradition in the christian tradition. so with a closer tradition, they would let the ancestors know that he's on the way and they would ask him to prepare away for him and to welcome him home. and then of course, with a christian tradition, they would pray every day with, with, with leaders and offer services until he is buried efficiently in the coming days ahead. emily, thank you very much for that report in cape dan,
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gillian wolf for this news. our thanks very much. south africa has long suffered the worst h i v epidemic in the world and destined to, to understood the importance of religious leaders in the fight against h. i. v and aids his family foundation supports programs that tackled the disease from all sides. with the through youth education or medical research for me to mila reports on projects that were close to desmond to choose how a small at the t 2 teen truck, young people attested for sexually transmitted diseases, including h. i. v. 7000000 south africans have the virus, the teenagers are at ease, listening to the safe sex message from to to youth center in turns like kizzie, akimbo. although sometimes it's still awkward. compose, been inspired by desmond to, to, to spend the rest of her life helping others who and i got your. 2 own kind of open the eyes through all of the different things. and then i decided i went to the
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counseling was i love helping people alive, especially years of my dinner with the younger i like to know what's happening these and trying to help him. you know, on the other side of cape town, desmond to, to h i. v center sits in the heart of another township. his lightness brightens the lobby . linda, gail leads the team tasting the latest provincial methods and drugs for h i v and t b 2 to had t b as a child and wanted to be a doctor. he was a man of god with a lifelong interest in medicine and he supported human endeavor in that regard, say innovation is part of the plan. if he like it's god's plan. the project falls under the basement and lia to, to legacy foundation headed by one of his daughters. those are really crucial initiatives because again, they make a world of difference for people who live at the margins of society. people who are very often forgotten or ignored,
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who are typically under served back at the to, to you center. it's about giving underprivileged teenagers opportunities. they're writing their resumes, their curriculum, v, taste. they earned merit points called to twos for good behavior, which they spend in this case on printing by scanning their thumbs. it's a currency desmond to, to would have hoped though each one day used to pay back to the communities and their country in a positive way. plenty morehead, on this news hour, including hundreds of palestinian protest is a injured in the occupied west bank is tension escalades over a text by israelis. saint louis we report from southern pakistan where a drought, who's pushing millions to the brink of starvation and in sport green bag quarterback aaron rogers breaks the pack is record for the motor touchdown passes.
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ah, hundreds of flat cancellations. continuing to jack up across the us because of the current increase in coven 19 cases. airlines say that on the chrome has had a huge impact on their staffing levels and lead to cancellations, increasing the backlog over the holiday period. we're joined now by gabriel alexander, who is in new york can covering this story. gabriel travel cancellations and delays continuing throughout the world. but particularly in the us, is there any idea when things might get better while the airlines are hoping the sooner the better? because this is certainly difficult for them during this travel period. that is one of the busiest of the entire year here, and many parts of the world that mean this is all stemming from the army
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kron variant that is surging in many parts of the united states, particularly here in the northeast. and then you also have a combined to with whether issues here as well. it's winter, of course in north america. so we're getting snow in many parts of the country as well. that also is normally leads to cancellations, but you add up the amount of employees that are calling in sick or that have been exposed to krona virus and they're having to quarantine or basically stay home that is leading to shortages of workers in the airline industry. and leading to a lot of these cancellations, there's about 3 to 400 cancellations so far on sunday. here in the u. s. there's about 2000 globally. but most health officials here say that the peak of the micron variant won't hit probably till early january or maybe even mid january. so the airlines are all sort of positioning themselves to figure out how are they going to cope with this in the coming days. and potentially weeks if this
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continues to see these shortages and gave in the us, there is no vaccine requirement to fly domestically. could that change? well, it could. there's a lot of pressure from various quarters on the white house to consider that joe biden says that he's spoken to his top health officials and they are not recommending that. now, of course you do need to show vaccine proof of backseat. if you're flying internationally into the u. s, but domestically you don't. and anthony thout she biden's chief medical advisor was asked about that on sunday morning. and this is what he had to say. vaccine requirements for people coming in from other countries is to prevent newly infected people from getting in to the country. a vaccine requirement for the person getting on the plane is just another level of getting people to have
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a mechanism that would spur them to get back to that. namely, you can't get on a plane unless you're vaccinated, which is just another one of the ways of getting requirements, whatever that might be. now it's clear though that she is saying there that while international flights they need show proof of vaccination domestic flight, she was very clear. he said, we don't think we need to go that route just yet. but clearly there be more discussions about this, particularly as the macro and very it continues to spread throughout the us. new york city, where i'm at now is the epa center of the new variant in the u. s. just on friday, there were 44000 new cases, reported a record throughout the entire pandemic. certainly some staggering number. thank you for the update. gabriel alexander live press in new york. and the 1st on the
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con case is being detected in the besieged, gaza strip. the carrier is a palestinian residence who was infected within the coastal territory. health authorities say that means and you very will now be widespread among gods is population of 2200000 people. israeli soldiers have injured more than $214.00 palestinian protest is in the town of burka north of nablus. that's according to the palestinian red crisen pensions have been escalating in the area since and israeli settler was shorted by 2 palestinians. on december 16, harry faucet report from berker, another night of violence in what's become in recent days, the most frequent point of friction in the occupied west bank is ready. troops sealed off the village of berker villages through rocks and burnt tires. the military said shots were fired in the area. soldiers, fire live ammunition, rubber coated steel, bullets, and tear gas into the crowd. by sunday,
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quiet had returned, but after day is that what people here call unprecedented levels of attacks by israeli settlers. local activists, honey describes how on thursday night settlers descended from the nearby illegal outpost of homage vandalizing a cemetery. before moving on to the village itself, holmes was stoned with a lead going out, the dozens of settlers were attempting to get into houses. arafat sala says this level of threat against the village is something new. i don't know danica russell, hold on. i've been sitting up to morning in case they come back out of control. no government controls them. the army controls them. they attack you anyway. earlier on thursday, thousands of settlers gathered in a mass rally at the entrance to homage to mark a week since the killing of the demons man. he was shot as he left the outpost in an attack attributed to the palestinian islamic jihad armed faction on sunday.
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soldiers continued to god, the entrance israel was supposed to withdrawn from here in a 2005 disengagement plan that a religious seminary has operated with military protection. ever since. since the shooting settlers have repeatedly fought with soldiers as they tried to erect new structures, within whom esh they're calling to the outpost to be formalized once more. the military closures in recent days have happened when there been large numbers of settlers threatening the village. but villages we've spoken to say that the soldiers are here to ensure the safety of those settlers. when it comes to protecting burka from attack, they say they're on their own. the shooting 10 days ago has led to reprisal attacks across the west bank. but it's here in burka, where the threat has been most concentrated and most constant. the village remains on alert. hurry, faucet al jazeera in the occupied west bank. this adelaide coalition in yemen is accusing the hurry fees of using the senate, a port to launch ballistic missiles. during a press conference,
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coalition spokesman, turkey leaky said, saudi arabia has been targeted by more than 400 ballistic missiles. bobby, i'm group since the start of the fighting. the civil war began in september 2014 with the satellite coalition intervening. 6 months later, the coalition attacked the airport earlier this week. sure, i had 2 of these slides clear that the hootie militia are using the sonata port as a civil part, but also a military use. also on the slide, you can see the presence of the hootie militia on the tarmac at the top of the tall marquis conceit and preparing to launch a drone. as you can see on the upper right hand side. and you can see how it's being used from santa international airport. this confirms the militarization of santa international airport by the who t's and who says the al bouquets. he is a political commentator and journalist. he says that these aren't using, sent a port to launch me 1000 that read claims. the reads claims don't add up. the
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salvation has been taken place in all, but even get from saudi arabia, but they will not make any difference is really silly to see molly key in this press conference or talking about what he called outside enter vention for a part of his from our c m and like he said to his bola, an iran, and we see on his back on the back we see flag of 12 country that are actually involved in a war anal malika is and the defense yeah. many defense minutes that i need as the leader of this old book version of this, you call it. and so was actually a victim the minute is the intervention of saudi out a bad idea. mm. and i know about talking about that is that base just one or 2 kilometers south of that boat isn't a base. it's called a day let me base and the shade in the same runway with vote. so it just posted
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as he claim would have total. i mean, they will be a full day let me base and i do think it will be very, very silly that it is about 24 hours monitoring for them. so the back voltage, it will be so silly for us and i to live only and to live own areas inside them and to go use one final thing we have seen that you have said that there are monitoring just last thing, the monitor in the whole these 24 hours, i mean on the other hand, a pound that it drones for 100 balance, 200 of both has belongs to again. so the idea what type of more monitoring they are being emotional scenes in northern iraq to the bodies of 16 migrants were returned from france. they were among a group of people who drowned last month trying to reach britain, mahmud abdel, why had reports from baghdad. these people are mourning the loss of their loved
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ones who drowned in the english channel. last month, the bodies of the kurdish migrants arrived here at it. a bill, of course, wow ambulances sirens rang across the city in the early hours of sunday. as they were carried to be buried in their home towns, i crossed the kurdish region of northern iraq. women and children were among those who died. most were young people who sought a better life abroad on live eloquently thunderbird her. unfortunately, during the past 8 years, young people in kurdistan lost hope because of the financial crisis against they wanted to live in a country that respects human rights. because here, there is no respect for human wrangler. humbly, a dingy carrying the migrants capsized in the english channel. a month ago, it had sailed from the french city of calais towards brit in the international organization. for migration,
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sad. it was the largest single loss of life in the channel since it began collecting information 7 years ago. the could this 10 regional government says it has been liaising with french authorities to identify the victims, throw fingerprints and dna. the kurdish region is widely considered a safe haven compared to other parts of conflict scott to iraq. but many people, their cell, whatever they own, to pay smugglers to get them to the u. k. and europe. in the hope of a better life, hundreds of iraqis were repatriated from bill arose in november. they were among thousands of the few jesus talk on the border between below some poland. among those returned to iraq most were from the kurdish region. the government of could, this turn region says it has warranted young people not to jeopardize their lives
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by being geek supply heated by people a smugglers. while the victims, families say a lack of jobs, economic decline and corruption are forcing people to flee the country up through i had it all bolduc. and these $27.00 people, including a child, have drowned off libya in the mediterranean, save their bodies were found on the west coast in the town of combs the migrants has been trying to make their way to europe. search efforts are underway and 3 other refugees and my friends have been rescued. the un says it's horrified by reports of mass killings in me and man rights groups have accused the military of carrying out a massacre. after shot remains of 38 people were found in k estate. witnesses say civilians including women and children were rounded up and shot. tiny ching reports struck fern at the end of the track in kaya state,
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southern mamma. after the fires have died down. the video showed charred bodies in the record on every $38.00 people, including women and children, reportedly rounded up and executed around the village of mo, so by the me, a military among those missing to workers from the charity save the children who had been distributing aid to internally displaced people in the area there burnt out vehicle confirmed to be amongst those destroyed a written statement from the charity said. save the children condemned this attack . as a breach of international humanitarian law, were horrified at the violence carried out against innocent civilians and our staff who had dedicated humanitarians supporting millions of children in need across man ma. further south, close to the board with thailand, attack helicopters, an aircraft scene operating in areas where tens of thousands of civilians are trying to escape the fighting men, most military seeming now to be in
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a full offensive against armed ethnic groups. along the board with thailand, i expect that we're going to see more of these kinds of atrocities. because remember military when it faces resistance ah, doesn't have any breaks. it can, you know, operate it to kill anybody that it wants because it will not be held accountable by military command. there is no brakes on the car here. and thousands more. refugees have now fled into thailand. in the past 2 days. this is a growing humanitarian crisis. the thailand doesn't want in the past, refugees have been pushed back into me and my when tile authorities deemed the situation to be safe, that now looks like a policy that'll be difficult to justify tony ching, al jazeera still ahead on al jazeera. ah, not peter pug,
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spider man flies into the top spot and the bug selfish smashing and pandemic milestone during the holiday weekend. spain's drain from rural areas. what the e u is doing to urgently re populate small towns and in sport england continue to struggle in the ashes against israeli, a gym and we'll have all those details and more a little later in the please out ah, the we may have some record breaking heats in africa. hello everyone. good to see you 1st. we're going to begin in the middle east and still this cloud over central sections of saudi on monday. i don't think we've got the rain briskin there any more, but we're going to go into the gulf for a closer look because what we do still have is that shamal coming down from iraq.
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so we'll see when gus in doha, so about 40 to 50 kilometers per hour. downpours of rain to be expected in southern pakistan. this is going to impact karachi, unsettled toward the northeast. the hor and islam of by your temperatures are below where they should be for this. and the year. temperature is above average in is sample, but breezy through the boss for us, and prepare for it because we're going to get back into a gloomy stretch of weather for is stumble now in terms of that record breaking heat. it could be through lagos, san trabusia, in the days to come storms still for a kinshasa into congo gabon and southern sections of cameroon. we've got some big storms flaring up. we go further toward the south, around our botswana into this eastern portion of south africa. so that includes for johannesburg at 18 degrees, but give it a bit of time because your temperature is, are on the way up your should up to $27.00 degrees on wednesday in the sunshine. sounds good. that's it. we'll see you, sir. ah,
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january, jesse, you know, 20 years ago the euro was brought into circulation. we investigate how the un benefitted from having an official courtesy be part of the st. enjoy know social media community as sierra leone to recovery from civil war continues. we move to decade is the end of one of africa's most complex. the bottom line, steve herman's dives headlong into the u. s. issues that shape the rest of the world. as we enter the 3rd year heavy grantee, we go back to where it all began and it best. how far we've come up. ham, dennis, january 1 i just talked to al jazeera the why of the why we listen 9 is are making serious separate
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in order and just drop the turn we need use making stormy. i i hello you watching out to 0. i'm emily, angling reminder about top stories this out. south african nobel peace prize win adjustment to to has died at the age of 90. he was appointed the 1st black archbishop of cape town and became known for his vocal opposition to the countries apartheid systems. sadie led coalition in yemen is accusing the hurricane rebels of using semi airports, launched ballistic missiles into the kingdom. the coalition attacked via porter earlier this week.


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