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re short films show how performance creates a home and family and gives hope and opportunity. ah, a select on al jazeera ah, ah tributes flow for archbishop desmond tutu, a fearless opponent of a party who has died at the age of 90. ah, hello, i'm marianne. mit in london, you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program condemnation. after the discovery of charred remains, of dozens of people and me and mars at kaya state. the military is accused of carrying out your trust. in northern iraq burials are held for 16 kurdish migrants
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who died trying to reach britain last month. ah, spain warning bells as sounded as more and more people leave rural areas for this is aah! across the world! tributes have been flowing for antea party era. archbishop desmond tutu who has died at the age of 92 to rose to prominence in the 1980s as a vocal opponent of racial segregation and was appointed the 1st black archbishop of cape town. i'm a senior clerical position in the country. nobel peace lawyer continue to speak out against racial inequality and poverty in south africa and beyond. jonah, how looks back is his life. this is jasmine to, to hearing the news that nelson mandela would soon be released. he was told in one
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to contain his feelings, it just to get me off this to twos responses, head of south africa, the truth and reconciliation commission on hearing the details of atrocities committed by both sides is not just mentioned. then we'll do the fun desmond and pillow too too was born in a mining town outside. johanna's book, at a time of strict segregation, things would get much worse. as he grew up to 2 was 17. when the national party came to power in 1948, racial inequality became law apartheid censure. he wanted to be a doctor, but became a teacher instead witnessing 1st hand the government's policy of depriving black south africans of education, consigning them to servitude. and the protests that followed as the shot like the
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sharp bill massacre in 196069 people were killed and most of them were short in the bag running away, protesting against the past. last, i remember as a moment when you realize that black life was cheap, the 22 must have thought he could do more in the church, he joined the clergy eventually obtaining high anglican office as the dean of johannesburg and later archbishop of cape town, it propelled him into the public eye as an unflinching moral voice. why our struggle is going to succeed. he's not just because of number. i believe weight was a big because it is a just by 984 desmond to to had one global admiration. he was awarded the nobel peace prize. it was the kind of recognition that south africa's anti
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apartheid movement needed to become a global force for a very, very long time. i. i did hope that the world would, would hear our pretty. and that is why we were to apply sanctions. archbishop desmond tutu was one of the world's foremost human rights campaign. as an active member of the elders in the cause of world peace remembered as much for his unremitting optimism. an infectious laugh. when he introduced nelson mandela of south africa's new president in 1994 to 2 recalled that he whispered to god, if i die now, it would be almost the perfect moment. someone up there must really have been on our side or are patching for us. when mandela died, many worried that south africa had lost its moral compass. they may now wonder
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whether it's lost its guiding light. yeah. but gillian wolf, a live in cape town, enjoying this now from outside archbishop desmond tutu home. and he lived in this area for many years to the julian. but that was not always possible. that's correct. that's what is so significant about this area. this was always an all white area, it represents exactly what desmond tutu for so long for to get the segregation of blacks of whites. and it wasn't until the 1990s that he came to cole. this place his home when he retired as archbishop now right now, and the house behind me is where his wife and his children are together. morning and i had the opportunity to speak to some of them as they were trickling into day to, to mourn together, to offer their moral support. and all obviously make arrangements for the days ahead to honor his life and legacy and the opportunity to speak to his daughter on
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tom b. and i asked her about what it was like to grow up with a father as a freedom fighter in the family. and she spoke so fondly about their relationship. she, she said that within the family unit he really tried to instill this, this sense of a boon to, to, to carry this idea of a shared humanity and to really carry respect for one another and to, to live as in god live within side you. so they really share that amongst each other within the family home and then that trickled out, obviously into the society. and that's exactly how he lived his everyday life. i also asked her what it would be like now for the future generation after the passing of perhaps the, the last, ah, iconic leader and freedom fighter of south africa. and this is what she had to say . i always remind people that, you know, my dad was a grown man by the time the world knew of him, a man with,
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with grandchildren. so that when i look at the young people of south africa to day, i have great hope fall on the, the kind of leadership that our country needs. i see that our country actually has . well, sir, of course, how they plan to celebrate and commemorate his life, and besides, how south africa is wanting to do that in the coming days, she spoke how the family unit intimately prepares to commemorate his life. and she spoke about how they would include both 2 traditions that represents their family and that is the closer tradition. and also the christian values that they hold in terms of being cosa. they said that they would ask their ancestors to prepare a way to welcome him, as he is laid to rest than also it's part of the christian tradition. they will hold prayers and services every day until the official ceremony and his
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funeral will be held this week. miriam, thank you very much, jerry wolf and kate. ah, united nations is saying it's horrified by reports of a mass killing in may and mar, rights groups of accused. the military of carrying out to massacre off to the charred remains of $38.00 people. a founding kaya state, witness to say civilians including children, were rounded up and shot the attack as thought to be in retribution after military patrols came under attack from armed ethnic groups. tony chang has more trucks burn at the end of the track in kaya state, southern myanmar. after the fires have died down of the video show chart bodies in the record on 38 people. a few, including women and children, reportedly rounded up and executed around the village of mo,
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so by the mere mom military. among those missing 2 workers from the charity, save the children who had been distributing aid to internally displaced people in the area. they are burnt out vehicle confirmed to be amongst those, destroyed a written statement from the charity said. save the children, condemned this attack. as a breach of international humanitarian law, were horrified at the violence carried out against innocent civilians and our staff who had dedicated humanitarians supporting millions of children in need. across myanmar. further south, close to the board with thailand, attack helicopters and aircraft seen operating in areas where tens of thousands of civilians are trying to escape the fighting men. mars military seeming now to be in a full offensive against armed ethnic groups. along the border with thailand, i expect that we're going to see more of these kinds of atrocities because the myanmar military ah, when it faces resistance ah,
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doesn't have any breaks it can, you know, operate it to kill anybody that it was because it will not be held accountable by military command, there is no brakes on the car here and thousands more refugees have now fled into thailand. in the past 2 days. this is a growing humanitarian crisis that thailand doesn't want. in the past, refugees had been pushed back into me and my when ty authorities deemed the situation to be safe, that now looks like a policy that will be difficult to justify. tourney chang, al jazeera, a bodies of 16 people have been laid to rest in a rock. they were among 27 migrants who drowned in the english channel last month trying to reach the u. k. it was the worst such disaster on record in the narrow crossing between southern england and france, mahmud up the allied reports now from baghdad. these people are mourning the
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loss of their loved ones who drowned in the english channel last month. the bodies of the kurdish migrants arrived here at a bill, a cor, wow. ambulance is silent, ran across the city in the early hours of sunday. as they were carried to be buried in their home towns across the kurdish region over northern iraq. women and children were among those who died most were young people, also a better life abroad alone. unfortunately, during the past few years, young people in kurdistan lost hope because of the financial crisis. again, they wanted to live in a country that respects human rights, because here, there is no respect for human rights. heavily at dingey carrying the migrants capsized in the english channel. a month ago, it had said from the french city of kelly, towards britain,
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the international organization for migration sad. it was the largest single loss of life in the channel since it began collecting information 7 years ago. the curtis 10 regional government says it has been liaising with french, you authorities to identify the victims, throw fingerprints and dna. the kurdish region is widely considered a safe haven compared to other parts of conflict scott to iraq. but many people that sell whatever they own to pay smugglers to get them to the u. k. and europe. in the hope of a better life, hundreds of iraqis will repatriated from below rose in november. they were among thousands of review jesus park on the border between below some poland. among those return to iraq most will from the kurdish region. the government of good this turn region says it has warner, young people not to jeopardize their lives by being exploited by people. the
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smugglers or the victims families say a lack of jobs in economic decline and corruption out of forcing people to flee the country. we had it all back sled for you on the program, long delays and thousands of canceled flights around the world as airline stuff hit by the army. oh, hello there, there's more wet and wintery weather to come for europe at the start of the week. the things are going to turn miles in some places, and we will see the temperature come up, but we've got that, whether that's plaguing the south. it's rather unsettled here. rounds of rain
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rolling across the iberian peninsula into southern areas of france. we could see some flooding from that heavy rain and if we take a closer look, we're going to see it push across corsica taking heavy rain here, some snow in the ops as well, and it's going to make its way towards italy. we've got a warning up for heavy rain, for the companion region in the south, and it'll edge on to greece where it remains rather wet in the days to come. it's gonna get wet for the balkans, but ahead of that it is going to dry up in places like romania, the temperature edging up in bucharest to 7 degrees now more centrally. it is looking better across germany and the low lying countries. but there are plenty of clear skies to be found in places like poland remains bitterly cold. similar stories, much of scandinavia, we've got those very cold conditions, some snow falling in western areas of russia, but for britain and island, we're seeing spells of rain pull in for both the south and the north. but it is going to turn more mild with missy. the temperature pick up in places like london and paris. 15 degrees by wednesday.
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ah, in the far reaches of the new siberian islands, gold rush, fever is in the air. hunters searching for priceless woolly mammoth tasks of honor the holy grail. an incredible journey into the realms of science fiction, where cloning and synthetic biology have scientists playing god. witness genesis to point toe, the hunt for the woolly mammoth on al jazeera lou . ah,
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watching al jazeera life from london are made stories. tributes are pouring in from around the world 1st african antea party. here are archbishop desmond tutu nobel peace laureate, died in cape town on boxing day. he was 90 years old, to see was described as the country's moral view and says it's horrified by reports of mass killing me and mar. the charred remains of 38 people were found in kaya state. witnesses say the military rounded up civilians including children and shot them dead. the bodies of 16 people who drown trying to cross the english channel have been laid to rest in northern iraq. relatives of the kurdish migrants gathered their ability to receive their remains before they were taken from willoughby. as red crescent is saying the bodies of $27.00 migrants including a baby and 2 women of washed ashore in the countries west. 3 people have been
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rescued in such efforts round away for the other survivors. the agencies as there have been several recent shipwrecks of libya, around $1500.00 migrants have drowned a numerous boat accidents in the central mediterranean route. this year will in other developments, libya's high council of state is criticized the electoral commission for postponing presidential parliamentary elections had called off the 24th of december vote. that's what is due to be held. citing a lack of preparedness and disagreements. malik trade has worn out from tripoli. the 1st round of a presidential election was supposed to take place 2 days ago, but they've been postponed now. the elections commission has suggested that the polling take place on january 24th and just under a month, but really it's libya's legislative houses that have to agree on a new date to hold the elections. now, according to a previous agreement, there's 2 legislative houses in libya. there's the parliament in eastern libya and there's the high council state here in western livia, the parliament is holding
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a session tomorrow while they'll discuss the challenges and issues. why the, why the elections commission wasn't able to implement the vote? the high council state had a session today. here in tripoli. i were the speaker outlined a few of the issues. why are these vote didn't happen one? he said there was no constitutional framework for the vote to take place. at the said, there was no agreement on the rules and regulations between the legislative houses . a 3rd, he accused the elections commission of not being neutral. of course the election commission had him l z a at denials allegations a but moving whole moving forward or the speaker hug. missy had the following to say, we're not and we will marry any state taken by parliament without consultation for my council of state of eden will july and august. whether it's related to the right man before the adoption of lawson, or any attempt to change the exec aside authority. so and reach out i help you build, consider along the libyans are sick and tired of the parliament of the high council
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of state. there's a huge appetite, a to, to vote and to up to vote in a who they want the who they want to lead them. so what we're seeing now is many calling for parliamentary elections to take place are followed by constitutional referendum. and then they say they can vote for president a who they believe will move the country forward. we're gonna have to wait and see for the weeks and months ahead. a how the situation developed here in louisville. l . saudi led coalition in yemen. his accuser whose ease of using sala airport to launch ballistic missiles and a press conference coalition spokesman turkey r malik. he said that saudi arabia has been targeted by more than $400.00 missiles by the arm groups at the start of the fighting a coalition attack. and destroyed santa airports early this week. a shot i had thought it was last of them. these slides are clear that the hootie militia are using the center airport. there's a civil part, but also
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a military use. also on the slide, you can see the presence of the hootie militia on the tarmac, at the top of the tarmac, you can see them preparing to launch a drone that she can see on the upper right hand side. and you can see how it's being used from santa international airport. this confirms the militarization of santa international airport by the hudy's mobile or has an oddball katie, as a political commentator and journalist. we spoke to him earlier. now he says the who these are not using santa airport to launch ballistic missiles and that, that those claims from re add simply don't add up. this allegation has been taken place in all belief in god from saudi arabia, but they will not make any difference is really silly to see a man. the key in this press conference talking about what he called outside enter vention for them. part of he's from out famine, like he said to his bola and iran, and we see on his back on the back we see flag of 12 country that are actually
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involved in a war and medicaid and the defense. yet many defense minutes that i need as the leader of this old book better, some of this would you call it. and so was actually a victim the minute the intervention of so the idea about talking about that is that base just one or 2 kilometer south of both isn't a base. it's called a day let me base and the shade in the same runway with both. so if, deuce footage, as he claim total, i mean they will be full day, let me base and i do think it will be very, very silly. so what is about 24 hours monitoring for them? so the back voted, it will be so silly for us and i to leave only him to leave all areas in for them and to go use one final thing we have seen that you have said that there are monitor and just last thing the monitor in the whole, these 24 hours,
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i mean on the other hand, a pound that it drones for a 100 ballistic me 500. the boat has belongs to again. so the idea what type of more monitoring now more than $7000.00 flights have been cancelled around the world since friday as the highly infectious on the con, very to the crone of ours, brings holiday chaos to millions of people. airlines have recently don't have enough staff to get planes off the ground, the to worst effected airlines, a chinese china east in an ad. china by scrapped around 20 percent of their flights in the period so far and sunday alone around the world. more than 2320 flights has been cancelled. and i've also been more than 8000 delays, and those numbers are continuing to grow more than 760 of those council flight, so far on boxing day have been to or from airports in the united states. gabriel elizondo joins is live now for me. okay. we've been talking about this for a couple of days now. is it getting worse?
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well, kind of depends what day it is. it seems like on sunday now they've sort of gotten a little bit of a control on it least here in the u. s. the numbers seem to be coming down just a little bit. united airlines reporting about 100 delays delta about 131. but it's affecting other airlines as well. american l, our airlines, jet blue. they're all suffering, some sort of delays, but it's around 5 to 10 percent of their total daily schedule for each of these airlines. so if you look at it that way, it's at the most one out of every 10 flights cancel that still affects a lot of people though. and what you basically have is 2 forces converging at the same time. you have corona virus and increase of the henri con variance here in the united states, just in new york city. 44000 new cases on friday. that was the last reporting day. that's a record for the entire pandemic. you have
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a lot of new cases coming in here, people being infected in us. and you also have the busy holiday travel season. of course, christmas eve christmas and now going into new years and then into january you have the business travel which usually picks up. all of this happening at the same time is meaning that staff members, for airlines are getting sick or they are coming into contact with someone who they think is sick or if it has been infected. so they have to corn teen for 10 days. and so essentially that is why we see such a high number of cancellations because it doesn't matter how many are planes you have. you don't have the pilots and flight attendants to staff them, they become cancelled. and that's what we're starting to see. huge busied, huge travel season as well. we just got numbers from the transportation security administration, saying that on saturday christmas day, 1500000 people traveled on, on airlines in the united states, passed through airports 1500000. so health experts are saying that this
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pandemic, or at least the new variant, all the con variant, should probably pekin early to mid january. that's kind of a rough estimate here in the u. s. and so airlines are having to kind of figure out they might have to be dealing with these staff shortages for days and perhaps even a few more weeks. thank you very much from new york. gabriel alexander concerned is growing in spain over the number of people moving out of small towns. as a result, the growing number of people are pressuring the government to improve services. and the european union has granted more than $11000000000.00 for a so called we population program. natasha named visited pratt decanter in catalonia region. o wanted people to relocate to the picture as town of pride, the comp done population 183 traffic and pollution for mountain fresh air crowded classrooms for
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a school of 9 students. there is no hospital police or fire department, and forget about a 5 g network. when virginia benham move responded to an advertisement to move here, she was lured by the job of managing this 9 room, hostile she and her 7 year old daughter love arrived in january. i reckon on lever . thank neil. as i lived in big city and foam is the 1st time that her i'm very happy maybe because it was my to him. may. i'm feeling gland. hey, i don't know, but i hope it will be film. and yes, love can rome and play in the village without the safety concerns of a city. but she also has fewer playmates and a 30 minute drive to go swimming in the winter. go mad, i mean if caitlin i kim. listen i, i prefer to have more kids cuz then i have more friends, percent k. as in frank,
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low ram. according to government statistics, half of spain's municipalities are in danger of losing their population. these are primarily towns of less than 1000 people. however, data shows this issue is not just confined to rural areas. people are also moving out of provincial capitols and small to medium sized cities. to reverse the trend this year, the european union gave spain more than $11000000000.00 for a re population program. the goal is to provide small towns with more basic services, high speed internet, and funding for housing and job creation. i keep us in the running frontier, get a go to that. i think that one by that are so that i either valid here you can have a childhood that you will have. remember all your life, the kids are on the street alone. relate to people from all ages. we have mountains and education is high quality luncheon. i mean isn't it? i'm in more prevail. benham, who and her daughter are now part of the 1st population boom in pratt def hafta
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since 2015. 13 people have moved here in the last year. the advertisement campaign seems to be working. natasha named l 0. prior to comp doth spain, he went out there. we've been remembering the life of archbishop desmond tutu who has died in cape town. that african writer, john allen 1st met the late archbishop during the party era. the 2 men became close friends and collaborators. one of the people who knew desmond to best he shed his memories with al jazeera and john allen. i met this one to 2 as a reporter. nearly 40 years ago, i went on later to become his press secretary. and i've since written a bug raphielle his home, him called rabble rouser for peace. what really drove him to public prominence was his absolutely uncompromising, angry outspokenness against a potted at
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a time when most black. so africans, especially lexical africans depended as a people he did for the jobs on white employers. couldn't voice the feelings to, to voice the feelings for them. oh, no one in this country is great screaming. he expressed people's anger the killing of school children. but at the same time, he did this in such a compassionate and powerful way that he, that he calmed very angry and contested and over all the situation clearly unfinished business for him, it has been twofold. the one is the enormous disparities the obscene disparities in this country and wealth which hostile odd la on racial lines. i
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think the 2nd unfinished business would be the salia of whiteside african, the novel with many to actually take her hand. that was offered big by symbolic, nelson mandela, but also to, to ah attribute supporting it around the world for south african antea party. here archbishop desmond tutu nobel p. sorry it died in cape town on boxing day at the age of 92 to has been described as the countries moral conscience. i always remind people that you know, my dad was a grown man by the time the world knew of him, a man with gradual.


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