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african stories by african filmmaker tabula rasa dido volunteered with that all were the loan, but his own mother law. no real short documentary from her kenneth fossil and synagogue illuminated relief and bully, incomplete my you for years and suckling gift, columbia. wonderful. the man who plants bow bob and a rest mystery africa direct on al jazeera, ah, allow mariam no mercy in london. our main story across the world tributes have been flowing for anti apartheid hero. archbishop desmond tutu who has died at the age of 90 nobel peace. lori died in cape town on boxing day. he rose to prominence, the $980.00. there's a vocal opponent. racial segregation was appointed. the 1st black archbishop of cape town, most senior clerical position in the country to 2 is often described as the
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countries my conscience to remove. now. okay. well the significance of the building behind me is that it is desmond to choose home. and it's where he's been living for several decades, but it also represents exactly what he was fighting against. and that is segregation. this was always an only white neighborhood until doesn't to, to move here post apart, hide in the ninety's when he retired as archbishop. now i've been speaking to the family members that have been trickling in to mourn, to offer their moral support and also to make arrangements for the days ahead. and i spoke to his daughter and on tom b, and i asked her what it was like to grow up with a freedom fighter as her father. and she spoke so fondly about their relationship. she told me that he really, he really try to instill a sense of a boon to within the family unit. and that is the idea of a shared humanity for,
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for one another to hold respect for one another to really have god live within you . and so that they share that within the family unit. and then of course the community and that is how he treated everybody to this day. i also asked her about the future leadership of south africa as it seems that this is one of the last iconic leaders to, to pass away. and this is what she had to say. i always remind people that, you know, my dad was a grown man by the time the world knew of him and man with, with grandchildren. so that when i look at the young people of south africa today, i have great hope for the kind of leadership that our country needs. i see that our country actually has besides, of course, how south africa and the rest of the world will honor his legacy. i asked her how her and her family will commemorate him,
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and she said that they will include both traditions of the family that close tradition and the christian values. and that is they would, they would let their ancestors know that he is on the way. and they would ask him to make him welcome and then of course, in the christian side they would hold prayers and services every day until the official state funeral is held. the un says it's horrified by reports of a mass kidding and me and mom. the child remains of $38.00 people found in kaya state, witness to say, the military rounded up civilians including children and shot them. attack is thought to be in retribution of the military controls came under attack from armed ethnic groups. bodies of 16 people who drowned trying to cross the english channel has been laid to rest in northern iraq. relatives of the kurdish migrants gathered at our bill airport to receive that remains for they were taken for burial be as red presence as the bodies of $27.00 people, including
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a baby and 2 women washed ashore in the country's west. 3 people have been rescued and such efforts are underway for the survivors. china is reported its highest daily rise and cove at 19 cases. in 21 months. rises been driven by a doubling of infections in the northwest and city of jan. it's driven the national daily count, 258, the highest since china managed to contain a nationwide outbreak in 2020 and 7 and a half 1000 flights have been canceled around the world as the highly infectious. only con, very to the corona virus brings holiday, pay off millions of people, ally, and say they simply don't have enough staff to get planes off the ground. well then 2 and a half 1000 flights of been grounded so far on boxing day alone with us being one of the hardest hit witnesses, a program coming up next, you know, could be hunt with
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a willy mamma stay with us for that. ah me. oh, in the news
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they used to say about the internet that the internet changes everything. that's what's gonna happen with synthetic biology. it's going to change everything for information. it was the computer for the industrial revolution was energy. it was
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the machine for us, it's the cell. it's going to change everything. think of synthetic biology in 50 years, a 100 years. what on earth is the world like that? this is a revolution that starts slow and grows and grows and grows, grows and grows. a living with
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and a lot of the, you see, are you doing the whole thing with those 30 you can still, with me, just gone through with the additional jamal and another multiple sheesh back up, a neighborhood old jade. so all you do, you all done. william mussman. triple
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it by by you about that, but he on board dreamy. sure. you put the dish to your children is just mom. she is with the family. should she is not old. she beat it moments she tulsa. oh for she saw me spots even though i mirror e i d h. mom on. she's dallas at the or cham floor pulled the national a be zayna woodfield scott electra dazed he will listen. will you?
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she dallas took it then he or she had a little more. he will have double up sheer trowbridge moment of capital. can you v 1000, thrasher. be good. thank you moment jim, boy, you said, did i train your study in your monthly of shipping cassettes that i live with today? always key is that when you come when you're gathering with with
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you about yeah. ah, when i was a young boy, when i was about 10 years old, i went to this international world's fair. it was extremely moving. and that's set my expectation for what science and engineering should be. i was was just like a tiffany. i just breaking open these doors to, to a whole new land. and i just said, i got to be part of that. i want to help create a future that ecology is, is, is so reason an happening so quickly. we don't really know what it is yet. it's
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like a baby that shows a lot of potential synthetic biology is very likely to be the next big revolution. the species are species is very risk taking species, $11.00 of the few species that could look out at the pacific ocean, but there's no horizon and just get in a boat and start going towards nothing. i mean, at a very high risk enterprise with us who we are humans are very bold and they have vision and they, they will follow that sometimes to their death with
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scalability or sleep on the 14th at the slower ship.
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you will see the moment what your courts now malia housekeeper, you they miss you lay a gift or love it. if you don't see nobody left, it was a refill in most of molly, now the ship was he'll give you a minute. can you give us a little bit while we we can use those line still times i'm in
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love with the didn't do it as a mom. little muller boy, if you live with your website, do you keep keith, would you please call? you can reach us
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a range of joy or for you book up here to for the writ. written moment. the book of poker from lillian and cheated with on to read about it with the 8 instead of me by him. this is done to put the if it goes to please remember me. it doesn't work a bit with
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bell naturally. kitchen crush it a bullet, but they say she can wash that you when you continue. each of the oil read crew crush moment he saw the stella. yes. the moment when you kind of ship with blue did brazil this moment to talk about kiki dish dish kit. don't you know when you were even you? yes. analysis. well, got a key moment assist in a biology stuckey how global christie could done, and you can't as easily
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look at doing that course. gantski freaky will of that with a slow me at the summer when you can hook up a few a me. we literally, i'm asking mama daily with nightly, from the dimly, the moment of abuse keep not out of chicago or ocean plucking. i know it. so if you do get a d,
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ah, i used to live with your i mom, mom with them with one that they should not the full. i would easy going aah! al jazeera world takes a road trip across spain. spanish, people love to tell you who they are and where they come from me, and i am no exception. one woman's journey seeking her heritage and of covering new
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insights into christian spots of wisdom origin. it's a story that seems to have been her brush come to street in search of my groups on al jazeera oh dreams, john and entertainment, a way for people to rise above the violence around them. so it's my role to give these girls a different idea that they can leave the wards of this community. 3 short films show how performance creates a home and family, and gives hope and opportunity. ah ha select on al jazeera. ah, in welcome to a world of comfort on the services. without you business class, which way your privacy is paramount and your experience
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comes up. sit back, relax in your own private space, and let us take care of everything. catera always the air line you can rely on. ah i mariam to marcy and on the now main story today, across the world tributes have been flowing for antea bod, 8 hero, archbishop desmond tutu, who has died at the age of 90 and cape town. and about peace. lloyd rose to prominence in the 1980s as a vocal opponent of racial segregation was appointed. the 1st black archbishop of cape town, the most senior clerical position in the country to, to has often been described as the countries moral conscience. i always remind
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people that, you know, my dad was a grown man by the time.


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