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exposes and question the use and abuse of power around the globe. on al jazeera ah tributes flow for archbishop desmond tutu, a fearless opponent of a party who has died at the age of 90. ah, hello, i'm marianna mozy in london. you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program condemnation. after the discovery of charred remains, of dozens of people in mere mars. kaya states, military is accused of counting only in trust in northern iraq burials. al, for 16 kurdish migrants who died trying to reach the u. k. last month.
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and in spain, warning bells sounded as more and more people leave rural areas. this is ah or across the world tributes have been flowing for antea party hero. archbishop desmond tutu who has died at the age of 90. 2 to rose to prominence in the 1980s is a vocal opponent of racial segregation and white minority rule. he was appointed the 1st black archbishop of cape town, most senior clerical position in the country, noble peace laureate, continued to speak out against inequality and poverty in south africa and build joan hull expected, his life, his discipline, to, to hearing the news that nelson mandela would soon be released. he was sold and one
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to contain his feelings. it judged triggered me off this to twos responses, head of south africa's truth and reconciliation commission. on hearing details of atrocities committed by both sides. if update is not dismantled, then we'll go to the black button. desmond and pillow too too was born in a mining town outside. johanna's book, at a time of strict segregation, things would get much worse. as he grew up to 2 was 17. when the national party came to power in 1948, racial inequality became law apartheid censure. he wanted to be a doctor, but became a teacher instead witnessing 1st hand the government's policy of depriving black south africans of education, consigning them to servitude. and the protests that followed the show like the sharp fil massacre. in 196059 people were killed and most of them were short in the
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best as you're running away, protesting against the passionate. i remember as a moment when you realize that black life was cheap, the to, to must have thought he could do more in the church. he joined the clergy eventually obtaining high anglican office as dean of johannesburg. and later archbishop of cape town, it propelled him into the public eye as an unflinching moral voice. why our struggle is way to succeed. is lot just because of number i believe made was a big because it is a josh by 984 desmond to to had one global admiration. he was awarded the nobel peace prize. it was the kind of recognition that south africa's anti
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apartheid movement needed to become a global force for a very, very long time. i. i did hope that the world would, would hear a pretty and that is why we were to apply a sanctions. archbishop desmond tutu, was one of the world's foremost human rights campaign. as an active member of the elders in the cause of world peace remembered as much for his unremitting optimism . an infectious laugh. when he introduced nelson mandela of south africa's new president in 1994 to 2 recalled that he whispered to god, if i die now, it would be almost the perfect moment. someone up there must really have been on our side or bedding for us. when mandela died, many worried that south africa had lost its moral compass. they may now wonder whether it's lost its guiding light. yes. south african presidency ran,
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a poser has been tank, paying tribute to archbishop to, to as well an address to the nation. we have lost the person who carried the burden of leadership with compassion, with dignity, with humility, and with such good humour. we are comforted in the knowledge that he has left an indelible mark in the lives of millions of people who had the privilege and honor of knowing him. like many of his time, he was a witness to the gravest justices and most intolerable cruelty that our country has ever witness. hello, over the course of the day, relatives have been visiting to choose home in cape town. gillian wolf was that
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will the significance of the building behind me is that it is desmond to choose home. and it's where he's been living for several decades. but it also represents exactly what he was fighting against and that a segregation. this was always an only white neighbourhood until desmond tutu moved here, post a part hide in the ninety's when he retired. as archbishop now been speaking to the family members that have been trickling in to mourn, to offer their moral support and also to make arrangements for the days ahead. and i spoke to his daughter on tone b and i asked her what it was like to grow up with a freedom fighter as her father. and she spoke so fondly about their relationship. she told me that he really, he really tried to instill a sense of a boon to within the family unit. and all that is the idea of a shared humanity for one another to hold respect for one another to really have
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god live within you. and so that they shared that within the family unit, and then of course the community and that is how he treated everybody to this day. i also asked her about the future leadership of south africa as it seems that this is one of the last iconic leaders and to, to pass away. and this is what she had to say. i always remind people that, you know, my dad was a grown man by the time the world knew of him and man with, with grandchildren. so that when i look at the young people of south africa today, i have great hope for the kind of leadership that our country needs. i see that our country actually has besides, of course, how south africa and the rest of the world will honor his legacy. i asked her how her and her family will commemorate him, and she said that they will include both traditions of the family that close tradition and the christian values. and that is they would,
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they would let their ancestors know that he is on the way. and they would ask him to make him welcome and then of course, in the christian side, they would hold prayers and services every day until the official state funeral is held to earlier i spoke to reverend professor peter story, who is a friend of archbishop to, to for 35 years told me the to choose religious beliefs in his spirituality, with a foundation of his fight for justice. we live in a secular age and so people may be find it a little difficult to, to understand somebody who is essentially a biblical profit. somebody whose passion for justice, passion for, for tenderness, passion for humanity. these things, these things rose, not from some ideology but from a deep, deep spirituality and
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a deep sense of the nature of god. and that every single human being is precious in the sight of god. he said, i only have one sermon and that is that we're all made in the image of god that god loves us. and we need to love each other. and he lived that way and everything he did came out of that passion. that's where it came from. and it was, it, it was, it was fueled by a remarkable life of prayer. when i 1st met him, he was kneeling in the corner, a room covered with a sheet at 4 in the morning. i woke up and saw him crying. when we travelled together, he prayed whenever the moment came, no matter what we were doing and where we were. when we were in a desperate situation and told that we were going to be shot. and we managed to survive, that. he began to pray while he was driving the car back to johannesburg, i had told the wheel because his eyes were close. it was that deep sense of
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intimacy with god and certainty, but god's justice would prevail. that's what was at the heart of desmond as i knew him. ah, the united nations is saying that it's horrified by reports of a mass killing and me and mar i. it's groups of accuser, military of carrying out a massacre. after a child remains of $38.00 people found in kaya state witness essays civilians, including children, were rounded up and shot a tack as thought to be in retribution after military patrols came under attack from armed ethnic groups. tony chang has more on the story now. trucks burn at the end of a dirt track in kaya state, southern myanmar. after the fires have died down, or the videos show charred bodies in the record, larry $38.00 people who are you, including women and children,
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reportedly rounded up and executed around the village of mo, so hold by the mere mar, military. among those missing to workers from the charity save the children who had been distributing aid to internally displaced people in the area there. burnt out vehicle confirmed to be amongst those, destroyed a written statement from the charity said. save the children condemns this attack. as a breach of international humanitarian law, were horrified at the violence carried out against innocent civilians and our staff who were dedicated humanitarians supporting millions of children in need. across myanmar. further south, close to the board with thailand, attack helicopters, an aircraft scene operating in areas where tens of thousands of civilians, a trying to escape the fighting men, most military seeming now to be in a full offensive against armed ethnic groups. along the border with thailand, i expect that we're going to see more of these kind of atrocities because more
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military, when it faces resistance doesn't have any brakes. it can, you know, operate to kill anybody that it wants because it will not be held accountable by military command. there is no brakes on the car here and thousands more. refugees have now fled into thailand. in the past 2 days. this is a growing humanitarian crisis. the thailand doesn't want in the past, refugees have been pushed back into man mom. when ty authority is deemed the situation to be safe. that now looks like a policy that will be difficult to justify. tony chang al, jazeera of the bodies of 16 people have been laid to rest in iraq. they were among 27 migrants who drowned in the english channel last month trying to reach the u. k . it was the was such disaster on record. and then our crossing between southern england and france of mileage, the wide reports these people are mourning the loss of their loved
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ones who drowned in the english channel last month. the bodies of the kurdish migrants arrived here at it a bill, a poor wow. ambulance is sirens rang, i crossed the city in the early hours of sunday. as they were carried to be buried in their home towns. i crossed the kurdish region of northern iraq. women and children were among those who died. most were young people. oh, so it's a bit of a life abroad. oh, and live eloquently thunderbird her. unfortunately, during the past 8 years, young people in kurdistan lost hope because of the financial crisis against they wanted to live in a country that respects human rights. because here, there is no respect for human wrangler. humbly, a dingy carrying the migrants capsized in the english channel. a month ago, it had sailed from the french city of calais towards brit in the international
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organization for migration, sad. it was the largest single loss of life in the channel since it began collecting information 7 years ago. the kurdistan regional government says it has been liaising with french, you authorities to identify the victims, throw fingerprints and dna. the kurdish region is widely considered a safe haven compared to other parts of conflict scott to iraq. but many people that sell whatever they own to pay smugglers to get them to the u. k. and europe. in the hope of a bitter alive, hundreds of iraqis will repatriated from bill arose in november. they were among thousands of the few jesus talk on the border between below some poland. among those return to iraq most will from the kurdish region. the government of kurdistan regions as it is warranted young people not to jeopardize their lives by being
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geeks deploy to why people smugglers. what the victims, families say elac of jobs, economic decline, and corruption are forcing people to flee the country. by mod abdullah had al jazeera but willoughby is read present as saying the bodies of $27.00 migrants including a baby and 2 women of washed ashore in the countries west. 3 people have been rescued in search efforts are underway for other survivors. the agency says that been several recent ship breaks off libya, around $1500.00 migrants have drowned a numerous bo accidents in the central mediterranean route. this year you're watching al jazeera ly from london more still to tell you about the program. gonna give you information about the long delays in thousands of canceled flights around the world. as airline staff are hit by the army on marian, worsening hancock to non restaurant of africa. we hear what's the regions crises,
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ah, hello there. let's start in australian. it's a divided picture, we've got wet weather up in the north stretching across to the east, but we still got exceptional heat in western areas pushing into the south not per recorded its hottest christmas day. the temperature is set to come down this week in the 30s, but we still have a lot of those heat wave conditions stretching across the west. a weather comes from a tropical low up in the north. we got some storms and showers. here we'll see those edge into northern areas of queens and we could see some floods from that, of course, and stronger winds and showers picking up across eastern areas. the temperature in sidney is going to drop down, but it dries up from wednesday. we're going to see the temperature pick up. however,
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in adelaide and melbourne, thanks to those blustery one winds blowing. and if we look at the 3 day for adelaide, we touching $32.00 by wednesday with lots of sunshine and settled weather and it's looking rather settled for the north island of new zealand. we've got wet weather rolling across the west of the south island is going to be wet in christ church until wednesday, when it starts to dry up with sunshine. but it will remain rather wet in north island as we edge towards the end of the week. that to weather update ah, from the al jazeera london broadcast center to people in thoughtful conversation with no host and no limitations this decade is the most consequential decade events . for too many companies that are doing bad things in the front, in part 2 of human rights activists. q mean i do. and environmentalists when own
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entity, the systems are not working, but the longer that you fight them, the more the things changed studio be unscripted on al jazeera. oh, the me and the main stories now and tributes have been pouring in from around the world. the south african anti hero, archbishop desmond tutu, and about the story it died in cape town on boxing day. he was 90 years old to, to has been described as a country small country. it's actually very sad and i don't think not only for africa, but for africa as a continent. we have lost
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a great icon, a father, a human who are they, not just full, the african pete, this african people. but for africa as, as, as a nation, africa, as a unit, africa, as one, i feel, i feel, i feel very, very emotional right now. because he was somebody that almost everybody liked, especially the kids love him. for in our other headlines, the united nations, the thing it's horrified by report to the mass killing in the and the child remains of study a people of founding highest date witnesses, age military rounded up civilians and shopping, including children and the bodies of 16 people who drowned across the english channel and lay to rest in northern iraq relatives the kurdish migrants gathered
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a bill app or received that remained for they were taken for burial or more than 7 and a half 1000 flights had been cancelled around the world since friday. as the highly infectious on the con, very into the corona, virus springs, holiday chaos to millions of people. airlines are saying they just don't have the staff to get planes off the ground. the to was effected airlines a china, these china eastern and china by scrapped around 20 percent of their flights in the period so far on sunday alone around the world. more than 2 and a half 1000 flights have been cancelled. and more than $10000.00 delayed, about a 1000 to those are from to or from us airports, a delta airlines and the 3rd most grounded plains globally. mike, hannah reports now from new york. large numbers of crew. flight stars have contracted the virus, obviously, according to protocols. they've got to go into quarantine for
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a period of time remembering to as well that they, those that they have been working with would need to quarantine as well. but it's not just flight stop. obviously. it's also in airports themselves, the people who are receiving passengers into and out of airports. they are being decimated as well by the army kron variant. the federal government is looking at ways to alter the quarantine period to improve the flow of workers in the vital ta, such as airport control or indeed flights. so airlines at the moment still don't know exactly how this is long. this is going to last. that depends on the rate of infection, largely because of the on the chrome variant. meanwhile, iran is bound the entry of travelers from several european countries as part of measures to cut the spread of on micron people flying from the u. k. france. denmark of norway will not be allowed in for 15 days. similar band post in november
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on travelers from a african countries has also been extended around is just confirmed as confirmed at 14 on their con cases. but officials do fear that they're just going to spread very rapidly in the coming weeks. and that's what we've seen in china. the country reported it's high steady, rising co cases. and over 20 months, the increase is being driven by a doubling of infections and or western city of john is driven the national daily count, 258 the highest since china managed to contain a nationwide outbreak in early 2020. now the israeli government is approved to plan to double the number of jewish settlers in the occupied garland heights. the announcement was made during a cabinet meeting which endorsed $300000000.00 plan for the settlement. go line is that territory captured by israel from syria was annexed in 1981 in a move not recognized by a majority of the national community. now several conflicts in the
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horn of africa and getting less. yeah. millions of people have been displaced by a residency, don, somalia, and ethiopia are there is malcolm lab reflects on the region as part of our and the vs series. chromecast is on the streets of su, don's capital cost to the morning and the military rule lane. and we have demands that include in the military rule and a civilian government with competent capabilities. that's why we're out on the straits. the transitional government was formed after protests and did the 30 year rule of omar bashir in april 2019. ah, but in october to don's army, over through that transitional government, dashing demonstrators, hopes of democracy. only so much that is do. you should treat them both. ready changing of god is very important. i mean symbolic, but the hard grass or building
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a democratic cultural audience, secure for these that do not believe in unity, not having a judiciary that can do it without any. yeah. not having a legislator free praise. i think that is a very low sure. in the conflict in neighboring ethiopia, all sides have been accused of mass rapes and killings of civilians. both government troops and rebels have make gains in recent months and then lost them again. the war started as a result of mistrust and unfortunately war actually worse and start mistrust and it creates its own grievances. but just like it started, i think even today, regardless of the shift in power balance in the butterfield from time to time, the conflict remains an effective style met, which necessitates a political solution. unfortunately, both sides seem to be focused on the righteousness of their cause until we shift from mentality the countries likely to remain in war. neighboring sumani has been
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inching towards in direct elections that have been repeatedly delayed which lead to violence in the capital market tissue in february. selection of representatives by elders is due to happen in the coming weeks. but armed opposition groups in mogadishu say the whole process is already rigged. if the manipulation bad has happened to date continues during the process than i think you have a very significant risk of conflict already. val position has been quite opposed to what's happened and they've demanded some sort of re check on this process, but it doesn't seem like that's been heated. and so if it does continue this way, then i think where we're at a very risky situation. the conflict between sumani is western backed government and the armed group al shabanni has dragged on. some analysts say the entire region is caught in a big g, a political shift. the horn of africa is in, in crisis. and the middle east and gulf countries seem to have gone to
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an improvised reactive way of engaging with the crises in the horn. and in all of this, we really don't see the kind of influence from the european union, the u. k. or the united states that we, we have seen in the past few decades in this part of the world. they just don't seem to be the primary international actors anymore. across the region, promises of democracy have been delayed. millions of people remain displaced by conflicts. malcolm web al jazeera withholding developments in brazil where thousands of people have been displaced in the northern part of the country because of major flooding there to dams of given way in the northeastern state of bar here . after weeks of heavy rains, dozens of homes, roads, and bridges have been damaged. officials say the state is received 5 times the
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average rainfall for december. brazilian government is providing aircraft to deliver relief and the aid to residents who live in flooded areas. bow concern is growing in spain over the number of people moving out of small towns. as a result, a great number of people are pressuring the government to improve their services. european union is also granted more than $11000000000.00 for a so called re population program. that i shook her name has more now from practicality in the catalina region. oh, wanted people to relocate to the picturesque town of the comp done population. 183 traffic and pollution for mountain fresh air crowded classrooms for a school of 9 students. there is no hospital police or fire department, and forget about
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a 5 g network. when virginia benham move responded to an advertisement to move here, she was lured by the job of managing this 9 room, hostile she had her 7 year old daughter love arrived in january. i recall on level a thing male was i lived in big city and film is the 1st time but her. i'm very happy maybe because it was my day may i'm feeling good hair. i don't know, but i hope it will be film and yes, love can roam and play in the village without the safety concerns of a city. but she also has fewer playmates and a 30 minute drive to go swimming in the winter. get mad. i removed kately. hi kim. listen i, i prefer to have more kids cuz then i have more friends present k. as in frank, no ram. according to government statistics, half of spain's municipalities are in danger of losing their population. these are
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primarily towns of less than 1000 people. however, data shows this issue is not just confined to rural areas. people are also moving out of provincial capitols and small to medium sized cities. to reverse the trend this year, the european union gave spain more than $11000000000.00 for a re population program. the goal is to provide small towns with more basic services, high speed, internet, and funding for housing and job creation. i keep putting that in frontier gallagher that i look at the company that are, that are either raleigh here. you can have a childhood that you will remember all your life. the kids are on the street alone relate to people from all age. we have mountains and the education is high quality talent management, and i'm in more broberg fen hammer and her daughter are now part of the 1st population boom in pratt defroster since 2015, 13 people have moved here in the last year. the advertisement campaign seems to be
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working. natasha n. e l t 0. prior to comp doth spain ah, across the world tributes have been pouring in for antea partake hero, archbishop desmond tutu who has died at the age of 90 in cape town in about p. so it rose to prominence in the 1980s as a vocal opponent of racial segregation was appointed. the 1st black archbishop of cape town, most senior clerical position in the country. and archbishop tissue continued to speak out against racer and policy and policy in south africa. and beyond the described as the countries my conscience i always remind people that you know, my dad.


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