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everything it touched in mayfield when people need to be heard and the story tones, he has got his job to tell us what's going on with exclusive interviews and in depth reports, i get on my right. right. the wind and just be 3. al jazeera has teens on the ground to where you are award winning documentaries and lives on air and online ah tribute flow for archbishop desmond to to who is died at the age of 90 is being described as tower and global figure for peace. he has left an indelible mark, liars, millions of people who had the privilege or no, no. oh,
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almond as a brought him and this is al jazeera live from dog ha, also coming up long lines for corona virus test some new york as cases of the on the chrome variant, continue to sore a tragic homecoming bodies of migrants who drowned in the english channel buried in northern iraq. and the latest spider man becomes the 1st to the pandemic to smash the $1000000000.00 box office milestone ah tributes. a pouring end for the south african nobel peace prize, laureate desmond tutu, who's died of the age of 90. he was to prominence in the 1980s as an opponent of a party during white minority rule and south africa. a 7 day morning period as
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planned and cape town before his burial on january 1st, gillian wolf reports as news broke of the death of their beloved bishop desmond tutu tributes poured in from across south africa and around the world. his legacy will be his love, full or people and i don't know whether have you come across his writings. his only said that god is not god of christians. god is god or people. so his main legacy is his love for all gods people. and he believes that everyone is created in the image and he used to it, it would beautiful image of god and of carry that myself personally in my own ministry. yeah. he loved people. america's former president and 1st ever black
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leader brock obama called to to a mentor friend and moral compass. pope francis expressing gratitude for his service to the gospel and queen elizabeth remembering his warmth and humour, the elders, a group co founded by desmond to to express their devastation. president sir, over, i'm opposed. calling the archbishop, a patriot, who gave meaning to the biblical saying that faith without works is dead to, to continuously challenge the status quo on issues like race, homosexuality, and religious doctrine. he also never stop fighting for the people of his country, which he dubbed the rainbow nation at the city saint george's cathedral known as the people's cathedral and powerful symbol of south african democracy. locals laid flowers as they bid farewell, friends, family, and faith leaders, a flock to his cape town, home to mourn the loss of their loved one. this has been a long journey and we have all being praying that his makeup takes him
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because he is given as 90 years of his life. and he was at very frail in the end. and so we, as the family really make peace with the fact that we're shoot, let him go. we cannot expect it man was given so much of his life to be there for his daughter. speaking of the hope she has for a future generation of leaders, the young people who are leading the movement to save our planet in this country. the young people who are speaking out against economic injustice, the young people who are speaking out about access to education. i see, i see those leaders as the country prepares to say good bye to this visionary leader and moral force. those closes to him will pay their respects in both the
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tribal casa and christian traditions. join wolfe al jazeera cape town, south africa, and the address to the nation, south african presidents to ra, applies a quarter to a man of extraordinary intellect and integrity. we have lost the person who carried the burden of leadership with compassion, with dignity, with humility. and with such good humour, we are comforted in the knowledge that he has left an indelible mark in the lives of millions of people who had the privilege and honor of knowing him. like many of his time, he was a witness to the gray wrist in justices and most intolerable cruelty. that our country has ever witnessed. canyon president who to kenyatta said to his
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passing was a big blow not only to south africa, but the entire african continent. people in the capital nairobi have praised the archbishop for his peace efforts to kenya's disputed 2007 election. a can bishop best one to 2 was when i got into as a legend, he was an african needa. he was a nobel peace prize winner. and also african, we are really sudden like when he was a different late, he was fighting against i believe. and i remember also in 2007 when we hadn't been posted. electron residency was the 1st one to come in to try to help us as a, getting them and really remember that. and for he, my, when i go on to this race, i know we are very saw through one of them. i'd gone through a bio pod did a good artist, a very appreciate what you did for the gun people,
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those of all that good people. reverend peter story, as the former president of the south africa council of churches, he was friends with desmond tutu for 35 years. he says to it, he was disappointed with post a party of governments which he accused of failing to live up to liberation promises will the interesting thing is he never lost hope during the struggle against appetite, but the most, most depressed i've ever seen him was in recent years when the very movement and the people who helped to bring us liberation, betrayed the vision of a rainbow south africa and have taken us down the road of corruption and greed, and, and avarice and vitality. that is what has made him sad. and he has struggled with that. he said to me, i am in a conversation all that long ago. he said, you know peter, we, we, we know our theology. we understand that human beings are frail and fallen and
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therefore we shouldn't be surprised that this has happened. but we are allowed to be very, very sad. and i, i, i think he struggled with that. he spoke out against them with the same strength and almost ferocity as he used against the apartheid regime. and he said to them, you are worse, you are worse because you could and should be different. we trusted you to be different and his words were strong. i warn you, i want you, he said you will bite the dust. and when he said that i remembered him saying that to be about reggie. and we all know that his prophecy looks like it could come true . because recently, the agency government has suffered some real setbacks, people that tired of their corruption and their inefficiency. and, and so i,
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but i, i don't want to leave him on that note because while he was deeply disappointed with the, with the generation that that should have liberated us and, and stayed faithful to the values of that, of that liberation. he had immense hope and confidence in the younger generation to other news now and hundreds of us flights have been cancelled for a 3rd day in a row. airlines say they don't have enough staff to get planes on the ground and that a surgeon clothing 19 infections due to the highly transmissible on the con variant . meanwhile, the new york health officials have reported an increase in the number of children needing hospital treatment, half of the admissions a younger than 5, which is too young to be vaccinated. my cana has been following the latest developments from new york. there's been a roll on effect test, fried, so canceled people, book on another one, then those flights get cancelled. we're talking about
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a massive amount of flights. just the stay alone. some 700 flights within the u. s . were cancelled as many as 1400 were delayed for a lengthy period of time. so the problem is in effect compounding, these figures have remain pretty constant over the past 3 days. airlines attempting to fool the gaps as it were, getting more pilots getting more staff. and of course the airline industry as well, getting people to process passengers through airports, but as they do so, as they fool, behold more people contract the virus, particularly versions of the new variant. so it is an ongoing situation. well, the only cron very and continues to drive the vast majority of infections. and if we just take a look at new york state, for example, in the course of the past 24 hours have been over 47500 new cases recorded. the vast majority of the army kron variant. this is, in fact,
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a pandemic record. and what is significant about this figure is that we are talking about a state in which more than 80 percent of people have at least one vaccine shot. many of them have had to have double shots plus the boost shot. so this just indicates how good army kron is at getting through even to vaccinated people. now, the bodies of 16 people have been laid to rest and iraq. they were among 27 migrants who drowned in the english channel last month, trying to reach the u. k. was the worst launched off the on record than our crossing between southern england and france. mar. without the war has reports from baghdad. these people are mourning the loss of their loved ones who drowned in the english channel last month. the bodies of the kurdish migrant arrived here at it. a bill of course. wow. ambulance is sirens rang across the
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city in the early hours of sunday. as they were carried to be buried in their home towns. i crossed the kurdish region of northern iraq. women and children were among those who died. most were young people who sought a bitter life abroad. oh, on little like little san liver. unfortunately, during the past 8 years, young people in kurdistan lost hope because of the financial crisis against they wanted to live in a country that respects human rights. because here, there is no respect for human wrangler. humbly, a dingy, carrying the migrants caps, high's deans, the english channel. a month ago, it had sailed from the french city of calais, toward his brit in the international organization for migration, sad. it was the largest single loss of life in the channel since it began collecting information 7 years ago. the could this 10 regional government says it has been liaising with french, you authorities to identify the victims,
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throw fingerprints and dna. the kurdish region is widely considered a safe haven compared to other parts of conflict scott at iraq. but many people, their cell, whatever they own, to pay smugglers to get them to the u. k. and europe. in the hope of a better life, hundreds of iraqis were repatriated from bill arose in november. they were among thousands of a few jesus talk on the border between below some poland. among those returned to iraq most were from the kurdish region. the government of could, at this turn region says it has warranted young people not to jeopardize their lives by being geek supply noted by people, a smugglers. what the victims, families say, a lack of jobs, economic decline and corruption are forcing people to flee the country. i'm
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with abdullah legacy at all. but still the head on the bones and dozens of burned bodies are found myanmar forcing a charity to suspend its operations. and in spain, warning bells sounded as more and more people in the moon areas for the city. ah, ah, look forward to scores with sponsored cutter, it weighs hello there. let's look to east asian will start in japan. we've had heavy snow across more than and western areas. this was the scene in western honshu and that caused disruption to travel and a number of flights had to be canceled. by the time we get to monday, we're expecting 90 centimeters to fall in some of those pre fetches. but for tokyo,
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it remains rather fine and dry, though little bit chilly. temperatures here below the average and outside of this cold air that's blowing down, knocking temperatures down in the korean peninsula as well as mainland china. beijing could see further falls. by the time we get to the weekend and a lot of that cold air is blowing down to the south, bringing temperatures in hong kong below the average brings rain as well. and if we look at the 3 day, it is set to improve and we will see some more sunshine by wednesday. now as we move to south asia, well, fog and smug remain a problem in northern areas of india. we've got some severe to unhealthy levels of air pollution. there's likely to persist. we got some warnings out for fog over the next few days, so that northwest corner and it's going to get wet things to this massive rain pushing across from coastal areas of pakistan into central parts of india. that's your update. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always al jazeera world takes
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a road trip across spain. spanish, people love to tell you who they are and where they come from. and i am no exception. one woman's journey seeking her heritage. i'm covering new insights into christian spans of listen, i'm origin. it's a story that seems to have been her brush from history in search of migrants on al jazeera. oh the me watching on the are with me in the bottom of the window of our top story. is this our tribute to being paid to south africa nobel peace prize winner has been to to
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after his death at 90 years old. the un secretary general, antonio quoterush, described to 2 as a tower and global figure for peace. the bodies of 16 people have been made to rest and iraq among 27 migrants who drowned on the english had a last month trying to reach the u. k. and star shortage, just use a couple of hours, have forced a line to cancel hundreds of us flights for 3rd day in a row. meanwhile, health officials in new york have an increase in the number of children being admitted to hospital. now china has reported its highest daily rise and covering of ours cases. in 21 months. the increase has been driven by a doubling of infections in the northwestern city of sham last week. the city of more than 13000000 people was put on lock down. on sunday the government announced more stringent measures including border restrictions and longer quarantines. china is on high alert for new infections as it prepares to hold the beijing winter
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olympics. and february rod has been the entry of travellers from several european countries as part of measures declared the spread of alma kron. people fly from britain, france, denmark and norway won't be an out into iran for 15 days. a similar ban imposed in november on travellers from a african countries has also been extended around has reported just 14 confirmed on the con cases. but officials here they will be a rapid spread within weeks. will dr. bought a, spun upon me as an expert and infectious disease control at the university of exit medical school. and he says they should be more focused on achieving global immunization. it appeared about a month ago, and then it has started to spread in the population. and there is always a lag period. so there are many, many people out there wishing it that, oh look, hospitalization, rates are low, it hasn't happened. therefore drop your dog. and my advice as an infectious disease
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expert will be, would be, don't do that at the moment. this thing is spreading once it has spread and expose the south to the wonderful population. and it has, or it has not resulted in hospitalization. we will know, and i think the like created cream is about from now to about 3 weeks. so in 3 weeks time, we will definitely know if it is also resulting in hospitalizations, and that we are wishing that it will become innocuous and peter away and the end no chance. so wireless is made peter out, but let her look at the example of, for example, measles. it was that it is still that it still causes severe disease. similarly, there is no indication that the natural history of a corona virus is such that it peters out and suddenly becomes a innocuous virus. the chance is don't buy that nonsense and instead,
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invest in immunizing the rest of the world. and when you have immunize the rest of the world, we will create the science relief, because the wires won't be in safe lation, we remain immunize, and we want to have all this bond issues. now the un says it's horrified by reports of mass killings in myanmar rights groups have accused the military of carrying out a massacre. after the charred remains of $38.00 people were found and kaya estate, witnesses, se civilians, including women and children, are rounded up and shot tony cheng of ports, trucks burn at the end of the dirt track in kaya state, southern myanmar. after the fires have died down, other videos showed charred bodies in the record on every $38.00 people got few including women and children, reportedly rounded up and executed around the village of mo, so old, by the mere mom military. among those missing 2 workers from the charity save the
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children who had been distributing aid to internally displaced people in the area. they are burnt out vehicle confirmed to be amongst those destroyed a written statement from the charity said. save the children condemns this attack. as a breach of international humanitarian law, were horrified at the violence carried out against innocent civilians and our staff who were dedicated humanitarians supporting millions of children in need. across myanmar. further south, close to the board with thailand, attack helicopters, an aircraft scene operating in areas where tens of thousands of civilians are trying to escape the fighting men. mars military seeming now to be in a full offensive against armed ethnic groups. along the border with thailand, i expect that we're going to see more of these kind of atrocities because more military, when it faces resistance doesn't have any brakes. it can,
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you know, operate to kill anybody that it wants because it will not be held accountable by military command. there is no brakes on the car here and thousands more. refugees have now fled into thailand. in the past 2 days. this is a growing humanitarian crisis. the thailand doesn't want in the past, refugees have been pushed back into man, mom. when ty authority is deemed the situation to be safe. that now looks like a policy that will be difficult to justify. tony chang al jazeera. now the taliban has announced that afghan woman shouldn't be allowed to travel long distances without a male escort. the ministry for the promotion of virtue and prevention of vice, called on dr. as to refuse rides to women, not willing head scarves. it also asked people to stop playing music in their vehicles since they takeover in august, the thought of on his bod, many women on public sector roles and limited girls access to secondary schooling. now libby, as red crescent says the bodies of $27.00 migrants including
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a baby and 2 women washed ashore on the west coast. in the town of homes, 3 people have been rescued in the search continues for all the survivors. at least 1500 wild ones have drawn and bolt accidents along the central mediterranean crossing route. this year, levy is high council of state has criticized the electoral commission for canceling presidential and parliamentary elections. the commission cooled off the 24th december void fighting and lack of preparedness disagreements. now latrina has more from tripoli. the 1st round of a presidential election was supposed to take place 2 days ago, but they've been postponed now. the elections commission has suggested that the point take place on january 24th and just under a month. but really it's libya's legislative houses that have to agree on a new date to hold the elections. now, according to a previous agreement, there's 2 legislative houses in libya. there's the parliament in eastern libya,
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and there's the high council state here in western libya. the parliament is holding a session tomorrow. we'll discuss the challenges and issues. why the, why the elections commission wasn't able to implement the vote? the high council of state had a session today here and triply, i were the speaker outlined a few of the issues. why are these vote didn't happen one? he said there was no constitutional framework for the vote to take place, or the said there was no agreement on the rules and regulations between the legislative houses. a 3rd, he accused the elections commission of not been neutral. of course the election commission had him l z a at denials allegations a but moving whole moving forward or the speaker hug. missy had the following to say, we're an afternoon. we will met any step taken by the parliament without consultation with the high council of state will fail. whether it's related to the roadmap for the adoption of laws or any attempt to change the executive authority. so we've
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reached out our hands to build consensus. the libyans are sick and tired of the parliament of the high council state. there's a huge appetite, a to, to vote and to up to vote in a who they want the, who they want to lead them. so what we're seeing now is many calling for parliamentary elections to take place. a followed by constitutional referendum, and then they say they can vote for president a who they believe will move the country forward. we're gonna have to wait and see for the weeks and months ahead. a how the situation developed here in libya rescue teams or trying to reach people trapped in northern brazil after to dance burst, causing major flooding. the dams gave way in the state of ball had fallen, weeks of heavy rains. dozens of hollands roads and bridges have been damaged. officials say the state has received 5 times the average, painful for december. an extreme cold warning has been issued for much of western canada. number of cities of reporting record low temperatures with the coldest
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rating minus 50 degrees celsius. whether officials expect the extreme conditions to last for several days, due to a high pressure arctic which pushing cold air into the region. now, in spain, there is growing concern over people moving away from small towns. it's led to a movement aimed at pressure. the government of a better services in such areas. to attract families, natasha good name visited product the day and the catalonia region. oh, wanted people to relocate to the picturesque town of price to comp done. population 183 traffic and pollution for mountain fresh air crowded classrooms for a school of 9 students. there is no hospital police or fire department. and forget about a 5 g network when virginia benham, who responded to an advertisement to move here,
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she was lured by the job of managing this 9 room, hostile she had her 7 year old daughter love arrived in january. i rec, among liver thing, male was, i lived in big city and foam is the 1st time but her. i'm very happy i may be because it was my to him. may. i'm feeling going to, hey, i don't know that. i hope it will be so many else. love can roam and play in the village without the safety concerns of a city. but she also has fewer playmates and a 30 minute drive to go swimming in the winter. get mad at him if kately. hi, tim. listen i, i prefer to have more kids cuz then i have more friends per spent k. as in frank, low ram. according to government statistics, half of spain's municipalities are in danger of losing their population. these are primarily towns of less than 1000 people. however, data shows this issue is not just confined to rural areas. people are also moving
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out of provincial capitols and small to medium sized cities. to reverse the trend this year, the european union gave spain more than $11000000000.00 for a re population program. the goal is to provide small towns with more basic services, high speed, internet, and funding for housing and job creation. i keep us in the running frontier, gallagher that i of them by that are so that i either valid here you can have a childhood that you really remember all your life. the kids are on the street alone relate to people from all age. we have mountains and an education is high quality luncheon. i mean, isn't it? i'm in more brewbay fen. hm. who and her daughter are now part of the 1st population boom in pratt defroster since 2015, 13 people have moved here in the last year. the advertisement campaign seems to be working. natasha, her name elk 0,
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prior to compton spain. now superhero film, spider man, no way home, has crossed the 1000000000 dollar mark of the global box office. the block muster is the 1st film to reach that mall so, and since they started a pandemic, it's also the 2nd fastest in history to reach that mark. if now top chinese movie, the battle at lake chung jen, which had been the world's highest grossing film for 2021. and netflix says read notice is now it's most viewed movie of all time with 364000000 viewing allison, it's 1st 28 days on the streaming platform. well, jasmine simpkins is a host and film critic with hip hollywood dot com and she says, despite the pandemic, the film industry knows people are excited about going back to the cinema. you know, i think how we would spend doing very, very well behind the scenes. you know there cobit protocols on sets and then even
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on screening, having journalists come and see the films they've really, really been doing a great job of keeping people from getting the virus and making sure that people that are coming to see the films and being on sat are vaccinated, so i think they knew that they had all their, you know everything, their checks and balances all and their ducks in a row rather when it came to even getting the film shots. and i think at this point, they noticed that people were going back to the box office and it was just time it was time to, to see what this film was going to do and put it in the theaters as opposed to going to our streaming platform ah, hello again on the news of the problem and don't hold the headlines on al jazeera tributes of being paid to south africa. nobel peace prize lawyer desmond to to after his death aged 90 south africa's presidents. soon, rom, oppose,
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appraised to she was a man of extraordinary intellect and integrity. he rose to prominence from the 1980s as a strong critic of a partied.


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