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tv   [untitled]    December 27, 2021 4:30am-5:01am AST

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ah ah ah ah and the bronman da da top stories on al jazeera tribute supporting in for the south african nobel peace prize laureate desmond to, to, was died at the age of 90. he was to prominence and 19 eighties as an opponent of a party to 2 in white minority ruling south africa. presidents rama pose a praise to 2 as a patriot without equal and a leader of principle. we have lost the person who carried the burden of leadership with compassion, with dignity,
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with humility, and with such good humour. we are comforted in the knowledge that he has left an indelible mark in the lives of millions of people who had the privilege and honor of knowing him. like many of his time, he was a witness to the bravest injustices and most intolerable cruelty that our country has ever witnessed. the bodies of 16 people had been laid to rest in iraq. they were among 27, my ones who drowned the english channel last month, trying to reach the u. k. the worst such dissolves on record and then our crossing between southern england and france and libby as red presence as the bodies of $27.00 migrants have watched a show on the west and close to the town of homes. 3 people have been rescued and the search continues for other survivors. the taliban has announced that african
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woman shouldn't be allowed to travel long distances without a male escort. drivers have been asked to refuse rives to women, not wearing head scarves. the ministry for the promotion of virtue also wants people to stop playing music and their vehicles. stop shortages due to clothing 19 have forced airlines to cancel hundreds of us flights. for a 3rd day in a row. meanwhile, health officials in new york have reported an increase of number of children being admitted to hospital. iran has banned the entry of travellers from several european countries as part of measures to curb the spread of on the chrome. people flying from bush and from denmark and norway wanted to be allowed into iran for 15 days. but those are the headlines on al jazeera algebra world and search of my roots continues. next news,
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my name is paula. last years and i'm on a journey research in my room. it's becoming clear to me, the number of foreigners countries, their unit maurice goes. these were muslims, when 15 o 2 were told to convert journey to or face explosion. a few stayed and remained under the radar by changing their certain names to nondescript names that would not attract the attention. who's today's madrid? says many clues to the muslim past. my mother's name, just i knew the type of treat. could this be a maurice, chris called her name is deborah mallory. where is let me go into my new phone. i think we're under but it didn't get up. come on. if you got the last unit, i'm 10 gross you mean hitting but don't you. so this was that i can get back to this deanna and you'll need to think about about the layer stuff and i don't know
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the age, let me come. we bought a 20, which is $400000.00. we're going to go month to simply just a 2nd. i don't follow up on that, but i love to read after the 2nd, but your name will they had? is it just in mary's full name? intelligent, anybody that i'm going to have her let me ask, how does it should be dealing with school? she may forget and let me know. and so my part time, well if you got her at this i know i already faced and said i, mr. e. alice professional to ask, just in the most interest, how can i get this handle or the amount of money if we color isn't what he's cautious, do it on vivian though n in mighty there's they amuse, gideon dollars most after i put you on. if you do, i mean she didn't american to listen to what i gave say. uncle about my yodi asked . i'm anthony, that i love to latin. yep. i think i understand. come from your call about a young christina sic, i'll gladly, adams hadn't done understood, intelligent they november 15th of november ele. uh, monique, caught up was hello monica, that he can grenadine. okay. you have any malady. we book the info for gay. many though in illinois, mikan interested in the universe for the latter. what data helpful address there is,
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but again, it's based on we didn't think seller's agent if he gathers illustrate marty's custody thing. there ontario is the one time funding collaborate. i think i think i'm in to say, but i want to get on. gosh, those ah, in a cd like madrid, it's hard to know exactly where a 1000000000 muslims under descendants. the maurice goes mad, hopefully. they kept a low profile. but throughout the city, there are clues everywhere, district names and architecture point to a strong art up influence. i've been reading about a region where there is a strong evidence of the maurice po's in other maria, south of spain. it is said that a group of maurice was found refuge in a castle where somehow they were protected from the explosion decree. it was time for another wrote
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ah, with philip blanca. ja ja, in milk and gentle st. they all torn up or bluff young. don't rent out this policy until he could, his gentles be a horse. he wants to synthesize port fender, morty, schools of boca yada marcus saddle. con, double suck e, cause we're not coded. christine will be a hoyt, your daughter, katelyn, and what a school you enough. amelia, for them entire kiss on last aladdin ivan ahmad, lost our sin more late than i'm this familiar with this. he ended in crucial that arena marco's, as he kissed almost how he and it will look normally important. if amelia's for that also us. e dad would out we wanna a clinics, young on the rest of media us and we'll discuss and i wanted you to let you know that another a little marcus,
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a little bit with upper micha esta. sophia eda. okay. what i what i want? i'm basket money that is built into plan political and i wanna start to hear that. what did he set up? well, maurice got cuomo contra bissell contract with him. could his java is conceded coma . but alicia the lorraine espanol. he lexical? no, not. we are the 10th living with us, its a persona convenient, but i am an anthem into is with him and, and billable um. let me show ski liquid, cynthia, and marcus is with moody schools. you buy one out of mosque as though it took, i'm into believe either he had a wound been if you feel i will put a de la english jackie the some guy would have been a blanca sick, a comcast was maurice was even got out of must put a will come on. others, could his generals vehicles equal to lithium? it's armando wasn't, don't us and i for yellow host, i mean in his to castillo, any thing when i saw us last and foremost in mr. castillo syphilis, rob on some brassy layla's will notice if you got the m c. got that i so now you spend almost ramana, you this, the law of he is
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a lot of symbol odessa. soneta hacky existed at element the no sooner the glad i feel. now more you know, is when i, when i leon study in the races, now leon's, up up in marcus law bill is a sample of charlotte, cornel see me in those equinox units. he in love, is it a desk with the company goth young? this was what he schools, you know what his ghost was an appetite on one milan and yet eagle eyes dark osmotica said, but it was on country. the others can be taught us to put the phone off. know that he alice, in the bottle. so about these most in the bottle, stay mother. he munoz or india la, mr. garcia, assistant and bundle this he is when the last maurice goes, gotta come when that ava put us on a super emergency as dominant and done the war and the wheel, if you feel or india and put them to that, all you can put out a mutual quantity of entered, put it in fia. did that est? i will. yeah, that was what he schools better than it was like he is that way? it up when i most the most on as he came in, it was, but he was in the future. jackie's pick it up, one nuclear and then what he's cost,
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i'm in a bit of blanco equal. i'm almost him without open up him yet, or must on this, hamilton, us what they put out a little. he's in control that have even or in the atlanta ah, i use ah, once it has become clear. and or trilogy, furnish historians, architects, an anthropologist. the marine corps who stayed were very skilled at covering the tracks. i suppose it's because they had to. there are many clues as to their existence, but little from evidence. i'm heading to andalusia. the cradle of the arab hurried
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that in the peninsula. as a category to be much higher and the way he did and i the name of a vehicle minus it gave me my money hoping to get one done. sheila siegel if you see that goes on in the future for me. and so i got, it cooled off and we know a lot about it the, somebody other than i'm looking for. and i'm gonna give me an email a little bit and that they are letting that money if you knew they knew another, the 1000000 the media money bit of money on the bus. and somebody said, and we believe important that at 130 social cl meant them with 11000000. when presented some global level guessing the different cassie that the federal people in law will at this,
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i'm going to say the whole law that come you mind getting one of his family for the could you say that it really must get a cancer, gave a call you can, somebody went and documented if you can go for the better as you can see, the ok, nobody can america, the money when i'm in the i live in the well, it will get, you know, we will get, you know, we can't, we'll i want me to look at also a dilemma, because when i was not dealing with the fatal, see, i guess when you get, i'm part of the radio working back again because i didn't put up if we put on the single ticket or if you want to. but i'm, you know, that i'm a company on the 11th the guess i'm not one days ago and he's on this game will do that in bottles of the album, but the, when we got to was every month. yeah. yeah. i'm let me do whatever my name is. it will see in the one thing of the important the united future is he ended up once
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the thing you they will and always with us on that. we'll see them on time to me. i there's is a story that he's like peeling a spanish onion layer by layer until eventually you reached the core. but i still don't know if i have a place in the story. my surname for last year's comes from the word palace. but bessie type, something else with them if you want to get them to be a lapse in how that goes with look like is one of the one symptom, winters on the next level. but if you like the face analysis, i would recommend what i, what i want to go now for. we'll talk one of the stuff me,
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this one if i could give them the, when the will my through my, the order the all but out if he's in the interest on this, i know at the level and he said be happy to meet with them that maybe area than that, so let me let me know, but i but i did want to get your so let me know. so when was the ceiling you kinda said in that was a portion of money. yeah. i mean, i think i can miss indeed of about yeah, somebody been given a little bit of a lower than that, but also for me to get that piece on professionally and for me and all the feelings manada equal this, i mean, you know, to see the future say, well, we don't have enough enough on what it got, you know, maybe it wasn't everyone, everyone in somebody come, they weren't going on with the game. okay. and which and you'll be more familiar, whatever. let me putting it off of them. i see me let me pick out the liquor or the
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locks at e during the month to remove or get paid, or i think i will now, of course, on bravo advantage. every day, i presume in cash, and they will be there for dental. the more inclusive media, north, montana cynita. david morgan m a. he could do it for charlotte video. ah. so it seems that i'd come from a family of maurice goes. what relation and what a journey the accepted version is that most. if not, all of them are risk because we're forced out in the 17th century, but now it's clear that many managed to escape the expulsion problems. today's research suggests that ignorance of the history of our country is not just due to the utter failure of our historian to reveal it. but also because efforts to hide
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spain's muslim past. if dcc indeed the case, it means that islam was present sunday barium peninsula for far longer than we thought. ah, flu phone must come full circle to the mountains of granada in the south of spain. ah, i guess it could have been the more discussion why weeks when the templates to get an idea of what it does. awesome. she bought the all, i'm not a visit and they were either one. thanks jamie. he don't wanna say they, they this one um, hold on usa. and like i said, echo, echo onboarding. i mean the wednesday that way, bumps up against you. i look that up on up, monique, called the white out, open da. say it on the leveling. i love it, are they going to my bob? but i did that because of darby at law. a joseph wake,
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safeway. the i'm all i did my band though or before my little but out when we be in that i read while that i'm already gotten yes. at whatever i sent mazama, couldn't i got another more to that up while avoiding a tool. awesome. what adobe thing? seattle, on what it will pull, local motor, full field. i did that last. you lit up the dcf, there wasn't liquors tiana that will be sent out. a sample based on guadalcanal um audi. cookie video, samsung really behind it. awesome, awesome cleveland. see another market on them. i will neither my they like to know that if you got philosophy that by the philosophy loving a harass or bother things by lift modica can he being in his tufty lying by the explore or from the coil out of canister almost a little if he has he feigned,
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think of what i would o clock down in a good way to get another equals to your main thief. alice williams sienna, monique, like i said, i am yes. even i don't. the youngest had fall. let me say it they they like hold on . i little, i don't last it failed. are they be lectio? galeb medium. they manifest. possibly in a hard i you thought my did it my last yours for him. bill will side on this. i'm in favor. who's the paramount of feeling weeks in a really good and i was synthetic. will settle what a table mother said amelia egg or indicates william is about equal to put him boss one of a legal we don't get us into sorta he already does. he that he likes what he expects you. i mean very firm. and i believe you got my the one. yeah. little 1st because i don't comedy cause he saw that in a day of the marine corps, a mikaela, mo, to nourish. i've got the weather. but i love my the manion, it actually day then killer is a familiar modica civilization. calais ticket is gonna be f r e. rub anything on as a cool thing in the corner? somebody minute me thought the for me not. is it possible, monique?
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ah, it's a story where nothing is, as it seems. my own ancestors may have been influential people who made their way in spanish society, but always needed to watch their backs. to find out more. i'm on the way to me, the historian, with an interest in the story of the palazzios palm. he leaves in our cars, and that's were in 1567 at yahoo! horrors. rebellion began large numbers of maurice, living in the kingdom of grenada, took up arms in protest against sanctions restricting their freedoms. ah, it didn't end well for the maurice goes. we're eventually the port that from grenada and other parts of the peninsula.
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ah la familia, palazzios. he will not like it on the familiar monica committee that i p. kennimore a you're a cycles here and then to electric blood, the luckless head. it i'll thought it worked out. don't leave it in that old alley for like we are monica with in it that here i love for her rock luck, emilia, or laurie foot, or look a lead it out. own lively william full day lane competence. he all little vehicles here at all or to let it off, but a of the some am portent. deanna. okay. deanna or eco fatal. she didn't vertical. briefly, bessy will know a little for so i will not go back to the
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the i can see, i think in april climbing on green el rey, nobody can raise das, which i'm going to keep in the gospel c dot or near to the mid leader. they love the radio, out of that, i normally the only the done yes. of course. have it in shit. i don't think we talked that. i mean, it was in the, at the la la field, the route, the margaret thought it during your me interested didn't tell you a lot. but you notice i, when we see it, our math in a lateral great, you know, or a lot of money. and now by the last year, it is from actually my pretty to hear from the la familia, just have a case where they ok,
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what i would like to not simpler the level or money thought you would have a lot faster. you didn't, that caught, i would say, look, give us, they bought them. they don't. i mean if you have to get in touch to see and take a like a 3 that are hardly met the, i'm not a she could for molly. like ever considered are lucky to dc perfume. don't on be what it really says. have a photo of a computer lover who we are in. we're yeah. that is which i lead another shabrika. you don't know me. yeah. angel garza the other woman collateral. they are clara showy, nice, he'll call me about it if he panted a party that he was really i ah, that's as much as i could find out about the policies plan. they clearly had muslim routes, but nobody knows for sure. if they took the christian or the muslim side,
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the out, the hires rebellion. what i find most eye opening is that this story of those maurice cos who state is largely unknown by today's his spaniards. it's his story that seems to have been airbrush that from history. most people still believe that all of the barriers muslims were expelled and that none remained. oh, oh. oh i of course, today's his spain has a sizable muslim population with many spanish converts to islam. ah, i wonder, is this in some unseen way an act of connection with the conscious muslim past? a 21st century revival of the maurice coast. o.
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ah, i layla's but you see the input on how to rely layla with those with yes. first the manner or no a lot sickle mute than a little on dental medical overhead. man man affordably made oh me a mother for lesser. well now you know that of their mass, but katie are in papa mama. yeah. on the world. maggie december no. the 2nd i'm on a film on their motto: kiss or away la, or e choice, so. so mandate letters. now with the lack of tombly dollar circle where he had a flood, i believe, and part of the new mad. yes, i look a similar norm area gone down. are you sampler tower? mom? come on board call. come fly. i see on the boogie. dunno in the de
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la. la hin. they know night mom we normally into laughing and then boy lloyd, i was in brooklyn. new berlin for them, if you can play some political me, that new federal knowing wonder how long she did that i am fiddle either way, going in for law on the unity, a unity, a law said of those who were really room kelly euro. thank you. the last year for that in la math on sunday instead of inner city my down quite a meadow shout. hello as it gets himself into is going to get in as an investment go moleskin as either because he toes, commerce or the man e. com. okay. yes. and the on his i am on it, but then if he had ah
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hang in another communion, gwendolyn impossible. in sienna, from all memorial it unto alma sat down, paulina from the bazaar for like a year telling. but if only the saloon from okay, i didn't know how many there no, not the st. the sullen fell on, but this all and on this industry, ah slash ah,
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it's the end of this cultural journey of discovery. one where i met many people were able to shed light on to spence muslim past. as to my own maurice grassroots, i never found definitive proof. there was no sign certificate of heritage. yet in many ways, the practical discovery of my likely muslim origins was something i had long suspected. searching for my roots has given me a deeper understanding of where i came from. more importantly, i now look differently on the place i call home. mm aah.
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celebration with insight into the diverse culture with booking on land life together to weddings. some money in ah hello there. it's a tale of 2 extremes. weatherwise across north america, we've got some exceptional warmth with spring conditions down in the south. but the
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west continues to see that wintery weather with some heavy snow stretching all the way from western canada down to california. if i move out the way, you can have a look at that wintery weather pulling in once again, stretching across the cascades and into the rockies. we've also got more snow blizzards as well, expected across central parts of canada. moving across to the great lakes that we seen some exceptional cold up here. donnen central air is it is looking more mild and we have got that warms coming up from the south. the temperature and houston city about 10 degrees above average. and if we look at the i so, so if you can see where that one is coming and hitting a cold air mass. and when that happens, we do get the likelihood of some severe storms that are expected to roll, crossed some of those central and south eastern states, but for the east coast it is looking more mild. we'll have a few showers in washington dc, but it's sunny and cold in new york for the real sunshine. we have to come to the us gulf coast, a few showers popping in, but a lot of warmth here. and of course,
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for the caribbean, it remains a fine, dry, sunny and warm was 28 degrees in havana that show weather. ah, african stories by african filmmakers. turbo le let over with all the loading under the sun motherland. no room shoot documentary from booking of fossil and synagogue, if you and if you haven't believe in political body. my you for years and suckling gift to ambient medical, the man who plants vow bomb and arrest mystery africa direct on al jazeera, compelling journalism. we're keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continue to arrive at the scene of the explosion. inspire program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what living under fascism was like. how much money did you make for your role in deliverance?
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i made that al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running ah tributes flow for archbishop desmond tutu who's died at the age of 90. he's been described as a tower and global figure for peace. he has left an indelible mark the lives of millions of people who had the privilege or no, no worries. a mom elizabeth per item and this is l 0 live from don't also coming up long lines for.


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