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the working groups will continue their work in the area of lifting sanctions in the banking and financial sector. so that is the position by the iranian send. the deputy for mister also said that the res wouldn't be in vienna if they weren't optimistic that these talks will get somewhere and that they, j. c, p, a could be salvaged at this point. the americans are much more pessimistic at this stage because they say that what the ratings are asking for is very difficult to guarantee on their parts. but for now, all parties are optimistic moving forward and into a new year that there could be some kind of resolution in the 8th round of the talks, which could hopefully be the final round. 3 more now on the crone of iris pandemic . and africa is the least vaccinated continent and the human toll has been significant less there than elsewhere. but now as the all micron variance spreads 21 countries are experiencing a 4th wave. and some,
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a 5th africa population is about 1400000000, almost twice the number of people as europe. yet the africa center for disease control and prevention says that up to december 23rd. there had only been 9300000 cases that a similar number to that of france, that the continent has recorded about 230000 deaths. that's about the same number. as in spain, the greatest proportion of the continents death about 90000 of them were in south africa alone. well, one theory for a lower african, the death toll is age 90. 4 percent of the population is under 60 and there is a median age of 20, meaning the overwhelming majority is at low risk of severe disease. also 58 percent of people in sub saharan africa live in rural locations with warmer climates and the tendency to mix outdoors as possibly contributed to a lower risk of infection. but access to testing is limited and earlier this year, the world health organization estimated that 6 out of 7 infections went undetected
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. the democratic republic of congo is the least vaccinated country, not just in africa, but in the world. fewer than 300000 of its 90000000 people have received at least one vaccine dose. now, a surgeon corona virus cases, as adding pressure on the countries fragile health system, copier lopez or the young husband. this covered 19 clinic is at full capacity. patients are coming in faster than they can be treated as an infection serge, in democratic republic of congo. both supplies and staff are running low. the who, the hopefully we've asked our partners to our tense behind the center to take in the overflow of sick people. we can't let them die. we have 2 types of patients, those who accept treatment, and then we have those who don't believe in the disease. we've had people who refused to stay in hospital, but eventually they are brought back to us as corpses. the country has the lowest
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vaccination rate in the world with a population of 90000000 fewer than 300000 people have received one dose, mistrust of inoculations as widespread before we were in the dark about the consequences of this 4th wife. but it's coming strong. coby 19 is real and we need to protect ourselves. the increased reflects a surgeon cases across africa. the d r. c recorded nearly 6 and a half 1000 infections and mid december. more than double is previous records, 6 months before with about a 1000 registered cove at 19 death. the d r. c has a low death toll, but health officials fear a low vaccination rate could lead to new variance. a regular got them into sports co, 19 wave. we have had more cases. some are starting to understand that the vaccine is the best way they can protect themselves. as the 4th wave spreads, health officials are also concerned that more infections could further destabilized
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the countries fragile health system. katya little missile, the young al jazeera south africa has begun a week of national morning following the death of anti party leader. and the nobel peace prize gloria to archbishop desmond tutu, president cedar alarm poser has been among those leading the tributes me. the miller reports from cape town bells ring out at saint george's cathedral, to honor archbishop ameritas discipline, to, to mourners come and go at what is known as the people's church. paying tribute to a man recognised as cape towns greatest residence. bishop 2 was never afraid to open his mouth, but the been the evil of the lord within the life he lived in the legacy live mood because of the foundation that he built, that someone like me can. second is the council representing the peace of the great
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city and country, regardless of my race of my religion. it's at this church during a party to, to became the city's 1st black archbishop. it's from these steps the nobel prize winner preached against the tyranny of white minority. we're doing a part 8 and it's here we're to, to funeral will be held on new year's day at his home government officials, friends and family pay their respects amongst them. presidents a little room opposed as we say in african parliament, a huge tree has fallen and it is a tree under which we as african children of this great country sought africa, found refuge, found shade found protection. and this tree has now fallen. we may go. 7 to, to a line state at the cathedral on friday. but colbert 19 regulations mean many of
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those who loved archbishop to do won't be able to beat him farewell. instead, they've been urged to visit local parishes to honor the archbishop memorial services will be held in south africa this week, including an interface service for the archbishop, who was to many a unifying figure to, to transcend the race and religion, and was often celebrated for including all self africans in his struggle for social justice while devoted to the church to 2 will not only be remembered as a religious leader, but an icon whose appeal brought and often divided south africa together. for me de la al jazeera cape town, syria is condemning and israeli government decision to double the number of jewish settlers in the occupied golden heights. $300000000.00 plan for new settlements was endorsed during a cabinet meeting on sunday. colon is a territory captured by israel from syria and was annexed in 1981 move not recognized by most of the international community. every force it has more now from
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west jerusalem. this is a plan over the next several years. so the 3 to 5 years costing $300000000.00 plus and the policy sees the creation of more than $7000.00 new housing units. most of those going in the existing jewish israeli conservation settlement in the occupied gold on the heights. but also the proposal for to further such settlement smaller ones on top of that the current population levels there are very, very spots. it's a large area, 150000 or so people. half of them israeli jews, the other half mainly drew's arabs with a handful of alights as well. and so what is being deposed is doubling the population of israeli settlement within the occupied area. now as far as the
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israeli public is concerned, mainstream is ready, political opinion. it does pretty much accord with what natalie been at the prime minister. there was saying that this is seen as pretty vital israeli territory on a security level. it is a lot less controversial as well than such supplement building inside the occupied west bank where you have to make inroads into what could be a future palestinian state with until velocity is a live peace negotiation process going on. and so it is an opportunity for a right wing pro settlement is ready, prime minister to make a big settlement announcement without potentially some of the audio that could come in way internationally. if he made some proposals within the west bank, colin's president has vito, the controversial media ownership bill seen as a threat to freedom of speech. it had recently passed in parliament. government accused of trying to use the media law to silence the u. s. owned news channel,
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which was critical of its policies, legislation would have prevented any non european entity from owning a state in a broadcaster of more than 40 percent. the u. s. which was outspoken against that has welcome to the veto. there are growing calls in india for the government and courts to take urgent action on heat speech against minorities. it's more than a week's and several hindu leaders openly called for genocide against muslims. no arrests have been made so far. have natal has more now from a demonstration in new delhi. we're here in new jersey with several people have gathered to protest, rising hate speech in india 10 days ago as a 2 separate event speakers called mass genocide of muslims. tenzing, similar to that of my on mart. now, many of the speakers all repeat offenders and their speeches went viral on social media, parking, massive outreach. despite all the evidence to police had only registered cases
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against 3 people. and no arrests have been made so far. the weekend, several lawyers appealed to the supreme court to step in and take action against what busy as an attack on india, unity and the lives of millions of fellow muslim citizens. and it's not just muslims. churches are also reporting a rise more attractive. this past christmas, a statue of jesus christ was vandalized in northern india and in other parts of the country. 2 churches reported in the mod, entering and disrupting print, job and burning effigy of santa claus. knowing that does have certain laws against his speech. recently these were invoked against comedians and students who were protesting service call by the golf course. jury deliberations of extended into a 2nd week in the gillen maxwell's sex traffic in trial and new york jersey requested
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to witness transcripts as well as office supplies, as they resumed their work. on monday. the british socialite is accused of recruiting and grooming 14 edge girls for convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein. the 60 year old has pleaded not guilty maxwell faces of the 70 years in prison. gabriel is on this following the trial in new york. well, it appears that the jury is taking this case very seriously and also taking the defense argument seriously as well. most legal analysts will tell you the longer a jury deliberates, the better it is for the defense. that's a general consensus. the bottom line is though, that nobody knows what is happening inside that jury deliberation room in this federal court house behind me in lower manhattan. only the jurors that are in that room. this is the 3rd full day of deliberations. the jury deliberated in total about 21 hours. now it's a very long time. and on monday,
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a signal to the judge that they do need more time. they asked for transcripts of a couple of different people that testified. they also asked the judge to further define what encasement means, in a legal term. several of the charges against un maxwell referred to enticement. and they also asked for some sticky notes of different colors, insinuating that they're really going through these charges and trying to hammer out some sort of conclusion here. the bottom line is, this is a difficult case, difficult charges as well. 6 different charges that the jury has to come to some consensus on, but the big one is the 6th one. that is a sex trafficking of miners which carries up to 40 years in prison, add it all up and all 6 charges are up to 70 years. in prison,
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bottom line though is galen maxwell is in a holding cell in this court house behind me. and she is waiting, just like everyone else for the jury to reach some sort of verdict. prostitution is a multi $1000000000.00 industry in spain that's been legal for more than a quarter of a century. but now the prime minister wants to change the law. natasha the name reports now from lodge on karen near the french border home to some of the country's biggest sex clubs. going to show you my stuff. a passion for paul dancing. seduced julia into joining the sex industry. i fell asleep when i do it. she earns her living as a dancer and prostitute at club paradise. it's near spain's border with france at it's touted as the largest brothel in europe. the 33 year old romanian immigrant says she's proud of what she's been able to do with the money she makes.
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yet she asked to conceal her identity because she knows society may not share her mind set. she's also studying and planning for a life beyond prostitution. my life with my choice. i never know nothing that i won't want to do. they still give me a home opportunity to pay my study to help my family and to have a good life. for me, this won't give me a lot, many things that the normal job and i was was normal and i was every day and i didn't have only to pay rent and the food and nothing else. so for me they, i have a lot thinks. so i am proud prostitution was decriminalized in spain 26 years ago . law inforcement approach has been to punish the pimps, not the prostitutes. now, spain's prime minister is pushing to pass a law,
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which would penalize not only pimps, but any middle men who profit from prostitution. this would shut down brothels, since prostitutes pay to rent rooms. that's all i proceed to see on will have there . in the case of prostitution, the majority are undocumented migrants in spain. the government should ensure the rights of migrants here and everywhere in the world. but prostitution can be understood only us an issue of livelihood, which it is, but is also an institution of equality and an institution of patriarchy. opponents of prostitution also point to the intersection with sex trafficking. last year, spanish police rescued $160.00 victims and $32.00 sex traffickers were convicted. however, those figures likely don't represent the full picture in a billions of dollars a year industry. the manager of club paradise says government regulation would combat exploitation and improve working conditions for women. she said it will era,
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but if this was regulated, it could be controlled. the ladies who are working here would also have rights, and they should have the rights that any working person has visual. that would be something feasible. i'm good for everyone really to have that security whilst working yet. but if the proposed law banning prostitution passes next year, it could wipe out the livelihoods of thousands of women in the sex industry. whether it's the law getting older or wanting to start. a family, julia says for her, this life has always had an expiration date. natasha name l. jazeera la john kara space coming up on al jazeera. i'm fill lavelle and rural texas, which suddenly finds itself as one of the top big coin destinations in the well. but why all the miners heading, hey, i find out more later. i'm than sports. more games are postponed than the english premier league use a coven?
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1990. he's here with that story and more ah with with mm
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pool. ah ah. bitcoin is giving a former alimony in town in rural texas and industry. crypto miners from all over the world are pouring into the city of rockdale and offering millions for a spot to dig there. as phil laval now reports, rockdale, texas, is coining it in bit coining it in just listen to this. it is the sound of making money the us now the destination for bitcoin miners and rural texas,
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reaping it here. we're hiring 400 more people like a fast, we can hire mind springing up everywhere. solving complex algorithms 247 to release bitcoin. it takes the equivalent of 13 years, average household energy to mine, a single one, but they made about $460.00 single mom in a month. right. winston is enormous. a 100 acres 800000 machines and growing. we provide the opportunity to freight long lasting job and create a new market for people that never thought they be working in this particular industry. but my question is, why rockdale? and here is your answer power loads of it be say, this place used to have the largest alum in your plant in the world, but that close down years ago and left behind all of this extra energy capacity. now this is perfect for bitcoin because it needs a huge amount of energy to my in on mass. on top of that power is relatively cheap here in texas. plus, there are
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a huge number of bitcoin miners who have been forced to find a new ho recently, because china found crypto mining earlier this year, i immediately decided to go to other countries leaving thousands of bitcoin. companies like pooling to get out quickly. so they went west, they're building here because have the reckless market or you can consume also, or sell electricity as you want. jessica connected to the great. so to lisa, totally open free market. criptos like cat nip to politicians. hep senator. ted cruz governor. greg abbott. can't get enough of it, but even they can't control the weather. massive storms in february let a huge outages, millions, wet weeks without power. the grid here is creaking already. that's a lot of heat that we have to get of these buildings that these servers are located in. so there's a large air conditioning load that is also associated with the mining process. and it's getting busy at texas is bit coiling mining alone on cost to use twice the
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yearly power of the entire city of austin soon globally, crypto hunting using more energy than all of our gen, tina. we're at this point in life where there's a lot of criticism about and if you think this isn't low energy, we're also the ones that are using power in the middle. the night when people have turned their power off, the generators remain more profitable. allow them to keep running so that when you're home or your business or the hospital needs a different power, it's already there, rockdale, this is a success story. even the mer mining crypto at home as he takes beds on space. i have one last week. i've got a $100000000.00 and they just come in and start and at that are money to build with where industry left bit coins are, right. the lowest are state a fixed off for crypto minus fed lavelle al jazeera rockdale, texas. hey, tend to get all the sport now here. sandy. thank you so much, barbara. well, a record 103 premier league players and staff of tested positive for cove at 19 in
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the past 7 days. 15 games have already been postponed this month. liverpool manager at yoga club st coaches are doing all they can to protect the place you will not stop discussing. because if we don't discuss it, is just face like this, or maybe it's phase anyway like this, but they're still, it's the place need help and help needs to come from from allah, from, from other areas. so that means in this case, now the cultures are the closest to the players and b, b have to deal with all these kind of things. well, if all are set to play less there on tuesday, the impacts of curve 19 all the great set you to the hectic schedule over the christmas period. the lester, it will be their 2nd game in 3 days. it's a ridiculous schedule that we all know that the space you you see over these last numbers of years. it's no pleasure and fully recovered there for 72 hours after a game to for us to be player. and like you say on tuesday against a, you know,
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against liverpool, it's, that is ridiculous. however we, we have to play the game. while manchester united all playing there, we're taking on new castle. it said their 1st game in more than 2 weeks, sir, for christiane or an allies team following a covert outbreak within their squad, with full time approaching that gain level at $11.00. well, we've been speaking to football, writes at gavin house, and he says, commercial considerations are playing a big role in the premier league handling of the pandemic. it's not clear that play the teams are being treated equally, some teams. so having that game called off, others having to play the games. others are having to play with. we can backward stuff because their medical stuff has tested positive, all the coaching stuff and supposed to, it's not just about the players. so it's not a level playing field and some clubs feel that they are being treated unfairly. the logical thing to do would be to have a week or 2 week breaker to let the infections go through the squads and through
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the club training grounds. and then start again in 2 weeks time, but unfortunately, money to takes everything in the premier league. the games throughout the christmas period have to be played for to be contract. people failed. so the show must go on . and that means that the unfortunate infections will carry on as well. and there isn't this way out of this crisis at the moment, manageable is unique in europe and carried on playing through the christian faith. the fact is the busiest period of the season, whereas in italy, in spain, and france and germany there on a break and their players are actually on holiday at the moment so they will have to find some. so i'm in the schedules later in the season and it means very crowded, fixed list in the 2nd half of the season to, to catch up. now we'll cut when a killing him back pay says he's against staging the tournament every 2 years. the french truck has been talking at the globe soccer awards, and due by the world cup is currently held every 4 years,
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but fif president johnny in fancy, you know, he's aiming to shake up the global football calendar. in my opinion, is the work up is the work of it's a spatial thing because is it's something every 4 years. you know, if you want to keep that spatial and you saw like, like i talk about either people talk about a, about the best thing, the best competition in the world. if you are every 2 years, it can be thought to be normal to play, walk up, and i want to say it does no normal. that's something amazing something maybe you play one time in your life. well, i'll start, as chris says, look to be heading towards a convincing series. when against england, the tourists suffer. the yes, another bass in collapse there on the brink of a 3rd strike defeat. the start of by on day 2 in melbourne has to be delayed with england needing to do coven 19 tests. was after an outbreak among their support staff or was it for jimmy anderson looks who have got england back in the game.
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helped restrict the home to a 1st lead of 82 with australia for 67. but in the final, our australian bowl is taking over. they reduced england to 31 before it means jerry side will resume, still trailing by 51 runs straightly going when they will sail the city. so we knew that that last 12 i was going to be tough with, with enable but even even so it's hard to lose for were cases really disappointing . now, so the, the spell from stark and come means was with outstanding. but that's what you expect that that will class bonus that then if in test cricket for, for many, many years. well the whole england scored under went further covered 19 tests of the close of play. all those results have come back negative. so day 3, the test will go ahead and melbourne the plane groups. i mean that coming in contact on the fails that what everyone is now on, on, on, on jaila, everyone is being extra cautious. and ultimately, it's
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a common sense for making sure that people are socially distancing. the shell is bringing in some pre measures to help avoid further disruption. after 3 more games were called off to, to covet 19 so called taxi squads being re introduced. these are made of 6 reserve players who travel in practice with teams and can replace reckless who are ruled out due to current a virus. the regular season was due to resume today, but the restart is being pushed back to choose. they 67 games postpone so far this season. i think as players, the most frustrating part is seeing what other sports leads are doing. and it seems as if we're heading the opposite direction lot. so it's you know, i think it's a little confusing for us. okay, this is paula scott backs above or inland. and the thank you very much and that is a for this news. our stay with us and we'll be back in just
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a few minutes with more of the business. ah ah. a january. and i just, you know, 20 years ago the euro was brought into circulation. we investigate, have a year ago and benefited from having an official currency be part of the st. enjoy mouse social media community as sierra leone to recovery from civil war continues. we must see decades since the end of one of africa's most brutal complex, the bottom line. steve clemens dives headlong into the u. s. issues that shape the
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rest of the world. as we enter the 3rd year cove it 19, we go back to woo hand, where it all began, and investigate how far we come. since the pandemic january on a, just a europe on counting the cost beyond the tourism, the world's richest land making, it ran to control access to the trillion dollar face industry are how's the new call? why rich nations of emitted agriculture from climate change and how flaring cost lives in iraq? counting the calls on al jazeera dreams, johns and entertainment away the people to rise above the violence. oh, so it's my role to give these girls different idea that they can leave the wars of this community. 3 short films show how performance creates a home and family, and gives hope and opportunity. ah ha select on al jazeera.
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ah, ah. fighting between me and mars military and the ethnic armed groups intensifies thousands flee across the border into thailand. ah, hello barbara, are you watching al jazeera, like from london also coming up talks with you in vienna to revive the iran nuclear deal. negotiate has a told difficult decisions for me to be made. pensions run high in somali after the president removes the prime minister from office.


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