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you insights into christine span of list all region. it's a story that seems to have been her brush from history in search of migrants on al jazeera ah, the us centers for disease control hobbs, the recommended isolation period for any one infected by cobit 19. as cases continue to climb across the country. ah, malcolm and peter w, watching all to 0 alive from headquarters here and also coming up a search and fighting fees ethnic groups battle against me and mars military forcing refugees to flee across the table would in vienna negotiate
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his attempt to resurrect the iran nuclear deal. with discussions focused on lifting, crippling sanctions. ah. the ami chrome variance is casting a shadow over the new year. as corona virus casey's rice sharply around the world, the u. s. president joe biden has promised to rapidly increase the level of corona virus testing. he spoken to state governors and admitted to the previous level of testing wasn't good enough. and for a 3rd day in a row, over this christmas period, us airlines have been forced to cancel more than 700 flights, leaving hundreds of thousands of passengers stranded. the u. k. government says ruled out new cobit 19 restrictions for england before the new year. instead, people are being urged to remain cautious, while the 98000 cases have been reported there in the past 24 hours. public health
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authorities in the us of shortened isolation periods for positive asymptomatic people from 10 to 5 days. now that comes as an average of $100000.00 cases are reported per day. but the us president, since the health system is prepared. kimberly, how can reports in the us cases of coven caused by the arm across the very end, are soaring, and expected to get worse in the coming weeks. the stream is being felt in hospitals, new records are being set with daily infections. rising past last winter's pandemic peak in northeast states like delaware new jersey, new york, and massachusetts. but also hawaii and puerto rico. there is no federal solution. this gets solved, state level homes speaking to the nation's governors in a virtual meeting on monday. us president joe biden admitted whitehouse efforts to
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combat the highly contagious army kron variate have been insufficient number, but it's not enough. clearly not enough vibe. we'd know we would have gone harder quicker if we could have but new reporting indicates the biden administration was pushed to ramp up, testing as far back as october in anticipation of a holiday coded search, but declined. bided denies the report. we did reject it. still biden announced a half 1000000000 at home. rapid tests would be distributed to american free of charge. the tests won't be available until january, too late for those wanting to test before holiday gatherings. but we have to do more. we have to do better, and we will local mayors and governors are waiting. in some states, the national guard has been called in to support hospitals in washington, dc,
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the mayor called for volunteers to assemble rapid test kits. hundreds lined up for hours at libraries to receive one lines that airports are even worse. hundreds of flights have been canceled. airlines are struggling to maintain staff, as workers are getting sick or having to quarantine. kimberly hell can al jazeera, the white house, no cases of cuba 19 are rising as well in democratic republic of congo. that country has the lowest vaccination rate anywhere in the world. health experts are worried that could lead to more variance. katya lopez, oregon has more. this covered 19 clinic is at full capacity. patients are coming in faster than they can be treated as an infection serge, in democratic republic of congo. both supplies and staff are running low, the who, the hopefully we've asked our partners to our tense behind the center to take in
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the overflow of sick people. we can't let them die. we have 2 types of patients. those who accept treatment and then we have those who don't believe in that disease . we've had people who refused to stay in hospital, but eventually they are brought back to us as corpses. the country has the lowest vaccination rate in the world when the population of 90000000 fewer than 300000 people have received one dose, mistrust of inoculations as widespread awe before we were in the dark about the consequences of this 4th wife. but it's coming strong. coby martini's real and we need to protect ourselves. the increased reflects a surgeon cases across africa. the d r. c recorded nearly 6 and a half 1000 infections and mid december. more than double is previous records, 6 months for winter, about a 1000 registered calls at 19 deaths. the d. r. c has a low death toll, but health officials fear
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a low vaccination rate could lead to new variance a regular got them in this 4th co. 19 wave, we have had more cases. some are starting to understand that the vaccine is the best way they can protect themselves. as the 4th wave spreads, health officials are also concerned that more infections could further destabilized the countries fragile health system. katya little missile diane al jazeera australia has reported more than 10000 cubic 19 cases on monday. and you record as the country battles a wave of infections. the number of people seeking tests was put a strain on hospitals in the state of new south wales. you authorities are urging people who are asymptomatic to rethink before calling the emergency services. sarah clark has worn out from the sunshine coast near brisbin. we certainly are saying an ongoing rise in the number of cases across the street. that's all states and territories victorian wilds. the states with the highest number this week we had
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the highest daily count of being 10000 across the nation. now on tuesday. well, it is recorded 6062 cases and 3 did. and we don't thing a rise in hospitalization numbers, but i should say it's the delta barrier that's pushing these numbers. driving these numbers in, on monday we recorded this, dick regarding the micron. very self reinforcing, reinstating some health restrictions, much the pretty much mandatory across the country indoors at the moment. but you thought well can resist is a push or overturned to look at over the christmas period. and in queensland where i am on tuesday, we reported to the highest number of cases, 1150. this is because we got people traveling over the christmas break and we got huge pression on the health system, particularly new south, while because the restrictions to cross borders had been lifted. and of course,
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people coming from yourself or any other state into queens and now must get a mandatory pciped hands with thing accused. they can last for up to 6 hours or course the test results are also taking days to be returned. so that's particularly queens that has been called upon to, to drop some of those top climates, but they get to do so, so far. but certainly the result, the thing, the big choose and a lot of holidays have had to be cancelled as it sounds. a military offensive against ethnic qur'an groups is intensifying in me and mar the military. what she's power in a qu, in february, has been accused of committing atrocities against villages and as the casualties mount more and more people are seeking refuge in thailand. as tony chang reports now from the tie, me and ma border, the small arms and automatic gunfire echo cross the banks of the more river can side me in. a plume of dark smoke rising after not tillery strike,
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a few 100 meters away on the tie side, and make shift shelter for refugees who fled across the river. for the moment, they don't want to move too far away so they can monitor what's happening in their homes. they can also hear the ferocity of the fighting. so it's obviously, the more the situation is very bad. they're using helicopters to drop bombs and all had to run to survive the children and adults to get to the site. maybe it's not safe to go home because they are playing or hate shooting. we don't feel it's safe to go back. the border police and thailand say the fighting, broke out at dawn as it has done for the last 2 days. the time military have returned fire on a number of occasions. just warning shots they say, some munitions have fallen on the ty side. this farmer, pointing out damage from shrapnel of the several motors fell in his fields. those wounded in the crossfire come across to thailand,
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treatment as have thousands of refugees, a number that's growing every day. main common in the last 2 or 3 days, there have been serious clashes with plains, attacking villages. and there been several wounded people crossing over the border to get treatment. but thailand is not keen to encourage people to cross. this is one of the places where people have been coming across, but the tie army had put res was all across the top of the bank of the river for the moment that pretty happy to stay over there. ready to come across the border. the fighting gets any closer. children play on the river bank as the evening sets in. but the battles that raging along the river between yemen military, unarmed career groups, shows no sign of letting up or letting them return home. and tony joins us live now from the time border time of my sot, tony, what's going on there were you are just just run us through what happened when you got there. well yesterday when we arrived,
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it was as if we were emerging into a full scale battle, there was an attack helicopter circling in the air on the other side of the border . we could hear all sorts of gunfire. small arms, automatic fire. there was the 3rd of mortars of heavy artillery and the people we spoke to had fled across the river, said there had been air strikes in the villages with that they had fled. they didn't want to go too far into thailand. they were hoping to get back, but they, they felt that it was just the 2 unsafe to day or were also on the murray river, but a few kilometers upstream, opposite the board, a town of mere wadi. and it seems as if life is going on very much, is normal. we saw the town wake up earlier, there's trade going on. you can probably hear the sound of the motor boats kept burying vegetables to him for across the river. but we've heard that further down the river, there's fighting and i think this is the problem. there are little pockets of control. this area is controlled by the government usage. our has been for many
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years, but further down there are other ethnic groups, ethnic arm groups who they are fighting with. we were speaking with a member of the political arm of the korean, a groups who said that they feel this time. however, the mere, my army is pushing very hard in a way that they haven't in the past, and is determined to push them out. what exactly are they fighting about well, this started a couple of weeks ago when the mir, my army went into a town called lake, a gore, which is a couple of kilometers in land from the border. it's an area which is under the control of the korean ethnic dom groups. but where lots of people that come from the cities since the coo and they didn't want to live under the can shell of the mir mom military. they wanted to fight back and they were forming hom groups themselves. the, the current say that they weren't really encouraging them, but they wanted to give them shelter. they wanted to give them the opportunity to
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clear the mia. my military has been pushing very hard to push them back, but it also sees an opportunity here to get the korean out of these areas that they have controlled the decades that caused these, the armed conflicts have been going on for many decades. but now i think they feel they have an opportunity to push back to get those opponents to the qu out. but also to clear these board areas where there has been a ceasefire at which has been in place since 2012. but since the military coup that has now completely fallen to pieces, tony many thanks. tony chang, there johnny's life from my soc. searing, state media is reporting israeli forces of carried out an air strike on a major port in the city of la takia. it says multiple fires have erupted in containers at the port falling was described as is really aggression. it wasn't immediately clear if anyone had been injured and the syrian reports can't be independently confirmed. they have been protests in iraq after the supreme court
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rejected an appeal to overturn october's parliamentary election results. supporters of iran back sheer groups clashed with the security forces near the court. functions suffered heavy losses in the votes and alleged irregularities. the 8th round of talks to revive iran's 2050 nuclear deal with world powers has resumed in vienna. iran's foreign minister who say, am mira doll young? once guarantees that you, our sanctions, we lifted on iranian oil, sails, fears are growing. that time is running out to salvage the deal. also, jibari has been following those talks in vienna day, one of the 8th rounds of the nuclear negotiations between the iran and the p 4 plus one that's friends, u. k, germany, russia, and china, and indirectly the united states have wrapped up here in vienna. all parties are optimistic on this 1st say that this round will move forward much quicker than the previous ones, because there seems to be
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a general consensus about what needs to be discussed. moving forward. please talk, we'll go on until friday where there will be a 3 day break for the new year, and they will resume next monday and they will keep going until there is some kind of a resolution. the russians ambassador has said that he's hopeful this could be possibly the final round of the negotiations. and of course, we are here because the united states left a deal in 2018 and impose a series of crippling sanctions on their owns or the banking sector. the reigning foreign minister entire on monday said that that is the 1st thing they really want to see remedy. they want to see those sanctions lifted so they can sell their oil on the international market yet again and be paid for it. the process of the way these are looking for to is very specific. and i asked that question to the lead the chief negotiator here in vienna, from the iranians, the deputy for mr. alley board connie, and this was his response. very much in my opinion, it's been
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a good beginning all sides emphasize the importance of lifting sanctions and the issue of verification and guarantees should be on the agenda. so based on this, it was a great the 1st issue that's going to be on the agenda in this round is the issue of guarantees and verification. and then the working groups will continue their work in the area of lifting sanctions in the banking and financial sexes. so that is the position by the iranian send, the deputy for mr. also said that the raise wouldn't be in vienna if they weren't optimistic that these talks will get somewhere and that they, j. c, p. o, it could be salvage, that this point the americans are much more pessimistic at this stage because they say that what the rainy's are asking for is very difficult to guarantee on their parts. but for now, all parties are optimistic moving forward and into a new year that there could be some kind of resolution in the 8th round of the talks,
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which could hopefully be the final round. still come here on al jazeera israel, and she's a dramatic increase in the number of settlers in the occupied golden heights and russia as secure as he talks with the us. we'll go ahead after the new year's holiday. ah, ah, look forward to burritos guys. with the sponsored by capital airways. hello there. let's start in the middle east and there are some wet weather on the way for the gulf states. thanks for the weather front. it's moving across the red sea and saudi arabia working its way towards kotob, bringing the wet weather with it. you can see it moving in by the time we get into wednesday, we're expecting showers. could turn into thunder re downpours by the time we get into thursday and that front is going to shift further south and east taking the wet weather to the u. a. animals by the weekend,
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now we follow that rain back toward north africa. we've seen some heavy showers across much of sudan. it's looking rather wet and windy as well for the north east for egypt and libya, but it winds up for the north west. we've got high pressure back in charge for morocco's lots of sunshine and warmth to be found here. and this isn't the story across central parts of africa. we've seen some exceptional heats in nigeria that set to continue. what we do see those storms and showers intensify across western areas in particular for the d r c. by the time we get into whedon state. the weather weather however, has been plaguing south africa. we've had a deepening area of low pressure that swirling off shore. it's going to leave behind some unseasonal warm, with sunshine in johannesburg at 26 degrees celsius. so rather pleasant. lou weather sponsored by casara always joined the debates non exempt wolf ricky geez, have come from of common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more
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pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future rates now. this is not our responsibility piece to give a lot. concrete is responsibility. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools to get back. we must build all these prevention the stream on al jazeera. ah ah, watching al jazeera a reminder about top stories this, our us health officials have shortened isolation periods for people who have cobit 19, but showed no symptoms from 10 to 5 days. cdc also was recommending no quarantine
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after exposure for those who foresee booster shots, villages and me and mom had been fleeing to neighboring thailand is fighting between government and ethnic corin forces intensifies violence was triggered by a military raid last week. and the 8th round of negotiations to revive the iran nuclear deal has resumed in vienna or on foreign minister wants the u. s. to lift sanctions on terrence oil exports. and the you diplomat, who's sharing those talks says negotiations may be over within weeks. now the white house, as confirmed plans to hold security talks with russia early next month. russia's foreign minister says both diplomats and military officials will take part in the discussions. shuttles for january the 10th. sag oliver off made his comments in and interviewed broadcast on the foreign ministries web site, which invites as a security analyst. he believes, despite the prospect of talks. there are fundamental disagreements between these 2 countries. the russians submitted
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a pair of security treaties draft treaties to the u. s. nato in which they made demands which the the western powers really can't accept. they include removing their forces from all countries that join nato since then, $997.00, which include about it almost 10 countries and east and central europe and other requirements to limit what, what the nato and the western countries can do with partners that want to cooperate with them. so i think that it's, it's a fine that we'll have dialogue including the both military and political level. but they're just, it's going to be a challenge to get any concrete agreement. i think there'll be probably a pair of meetings. so looks like they'll be a russia us dialogue, and then they'll be a meeting of the nato russia council, which will include a broader range of european powers. so clearly ukraine is going to be at the top of this last rational military build up along the crane border. there's the challenge
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of what to do with the regions that are aligned with russia and eastern ukraine, but belong to ukraine and in international recognize foundries. they may also discuss the bell roof issue and immigration, and then the draft treaties will be some discussion of the principles, but bears, perhaps the administration said that they perhaps might discuss some of the more concrete clauses, such as having notifcation of military exercises near each other's countries the north korean leader kim jong owns ruling policy, is holding a key meeting. there are expectations. kimble outline major policies for 2022. north korea's grappling with an economic crisis and international sanctions over nuclear weapons program. serious condemned and israeli government decision to double the number of jewish settlers in the occupied golden heights. the $300000000.00 plan was endorsed during
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a cabinet meeting on sunday girl and was seized by israel from syria in the 1900. 67 middle east war and annexed in 1981 harry force it has worn out from west jerusalem. this is a plan over the next several years. so the 3 to 5 years costing $300000000.00 plus . and the policy sees the creation of more than $7000.00 new housing units, most of those going in the existing jewish israeli conservation settlement in the occupied gold on the heights. but also the proposal. so to further such supplement, smaller ones on top of that, the current population levels there are very, very spots. it's a large area, 150000 or so people. half of them israeli jews, the other half mainly drew's arabs with a handful of alights as well. and so what is being deposed is doubling the population of israeli settlement within the occupied area. now,
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as far as the ready public is concerned, mainstream is really political opinion. it does pretty much accord with what natalie been at the prime minister. there was saying that this is seen as pretty vital is ready territory on a security level. it is a lot less controversial as well than such supplement building inside the occupied west bank where you have to make inroads into what could be a future palestinian state with until velocity is a live peace negotiation process going on. and so it is an opportunity for a right wing pro settlement is ready, prime minister to make a big settlement announcement without potentially some of the audio that could come in a way internationally. if he made some proposals within the west bank, somali as prime minister mohammed hussein robledo has ordered military forces to take orders directly from him. now that's off to the president mohammed for module
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. suspended him on allegations of corruption and abuse of power. both men have traded accusations about delaying elections, ill and omar. the 1st american somali congresswoman has called forth for my job to step aside for the elections to proceed. bernard smith has more smolley, as the president says, the prime minister is suspected of corruption and is now suspend mohammed of the law. him a hammered accuses mohammed robel of stealing land owned by the army. the prime minister says the move is an in direct q y shatka salma. yet, i would like to clarify it if somebody people that the government in transitional faith is responsible for leading the country and running the affairs. various state institutions to the armed forces should take orders from the government and the prime minister's office to anyone who disagrees with this. we have to present it to the judiciary that could do. and it's the latest round in
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a long running dispute between the 2 leaders. the 1st class in april, when the president, unilaterally extended his boy by 2 years that prompted army factions loyal to each man to seize rival positions. in margaret issue. the president's constitutional mandate expired in february, and he stayed on and tried a very similar power grab in april this year, which led to fighting in the streets of mogadishu and, and would have it probably concluded in his overthrow, if a deal hadn't been negotiated to produce elections for parliament and president. by the end of this year, the u. s. embassy in somalia has urged de escalation from both sides. bernard smith al jazeera. now the jury, england maxwell sex trafficking trial has signaled it is not near verdicts. the
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deliberations have been extended into a 2nd week. the brochure socialite pleaded not guilty to grouping teenagers for underage sex. she faces up to 70 years in prison if she is found guilty. in brazil, rescue workers are trying to help. hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced by flash flooding to dams have collapsed in the state of bahia, and at least 20 people have been killed and a sandra, grumpy, etc. has more. rescuers continues to work around o'clock monday, trying to reach residents still trapped across the north eastern state of by year. 72, towns in cities have been flooded by torrential rain, steady, intensified over the christmas holiday. when 2 dance collapsed in the city of ether, buena, some residents returned to their homes to pick up their belongings through a 2nd floor window. emergency workers rescued. hundreds in nearby towns that heavy currents on the swollen rivers continue to complicate the operations we. oh gosh,
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we require civil loans, yaki has a bill with this volume of water. it's difficult to maneuver even with jet skis. it has been difficult to reduce the risk for the teams, and the victims rescue teams had to retreat and certain moments stopped. a lot of the governor of the state of viet cleared it the worst disaster in the states history. half a 1000000 have been affected. at least 16 thousands are homeless, us thumbs up. once more we have right now, we are focused on rescuing people and sheltering them. but we are also carrying out technical visits with mayors to identify if it will be necessary to build new houses or repair them as well as public infrastructure. authorities are also monitoring an additional 10 dance for any danger signs and say they will regulate the release of water to avoid flash floods and buses. so what we are looking at the forecast for the next few days and the impact it can have and decide which floodgates to open and what volume of water we can release without causing further
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problems. we need to alleviate areas already flooded without harming others. it's a complex technical decision. a wireless many have been surprised by the severity of the rain, outdoor. it is blame an increase in the temperature of the atlantic ocean mixed with the nino weather phenomenon for pushing rain patterns north. some experts say it's a sign of climate change. this is really the kind of thing we unfortunately expect to happen more and more frequently. according to the less i business report, the, the style proceeds and it's already stored per cent, more freelance. then pre industrial plants. so that's pretty much once ebony the forecast calls for more rain that even when that stop, it will take many weeks. if not month to recover from the devastation. allison that
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i'm petty al jazeera. the tesla found a eli mosque is facing a backlash in china after complaints to satellite said to close encounters with that space station earlier this year. the claims haven't been verified, but china has complained to the u. n. space agency uses of the we boom. messaging platform have labeled the mosque satellites, a space junk with nearly $30000.00 objects, believe to be orbiting the planet scientists, diverge governments to share data, to reduce the risk of collisions. ah, exactly how fast the you're watching al jazeera, these are your top stories, u. s. u. s. health officials have shortened isolation for people who have cope with 19, but showed no symptoms from 10 to 5 days. the cdc also is recommending no quarantine period after exposure for those who received their booster shots. he read little australia has reported.


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