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tv   [untitled]    December 28, 2021 9:30am-10:01am AST

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ah ah, ah, hello again, pete adobe in doha, with the top stories from al jazeera us health officials have shortened isolation for people who have cubic 19, but show no symptoms from 10 to 5 days. the cdc also recommends no quarantine after exposure for those who receive that booster shots. the u. s. is reporting an average of 100000 cases. daily australia has reported more than 10000 cubic 19 cases on monday and you record as the country battles a wave of infections. the number of people seeking tests is put a strain on health care services. the authorities are urging people who are
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asymptomatic to rethink before they call the emergency services. sarah clark explains we certainly are seeing an ongoing rise in the number of cases across australia. so it's all states and territories. are the 2 or any sub bottles? are they that the states with the highest numbers, some states are reinforcing or reinstating. so tough restrictions masks that pretty much mandatory across the country indoors at the moment that you thought well, since resistance pushes a return to a locked out of it is christmas period. and in queensland where i am on tuesday, we've recorded the highest number of jolly cases, 1158 the 8th round of negotiations to revive the iran nuclear deal has resumed in vienna. the rounds foreign minister wants the u. s. to lift sanctions on to ron's oil exports and e u diplomats was cheering. those talks says negotiations may be over within weeks. the white house has confirmed plans to hold security
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talks with russia early next month. the russian foreign minister says both diplomats and military officials will take part in the discussions scheduled for january. the 10th ma scope and representatives from nature will also meet later in the month. a military offensive against ethnic karen armed groups is intensifying in me and mom, the military which seized power in a crew in february, has been accused of committing atrocities against villages. thousands of fleeing the violence into neighboring thailand. syrian state media is reporting is ready, forces of carried out an air strike on a major port in the city of latasha. it says multiple fires have erupted in containers at the port following what's been described as is ready aggression. it wasn't immediately clear if anyone had been injured back now to al jazeera world, more news on this channel in 30 minutes. we'll see you that january. when i just, you know, 20 years ago the euro was brought into circulation. we investigate how the urine
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can benefit from having an official currency be part of the street and going out social media community. the earlier recovery from civil war continues, we moved to decade since the end of one of africa's most political complex. the bottom line div clemons dives headlong into the us issues that shape the rest of the world. as we enter the 3rd year, having 19, we go back to where it all began and investigate how far we come. since the pandemic january are just either news, my name is paula last year, and i'm on a journey research in my room. it's becoming clear to me that the number of foreigners can trace their unit, the more east coast. these were the names when the 15 o 2 were told to convert january or face explosion. a few stayed and
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remained under the radar by changing their surnames to nondescript names that would not attract the attention. who's today's madrid says many clues to the muslim past. my mother's name is tanya means that type of treat. could these be m a risk called her name? i'm going to have it under my the way let me go into myself. you know, if one of them we are getting married. uh huh. i'm just seeing if you got an upper left unit i'm interested in hitting but don't you so that i can get started. it's deanna and i need to think about it, but i don't know the age, let me come. we importantly, which is different, and i'm the last are going to melinda, that i've been just a 2nd. i don't call collaboration that has been to lead after we stand with him. well, there is just an emotive from that mental ment anybody that i'm going to let
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me ask how does it should be dealing with school? she made them into forget and let me know. and so my plan can we call if you got at this, i know i already faced and said i missed as e r. s. professional today as christina commission, that is how can i assist you with this hannah, or the amount of what we call us isn't what he's cautious to read on vivian. doin in mighty there's they amuse gideon those those as to last push on. if you do, i mean she does not look into the she to we don't gave say uncle m m, i already asked m anthony that i those crystalline gap. i think i understand from caliber young christina, psychology williams hadn't understood the intelligent i know, i am just kinda rental of money quote unquote shallow money for that. he can grenadine. okay, you have any money. we book a gamble for gay money though in illinois. mckinney in that event that you know, there was a letter what that helpful address there is, but again, it's something we didn't can seller's agent. i think others understood, of mores custody thing. air ontario is the one time funding. collab, latham copatrick. i meant to say, but american got those. ah, in
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a city like madrid, it's hard to know exactly where a 1000000000 muslims under descendants, the maurice coast might. happily, they kept a low profile. but throughout the city there are clues everywhere. the street names and architecture point to a strong art up influence. i've been reading about a region where there is a strong evidence of the maurice clues in other maria, self of spain. it is said that a group of maurice was found refuge in a castle. where somehow they were protected from the explosion decree. it was time for another rotate. ah
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philip blanca dna ha, in milk and gentle st. they are true enough, or bluff young, don't rental you transport fee until you could. his generals be a horse. he wants to synthesize port vendor morty. scores. apopka? yeah, the america saddle can double suck e cause we're not coded. christine will be a hoyt, your daughter, katelyn, and what a school you enough. amelia, for them entire k song loss. aladdin. ivan ahmad, last our sin, more late than i'm this familiar kit defended in crucial that arena marco's us. he kissed almost, or he and it will look normally important. if amelia's for that also us e dad would out we wanna a clinics, young on the rest of amelia's and we'll discuss the i type water. mia, irena, their grandmother is wilma, is a little bit with upper micha esta sophia eda. okay. what i, what i want, i'm basket money though, this bit of insulin plum, political, and i wanna start to hear that. what did he set up? well, maurice got cuomo contra bissell contract with him. could his java is conceded coma,
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but a militia the lorraine espanol. he lexical no, not. we are the 10th living with us. its a persona convenient, but i'm an anthem into is with him and, and billable, and what little financial sky liquid, cynthia. and marcus is with moody schools. you buy one out of mosque as though it took i'm into believe either. 6 he had a wound benefield or i will put a de la english jackie this, i'm jo, whatever. blanca sick at comcast was, maurice was even got out of most put a will power. others could have channels, vehicles equal to lithium. it's armando wasn't, don't us. and if we have a host, i'm in denise to castillo ethan, when i saw us, one of us was inform. ask in mr. castillo syphilis, rob on thumb, rossi layla's for last. notice. if you got the m. c. got that i saw. no. you spun almost romana, he is the law of, he is lateral symbol. odessa soneta hickey existed at ailment the no sooner they got, i feel now more, you know, as when i, when i leon study in thesis, now leon's, up up in marcus law. believe a sample of metallic one will see me in those equinox units he in love is it is
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good to go. when you got young, this was what he schools. you know what his ghost was? an apple though on one my lot. and yet eagle eyes dark are somewhat casala, and he was on country now. these could he told us to put the phone off, know that he alice, in the but also about these most in liberal, stay mother. he munoz, or india. i mr. garcia, assistant and bundle this he, it is when the last muddy schools gotta come when api i if okay, what are some of the super we mencius dominant and done the war and a william if you feel or india equipped them with, with that, oh, you can but i did move just went to the event it put it in fia did. did it out of it? i will. yeah, that was what he school's been with and it was like he is that way. it up when i most the most that on, as he gets, and it was body us in the future. jackie's to get a one nuclear and, and what he's cost. i'm in a billable uncle. equal. i'm almost the most open up. i'm here till must on this hamilton, us what they put out a little. he's in control that have even, oh, india tonia ah
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ah ah, wanting has become clear after talking to our colleges, spanish, historians, architects and anthropologist. the maurice could who stayed where grace killed a covering their tracks. i suppose it's because they had to. there are many clues as to their existence, but lead them from evidence. i'm heading to under loose in the cradle of the arb heritage in the ab anthony. i've got to go to the main pool, much higher land the way it is. and i the name of
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a minus looper gave me my money, hoping to get one done. sheila, if you see this one in the future for me and so i got it pulled off and we know a lot about the somebody other than i'm looking for. and i'm gonna give me an email a little bit on that day. i love that money. so long as i knew another the 1000000 and if i media money, bit of money going in the bus and somebody said, and we believe important, elegant value, social element, them with element. familiar with important that some of the one level guess in the different cassie that they said are going to look at this. i'm going to say the whole law the come you mind getting one of a family for the could you say that it really must get a can she gave a call. you can some went and documented if you go for the better and you
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concede ok, nobody can america the marine corps america as well, if you rather the, well no, we won't get, you know, we can, we'll i want you to look at also i didn't give you what it was when i was out of the show, not the and it would be to see, i guess when you get, i'm part of the radio working back again because i remember when we put on the single ticket or if you want to. but i'm, you know, in that book a, come come on, the 11th indicate yes, i read one days ago and even this game will do in bottles of the album, but the, when we go to waste money. yeah. yeah. i'm of the money to do whatever money it will see in the $1.00 thing of the important the united future is he in the about one see thing he they will always will be on the will see them on time. i don't get me i
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there's is a story that he's like peeling a spanish onion layer by layer until eventually you reach the core. but i still don't know if i have a place in the story. my surname philosophies comes from the word palace. but does it type something else in the middle? can you try to get him to the left and how that goes with last my life is when when when do this on the next level? what if you'd like to face another call? i would recommend what i, what i want to go now for. we'll talk one of the stuff. i mean, i could give them the, when will my through my, the order they all but out if he's actually into the center and we have decided on the level. and i thought he said, go be if you can easily see them maybe earlier than that. so let me, let me know, but i did, i did get your so so when i
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was in de la portia and then you came in was a portion of money for the commission, pete of about yes, somebody could be given a little bit of a lower than that, but for me to have them be some professionally important to me and go, they feel names minority equal this. i mean thing after another silly future. save me that not, not on the medical i'm no, no, no, i'm not familiar. what was the name on every minute what he's going on with him. okay. and which, i mean, yes, yet they never left me. i'm putting them in. i see me. never got the liquor or the looks at either during the month to remove or get paid or i think i'll go now, of course on bravo is every day i presume you get the cash cash on the it'll go move on and be let me put under the more inclusive north denise,
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to me that david morgan m a. he could do it on a checklist video. i. so it seems that i'd come from the, from you. maurice goes, what other relation and what a journey the accepted version is that most, if not all of them are, is because we're forced out in the 17th century. but now it's clear that many managed to escape the expulsion process. today's research suggests that ignorance of the true history of our country is not just due to the utter failure of our historian to reveal it. but also because of efforts to hide spain's muslim past. if decent indeed the case, it means that islam was present on de baron peninsula for far longer than we thought. ah,
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we fall must come full circle to the mountains of granada in the south of his spain . ah ah, what do you think is said, i've been the hardest cousin why weeks when that impulse to get a point of awesome. see buffy all. i'm not a visit on the either one. thanks jamie. you don't wanna say they this one um, hold on jasa a legacy echo economically. i mean the one say that why was why we ask you that? we thought about multi call the one i open that say it on the leveling it. i love it. are they gonna, madam, that i did that with darby at law is was to play it safe way. the i'm all i did my band though, over for my little might out we be in that i read while, did a monique gotten yes at whatever. what i said most all america, and i think another more to that up while avoiding me. awesome. what i don't think
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she'd be it'll go more and what it oh, we'll talk about a full field. i be di laskey lit up the dcf that wasn't liquor. tiana that will be sent out a sent me a stomach water yellow can la moda, cookie video, samsung really gonna be awesome. awesome. well, clearly see another market on the mobile. neither my they like to know that if you got phyllis, either a lassie, aussie loving a hudson, but i think spell if modica gave you being in his tough, you lying by the expert on the call, our rock iniesta. okay. it's almost a recall if he guy has a faint pick up what i would oh, clock down in a good way to get another equals that your main thief, alice williams sienna, monique, like i said, i'm yes, even i don't. the don't say fall. let me say they, they like hold on. i little of i don't last it failed. are they be lectio galeb
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a medium they manifest? possibly in a hard i your thoughts my did my last years for him, bill will sidle me some if able who is what that amount of feeling weeks in a really good and i was in san if will settle what he will not. they said amelia egg or indicates william is about equal to put him brussel not legal yet our same to sort of he already tells you that he thinks they will. he explicitly, i mean, we are not only the, i'm not the one the i like luther because i don't comedy cause he saw this in the marine corps mclamore turner. i the but i love lamar, the manion. it actually did a then killer is a familiar modica civilization, calais, we think it is generally eva, erupt. anything of course, and you don't want that ammonia, me thought the for me not. is it possible, monique? ah, it's a story where nothing is, as it seems,
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my own ancestors may have been influential people who made their way in spanish society, but always needed to watch their bags. to find out more. i'm on the way to me, the historian, with an interest in the story of the palazzios palm. he leaves in our cars, and that's were in 1567. yet for horrors. rebellion began. large numbers of maurice gross living in the kingdom of grenada took up arms in protest against sanctions restricting their freedoms. ah, it didn't end well for the maurice goes, we're eventually the port that from grenada and other parts of the peninsula. ah, bluff emilia palazzios. he will not like it on the familiar monica committee that i
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picked the animal a yo as he goes hid on the interlocking blood, the luckless head it, i'll thought it, but i thought li that in that would alley for monica with any thought here. i love for her rock luck, emilia, or laurie foot, or look a lead it out, own laugh, william fulton de lang competency, all that. okay. your coffee at all, or let it off, but your m o t, some 8 am portal or eco battle sheet embargo l briefly, but he will know a little for so i will not be able to use a check and you'll see, i think in april climbing on the you know, it'll re, no, don't worry, control raised as to what i'm going to keep in the gospel c dot or near to,
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they'll be met leader, they'll release them out of sterile. normally the old, the tanya romani course had that. he said, i don't think we talked to that. let me get in touch with you at the la la field, the rudy. margaret trotted during your immediate interest. i didn't tell you a lot but i did notice i didn't. we didn't see it are math in a level or a lot of money. now by the last year, i'm actually mapping to hear from the left media. just have a case where they look at what i would like to not simply level money $30.00. when i wake up a lot higher than that, cause i was corny say look, gave us they bought them. they don't. i mean, if you have to get in touch to see and take a like a 3 that are hardly met the, i'm not a she could for molly like ever considered are lucky to dc perfume. don't
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on be what it really says, how big a photo of a computer lover who we are in we anthony's, which i lead another. she saw a you don't know me. yeah. angel casa, the woman to go out of the clara. showy, nice, feel about it. if you find a party that use a lot, i ah, that's as much as i could find out about the philosophy plan. they clearly had muslim roots, but nobody knows for sure. if they took the christian or the muslim side, the out, the hires rebellion. what i find most eye opening is that the story of those maurice cross who state is largely unknown by today's his spaniards. it's his story that seems to have been air brushed from history. most people still believe that
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all of the barriers muslims were expelled. and that none remained. oh, oh, oh, i mean, of course today's his, spain has a sizable muslim population with many spanish converts to islam. ah, i wonder, is this in some unseen way an act of connection with the conscious muslim past? a 21st century revival of the maurice cas. oh ah, i'm with
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ally layla with 1st the manner or know a lot sickle me than a little aren't on tom rick along read me a man affordably made oh me mother for last say well now you're that are there mass . but katie are and papa mama. yeah. on the world. maggie december. no this. yeah. can my money here monday, model kiss i'm well yeah, we have a choice. so you, so my, the date letters who by now with the lack of tom, but i don't know circle where yet i flawed. we have a pilot of any man. yes, i look at him, but a non marianne town. are you see him? plethora. come on. bow girl. come flower. i see him boggy. dunno in the de la. la when they know neither. mom we normally into laughing, then boy, lawyer, watson, bloom, volvo, new berlin,
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permit me. deal can play some political me that minister. knowing wonder how long she did that i am better either way go in for law than the unity a unity della said of those who were really room, city police hero. thank you. the last year for that in law. my 1000 instead of inner city, my dad got a better shelter when the resident of business, yes and again is going to get in as a new the monument is just going to see them just as he does. oh sir, commerce r e man e. com. okay. yes and the on his i am on another but then if he hadn't, ah, in another moon england's of an impasse. elegant in sienna from all em immediately . thunder alma sat down,
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put him on the bus air for la. are you telling? but it's only disillusion for margaret didn't know him many that no another seemed a sullen foul. and with this soul, another henderson ah slash ah, it's the end of this cultural journey of discovery. one where i met many people who were able to shed light on to spans muslim past. as to my own maurice classroom,
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i never found definitive proof. there was no sign certificate of heritage. yet in many ways, the practical discovery of my likely muslim origins was something i had long suspected. searching for my roots has given me a deeper understanding of where i came from. more importantly, i now look differently on the place i call home. mm. the celebration with insight into the diverse culture of some money that's influenced 2 different
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couples in booking a landline together to weddings, some money on them to say hello there. let's start in the middle east and ask them what, whether on the way for the gulf states, thanks to a weather front, that's moving across the red sea and saudi arabia working its way towards kotob, bringing the wet to weather with it. you can see it moving in by the time we get into wednesday, we're expecting showers. could turn into a thunder down. pause by the time we get into thursday and that front is going to shift for the south and east taking the wet weather to the you. a anime on by the weekend. now we follow that rain back towards north africa was seen some heavy showers across much of sudan. it's looking rather wet and windy as well for the north east for egypt and libya. but it dries up for the north west. we've got high pressure back in charge for morocco, so lots of sunshine and warmth to be found here. and is this in the story across
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central parts of africa? we've seen some exceptional heats in nigeria. that's set to continue. but we do see those storms and showers. intensify across western areas in particular for the d r c. by the time we get into whedon state. the wet weather however, has been plaguing south africa. we've had a deepening area of low pressure that swirling off shore. it's going to leave behind some unseasonal warm, with sunshine in johannesburg at 26 degrees celsius, so rather pleasant. ah, the frank assessments this crisis is continued to weaken luca shenker, even though perhaps he believed in the beginning there have what's thankful for informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from the young people. that is one of the most hopeful things to come out of this critical debate. do you think it should be facilitated?
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not sure. okay, it's a great. it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child swanson. inside story on al jazeera, ah, us health officials have the recommended isolation period for many infected by coven 19. but a spike in all my current cases, these worsening labor shortages. ah, good morning, john harvey one, i'm kim all santa maria. this is the world news from al, just here, a surgeon fighting between ethnic groups and me and miles of military forces thousands to flee across the ty border. i'm tony chang on the time. yeah. ma full to where the piece is holding of the main border crossings.


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