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from 10 to 5 days present, joe biden says the health system is prepared for the soaring number of cases. a number of people in australia who were told they didn't have grown a virus while they were in france. positive has now double to almost 900. a lab in sidney has apologized for what it calls a data processing era. and villages in myanmar have been fleeing to neighboring thailand as fighting between government and ethnic qur'an forces intensifies. the violence was triggered by a military raid last week. while for more on what's happening at the thailand, myanmar borderline now speak to sally thompson, who's executive director of the border consortium, which is an angel working to provide humanitarian aid to the space people from jamar sally's joining us from bunker. thank you very much for your time. just give us a sense for so of the numbers. number of people with cross recently the bordering to thailand are they be being easily allowed to come into thailand who um, who so suited
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a lot of suite because of the fighting in the air in southeastern myanmar is displaced well over 10000 people from surrounding villages and all those 10000, some people have fled into the forests and in the mountains, in myanmar others are very close to the water with thailand. and i'm currently seen around 5 to 6000 people who across the entire land and are being catching very rude and mandatory shelton's along the border area. right? yeah. the, by the time laurie's yeah, that the bio tories have been trying to, to assemble the refugees. they say have come into thailand into much larger camp. sell us more about the conditions therein. right now, what are they finding once they arrive in thailand? what sort of help are they getting if any, at all to take? so essentially when they, when they cross the border, they are house where woman's, where they cross, they might be in a, in a school, they might be in a temple,
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they might be in an open field. and then i'm very basic, assistance is providing very basic shelter, very basic food assistance. it's very much a temporary situation. while there is fighting ongoing. and at the moment one would use i think we have to say it's very clear, the fighting is likely to continue on for some time to come and get where they are currently being housed is buried much be sufficient for the short term. if the not to the title authorities alone with my uncle, ty communities to provide support for refugees when they've crossed the border. a sally, i know you organization has been working with, with refugees who fled conflict in myanmar for, for what, 40 years now. this is not a new phenomenon. tell us how this current situation is different from previous
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crises that you've worked on and you've witnessed and, and what do you think the international community should be doing to protect the civilians? oh, so essentially thailand already has 80000 people who have fled on because of the conflict between young are on the and in and the ethnic groups. what is different this time you said it's not just a conflict in the ethnic control areas. it's a conflict throughout the country, so we're seeing the whole process are all myanmar. i'm involved from civil society, civil servants who seeing a civil resistance group. so it had, did her may help. it's not previously, it was just ethnic villagers who fling on their homelands and they took refuge in thailand. now we've seen people come from the urban areas. they took refuge in the
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ethnic control areas and now they're being sued by re myanmar of forces such then they are also forced to flee again and becoming displaced. so what we're seeing is something on a much larger scale come to displacement, and se myanmar will appear well over a well over a $100000.00 people in the southeast alone, right. who are in the system. so it's a, it's the scale that is happening and it's not just a one off, it's likely to continue. so it's happening on a much larger scale. you say, what are the people who are crossing into thailand right now? what are they telling your teams on the ground? because have been many reports of, of, of massacres, by the tie of a rudder by the myanmar army of villages being burnt down. what are people saying? so in this area where people are currently crossing into thailand,
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they are fleeing ahead. they're trying to flee ahead of the wrong attacks. and they're saying some of the villages half being one down in the air strikes on. bah, bah, back crossing ian bay. most, most of them to flee in a box not seeing there has been some injured people when it was not generally minor injuries in this particular area. they have been able to move in advance of the often young mommy and so they remain spread out displaced. their immediate needs all for protection. they're very concern was daily. there are a constant flights as drones that concerned there will be more air strikes in the area. and so their immediate needs are really protection that shelter and is very basic, our humanitarian assistance. thank you so much. sorry for talking to us about this
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and, and shedding light on the situation here. sally thompson, executive director of the border. a consortium by there from bangkok we appreciate your time. thank you very much. and japan's defense minister has agreed to establish a military hotline with china. it's in an effort to address mounting tension in the waters around taiwan. tokyo says it's focused on bringing peace and stability to the taiwan strait to protect national security. fessler founder in on mosque is facing a backlash in china after beijing said his satellites had to close encounters with its space station earlier this year. the claims have not been verified by china, has complained to the u. n. space agency uses of the we bill messaging platform have labeled space exxon life says space junk and they're threatening to boycott tesla. katrina, you has more from aging. china's foreign ministry has lashed out at the united states, saying that countries should be responsible for the actions of their private companies
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. aging, also accused washington of having double stand and saying that it often calls for safety in space. but the same time does not abide by international space treaties. us endangering other crews that now bating has confirmed that there were 2 close encounters between elan musk, starling satellites. and the chinese 1st permanent space station, the chin goal, one in july. and the 2nd occasion happened in october. now china space station itself is quite new. it's cool module was only sent into space in april. it's not yet completed. it's due to be completed next year, which probably explains well, so the crew, they're all fairly nervous. interestingly, the beijing didn't have any specific reference to either mosque or his company, tesla at all, and there quite a huge name here in china, very popular electric brand called they had the factory in shanghai. and elan must sold about a 4th of all his cars to chinese consumers here just over night,
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more than 90000000 comments about this. and although beijing itself was very hesitant to mention a long moscow test by name these chinese internet uses were not. they had a lot of critical comments. they accused even moscow being shameless and reckless and of his company is causing trouble in space. india's government has froze in the bank account of one of the world's best known catholic charities. it says your organization that was founded by mother teresa did not meet conditions under local law. it's been accused of trying to force people to convert to christianity the charity denies the allegations. the move comes after a recent series of attacks on the christian minority in run up to christmas. in italy, recent violence by far rights groups has ignited a national debate on fascist monuments erected across the country expert. a few italians are questioning whether the statues of those who pushed for races causes
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in the past should be demolished. adam rainy reports from rome. the nearly 80 years after his fall, benito mussolini obelisk still towers into the roman sky. it stands outside the photo italy co, formerly known as the 40 mussolini. it's here the dictator built a sports complex to cultivate the new man and his fascist regime. people have mixed feelings about these monuments assemblies with the present. that's your and seeing all the stadiums and these monuments forces us to face the past every day. by not forgetting the past it, make sure that we won't repeat it installed yes or toward i, or this is italian history, an architecture, and it needs to stay as it is this stadium bill under mussolini direction. as a reminder of the importance of sport for him, he thought as a way to build a national identity, fascist also saw sport as a way to prepare the population for war. and inside the complex of fresco of
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mussolini still graces the walls. prime ministers have given speeches here in recent years under the gaze of the former dictator who collaborated with hitler and the holocaust. across the country monument to fascism are everywhere. some pay homage to saline for public works. others glorify the regime for creating an italian empire. experts say that, unlike germany, italy never had a reckoning with its fascist past. decades later, italy also stands apart from a global movement pushing to tear down statues and flavors and those who fought for racist causes. even one of italy's oldest anti fascist organizations is against demolishing fascist monuments and mortal st. machine sigo air for it wouldn't be too simplistic to do that in a distraction from the real work. we haven't raised any of our history. even bed
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parts from ancient rome. we have made a point of explaining it, and that's what we should do with fascism historian andrei. ammonia says there seems to be an acceptance of these monuments. there is a sort of normalization or legitimate zation of fascism which should explain to people that that, that was a brutal or a gene that was on the top ship. and even if we leave monuments, we should the knowledge that is not democracy. is something else a common reframe in italy, is that fascists were brutal but they did good things to with that idea in mind, it's likely there monuments will stand for years to come. adam rainy al jazeera rome, thousands of people have been killed and wounded during 10 years of conflict in libya. the fighting has displaced hundreds of thousands. more and of malik train reports from tripoli,
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many families and are homeless. it's winter and it's cold here in the small park in the heart of tripoli. but it's where a number of displays families are forced to live. they say increase in rent prices, and the government's lack of action means they are now homeless and unable to afford a roof over their heads and dance as her home and donna was destroy. during the fighting years ago, she was renting in an apartment in tripoli. but her landlord increased the rent and she ended up on the street. ha, she's been living in this park. and for the last 2 weeks, i have 2 young children in our money goes to diapers and milk. we can no longer afford rents, we have nowhere else to go when we need the government to provide housing for us, or give us a housing stipend until then. we will stay here with our children. in 2018. there's no witnesses, months of fighting. when warlord holly for halftime launched a military campaign to capture the city,
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it was part of his move to cement his power base and eastern libya found after it was widely accused of war crimes. he's also put in a bid to run and presidential elections. after months of international pressure, a humanitarian corridor opened to allow people trapped in the city to leave. they fled to western libya. according to the united nations, there are almost 200000 internally displaced people in libya. more than 500 families from the eastern city of delena are scattered across western libya. 13 of them are living in this park and the capital abs. hamid at has saudi runs, the association of internally displaced families from donna. he says previously, the families were receiving help from domestic and international aid organizations . for about 5 months ago, they stopped receiving stipends, and that has made things very difficult for them. you can allow resort, a global,
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i like that it is not possible for most of these families to return home to the seat of delena after they were forced to leave. the authorities control east in libya, look at in one opposite. the opinion of policies is a criminal mohammed al della says his ill and can't find the job. you truck rent prices and tripoli to hi, we're now homeless. i am sick. my youngest son, a 2nd, my oldest is handicapped. how can i feed my family with no salary? it's winter, it's cold, and i'm only, god knows our struggle. the government should help though is vasa were displaced by force. are in dire need of help. it's feared many other families will soon become homeless, and those living in this park will struggle even more. my latrina, l. g 0, tripoli. rescue workers in brazil are trying to help hundreds of thousands of people displaced by flash flooding to dams have collapse in a state of by at least 20 people have been killed. alexander, i'm pity reports. rescuers continues to work around o'clock monday,
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trying to reach resident, still trapped across the north eastern state of by year 72, towns in cities have been flooded by to renshaw. rain, stead, intensified over the christmas holiday. when to dance collapsed in the city of ether, buena, some residents returned to their homes to pick up their belongings to a 2nd floor window. emergency workers rescued, hundreds in nearby towns. but heavy currents on the swollen rivers continued to complicate the operations. we were casual acquaintance of all geology, his bill with this volume of water, it's difficult to maneuver even with jet skis. it has been difficult to reduce the risk for the teams, and the victims rescue teams hat retreat, and certain moments stop law told the governor of the state of the year they cleared it the worst disaster in the states history. half a 1000000 have been affected. at least 16 thousands are homeless, us thumbs up once more with right now,
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we are focused on rescuing people and sheltering them. but we're also carrying out technical visits with mayors to identify if it will be necessary to build new houses or repair them, as well as public infrastructure. authorities are also monitoring an additional 10 dams for any danger signs and say they will regulate the release of water to avoid flash floods and buses. so we're looking at the forecast for the next few days and the impact it can have and decide which floodgates to open and what volume of water we can release without causing further problems. we need to alleviate areas already flooded without harming others. it's a complex technical decision. a wireless many have been surprised by the severity of the rain, or it is blame an increase in the temperature of the atlantic ocean mixed with the nino weather phenomenon for pushing rain patterns north. some experts say it's a sign of climate change. this is really the guy and those things we unfortunately
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suspect to happen more and more frequently. according to the less bitter reports, dream force event is already a story percent more frequent than he just showed times. so that's really my trans happening. the forecasts calls for more rain, but even when that stops, it will take many weeks. if not, month to recover from the devastation. allison ramp yeti al jazeera. and the last week of 2021. we're looking back at the year's biggest stories and those likely to make headlines in 2020, to $1.00 neighborhood in occupied east. jerusalem has become a major flash going to flash point in israeli palestinian conflict. the threat of force, his basement of policy and families in chester are swamped, protest and set the scene for the war on gaza. hurry foster has our report
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deep into december and the temperature inside shakes. gerard was going up yet again . jewish nationalists, marching in to jewish woman, was stabbed and injured. earlier in the day, police raided a school to arrest the suspect. the woman's neighbor, a 14 year old palestinian girl from one of the families threatened with forcible displacement. the latest incident and its most un year when this tiny neighbourhood became an international focal point. at those butter is coffee, has been one of those thrust into the glare after years fighting to keep his home campus. however, photos of the the last few months has been very difficult. we walked on our case and our case reached the international level. but we suffered a lot because there has been violence against us by the settlers and the police of 8000000. the pressing issue here is the fate of 4 extended families awaiting a supreme court verdicts in their long running battle against israeli set the corporation. but claims ownership over their homes,
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but this is one of many cases across occupied east jerusalem over many years. so why did this case take hold in such a way this year? i have one fact, it was a hugely effective social media campaign, challenging israel's argument that this was a private property dispute. then in april came weeks of protest and confrontation, starting at damascus gate, encroaching into the courtyards of the alex or mos compound or temple mount. and flaring repeatedly in shape sharah. you're engaged in the lack of nuclear fusion. so it's not an accident that when you had a confluence of events surrounding the temple marked and shaped europe in may, the tremors were felt in garter. hamas explicitly cited the events in shakira and alexa as justification for its launch of rockets toward jerusalem in may. the 1st act of an 11 day war which, according to a new report by the air, was monitoring group killed more than a 150 civilians and garza,
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as well as 12 in israel. one leading gaza analyst says hamas was motivated by events in jerusalem, but also by the palestinian authorities, canceling of planned elections to go or into a new round of escalation with israel to basically a claim that hum, as is a major palestinian faction and a major determinant in palestinian and maryland elections and also to undermine the palestinian authority and the leadership of the palestinian in november shaped euros. palestinian families and the subtler corporation rejected a compromise deal from the supreme court. it's now down to the judges to deliver the ruling one which could will raise the temperature again, harris will sit al jazeera, occupied east, jerusalem. i cannot cash up on what is gemma. thank you, fully australia's cricketers all celebrating at m. fasick ashes series victory over england. they wrapped up the mountain test match inside 3 days to take an
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unassailable 3. no lead. as a test ab thomas, scott bowden. to start in the 2nd headings. he took 6 wickets for justice 7 runs. as england's a batting lineup crumbled, they were dismissed at the 68 with the hindsight, winning by an innings and 14 runs australia. then continue that dominance at high, maybe england, having not dropped to matching the previous 2 ashes series. faith, haste, it varies on the planet. feels you know, the ball was being fantastic in that. you're having him fill out his bay one session where it's really going away from this. yeah, it's just, it's what you know, drains are made of every one in that dresser. him is good. you know, that's not good enough performance. we all know that we need to put some pride package, the badge and i and made sure we come away from this talk with, with something. you know, this is as simple as i can really out any more england's
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60, i told i was the lowest heights in australia since and 19 a 4. but it's got some more reaction from a man who was involved in 3 ashy series. that former england viola, monte paso, monday you were a little bit optimistic before the start of the series. i read somewhere that you thought england even though they were under dogs, we're going to win. so what has gone so wrong? i think england have made some no selection errors and also decisions. you know, on the few of your new brisbin they should have both fuss sure. brought you to play in the 1st test much, you know, brisbin and unfortunately, 11 years ago at the m. c g, when the famous spring club was in the, all was there, you know, performing that, it's a come to rush hour. you know, i think, you know, e, c, b for bravo ties, white will, cricket a red bull. and they're in danger. you know, killing the goose that laid english in english crickets, golden egg, which is test cricket is the bread and butter it brings in the big box. and they
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need to kind of, you know, reset the box and like they did with what will cricket, 2015. and now they have to do that with variable cricket. and what you say was england's main issue is that the batting they will see being pretty relying on j rate and not the posse or safe runs. hello joe, it's been tremendous. want to see he's averaging 61. i think he's only the 3rd batsman in the history test. cricket in, at the school, $1700.00, you know, runs in a calendar year and then the rest of the top 7 off the garbage in like $22.00. so the huge were lines for the whole year, you know, on jo reached during the runs and that's something that they need to address. we see a lot of young domestic when want to play t 20 cricket, you know, and, and on the living there, which is, you know, a bow a living and they were on the do that, then actually i'm going to play so test cricket. and that's one area they were to look into possibly, you know, produced flat to pictures, to encourage you know, some of the young about some to think, right?
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you know, you can by law on learn how to buy long, and then they can take that full into test cricket. and that's something that needs to be addressed. because at the moment this was a typical so county performance at test level. and we just see too many games, you know, in a domestic level definition, 2 and a half days. and it's just not good enough at the moment if we wanna prioritize test cricket, which is, you know, which, which is, you know, i think england strength allajay, right? what you think about his teacher is england, captain? well, there isn't a ready made replacement at the moment and i think some of the other boxes, you know, can, you know, help joe root them in school, few the runs. then you know, he may be a bit more optimistic off the, you know, that this actually series and i just don't believe that someone that you know to take that role and also, you know, chris, so, you know, he's a select and head coach. i think that that role is a bit too much for him. you know, they need to bring in maybe a national select and then they can review in that position once a series is over,
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but you know, joe route. i think in my opinion is that a fantastic? yeah. you just hasn't had to support from the baptist. and you know, you should, in my opinion, remain captain until the home series in england and then kind of being a see, you know, how the england team are performing in english traditions. monte fellow, thank you very much for joining us. a very disappointing day for all england, cricket fans. thank you very much. and the premier league manchester united inter embossed says he didn't like his side's performance, asshole as they were how to draw on newcastle. it was united the 1st game and more than 2 weeks after a cave in 1900 outright within the squad. and they went behind 7 minutes in maxima with bringing go their new counsel, and leave the united de equalizer with 20 minutes left. edison commodity coming off the bench to make it one place to when they lay
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on jacob must be shot, hit the post and then job is to have a great say to keep out. miguel, i'm united as 7 points off the top full, but they do have a game games and hand over some of that rivals. look on the french world when calling him back. pay says he's against staging the tournament every 2 years. the parasite may strike. it was speaking of the globe soccer balls in due by what he was named men's player of the world cup is currently held every 4 years. the fif of president johnny and tino is aiming to shake out the global football calendar. and about by isn't the only one who has doubts my opinion is the work up is the walk up . it's a spatial thing because is it's something every 4 years. you know, if you want to keep that spatial. and you saw like, like i talk about either people talk about 8 about the best thing, the best competition in the world. if you are every 2 years,
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it can be thought to be normal to play, walk up. and i want to say it does no normal. that's something amazing something maybe you play one time in your life, impossible for the body, for the mental this low. and if you want to play for the longest years, also we need to break. it's impossible to playing every 2 years work up for sure. maybe if possible, but to get high performance. that would be very difficult. basketball now and james harden much his seasons, best scoring effort with 39 points. as the brooklyn nets be the eli clippers in the ambia both teams, they were pretty, pretty depleted. a combined 15 players were missing from either side to, to cope with 19 health and safety protocols as well as injuries. in the end, the next run out comfortable a 1241 away winners. and they said it's hot of the easton in the eastern conference ahead of the chicago. that is what your sport from me for now, i'll have more for you and a bit late to follow
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a gem. i thank you very much and we will see you later and i will be back at 1300 g m t for another news hour on al jazeera. do stay with us, so come on santa maria is with you next. with more all these things to watch ah ah and frank assessments, this gracious, continue to weaken luca shan club, even though perhaps he believes in the beginning that they will expect for her informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from their young people. that is one of the most helpful things to come out of this
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critical debate. do you think that they should be facilitated? not sure. okay, it's a great. it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a chop swans that inside story on al jazeera. like, i've always been fascinated by space, but the story, the space race isn't just about the men who wish that lives to traveling the unknown. but the ones who held those lives in their hands. your grandfather and his colleagues worked on the space suits they designing space suits. paulo aladdin was his triumph or around the perfectly designed space seats with his legacy putting man on the moon on al jazeera. this one's feared warlord during liberia's decade long civil war says he's now fighting a drug epidemic. the work that the former warlord joshua boy, he has done with 3 children, has attracted their helpless sentiment. b as protected had an effect from public
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prosecution despite the recommendation is made by the truth and reconciliation commission for this former warlord, liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes. and for his country ah . with carpet cases rising around the well to rec, hold levels, some governments of choosing life restrictions compared to last year. ah. hello again on him all santa maria here in doug hall with the world news from al jazeera a. so gene fighting between ethnic groups and me and ma, it's me. the tree is full. sing thousands to flee over the border to thailand. i'm
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tony chang on the time. yeah. my boy to where the piece is holding of the main boat across things. the fighting is broken out for the down st.


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