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tv   [untitled]    December 28, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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a round the clock on now to 0 play an important role protecting human i. ringback to interface m for back to square. one corona virus case is serge globally, but governments are divided on how to combat the renewed wave. ah, i'm sammy's aid and this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up in the nation, officials say they'll send a group of for him to refugees back to see after fixing their boat brushes. supreme court orders the shot down of a group. the documents abuses during the soviet era and companies in today find
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a way to recycle all kinds of plastic to save trees. ah, the year is ending the way it began with the rising global cove. at 19 infections the i'm a cron variant driving up cases to alarming levels in many corners of the world for the u. k. is ruling out imposing further restrictions for now despite a record surgeon in factions krasier also seeing more cases of cov, 19, and then the capital. there have been long lines of people waiting to get their booster shots. we'll have more in that in the moment. for south america becoming the most vaccinated continent in the world, with 63 percent of the population fully inoculated. what brings us to alexander amputees live for us in bogota. so
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a lot of focused on emphasis there on vaccination is the way out. absolutely yes and look as how to america and latin america as a whole has been one of the most effective regions by the pandemic. south america makes up for just 8 percent of the world's population, but it has accounted by may 2021 for over. a 3rd of all corona visor is related the bet globally just gives you an idea of just how bad things have been here. especially during the 1st year of the damage and we have reported extensively on what happened across this region with bodies left on the streets and whether lack of oxygen for patients in a number of countries. and just how difficult the rollout of the vaccination campaign has been at the beginning with countries here struggling to get enough vaccines. but that has changed throughout most of 2021. and you were saying now,
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this is the reason the most fascinated region in the world. overcoming europe with 63 percent of the population. why that, how that does, that happens if you ask me, ology, still give you a number of reasons, but they all points through 2. in particular. first of all, this is a region that has been accustomed in the past. the 2 large and expansive vaccination campaigns to defeat diseases like yellow fever's dose has been quite successful. and people remember that. so probably they were in a better mood to, to respond to their government recommendations. and in general, there are a smaller number of anti vaccines groups and people across latin america, even if, for example, as a big exception. the president of brookfield, you have both. tonight has been quite vocal against the vaccines,
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but if you look at what the people is dining in brazil, in big cities like nato and sell parlor, for example, practically 99 percent of all adults there have received at least one dose and more than 70 percent that the 2 doses and a lot of people have now received booster shots. so this is shows just how things have changed their crossed this region this year. so alexandro with that high rate of vaccinations that you've pointed out, is that giving authorities confidence when they faced some a chron how they reacting to that well, yes. and no. most governments are hoping not to go back to any sort of lockdown or restrictions because obviously this is a region that has suffered greatly from economic also from an economic point of view. the high vaccination rates, most country hopeful of that. but they are worried about the arrival of the on the
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crone via byron. we're a bit behind here when you compare it to the united states or europe, or the 1st cases are just now being defected in a, in most countries. so the expectation is that we will see the effects of only crone here in january, in particular, in the month of february. one issue here that worries a lot of governments is the fact that especially at the beginning of the rollout of the vaccination campaign, a lot of people ended up getting a job of a chinese vaccine that made by c. novak and there are doubts if that vaccine protects people as much as other competitors. so that's one issue that is obviously there. there's also the question, if the in the, the current there's a better job at dodge inc for examples anti bodies in people that have already been
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sick, or have been in contact with the virus in the fat in the, in the past, which is the case for the majority of the people in latin america. so those questions remains. there is obviously a worry in the effects that only cra a will have. and all governments here are looking quite closely to what's happening in europe or in the united states to see what the, what might happen, which is the case for the majority of the people in latin america. so those questions remains. there is obviously a worry in the effects that are only cra a will have, and all governments here are looking quite closely to what's happening in europe or in the united states to see what the, what might happen here in the coming months or thanks so much i'll resend that on p at you there. along like south america, crecia has a low vaccination rate even when compared with the rest of europe. while people
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have been turning out in the capital to make sure they now get their jobs. mclean is obviously which has the latest from zagreb, zagreb capital or 3, so people are waiting in line to get vaccinated, but most of them are ready to get for the booster dose. in general, crecia has one of the lowest oxidation rates in european union. only 55 percent of citizens are vaccinated. so creation government has a problem to convince the citizens that vaccine is safe and efficient. today. increase shaw only or wrong. 4000 confirmed cases of corporate 19 infection, but the only 8 confirm cases of all micro infection. 11 more suspected cases of all micron waiting to be confirmed. crecia was the 1st european country to bend all arrivals from south africa. country countries, gratian government. government also administered florentine for all creation
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citizens who are certain from, from south africa, unconscious, so on is still not dominant. sorry. and of course, the 19 increase in gratian government is trying to postpone the revival of prime minister and minister of health are respecting the wave and high numbers by the end of january. so today, increase governments prime minister minister health thoughts, which scientists and management of hospitals, how to prepare, how to prepare health system for high numbers. and lots of patients from says further taking care of it 19 measures after reporting more than 100000 cases. the government is asked people to work from home at least 3 days a week. that will be no new curfew though for new year's eve, children will return to school, has planned on january the 3rd. more than 100 wrangler refugees have been stranded in indonesia waters authorities. not
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a province say bell helped to repair both, but will not allow them onto the territory. the indonesian government has not yet commented on this matter. as jessica washington reports from jakarta, indonesia waters, off the coast of the island of sumatra. these fishermen are trying to do whatever they can to help people in desperate need his vessel carrying more than 100. for his refugees was supported the province on sundays. local fishermen said they felt sorry for those on board, particularly the young children and a good deal. according to our radio communication day a week, someone died some a sick, including many children on the elderly getting weaker according char information. they've been at sea for 28 days, but i know you, but i am. the fisherman told out 0 they have been providing food medicine and water to those on board that have not been allowed to help them get to shore local
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authorities in our j say they will assist the ringer and give them essential supplies, but won't allow them into the country, so joe, he made the guessing i got unload at the la. last time i got a job of the navy, secure our border, 0 here or not indonesian citizens. i cannot bring them in. even as a few gees is in line with govern policy. with police say the ringo we're trying to reach malaysia. thousands of for hanging. her fled me and martin neighboring hunger dash in recent years. escaping and military crack down that the un says amounts to genocide facing poverty and crowded refugee camp. many tried to reach safety in southeast asian countries. last year, a group of for hanger, refugees, was saved by fishermen and brought ashore after their boat broke down near archie. but some fisherman told al jazeera they were afraid of repercussions if they attempted a risking this time. denisia is not
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a signatory to view any convention on refugees and is seen as a transit country for refugees making dangerous journeys at sea. still, human rights groups saying indonesia must do more as a regional power in southeast asia. the post, the bow back is, is a violation of international obligations of indonesia. i think international law clearly imposes obligations on states, including indonesia, to protect human rights, off refugees arriving on their shores. the indonesian government has not responded to out his ear as requests for comment. and after so many days and see these desperate people still face an uncertain future. jessica washington out a fear of jakarta. one of russia's most prominent human rights groups has been ordered to shut down by the supreme court. memorial international has been documenting abuses committed by the former soviet union for more than 30 years.
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prosecutor say is distorting history. the group denies bernard smith reports over the past 12 months. this is become a familiar scene for human rights groups and activists in russia. this time the axis fallen on an organisation made famous for identifying the millions of victims of starlings perches. as the judge finished reading the order to liquidate memorial shouts of shane came from the public gallery. ah, that is dealing to worse than russia is moving from li authoritarians in system for some kind of post mortem. totally theory of assistance in russia, which would be kind over linkage with the soldier or you don't even partly do the story. so it's very dangerous. more recently,
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memorial has spoken out against the discretion of critics under president vladimir putin o. outside court as elsewhere, there's little room for that. in today's russian, prosecutors accused memorial of organizing large scale media campaigns aimed at discrediting the russian or forty's china. what happened today was very sad, although it will be untrue to say we weren't ready for it. it was one of the unfortunately predictable outcomes of the present judicial system. of course, nothing is over with us. we will appeal and the maria will live on with the people because it's the people behind it's having this great cause. first and foremost, their work will continue the move against memorial caps a year that has seen authorities jail or outlaw individuals or groups. the criticize vladimir putin but the ban against memorial international stands out even in the current climate and would have been unthinkable just
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a few years ago. bernard smith, al jazeera, also had an i'll just send a golf. new commuter train makes it 1st journey as the country seeks to comp, traffic jams and pollution and holding onto a controversial past or heavy why some people in italy are reluctant to demolish fascist monuments. ah, ah, look forward to burritos guys. with sponsored by cut on airways. hello there. let's start in south asia and from the satellite image, you can see it remains very settled in the south, but up in the north we are seeing those clouds bring rain to central areas, but for warnings, not for funding. storms possible hail across cases like madhya pradesh. by the time we get later in the week, it's going to push across to north east in areas of india such as be hot and some.
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but up in the northwest remains cold as well as water dry. what some fog and smoke issues remaining for new delhi. and we're going to have some cold air blowing down from us. got a son across northern areas of pakistan in india in the days to come. now it's why a down in the south got a few showers coming in for sure lanka, but it's not as wet as we expected to be. for this time of year. we are going to see the sleet and snow pick up for a pole in the days to come, and it will be wet in bangladesh towards the weekend. now would you move across to east asia? we've got more cold air blowing down northern areas of china, knocking temperatures down invasion, but also for the korean peninsula. and that's going to bring more wintery weather to northern and western areas of japan with heavy snow. but there is a lot on wednesday. it does pick up on thursday and if we look at the temperature in, so we're going to be right down to minus 4 on friday, but they will be sunshine. oh,
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the weather sponsored by casara ways. coded 19 is a public health crisis that has been compounded by capitalism. ali raid navigates the big questions, raised by the global pandemic power, the system based on private ownership and the pursuit of profit. so the world in a ton of capitalism is the pandemic cause. so much of the suffering exploited protect the people or the profit episode. one of all hail the look down on out is there lou? the me. i'll come back here watching out. is there a time to recap on headlines now?
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south america has become the most vaccinated continents in the world. 63 percent has been fully inoculated. governments are accelerating vaccine programs. as on the chronic cases, surge indonesian officials say they will not offer refuge to a group of breaking down on a stranded boat. they say the vessel will be turned away. they'll help repair it 1st, provide food with 1st spotted by fishermen on sunday. and russia supreme court has ordered a prominent human rights organization to shut down memorial international documents, abuses committed by the former soviet union. we have an update now on the sex trafficking trial of july maxwell. the judge has made a change to proceedings with the jury, which is deliberating the case because of the rising covey 19 cases in the new york area. that's where the trial is being held. go over gabriel. amazon those following the trial for us in new york. so what changes is the judge made?
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the judge is basically signaling to the jury. let's get on with it. let's really try to get a verdict as soon as possible. that was the message that the judge gave to the lawyers on all sides. she said the judge that she is very worried about this spike and covered 19 cases here in new york city, particularly of the army, cranberry and new york has become the u. s. epicenter of the very interested as about $50000.00 new cases per day. and the judge is worried that the longer these jury deliberations go on, the higher the probability or chance that a jury could be infected. and then that would shut down the deliberations immediately. while that ger had to core and teen, this is a really very real concern by the judge. as we now go into the 5th day of deliberations. the judge saying that if a verdict is not reached by today,
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she is likely going to ask the jurors to stay late, perhaps into the evening until they reach a verdict. she's that concerned about it. this jury is not sequestered. they go home every evening. come back every morning to deliberate as they have been throughout this trial and deliberations. so she's worried every time they leave this court house and come back, their risk of bringing back coven 19, which would shut down the deliberations, talking about those deliberation, any indication of how they going? well, it appears if a jury is studiously going through this, fits is taken out 5 days for full days. worried about our $25.00 total of the deliberations just got a little longer than a lot of people would have expected. the jury has asked for several things from the judge transcripts from all of the 4 alleged victims that testified
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the transcripts of their testimony, including the transcripts of several other people that testified. the jury also asked the judge for a better explanation of the word enticement and exactly what it means related to the charges against lane maxwell. bottom line is, this is a complicated case. maxwell is facing 6 different charges, 3, relating to conspiracy charges 3 relating to sex trafficking and or the transport of miners with the intention of sex trafficking. the big one is that 6 charge. we're maxwell paces potentially 40 years in prison, but you add up all 6 charges and it to potentially 70 years in prison. bottom line is this is not an easy case. clearly the, the jury is going through all 6 of these potential charges, or these charges that they have to decide and agree on all 6. and that is clearly
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taking a lot longer. and several people are a lot of people would have expected. all right, we'll leave that. thanks so much. gabriel, amazon, the indian government has frozen the bank account, so one of the world's best known catholic charities says the organisation that was founded by mother teresa did not meet conditions under local law. it's been accused of trying to force people to convert to christianity. charity denies the allegations. a group of afghan women has been protesting in cobble to demand equal rights from the tale bond. they marched through the streets, days, asking the government introduce new rules for long distance travel. women must be accompanied by close male relatives in travelling for more than 72 kilometers. the tama bomb wants to limit women the same way. they abolished the ministry of women. the international community do not listen to us and do not stand without make up what they say. do not enter any car without him. where can we get a man?
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what about widows? we don't have a man. this is not the proper way. we are not women of 20 years ago, we are educated women and will not keep silent unto the taliban regime. a protest has been held in garza city in support of palestinian prisoners. palestinian factions condemned what they called continuous violations in israeli jails. they say prisoners are often beaten, some detainees recently began hunger strike to rally against the abuses. reaching violence committed by far right groups in italy as ignited a national debate on fascist monuments across the country. experts say few people are questioning whether the statues of those who pushed for races causes in the past should be demolished. item rainy reports from it least capital rome. nearly 80 years after his fall, benito mussolini obelisk still towers into the roman sky. it stands outside the
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photo italy co, formerly known as the fordham salinas. it's here the dictator built a sports complex to cultivate the new man of his fascist regime. people have mixed feelings about these monuments establish with the present. that's your seeing all the stadiums in these monuments forces us to face the past every day. by not forgetting the past it, make sure that we won't repeat it a story a still toward i. yes, this is italian history austin architecture and it needs to stay as it is. this stadium bill under mussolini is direction. as a reminder of the importance of sports for him. he saw it as a way to build a national identity. fascists also saw sport as a way to prepare the population for war and inside the complex of fresco of mussolini still graces the walls. prime ministers have given speeches here in recent years under the gaze of the former dictator who collaborated with hitler and
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the holocaust. across the country monument to fascism are everywhere. some pay homage to saline for public works. others glorify the regime for creating an italian empire. experts say that unlike germany, italy never had a reckoning with its fascist past. decades later, italy also stands apart from a global movement, pushing to tear down statues in flavors. and those who fought for races causes these. even one of italy's oldest anti fascist organizations is against demolishing fascist monuments and malta simply she's ego air for it wouldn't be too simplistic to do that in a distraction from the real work. we haven't raised any of our history even bed parts from ancient rome. we have made a point of explaining it, and that's what we should do with fascism historian andrei. ammonia says there seems to be an acceptance of these monuments. there is
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a sort of normalization or legitimate zation of fascism who will should explain to people that that that was a brutal or a gene that was the tougher ship. and even if we leave monuments, we should the knowledge that is not democracy. it's something else. a common reframe in italy, is that fascists were brutal, but they did good things too. with that idea in mind, it's likely there monuments will stand for years to come. adam rainy al jazeera rome. now a new commuter rail services began operating in senegal. officials say it'll help reduce pollution, but many people say it's too expensive for them. as a bag explains at a cost of $1300000000.00. this new rel project is aimed at modernizing senegal transport system and either traffic and pollution. good. it's
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a train that may to park once con, enter, as is done in all the big countries. and i making a commitment to myself to take the t e. r for the next visit to the pickin and the chimney algio. to show that it's a modern tool at the disposal of all senegalese, whatever they're status for now, it connects docker and gemini, our job, 40 kilometers away with the journey time of 45 minutes and the plans are for it to be extended to other parts of the country and we legally thank you for your understanding. i ticket costs travelers $3.00 with half of the population living below the poverty line that's expensive for many. and given the average monthly weight in senegal is $160.00, a daily return journey would cost many people most of their pay. but supporters say there will be solid economic benefits, no measure pilot louisiana, as an industrialist. i'm not going to use it because i'm a businessman isn't, but maybe my employees, though to work for me who live in the suburbs,
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will be able to use it and will say, allow us to have our employees at a fixed time and to boost production, rama how you fix, it's estimated that more than $100000.00 passenger the day will use the trains. and officials say they are designed to protect the environment as the roads in the capital a gridlocked with polluting old cars and buses. senegal has one of the fastest growing economies in africa, and president mackie sell says, this is only the start of his plan to strengthen that. with more railways, roads and sport stadiums to come a st bag. i'll just do. companies in chile are turning plastics into products that have the same look and qualities as would the recycling method is so advanced to even use these types of plastic that don't usually get reused? our latin america to lucy newman reports from santiago and he to far fan, gave up her job as an executive secretary to become what she calls
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a transformer. making these mountains of plastic waste disappear is impossible. but at this small factory on the outskirts of santiago, but fan and her partners transform it into wood, except that it only looks like it or the are. but i've also miter recyclable plastic is everywhere and it's properties are even better than those of food. for example, can you believe that this plastic wood is more resistant? it doesn't chip or bend or allow micro organisms to contaminate her, and it won't swell because this waterproof aspect appears on no one. i believe it out. we tested for shells. we're going to see how strong this stuff is. not a scratch, no marks. the plastic waste is minced into minute particles and then melting before to turn it into these would like slabs every used by n g o z for rollover boardwalks or furniture. let's see what we've got here. this
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is a motor oil container, fabric softener chlorine, there's lots of that more and lots of little yogurt, liquid yogurt jars, tons of detergent, shampoo, hair conditioner, of the sort of things people use every single day. but the problem is there's no way to make it disappear. i want to put in for him, for what plastic doesn't disintegrate, not even in hundreds of years. i keep looking at my, the elephant hemp with whom it is plastic. number 7, because it has polyethylene and aluminum. nobody recycled? does it go straight to the rub or do ocean the river? not a foundation produces echo wood out of waste. no one wants making picnic tables, desks, flower pots, while teaching children at schools all over chile, the value of recycling, and thought, if mother must, oh man of ruth, this is more or less what a single person chose out a week. and so be in by children to put it in these bottles of precedent,
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and we pick it up at their schools, and we transform it into this, which recall ecoboost gabriella. collection centers are being set up everywhere. but critics say this type of circular economy has a fundamental flaw, noble and dea commodity. it doesn't promote a fundamental change in our consumption habits if we continue generating the same amount of waste without changing the productive model that generates it. we're just kicking the ball forward perhaps, but there's one important advantage to the still fledgling industry made from waste . it should help reduce the need to cut down more trees yet another environmental casualty of our times. you see a human al jazeera santiago. ah,
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it's take you through some of the headlines now. south america has become the most vaccinated continents in the world. governments are accelerating vaccine programs as ami kron case is serge. alison der empathy has more now from bogota, tori, these are obviously worried about the arrival of the army confine.


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