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tv   [untitled]    December 29, 2021 1:30am-2:01am AST

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a fundamental change in our consumption happens if we continue generating the same amount of waste without changing the productive model that generates it. we're just kicking the ball forward perhaps. but there's one important advantage to distill fledgling industry made from waste. it should help reduce the need to cut down more trees. yet another environmental casualty of our times to see a newman, al jazeera santiago. ah, and now the top stories on al jazeera, the on the con variant is driving a surge of corona virus infections globally. but some countries are reluctant, the height and cobit restrictions in the us isolation periods have been halved for people with no symptoms. while the u. k. has promised no new restrictions before the new year. that's despite reporting an average of more than
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a $100000.00. he each day over the past 7, we're looking at the date and we wouldn't hesitate to act if we saw that the data told us that we needed to introduce further measures. but so far, that's not what the data's telling us. francis further tightened cove at 19 measures after reporting more than 800000 cases. the government has asked people to work from home at least 3 days a week here and there. but there will be no curfew for new year's eve. francis reported nearly a 180000 new infections on tuesday. in myanmar and military offensive against ethnic cadden and groups is intensifying the military that seized power in a coup in february has been accused of committing atrocities against villagers. thousands are fleeing into time. in the knees, in official say they will not offer refuge to a group of ringo on a stranded vote near the countries at your province. they say the vessel will be turned away but that they will help repair it. first for doggie me to grafton got
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unload at the move. his job is to secure the country's border. a bureau hunger are not indonesian citizens. we can't just bring them in even as a refugees. this is in line with government policy number. a catholic charities set up my mother, theresa can no longer receive a foreign funds in india after the government refused to renew its license. ministers, it said the missionaries of charity has broken laws, but they haven't provided any details. earlier this months into activists accused that staff or forcing people to convert to christianity the charity deny the allegation. and russia supreme court has decided to shut down one of the country's most prominent human rights organizations. memorial international focused on documenting abuses by the former soviet union. that set africa direct is next ah, in 2002 coins and bank notes mark the launch of the euro. today's the official currency
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of 19 of the 27 member states of the european union. on the 20th anniversary of the euro entering circulation, al jazeera investigates how the eurozone benefited from having an official currency . ah ah ah ah ah, you do to the i yeah,
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i mean i see that to you. i can probably see the file in panama. hi some a, a, a potential issue. the thing that you know them to provide them to be meeting with apartments. people would do a flanagan on board to put on board, but you to be king. i them by missing with don't go look at it. i manage the tab up when i got to e q, but i got a tag that dan got
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an a o d r. yeah. when you say laboratories all level bang. i mentioned to a lindsey in order to act on the enemy to wonder by either to go to bed the bed and dizzy de la by to why when you go but put a portal to, to, to niga young doesn't go to new rule or for the the entity law will as elbow lou leanne bye. he the to look and he knew prevalent, but you know, well as i can give you a moment that would be the mom and out of any a were the lady that did about what would the good for pinnacle. yeah. and there was a pole in them and with that
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a poor and they were like it to be with him and ever had to live again. i did want him isn't there be a ye basil bed and he needed it on the able work. i need to get his a local via delivery as a little quote here sir. ah, when the guy i got my bill willa. yeah. one because i been data maya. lemme year. where did he did? he did die by or did or there been going to probably a coma? well, wow. yeah. be doing that my i need lobby. does guy did. he could have with carla lee go up there. that was in the struggle for them, thinking that would, that would make a payment within tara rated over lowered to,
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to let it up and looking back. we're too lazy. i that the i put him, but you're going to, i think it out to kill me. lay get him a bombard, mumbled bumbled with me. i am busy meeting at him him day by agreement with my other, so my dad would do tanya, you can meet on the bottom left and i call him and told me his am sad. honda, a big wooden man, i gotta i want to law man and a vanity lab pointed to you jessica latham and economy and anatomy fall. mon helen,
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king of sheila can either take down a little them here. libby, but you been but i'm, i'm going to lie, you more let me get the money you want to let him live again. what are you there? cinema when i'm by suitable a liberal way, get to me as a member number for isn't down for them on what easier for them down by to mom will then live nearby my what is a dub, any neighbor vice in not only gives you within there, but before we get there, what to want you to get out to put me up with this some way i want to like it is handy and say all of them, i'm not going to say that we have it. i killer job. it tobler because i don't, i don't have it. i mean, on the, i'm a member, but we'll try again a, give me a bomb by the alba diagram by and by doing that, let me give them a war. we'll have him here as an as entity and then i did that. he had to get the
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of the budget. yeah. again that all was a lie. yeah. but it's on the line. we'll walk my number, let me get out of your dog slobber by my busy the deal out of that he had a bad year. so was able to get them today on friday about the w william. bye bye. but the amount of them had that was wrong. with the mom about you getting she this is never called me. i never said that a problem that um, it is only for being an obama. we normally book here. i mean, i'm seeing, i think i'm good to leave and telling us that it as a a, a d o was in atlanta and i believe that i had to get
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a i to come to visit with no, no, no, no, call me. i think in a gym, we submitted a number it really him. kagan found a been an immutable mer to ha, ha. you mean it? here we go. i, we're going to live allowable is enough to plan a good keegan. mm hm. ah, we'll get a minute. elaina mob anita. hello. yes. hello. hello, we're in. it's in my room. tell him
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i oh, i find all day. oh my love leah get your act. i bought a nissan into canada, vanderbilt and but anyway, as i read about bringing elaine de sac again. but it
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ah ah ah ah ah, ah, a with
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how cool made you doing electronical gun. i'm a fellow fabric did in killer guy when to be younger can can, when you had you mean that and zach and kayla boy kilometer and you'll put gwinnett midra new. who am i speaking to me? dylan? his id number. he of, we can, we can get him to pull up by a tool and how help with that by giving you a good number. be on hold to do that . mm hm. with then i got might be more than yeah, katina, nato quoted you, they'll go by, but we're in random for you, but we'll call mary alabama . you got my, you about my only on the,
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on the arm and a with a, with a by about problem by the billing that by time, you know, i mean, i get, i get everything with the furnace in get toward the door there though in the budget if you're good to go,
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it will go to linda. i'm out of band. i've done this already. i know, can tanya on but that a 2 man crew got it through a pool, lobby and upon your losing license, i'm to show you the little additional day. i know what i need to get out of the pole. with
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a noun lives in tomorrow. monday i'm been of web holland. caterpillar among nick one. it a nick timber with buck. would you please validate a did you get it? you get to know what i want to go about adding more, don't them? don't normally get me. i don't keep b, like boy be jumped someone get them pretty open. i can move what you've done with the buffer. be open, you will be done. please. one moment and update my the new perfect, the symbol from the hello. can i do end up
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doing or if you own it, when they complete my here. yeah, good at link columbia medical clinic. right. is it well, but in a little math, i'm not reading
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it you know, but a man that go yeah, a crack meaning mentally think. well one i said ma'am, i knew him also. masha lamb, lumber, long, long, long, long, long. but at last out loud. wonderful ma'am. when i'm with some from that it's failed ag monday. i'm. that's how you man, i'm vaguely how you came back. my little machine. yeah. yeah. when i am that one guy, a lot of fed up with a very wonderful day or a friend was like a big old can they go i did that in would move network dynamically that
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a full upgrade will be indicated on the was the new guy to go home with him on his own end of the little identity in your voice. my name is jennifer. you know a lot of muslim. involved with a glass or is it when handling out of the land? you shop? yeah. le let me get you out of it. was a lot of this on my phone to them. i played around i don't know how to go. i'll get some of that. i have that as well. oh
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no, no, no them about either ah yeah. it's still a no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, that is. yeah, no. oh oh, oh boy. oh yeah, i got a quote for
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a i'm i'm with the law. i got a law park on the way out with
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a would it like when i got i got more. oh boy. yeah. it says so it's all about her. this is all
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you do so well i wouldn't put it under that one. but oh, my thought, oh but it it will the guy was you know what i'm doing wrong. let a joke. wouldn't do that to political. why don't you? but as being done, really come with the camera. you got those, somebody not on the got the begin and civil. oh, i mean he's been numbered will holland than they nichoela? would you do? body i am. this was uncanny to the one along. got the wrinkles. miss hoover missouri, giblin, you weaker, you'll from an ache. what is that in the, how would you see it wasn't go for i b one a that i was a corporate arms. a failure to me were in on a local who i said he wouldn't wanted him.
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i know the whole burial thing. wanted to follow up. i wow. oh, well, the seductive little homework on juniper diploma noted
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it was he was homeless undercover contest. yes. boyle, local law. oh, book or magic book, a visit? no, not local dish. a c global in, you know, good g, you know, super speed laid books, ducati and show a lot of the more i'm, if you brought with
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ah, with a little bit. but in with
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a oh, feeling good. why does it come so look, butler good natured. why did it until i'm would you gumble? i'm barely a
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good day. you to be sure. be alma, kosher lovely defi fee. do market quite is that it may have a come by muck to jump on child lock. oh, a her ah coveted beyond well taken without hesitation. fulton died for halla defines al, wow. the launch loop, babies were dying. i did not see a baby. it's the lack of babies to deck people and power investigates, exposes, and questions from the use and abuse of power around the globe. on out to 0,
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uses performance are to draw attention to the critical and controversial issues facing chinese. are one on one east meets china's after with one out to 0 will in half a 1000000 booster shots were administered in the u. k. in just one day, fall short at the 1000000 a day. the government's aiming for the race to reinforce immunity is gathering pace . it's the extraordinary infectiousness of the oma con variant, though, which is really worrying global scientists and health experts in the u. k. o micron cases are now doubling every 2 days. and with more than 200000 possibly infected every day, the number could pass a 1000000 within a week. long queues again of vaccination centers, up and down the pay of the government's boost. the job program continues apace. the dilemma facing the politicians on that side of the river is whether the jobs alone
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will be enough to slow the progress of the arm across variance. so we have to look at what we can do to slow electrons advice. when it comes to deciding which options to reduce the infection rate, the advice from the w h. o, do it all? ah, a global surge of coven cases continues. governments around the world try to strike a balance between restrictions and managing the spread of all micro. ah, i money inside this is out. is there a line from day or so coming up, thousands more. people flee across the border into thailand as fighting rages on between me, animals, military and ethnic groups. stranded in indonesian waters.


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