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tv   [untitled]    December 29, 2021 2:30am-3:01am AST

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that's expensive for many, given the average monthly wage in senegal is $160.00, a daily return journey would cost many people most of their pay. but supporters say there will be solid economic benefits. mom, as you buy the museum, as an industrialist, i'm not going to use it because i'm a businessman, isn't. but maybe my employees, though to work for me who live in the suburbs, will be able to use it and will allow us to have our employees at a fixed time and to boost production. and emma, i know it's estimated that more than 100000 passenger the day will use the trains. and officials save the are designed to protect the environment as the roads in the capital, a gridlocked with polluting old cars and buses. senegal has one of the fastest growing economies in africa, and president mackie sell says, this is only the start of his plan to strengthen that. with more railways, roads and sports stadiums to come. a said big i'll just do. ah,
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this is al jazeera, these, your top stories, countries across the world are struggling to deal with the omicron outbreak, but some reporting their highest infection rate since the pandemic began. many a ramping up testing and vaccination, while several, including france have introduced restrictions. palestinian president mahmoud abbas has had his 1st formal meeting with an israeli official in over a decade. he was hosted by the israeli minister of defense benny gant's. hurry for set. hast more i think there are a couple of things prompting this american pressure almost certainly to see progress or at least some indication of willingness to talk by the israelis with the palestinians at the same time as the prime minister, natalie bennett is still rejecting the idea of the u. s. reopening, it's palestinian focused consulate in jerusalem. also the security situation in
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the occupied west bank and inside east jerusalem as well in recent weeks has deteriorated. and so there is some imperative, therefore, the 2 sides to talk. a protest has been held in garza city in support of palestinian prisoners, palestinian factions condemned what they call. continuous foundations is right in jails. i say prison is often beaten somehow, my detainees recently began a hunger strike to ronnie against a beast. indonesian officials say they will not offer refuge to group more than a 100 were hanging on a strong boat near the country's entree province. they say the vessel will be turned away, but they will help repair it 1st. okay, those are your headlines coming up next on out 011, east, sweden time berry pick. as frank assessments, this crisis is continued to weaken a luca shenker, even though perhaps he believed in the beginning that he wants the anchor informed
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opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from their young people. that is one of the most helpful things to come out of this critical debate. do you think that they should be facilitated? not sure. okay, it's a great, it's a really simple question. let's give samuel child swans that inside story on al jazeera. mm. every year, workers from thailand travel, 8000 kilometers to scandinavian bond force. anybody in hampton left sweden's, lucrative very tried, depends on your but, but all coordinate people with fed, some b, p, it into your but burdened by heavy lungs, there's no guarantee their risk will be matched by reward. pon pon pon, pon, brain with me gone a lot me here like that. my one,
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0 one east follows. busy thailand, very pickers across the globe as they seek fortune in sweden spars aah! piling and her husband food on leaving a small village in bull faced in thailand. but they're about to make a trip. far away. the heading to the wild forests of sweden. harm to the prize momento, the atlas of an l. 45 year old odham has been flying to sweden for 20 years. today he's preparing to leave again. oh, hu cassandra emma, could i get my nichol? i back how d july? am landis? i'm new. how come what i they look my god,
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i in my yet one month in cassandra and ain't he's why fi lean. he's at a neighbor's house. she'll be traveling with her husband and he's getting her hair done before they gone. oh, she wants to look her best for the trip me when one want. glad i haven't naughty good 9. sin i had believe it when we relied then hit my nap. the lay out that novella him caught on the one before they leave, they pray for a good harvest in sweden. they not kneeling before buddha home, but another precious oak head close to mine. they also pray for good health boot alms. left hand was severely injured over 20 years ago. bob, working in a textile factory in taiwan. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,
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ha. oh, let me. yeah. yeah. give credit with call, hey, pam, of my dental and my pay. and who do you mean what the hey, remco, cornel. good about me from ah, boot on and piling, leap in the province of boot on. tawny. the landscape is shaped by rice fields and sugar plantations. in 130 families leaving the village of don law, almost every household has had a family member, goshen sweden who don't wants to show us where he and his wife will be working. he's relied on these old map for many years. but whether their upcoming journey will be worth it remains to be seen me from one mancha. my not annoying,
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i get my gall yet. they have hot laugh on the market. the, my yeah, my, now they and i don't have a day off my sample. it been me pill song, compet couldn't be on the hook and me when the l. him at they don't. they saw him like a mental health in the opportunity to earn money in sweden does not come cheap food on and pie. lynn has h take it out a learn of $75000.00 boss around $2400.00. they borrowed the money from a tie employment agency in the price includes of faith along with the flights and what permits they've signed lease contract, which should guarantee working conditions and enough earnings to pay back their learning. ready ready heard on knows these contract well.
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he says the content is the same every year. only the name of the tie company changes. how can move where or where to move them even do it. but at heat in year when in that the quino mckay a bit funny dan low come get like it blue and yeah, i don't, i don't buy to healy there, but he no money. i've been delighted. i'll tell you that you call him and patty. thank you for no my cousin. next we go to make the village chief parable. he's a local success story off to working in sweden summer, off to summer pad upon saved enough money to buy a tractor, a car, and some land. he and his wife now work in the fields once again. this time it's their own land. oh, sure. well when you called me,
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if you called to become to ricky, don't you and make one look at becca. hi. unique a lot again, pm. boon please hold on to buy the um, launch in walked off that i. hi. you will need a much gift man. now you said in copy through tell me yeah, come not out. google de la debit. yep. what am i to call me back when i 9, you know, blank wondering with how much you knew he moved that whole melbourne control on. can you allow all the time to get home and i can't really get w y a pair upon success has inspired many villages to make the 8000 kilometer journey to sweden where hard work can earn the more money than i can make here. shang has spent his life working on local rice and sugar farms. but now for the 1st time he wants to try his luck abroad. and can you can, you can man kept them left. she would exit c p a complement the nina lab. i'm can i
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so to lake and half got by the kilogram yet long. they have them fertilizing sugarcane by hand is a tough job. ended on certain one. chang only finds that each morning if you'll have work that day. mommy, mommy and i love him. what get jonetta hill? you'll lunk battle you get j with 8 am young hipaa cut down rob, not letting who are lacking gap when forgetful gail. crowded, yellow silica pack up the tanka long. that didn't i pay london? i get yet yet me. but so can they have when things go well, he can earn around $350.00. the mom from his work you, it's enough to survive, but not much help with sang lives with his family in this house. the top floor is uninhabitable,
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had the wooden walls had been eaten away by term eyes. the family is forced to live on the ground floor without much protection or privacy. t, i literally get sound by them. like i thought, then them cat as a high call, they like hello like a me to a now let alia. oh yeah, it's the not yet. c a t lane. yeah. oh they me, t come, i can man he, i'm his wife lick of work. todd, to pay for him to go to sweden every afternoon. they sell chicken co bad, my siding up to pay a deposit for the trip. they borrowed the rest of the money from the employment agency bank vehicle what i found my year. yeah, good lord. by been come go me p die,
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go me mad. i voting yoga. oh, cool. no. yeah. they want a base, a future for themselves and their daughter will their dream come true? shining says, the only thing he hasn't had to pay for is these t shirt, from the top company that hired in the broad color is intended to prevent him from being shot accidentally by swedish hunters. made a let the la loca, by him to pin, put me back. but again, i will let mike again, my low ticket guy my little as the time that my little window to pick ya bang, and where the lubbock amarillo lay. liddy i helped make up, we took on woodman kind of make it in the middle about what me me, me a lady. i get it. go cool um and then ah,
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ah oodles and his wife, why live? and making the final preparations for their trip off she is accompanying her husband for the 11th. i am now hoping to wouldn't be an unfair they prefer to use their own supplies and their own spices and herbs. got me, pete. if born you go. why that though? mean all my and my hang no my know low. hm. than me, i level level one side, not like enough all color have make in the me make, i mean we're letting you know when, even with some our hand my little play
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a lot and my loan, the logo, we come blank. why they they have high hopes. they're aiming to earn around $3000.00 each. but it's a gamble. for me, no one knows whether the season will be a productive one or not. by the way, they've got 2 months to collect as many berries with ah ha, fly across the world. ah, from thailand's haitian humidity, lie sweden's dense forests. in this endless expanse, thousands of ties of working, plucking the wild berries,
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the groves. it's the middle of the picking season and we're here to catch up with chang. pie, lynn and buddha. we find shang in the town of so a ram 3 hour drive from the capital stock. it's evening. he and the other workers have just returned from the forest, but the berries they gather. he looks exhausted. i live tablet with him and i move pages on need now help when it comes up. i can relate having cabin again, but he is working day is far from my but he has to weigh every
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berry count each kilogram. burns him around $2.60. now with a man, give me my pin a pin. let me go ask. susan runs the local berry picking company for the last 2 years. he's hired mainly 5 seasonal workers. come you haven't your golf season to pull up on scott free gum and nick over in she had the day love you will get on with the heath. the finishing on that awful, some of the, the go approach thailand, but i will look at the bottom from your book, but all coordinate teeth would fit some, b, p,
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it into the pickets have a contract which guarantees a minimum wage of $2400.00 for the season, but in reality, the pay per kilo bearings. so did you know, axel city tells us that this is what the work is prefer, not because they have the chance to earn more money. and he says, that's why they work monday than i out with the day. you also can check that to you, the mother on the mortgage loan comedy, balk, mental color codes, food i add, and then we got them yet on that i thought good. so that will though, been your share, like stopping. not so your can you in the him that i don't for the polk county, my extra for the don't been shana family deductible. when the kids they, they get the school, they get the sward torso control it to earn more than $2400.00. chang has to pick at least 36 kilos a day to day. he's only picked 33. it's not
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a good hall. next morning he begins early up at 4, i am a and his group drive for up to 200 kilometer deal board and accommodation cost him $30.00 a day that's on top of the line. he took out in thailand with on reaching the forest. the workers quickly separate. they work alone for hours without a break. chang is learning as he goes. well to let go with this, quote, glad to help with that, but with it. glad it doesn't matter. lip them to t below. pat. hello,
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got nicholas kane. look at them, you will te, tell us how they look up at iep and 80 deviate debit. well, when paddling get delayed local cap at the man, he's bucket fills up very slowly. whether he finds a lot of berries comes down to chance. now gall cleaning up with him again. hello, glen. the young young man from middleware law. couldn't my net or the deadline yet? what have mckayla got the lid then den dental la blair, half pop cabinet. i've got them yet. can't. in the plight of thorn workers like chang is of special interest to this man, mat swing book is a swedish journalist. we investigate labor conditions in the berry industry. he's concerned at the increasing number of tie pickers working in some food
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at various situs. and i talked about liz, them about, saw them very little little. what is your wor, limone? yeah. gather some for, got the box to tie lum or in thoughtful. putting it in a qualitative toyota taylor matthew scott there broke out us on for cut the box to tie long or corn schools dot com at the boca, we showed you the contract of the work is we following. when bog says the great minimum wage is an improvement, but the ties have still had to take out large loans in order to come to sweden. all because i had it for more now that we all bought in more mail with all of the balls going. okay. i'm one of the comments on paying out. there's no or little to miss this for complex thought for a whole of baltimore gold chang has been in sweden football wakes. he's still working to pay off his line. every
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day he feels further from his dream of burning good money. shank holds his wife. he doesn't want her to worry. how can i help you and his daughter is on the line too early. she wants to know if he's collected a lot of berries. what are your mean? will you let me go ahead and meet them when i come, then when you're not familiar with matt handle admin compet 10 minute, let me get the electrical got and they said to me, allow complicate math, some back to lima, a ne, here they know
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a little need need me. how come make on the copies of the? ah, we leave chang to continue his work and head 3rd the know. close to the arctic circle. we had to see pi, lynn and udo m. they've sent us the gps coordinates for amazing port. it's a parking areas somewhere in swedish slat flatten with a great to makes at 6. i am the next morning. the area is a ski region. it's july and the middle of summer, but it's only 7 degrees celsius. ah. gaudy gov. on piling and odon tell us that where they're working is
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a 4 hour drive from their accommodation. let me then me meet them 145, and then on m made up and my mother have give me a couple. maybe their break is galico book lamp. and melinda. i hacking on. yeah. couple more money than we'll hear from us and other help. 8th and all that kind of company looks like a lot of all my fight off. i knew that oh for yes, the card i didn't qualify income before. they have to travel far because there are very few berries near where they're staying to make the long drive worth it. they spend every 2nd night outdoors. the weather is wet and uncomfortable.
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but a particularly rare and sought after berry is made to grow. here are the low low it went out low my my little a little a get money later. michael milan even me when am i look good by, by the lake that good kid know he by he or call me no later important than for a minute. i'm one like our w malayna. well, it went to an a fire not blow me on the, on the day begins as it does every morning with a long march on foot into the forest. food on doesn't want to risk relying on his bone at here every 100 measures. he marks the way back to the road. will i don't have bipolar mind?
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i go to me one day. look on nick, i'm not i my name. when i put my saddle up on your lack of a kid by all my time, my mom, my complaining their hunting for the red cloud, berry extremely hard to cultivate. they grow wild in the arctic regions of scandinavia, golden yellow in color, and similar to raspberries. they can earn almost $13.00 per keela. piling has found a good spot, but she has to pick them quickly before the others come. every member of the group is working for themselves. oh well he fell on. what? what? let's let one backpack on. no one not while while while he had one me, why don't guy let me know my number or not when i look on my find
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a made up on the now and thank on fine despite today's good harvest, piling an old on are almost out of time in just a few days the season will be over. oh, i keep going to wendy like a conclusion. if the wintertime may, may i present my, the phony, goddamn mm hm. so i tell you that i that i know that i have spent 2 months looking for clapper, but it's been a bad year. after paying off all their debts, they will each make $1400.00. less than half they go on keeping 11 know like my linda monica on, her benefit from one logan meson. when families of been feeling
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well at school, he did not fun. as i finally matthau the fellow and chang. this was his 1st summer in sweden. he wasn't the fastest but he's grew to shed the money from the berries between them. after 2 and a half months, he won't be going home empty handed. he still left. busy with $1500.00, after deducting all expenses and costs. how the local park at little monk, dad, thank you. like a medical god meant to so die. ha ha ha ha! what the name man? do alaya? hello them for. so can louie dude, angela? can't i'm not who, how can you make and that, and i am only migrant. labor is out willing to endure such
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condition for such make up high. but ty, workers will continue to come to swain and to hunt the fruits of the fars, dreaming of the best future. mm. he uses performance ah, to draw attention to the critical and controversial issues facing chinese because one on one east meets china is active with one out to 0 with
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january. and i just need 20 years ago the euro was brought into circulation. we investigate, have a year ago and benefited from having an official currency be part of the street and going out social media community. se owns recovery from civil war, continues we, mumps and decades. since the end of one of africa's most brutal complex, the bottom line, steve herman's dives headlong into the u. s. issues that shape the rest of the world. as we enter the 3rd year cubic 19, we go back to woo him where it all began and investigate how far we come. since the pandemic stuff, january on a just 02020 the year of locked downs and social distance saying you can't reach across the screen and get someone to hug. alley way. explorer is one of the global pandemic. biggest side effects loneliness. everyone who lives alone has been forced to be socially isolated for the 1st time ever highlighting its effect
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from physical and mental health and discovering unique ways of coping. controlling, being alone to get that episode to of all hail the locked down on al jazeera. ah, the global surge of coven cases continues governments around the world trying to strike a balance between restrictions and managing the spread of omicron. ah, i'm money inside this is out. is there a lie from doha? also coming up, thousands more. people flee across the board into thailand is fighting rages on between mammals, military and ethnic armed groups. stranded in indonesian war says over a.


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