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tv   [untitled]    December 29, 2021 3:30am-4:00am AST

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flower pots, while teaching children its schools, all over chile, the value of recycling. if thought, if mother must, oh man ruth, this is more or less what a single person chose out a week, and showing him by children to put it in these bottles. what a precedent and we pick it up at their schools, and we transform it into this, which recall ecoboost gabriella. collection center are being set up everywhere. but critics say this type of circular economy as a fundamental flaw, noble and they are commonly, it doesn't promote a fundamental change in our consumption habits. if we continue generating the same amount of waste without changing the productive model that generates it. we're just kicking the ball forward perhaps, but there's one important advantage to distill fledgling industry made from waste. it should help reduce the need to cut down more trees. yet another environmental casualty of our times. you see
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a newman al jazeera santiago. ah, this is out, is there a easier top stories? countries across the world are struggling to deal with the omicron outbreak with some reporting, their highest infection rates since the pandemic began. bunny are ramping up testing and vaccination while several, including france, half introduced restrictions. palestinian president mahmoud abbas is had his 1st formal meeting with an israeli official in israel in more than a decade. he was hosted by israeli minister of defense benny gant's hurry force. it has moved from west to we're slim. i think there are a couple of things prompting this american pressure almost certainly to see progress or at least some indication of willingness to talk by the israelis with
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the palestinians. at the same time as the prime minister natalie bennett is still rejecting the idea of the u. s. reopening, it's palestinian focused consulate in jerusalem. also the security situation in the occupied west bank and inside east jerusalem as well in recent weeks has deteriorated. and so there is some imperative verse for the 2 sides to talk to the st. anthony blanket has condemned attack by me on most military which killed at least 35 people in kaya state on christmas eve. women children who saw from a group save the children were among the dead blinking edge countries to stop selling weapons to the military to prevent more trustees. okay, those headlines nice. continue here now to 0 off the inside story or mind the lot small on a website out there don't come to stay with us in
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what's fueling intolerance in india? religious minorities are set to be victims of hate feet. the prime ministers government is under prussia to this trend, but will do so. this is inside story. ah hello and welcome to the program. i'm hasha marabella. human rights organizations around the world are sounding v alarm on india. they say hate speech is fueling violence and intolerance against minorities to levels never seen before. attacks
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against muslims and christians have been some of the worst seen the country. some politicians, especially those with ties to the ruling b, j. b, have been accused of inciting, and also promoting violence against minority groups. the government has also denied access to flooring funding to one of the wells best known catholic charities. it says the missionaries of charity organization founded by the late mother theresa in the 1950s, did not me of the right conditions and local laws. the charity denies the allegations that came after a series of attacks on the christian minority in the run up to christmas day of name is, has this report from the deli, the indian government has deemed that missionaries a charity, which is a charitable organization started by mother theresa nobel peace prize winner back in 1950 is no longer eligible to receive and use foreign funds for its activities.
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the charity works with housings of poor and destitute people across indiana, according to its recent tax filing received donations of about 10000000 dollars last year. now in india, the law requires organizations to report it for funding and also apply for a license to be able to use money coming from abroad. now the charity had a license that had applied to renew it, but the government deemed it ineligible saying that there were adverse inputs. we don't know what these adverse inputs are because the government has specified it. the charity has in a statement said that it has asked, it's sent us to not use any of the bank accounts. there is a process to appeal a rejection, but we don't know where this is going to go. not. this is not the 1st time that the government has restricted for funding for philanthropic organizations and charities
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. in fact, of the last 6 years, more than 6000 organizations have seen therefore, funding being restricted. one of the most prominent ones is greenpeace. this year alone, more than a dozen organizations that largely worked in climate change and child labor areas have had their funding restricted. interestingly, these are 2 areas where the indian government has received a lot of international criticism. last year i'm nesting international had to for its operation. it said that the indian government had been harassing and bullying its employees. it's offices were rated by authorities and the police several times . and at the time, amnesty says it had been at the re, even end of the harassment because of its reports on human rights violation by prime minister in the range mode. the government specifically in india and administered kashmir in june and global. he'll arise watchdog say the frequency of
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attacks has been on the rise since 2014 the year now into a muddy became prime minister bias india dell. it triggered by a citizenship law, introduced last year, led to dozens of muslims being killed, and many more injured. the legislation, fast track nationality for some minorities but excludes muslims. india has also been criticized flights. hill whites record in india administered kashmir activists that have documented reports of violence and atrocities, such as mass graves, porch and extra judicial killings. they say were carried out by india on forces. last august, the government was criticized for not taking enough action against a former spokesperson of the b. j. p. who incited cause for a campaign of genocide, a gas muslims across india. and recently, there has been a series of attacks on the christian minority doing math in the run up to
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a christmas. ah, let's bring in august all in new delhi, saba nuk, the journalist and author, shades of suffering from bus by to muddy. ask a shock, le is a journalist and author manages the news. brad web site and son j haggerty, senior advocate of the supreme court of india. welcome to the program saba, who used to blame for the rising hate crimes in india. oh, the right in here. graham takes this because india's the dominant ruling party or sees political capital in what is happening. or there is, or there is an ideological commitment to a hindu 1st nation. and plus, saw because of the nature of, for the divisions within hindu society even as an elector. strategy, the idea is to or create a feeling or oh, which,
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which sort of goes over the cost divisions and says, yell muslims are the enemy is to create a new history. is to create a new definition. it is to create a new consciousness for indians, or there is one fact that we must bear in mind when we talk about india. we don't talk about everything because we have a system which is the 1st past, the post system, the prime minister in this 1st victory got 30 to 33 percent of the wart in the 2nd victory, 28 percent. so we're talking about a section of india, which, you know, you're sort of in elections because you get more than the other parties whose wards are divided. that is how the electoral conquest of the hindu right wing has proceeded. and it is concentrated in the northern parts of india, more so than not the south, for instance. and though it is, it is about, oh, it is about changing our ideal what it is to look in for their followers. as soon
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as i did how i would define us is how to respond to those who say the reason why the government is to blame. because of the task isn't open a support that the perpetrators of those acts of hatred against minorities received from the political establishment, particularly from the b j. p. eyes, i see. what is the issue here? the issue, i presume, is the sensor congregation all tend to do who des, medical for hate crime against muslims in hot, which is in the northern state of india. now this is a fringe element. the be just be the center has nothing to do with it. i only feel the friends issues when they are given prominence and when and then other major issues. i know then there's a feeling in the right being that they're being discriminated against. let me give
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you an example. ah. and recently, there were 2 incidents of engine one was in the board and the other was in the book, but a lot, not both of them have made to make any head to babes. now, why is an issue where lynching has happened gets come ignored by the mainstream media and the so called liberals and why a brand new printer speech in so much of the names that it takes headlines, headlines, and had spoken insistently on television channels. this is a free german, this has nothing to do with the b g b. this has nothing to do any m p, 's or millions of indian government. and the beatles music audio fire has against him and, and, and see that the main mission is reprehensible. so you say my point,
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you guys have advised to do 2 things. one, if fringe comment has been made into a kind of a chicken event. ok? lynch again, lynching is completely node in the main main course discourse. sanjay when you have someone like probably that and gary inciting, the hindered and the army to clump down on the muslim minority the same way they by now government has been doing with the ranger and nothing happens to him. all these people taking advantage of abusing task in the constitution, in the law that pays the way for such interpretations and give them more leeway when you see it under the law. unless that is actually violence, which is good. the 20 to figure out who in walk me really sections are to bring in, bring about doesn't that conviction. now,
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it is very apparent that these elements know for certain that the government of the day of the administration is unlikely to come after them. that is why they are employed, what the government needs to do is it kind of like said, these are the elements every fringe element becomes mainstream. that's, that's been be, that is why and why you've seen what has happened in non real you. you've seen the kind of talk which preceded again this, i know that you've seen what has happened when the right and the do and on conspiracy theories and all that in the united it and how that then leads to somebody like direct and how's people. so it is always the speech that has to be watched when people get away with these kind of murderous calls.
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the next thing that happened is action. so, if you want to put it went wireless. the 1st thing that you need to know is to go africa wide and speak and an unlikely milken message that the state will it come down. emily back is not happening. ok, saba. so when you have the penal code saying, basically the state has the right to bring legal action against people who are promoting a hate crimes, the general sentiment among people in the minorities. and basically this is not really what is happening in india and that the establishment is colluding with different branches to protect. people are promoting those act, saw it. the establishment is very openly biased. i mean there are people who are in jail fall. there was a comedian, the famous case and wandering a comedian,
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muslim man who never even cracked any jokes he was in jen for a while. of course they're part of the same ecosystem. i don't know how one of the speakers has declared that they have. one of them is a member of the be dippy. they're all part of the in the same ecosystem of the larger sung body bard that supports the b j b. just imagine the just just imagine that is donald trump and there are right, no clue ducks, glenn, it's like that. just make the same similarly. so they would also support donald trump. so it's, it's the same kind of system they belong, they're protected, and there is no justice. if a person happens to be muslim, you will have to develop cases against you. there is a journalist who with sits and jane are these section yes, sunday is right, and i respect a very, very much and he knows the law perfectly is very right. that is very hard to prosecute it crime, but it has been done. and the point is,
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it's the process that is the punishment in the way indian laws are used against those who are seem to be against government. it is one minority figures who the government wishes to will. if i, it's not about what is the judgment at the end of the process. the process is the, the punishment one of those gentlemen who made it be to quote for genocide generals i didn't muslim. ah, was there recently he did, he did some. he did the so few months ago in new denny, which is the national capital of this great democracy, which is actually being completely vilified, of which is being destroyed. the soul of india is being utterly destroyed by though government or allowing these people to get of even called for genocide. we'd get away with calls for. oh, you know, killing a community and let me also mention venza mentioned was made out of lynching incidence. that happened in the states have been dumb, bitch and watered,
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will wholly shines of the sea community. this has nothing to do with the larger picture of a majority community, hammering down on minorities. but job is a state where seek, make up 58 percent of the population. it's an entirely different landscape. so let's not up, walt equivalency up. let's be very clear what. okay, hang out beyond king at the world, 3rd largest muslim population, which happens to live in india, being used as proxies for people who should be hated or against whom you can give calls for genocide. and nobody is doing very much about it. they will be action taken because people are moving the court. all right, i should have taken him to prison. i'm willing, because you said this is purely isolated events that should not be really taken out of the context. but when you have the lynching of moslems persecution of the christians who are not able to say the prayers or to join the congregations during them, as this is cheryl sentiment that the hinders widening. the wave of populism are
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adamant about the need to turn the nation into a hinder nation, and this explains the sentiments which you are seeing not not, and i have a few points to me. one sober says that there is a person who is it who was in more than that congregation who was, who is frieda partition up? i believe it is the ruling, but it's strong. mr. police guy or ashley about was a member of the b to b is no longer no 2nd point. they say that the punjab is a separate issue not what do you see about this havoc this kind of paranoid about the hindus in india when we had instance of the muslim leader a certain date, lacy and his younger brother. but of the movie see, seeing on it that form, that we 15 curse of muslims in this country are enough good. take your of 100 or
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worse of hindus, or what action do you think should have been taken against him? now you have multiple instances in emily, all the r r d in daily. his name is mr. amount of to love heart. he said that the man, the service, what the scene was a part of the sun. so his neck should you see beard and his tongue. i should be not what kind of speech to your team do you think it is not a huge speech? not my point is that any have speed is near, but nobody supporting the switch in how to do it. but there are similar comments which go unnoticed by these left. there are much worse incidents likely to happen on which they don't seem. so where did you want them to their bias when you say,
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and i tell you i would change the majority when this definition happening and then the social media when they see that people not getting. ready mothers and rushing anything they want. the cause for the heck of the prime minister has been made from multiple parts of this country. then the field that they have been discriminated against, whatever they do have ok highlighted on a point where as the people who actually come to mergers and who must commit on a lot and gets caught and nobody speaks what all can it. let's move forward. sunjay, the narrow was widely respected for his bravery when his stood out against those willing to introduce the converse laws back in the 30, then that the multicultural foundations of the republic have to stay. now, are you concerned that those foundations are likely to further be undermined under
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modi whether it is more di, on any other government? what seems to have happened is that on visual principles have been forgotten after a couple of generations and get off the magnificent constitution towards the end of the $940.00. it did it against a backdrop of great violence of the previous decade. the founding fathers of the indian republic remembered the horrors of the law, the jewish holocaust, the partition violence which cost over a $1000000.00 lives on the continent, and also the murder of b. my, the father of the nation, my dandy. so they deliberately wrote a constitution, which was designed to protect every indian in respective of whether he was in the majority community or the minority community doors lessons. those foundational principals seemed to be farther and farther back. and i really fear for what is
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coming because i just like to tell my friend who supports to be just be he's do not say this fellow said that and that for those that you are the government who are the government elected by a massive majority of indians, if you allow this, ben, i do really fear that we are in for much more times, especially in my children staying saba, on one hand, you have those up a secure to feel like the, there's impunity in the country. and there's absolutely nothing to do to rein in the fanatics for adamant about the need to, to, to, to spread the hindu ideology across the nation. what happens next to india? i think, you know, in a very dark spot, we are very clearly acting against all minorities the you have the situation in kush me you that frankly the ruling party in new delhi doesn't get about what's
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happening to people over there. you have now an attack on christians. oh, you have of to go such as mother to the saw who we all, all of us indians grew up all it every single heard institution the missionaries of charity has been denied up a mission to receive foreign funds. this christmas eve, images of santa claus will bond. i mean, i didn't know whether to laugh or to start crying. a judge was attacked. so once you have, oh, you know, this is all a thing, the game for you when you know i did not speak out to once it's, of course, the muslim is the main figure because muslims have been participant, you know, have participated in that have been visited they are large minority in certain places the lives that there is mobilization against them. it is a lot to focus on was carved out as a muslim nation, all out of those sort of back to the legacy of partition that people live it. the constitution that sunday just spoke, all was designed to fight the kind of people who murdered mac. my gandhi,
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now don't that ideological string is now in follow. sold the constitution. it's just lift. so this because okay, a noise only as good as when it is implemented and that is it's highly discriminated g and use it all and then is august. is the damn to any pathetic attempt to create body d. so if you want to talk about violence that is constant violence, but didn't induce his id, that has nothing to do with muslims and it's getting, you know, all of this goes on. so if you want to talk about didn't you, let's talk about ok every day, just the other day. there was a case better people in a been in the state. read the does that i'm gathering, but you did dr. go, given veg, cost of people, of the higher cost refused to eat food made by particular woman who has not been old. let me somebody has offered that. can she moved to delhi? lemme just violence. the didn't know society. all right, multiple lives. let me go to washington. this is really creating a sentiment global event. india's reputation as
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a voice of tolerance is normal. and to the point where the recent decision against the missionaries of charity, why would you targeted targeted the has for the last 60 years been building hospitals, community kitchens schools, dealing with leper colony is providing shelter for abandoned children. and you say, southerly finally does not me the local a prerequisites for. oh great. i think i think about this charity a lot of detail is missing in what you perceive it to be are. there has been foreign exchange of medic mentor, where lucian and really major relations and the charity was taken into confidence by the government. and they were told that this is out of state. and that's why this is being done against you that the foreign funding, in fact,
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the charity itself has requested that the foreign, when the usual must be handled differently in case it as long as avoid asia. so don't see everything from you just by not below. i think it is not fear people make mistakes, people do crimes, they must be punished when you link everything. when you dig everything back to the center as a problem. if something happens in the truck on a minute the, the lawyer be having to spend, and he was it very well that line order is a state of the it happens in antarctica, it happens. those state domains, india is a federal country. the states are, have the responsibility of looking after law and order you the moment when you create this right? nation of dicking, everything back to the center and against windows or i see if i have all that as it has because we're running short of time just want to i i think the missed in flames . the issue rather than that it and i got your point, i get just sunday for a few seconds before we wrap the conversation please sunjay. i see that it is the
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media b, which is empowered and not the account that i did to add for chance took place the media b as in power in the st. that as well. if the ruling party wants to know something about the problem, it has all the power to do it. you can be disingenuous like that. thank you. dylan sanjay, haggerty, a sugar and a sub. and i will really appreciate you and i thank you and thank you for watching . you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com for further discussion. got our facebook page, thus facebook dot com, forward slash ha, inside. or you can also join the conversation on twitter. our handle is at a jane size 40 for me, hash about about on the entire team here in doha. my phone ah
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ah and then abrasion with al jazeera was gains way, insight into the diverse culture of the money. i had quoted 2 different couples in buckingham and life together. t wedding monday announce is in the city of cobble has experience so much upheaval for decades and they says
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another change to get used to. and one that's boss from easy about a situation. and now it's not clear. all the people are just lost and confused. there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic rights in particular for women and girls, despite assurances from the taliban and about to return to cruel punishments for certain crimes, everybody will be safe, nobody's kid will be kidnapped again for ransom. now together that feeling thy way forward into then you reality a son ah father, ah, a mutual love of the ox! the stage is set to immortalize fading memories. ah, in a magical race against time. witness our time mission
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on a judah from the for velez of caracas. so the battle fields are on most of our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. ah, ah, a moline site in dough all, he had top stories on al jazeera, the u. s. the u. k. frowns, portugal and greece are all reporting record numbers of daily new cove at 19 infections in the united kingdom. despite a rising number of cases, the government seems reluctant to impose new restrictions. gender hall explains the christmas and new year holiday period was always likely to.


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