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tv   [untitled]    December 30, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm AST

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to our hero and a giant this, our us be self desmond to do as the only can family, the pray privy to the family because this man was playing a bigger role to our church and in there, why did you make us famous as the country proud of a deadman to, to deposit you have done for us to our country to day you're in a peaceful country to his laws. there is no fight, isn't a racist. there is nothing happening bad because of this legend. our ashby shop was their father was a king because louise was humble. the counsellor when you meet him is a powerful man. yet in positions we want to see today as we are here, our lead does to take a pot produced men to take a rolled. what you have done to us. thank you. i thank you very much, sir. and another morning here today, you've said that this is joanie opportunity to bid farewell to somebody that many
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south africans and people around the world consider icon absolutey armina. i deemed this more meant that of the iconic. and to me, just as good as he just indicated earlier, that as simple as ye um, wanted things to be to be done is as simple as i decided my mind, my myself to avail myself to come here and pay my last tribute to this eula to to this hero nor duffy hero is a legit not elegant of south africa or a legend of, of africa only but elegant of the globe. and i want to put, i want, i want to put to you that it's very refreshing for us to be here. but it also raises questions as to why when we an africa able to get another node or piece pace of this caliber. will we able to get the lead us whoa, are not putting manifest or maybe war gore, a simple life and
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a simple ideologies like the archbishop deeds, thanks to want to free. thank you very much under i'm thought deeply moved to with ever on coming year to put the allotted respects. it's everything moving in emotion . that's not so that look very much. thank you very much. thank you for your time and to see if was thank you but so we're going to leave it there for the moment of but we are going to continue seeing them on as trickles through to the church throughout the day. and they are between thursday and friday of people here will have the opportunity to view the archbishop's body and say a final goodbye. all right, thanks so much for me. the miller there still a, had an al jazeera converting animal waste into fuel a look. and how a zoom in the u. k is leading the way in creating a new val energy and a new statue of portuguese football starkers general. now those fucking controversy
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in the indian state of goa details came out later in the show. ah, how i there we have more ridiculous the mild weather pushing into a much of europe or this time of year course. the sun is very weak. sweaty warmth will come in from the atlantic, from the tropics of the sub tropics, nash. exactly what's happening at the moment. the winds coming in from the atlantic fair amounts of cloud and some ray, as we are with the winds, pick up as well. but those winters are said coming in from a warm direction. so we into the mid teens there for london and paris over the met capital figures there for glasgow. well above the seasonal average, aver moscow's in the process of warming up. by the time we come to the new yearbook temperatures getting up to was freezing by that stage at around 5 or 6 degrees
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above the seasonal average. not too bad. there's that warmth is coming across a good part of the continent. if anything you might even call it hot across parts of spain and portugal on the other side of the met is looking decidedly unsettled. we have got a fair amount of cloud and rain for the eastern side of the med greece, parts of turkey, some heavy downpours into turkey. southern areas could see some flooding over the next couple of days and very well by the 2. continuing in across the north, west into central parts of europe. more of the same as we go on through the next couple of days. could see a little bit of wet weather breathing weather to into the far north east of africa with shower spreading in across all than egypt. ah. the uses performance ought to draw attention to the critical and controversial issues facing a
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0 january just here. 20 years ago, the euro was brought into circulation. we investigate a year ago and benefit from having an official currency be part of the street and going out social media community as sierra leone to recovery from civil war continues. we moved to decade since the end of one of africa's most brutal complex, the bottom line. steve clemens dives headlong into the u. s. issues that shape the rest of the world. as we enter the 3rd year with 19, we go back to where it all began and investigate how far we've come since the pandemic january on a just lou
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ah, welcome back here watching al jazeera time to recap our headlines now for another day in a row countries around the world have reported record numbers of cove 19 infections . governments are again trying to balance, taking the appropriate measures without disrupting their economies. the chinese city of shyanne is battling the largest out in the community outbreak the countries ever seen. it's reported another $155.00 domestically transmitted cases. 13000000 people have been under locked down for 8 days now. at least 4 soldiers have been killed in marley and what the army describes as a targeted attack about a dozen more were injured on tuesday in the western, not our region. leaders and molly are currently holding a summit to address national challenges including future elections and the ongoing fighting hong kong chief executives. kerry lamb has defended the raid on
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a pro democracy media outlet saying the police acted within the law. 7 current and former journalist from strand news were arrested on wednesday to have been charged with sedition. gamlee tight dan eileen will title your mer hung, the it's not like what you said that we're targeting particular media organizations or media organizations with a certain stance. what we target is activities that contravene the law and the actions taken based on investigation until the decision is made by the department of justice. and then the case will be given to court to make a ruling and impartial ruling. get you as secretary of state antony blinkin is called on china and hong kong to release staff, members of the pro democracy media outlet. a human rights group is accusing government forces in northwest me and mar, of massacring people in destroying their homes. drone video,
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which matches satellite images, shows smoke billowing from playing and chin states. activists say churches, schools and hundreds of homes are bombarded. the military hasn't commented on the allegations. the damaged boat carrying gra, hang migrants near indonesia as being towed to the shore. the both of mostly women and children was left to drift off the coast of our province for days while attempting to reach malaysia. denisia, the government decided to give them shelter on wednesday, saying they were facing emergency conditions. hundreds of the most minority fled me and my have reached in denisia over the years after perilous journey, often last month. jessica washington has more from conflict it's. it's certainly not a straightforward process as you would remember overnight. we had the decision from the government to allow this boat to come to shore and to allow these refugees to
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disembark in ant jay. but there was still some deliberation and it wasn't as though that towing process started right away. we understand from speaking with local government officials in archie that there was still some discussion as to where these refugees should be taken. now the decision has been made that they will be taken to northern archie to lock them away in error which has previously hosted or bring a refugees who have arrived in indonesian waters by boat. ultimately, indonesian authorities did decide that they had an obligation to assist these refugees on board. but what happens next is still a question. so they will be taken to a government facility where they will be given food water and the process of checking their identity. documents will begin. we understand that officials from the you and hcr are also on their way to northern archie. but they, there is still a period of uncertainty that awaits these were hanger refugees, because the process of resettlement,
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it could take years. indonesia doesn't allow the permanent re settlement of refugees. and so these, this group of refugees will join the thousands of others who have a long way to head to be re settled to a 3rd country. it's been 10 years since kim jogan became the leader of north korea . it took control in 2011 after the death of his father, kim jong il, or his leadership style is widely criticized. few dare to question his grip on power. godzilla was already on reports. he became north korea's leader before turning 30, had the time many hope king jam own would lead the country into a new era. one, there were opened the recluse of nation and its economy to the world. a, i finally got up and stand. kim's decade and power has been defined by brutal violence, nuclear weapons, and meetings with donald trump. it's my honor. we will have to work
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with them. it wasn't easy to get here. and all prejudices and practices worked as obstacles in a way forward, but we are became all of them and were here today. unprecedented meetings to gradually the nuclear rise, the north in exchange for sanctions relief, ultimately failed, and threats against a regional neighbors and their allies continued. you will want to let you know he will. the entire united states is within range of all nuclear weapons. and the nuclear pasa is always on my desk. but hymns, fixation on nuclear weapons has come at a heavy price. the united nations and others have kept tough economic sanctions. garcia could young book put north korea has been working towards to huge goals, strengthening national defense and improving living standards. living situation got worse because of sanctions at the pandemic. it was hudelin. bonnie kim's appetite for international respect has led him to the global stage. but his leadership has
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been described as ruthless with reports of executions including against his own brother, rivals and dissidence, say, poverty, and starvation are rampant ah, to mark 10 years since the death of his father. king john ill, north koreans were reportedly banned from laughing, drinking or shopping for 11 days. kim now leads a political dynasty, spending 3 generations that few dare question committed, some fish that are for one or thought on the game is emmy leaving his grandfather because many people missed the past. so he tried to look an dread similar to his grandfather and shed tears while giving speeches. that's ca split, thought among. don't get much a still unknown about the young leader, including his long term plans for north korea, katya lopez, so the young al jazeera robert kelly is professor of political science and
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diplomacy at precise national university. join us from san south korea. good to have you with us. so looking back on the last decade, has it been a last decade for the economy? mostly. yeah. the north koreans don't actually 5 figures on their economic growth anymore. they haven't, in a long time, the south 3 and reserve bank makes guesses. and those guesses have been fairly low, right? around 2 or 3 percent. i suppose for country north korea with its chronic economic performance and it's chronic malnutrition and corruption. so like that, i suppose that's not too bad, but i mean, north korea could grow more rapidly, substantially more rapidly if it weren't sanctioned. and it spent less on military, but the regime has prioritize nuclear development over domestic humanitarian concerns. and so yes, i'll be north going growth has been pretty low. ok. but when it comes to the nissan of nuclear programs, there has been development there. right?
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sure. those have been quite successful, right? i mean, when kim's only inherited the program from his father can johnny on 2011, i believe their own been one or 2 nuclear tests and their middle class only just beginning. and kim's only really accelerated the program. and there have now been 6 nuclear test. the last one we believe was pretty close to one mega khan, which means we're probably, it was very large weapon. they may now have fusion weapons. and they also watch it in the ballistic missiles, which means they can probably range north america and europe. the whole point, of course, of this has been to, to threaten the nice states or at least to deter, from attacking or 3. and it looks like they have now achieved that, right? so i mean, there has been willing to serve impoverished on people in order to achieve nuclear security. they have arrived at that but, but you know, the humanitarian costs are quite high. and when it comes to what happened with his international standing, do you think the fact that he met with donald trump signed that he has elevated
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some of his international standing and respect? i do, i think, i mean, anybody who gets to meet an american president automatically achieve some sort of credibility or, you know, some kind of polish, i suppose, just by the sheer fact you actually go in and meet the leader most important country in a world right i mean, for a long time, dictators, all sorts of countries want to meet the american president. it was important for soviet leaders, but the american see them as peers and things like that or it's been important to chinese. well, this is just sort of the benefit of be and i think being pop, piling a chinese, replace the american next 50 years. the chinese will have that privilege to korea, which is a small economy and, and it's fairly small country not being able to meet the american president, 3 times, no less in 2 years is pretty remarkable. right? i mean, not too many dictators get that privilege, right? you can make, but it cares like i don't know libya and pastor by way or if you are syria places like that, you know, they don't get to meet the american president and trump gave him that privilege and
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it's quite unfortunate. something really get anything out of it, right? i mean, the whole point of meeting him was actually, it's a movement out of the north koreans on nukes, and trump didn't get that unfortunately. and as you, we look now perhaps forward, what do you think the policy priorities are for kim jogan? i don't think it really change much. i mean, i think the most remarkable thing about north korea now, 10 years out from kim john's ascension is how basically similar ne, what it was 10 years ago. i mean, it's still basically the democratic people's republic, a prius, so basically orwellian, tyrannical. so, slave state that we've known for the last 40 years, i mean there's a lot of hope we can resend it, that things might change. they might realize, you know, it's or how harsh and, and, and how brutal regime had been in the past. and that it might want to open itself the world a little bit more sort of extend a lifeline to its people and things like that. i mean, people gone through terrible search, military and punishment for, for decades. now, because regimes internal spending choices and he didn't really do any of that,
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quite honestly, i mean, you had some education on the west. there was some hope that you know, maybe might change things. but he really has sort of government the way that his father and grandfather did. he eliminated internal rivals who didn't really change defense spending over to the civilian sector and are continues to be. and basically some permanent food insecurity, rates are always sort of on the cup of malnutrition. it's close, it's border repeatedly and responses which is impoverished and population even more . i mean, what's most remarkable, i would argue about north korea and it is how it seems to sort of survive whenever we throw at it, whatever history throwing that i did, it just continues and it doesn't really change internally. so i had to make prediction where north would be in 5 or 10 years. you're probably where it is right now, isolated for some backward but also independent and arm to the teeth, which it has been for decades now. all right, thanks so much. good to get your thoughts. robert kelly, that thanks robin as you in the u. k. is become the 1st of its kind to generate renewable energy using animal weist. droppings from zebras are x and other animals
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are converted into fuel using bio mass technology. ne fokker reports from hampshire morning at ma. well, zeus and dung patrols out eagerly collecting an abundance of bowel movements because where there's pu, let's power to generate heat and keep other parts of busy warm. until recently $600.00 tons a year. if the stuff was taken off site and composted with a significant carbon transport cost, but not any more, it's definitely 1st in the u. k. and as far as we know, it might well be the 1st in the world. i don't not azusa our colleagues around the country all what you, what we're doing very closely. they're very keen to see whether this does work and it does work. they've also got the same problem. they've got lots of oil, 5 buildings. they've got lots of big buildings that need lots of hate and they've got lots of waste. so you know how the 1st day works, food goes in, waste goes out, is them brought by this boom, avail to their special energy center,
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and to get them picked up all the old bathing and manure. you can see an overall steam coming off already added, dump it into this giant threader after that the menu or go through a series of pipes where it's dried and compressed into these highly combustible briquettes. but then fed into a furnace and use the he thousands of liters of water. sh elisa, some of the beneficiaries of all that the theory, a power sant off the floor, native to the jungles of south america, could continue doing very little in the zoos. hot house, untroubled by the cold weather outside. and donnelly, the crocodile monitor, can stretch his scaly limbs and sub tropical climes. apparently, desert dwelling animals such as the oryx produced the best manure for making briquettes because that dunks generally dry. given the urgent need to reduce our
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dependency on fossil fuels, a similar systems in the pipeline to use human waste to power towns and cities around the world. for now, this zoo is leading the way in creating a self sustaining power station. by simply harnessing some of the best fuel nature house to offer. ne baka al jazeera hampshire still had an al jazeera aligned ma moment to want span one of sports biggest than those of 2021. ah
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ah ah ah ah ah.
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oh, that'd be fine. let's find out what's going on in the game. his father. thank you so much. sammy exile, brooklyn gnats, player, kyrie irving was back in training with his team on wednesday for the 1st time since october. the 9th had told irving to go home after the player declined to be vaccinated, but with covey 19 raging through the lead. irving was asked to come back earlier this month, but his return was delayed since he himself had to enter the abbey's health and safety protocols. the 29 year old will only be allowed to play in road games because of local rules, which say he must be vaccinated to work in new york. understood their decision and i respected it. you know, i really had to sit back in think and try not to become too emotionally attached to, to what to what they were decided to do. it just, i had to sit down and really evaluate things and,
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and see it from their perspective. meaning the organization and my teammates, you know, i just really empathize and, and understood their, their choice to, to say if you're not going to be vaccinate fully vaccinated, then you can't be a full participant or their next now live from chicago is sports legal affairs analyst and a host of sit up news is xavier pope. so then that's we're against irving being a part time player. now they're not. what's changed with this change for our is the next half. and then 20 different lineups and it 30 games. we've seen the national basketball association, b estimated by o. b with, with teams against both own and the did the nets at times not to study, haven't will come up with some plan at some point. eas, carry early back into the team, but the amazon barrier making its way through our society, causing many disruptions across across society and across benton sports. and we
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also seen a change in how the cdc, the cities, disease control has changed bits, guidelines impacting sports with which made this change in allow me to make it onto the court. now it is just as much as changes protocol from epsilon for, for, for 10 days to 6 days for players coming back. that weren't, are of the matter, a couple different changes that job carrying just a different time layer of a team that a estimated in terms of probate 19. so long as he gets reprocessed, he's able to get on the corner even with the playing where you can, and it will take them as a number. and how much support has irving received from basketball fans and people in the game? well, the question for i think that really depends on their stance on the politicized nature of my team. they are against vaccination. i think they are covered. we still
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allow that. i'm in terms of both on the right and right fear. praising carry irving in. even ted cruz center here in texas. i supporting terry irving at some asked about want to see or, or a have those are vaccinated. do have concerns about negative image that it would seem to our scientists feel seeking to push past this. and then those people are, gets current, and i am a bad example for those and wider society. do you think the n b a needs a vaccination mandate itself and what would be the challenges in making one d thank bo. indian now currently has $97.00 service players, backdated 60 parson, and boosted that so with the change of the anime or all get on
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as far as i meet, even saw a histogram or post starlette ron dane's now and re spiderman hearing blue. and the, the common code in code it and it's exactly the same in what's considered show. otherwise i think players are, are i guess something like that, particularly when the lease, know a little bit more about how to get players back on the port and how you're certain or causing, you know, or so i think now that they, the scientists. so she is studying what happens the viruses know a how to, how to kennedy. she could aim in so, so to level. and he doesn't know where i want to be able to isolate even more there, there them rather than on the court as well. so i out that ever happen. i think we're going to mostly on our order cause and hearing protocols. ok is xavier pop pope. thank you so much for your time. thank you for having me. manchester city are
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8 points. claire at the top of the english premier league pep, guardiola side beat branford, one nil away on wednesday, england international. so a lot in getting to go city are in real hot form at the moment. this was their 10th league when in a row a new statute, portuguese football star, castiano. rinaldo is barking controversy in the indian state of go, we're the sculpture was unveiled on wednesday with local government officials saying it's to help promote the sport and inspire young people to play the game. some residents are objecting to way portuguese footballer being honored instead of a local player. dear p in country occupied go up for centuries, leaving only 60 years ago. rinaldo has not publicly compet commented on the statue. okay, and that is all used for, for now. family back to you. thanks so much follow. well that's it for this news,
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al, but the good news is come all will be back in a moment with another fool showed. sure he's got plenty of stats rose too. so see you in a bit. ah ah, on a son ah father ah, a mutual love of the ox. the stage is set to immortalize fading memories ah, in
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a magical race against time. witness our time mission on a jessina from the al jazeera london rural car center to special guests in conversation . this is the chance to start the revolution, unprompted, uninterrupted. we moved to do away with the what evil, because it stops conversation. where should we get our land to port son meet i asia, i can be this is the beginning of friendship, beginning of love, right? like getting somewhere we can really break through the barriers studio. be unscripted on al jazeera in just under a year's time catalyst al bait stadium will house. the opening match of the 2022 world cup. the official opening of the stadium came on day one of the arab cup, but many friends were already counting down to the big kickoff. next november, c, u r. o 1022. as this tournament unfolds over the coming days, it will play
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a key role for organize is getting ready to host the middle east's biggest ever a sporting event next year. and for the cattle national team is like it used to playing in front of expected home crowds lobby hoping to convince both the fans and themselves. so they really all ready to take on the world. ah, covered 19 records shattered again in the united states. and in parts of europe on china, people are publicly shame for violating corona virus restrictions. ah, hello again on kim al santa maria here and how this is the world news from al jazeera, after drifting today's indonesia military as towed a boat with ringo migrants.


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