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tv   [untitled]    December 30, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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organize is getting ready to host the middle east's. biggest ever school thing. event next year, hands for the castle, national teams, they get used to playing in fronts of expected home crowds. debbie hoping to convince both the fans and themselves that they really all ready to take on the world. ah, covered 19 records shattered again in the united states and in parts of europe on china. people a publicly shame for violating corona virus restrictions. ah . hello again on came out santa maria here and how this is the world news from al jazeera. after drifting today's into the she's military, as towed about with ringo. migrants to shore off to the government, decided to give them shelter
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a tool dida on to swim. and south africans paying tribute to archbishop desmond tutu his body lines in state cathedral and kept on every one. once again, countries around the world have reported record numbers of code, 19 infections, governments having to respond by balancing restrictions with the need to protect their economies. we'll hear about china and the united states in a moment, but our 1st stop is europe and where we challenge is across developments from a european new center in london. hi rory, seeing as you're there, let's see what's happening in the u. k. ah, with her infection numbers and also i guess the, the importance of, of hospital hospitalizations and the like yeah, the, the latest figures for new cases is 183000. now that is big. it's a record. it comes with a caveat, which is that that does take into accounts
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a backlog of new data from the entirety of the holiday period, particularly northern ireland speeding and i think 5 days worth of data into into that total. so it's huge. it's worrying. i think perhaps a big concern is the hospitalization rates, which in england at least he is creeping over 10000 people in hospital with cove it for the 1st time since march of this year and 10000 was really the figure that the n a test said is the kind of that's when alarm bells start to be wrong in terms of capacity and burden and so on. so that they're all the lines coming out today that they're going to be 3rd hubs that calling them built around the country i've done. if you remember from earlier in the, in the pandemic, the nightingale moon that was set up to deal with capacity, they weren't really ever properly used. but that word nightingale hubs not to go
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hospital start to be used once again. now the u. k. or maybe i should more specifically say england is opting to not go down the road of any more restrictions at this stage, different picture and the rest of the country and in europe. yes. so scotland, northern ireland and wales all have their own administrations, and those administrations have chosen to put in place new restrictions, england, an outlier forest, johnson's government saying actually we're going to wait and see what happens and leave it until after new year, at least across the channel on the confidence you have a different situation. you have france bringing in new measures basically is forcing people when they can to work from home for at least 3 days a week. there is going to be a capacity on attendance for indoor venue of 2000, the capacity of on attendance and out of any of $5000.00. and they are trying to
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bring in, it's going to go through the french legal system government system 1st, but tightening up these health policies, the use to get into thing for restaurants. previously they're happy you could say what i've been vaccinated or i've had a negative cova test. it's just going to be vaccination. come in. when that goes through 3 parliament in greece as well, they're talking things up tough a mos restrictions tough working from home restrictions and cancelling live music music. it's all new year's eve ceremony. that was something that was going to be coming in. all these things are concise, becoming on january the 3rd that being brought forward. so yeah, the rest of europe is doing things that are the moment england as an outlier, as his is not choosing to. okay or challenge in england in london. thank you for your time. and now, china where police in the south have been captured on camera parading for men through the streets in
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a public shaming exercise. been accused of transporting undocumented migrants while the country's borders remain closed due to coven 19 spectra of aging, correspondent katrina. you are a little bit early, she says these recent public shaming exercises have sparked a lot of backlash. videos were circulating on white board chinese version of twitter, but they have since been taken down for the most part after spock and quite a lot of backlash them. mixed comments think a lot of people were shocked because these public shaming exercises the very unusual to see today. but they were very common during china's cultural revolution . the period of the 961970 is a very chaotic time. and for those alive who can remember it's appeared that they would rather forget. and since then, public shaving has actually been outlawed here in china and i was just going back to those videos what we can see, a police parading for people around before a crowd. these people are in the hazmat or protection gear,
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they all work plaque cards around the next that seem to have their photographs. now these men have been reportedly sentence for trafficking people across the vietnamese border. and just for a little bit of context, this is taking place in the city of ging, she, china's province of guam, she, this is relative to china. it's a very poor area. it's quite a small city on the border. and in recent months, ging, she is actually arrested incentive dozens of people for similar crimes of trafficking. now in china we have this 0 tolerance approach to covet 19, but the border areas in particular are very vulnerable to outbreak because of the poorest. no, sir, i've been a lot of outbreaks around different borders in china, and so the authorities in these areas are under extreme pressure to keep covered 19 cases down. and we see obviously these authorities here in gene she problems wanted to make an example of these people wanted to deter people from committing future
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crimes. and that has spark this online backlash not only online from medicine, but we've also seen a state media actually the beijing news prints and editorial saying that these authorities went too far. this is beyond the scope of discipline in accordance with the war. this cannot be allowed to happen again. and another editorial or article in the global time saying that related officials should be punished for these actions. can i also ask you katrina about the city of c, m, or she and maybe you can correct me, which one of those is the correct pronunciation? went into locked down last week. city of 13000000 people, but case is still on the rise. that's right. so china is currently battling one of its worst outbreaks that the country has seen in months. she and it's a city in the north, west, not too far from aging, is about 2 hours flight. it's a huge historical city, very popular with domestic tourists. this city has been under very strict locked
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down for few days. now. people cannot even leave their home was because they're worried about the spread of curving 19. it seems to be an outbreak of the delta strain, the and actually in recent days we've had some residents complaining that they're not able to access fresh food because they have not been able to leave the household to go shopping or to collect groceries. now the government says that there attending to that they're sorting some free deliveries in effected areas, but every time one of these huge cities goes into locked out because there's no transport in out of the city will always have these domestic logistical problems. getting enough food to, to all these households that are forced to stay indoors and the u. s. infections are continuing to break records. case numbers of increase 16 percent weak on weak, although death and hospital emissions remain low. how does your caster with move from washington? it's the highest daily new cases ever in the u. s. were now a 267000 new covey cases. that's the daily average,
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60 percent of which is now attributed to the omicron variant and the nation's for most infectious disease expert, dr. anthony thought she is predicting that it will only get worse before it gets better. he says the peak of this current surge will likely come in late january. we're seeing much of this happening now in the north eastern part of the us with places like new york city here in washington, d. c. and surrounding states. people queuing for hours in search of coven tests, and then one in for, in many communities coming back positive. now if there is some silver lining, it's the evidence that here to the omicron variant is resulting in milder infections. because while those cases of jumped some 70 percent since a week ago and number, the hospitalization has not kept pace, that's gone up by just 15 percent. but when you just look into each individual case, those are still each person occupying hospital beds and hospitals are swamped with
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many counties declaring local states of emergency and warning that soon these hospital beds will all be used up. in other news, at least 4 soldiers have been killed in molly and what the army describes as a targeted attack, but it doesn't molar in june on tuesday in the western nato region. molly's armed forces, or domain of attack to its troops in that area in the past. so actually summit underway in molly to address national challenges including future elections and ongoing fighting the damage boat carrying ranking. my goods near tenicia is being towed to shore. the boat with mostly men, sorry women and children on board was left to drift on the coast of a province for days while attempting to reach malaysia. engineers government decided to give them shelter on wednesday, saying they were facing emergency conditions. hundreds of them, some minority who fled me and my have reached indonesia over the past few years after and often perilous journey lasting months. jessica washington,
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following this one from jakarta. certainly not a straightforward process as you would remember overnight. we had the decision from the government to allow this boat to come to show and to allow these refugees to disembark in but there was still some deliberation. and it wasn't as though that towing process started right away. we understand from speaking with local government officials in say that there was still some discussion as to where these refugees should be taken. now the decision has been made that they will be taken to northern j to look simone way in error, which has previously hosted, bring refugees who have arrived in indonesia fibers alternately. indonesian authorities decide that they had an obligation to assist these refugees on board. but what happens next is still a question, so they will be taken to a government facility where they will be given food, water and the process of checking their identity documents will begin. we
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understand that officials from the you and hcr are also on their way to the northern arching, but there is still a period of uncertainty that awaits these were hanging refugees, because the process of resettlement could take years. indonesia doesn't allow the permanent resettlement of refugees. and so these, this group, as refugees will join the thousands of others who have a long way ahead to be re settled to a 3rd country in the news ahead. 10 years on from his rise to power. we're looking back the decade of north korea under the rule of kim jong own and converting animal waste into fuel. how soon the u. k is leading the way in creating renewable energy . ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies. the weather sponsored my cattle airways. how i
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once again got a real blast of when she weather returning to march of japan isn't really let up if the truth be no, but we have got some very heavy snow for coming in as we go on through the next couple days and lordly wency picking up that moisture as it pushes in over the years see of japan and we will see further heavy snow fall into good particle kado pushing down into particular western areas of han, she widespread snow could see $40.00 to $50.00 centimeters of snow for many areas. then as we go on through the next couple of days, it's cold enough to tokyo sang in single figures as we go on through. sat down, sheltered by the mount, is not see too much of that snow, but we will still see some eventually pushing its way through single figures there for soldiers. 2 degrees celsius, 6 celsius of beijing. much of china will be fine and dry with plenty of sunshine if i'm out of sunshine still into central southern parts of india at present. but this disturbance down towards the southeast corner will drive heavy showers in on the
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northeast, the monsoon, more heavy showers coming back into southern areas of adopt dash, pushing down into tumble. neither shall anchor, still seeing some very wet weather as well. of course and much kimberley will also see some cloud and ray as we go on through saturday. it's decidedly wet northern pakistan. oh, the weather sponsored by casara ways. ah mother nature's gift of cold full landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance arising were investments are waiting to flourish, were creepy, even supplied by tradition. noon were beautiful, possibly with or offered ah
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ah, developed as a release of the top stories this our for another day, countries around the world of reported record numbers of covet infections. governments once again trying to balance, taking appropriate measures without disrupting their economies. the chinese city of john is battling the largest community outright. countries seen this year. another 155 dis domestically transmitted cases. in a city of 13000000 people under locked down for 8 days. and the damage boat carrying ring of migrants near indonesia is being towed to shore. the boat of mostly women and children was left to drift for days till indonesia, government decided to give them shelter. monassa coming up and take time to pay their final respects to south africa's anti apartheid icon. archbishop desmond tutu
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is now lying in state at saint george's cathedral before his funeral on new year's day, south africa observing a week of national mourning for 22 who died aged 90. on sunday he was the 1st black archbishop of cape dun and rose to prominence in the 1980s as an opponent of a party. it's an honor and at least seem call me to be at today to say my fine will goodbyes to the arch who has done so much with the scanty in terms of founder bit ation and speaking to the, to power a true leader of the soil actually quite said actually that really losing such great people in this time just here to day to pay my very last respects to this most amazing great man. and we were just remember him for his love and his par, ice outspokenness between right and wrong form of political photography. rashid lombard, documented much advanced bishop to to his life and his fight against the apartheid
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laws. he has shared some of his experiences with thought correspondent fami demila . as a photographer, you know, one quickly relies that images can tell a story without doing. so it was important to give those images on. just look at the late eighty's 1889. there was a big piece march, richie lady in the city of cape, done. so over 60000 people, people from all walks of life was an actress and was so big that the system couldn't stop at one of my iconic images, which is preaching and is almost like a truss. and, and i've, i've always tricia that image, which also went all over the world. there's also end of roundabout august, the end of 1989. when he heard that a group of, of students were held up in a church methodist church in google. it too. and he decided and they were having
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a city and then they came out and as they came here, i guess just flew all over and it was at such a distance at all. i could do it to use it 200 millions and i got it. and we, we got out, but you can imagine getting the pretty show on us, you know, having not to move home to move your negatives not to be seen. most important image was waiting for montela and the person to hold everyone together was to to and they was standing and keeping the cry, thousands and thousands of people. and that is the moment when mandela walked in. it was ok, mandela. but it was the archbishop view, the main unit was something like that. what's important it's, it's, it's a ceaseless behind. i think that is critical. is lawson or we come in go by the legacy leave behind. and this is going out of the church is just in ordering people into young people. what do we do with our to arch?
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and i was going to be the next voice of the people. so we'll see, you know, who comes up next. and i think they were going to morning for a long time. this one was long, long mornings and, and vigils. and yeah, but gosh, arch wild powers are in vienna for the final round of talks to try to salvage the run nuclear deal. diplomats have indicated they are making some progress and still see jabari report from vienna. there is definitely a sense of urgency. there is a sense that these rounds, at this age round could possibly be the final round. but there is an a feeling that all sides are not very serious about reaching some kind of an agreement or, or altogether is coming to terms of the fact that this nuclear deal can no longer be revived. of course, there were events that took place on wednesday morning in the reigning capital to her on an in iran space program. the defense ministry officials announced on
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wednesday morning that the iranians launched another satellite into space. this is a 1st time since april of 2020 the radians have done this and to talk more about what this means and putting into context of the talks here in vienna. i'm joined now by mohammed mirandi and mr. mandy, can you tell us 1st, this, specifically, this launch into space? was it part of the rods? ballistic missile program were, is a part of the space for grammar. they very much to separate or intertwined. and also can you tell us why with the iranians decide to do this at this juncture? it's a part of iran space program, and iran had a space program for quite a long time. it's cent. satellites into orbit on a number of occasions is over 10 years since iraq incentives for a satellite into space. i think it's pretty clear that the iranians are going to continue with business as usual, whether it's regards to its space program or even it's missile. ballistic missile
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technology, we saw iran's military maneuvers just carried out a few days ago. that was obviously a message the united states into this railways that any military conflict would lead to the devastating consequences. in other words, those maneuvers were carried out to prevent war. but to win the run is believed that when the united states is trying to prevent iran from importing even medicine and when the europeans assist the united states in banning such import, then iran has to become self sufficient. both sides have to together and they can't have anything extra them before. thank you very much for time mom and randy. they're from the university of toronto and the points eas making is that there is a lot of work ahead. and that is the general consensus by all parties involved moving forward into the new year. they're going to have a lot of things to hammer out. and the europeans or the european union has hosting these talks have also said that there is a lot of hard decisions that are going to be,
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have to made in teheran and at washington. but there is hope that they will be able to reach some kind of an agreement in the coming weeks ahead and those talk so place in as those talks take place in vienna, iran has announced it is launched a satellite carrying rocket 470 kilometers into space, state tv, ed, video of the launch didn't say whether the rocket actually reached orbit. the u. s . has complained about previous launches because of fears, the technology could have advanced iran's ballistic missile program. now a jury in new york has found the british socialite gillian maxwell guilty on 5 counts in her sex trafficking trial charges against the former associate of american financier and convicted pedophile, jeffrey epstein and good sex trafficking of under age girls support from gabriel. at his, under it took the jury 5 full days more than 40 hours of deliberations . he lane maxwell guilty on 5 of the 6 charges she faced convicted of grooming
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young girls for sexual abuse by her former boyfriend, jeffrey epstein. and even sometimes joining in the british social, i remained calm and whispered to her lawyer and drink a sip of water. as the verdicts were read out, outside court maxwell's friend, lee sat in a regular throughout the trial, and he left with our comment, your chance to give a reaction to the verdict for the prosecution. the verdict was a welcome relief. the road to justice had been far too long, but today, justice has been done. i want to commend the bravery of the girls now grown women who stepped out of the shadows into the courtroom. their courage and willingness to face their abuser, made today's result. and this case possible, the trial attracted enormous global attention, wealthy and influential. epstein and maxwell moved in elite circles counting the
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rich and famous even former presidents and britons, prince andrew, among their friends and associates. max was lawyers argue that she'd become a scapegoat for epstein crimes. he committed suicide while awaiting trial. in august 2019 defense lawyers attempted to poke holes in the testimony of the 4 main witnesses and even brought in memory experts to undermine their accounts. but to no avail, we firmly believe and go less innocent. obviously, we are very disappointed with the verdict. we have already started working on the appeal and we are confident that she will be vindicated. delaine maxwell turned 60 years old during these jury deliberations. the sentencing will be at a later date, but she's now facing up to 65 years in prison. gabriel's hondo algae is either new york, the us and russian presidents will speak on the phone and the coming out of tension
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surrounding ukraine continue to rise. the white house national security council says vladimir putin requested the call with joe vine, and this is the head of the us russian talk schedule for next month in geneva, washington and nato countries of express concern about russia's military build up along the border with ukraine. in 10 years now, since kim jong and became the leader of north korea to control in 2011 after the death of his father, kim jung il and while his leadership style is widely criticized, few would dare to question his grip on power and supporters from cathy lopez or the young, he became north korea's leader before turning 30 at the time many hope king jam own would lead the country into a new era. one though it opened the reclusive nation and its economy to the world, the sun k. and i'm wondering if one of the got instead kim's decade empower, has been defined by brutal violence, nuclear weapons and meetings with donald trump. later, we will have
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a relationship. i have no doubt it wasn't easy to get here. and all prejudices and practices worked as obstacles in a white forward, but we are became all of them. and we're here today. i'm president of meetings to gradually the nuclear rise, the north in exchange for sanctions relief, ultimately failed, and threats against the regional neighbors and their allies continued. you will want to genevieve, the entire united states is within range of all nuclear weapons. and the nuclear possum is always on my desk. but kim's fixation on nuclear weapons has come at a heavy price. the united nations and others have kept tough economic sanctions to ga ga. could young book put north korea has been working towards to huge goals, strengthening national defense, and improving living standards. living situation got worse because of sanctions of the pandemic. if all hugging money,
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kim's appetite for international respect has led him to the global stage. but his leadership has been described as ruthless with reports of executions including against his own brother, rivals and dissidence, say, poverty, and starvation are rampant ah, to mark 10 years since the death of his father. king john ill, north koreans were reportedly band from laughing, drinking or shopping for 11 days. him now leads a political dynasty, spending 3 generations. there are few dare question to me on this. one is what i'm kim, is emulating his grandfather because many people missed the past. so he tried to look at similar to his grandfather and shed tears while giving speeches. that's cost them. you don't get much of still unknown about the young leader, including his long term plans for north korea, katya lopez, so the young al jazeera, a fire has damage just really is old,
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parliament house building and camber. the cause of the blaze is still unclear, is now a popular tourist attraction, which houses the museum straight in democracy. uneasy when the u. k. has become the 1st of its kind to generate renewable energy energy using animal waste. droppings from the birds are x and other animals are converted into fuel using biomass technology. they've barker, as this reports and hampshire morning at ma. well, zeus and dunk patrols out, eagerly collecting an abundance of bowel movements. because where there's pu, let's power to generate heat and keep other parts of busy warm. until recently, $600.00 tons a year of the stuff was taken off site and composted with a significant carbon transport cost. but not any more. it's definitely with us in the u. k, and as far as we know, it might well be the 1st in the world. i don't not azusa colleagues around the
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country all what she, what we're doing very closely. they're very keen to see whether this does work and it does work. they've also got the same problem. they've got lots of oil, 5 buildings. they've got lots of big buildings that need lots of hate and they've got lots of waste. so you know how the 1st day works, food goes in, waste goes out, is then brought by this boom, availed to the special energy center. i think i then picked up all the all bathing and manure. you can see an overall steam coming off already. and it dumped it into this giant threader. after that, the manual goes through a series of pipes where it's dried and compressed into these highly combustible brick. hence, then fed into a furnace and use the heat, thousands of liters of water. sh elisa, some of the beneficiaries of all that posterior power santos. the slot native to the jungles of south america could continue doing very little in the zoos. hot
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house, untroubled by the cold weather. outside. and donnelly, the crocodile monitor, could stretch his scaly limbs and sub tropical climes. apparently, desert dwelling animals such as the oryx produced the best manure for making briquettes because their dogs generally dry. given the urgent need to reduce our dependency on fossil fuel. a similar systems in the pipeline to use human waste to power towns and cities around the world. for now, this zoo is leading the way in creating a self sustaining power station. by simply harnessing some of the best fuel nature house to offer. ne barker al jazeera hampshire. ah, it is almost the hour on out as they were. these are the headlines. the u. s. has broken another record for coven infections, an average of 267000 new cases.


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