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tv   [untitled]    December 30, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm AST

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i guess i am i'm sammy's a darlene doll ho, they'll look at the headlines here now. jazeera, the u. i says broken another record for infections with an average of 267000 new cases reported every day this past week. infections there of increased by 60 percent, although deaths and hospital admissions remain low. the chinese city of shan is battling the largest community outbreak. the country has seen this year. it's reported another $155.00 domestically transmitted cases. 13000000 people have been
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under locked down for 8 days now. in southern china, police have been captured on camera parading for men through the streets. in a public shaming exercise, we've been accused of transporting undocumented migrants while the countries borders remain largely closed. due to coven 19 hong kong chief executive carry lamb has defended the raid on a pro democracy media outlet saying the police acted within the law. 7 current and former journalist from strand news were arrested on wednesday. the damaged boats carrying ro, hangup migrants near indonesia is being towed to shore to both of mostly women and children was left to drift for days. the need just government decided now to give them shelter. jessica washington has more from jakarta. certainly not a straightforward process as you would remember overnight. we had the decision from the government to allow this boat to come to shore and to allow these refugees to
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disembark in but it was still some deliberation. and it wasn't as though that towing process started right away. we understand from speaking with local government officials in say that there was still some discussion as to where these refugees should be taken. now the decision has been made that they will be taken to northern j to look samoan area which has previously hosted rank refugees who have arrived in indonesia. what is fibers? alternately, indonesian authorities decide that they had an obligation to assist these refugees on board. but what happens next is still a question, so they will be taken to a government facility where they will be given food, water and the process of checking their identity documents will begin. we understand that officials from the you and hcr are also on their way to northern arching, but there is still a period of uncertainty that awaits these were hanging refugees, because the process of resettlement could take years. indonesia doesn't allow the
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permanent resettlement of refugees. and so these, this group of refugees will join the thousands of others who have a long way ahead to be re settled to the country for us. and russian presidents will speak on the phone and the coming out is tension surrounding ukraine continues to escalate. comes ahead of us, russian talks in geneva next month. the mourners are paying their final respects to south african anti apartheid icon. vis a archbishop desmond tutu who died 1890 on sunday. he's now lying in states at saint george's cathedral in cape town before his funeral. on new year's day. it's an honor and a blessing home me to be here today to say my fine will goodbyes to the arch who has done so much with his country in terms of found a bit ation and speaking to lift to power. a true leader of the soil actually quite
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said actually that riddle losing such great people in this time just yesterday to pay my very last respects to this most amazing great man am we will just remember him for his love and his ha outspoken us between right and wrong. a jury in new york is found british socialized, galle maxwell guilty on 5 counts in a sax trafficking trial. she was charged with helping the american financier and convicted peter file jeffrey epstein, procure underage girls. iran has announced its launched satellites, carrier rocket, 470 kilometers into space, state television, a video of the launch for didn't say whether the rock had actually reached all bit those he had lines. the news continues after witness stay with us. ah.
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you the usual yet your shoes 70 sin shall one i should you will hold for you to for you jewel so was shellman casual national troll: my realty. toma ah he will been to deal with ship ah ah in the world where remote has become the norm it's never been more vital to build strong connectivity between your home and the office as hell sense cutting edge beef app services allow companies unprecedented scope to protect the bonds they have grown amongst that corporate. so they are ready to face the future.
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united, however, they choose to well as hale sat space to deliver your vision, african stories by african filmmaker tobler. this is the design of argued with all the loading of the design model. no real sure documentary from book kina, fossil and synagogue be with the man who plant bow bombs, and a rest mystery africa direct on al jazeera. our coverage of africa is what i'm most proud of. every time i travel back, whether it's east or west africa, people stop me and tell me how much they appreciate coverage. and our focus is not just on their suffering, but also on the more publicity and inspiring story. people trust algebra to tell
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them what's happening in their community in a clear and unbiased. and that's an african, i couldn't be more proud to be part of. you know, lou. i'm sammy's a ban. endow with a look at the headlines here al jazeera, now security forces in sudan have 5 tea gas protesters in the capital cartoon. thousands of people are rallying across the country, calling for a transition to civilian rule, phone and internet services of being disrupted. the u. s. is broken another record for infections with an average of 267000 new cases reported every day. this past week. infections there have increased by 60 percent, although deaths and hospital admissions remain low. the chinese city of shyanne is
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