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tv   [untitled]    December 31, 2021 5:30am-6:01am AST

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against the man who sent led to prison, former anti corruptions are, says joe, mortal, columbia could also shift from the right to the left. in may bull's put former bulletin mer gustavo withdrawal in the lead. south korea will hold presidential elections in the new year, but perhaps the most attention will be on the philippines, where current president rodrigo, to death day, could be replaced by ferdinand marcus junior. the son of the country's former dictator. and that his daughter sada, who's running as his vice president, there's concerned that the ticket aims to perpetuate their respective political dynasties. to see a newman al jazeera santiago, ah, this is our dessert. these, your top stories, the u. s. and russian presidents are spoken for the 2nd time this month. in a bid to deescalate tensions over ukraine. j barton told vladimir putin,
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the u. s. would respond decisively if russia invaded ukraine. john 100 reports jen, saki press secretary for president. joseph biden has put out a statement in that she says, president biden urged russia to deescalate tensions with ukraine. he made clear that the united states and its allies and partners will respond decisively if russia further invades ukraine. president biden also expressed support for diplomacy, and it goes on to say, the president reiterated that substantial progress. and these dialogues can occur only in an environment of de escalation rather than escalation. friday marks 2 years since china informed the w h. i. earth and pneumonia type illness, and has since become known as coven. 19, the city of shia is currently battling the biggest community outbreak. the country has seen this year. the u. s. has condemned the killing of at least 4 protesters. i
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security forces ins to dawn. there was shot in on dorman, with thousands of people rallied against the recent military takeover. a group of wrangler refugees who spend days at sea in a damaged bows, have been rescued by indonesian authorities. the boat was towed by a navy ship off the coast of ha, province, 120 people, mainly women and children disembarked. the poor, 50 of who, who came out there has been told that an agreement to revive iran's nuclear deal with weld powers is still far off. so as, as close to the negotiations say there is deep disagreements surrounding to her owns demand. that us sanctions be lifted immediately. the u. s. stays the colorado hundreds of homes have been destroyed off to wind driven wildfire and gulf to cities near denver. as being described as a life threatening situation. tens of thousands of people have been told to evacuate immediately. those are you headlines coming up next to africa,
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direct dreams, jobs, and entertainment, a way for people to rise above the violence around them. so it's my role to give these girls. it's different idea that they can leave the ruins of this community. free short films show how performance creates a home and family i'm gives hope and opportunity. ah, a select on alger 0. ah ah ah miss
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ah ah ah, you do the the idea being i proceeded to you from policy to pal and panama has some pam that is his i, madame benet, cecil at the bottom of i was sending over i now you have a scheduled issue, the thing that you know them to provide them to be meeting with some families people would do flanagan on board up on board, but you to boot with you lucy k
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ah, i think by missing with don't go look at i manase tab up when i got to eat cuba. obama got a tag that day. ah . got an a o d r. yeah. when you visit laboratories all local name. i mentioned to a lam he edward to do at 20 and i'm it on the but you had to go to a bed. the bed and busy dinner by to where when you go, but put a port or 2 to, to need a younger think i to need moodle or for the deanna de la wallace l. barbara william. bye. see the door looking you
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know present, but yeah. well, because i can give you the police department that would be to them and out of any anywhere it is about who it would be for pinnacle. yeah. and there was a one in the middle. and with that that a poor and they were like it can be bit there. mind ever had to live i like the donors. it'd be a year basil bed and he needs it on the i go work, i need to get a local view. yeah. delivery as a little computer. ah, when the guy i got my bill, willa. yeah. when the guy that be able data my, let me a way i did, he did, he did die by did or there been going to probably a coma? well, when i did do that,
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my i need lobby does go figure out what our legal out that was in the circle for them thinking i would do that with legal department with in terra, read it over there were to to let it up and looking back were too lazy and that the i put him, but you're going to, i think it out to kill me. lay get him a bum, bum bum bum. with me, i am busy meeting at him. him day. lab, why a government? what will my other so my dad would the toner, egan, media donor bottleneck. and i call him and told me his, i'm sorry,
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ponder a border, my gonna gotta i want to law man and a vanity law. boy, did you get a go? i think i did cut him off nurse i'm kind of me how long helen king of sheila needed to tell room here libby, but you need to have been but i'm dying mom. can you more let me get the money you want to let? i'm never here and what are you there? seeing him when i'm by suitable and in a liberal way, just to me as a member number for them down for them on what's easier for them down on to mom will then live in there by my what he said about any number of us in like i mean, you're going to do it in there, but they're willing to want to want you to go to put me up with this some way. i want to look at his handy element, say all,
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but i don't want them. i'm not going to say that we have it, i killer job it tobler, because at the time of our gene, i mean on the, i'm a member, but you still try again a give me i'm brown, by the alba diagram pam. but dr. levy killing me. so i'm thinking it's either a we'll, we'll have him here by jam as entered in. and then i did that. he had to get a letter to bassetti. again. that all was a lie. yeah. but it's on the line. we'll walk my number one, let me get out of your dog, slobber by members. the deal out of that he had a bad year. so was able to get them today on friday about the w william. bye bye. but the amount of them had that was wrong. with the mom about you getting she
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does 11 were calling me. i never sent that over to them. that way. it is only for being an obama. we noted evil here. i'm seeing at the gun get to leave and telling us that there are if they will go to the nozzle and she had yet a d o was in atlanta and i believe that i had to get a i to come to visit with just yeah, the be no, no, call me, i think in a gym we submitted that bad down a mazda, alabama. so it really didn't care. got under been an immutable woman, was ha, ha, ha, ha, needed it. here we go. i we're going to live a wible is enough to plan
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a. did she good. mm hm. ah, we'll get a minute elaina mob anita. hello, hello. yes. hello. hello. we are missing magwoods. oh oh. oh, i
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find all day. oh, hello leah gazer act. i nevada. miss hammond to canada available the but i mean, as i read about bringing a language that godaddy but it ah ah ah ah
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ah, a how cool made you doing any local can i miss halifax? he did. he didn't jelic, i went to be younger can, can. with the new york you mean that and zach and kayla police king a mentor you'll put join midra new. cool mac. are you pretty good to me? dylan hasn't done breaking up. we can, we can get him to pull up the tool a good number. be on board to do that. mm hm.
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with then i gotta be more than yeah. katina, later quoted you, they'll go by, but when window boy will call never yeah. funny . alabama by you a volume only on the, on your machine, what's up with a, with a by
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a barbara, by the billing that by time you mean by and i get it. i get everything with them. turn this in, get toward the door there though, and i'm positive, you're good to go. they will go to linda. and again, because i'm out of band, i've done this already. i know can well, i'm yeah on, but that a doormat cruise. you've got to do a pool lobby and upon your living. i think i'm to show you a little additional day. i know what i need to get out to the pole
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with with lives in tomorrow. but if i'm been to web home and get that a lot of amongst a nickel honeycomb, it ended to melt with buck. would you please validate a degree? you could do a lot of okay. about adding more don't don't give them,
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don't normally get done. g b like boy be jump sometimes. got a gun, them pretty dope and i can move what you've done with both of you can do me a mondanca please. one moment and update my renewal for december from the hospital . can i do end up waiting if you own it into the yeah, comedy my hyphen. yeah. good at linked to the medical clinic. right. is it
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well, but in a little math i'm not all ready you know, but a math. honda go, yeah, i saw it happening. my only thing. i don't 100 of my big. i knew the most all. michelle la la la, la, la, la, la, la button. them. we want them to pretty much out loud. wonderful, ma'am. when i'm with a sales ag money the and that's how you manage vaguely how you
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guys would match. i'm with you. yeah. yeah. when i am that linda, it was from the learning. i fred up on a very wonderful day or a friend was i think is all connected. i did that in would move network dynamically that a full upgrade will be indicated on the what is the new guy to go home with him on his own a little more ident, the new boy. my name is jennifer, and you know, not as much of a piano bench with the shop. yeah. let me look at the bottom of it was a lot of his own going to them. and
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i think, but i don't know how to go. oh, good guy. i have a guy a no, no, no, no, no,
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no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. oh oh, i got a quote for a 2nd. i meant to write it down with the law. i got a
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law park. wonderful. yeah. with a blue under mom, i got rid of people. i dealt with all of this is
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a good he has done that. one of your boss. i love women. oh, but it was getting that with the what would you go to your what on a doom long as lead a guilty wouldn't religion political? why don't you put us be so tongue being with come on the comment that you cannot also wouldn't on the got these again as you through.
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oh, there has been a good will haunting they. nichoela would you do body? i'm the sanchez did all along. got the wrinkle. miss hoover missouri. giblin, you wake up, you'll bring an ache. what is that in the hole? and you see it was a cope y, b, y. know that i will as a question. i was a figure a domain when on a local who i say the woman in don't know the whole burial thing. words of all. i think i i good
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oh, well seductive little homework on mobile new jennifer diploma. do it? was he a whole lot undercover or on to say, well look, omar omar, it was a visit it? no, no one could have a
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seat with in a month now, could you get an answer? i talked to mccarty and show a lot of them. if you've got a thing with
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a letter in a oh,
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feeling good. why does it come? but the good natured, why did that until i'm would you gamble? i'm a good to you to be sure. be alma, kosher love way, defeat fish market quite is that it may have a come by market to jump on child lock. oh, a are african stories from african perspectives. most of them are never bought more than that. it's not
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gonna go machine because of the voice of the machine. i feel like, and i mean it's short documentary by now for the film make is from kenya. he rides home of talent, talented something back. he's super pressing and ivory coast colors. i live here and scrap yet animal africa direct on al jazeera m each and every one of us. it's about a responsibility to change our personal space for the better a . we could do this experiment and if biodiversity could increase just a little bit and that wouldn't be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet. they're always incredibly rare species. they are asking for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly year. getting these people
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begun to collect the signature, the same, the re saying business extremely important service that they provide to the city. why do we we need to take america to trying to bring people together trying to deal with people who left behind. ah, paula cronin, delta variance of cobra. 19 drive out dramatic increase in the numbers of defections across europe and the us ah bothersome. this is all the 0 live from doe hob, also coming up the leaders of russia and the u. s. threatened each other with
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consequences over an escalating crisis in ukraine. ah, the u. s. says it stands with people.


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