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tv   [untitled]    December 31, 2021 11:00am-11:31am AST

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voices from different corners when the wells are empty, people fight for programs that open your eyes to a low, tentative view. i don't have collage people. i have my 4th on al jazeera. ah, the only cronan delta variance drive a dramatic increase in the numbers of infections across the world. i'm part of the missile outside of hospital in new jersey. the government has put new restrictions off to massive spike included 90 infection. ah. hello, i am emily anglin. this is al jazeera live from dough house, coming up. thousands of people flee as wild fires destroyed large swathes of land
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and homes in the us state of colorado and a temporary fix. much needed aid is sent to thousands of refugees in me and my after days of fighting. we report from the time border to years ago, china told the world health organization about new and mysterious cases of pneumonia in woo and city. now, almost 5 and a half a 1000000 people have died from the corona virus, around the world. the yo micron a delta variance of coven 19 a shattering daily infection records in the us and across europe. on thursday, nearly 2000000 at new cases were recorded globally in china, 13000000 residents in the city of shyanne have been locked down for awake. there are reports that people are struggling to find food supplies. south africa says it'll ease restrictions though. off infections dropped by almost 30 percent last
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week. the government believes it's past the peak if the micron variant. but it's a different story in india where daily infections have more than doubled over the past week or more in the story. let's bring in and have me nasal, who's live for us in that new jelly? hello there. have me just how alarming other figures in india pretty alarming given that in some parts of the country, especially big city cases are doubling almost overnight. at this point, most of the cities on the south side, most of the country is under some form of fiction, usually has been put on yellow. a lot of schools are cinemas and jims have been shot while restrictions are on public transport and restaurants. one by which is in your financial capital, has also seen a massive surge of the last couple of days. and the government there has put a cap on gathering. now the government says it is better prepared. in fact,
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deli says, it can handle up to a 100000 new cases a day and up to 300000 just daily. this is a huge improvement for walk before during the 2nd wave, where people were dying on these very streets just outside, indiana's largest corbett. 19 facility. have me, are people and hearing to these restrictions given, this is the 3rd wave of infections across the country. if that has been a huge worry, you know, for the last couple of weeks actually a couple of months, if it is like deli haven't recording. sure to 4050 new cases the dea search has been so sudden and restrictions have come on so far that people are still not used to following protocol. so that has been a big sign up for you for, for these who say that if case is continue to search at this rate, they will have to increase a restriction. the place where coven 19 for the fall is not being followed easy.
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election valley do then continue because in gas heading into the elections state elections early 2020 due. and that is causing a lot of legislation because corbett 19 protocols are not being followed over there . in fact, it's a stop remind of what happened this summer because of the death of varied with infecting millions of people. election valley and religious gatherings continued. thank you very much for the update. have me little live, rusty jelly. and as we mentioned at the start of the bulletin, china is battling container surge of infections. it's put 13000000 people under locked down as katrina year reports from basing. well, this is china's more severe lockdown since we're hon. the city where this pandemic originated. 13000000 people for the most part, unable to leave their homes for exercise, or even to collect essential supplies. so we've had about $1200.00 cases reported
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since the beginning of december. the latest figures on friday was $161.00. new infections documented by the authorities, and we've had some residents on social media increasingly complain of that lack of access to fresh food. now this seems to be a logistical issue. this city is under tide, control, transport in and out of it is very difficult right now. most businesses have been forced to close, it's very difficult to get food delivery and residents say they're very frustrated . now the government says they are aware of this issue. they are trying to respond to it, but people who live the say they're not responding quickly enough. and of course, the authorities are focused on trying to control this outbreak. they're trying to get those numbers now. and over 100 cases reported every day this week, the trying to get those down to single digits in the next few weeks. the government is under enormous pressure to get this outbreak under control. they don't want to be juggling this outbreak and she on which is
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a city not too far from aging. it's only about 2 hours flights away, while at the same time hosting the winter olympics, which opens in february for now china say they are prepared to horse the lympics when it opens at that date, we would just ourselves in john lee john jock code that area which will be the venue for the olympics. all the facilities already, the hotels already. they will all shut to the public before january 4th, so they'll be a full month. well, all these results will be closed in order to prepare for this big event. now the difficulty is china is still maintaining it 0 tolerance approach to the virus of the borders will remain shot at all those coming to china about $30000.00 to participate in the games that athletes and the support staff, etc. they will be confined to very tightly controlled bubble, and they will not essentially be allowed to interact with the wider chinese public . in the us, state of colorado,
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hundreds of homes have been destroyed after wildfires driven by high winds, gulf to cities need. denver is being described as a life threatening situation. tens of thousands of people have been told to leave the effected areas immediately. the strong winds are reported to the town power lines, leading to several grass fires in the area. got several hundreds, hundreds of miles now. can move this 5 foot ball field and a matter of seconds, very little time to get out very little time to even get the most important parts of your life. and yes, will be a difficult process for a direct factor in rebuild. the ration in us presidents have spoken for the 2nd time this month and to be to de escalate tension over ukraine. the white house is the coal between joe biden and vladimir putin last to 15 minutes by and repeated the threat of sanctions if moscow invades ukraine. persian however responded at
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such a move, could lead to a complete breakdown of ties between the countries. john, hindrance has been following developments from washington, d. c. in a 50 minute conversation between us president joe biden and russian president vladimir putin, the 2 sides laid out their diplomatic positions over growing tensions in ukraine. that is where a 100000 russian troops are amassed on the russian side of that border. after that, talk us press secretary for the president. jim saki issued a statement saying, quote, president biden urged russia to de escalate tensions with ukraine. he made clear that the united states and its allies and partners will respond decisively if russia further invades ukraine. president biden also expressed support for diplomacy. she went on to say that the president reiterated that substantive progress in these dialogues can occur only in an environment. de escalation,
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rather than escalation. then we have the response from the russian side assistant to president vladimir putin. uri you shock, i've said one conclusion was underscored if the security negotiations are successful, it should naturally lead to certain normalization of relations and perhaps an improvement in bilateral relations. the conversation was entirely focused on issues of security guarantees instead. and he went on to say that these conversations will continue at a lower level in europe. in january. the russian position is clear. it wants to, once i legally bindings guarantee that ukraine will never enter nato when it wants to make sure that made a weapons are never stationed in ukraine or other buffer countries around russia. the u. s. position is that, that is a decision between ukraine and nato. and it can't be decided in bilateral talks between us and russia. ship the u. s. is also threatened economic sanctions against
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russia if it were to invade ukraine with all of those troops. amassed on the border, president putin says that would cause a rupture in relations. aid is being sent from thailand to refugees in men mar as a violence in the border east over the past 48 hours, but ethnic car and fight is the man marcell. they'll early negotiate a cease fire if all government troops leave areas where he's fighting has been taking place. tony chang reports on the border of thailand and me and my bags of rice and beans loaded up from a warehouse in the tie town of mess up. it's emergency aid desperately needed by people who fled from fighting inside myanmar. the relief packages being put together by local businessman who come from murmur. but live here in thailand, they're doing it because no one else will. this is their janese, our job, and our we're, we are just like a small groups and i, we, a grass route. we have not many capacity of like funding we're, you know,
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the gathering this kind of aids. but operating in myanmar is complicated. first volunteers have to negotiate with time. border guards who are helpful, but whose 1st priority is security. then a call to a local contact on the other bank in min more? well, they're coming across the river now to get the supplies mirror boxes of instant noodles, some water and some sold. but with more than 10000 people displaced inside mamma. this is only a very temporary fix. on the high side, everyone retreats behind the tape barrier and not to cope at 19 protocols. the swim is then load the precious cargo on to make shift rafts. the waters shallow, so ferrying it across the river isn't hard. that they can't afford to lose anything . looks of relief on the opposite bank and not just because of the food fighting between government troops and the ethnic current fighters has eased over the last 2 days. and the time military say that come to the army. we'll step back
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because i got a little all this time, we've always received good cooperation when it comes to asking them to stop so that there won't be any threat to the safety of ties and their property. would you meet the current fighters on so? sure. they've been in conflict with me, amazon me for decades, and there's little trust and we don't trust the ceasefire. they've been destroying villages killing villages and leaving only ashes. so how can you trust them? how can you have a cease fire? all of that bad news for more than 5000 refugees on the high side. then now assembled in one temp and the title stars his are installing infrastructure, suggesting an extended stay. that could mean it will be weeks if not months before they can cross these hills and return home. tony chang al jazeera. on the time, ma'am ma border. still head on al jazeera us troops have and did
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a combat mission in iraq. but it's still opposition to if you remaining on the ground, we'll tell you why. and as the clock lines down on 2021, we look back at some of the biggest stories covered by al jazeera. ah, ah, look forward to burritos guys. with sponsored by cut on airways. hello, parts of the u. k. are enjoying their warmest new year's eve on reco temperature in liverpool in the north west of england. was it sir? 15 degrees celsius at 5 am this morning, so he's going to warm up a little more as we're going through the next few hours. of course, the record was 14 point a, so that's been smashed. here we go though, when i say enjoying, we're looking at cloud and rain and quite a stiff wind blowing in across that northwest corner of view of the mild air is across many western and central parts. if the truth be known,
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even towards the east temperatures are running above average as that won't fall away down towards the iberian peninsula. lisbon, 20 celsius. as we go through friday afternoon, must be showers will clear away from much of the u. k. and the island valid where to where the pump making its way across denmark pushing across the baltic, states from northern areas of poland. still some wet weather in at east side of the mediterranean, pulling away from those flood hit parts of southwest turkey. dry skies come back, it is all very mobile. things do rattle through. as we go on through sat stay more showers there for the new year and still very warm. 14 celsius there in london dry across much of north west africa. but though showers in the east side of the mediterranean will bring some heavy rain into the far north of egypt. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always joined the debates. non exempt worlds. refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on
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systems across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future 8. now this is not a lock can get is response. i believe you cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools and we must build all these prevention this stream on al jazeera . ah ah, hello, you're watching out a 0. i'm emily angland. a reminder of our top story is this our, the pandemic. his killed almost 5 and a half 1000000 people since the virus was 1st reported in the chinese city of wu han at 2 years ago. globally infections have hit a record high over the past week,
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with more than a 1000000 cases detected on average every day. south africa says it'll eas, restrictions after infections dropped by almost 30 percent last week. the government believes it's past the peak of the army. kron variant. but it's a different story in india where daily cases have more than doubled over the past 7 days. and hundreds of homes have been destroyed in the us state of colorado after wildfires driven by high winds engulfed 2 cities near denver. it's been described as a life threatening situation. tens of thousands of people have been told to leave their homes immediately. the u. s. n u n. have condemned the killing of at least 4 protest is by security forces in sudan. they was shot during a crackdown on nationwide protests. in some city security forces used t gas to disperse crowns more than 2 for more than 2 months, rather pro democracy activists in sudan have been matching against the military,
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which seized power in october. mohammed val has more from the capital, cuts him earlier in the day, or the impression was that to this day sir, protest was a, a less violent. and the numbers are for testers, less than during the, the, the previous occasions. but, you know, as the day progressed, it became clear that because security forces prevented the protest as an on demand to reach cartoon to cross the bridges into thing, central cartoon or the mate. the major consultation took place in on doorman itself, particularly in their street called shara allow by in, at, thus, where a goals are processed as were killed, 4 of them, according to medical sources, and also sources from the side of the year of the revolutionaries. the resistance committees, it, it's a major situation they'll not only those 4 that have been killed but also an unknown number of people injured. and that the indication of the, the,
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the big size of this, or of this sir dangerous situation is expressed by, has been expressed by the doctors unions who called on their colleagues to go to the hospital in sharon, are buying the st of are buying and also in the under man hospital to help or with the treatment of the of those have been injured in the, in the, in the, in the confrontations. also even the state, the cotton state ministry of health has issue. there me a similar ass statement calling on doctors to go to those 3, those 2 hospitals to help with the year. the treatment of the wounded us led forces formerly ended their combat mission in iraq. earlier this month, the opposition of the operation was a response to the rise of iso. however, some troops will remain in advisory and training roles and as mahmoud abdel, while high reports from baghdad, their presence raises concerns of further anti american attacks. ah,
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a change of mission for the remaining u. s. forces in iraq. instead of being on frontline combat missions, 2 and a half 1000 us personnel, and a 1000 troops from the international coalition forces have switched to training and advising their iraqi or lies. the transition deal, and i said earlier, this month was sealed in july by iraqis, prime minister, most of all called me, and he s a president joe biden to huddle. it stimulates that u. s. troops were to stick to only training the iraqi forces and exchanging intelligence while the heavy duel and tackle of c o clock. both iran and the united states supported us in the war against terrorism, but they mustn't use our soil to settle scores. we can't let any of these parties target our people. we've addressed that message to all through diplomacy and the strategic dialogue which stressed maintaining iraq's sovereignty saralitos with
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a gradual downsizing view as troops was already happening on the orders of former president donald trump. but the brooks he wore in the region has been fermented by conflict between iran and the u. s. iraqis, prime minister muscle cousin is facing increasing pressure from our mid groups and their political wings, which are allied to iran. they reject any u. s. foothold in iraq, no matter what the role is, a pro iranian onward group sounded this warning, and the mulatto hurtled. what the in her toilet in any u. s. military prisons in the country is considered an occupation model. we will go by asked number 51 of the when char, sir, which gives nations the right to resist any military prisons on valence the fore. we will take up arms and fight them along. as we did before, harry on the telephone, the conflict has escalated since the killing of an iranian commander class,
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him slay manny, nab or madden mohandas, a leader of iraq sci popular mobilization forces. and he as to june, attack near baghdad, 8th port last january. that triggered the iraq's house of representatives to pass a resolution demanding the old foreign troops leave the country. u. s. personnel, along with coalition forces used several military bases across iraq. since the u. s . led invasion in 2003 to depose saddam hussein. the foreign forces played a major role in the fight against i. sil, which occupied some parts of a rock before its defeat in 2017. now, with the resurgence of ices, sleeper cells in some areas as well as iranian intervention. the question is whether the pentagon's mission shift will have an operational impact. man with abdullah had al jazeera but that a group of ranger refugees who spent almost
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a month at say, in a damaged potion. now in quarantine in indonesia, 105 people, miami women, and children were allowed to do some back in chain. they will be moved into temporary housing. one's health checks have been completed. indonesia initially planned to turn the boat away, but they allowed it to land following international pressure. jessica washington is following the story from jakarta. finally there exhausting journey is now over and the refugees are now safely in indonesia. so now we have a clearer picture of exactly who was on board $105.00 people in total, including asian men, 50 women, and $47.00 children. and according to the you and see these individuals were at sea for at least 3 weeks. as i mentioned, their vessel was damaged and unsee worthy and a short while ago we heard from the you and hcr in
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a statement which noted that it sang to indonesia for once again, proving its humanitarian spirit. and setting an example for the rest of the region . what happens now do you and hcr stuff are on the ground working with the indonesian government as well as community groups to assist the rank of refugees with their immediate needs, including food, medical checks, and other essentials, while they stay in this temporary government facility in north but beyond that, we don't know where they will end up staying. indonesia does not allow the permanent resettlement of refugees, but at least for now, we can say with certainty that this group of 105 people are finally safe. the death toll from the devastating super typhoon to hit the philippines before christmas has risen to $405.00 typhoon rye was the strongest hit the country this year and left a trail of destruction in central and southern provinces and caused flash floods
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and landslides. 82 people still reported missing. the former president of south career has been released from jail park goon. hay has served almost 5 years of more than 20 year prison sentence for corruption. president mary jane gave the 69 year old a special pardon last week. south africans are paying their respects to ashby. archbishop desmond tutu as his body lies in state for a 2nd day in cape town, people are passing through saint george's cathedral where 22 preached and served his archbishop for a decade. he died on sunday aged 90 and his funeral will be held on saturday. gillian wolf reports from cape town. o honoring desmond tutu with song and praise oh hundreds flocked to saint george's cathedral where the archbishop once preached his
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message of peace and reconciliation. inside the revered anti apartheid hero lies in states. people of all ages, class and creed sharing the hope of passing on the icons, torch to future generations to come. it was a big person, it changed a lot of lives and even affected a lot of loves. and i feel it's important that you have your opportunity to come through per your respects and your carry that message forward and to future generations will always remember, you know, how to treat each other a little earlier in the day, his coffin was welcomed by the congregation he arched with the family 1st care to prayer, other mourners to follow. the cathedral is engraved in south africa's history books as the people's church for keeping its doors open to all
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races during the apartheid era. the pulpit became a platform of power from where the freedom fighters spoke out against all injustices and oppression. eventually helping topple the brutal regime and bringing democracy to a nation. desperate for the end of white rule, the nobel peace prize winner will lie in state allowing mourners to pay tribute and reflect upon his legacy until his funeral on new year's day. or he was everything to us, people reign, exile people in vain. robin island. if the country was bending, he was a hope at the time and hasty to hope to day the simplicity of the services mirroring his selfless nature. crowds are expected to flow into cape town, saint george's cathedral, until the archbishop is finally laid to rest. and with just a simple glance, you can see that they represent the very bramble nation that desmond tutu forth. so hard to serve. i'm also not that the i'm no more, but i just hope that the younger folk,
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the children will take heed from what he's done and i am try and stand fool, fool, fool, fool. for the truth. stand for what is right and, and it'll turn out better for them. o, a faith in the nation's youth, the desmond tutu. so deeply shared. join wolf, al jazeera cape town. we're now jazz 2 hours away from the 1st nations in the world ringing in that 2022. so he's a look back at some of the biggest stories al jazeera has covet in the past year. let's walk down pennsylvania avenue. ah, you a capital building under c cannot however, her are with validate with
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what is known as a just me i'm on democratically elected leadership team as the military stage to cruise. the general thought is a bit loveless. they couldn't have been more wrong. taliban has taken over the final departure of the u. s. military off the 20th. i believe this is the right to switch a violent day over dangerous days to ahead. no well in gaza,
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feel safe with i'll just 0 will not be silenced. ah, the bottom is ripping around the world. you see there present via black of political will selfishness and music. the new all the comb barian to spread it. 2022 must be the year we end the funded paid read pro well, no planet b. there is no plan and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, i'm deeply sorry. ah, the open government does call the quite the guess. but security rebels especially with general have
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a say they don't want committed to the rules. there was always liked only we're brave enough to see only who are brave enough. mm mm ah hello, you're watching out here. these are the top stories. the sal i'm the pandemic is killed almost 5 and a half a 1000000 people since the virus was.


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