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by the truth and reconciliation commission for this former warlord, liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes and for his country. ah. ring again. 2022 with scale down celebrations. phase about horizon code. 19 infections overshadows festivities around the world. ah. loves the ho robin. this is algebra life my headquarters here in denver. also coming up on new year's day. hundreds of homes destroyed in colorado as a wildfire sweeps through towns north of denver, forcing thousands to flee. ah,
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also the golden girl of comedy? betty white passed his way. just week shy of a 100 birthday. and i'll just ever looks back at 2021 of the stories that shaped the earth. ah welcome to the program. many of you have been to the in already welcomed in 2022 so happy new year. europe and most of west africa her rung in the new year under the cloud of ami crunch. the tory gate be reports now on the scale back celebrations elsewhere and well allow cove it has crushed the party again. ah, in capital cities around the world, new year's eve celebrations were more muted than they would be normally in london, official events were cancelled. so to in berlin,
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where uneasy party at the brandenburg gate took place without a live audience. as a tv show only, ah, madrid is one of the few cities in europe to celebrate new year's eve. but there the crowd was limited to less than half its usual size. ah thailand welcomed the new year with a fireworks display in bangkok on the heavy cove 19 restrictions. oh, it was one of the few places in the country to host end of the year celebrations after other events were cancelled due to the spread of omicron. my mother had taught today's kind of compensation for the past 2 years that i don't get to celebrate. that's why i decided to bring the whole family here to day. my kids are happy and we will come back again next year. so oh, in hong kong fireworks, little the victoria hobble waterfront. ah,
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and the music concept by the cities film on orchestra marked the beginning of 2022 . ah, we've got a haha medical this is joe. we hope everyone will be healthy and happy and we hope to find the older food or we all can open border and get trouble in loose grid, i will say fireworks ah taiwan to lighting up the night. sky hours earlier. new zealand had been one of the 1st to ring in the new year. it's neighbor, australia didn't hold that tens of thousands of people gathered around sydney harbour bridge in a tribute also to the front line workers in the fight against k, the 19. but elsewhere, there were bands on big gatherings in china where 2 years ago, corona virus. first emerged, events were canceled with the nation on high alert,
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and the city of shan under locked down. since the 1st reported case, more than 5400000 people have died around the world. and with the omicron variant taking hold, many governments have re imposed restrictions to try to ease the strain on overwhelmed hospitals. even in those countries where gatherings are allowed, many people have chosen to stay at home. the one wish shared by people around the world this new year is that 2022 is better than the last 2 years and sees an end to the pandemic. victoria gate and be al jazeera tom square and new york is one of the most famous places in the world to reagan, the new year, the select pictures, frumber y revelers are gathering to welcome 2022 in just a 3 hours time. now the pandemic has curtail plans in the big apple was gabriel alexander reports, it's hurting local businesses, trying to bounce back on a recent day, a jasmine's caribbean restaurant. the staff were busy getting ready for what they
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hoped would be a bustling dinner crowd. the restaurant which opened a year ago is in the heart of times square and christmas and new years are usually one of the busiest times of the year. but with new york now the u. s. epicenter of the coven outbreak owner jasmine gerard says there is a problem for all business. i mean, we are suffering at this time right now. i mean, for me, thank the lord. i was able to open up in the pandemic and i had an opportunity to do so. but everyone is really struggling, and we definitely need people to come back to new york city. last month, the by did ministration reopened us borders to vaccinated tours for non essential travel. visitors have trickled back in to new york city, particularly times square, but not nearly to the pre pandemic levels. according to local officials, about $270000.00 people walk through times square each day during the month of
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december. that's about $100000.00 less than before the pandemic. and about 25 percent of all the businesses in time square remain closed. many our restaurants look closely on the side streets and it's noticeably quieter. just on wednesday, more than 43000 people in new york city, tested positive for over 19. the numbers are rising so high, so fast that officials decided to scale back the famous new years. the ball drops. celebration here in time square from 70000 spectators to just 15000 and everyone will have to show proof of explanation. and we're a mass. i think we're cautious. i think that at this point, you know, we're keeping an eye on the positivity rate, but it's not worrying us to a point where we're back at jasmine's. they've seen this movie before having
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struggled through last winter's covert wave. we were able to survive at that time and then you know where the mouth spread. broadway opens, but now it's the sequel. and another covert surge taking it's toll on times square . and on its biggest night of the year. yeah, gabriel's hondo al jazeera new york lodge and he was saying the impact of the new crime virus therein reporting a record 50000 daily cases. people waited in long lines to be tested for the virus centers in the capital one. as i recall, new year's eve argentina recently reduced the number of 14 days from 10 to 5. it recorded, it says case about 3 weeks ago. the austria has tightened its entry rules, especially for visitors from countries deemed to be at high risk. and there are several measures to prevent large gatherings during the festive season. dos of jabari has more from vienna. cases have fallen sharply here in austria since
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november 22nd. that's when this country became the 1st in western europe to re impose a full lockdown for over a month. before that point, their daily cases were over 15000 people being infected. and that this is a country of nearly 9000000. they've already lost over 13000 people to the corona virus and over a 1000000 people have been in fact, the chief medical officer in austria, said that this is not a time to celebrate referring to new jersey celebrations. and that's why there's been a curfew imposed, all the restaurants will be closing at 10 pm local time. so anybody who goes out for celebrations has to be out of those facilities by 10 pm. the officials are hoping that the can also improve the vaccination rates only 70 percent of last areas are fully vaccinated. this is a country that will be one of the 1st thing. western europe also in post a vaccination mandate. as of february. first,
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it will be mandatory for people to be fully vaccinated to be able to go anywhere in this country. the officials have said that people who are not vaccinated they will be facing fines of up to 3600 euros. and there will be a registry database that's a government that can check to see whether or not people are on it. there of course has been criticism in all of this freedom party. the far right party has been holding rallies and demonstrations during the lockdown on weekends. crowds of nearly $40000.00 have come out to protest, but they say is a frenchman on their civil liberties. there are also very specific rules here. and also when you want to go anywhere, even the source, a threshold math are required, not any kind of mastic is accepted. and there's also a very strict test and trace policy. you have to be tested every 48 hours to enter any store. you have to show a negative p c r test that is no older than 48 hours. so there is a continuous search of people being tested across the country. all of this is in
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the hopes that the country will be able to write out the next wave that is coming with the on the kron variance of the corona virus. the new year brings with it's the world's largest free trade agreement, which has come into falls in the asia pacific region that is called the regional comprehensive economic partnership asa was signed in 2020 and set to ease trade barriers between 15 nations. now that china, japan, south korea, australia and new zealand, and 10 members of the association of south east asian nations known as axiom, the deal aims to slash 90 percent of towers between those countries. trade in the region stood at 2.3 trillion in 2019 the u. n. says us up could boost that figure by 42000000000 now that makes it larger than any other trading book, including the united states, mexico, canada deal, and the european union. anti bulk is
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a senior research fellow at the center for china and globalization just in our line from beijing. by scott, good talk with mr. mark on the program again. how will this trade agreement effect those that are already in existence? we've just mentioned the e u single block market and the u. s. c. a well, thanks for having you still and happy new year to you and everyone. today. this is truly a historic trade agreement that is coming into effect and will have enormous ramifications for not just the people that are covered by it, but people around the world. one reason for this is, as you just mentioned, is that this is the largest marginalise. so the u. s. m. c a u. s. mexico canada trade area. ready is, was the largest are set, there's a little bit bigger, but here's the really important point. u. s. m. c, a covers less than 10 percent of the world's population are so covers about one 3rd
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. and many of these are still looking to achieve a more modern lifestyle that we might see in places like new york, like the g, like london, etc. so this is gonna create tremendous new opportunities for consumers to have greater choice, less expensive goods. it's also going to be an enormous economic driver for businesses in the area as well. because this agreement is not just big. but it also covers the key aspects of a self contained economic region. and that there are countries by korea and japan or industrial power houses as well as countries that are producing more agricultural ra inputs as well. so they think this will be transformational and it won't be exclusionary as well. well, it seems very rosy and very positive. when we look at an example like european union, it has taken a long time for those, but 2627 block country countries in europe to us. they work together to gain their
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trading block, moving smoothly. this particular trading block involves assay and, and the likes, as you say, of china and australia. and we've seen in recent months at china and australia have brought relationship over trade and they fallen out. it's been acrimonious. so i wonder how this news agreement is going to work in principal. i will let previous arguments have any impact on what's going on right now with our set that's a very good way. so 1st of all, we have to recognize that this isn't going to happen overnight. ready i think it will take schedule, take a total, 20 years for it to be fully implemented. and of course, i think there are regional differences. geo politics, i think will intrude. but the big difference, i think, between the e you, is that in the you, the largest economy in germany, in our set, the large, the economy is trainer. and i think china because of its economic size,
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as well as its approach to multilateralism. ready i think will ensure that our step will be rolled out with fewer obstacles. then as you mentioned, the groups and unions that being said, of course, greater free trade creates winners and losers as well. so i think we also have to keep an eye on the businesses and the sectors of society that might be disadvantaged. i think this really has to happen more of the country level rather than at this super national level of which our stuff is mostly what happens at me over the next 20 as pants and the markets good to speak to you from beijing and a happy new year to you and your family. thanks for joining challenges ever. thank you to still have him on out there and sacrificing one to save the rest how some time lisa falls to sell a daughter just to be able to eat. ah
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ah, look forward to burritos guys. with the sponsored my cattle airways, it's the weekend. it's a new year. happy 2020 to everyone. here's her weather story across asia. we've still got that cold snap alert in play for the indian state of rochester looks toward the north that that new delhi 20 degrees. and i'm sorry, just the high of 19 south of this. we've had some pretty intense downpours for the indian state of town to do some spots. scooping up pretty close to $200.00 millimeters of rain and the potential to see a repeat of that. on saturday, we certainly disrupted the weather pattern there. se, asia, that ne monsoon is piling on the rain across malaysia and singapore. i think the worst of it for singapore will be saturday into sunday. then things will back off monday into tuesday. 2 stages a high of 28 degrees below average. now for the month of january,
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across the philippines, that ne monsoon also cutting across central areas. so from driving rain for sebu city with the high 27 degrees or they're in areas of china that north when really digging in harbor minus 12 are dealing with some snow. also see effects, snow for western areas of japan, and see the worst of it here will be for northwestern honshu snow storm warning in play. 30 centimeters to be expected. a hiv 8 degrees in tokyo on saturday, happy new year. we'll see again soon. take care. ah, the weather sponsored by katara always dreams john and entertainment away for people to rise above the violence around them. my role to give these girls a different idea that they can leave the role of this community. 3 short film show how performance creates a home and family, and give hope and unity ah ha select on our do 0.
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i, me the me look about what you on that reminder of all top stories, europe, and most of africa running in the new year under the cloud of celebrations. amuses, across the world with subsidies counseling that traditional firework display opening large candidates. 2 years after the cave at $910.00, debit was declared, the situation continues to decline. and the countries have been reporting a recording day. the case is still made me by more contagious, very enough that he is now a fast moving while father toll through several towns in the us state of colorado
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has largely bent itself out. almost a 1000 times are destroyed. heavy snow is forecast and is expected to doubt. the remaining embers of john 100 reports, tens of thousands were forced to flee. tens of thousands of colorado are waiting for the smoke to clear to learn with. they've lost things look ok from here, but there is a smoldering in there until you really get down there. it's almost impossible to know. david marks who lives in fire ravaged, boulder county knows 3 people who've lost their homes for home, golf and flame. so 5060 feet high probably it was really i've never seen any like it. i mean just house after house fences just supplying through the air just caught on fire. authority say they believe as many as 500 homes have probably been destroyed as the fire tor, through drought stricken neighborhoods. at least one 1st responder and several other people were injured. as winds of up to a 169 kilometers per hour,
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spread intense flames with terrifying speed. colorado governor jared poll is in boulder, county sheriff joe kelly toured the devastation from the air. this was a disaster in fast motion. all over the course of half a day, nearly all the damage, many families having minutes, minutes to get whatever they could, their, their patch, their kids into the car, and leave. last 24 hours have been devastating. polio says president, job wagon promised to free up federal funds with an expedited declaration of a major disaster. john henry and al jazeera woven 500 homes have been destroyed by a large, far west and through, through a settlement in jim bought a on thursday night by fighters and residence, worked through the night to put it out. but hundreds of people now left homeless with only what they could carry. the philippines recorded almost 3000 cave in 1900
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cases on friday, about a twofold increase in just 24 hours. the spike prompted concerned about another wave of the virus at a time where millions are still reading from a devastating typhoon. barnaby lo has more from the capital bonilla, filipinos packed malls and shopping districts. during the holidays, as cases, the whole billing team appeared to be dropping to new lows. the government had east most restrictions had one of the busiest seasons. but experts warned there was no room for complacency. everything, december 19th we, we somehow had an alarm and alert that there is already like a switch off then, you know, and the increase in the positivity rate is very, very fast. and in terms of patterns we see that most of the gave this currently are . i think the might be mild and the are coming from the 2030 each group. so somehow, somehow weekend quarterly this,
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this kind of the mix to might be of people because of that highly, the more on the current patients have been identified this week. but the health department, well, a traveler from the united states, tested positive, had reached quarantine regulations in order to party, at least a dozen of her close contacts. now have the virus for variance is driving home in 1900 cases to record numbers. in many countries, the philippines has largely been spared. but daily infections are on the right and all this possible, the virus variance is spreading health department official think it's too early to make that conclusion. a new wave of the virus is likely not only to stream the country's health care system. it could exacerbate the humanitarian crisis in regents, still suffering, and the impact of super typhoon right. as it is, there are already outbreaks of diarrhea and gastro enteritis in those areas forced
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hit by the storm. we have nbc of fish, i mean it sounds for an increase of h as in the urea. cough and cold. but, but you know, off and gone. i among the ceiling gums, lossy minute, aren't offered there. i know i'm practitioner, you the shine, evaporation sensor. so i, oh, there is an air wine and you see since i just back nbc on. so i spent 8 workers hope an increase in covered 19 cases would be the last thing they would have to deal with, as they're still struggling to provide basic needs like food and clean drinking water to the millions affected by the typhoon. bar below al jazeera manila, several states and india have also recorded launch spikes in coven, 19 cases, some experts and i worried at the start of a 3rd wave more than 16000 and tested positive on friday. the most is october.
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authorities are imposing the restrictions to prevent mass gatherings, nighttime cathy is also being imposed in all major cities above the middle has more from the deli, the situation here is quite alarming. the government says we are in the initial phases, off, it called way. but in this that it is better prepared. in fact, new jelly where we are, and we're actually outside in jazz largest corbett, 900 facility. the government said it can handle up 200000 new cases a day and 300000 test daily. at this point, because of how far infections are rising, most of the country is under some form of restriction, delhi has been put on yellow, a lot of schools and cinema and jims are shot while restrictions are there on restaurants and public transport one by which is in just financial capital has also seen a huge 3rd and the government there has put a cap on gathering vaccination though. we'll also get a big booth because starting monday children about 50,
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we'll start getting jobs. and many people will also be eligible for boosters, which will start later in january. at the same time. they are wearing signs that people are not necessarily following corporate protocol. for example, the images of markets that are crowded, where people are not social distance, nor are they're wearing mom. the other place, rec, overnighting protocols are not being followed. i lecture valley, you know, continued because india is headed for the state election early 2022. it's a stop reminder. what happened this past summer when the death of variance was infecting millions of people in india every day, as election, valleys and villages. gatherings continued. south africans have welcome the government's decision to ease. pandemic restrictions falling and dropping infection rates of almost 30 percent of the time, kathy has been scrapped and alcohol shops will be able to stay open. past 11
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o'clock. the government believes the country has passed the peak for 4th way fuel by the con, buried it quickly became the dominant strain in south africa, where it was 1st identified, causing a surge in mid december. now people in south africa are also paying their respects to desmond tutu. his body lies in state for a 2nd day in cape town to to died on sunday age 90. his casket will remain in george's cathedral before his funeral on saturday to 2 preached and served as archbishop there for a decade. south africans have been saying their good byes to the anti apartheid leader who railed against white rule. in the country. tribute saw pouring in for hollywood actress m media, betty white who's died 3 weeks short of her. 100th birthday she'd been acting for over 80 years beginning world record named her the female entertainer with the longest television career, barbara and cooper reports in
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a youth driven film industry, betty white was a rarity. she was one of the few actresses who maintains tar power well into her ninety's. oh, it is something you did to mrs. miller that she began her career in the 19th thirty's on radio and in variety, shows. i'm sorry, this is a very critical. does she want to best supporting actress emmy awards for her role in the mary tyler moore show in the 19 seventy's. oh oh. oh. but her portrayal of sweet and quirky rose nyland in the 1980s. sit com, the golden girls shot her to super stardom and, and her new legion of fans. she won an emmy in 1986 for the role playing a widow living in retirement with for all to ladies and the antics in miami. she wasn't afraid to laugh at herself. ah, he was a response when she unveiled
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a wax work of herself at madame to swords. you know, the only thing that hurts me. why did they wait to do this till i was 90? i mean, a few days ago would have been, well i guess she was starring in the tv show hot in cleveland at the age of 92 until it was cancelled in 2014. 0, betty white continued to make new audiences smile. darker saying a glass of wine a day can extend your life. and that perhaps was the secret of her lengthy career. was like we're a little live forever. she will be missed. now most afghans are ending 2021 in a far worse position than when they began. normal families are so desperate for money that they're forced to sell of children and younger 6 to into marriage agencies. santa taliban on false marriages has failed to stop the practice. laura,
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fact book as well, in this sprawling settlement camp in western af canister live people displaced by drought and war. but as these go, suffering doesn't, and there she's now trying to save her 10 year old daughter after her husband sold her into marriage without telling her. though she started fighting with him and my heart stopped beating. i wish i could have died. i told my husband, i'm not going to give away my daughter at such a young age. aziz's husband told her he did it for money to feed his 5 children and that without it, they would starve. he was in his word sacrificing one to save the rest. but his ease married off herself at 15, refused. instead securing a divorce for her daughter. it cost the equivalent of around a $1000.00 with money. they don't have early douglas new york. now we are not only
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struggling with hunger, we also money to the man. if we can't return the money and he comes to get my daughter, what will happen? i would rather die than let him take her. despite a taliban ban on forced marriages, the practice is continuing with many afghans unable to afford even basic goods. a payment from a perspective, grooms family can amount to the difference between life and death. in some cases, families are now also giving up their sons break. so it's the right time for the humanity in community to stand up and stay with the people. abandon pleasure in another part of the camp. her meet, abdullah says he too is desperate for money to treat his chronically ill wife pregnant with their 5th child. 3 years ago he received a down payment for his eldest daughter. now 7 to be married when she's older, but he needs the money now. worth the dear grinnell? well arthur, i have another daughter. i'm even willing to sell her because i need to buy food
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and medicine. i don't have any other choice, and it's likely other afghan families will feel they'd to have to do the same. according to the united nations, more than $3000000.00 children under 5, a facing acute malnutrition, more mothers like aziz facing the unthinkable. laura frick burge out a 0 thousands of on this to part one of brazil's oldest races. the sounds, the vesta road race is traditionally held on new year's eve. is historical events in apollo that brings together running from all around the world. the 15 kilometer run was held with strict health measures, including 3 perfect nation for those participating. it was cancelled last year because of cope with 19 restrictions. ah. you want you want me to her robin to remind you of our top stories, europe, and most of.


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