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phones of friendship and co operation between arab islamic and wild cultures, ah, dreams, johns and entertainment, a way for people to rise above the violence around them. so it's my role to give these girls a different idea that they can leave the wards of this community. 3 short films show how performance creates a home and family, and gives hope and opportunity. a j. select on al jazeera lou. ah,
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hello and welcome back to watching out 0. remind about top stories. his hour. south africa's president obama poser has delivered the main eulogy for artificial desmond tutu at saint george's cathedral in to, to be remembered as the moral conscience of the country and his service against social injustice across the world he or could not be arriving of 2022 with the famous drop in times where obtrusive also welcome the new year now, but the shadow of the on the phone variant still looms large. north korean leader kim jong in has laid out his new year plan for the country, state media report. his main goals are economic development and improving people's lives. the country faces what he has described as a great life and death struggle. okay, well let's have more on that adjustment to his fuel service and his daughter, reverend and toby, naomi, to, to
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a spoke on behalf of the family jamila. i am standing here representing those who called the one we come to lay to rest. daddy, hulu, my lord, may. but boy, in the one whom he affectionately called hall, i'm standing to convey our family thanks for the many ways in which all of you has stepped forward. to tell us all how much you love, daddy, i want to 1st apologize for all of us as a family. because we have received so many messages on all kinds of media. and we haven't been able to respond to all the
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pres and good wishes that we have received. so if you sent us a message and you haven't heard from the person you sent it to it is not because we are ignoring or i'm grateful for the message. we have just received so many. and we have just been overwhelmed with daddy would say the love the lord has shown, has warmed the cockles of our heart. and he then he would say, i don't know what a couple is, but whatever it is, it has been warmed. and since he was an english teacher, and if you didn't know what happened is, i definitely don't know what a capo is, but our cockle ah ball. we thank you
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for loving our father, grandfather, husband, uncle, brother, brother in law. many of the messages we received have said, thank you for sharing him with the wall. well, it actually is a 2 way street because we shared him with the wall. you shared part of the love you held for him with us. and so we are thankful, and we are thankful that all of you have gathered in your many places in person or by the wonders of technology to be a part of celebrating daddy's life throughout this week. and lastly, to him who had the us here with daddy, daddy,
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daddy, we say thank you daddy, for the many ways you showed us love for the many times. you challenged us for the many times. you comforted us. la la, chill in finding you were jar lamba, quanto boom. la language o. thank q. heartfelt good bye for my daughter to her father. let's bring in for me to miller, whose life his in cape town urge me to south africa in the world. remembering an extraordinary man and it certainly just a solemn movement now at the archbishop desmond remains was placed in the
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house just behind us, accompanied by a guard afforded by bishops and clergy of the church. we heard the church bells, charming, and tribute to the archbishop of the archbishop will be cremated and his ashes then interred at saint george's cathedral just behind us. but to tell us more about the funeral service that's just completed. we're speaking to reverend wilma jacob said i'm of the anglican church. reverend, it's certainly an emotional time not only for the church, but for south africans at large and a very emotional and, and personal service that we've just seen take place. yes, it was a beautiful service and a beautiful tribute to an amazing man, but of course, so many personal moments and feeling swirling in every single person. and then collectively to the service itself as a rhythm, as well goes through in certain moments that are maybe
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a little bit way motional and others. but for some people, the music touches them deeply for others, the readings touch him deeply and each person helps him to the service and experience the service in their own particular way. but he has hot, hot, hard so full and a half hours rate of chip but to the music readings, sermon, holy communion, which he celebrated every day eucharist. every day we participated in that same service that he did every day and a range of people, a wide range of people there. but, but we're to have fitting and it was a wonderful tribute to this man. but in the, in we can really, really capture what he deserves is that you don't have all the words we don't have to lose. so many occasions we've heard the archbishop being described as a global icon as somebody at the full front of the struggle against apartheid. but he was also a vital, held
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a vital position within the anglican church. and we also saw that centered within the funeral service today. he also directed how he wanted his funeral to be held. what was key for him? many things keep what he wanted. bishop michael knuckle to preach. that is that you heard he was code number 2222, that a very special type relationship. having worked so closely together, any time he, many things he wanted, he wanted music to tell of all kinds. it was for most thought classical sacred, classical music to his favorite him assist him with one to him, which was on his favorite. he absolutely wanted the even learn to come to class, just saying he loved the gospel class, but he is known to have said to them, if you don't think it's like, you know, i will come at home and you from my conference. so many things are important to him . a number of personal anecdotes around the archbishop with the play to help him, the anglican church, as we said, was
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a sort of very sinful one. what did he mean to you? to me personally, he was not only my mom and my bishop against me because he was the 1st women that day and as a deacon in 188. and then again in 992. having worked very hard to ensure that women could become priests your day, myself and obviously, you know, one of the precipio today was the whole bearer ordained us both. and then 3 years later he asked me to be his last chaplain before he retired, which was an amazing thing. they've ever been a woman chaplin people. and then also in the last, the last year 2020 i kid was a kara for him and his wife mom layer because that happened to move to her mom. and i was close to them at the point they needed some kids. so it's such a wide range as he is so deep in my heart because with him, maybe i would have become a priest. my life would just be the same. but also this is a person and if you just like a father anyway, but you know like my very many ways,
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like just amazing person. you see and that's why are you singing favorite choir. so i don't have the words at my heart is full and my life, you know, i am many ways because of him. so how does one pay that cheaper to accept to live out his legacy and his prayer life and his passion for justice and all that is good for that is how i could pay to get to him in my life. and we can do that. also. reverend of will not jacobs and thank you very much for your time. we've come to the end of that funeral service and just alongside the road of saint george's cathedral, we see a choir performing a final him very much the entire proceeding centered around paying tribute to a global icon. one whose legacy will always be changed in south africa. is from it, thanks very much. emotional displays there in cape town as well. the world remembers
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this very special that doesn't saturday march 20th since the year a currency entered in circulation. the european central bank event on years eve with a light displayed in blue and yellow, representing the colors of the block. the arizona currency was 1st introduced in 1999 with coins and bank notes being launched in 2000. and 2. domini kane has more now from ballad 20 years ago it was a novelty, a new currency across much of europe. as one central bank took on responsibility for the monetary policy of hundreds of millions of people. for much of its 1st decade, the euro's own seemed to prosper. but then came the global financial crisis with the greeks leading a succession of states, unable to pay their national debts and close to defaulting on them. and therefore, dropping out of the euro club. brussels became the place the seemingly endless meetings, event, bailout packages, with growing tension between rich and northern and poor. a southern european member
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states. between 20102012, there are endless predictions that the euro is going to fall apart, or at least it would lose some of its weakest members. like, like greece, in the end, none of those forecasts came troops when the covey pandemic seemed to shake the integrity of the euro zone. angular mackerel and manuel mccaul solve the crisis with the so called corona bombs. effectively using the assets of the rich member states to guarantee the debts of the worst hit nations. now the e. c, b 's main, f o is inflation driven by fast increasing energy prices and supply shortages when the euro is being dreamt up, someone that if the plan was a currency to challenge the dollars supremacy. today, europe managed to establish itself as the 2nd global most important currency concerning, for example, the 4 ex markets or debt market. and in the international payments,
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for example, it's always almost equal to the dollar. the driving force behind the single currency comes from paris and berlin. the new german government will continue to closely cooperate with the french government. and i assure you that the franco, german tongue then will stay essential for the further development of the european union and the european monetary union opinion polls both across the euro zone and the why did you suggest broad popular support for the single currency? a trend that has been stable throughout its existence. 20 years ago, hundreds of millions of europeans have to adapt to the new notes and coins in their pockets. and soon they may have to again, because the e, c, b has an ounce and over the whole of the look and feel of its cache dominant cane al jazeera berlin. well, it taught to beg, who's a professor of
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a european economic governance of the london school of economics and joins is live now from cambridge imbed. welcome to the program. it's been back 20 years if you would. how much of a logistical undertaking? was it to introduce 0 across what was a good chunk of the content? here with a challenge because you have to substitute existing currency toich while french trying to tell you lira virtually overnight. but looking back from the vantage point of 20 years old, it happened pretty seamlessly for very few logistical difficulties in introducing a new currency. one or 2 figures that were resulting inflation. and certainly there was an expression used in germany in early here's the transfer trying to transition to new currency, which was toil, which is the german word for expensive toya, combined with the euro. that was simply because it was rounding up going on by
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retailers. if something was probably $0.95 a run down to a euro, and some objections arose but rapidly faded and from early in 2002, you could see that the euro will, except the currency and the package mentioned. it retained strong, popular support in the mornings of the logistical catastrophe. didn't come to pass, but as time went on, whether winners and losers. well, maybe i run a germans who are one of the most countries most resistant to europe because the georgia botanist bank was a core part of the german postwar political entity they. they had to give up the dodge mark and resisted. and yet germany probably to be one of the major winners from the euro, because it's held down exchange rate for your next porters and enable german export is to knew very well in other parts of the world. because in part,
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because the domestic policies were conducted in different countries, germany is a major winner. that's a statement of the, say, the greeks law start in some respects from doing the euro. there again, you have to say, well, what happened in greece was to do with domestic policies which went wrong. an inability to, to do with cost in ability to engage in the reform is necessary to be part of a single currency. so it's a far more complicated story than saying germany, one in greece last. so there were shades of gray in this. some countries did firm the u. k. kept pound for example, and even known in 19 of what is enough, $27.00 countries, a part of the years and why it wasn't been become sort of total increases. so you had a major reason because when, when the new york negotiates, which, after all, was a good 10 years before the currency was introduced,
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u. k. and denmark, which in countries said no, we do not want to be part of this, and they formerly obtained october from not joining all. the other members of the union did not have all tabs in technical terms. what they had was a delegation not to join immediately. what we seen is from the outset, the relevent countries, and that has increased steadily over the years to 1927 with the u. k, leaving the european union. the biggest country in the block of those that were not part of the euro had gone, u k is very much he was the leader of the non participating members. and the fact that the city of london was a major financial center. also the bearing and this, i think what we now see is in a growing pressure on those 8 countries which are not near to join to ready on the glide path towards joining that's creation bulgaria. and you will start to see intensifying pressure on the other 6. how long it takes is one of these questions,
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but i would expect to see more members of the euro by the end of next decade than we have now. right. interesting. all right, and but leave it that thanks very much in back professor of european economic company. the other thing i still had her on out 0 attributes. poor in for betty white, the golden gulf comedy who's digest week joy of her 100 birth ah, he uses performance ought to draw attention to the critical and controversial issues facing chinese side. one 0, one east meets china's activist. often went out to 0. a right of passage preserved to the generation. my cousin was laying down there i'm to was claiming she was helpless. the woman who after indoors as goes through cycle of paint for what fact my night meets the women affected by f g m. and those re
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shaping perception, do you think people will abandon the site eventually, but to those take algae 0. correspond the cut ah al jazeera. where ever you move. ah ah again, a welcome back. now israel's army says 2 rockets have been fired towards the country from the gaza strip. one of the rockets fell into the sea off the coast of tel aviv
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videos circulating on social media shows. an explosion in the water off jaffer military says it is investigating the incident. there are no reports of casualties or indeed damage. well, dozens of palestinians have been injured after israeli forces by tear gas to disperse weekly protests in the occupied west bank. people in nablus were protesting against the building and settlements in the villages in the villages abate dionne and beta i didn't occupied east jerusalem palestinians gathered to voice their anger at israel's ongoing plans. the force displacement of the philippines recorded almost 3000 cove in 1900 cases on friday. that is about a 2 fold increase in just 24 hours as fight prompted. concerned about another wave of virus at a time where millions of people are still reeling from a devastating typhoon. or we lay reports. now, from manila, filipinos packed malls in shopping districts during the holidays,
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as cases team appear to be dropping to new logs. the government had east most restrictions had one of the busiest seasons, but experts warned there was no room for complacency. i think, december 19th, we, we somehow had that alarming alert that there's already like a switch off then, you know, and the increase in particular the rate is very, very fast. and in terms of patterns, we see that most of the gave this currently are i think the might be mild and the are coming from the 23rd, this age group. so somehow, somehow, weekend quarterly, this, this kind of the mix to might be of people because of that highly, the more on the con patient had been identified this week. but the health department, well, a traveler from the united states, tested positive, had reached quarantine regulations in order to party, at least
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a dozen of her close contacts. now have the virus on recorded variance is driving home in 1900 cases to record numbers. in many countries, the philippines has largely been spared. but daily infections are on the right. and all this possible that you, virus variance is reading health. department officials say it's too early to make that conclusion. a new wave of the virus is likely not only to stream the country's health care system. it could exacerbate the humanitarian crisis in regents, still suffering. and the impact of super typhoon right. as it is, there are already outbreaks of diarrhea and gastro enteritis in those areas or st hit by the storm. we have nbc of fish, i mean it sounds or an increase of h as in the urea. encode but, but you know, up in call i among the gums glossy minute aren't out there. i
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know i'm practitioner division evaporation center. so i o n wine. i'm to see since i just, nbc, also i spent 8 workers hope an increase in cove 19 cases would be the last thing they would have to deal with as they're still struggling to provide basic needs like food and clean drinking water, to the millions affected by the typhoon barney below al jazeera manila. at least 12 people have been killed in a stampede at a religious shrine in the indian administered kashmir. it happened at the hindu fashion. w shrine in the countries, northward devotees were marquis the new year. at least 13 others were injured or more demonstrations ensued on on friday as anc grows over the deaths of at least 5 protest as they were shot by security forces during a crackdown on nationwide protests on thursday. united states in the united nations have condemned the violence. 16 camps for people displaced by fighting in nigeria.
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as bono state had been closed down, the government had said a new deadline several months ago. tens of thousands of people who said to return to their homes, rights groups fear some of these places are still under attack by on groups. fidelis law as more now from a boucher thousands of i. d. p is in this 16 god layer on comes have been here for some years. some of them have stayed here for about 8 years. and at the, the we used to live in this go, may run, comes where government tries to give them some form of support. after running away from her, i've been uprooted by at the book of her, i'm from the ancestral homes. now the government is asking them to return to the towns and villages. where do i expected to start a new life? some of them will be going directly to their villages, which are not really and i need security threat. and those whose villages and towns i see been occupied by and groups i expected to leave. i did look on the headquarters where government will provide a makeshift i as accommodation arraignment, and also provide security for them,
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pending when the villages and towns are safe for them to return. that the each household at yeah of the $10000.00 household were given $200.00 each to be able to settle back when they return to their villages. some have collected this money. i stayed back, moved out of become even before the government deadline. but again, those where they're actually feeling very concerned, which is why international bodies have expressed concerns about is posing these ideas to danger when they return home, because they see pockets of attacks in some of the communities. contrary to what government is saying that everywhere, relatively peaceful, the government is even citing that im may jump a military base in novel base, which is in the bagger. one of these at taos, that had come on, repeated attacks, has returned and life has returned to the city because the military base is now functional. so the advising all the idp is to go back and i do ensure that d p a. yep, this is i re and improve on their lifestyle rather than leaving
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a mixup times in the city center. me to great tribute to being paid to hollywood. i turned comedian, dressy, white shoes, died 3 weeks shy of her 100th birthday. she been acting for more than 80 years over and over this in a youth driven film industry. betty white was a rarity. she was one of the few actresses and maintains ta power well into her ninety's. oh, this is something you did to mrs. miller, that she began her career in the 19th thirty's on radio and in variety shows. i'm sorry, this is a very critical. does she want to best supporting actress emmy awards for her role in the mary tyler moore show in the 19 seventy's? oh, oh. oh. but her portrayal of sweet and quick he rose nyland and the 1980s sit com. the golden girls shot her to super stardom and and her new legion of fans. she won an emmy in 1986
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for the role playing a widow living in retirement with for all to ladies and the antics in miami. she wasn't afraid to laugh at herself. ah, he was a response when she unveiled a wax work of herself at madame to sorts. you know, the only thing that hurts me. why did they wait? you do there still i was 90. i mean, a few days ago would have been around, i guess she was starring in the tv show hot in cleveland at the age of 92 until it was cancelled in 2014. betty white continued to make new audiences smile. darker, saying a glass of wine a day can extend your life. and that perhaps was the secret of her lengthy career. was like, we're a little live forever. and that's it for me, the clock these are,
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emily will be right just made more. ah ah and frank assessments, this crisis continue to weaken a look a shanker, even though perhaps he believes in the beginning. they're able to put an informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from their young people. that is one of the most of the things that come out of this critical debate. do you think that they should be facilitated? not sure. okay. it's a great. it's a really simple question. let's give samuel
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a child wants that inside story on al jazeera, the latest news, as it breaks, a new man is added a boy of these giant don ross having more woven power. these being able to extract more goal more quickly with detail recovery. everywhere you look, there is this suction, the food survive you're telling like, will never be the same again for them from around the world. he fell to the ground and cried out. i'm going to prison. the question the jury has to decide now. he should she celebration with al jazeera was gateway insights into the diverse culture with mommy, i think phone is 2 different couples in bucking life together. a
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wedding, a award winning documentary from around the world. jesse lou, south african say good bye to the national hero, anti apartheid activist. archbishop desmond tutu. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up with all major cities across the world. welcome in the new year under heavy quoted restrictions.


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