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tv   [untitled]    January 1, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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you are making serious efforts in order to impede i'm to stop the attendant with i to be sure, does monte due to has been our moral compass. but he's also been our national quanch's, glowing trip in south africa, a final farewell to one of its antea party heroes at a modest funeral in cape town. ah, hello barbara sarah, this is al jazeera life london, also coming out at least 12 pilgrims are killed in
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a stampede of the hindu shrine. an indian administered kashmir, ah, thousands rally in iraq tomorrow to years since the killing of iran's top general costume. silly money by us drones strike and our snow storm blows into colorado putting out the fast spreading wildfire that turned entire neighborhoods. piles of smoking ash. ah, we begin the program in south africa where the funeral has taken place for anti apartheid icon. desmond tutu in his eulogy, presidency, liver, i'm a poser. described the former archbishop as the spiritual father of our new nation . it was a simple ceremony as to himself, had requested his ashes will now be in turned at saint george's cathedral in cape
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town, where he preached against racial injustice for years from meter miller reports ah, to people around the world, archbishop desmond tutu was a champion of freedom and the fight against racial segregation in south africa to others. he was simply a husband, father and grandfather. many of the messages we received have said thank you for sharing him with the world. well, it actually is a 2 way street because we shared him with the world. you shared part of the love you held for him with us. and so we thankful among the speakers at saint george's cathedral, michael newton, who served as to tuesday, p t for many years, a go
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a many times has been for as the owner he cried. and the life of our country, both post and prison, he had my about the service for many was deeply personal. much of the proceedings down. according to archbishop to his last wishes, a plain pined coffin dawned for the symbols of the church while the eucharist service sent it around to tis anglican beliefs and spiritual leadership. his activism against global oppression. and as the leading voice against a party laws in south africa was to the full, ah, bishop doesn't want to do too much without question a crusade in the struggle for freedom, for justice, for quality and for peace. not only in south africa,
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the country of his best around the world as well. 0, $1.00 at times in the service also celebrated the archbishop to his favorite hymns and scriptures. his last moments at saint george's cathedral, marked by a final blessing. archbishop desmond tutu was loved by many, but coven 19 restrictions limited. how they would have liked to pay the final respect. instead, they participated in services, a small parishes across the country. ah, clergy and bishops form a guard of honor as a final, goodbye to a remarkable man, simply known as the arch. he's ashes to be late to interred at the church. he called home for me, the miller algebra kept up. ah . at least 12 people have died in a stampede at
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a religious shrine in indian administered kashmir. it happened as the vote is one marking the new year. alexey o'brien reports, ah, in the cold darkness of the early morning, tens of thousands of devoted tracked to the hilltop. temple of motivational davy and indian administered kashmir at about 3 a year. there was a surge in the crowd. witnesses describe a horrifying crash and people trampling over bodies. ah leslie, it's a tragedy. many people are dead. initial reports suggest an altercation between groups visiting the shrine, perhaps to offer special prayers for the new year. but security has also been called into question. ah, the police were very irresponsible. they did not put up dividers in the area or outside the cave. they mixed also those coming out of the shrine and those going in
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a saw it with my own eyes. police pushed the pilgrims and also way fashions and blue whistles to intimidate them, which spread panic. and there was a stampede in no time, much of ice. no davy shrine is one of india's most revered hindu sites. before the pandemic about a $100000.00 devotees would climb the steep winding track every day. to the narrow cave containing the shrine. authorities had kept the daily number 25000, but witnesses suggest many more people were there plain. okay, puerto, somewhere there was mismanagement. when we knew that there was this type of rush, we should have stopped the public 1st. if we had stopped them earlier. this tragedy would not have happened and investigations underway into outs sparked the crash while the injured and families of victims have been offered compensation. deadly stampedes. a fairly common during indian religious festivals as large crowds gather
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and small areas. often with few safety crowd control measures. margaret albrecht, not everybody's out of my, will express my condolences to the families who have lost their dear ones and the sad incident of the stampede. my sympathies to those who were injured in no one else access to the shrine was halted for several hours. but later, resumed alexia brian al jazeera, thousands of people have flourished on cities across iraq to express their anger at the us. 2 years after a top range in general was assassinated. catherine silly money was killed in a u. s. grown strike in your bank vans airport. ever been protests in 4 cities, including the capital, a leader of an iranian back. the rocky militia was also killed in the strike, which was ordered by the van u. s. president. donald trump, that and what he, that was at that valley in simple by thousands of iraqis gathered
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here nearby, dodged green soon tomorrow to the 2nd anniversary of the killing of iranian commander hudson. slay many, an obama, dim hunt is a tub commander of iraq. soon, popular mobilization forces 2 years ago by an american john attack and they say that they are demanding the clarity in the investigation. they say that there hasn't been transparency in the investigations. meanwhile, the demand immediate withdrawal of all u. s. troops and iraq. they say that any u. s. military presence in the country will be resistance that have been leaders of the political parties, pro iran, political parties that they spoke here today, threatening to take matters into their own hands. they say they will take up arms again and resist the military presence of the us troops in iraq.
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thousands of come from other iraqi, a province is to join the protest here. they're blaming the government for to what they consider. collaborating. do us a troops, they say that the government should implement the resolution passed by the parliament in january 2020 stipulating that all foreign troops should leave the country. and they say that they will continue protesting until the government response to their demands. north korea's leader has broken with tradition as he laid out his new year plan for the country. kim john own used the speech to concentrate on domestic issues, saying the struggling economy will be a national priority this year. and like previous announcements, which have focused on diplomatic policy,
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there was no mention of the us or south korea. according to state media, he spoke of a great life and death struggle facing the country. where a self imposed corona virus blockade has led to food shortages. international aid agencies, meanwhile, have warned of growing food insecurity and starvation. robert kelly is a professor of political science and diplomacy at tucson national university. he says kim speech signals the possibility of severe food insecurity in rural north korea. normally than our brians leader uses the annual speech to sort of rattle the saver and talk about nuclear weapons and north prius and a willingness to fight all opponents and things like that. and that's pretty typical rhetoric from, from northeast to me, you're going back decades, an issue that really didn't get that, which is one of the reasons why i think that there's been some focus on this. there was some emphasis, particularly on things like food and growth and, and pretty big world development. and all that's great because actually i really
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need that re book the countryside, northgate most impoverished. and so kim jong and actually means that that would actually be a good thing, but it also kind of probably signals that north korea is backing pre security and malnutrition. last couple years the north koreans are taking a really, really hard line on over. they sealed up water completely 11 north korea. international trade is already very difficult because of all the sanctions because of the nuclear weapons program for 2016. the sanctions are quite stiff. and so the north koreans were really dependent on the border change with china, and that is all been shut down. the north main team has taken, like i said, this are really strict, hard line. and that's probably because northridge lacks the, yeah, the medical facilities, the grassroots, to deal with a real co it outbreak if that were to happen, strategic issues that we really care about. there's really no mention of that, right. and, and will be nice, northridge, so you know, maybe maybe we'll make a deal on nukes and start building if you give us x, y z. and kim hasn't said that. he hasn't said that for a while, right? we don't really have a good sense of what they might actually, you know, would,
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would want money in exchange. so finally, free. so, you know, we're still basically stuck in a strategic dilemma. a fast moving wildfire that poor through several towns in the us state of colorado has largely burned itself out. heavy snow is expected to help put out any remaining embers. hundreds of homes though, has been destroyed and more than 30000 people force from their homes. as john henderson reports, tens of thousands of colorado and are waiting for the smoke to glitch, to learn with. they've lost things look ok from here, but there is a smouldering in there until you really get down there. it's almost impossible to know. david marks who lives in fire ravaged, boulder county knows 3 people who've lost their homes for home, golf and clam. so 5060 feet high probably it was really i've never seen any like it . i mean just house after house fences just supplying through the air just caught
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on fire. authority say they believe as many as 500 homes have probably been destroyed as the fire tor, through drought stricken neighborhoods. at least one 1st responder and several other people were injured. as winds of up to a 169 kilometers per hour, spread intense flames with terrifying speed. colorado governor jared poll is in boulder, county sheriff joe kelly toured the devastation from the air. this was a disaster in fast motion. all over the course of half a day, nearly all the damage, many families having minutes, minutes to get whatever they could, their, their patch, their kids into the car, and leave flash 24 hours have been devastating polish, says president, job wagon promised to free up federal funds with an expedited declaration of a major disaster, john henry and al jazeera, still to come in this half hour a new year to
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celebrate in uganda, worst schools and bars are finally reopening. after being shocked for nearly 2 years and its 1st 2 decades are so crisis collapse and eventual stability. now the euro is being given and you look for your next 20 years. ah, now a lot of people ended last year on a particularly wall note. and this more less continues. the weather in europe has got some big swells of clad. an area of stormy low pressure that will drop temperature to some. but beyond is not gonna make progress that you might expect. it will become windy though windy in ireland and scotland and on the coast of norway and you see where the code is lurking. but everything south of wick really
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is temperatures, at least as high as they should been in many places higher than his average. this time the year is the cold talking in through scotland and through norway in particular with snow for in the americans. not on a big surprise. some of that rain will catch the far north of either portugal or spain probably on monday, but everywhere else again, we see temperature, typically 6 degrees above average in some places like salzburg 12 above average. now that weren't necessarily lost in some parts of central europe, but i'll take you through monday for the sas and it has lasted. so in the middle it, and let's take place in austria as a case in point, this cold will penetrate to some degree. and an ins, brooke, you go down to 6 degrees, then 0, then minus 3. now that is proper with, but doesn't return until wednesday, but when it returns, it brings some welcome snow. ah,
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celebration with al jazeera was came to read insight into the diverse culture with 2 different couples in buckingham and life together. t wedding monday. announcing lou, the me i reminder now of the top stories on al jazeera, south africa, the president has described as one to 2 as a crusade or in the struggle for freedom,
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justice equality and peace of the former archbishop funeral in cape town, the anti apartheid, the hero died last sunday at the age of 19, and these 12 people have died in a sam pete at a religious kashmir. people were marching the new year. 13 people were injured and thousands have march, same cities across iraq to express their anger at the us. 2 years after the top, the rain in general, customs for the money was assassinated outside like that. hundreds of migrants has been taken ashore and they tell important books are low after they were rescued by a german charity boat. last week. those on board are mostly for africa and include around $200.00 children. the german charity says they took 5 rescue operations to save them from the radiant italian government says more than 67000 migrants arrived by boat in 2021, nearly twice as many as the year before france has just reported another
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20900000 cove infections. the 4 stay in a row that is recorded more than 200000 cases. as for in europe, ireland has become the latest country to cut the isolation period for the many people testing positive for cove at 19 from 10 days to 7. meanwhile, spain, portugal and greece of also reduce isolation periods to a week or less to prevent their economies from falling with so many cases in europe, governments fear longer isolation, periods will disrupt the vital services such as public transport, hospitality, and retail. well, india has reported nearly 23000 new coves 19 infections in the past today, nearly 4 times the number 13 just 5 days ago. it's for that the sub rise is largely be driven by the on the con, very and heavily populated areas including moved by post and then the are seeing
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some of the sharpest rises. india was one of the worst that countries earlier in the pandemic, with nearly 35000000 infections, but cases have remained below. busy since the summer a booster drive will begin later, the slumps in an effort to curb a 3rd wave. we, while the philippines recorded nearly 3000 new cove in 1000 cases on friday, the rise infections is led to concern about another wave of the virus restrictions are set to be tightened in the capital. but there are concerns about the spread with millions of people still recovering from a devastating tie food. barnaby lo reports. now for many filipinos packed malls in shopping districts. during the holidays, as cases kobinie team appear to be dropping to new logs. the government had east most restrictions had one of the busiest seasons, but experts warned there was no room for complacency. every thing december night we,
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we somehow had an alarm alert that there's already like a switch of that in, you know, and the increase in the particular, the rate is very, very fast. and in terms of patterns, we see that most of the cases currently are. i think the might be mild and the are coming from the 23rd, this age group. so somehow, somehow weekend or late this, this kind of, they not mix to might be of people because of that highly, the more on the con patient had been identified. this week, but the health department, well, a traveler from the united states, tested positive, had reached quarantine regulations in order to party, at least a dozen of her close contacts. now have the virus from variance is driving hope in 1900 cases to record numbers. in many countries, the philippines has largely been spared. but daily infections are on the right and
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all this possible, the virus variance is reading health. department officials say it's too early to make that conclusion. a new wave of the virus is likely not only to stream the country's health care system. it could exacerbate the humana care in crisis in regents. still suffering from the impact of super typhoon right. as it is, there are already outbreaks of diarrhea and gastro enteritis in those areas. forced hit by to store. we have nbc of wealthy show or at sam or increase of gauge that's in the urea, cough and cold. but, but you know, hot and cold are among the gums will seem, wanted, aren't offered. there are no opertitional dish, i'm in the evaporation sensor. so i oh did an air boring a static nbc on? so i spent 8 workers hope an increase in covered 19 cases would be the last
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thing they would have to deal with, as they're still struggling to provide basic needs like food and clean drinking water to the millions affected by the typhoon. bar below al jazeera manila, the united arab emirates to says it's a binding long vaccinated citizens from going abroad from january 10th under that won't change it fully vaccinated. citizens will also require a booster shots to be able to travel. the foreign ministry says the rules will not apply to those with. busy medical or humanitarian exemptions, schools and boys in uganda will reopen in a few days after being closed for nearly 2 years and night time curfew will also be lifted on january 10th after coming into effect in march 2020. the president says that a high vaccination rate means it is now safe for the country to reopen. uganda has imposed some of the most strict and lengthy rules in the world to contain the virus
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. since the start of the pandemic, it's reported a 137000 cases of krona virus, and more than 3000 that i still owe those at home was good, worried about the future. we've got the 19 um because one of us maybe 45 months with way too long. not too late. we are scared of it in terms of the measures of them. but. busy lou key, we're ready to live with. it doesn't look like it's about to go away. ugandans. i've suffered a lot in the past 2 years. we've got good. you, me nice. i'm quite with misty back to me still and never look down. now people run the mud neat loosely were on the sudanese general who let a qu in october says that without unity his country face is
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a fight for its existence. abdur fatter albert uns televised the address on the countries independence. they come 6 weeks after demonstrations, forced them to reinstate civilian prime minister, abdullah hancock. malcolm, to whom you, i'm your world aware of the difficult situation that our country is going through and the magnitude of the challenges and crises that threaten the entity of the homeland. and they are, in fact, existential threats. that cannot be ignored. it will be confronted with full awareness, pure actions under sets of belonging to the homeland and putting its interest above any other interests. also theory or brings with the world's largest free trade agreement, which has come into force in the asia pacific region. the regional comprehensive economic partnership was signed in 2020 and is set to ease trade barriers between 15 nations. those nations are china, japan, south korea, australia, new zealand. them all. there is, along with 10 members of the association of southeast asian nations as dealings to
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slash 90 percent of tariffs between those countries trade in the region. total $2.00 trillion dollars in 2019 and the u. n. says this, the boost that figure by $42000000000.00 that makes it larger than any of the trading block, including the deal between the us, mexico and canada, and the european union. and the mock as a senior research fellow or the center for china and globalization, he says, the agreement will reduce costs for consumers. this is truly a historic trade agreement that is coming into effect and will have enormous ramifications for not just the people that are covered by it, but people around the world. one reason is that this is the largest marginally so the u. s. m ca, or the us mexico, canada trade area is, was the largest r sip is a little bit bigger. but here's the really important point. us m. c,
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a covers less than 10 percent of the world's population are so covers about one 3rd . it's exactly 20 years since the year are 1st and turned into circulation. currency now used by 19 e u countries among others, it replaced that german marks french, frank, sandy, italian leader. and while it's achieved successful stability, it's not been without problems. dominic cane looks back and the benefits and challenges and bringing so many nations together under the same kind c. o. 20 years ago it was a novelty, a new currency across much of europe. as one central bank took on responsibility for the monetary policy of hundreds of millions of people for much of its 1st decade, the euro's own seemed to prosper. but then came the global financial crisis with the greeks leading a succession of ease states, unable to pay their national debts and close to defaulting on them. and therefore,
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dropping out of the euro club, brussels became the place for seemingly endless meetings of ant bailout packages. with growing tensions between richer, northern and porous southern european member states, between 20102012, there are endless predictions at the euro is going to fall apart, or at least it, it would lose some of its weakest members like, like greece. in the end, none of those forecast came true. when the coven pandemic seemed to shake the integrity of the euro zone, angular merkel, and a manuel mac haul, solve the crisis with the so called corona bonds. effectively using the assets of the rich members states to guarantee the debts of the worst hit nations. now the se bees main fo is inflation driven by fast increasing energy prices and supply shortages when the euro was being dreamt up, some one that if the plan was a currency to challenge the dollars supremacy to gay europe has managed to establish itself as the 2nd global most important through currency concerned for
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example, the m for ex market for that market and in the international payments. so for example, it's always almost equal to the dollar. the driving force behind the single currency comes from paris and berlin. the new german government will continue to closely cooperate with the french government. and i assure you that the franco, german tongue then will stay essential for the further development of the european union and european monetary you, in your opinion, polls both across the euro zone and the wider you suggest, broad popular support for the single currency. a trend that has been stable throughout its existence. 20 years ago, hundreds of millions of europeans had to adapt to the new notes and coins in their pockets. and soon they may have to again, because the
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e. c. b has announce an overhaul of the look and feel of its cash. dominant cane al jazeera berlin. a new law has come into effect in france, banding plastic packaging on most fruits and vegetables. president, the manual mecropolis called the move of revolution showing that the country is committed to phasing out single use plastics by 2040 larger packs and chop or process fruit will be exempt from the band. these are the fear public spaces will also be forced to have water fountains to reduce the use of plastic bottles. environmental campaigners are urging other countries to follow frances wound. and the rare upside to the pandemic is that a controversial friendship. new year's eve tradition appears to be on the decline in perry administer says the just $874.00 car is worth torch. the overnight one. that's compared to new year's eve in 2019 we're more than 1300 vehicles went up in
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flames. share out there my name credited the low number this year with a heavy presence of police enforcing and they make restrictions now while many of us marking new year's day at a slower pace, a handful of brave italians have dived head 1st into 2022 and diving event in rome, chin the reverse piper has taken place annually on january 1st for the past 15 years now, several divers took the plunge off the 30 meter bridge where the enjoyment of 100 maybe no. i and now the top stories on al jazeera, archbishop desmond to, to has been described as a crusade during the struggle for freedom, justice equality and peace.


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