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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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read and why it doesn't lead to cost the earth do ceilings. and unlike the meter and economics become the testbed for controlling those prices was no gold deposit. so why is it one of your walks biggest exports counting the cost on algae 0? ah, at least 3 killed in sudan as security forces fired tear gas said anton cooper, testers marching towards the presidential palace. ah, hello em barbara sarah. this is al jazeera, alive from london, also coming up thousands, the fire band on protests in the netherlands to demonstrate against corona virus restrictions. south africa parliament in cape town, suffer as expensive damage as
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a fire collapses, the roof and guts on entire floor. and recovering mexico's last treasurers, ancient artifacts are heading home sentries after they were stolen. ah, hello, welcome to the program, protest or is in sudan have clashed with security forces once again as they vow to continue their fight against the military rule. at least 3 people have been killed . police fire tear gas at crowds marching on the presidential palace in the capital cartoon. and earlier internet services were cut and armed officers blocked bridges, connecting the capital to the suburbs. so far, $57.00 people in total have been killed since rallies began in october, when the military seized power. he, but morgan was at one of those protests and cartoon protested are once again,
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making their way to the presidential palace incidence capital harpoon. now santas protests were called for by one of the resistance committees in the southern parts of to dance capital. and eventually was joined by other resistance committees committees that have been mobilizing people to take to the streets and void, their opposition to the military takeover that happened in october last year as well as to the deal that followed in late november between the army and prime minister out the lam doke, i'm out to end the regime of the military into down and to hold the army and those in power accountable for legitimate protesters. but we want justice for our brothers who were killed. we want a civilian government in one piece. freedom and justice, i thought i was gentle and mothers are crying during the last protest. one of the protesters who was killed was an only child. what the head of the army is doing is terrible. so we'll continue protesting. security has been increased there on the
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capital ha to with major bridges and roads closed ahead of the plan, protest. and with security forces deployed around government facilities. sedan sovereignty council on saturday stated that people have the right to freedom of expression, as long as it is within the law, and that it respects people's rights to demonstrate peacefully. now, despite the statement from the figures hovering to counsel, and his protests were also met with tear gas used against protest this to disperse them away from the vicinity of the presidential palace. the sovereignty council has announced that there will be investigation into the incidents of violence and that those who are responsible will be arrested and held accountable for the protesters who continued to take to the streets. the use of force has not been a deterring factor. my protests are planned for in the coming weeks by resistance committees who say that they will continue to void their opposition to the deal that was fine between the army and prime minister ham dog. and they will continue
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their demand for civilian government until they see that happen on the home at valleys following the latest events for us from the sudanese capital and mohammed, there have been reports of course of fatalities at today's at protest. tell us a little bit more about how, what the situation has been like on the ground. yes, barbara right now that to protest hauser basically pitts with out to you. small numbers of protesters half being chased to from the, from on demand the site of the protest or so we have another big site of the protest in southern cartoon. that's the original gathering for today. and the people they'll try to march to the for that presidential police couple of times and there were a dispersed and pushed back by security forces. or we have a note here that the, the, the heavy presence of security forces, the closure of the bridges, and the cutting off of it on that. and
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a local phone services have contributed to the situation, contributed to this impossibility for their protesters to gather in any meaningful way close to the presidential palace. yes, 3 people have been killed. 3 protest as killed in on the man. and that brings up the number of people killed since the december 3285 died in daughter of 5 died in the december 30 protests with the 5th of them come to his warms to day. but this hasn't, hasn't been to the resolve of the protest as they are saying that they will never give up. they will never given they will not go home until they see a huge change in the structure of government until the military leaders seed power to civilians. at this, so you mentioned this huge change in the protest or is what they say they're not leaving until that happens. but when it comes to any kind of, i guess change or any attempt to change the political situation. what's being done
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about that? yes, there is a huge fragmentation on the political level. we have so many groups trying to talk to each other so many groups refusing to talk to each other. we have the former rebels who are still in the government, are ministers, have not been ousted by the military junior recent court knocked over it. they are trying to talk the clique, they create a unit or unit. again, it's called s a splitter group from the forces of freedom of change who are opposed to the central committees of freedom, a change. they are talking to the law handbook. they met with him today trying to dissuade him from attending his resignation, a prime minister. but what ham look has been threatening for for many days now to resign from his post. if the different sides to this, in this political spectrum do not come to a negotiation table and find a solution to the impulse. the problem here is not these groups. they are trying to
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talk to each other. there are several initiatives. the oma party attended or sent an initiative to the government, the yeah. the a professors from universities. they also sent their own initiative and they are trying to talk to each other. but the problem is that the security that the their committees themselves so are leading this protest. they are categorically refusing to talk to the government. they are refusing to talk to the military. and they say that they will not give up, as i said, until the military seed power completely to a civilian government. mohammed val, with the latest on that front cartoon mohammed for the moment. thank you. a 1000 people in the netherlands have defied a ban on mass gatherings to demonstrate against the government's coven 19 restrictions. a mass protest took place and the capital amsterdam, the government compose the nation wide, locked down 2 weeks ago,
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shutting all non essential stores, bars and restaurants that is expected to last till at least january 14th in bangladesh, a campaign to that has been launched to vaccinate 40000000 people every month. the country hopes to inoculate 70 percent of the population by april. less than a 3rd of people named bangladesh. currently vaccinated conveyor chandry has more from duck fearful of the new on the conversion banner. those governance started major vaccination drive all across the country. it is targeting $40000000.00 people to be vaccinated by january this year. and it also wants to vaccinate 80 percent of the population by june this year, by day a good day by day people taking the vaccine has slowed down a bit. now the government is undertaking a major campaign to encourage people to take their job. they're gone by the should with the high, the government also started a booster program for senior citizen and the front line workers. it is also started
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vaccinating school children from the age of 12 to 17 years old. as joshua dom or the wife today, i'm here with my wife and my mom who 60 to get booster shots. i'm a physician. we've already had to, and now we have to take a food doses and buy it a new those banner their self. i received on 100000000 doses of vaccine through unicef under caution agreement between the asian development bang bungles gunman and unicef. it also received are the millions of those says through bilateral agreement, so far, only 29 percent of the population have been vaccinated. the challenge remains for government to get the vaccine from the manufacturers to the recipient, hands in the remote, rural areas or bangladesh. uganda is coming out of one of the strictest and longest loc downs in the world. the schools are finally reopening to children after being closed for nearly 2 years. and a night time curfew is expected to be lifted. victoria getting be has more the end
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of the look down means children in uganda will once again get to experience one of the most important parts of their lives. education schools. there have been closed since march 2020. shortly after the 1st case of coven 19 was confirmed on the african continent. some classes reopened in february last year, but shut down again 4 months later as the country faced a surgeon infections. analysts say the last 2 years have had a devastating effect on children and young people wise girls had you're me and closed will this long is a question that bond lives. nobody can ask even begun to self convert. it's been completely, there has been huge increase in a child sex moist molestations. ah, but see clearly in a greg lucy's or across the country reported. i had the been, she had cases, also, child marriages, balls, disclose, and cinemas are also due to open up in the coming weeks. much to the relief of
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people who work in the countries entertainment industry, a wasted way too long. acting like we're scared of it in tons of the nozzles on them but. busy yeah, absolutely, we're ready to live with. doesn't look like it's about to go away. ugandans of stuff. i don't know. the pastry us. rather than get you me nice. i'm quite of misdirecting will stay open. you going to impose some of the most strict and lengthy rules in the world to contain the virus. since the pandemic began, it's reported a 137000 cases of corona virus, and more than 3000 deaths. the president says a high vaccination rate means it's now safe for the country to reopen. but during his public address, he added that some measures could be reinstated if case his rise steadily. victoria gate and be al jazeera. let's uganda. meanwhile, in the u. k, as schools get ready to reopen after the christmas break, new measures have been announced to try to limit the spread of coven 90. the on the
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can vary and to seen record daily cases of the we can put on pressure on sector is like education and health care. nothing bad by reports from london with the return to school just days away. many a wondering how they'll be able to stay open in the week to the 27th of december, an estimated one in 22nd, re pupils in england. that those aged over 11 had corona virus. the rise in cases is driven by the more transmissible ami con variant. now, secondary pupils in england will have to wear a face covering, at least for the next 3 weeks. the education watched or offset says go be no inspections in the 1st week of term was 2 thirds of adults have been boosted. obviously children have not. and so that's why we brought in some additional measures within schools at we're clear making available things like ventilators and extra, some 1000 ventilation units for those classrooms where it's difficult and to ventilate,
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that's largely backed by school leaders. biggest threats education in 6th grade is not having those members of stamps teach young. and if the way we try and keep our schools more reassuringly safe, history place to bring this route changes to austin is to improve ventilation. then that will be definitely a process. i, i think the government's clearly worried about staff absences due to covet 19 it's also bosses in the public sector to plan for up to a quarter of the workforce being off. it's relied heavily on an extensive program of boosters or 3rd vaccination doses to drive down corona virus rates, but that's being outpaced by omicron. one of the key tools for keeping the economy going regular testing isn't working properly. there have been severe shortages of all types of tests including the rapid lateral flow test problems in accessing of it. 900 tests are increasing concerns in important sectors such as the health service. the main doctors union here says its members are having trouble getting
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tests, which means they're worried that they're infecting that patient. the u. k. government insists more restrictions must be a last resort. but with hospitals warning coverage, placing events pressures on them, experts say the only alternative is changes in behavior be fully immunized. take your boosters and we're a good quality mosque, an f b to mosque and avoid those indoor closed, poorly ventilated places. if we were to exercise all of those measures ourselves, we by our on ethics, would bring down the case numbers. for now, the only certainty is that army cons, having an impact on workplace is around the country. what isn't that? how well the measures in place will deal with it. the d baba al jazeera london, a fire that's devastated south africa, the parliament building in cape town is still burning. it broke out early in the morning and has extensively damaged the national assembly chamber with
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a parliamentary and nobody has been injured. a man has been arrested and is due to appear in court on tuesday. we need to go to the parking lot deeper into how this type of event can take place and what measure we will need to take going forward. but for now, i think, wishing to be grateful that the national assembly parliament has been raised to ashes and to the flaw, gillian wolf has more now from outside the national assembly building. well, the situation is very fluid here, around 6 am, this morning about 70 firefighters were rushed to the scene within a matter of minutes to combat this fire. now, parts of the old assembly building had been completely burned down and now the fire has spread over to the national assembly, which is behind me. as you can see around me, there are
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a lot of fire crews and police officers still on the scene as well. as medics, luckily no one was hurt because it happened so early on a sunday morning. no one was in the building at the time. but the reason why this is important to south africa and is this building represents democracy to south africa. a lot of politicians come here to debate. this is where the president hold his state of the nation address. and it's also a building where nelson mandela was elected as the 1st black president of south africa. so it's really a place where you see democracy in action. so it's also a place where a lot of tourists come to, to honor this building and really see how democracy unfold in south africa. so to come, 2 years after the best of iran's leading general professors in baghdad gathered around the remains of his car and the food prices at the highest level. in nearly a decade we look at how people in serbia are struggling to make ends meet.
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ah hey there, thank you for joining in. there are signs we're about to flush out the warmth across europe. good to see you. let me 1st start with colors on the not the darker the orange, the higher that temperature. but look at some of this blue popping up toward the top end of the united kingdom and we've got that wind out of the north. so that's going to bring in some fresh air air. we'll talk more about that in a separate 1st again, sorry about the rain moving across ireland and britain. steady stream of atlantic rain into western france, some of which could be flooding. now, speaking of those temperatures, they will fall in paris is while you had got a south west when southwest, when we go to northwest. when and that is what he's going to press down your temperature to 7 degrees, which is more in line with where it should be for this year. that rain knocking on the doorstep of northern western portugal northwest spain. that will be more story
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for tuesday, but on monday plenty of sun valencia has a high 20 degrees. you know, with this warm air mass, many areas are starting the day with fog. it will take a bit of time for that to dissipate. his son does come up for any look at this. we're talking about showers across austria. piano has a high a 14 degrees, and that driving brain we saw turkey's northeastern black sea region starts to pull out. and the rain is also starting to peter out across egypt. cairo's got a high of 19 degrees on monday. ok. i'll catch up with you later on. the a son. a father. ah, a mutual love. the arts. the stage is set to immortalized fading memories. ah, in a magical race against time,
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i witness our time mission on a lou for a reminder now of the top stories on al jazeera, a protest is in sudan have clashed with security forces once again as they bow to continue their fight against military rule at least 3 people have been killed. thousands in the netherlands of the fight, a battle mass gatherings that demonstrate against the government's pope 19 restrictions the government imposed on nationwide locked down 2 weeks ago. and the
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fire that's devastated south africa's parliament building in cape town is still burning. a man has been arrested and is due to appear in court on tuesday. people in cities across iraq have been marking tomorrow's 2 year anniversary of the assassination of senior iranian general costume. silly money, they've been gathering around the wreckage of his car, which is now memorial in the capital baghdad. so the money was killed in a u. s. thrown strike along with a rocky commander. i will knock the oven, will hide these and several others protest. there is there also the mad thing, the full withdrawal of all foreign troops from iraq, mac, with a bit of a heat has more now from like that were now standing at the very spot toward the cop engine 2 years ago that killed the 2 commanders, the iranian top commander possum, sleigh, money alone. good. my dear hunt is a top commander of iraq to popular mobilization forces. why are you trying to buy
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that then president donna la donald trump. now, the focus has been, have been parading daddy, raising the flags of the popular mobilization forces and portrays of the 2 commanders. they had been lighting candles as he gets here right behind to be there out of the wreckage, of the to be killed that were carrying that to a commander where when it was hit by the us. right now they say that the red rating that demand is the expulsion of old foreign troops from a iraqi saw it. and there are rating of the iraqi parliament resolution that was passed following the attack in january 2020. that stipulates that all foreign troops should leave the country and the government should work on guaranteeing of all was well of all put on trial. they say that they will continue this event. this movement put a monk across iraq. there is a come
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a ration plan to be in the city of karbala, the holy city of got about 2 days and then they will go to other government rates. also to commemorate the killing go the nation of the to command if they say that this is an occasion to, to, to rate their demands. the expulsion of all parents and retaliation from the perpetrators. global food prices are at their highest levels. in a decade, many people worldwide are now struggling to make ends meet in serbia. rising fuel and energy prices are making matters even worse. laura burden manley reports this new year, many in belgrade a choosing carefully where they put in their food baskets. and that because prices have thawed, vegetables alone are up 20 percent on a year ago. them of honda, we have to predict prices to get to the end of the month to go through the month
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without any debt. what was it again, that lay and there mostly we don't eat what we want, but what we have here we, i was fair. i'm from the, to a managed to put it together somehow to pay for utilities to pay for electricity to make ends meet. but many probably fail. watha morgan, i was, they were you. according to the u. n. global food prices rose by 30 percent in the past year, hitting the highest level in almost a decade. that's because harvest had been hit hard in may 2 exporting countries, including russia, the us and canada. and that's partly due to bad weather. disruptions to supplies due to coven 19 fact enclosures and high energy costs are also to blame. in serbia, price is rose by 7.5 percent, but food with more than double that oils and fats rose by 22.5 percent vegetables, more than 20 fruits. liddy. 17 percent,
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and meet by 14 lynette your stockton. it seems to me that this wave will continue. it will not stop at the end of this year. on the contrary, i think we will have a new wave of price increases. and there are several reasons for that. the 1st is that all excise products will increase in january. there will also be an energy crisis and this madness with the prices of gas electricity. so on, on a guy you. in november, the government kept the prices of sugar, oil, flour, pork, and luke. but that will expire at the end of january of, you know, objectively this freezing of the prices of the food didn't have any effect on stabilizing prices. it had a psychological impact on consumers and gave the impression that the government is protecting the standard of living. many here say price wise is exceed minimum wage increases and not putting pressure. many people to put food on the table lore,
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the man the are 0. the transitional government in molly is calling for the election schedule for next months to be delayed by anything up to 5 years. the election is supposed to be returned to democracy, 18 months after the president was overthrown in a military coup. west africa regional alliance equal was says already promised more sanctions on monday. officials, if there are more delays to the democratic transition, fidelity, somebody has more enough for mobile jo. last thursday, there was the end of the national dialogue, had recommended that elections, the presidential legislative elections will be held between 6 months and 5 years. but then the country's a foreign minister had a meeting with the media off. the call was a block which is the regional block, the that the president of ghana, after the meeting is a broadcast on national tv where the foreign minister now said that at the expect
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to hold elections in 5 years. because in previous times they had up to the complained about the lack of logistics and also the fact that you take countries to go into syria violence because the continued attacks by an groups officially in the central and northern region of the country. so they're now saying that because they only do that after 55 years to hold elections because it will, the national dialogue that was had last week had been a bite. cox advised the position who said that says whatever it was being fed, it's just a waste of time. and that they don't see elections happening. so on the looking a likely that these elections are going to go next month. so we're pressing for the functions of from it by the regional block, because the hard trick in that in this election is don't hold that they're going to impose another round of functions against the transition committee members. and the
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facts, or the supporters as well. mexico has a wealth of ancient cities, tombs and artifacts, and it's long been a treasure true for ologist. but over the past 2 centuries, many with historical pieces of being scattered around the world. john holeman has worn out from mexico city on the government's increasingly successful efforts to get them back lost treasures returned home after being recovered from abroad. that being shown, often a new exhibition cooled, the greatness of mexico. some of the pieces are on display for the 1st time. this 1200, you're a woo. relief came home from los angeles. these co hatchets, which were uses money in southwest mexico 500 years ago. also returned from the u. s. over the last decade, the met can governments mounted a big push to bring home the country's historical objects? more than 10000 have been recovered. christina talked to us from germany after
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voluntarily returning 27 figurines, that have been with her for decades. now miss anthony, that, but again, if i don't feel sad because if i die tomorrow, my children won't have this problem and they won't end up in a rubbish down, which is my biggest fear. the daughter on the quote to feels the same sample has promised comments 0. okay, so the last were convinced that all of the artifacts from every country should be given back to them. not just mexico for more than a 100 years they've been stolen. these are the pieces christina, inherited from her husband, who got them as a gift from a mexican student many years ago. many the recovered treasures had a circuitous route to broad, and it's tough to get them back using litigation. instead, the mexican government relied on diplomacy good will. we've been very successful in receiving voluntary returns of the spaces because people really want those pieces
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to go back to their am oregon's. mexico's long. been a paradise for archaeologists. and collectors with temples tombs, jewels and ceremonial objects to be found and sometimes wished away if the momentum than the ratcliffe handle may he go. mexico was growing and a lot of people were looking at it from the 940 to the 1970s later. then, with the law of 1972, our institute had more tools to fight the pillaging and it went down. now the river vaults, facts flowing out the country seems to be reversed. what the exhibitions literature says is that when a countries are to fight for lost, erodes part, the nation's memory. and thus, why the big hunt to find that these are like little bits of mexico's memory that are scattered around the globe. the return of some of them is celebrated by this display, which marks 200 years since met, code gained independence from spain. john holman, out, is it a mexico city?
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and you can find out more on that story and everything else. and we've been covering here now to sierra on our website. there it is. al jazeera dotcom. ah, a reminder now of the top stories here on al jazeera protest, her as in sudan have clashed with security forces. once again as the vow to continue their fight against me, the travel, and least 3 people have been killed. ah police fire of tear gas said crowds marching on the presidential palace and the capital cartoon. heber morgan was at one of the marches, security has been increased there on the capital for 2 with major bridges and roads closed ahead of the plan protest. and with security forces deployed around government facilities. we sovereignty council has an.


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