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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 3, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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o, in a magical race against time. witness our time mission on a jesse ego. ah, this is al jazeera ah tolliver, i'm nick o'clock. this is a news or live from doha coming up in the next 60 sedans, prime minister, resigns. after failing to form a civilian, government says, protest grove, against military rule india begins cove 19 vaccinations for teenagers as it struggles with rise infections due to the immigrant barrier. another news outlet in hong kong is shutting down,
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raising questions about the future of independent media. and canyon conservationist richard leaky helps to prove that humans evolved in africa has died. i'm devin ash, with sports chelsea fight back from t goes down to draw with title arrivals. liverpool and the premier league. i'm concerns a for the mental health of nfl stock on tenure. brown following up friend mitchell rex. it's in tampa bay. ah. so yes, we begin in sudan. we're prime minister abdullah ham dog because announces resignations, turning the country deeper into political uncertainty. he was arrested back in october after military takeover, but then reinstated, when he signed an agreement with general abdul fatter albert hun. but hm. dog's been unable to form a government since since his political dedlock threatens to don. survival is a report from hippa morgan, 2 weeks after the news of his intention to resign
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a merit and emits a debt log between for dance political parties. prime minister of the lamb duke announced he was stepping down from his position. what i'm the opposite of, despite my efforts to achieve the necessary consensus to be able to deliver to our people on the promise of peace, justice and no bloodshed that did not happened during the past few days. i met with all the civilian and military officials of the transitional council to explain and put the put shortage and historic responsibility in front of them. and following what i stated, i have decided to return to you on what you entrusted me with. sure. and they are not matters ignition from the post of prime minister. 30 abdullah ham dog emerged as leader in 2019 after the overthrow of sedans. authoritarian president amaral bush here. the country's main civil in coalition. the forces of freedom and change saw him dog as the man to help sedan transition from dictatorship to democracy. he had previously worked in the ministry of finance before taking up top jobs in the
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african development fund and serving as the deputy commissioner of the you and economic commission for african as prime minister ham duck oversaw a severe financial crisis during which inflation stored beyond 400 per cent. but he still managed to and the civil conflict in various parts of the country with the juba piece agreement of october 2020. he also successfully lobbied the u. s. and the world bank to remove saddam from the list of sponsors of terrorism. and convinced global financial institutions to provide debt relief and economic aid. but in october this year, the military led by abdel for to help her hon. state a takeover. placing prime minister hm. duke under house arrest and putting members of his cabinet, imprison a month later him duck was released and reinstated after international condemnation of the qu. he then find a deal to form a government of technocrats pipelining political group. but many denise felt he had
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betrayed the revolution. his removal, as far as they're concerned, was the last fig leaf that was covering this regime and what remains is a full fledged military military dictatorship. so i think the international community will now will likely increases pressure on the military regime with the hope of heating the demands of the city streets and installing a pull civilian rule demonstrations against the military and the deal have signed with them have led to the killings of dozens of protesters by police insecurity forces. ham duke has been unable to stop the violence or install a government that would remove military interference. and now it seems he is left with no choice but to concede defeat and resign hebrew morgan august 0. well let's go live now to correspond mohammed val, whose income teams, while mom at this development was widely anticipated. what's the mood not happened?
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yeah, nick, we have a few reactions from different political players in the country. and the most important one that everyone is expecting, or everyone is interested in, is how those will protest every day on the street. how do they see this as a nation? i talked to them this morning and they told me that it doesn't change much for them . it even at probably means more, more momentum for them and more support for them. industries in the country, in the public opinion. they said that during the last couple of weeks, some of them where saying that, why don't we give a child to the handbook? why they don't give a chance to his political agreement between him and the military. probably this will be the key to the solution and so on. so they were not 100 percent united during the last couple of weeks because of the situation now. they said there is no reason why they shouldn't be united, and those who were lukewarm about the continuation of the protest are going to join
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in full force starting today. they are planning a protest tomorrow, which was not scheduled. it's going to go to take place in on demand, and that means that they see that this is a charles for them to make their voice louder about what the situation and about their opposition to the continuation of the military in power. they are not ready to negotiate with anyone. they are not ready to compromise. and that's different from the other players in the, in the political spectrum they, the, the party, for instance, the various other entities in the political at game are trying to create a kind of consensus. 3, trying to talk to all sides. they are calling for negotiations or calling on the military to sit with the civilians and try to find a solution. but the street itself, if the street means the protesters is completely disconnected from this process,
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and this is, this makes it interesting. now to, i'm in the fear of more polarization. the fear of all the players being taken to side, there is no middle ground right now. because of the law presented that middle ground, but there is no one in his place and no one is, i mean there is no clarity about who can replace him. somebody who can, who can continue with that piece, make an effort that he was leading at the same time, continue to be able to talk to foreign partners to help. so then that was the plan of the $100.00. he said this, he failed and continue with be continuing it. but there is no way to replace right now and that creates a lot of concern about what's next for. so them are like, so that's i'm, i haven't the income to my estate culture. we can speak to them, but i don't who's chair of the political bureau for the democratic line to show social justice and joined his life from the capital. we knew this was coming,
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but the political vacuum now is extremely dangerous. isn't it bark, otto, can you hear me? is this good news? loud and clear. yeah. we knew that he was coming and it was actually calling about the humble p save many times. he mentioned to us that he will not continue. and i neil since last week about going to resign there and it is and your actual environment is done and it will complicate actually the situation exactly how dangerous situation is now.
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now we are having actually one problem that will bring the consensus between the political parties door to door, agree on how to con, to new article, finished that for the blood barrier and to prep. but now we have still problems in go. ready to our should do and our political consensus, or will you goal thought about what to come to wants as as 1st, and then to select our new prime minister. ah, ah, come dork. he in his that is recognition. who has medically out of that are due to lack of graph concerns us. his learning. he got an agreement with general brand on don to 1st off for offered cobra of this of november. that was, i seemed for to step off, but in going in all her component of transitional, good together. okay. abandoned on that is to say it was without you agree?
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would you agree? it's fair to say that this has happened because of the armies refusal to see power as demonstrated by ham dots removal back in october. i don't soon, so because the lute i would leave the letter form it is there content and, and, and a message. when you go through the zag notion, you will get medically out of that and that is on was luck off the agreement and order disagreement into the political forces and into the components of the transition on periods, including that civilian. and we are all of them. what we have on there. well, it has an agreement all died on me, but she's not, didn't have the agreement, according to her after 6 off his agreement was perhaps there should be an agreement
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. ready or conferences, then he will more thought form is a new government my future during this time and this failure, it was her, it was so a responsibility of order combine a new speech at either or put a gun forces. so now what is to did is we have to get this agreement. you sent me when should be there and lives is unfortunate. undock isler dare because hancock was one of the leading. and one of her, one of the ability of the transitional as a bonus, that he has an experience. he lived that this thought years and he has a he minute or half at a mutation during this time. but now we have to get a new one that will start from mom was handled. okay. and then, and he led to major mediate challenger anabolic adult we've, we run out of time. now the appreciate that and apologies about the, the sketchy audio from car to our, to our listeners at the bark on, thanks very much pretty more still ahead on this. these are including how protested
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mar and changing tactics so they can continue to voice opposition to military rule . why more senior officials have been fired in a chinese city battling spreading current of art infections and the lucky escape from f l player, philadelphia, details later. so india is starting a campaign to vaccinate 15 to 18 year olds against k. with 19 the expanded dr. comes is on the chrome infections rising several regions of introduce restrictions and and nighttime curfew has been imposed in the capital, new deli schools and public places. and in other states have closed, probably middle is life for us that vaccination center in new delhi. and probably this is a huge vaccination drive the 12 to 18 age group. tell us how is going well,
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we've been here on morning and have been seeing and speaking to a lot of happy and relieved parents and teenagers. now this drive through facilities only for people between 15 and 18. that is the age group that started getting jobs talking to day. as of now in just only administering kovacs into this age group, this is an indian made vaccine to those as administered $28.00 days apart. now, according to local media reports, a 1000000 and a half teenagers in this age brackets have been in later today. the or the total population of this age group that is eligible is about $70000000.00. so that's a huge expansion of engine vaccination drive and much needed one. in fact, a couple of hours ago, a parent told us how, what she had been about the tool the pandemic had been taken on her teenage sons mental health and how relieved she is. she was to learn about this vaccination drive in the address,
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the prime minister movie made on christmas announcing this drive. he also said that starting january 10th, which is next week, most of those is, will be available for health care workers and people above 60, who have underlying health conditions. so what is the general situation like across the country across india? it's been pretty alarming over the last week or so. you know, many cities are reporting. he'll jump in over 900 cases, doubling on most overnight today and just said that is recorded about 33000 new cases, which is a huge jump from the 10 or 15000 cases. we will see a week ago now doesn't, and says that hospitalizations and dest off to load that is the silver lining. and but most cases which are seal mccrory variant as we speak, myers, and to magic, many regions across the country have imposed some form of restriction. mon bye,
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which is india financial stop is the hardest hit this weekend. the government increase restriction as we speak in new delhi, which is a 2nd hardest hit city schools are shots. so a, jim's and cinema whole under frictions have in place on although activities. in fact, the state of been goal has even restricted flights from new delhi. and moved by because of the rise in cases. the other problem, of course, is that of political events and election valleys that are continuing even as most of the country is on the some form of restriction or a popular leave that thanks very much the putting in italy to senior communist party officials in china be removed from their post as the city of she hung wrestles with a covert 900 outbreak. that removal was said to be part of an effort to strengthen the work of epidemic prevention and control. 13000000 people and she hung have been under locked down for 2 weeks. a 60 new infections were recorded. the monday, more than 1600 cases have been identified in the city since early december. katrina,
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you has more now from beijing. chinese authorities had confirmed that they were to district level senior official fact from the city of she and for the mishandling of the current outbreak. that according to a government statement, they were responsible for a lax approach to inspections and testing and, and coordinated approach which hindered contact tracing. now this follows the announcement last month that $26.00 officials from that same city were punished for not doing enough to prevent the current outbreak. now, this is unsurprising since the beginning of the pandemic 2 years ago. whenever there has been a significant flare up of case numbers, the have been officials who have been held responsible and either punished or fired from their purse. now this goes to show how serious beijing is taking it 0 tolerance approach to the coordinate virus even now 2 years on. and it also is an
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example of what paging is trying to do to ease frustrations due to the inconveniences caused by these outbreaks. the city of she, 13000000 people, is the population. all of them now are under severe lockdown, unable to even leave their homes. and this lockdown is entering its 3rd week now. and there are been many complaints that because of this locked on, many residents are not able to access fresh food or other daily necessities. i was unclear so far how long this locked on will continue. but authorities that under extreme pressure to get the case numbers down before the beginning of the beijing winter olympics in february. so far since the beginning of december, that have been in total more than $1600.00 cases. they're covered cases of the delta variant. and the latest figure reported on monday was 60 cases added to that number. the restrictions served started in the philippine capital as daily cove at 19 cases continued to riser in person classes, contacts, bolts,
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and live performances are all band and capacity limits. have been lowered for restaurants and businesses on below has more. now from manila, philippines, capital region metro. manila is back to strict their quarantine levels, after cases of covey, 19 spike over the holidays. so from alert level 2, it's been raised to alert level 3. what this primarily means is that those age, 17 and under and those who are 60 years old and older are not allowed to leave their homes except for outdoor exercise or to go out and buy essential goods and access essential services. now there are discussions among local authorities about also restricting the movement of unvaccinated individuals. but what's clear right now is that businesses are allowed to operate, but at the limited capacity. so for example, restaurants are only allowed to accept customers at 30 percent there in lord
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capacity and at 50 percent, their outdoor capacity. businesses have only started to recover after the government east restrictions back in november. it is, of course, a huge blow to to the business because for a monday i, it is usually a full house at lunch. and on this is only the 1st day of a alert. they have a free and, and we already have empty tables for lunch. now over the weekend health department officials also announced the detection of more on the current cases, a number of which were local cases, which means that these patients had no prior travel history. and they said that this means that there is high probability of level transmission that helped secretary francisco. lucas said that it is safe to assume that this new virus variant is already circulating in local communities. think courage,
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people to stay at home as much as possible and get vaccinated. the philippines, vaccination rate remains below 50 percent of people in the russian city of st. petersburg curve started monday under new cove at 19 restrictions. restaurants and mo, shops will only be open to those who are vaccinated, have recovered from the bars or tested negative only half the population is received. jab more than 18000 new cases are being reported in russia. every day. about 1500 are in st. petersburg with the oma cron variant and bad weather, causing serious travel disruption. in the united states. many airline staff is sick and up to 2 and a half 1000 flight to been cancelled every 24 hours. that's roughly half the number of daily flights globally. airlines are offering up to triple pay to boost offering at the end. the busy holiday season. yemen susie fighters say they've seized the united arab emirates ship. they've confirmed hijacking the flag cargo vessel of the
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port c diff a data rebel say the vessel was carrying military supplies and saudi led. coalitions has medical supplies, where on board and saudi arabia is a leading and military coalition that's baffled that he sees for more than 6 years . protested the mamma. the post military rule have adapted their tactics to avoid confrontation with authorities. in the past, security forces abused live far and mass arrests to intimidate them. to any changes following developments from neighboring thailand. all across man mar, in the last few days, protested, have been out showing their opposition to the military government in insane township in yang. go and put a flash mob or protest, hit the streets, holding up banners, calling for an end to dictatorship and shouting slogans. calling for power to be returned to the people. they move very fast, they don't protest belong because the military have used brutal oppression against protest as in the past 11 months. but it's not just in urban areas incent,
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show men marin, sorry, gang, which is an area which is generally in the past. been very supportive of the military protest is came out to and in some cases, protest as have taken up, arms aware the peaceful protest against the military is not working. it seems that is the one year anniversary of the military who approaches the people of mamma that when their voice to be silenced, an online news sites in hong kong citizen uses shutting down comes amid what's being described as a government crackdown on descent. it is the 3rd media organization in the church to close in recent months. journalists, it says new say they don't feel they can work safely off to colleagues or to separate pro democracy news out that were arrested for sedition. authorities have moved assignments opposition after china introduced a national security law. falling massive pro democracy protests in 2019 brit clena tis more now from hong kong. says
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a news announce late on sunday night that after 5 years it would be closing down. citing the safety of its journalists, the media outlet described itself as a little boat facing tremendously rough seas. it comes less than a wake of independent outlook stand, use close following a rate of its muse room and arrests of several people linked to that outlet. it closed down several hours after those actions were taken by national security place . now chris young, the founder of citizen knew said that although that outlet had not been contacted by national security police, it was impossible to continue. the indication is not clear that overall media is facing a increasingly tough environment. and for those who, who are being seen as a quick, critical or trouble makers, now they are more, they are more on the revolt. so. ready this is what we are facing, and that's why we made that decision. young said he hopes that young hong kong
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journalists won't be put off by the decision to close citizen you saying that there's still a role for journalists to play in the city. however, this is the 3rd outlet to shut down after apple daily. and stan news and they're all serious fears over whether other outlets will be able to survive and this intensified media environment. hong kong was once known as a thriving, vibrant hub for media outlets. but a chill has been sent through the industry since by j impose the security law in the city last year. the hong kong authorities. however, ab deny that there is a crack down in the city saying they are not targeting the media. at least 6 people have been killed in a suspected, al should barbara talking, kenya, it happened in the coastal, lemme region, the borders, somalia, the county commissioners. so security forces pursuing the attackers who have also torched houses. popular tourist destination has suffered frequent attacks by the al qaeda linked group. the us president, his racial ukraine,
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that washington will respond decisively if russia invaded the country. joe biden, and speak to bear with me at the sky over the phone, renewing his support for ukraine. russia has mass thousands of troops near the border with ukraine. diplomatic talks aimed at de escalate. the crisis will begin next week in geneva. they will involve the u. s. ukraine, russia, nato, and the organization for security and cooperation in europe, john 100 has more now from washington, dc. jan saki the press secretary issued this statement, and she said, president biden made clear that the united states and its allies will respond decisively. if russia further invades ukraine, it goes on to say the leaders express support for diplomatic effort, and there are a lot of diplomatic efforts going on in europe this week. there is a meeting between the 10th and the 13th rush will meet with the us. it will meet with representatives of nato and it will meet with representatives of european
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countries. all of that churning the diplomacy, trying to stop what seems like a pending invasion with a 100000 russian troops lining the border of ukraine, seemingly poise to invade. that statement goes on to say that indeed the president promised he would do nothing about you without you. meaning he's not going to have a bilateral conversation, which seems to be what latimer putin wants. he is trying to have a conversation about the fate of ukraine without necessarily involving that countries. it's biden who keeps bringing lensky in specifically. biden has threatened economic sanctions. he's threatened to bring more military might in the eastern part of europe under the auspices of nato. and more military equipment in ukraine itself. all of those are things that russia doesn't want. putin seems to want a buffer there. and he wants to promise that ukraine will never become part of nato
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inviting. his told him as a decision between ukraine and nato. a patrick macowski is a senior fellow at the democratic initiative foundation, which is a think tank in kiev, and he says the negotiations and destined to fail. well, there is a principle established in 2015 that nothing about your grade is discussed behind the grain. and you graham present, expects that the american president would sure what's the information that they exchanged with? would you, what threats, direct threats? well, the voice within and what warnings were sent to, to the kremlin, and the warnings about the sections and whether these warnings about the tensions about heard by william. and of course, i think that kind of part of talk, although it's the oldest and potential top none, but the most of the national talk would be what you would do. and you
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decide that to, in the way the brain we see are these occasions as they are pre destined to be fruitless. since we think that we think associations are used by russia only to buy time in order to stop the military assistance from anita countries including the united states, canada, britain and other countries. and prevents this military assistance happen before ration there are and therefore we expect that to using these talks. the rest of us will see that the russians are now, i've always attacked your grade and that we expect that after these fruitless dogs and the level of military assistance, the brain would be increased and that it will be done very, very innovative manner. so i had heard out there a man is arrested in south africa in connection with the father destroyed the
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public building. and cato, how a centuries old technique is still be used in mountains in iraq to macon state paste. and we got whole coming up to a class depleted, barcelona managed to find out if victory ah, last year ended this year started across a good par here. pretty mild to be honest, new think from the way the classes moving. it will stay that way. whence winds coming from the west, north from the north, but it won't. there is a change on the horizon, not immediate for today and tomorrow. a good part of central and southern europe will be enjoying this sort of weather fall plus degrees above average. this stretches from spain, but across the balkans and through it's lead up through france. but the change is
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obvious from this line. it is a cold front and now starting to move south was behind. it would eventually reach, i think the northern part of italy. but it won't be on monday. you'll start to show itself on tuesday. in fact, the rain tends to snow of the high ground, the colder ground in spain, in the pyrenees, dividing spain from france. this is rain here because eventually things will happen . it wes in austria as an example is broken down to sub 0 weather with snow falling by wednesday. and it all starts up here the story whether the norwegian c catching iceland, dropping temperatures all way down to the british isles. so london goes from 16 to record on you used a down to 6 atomic get to tuesday, scandinavia not so badly affected. the big picture continues on wednesday. the cold flood sacks ah, from the world's most populated,
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recheck in den and untold stories across asia and the pacific. to discover the current events with diverse coaches and conflicting politics. one 0, one east. on al jazeera, the latest news as it breaks, a new management is added a boy of these giant jobs ross having more moving power is being able to extract more goal more quickly with detailed coverage. everywhere you look, there is this section. so survive, you're telling like will never be the same again for them from around the world. he fell to the ground and cried out. i'm going to prison. the question the jury has to decide now. he should she oh,
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a. are you watching out 0 reminder about tough story and see don's prime minister i've done the dock has resigned less than 2 months after he's signed to deal with military fuller. you cannot fail to form a government. he said, more talks to needed the countries to move towards to 1000000000 rule india, restarting, and campaign to vaccinate teenagers. gains code 19. the drive comes is only kron infections are rising. several regions have juice restrictions between time curfew and capital italy, an online news site in hong kong citizen use the shutting down as a 3rd media organization in the territory to close and recent month. media advocacy groups say chinese national security law, the routing press freedom. all right,
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let's revisit our top story the resignation by sue don's prime minister. it is another twist in the turbulent times, the countries going through 3 years ago and not rising force. the government from office began in december, 2018 protests over the rising cost of living, but as soon evolved into cause for an end to president obama alpha she has 30 year rule. well, in april 2019, he was overthrown by the military power sharing agreement was signed in august about yes, the doc was appointed prime minister lady a transitional counsel. in february, ham doc announced a cabinet re shuffle the face of protest against fuel in bread shortages. and then in october, last year, the military declared a state of emergency dissolving the interim government and arresting civilian leaders. since then, thousands of people have taken to the streets with dozens killed by security forces . while it my d bu is the founder and president of the sudan policy form. and he says,
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the military underestimate the consequences of its actions. this is, i don't know, this vacuum is likely to cause divisions along. this is william good for a long i don't believe that he planned for as of yesterday night. there are some serious, very agreements among the military officers, especially among the york that was holding the country. it seems that they have a consequences of the good italian self and they feel that they are now being secluded from international support from national and support. so in the coming few days, we are likely to see some these agreements among the media platform, but most likely that is going to be
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a unanimous agreement on the fact that it has to be a complete tcp abroad. and there is no room for the court of any ship in the city any more. a man is gee to appear in court in cape town on tuesday, charged with arson and damaging state property. detained inside south africa's parliament on sunday, as a building was badly damaged by a large fire. chilling wolf is more now from cape town, a national monument and symbol of south african democracy. up in flames. a fire tor through cape towns, buildings of parliament, sundays severely damaging the offices of south africa's ruling party and later spreading to the national assembly, south african president, several ram, oppose at calling it a devastating event. but insisting that the work of parliament must go on my chest . it is disappointing, devastating. there is something that we can be grateful for. for these men and
1:36 pm
women in uniform. go into the boat again that you can ever think of risking limb and i live the devastation occurred on the heels of the state. the funeral of archbishop desmond tutu held a day earlier, just streets away. the presidents and many of south africa, high ranking politicians already in the city to honor the anti apartheid heroes arch. would have been devastated as well. because this is the place that he not only supported paid for and wanted to see the repository of the democracy that worked so hard. dozens of firefighters spent whole sunday tackling the blades. police and medical units were also on standby, though no casualties were reported. that it's a very said
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a democracy condiment is the home of democracy and punishment is also assist d g, a key point. the national assembly is a symbol of south africa. democracy here is where the president deliver to the state of the nation address. and it's also where nelson mandela was elected as the 1st black president of south africa. of course, it's a place that attract tourists from all around the world. next month, president sterile rum, oppose is expected to deliver that state of the nation address. many might expect that this will no longer be the seen. the incidence igniting a long time debate to move parliament to the country's capital pretoria. bought for a place that serves such a pivotal role during south africa's apartheid era. that is a move many south africans feel which strike a painful cord. gillian wolf, al jazeera, cape town, the transitional government, and molly, once elections scheduled for next month to be postponed by up to 5 years. west
1:38 pm
africa is at regional launch. echo us had threatened further sanctions on officials in malia if there are more delays to his democratic transition toward can't be, has his report. ah, in downtown by mccomb orleans or absorbing the news, the elections they were promised next month aunt going to happen. a may note for up to 5 years, opposition leaders say the decision by the transitional government is unacceptable . it says bizarre sees, it will do to go holding meetings to say they want to be in power for 5 years. i think this is anti constitutional anti democratic and it hasn't got any legitimacy m o n gin to leader kindly, similar to the swooning, less july following to military coups in less than a year. he sought to unite volumes and said presidential elections would be held. but on thursday, a conference charged with recommending an election time table said the pole should
1:39 pm
be delayed by between 6 months and 5 years. go to support his agree now is not the time for elections. osgood was heavy laker is for a course in the garage. it jewish post electoral crises are more dangerous than the situation where in today because we've seen genocides, we've seen blood baths across the world. as today. i think we need carno to reassure the population here and elsewhere. life on the international community must understand that the lesser evil today is addressing the concerns of molly ins . tamara city, despite criticism of the interim government analysts say it has managed to bring some stability to molly. the government in, in, in, in, by marco is, is, to a large extent, it is step by it of every, every one. you just have to look at how the able to change you out on the, on the ground in a very incremental double, very steady. it basis the west african regional block equis is expected to discuss the situation next week. it's already imposed sanctions on officials and has
1:40 pm
promised more if molly's leaders don't produce a plan for a democratic transition, victoria gate and be al jazeera, a chinese probably john ever grind, heard suspend the trade the on hong kong stock market value plunged by more than 9 percent after it failed to pay investors on thursday, it has missed several payments in the past months. every grant owes more than $300000000000.00. that's more than any other property developer in the world. let's take this home. we can switch it to gal who's chair, professor at sutro university, joins us live from aging by skype, but misty are the implications of this if you will, could it impact the economy as a whole and indeed the well well, thank you very much for having me happy new year ever grant is the largest property developer in china, i am possibly in the world. and its debt, in total is also mind boggling. so it's restructuring, or reorganization or liquidation eventually will be painful for itself or its
1:41 pm
shareholders. for all the stakeholders of ever grant, because in not only has borrowing from banks, but also huge kinds of liabilities to its suppliers and also many ah, people who bought the apartments fryeburg grant have pre paid for their apartments . and their legal status is also very much in the label, so this will be a time consuming, very painful process even. ah, china. on the other hand, i think the debt encouraged by ever grant is mostly one on one debt. that is a debt between have a grant as a borrower versus it's lenders, a debt between ever been grant versus is a priors. and also problems between ever grant as the property developer versus its customers. now, in sharp contrast to the financial crisis in 2008, which was caused mostly by the sup crime, which is a derivative. aah!
1:42 pm
product is all too many financial institutions ever. grant's debt is mostly $1.00 0, $1.00 egg. and it could be more easily restructures, but even if it's, if it's happy restructure, what does that mean for the ordinary person? may many people to put like savings instead of a grown up mention exactly. as i mentioned, this will be a painful process, and it will be painful for not only the shareholders, but also the debt holders, and also the suppliers, and especially most hundreds of thousands of people who prepaid for the ever grant properties. this is truly oh, it will be a painful process and it will also hit many financial lenders as a 2nd wave in this fall down of ever grant. however, allow me to emphasize the debt, as i mentioned, is mostly one, no one. meaning, it is not a bronze out of proportion as a huge derivative bomb,
1:43 pm
which was the trigger for the international financial crisis in 2008. therefore, the fallout, whatever it is for ever grant will be more contained in china. it will not blow out into the financial a sector as well as into the consumer market as a whole, because it is not a hugely leveraged derivative product as it was the case in 2008. there has been a fall grove uncertainty. hasn't there ever ever grounds that crisis is a been to an extent so played up by the chinese government intentional? no, i don't think so. i think a few people originally expected that the total debt incurred by ever glad would be of such magnitude. mainly because ever grant of operates in all the 31 provinces autonomous regions. and mew, noisy palate is in china. and a normally,
1:44 pm
it is dealt with on a one hour basis. that is, each province or each city will deal with ever grant as a, a separate piece of the operation. however, if you put everything together in china, not only in the property sector, bugging the automobile sector, quite a few other sectors. for example. then if you see the total magnitude all the indebtedness by ever grant, it is a shocking dimension which takes many people, including the chinese government and the central government level, but also at the provincial and local government level almost by total surprise. therefore, no one wants to under estimate the magnitude of the indebtedness of ever grant. however, we also need to be very objective in terms of understanding what exactly is the nature of this fall out by ever grant and how to deal with these consequences and
1:45 pm
implications. ok for allow me to mention that while the process will be pain briefly if you were to be all contained and controlled. ok, victor, appreciate that thing together as being twist from raging. thank you. now strong earthquake has hit taiwan and magnitude $6.00 quake and struck off the eastern coast of the and from his could be felt in the capital taipei, there be no immediate reports of damage. canyon conservationist and fossil sciences, richard leaky, has died at the age of 77. his work helped to prove the humans fold in africa. oberon cooper says, report at the height of an elephant perch in crisis. and the 1980s, richard leaky organized a spectacular publicity stunt. as director of kenneth wildlife authority, he authorized 12 tons of confiscated elephant tests with millions of dollars to be burnt. although the practice was widely copied globally,
1:46 pm
critics had the ivory should have been sold to fund anti pitching efforts, weaken bone ivory and all these things. but unless we can persuade the public why we're doing it will be wasting of her ivory must be seen as only valuable if it's on an animal. it should not be ever seen as a valuable commodity for trade. but his implementation of a sheet to kill policy against aunt pushes made him powerful enemies. he lost both legs when the plain he was flying, crashed in the rift valley, in what he later said was a failed attempt to kill him. like his parents were, the world's most famous finders of ancient hammond had fossils continued their work . and it was in a dig in kenya's to corner region. in 1975 that lake, his team discovered an almost complete skeleton of an early human known as homo erectus. the find help prove humans evolved in africa. it sped, a lifelong campaign to preserve that corner region. it's
1:47 pm
a natural heritage site with evidence of pre history. not just of the ancestry of humanity that the irish history of the african foreigners, better represent there than anywhere in the world. look at him. he was less successful when he tried his hand at politics. in 1998, he resigned up to just 2 years from his position as the head of kenya's civil service. he had attempted a cracked and corruption. richard leaky was 77. to haney factories in northern iraq have been using the same traditional methods for hundreds of years. the dense paste is made from crushed sesame seeds grown by local farmers factory workers. so the labor intensive process creates a better quality products because it isn't made with preservatives. mahmoud of white has more now from northern iraq, in the far north of iraq said, hook province, an ancient im, super to amy and town now called on medea lies 1400 meters above sea level.
1:48 pm
the climate and soil conditions in the area are good for growing crops, especially sesame and my dear has been famous for its ta haney for centuries. with the staple food paced produced by traditional methods, sulaiman hussein's factory has been in the family for generations. he says it operates 7 months a year between october and june. that's the rainy season. when there is enough water and the currents are strong enough to turn the water mills barely ever scheduled are for or shade her dinner. the factory was mill was constructed 350 years ago, and it's still produced in the same tasty to haney. because we use locally grown, says may soaked in well water and roasted by firewood. made a little. after the dried, the seeds are put in a stone oven heated by firewood,
1:49 pm
then follows labor intensive is stirring process for a couple of hours to ensure that completely roasted a water mil driven grinder. then it turns them into a smooth paste. add the thick air when john i am to pay off. marya the grinders millstone is turned by hydro power. from underneath, the water cools off the millstone temperature, so that any seeds won't be burned. workers in this factory say they produce between $70.80 tons of to haney a year the highly as a favor full throughout the arab region. but for all my d at families, tradition of the haney is not only part of their diet, to faith, the called the widow in the mountains that will become part of their heritage. 80 years old has an o, my d says they've always depended on what they can grow and the area for their
1:50 pm
nutritional leads. as food security is a daily struggle. rather vargas, i talked to our founding fathers created this does to help them move round heights and valleys to work and farms as a child. i remember we use that as a dietary supplement to the people of, oh my dear, say proudly that customers from across iraq visit the town just to buy. it's a to haney, it's believe the 1st to haney walter mill was built by kurdish rulers in the 16th century. what's not known is how long traditional mills will keep running without the introduction of some modern technology. with abdougla had al jazeera in almighty a town noted in iraq, i still had her not for a contender for goal of the season in the premier league as chelsea fight back against title rivals. ah.
1:51 pm
ah me the
1:52 pm
america is a region of wonder, a joint tragedy of violence, but it doesn't matter where you are. you'll have to be able to relate to the human condition away. no country is a life and it's my job to shed light on how and why lou ah. okay, let's move on to the sport. has gemma. thank you, nick. we start with the premier league and chelsea for back from 2 goals down to drill tool with title rivals livable sadie a manet a pound on a chelsea mistake to give liverpool the lead after 8 minutes. that was the senegalese, like as a 1st come in. i mana and mohammed salah,
1:53 pm
both of the camry now for the africa conversations. aaliyah gyptian also signed off with a goal is he never boots to up but back came chelsea with a contender. such goal as this season. mateo coveted with a select hila valley and i did see one the difference or many black one. well, pretty special, wasn't it? and chelsea one level just 4 minutes later christian acute a sick completing the come back just before half time. it was out at least manchester city, a 10 points clearly the top of the table record finding rahman khaki was dropped for the game. after saying he was unhappy at chelsea in an interview. his boss will meet with him on monday to discuss his future and explained why he left him out. it's not chelsea like, but it's also not the worst thing in the room or not. it's not the 1st time that the interview all day or causes some, some noise and nobody needs. but we can handle it. i'm not,
1:54 pm
i don't you personally attacked and i don't feel like a personal angry, but the noise was too big on the loss. totally. the focus for the match need to talk and understand the situation better and, and from there we go. and once the situation is clear, he, he is no doubt that he will stay our player. the match also marked the start of a safe astounding trial in the premier league championship. more than 12000 spaces have been created at stanford bridge with high mount away funds by using the new area to watch. sundays game standing has been banned in england's top 2 divisions for almost 30 years, following the hillsburg off in 1989 which led to the deaths of 97 liverpool supporters. manchester united manchester city, putnam and caught us at the other clubs taken talk in the trial. liverpool why without manager you quote for that game off he tested positive because 19 but boss alaina we're missing is 17 players for that match with my ok; gt; current a virus and injuries ok should have a code his size efforts as high as a managed
1:55 pm
a one know, when the only goes to game just before time. awesome, an out one point was placed in the loop digital. the nfl is seen plenty of bizarre moments, but i'm turning brown's late. his behavior might be one of the strangest. the enigmatic wind receive of tom survey decided to abandon his team during the 3rd quarter against the new york jets brown. to pick up that on the sideline and removed his jazz the past before throwing his undershirt and gloves into the crowd, he then left the field while waving a piece assigned after the game balconies. keisha bruce area was in no need to talk about browns. on 6th, he is no longer a book, right? that's the story to talk about. you guys are when, after one day with everybody should find you know, hopefully do what they can to help them in ways that, that, you know, he really needs it and, you know, we all love them. we care about them deeply. you know, i think everyone should,
1:56 pm
should be very compassionate, empathetic toward, you know, some very difficult things that are happening. brady's comments were echoed by another nfl. great. michael straight have the super bowl which is concerned for brown's welfare. there is something wrong because this is not normal behavior and this is a man. this is not the 1st time we've seen something, not the 2nd time. this is the 3rd time and a lot of other things. i'm sure we may not know about it. i just hope that if there is, if he does need help, that he's able to get it because he had this been, had the family and a lot of people who have looked up to him or people who depend on him. and i just hope that he can get the people around him to support him because this is just not normal behavior. and i know a lot of people look go, oh it's great, it's funny been have great means out of this. but this about somebody's life is more than just a mean, and i know it looks like he let down his team, but obviously they're the bigger issue here that goes beyond if he plays football anymore, i just don't, don't want this to end in
1:57 pm
a way and was none of us are gonna enjoy. i want to say, you know, hopefully we can figured out have a better ending than what we've seen today. the antonio round drama overshadowed tampa bay's biggest comeback when of the season orchestrates, of course, and by tom brady. luckily as a child in debts why 14 full brady free the winning touchdown with less than 20 seconds alaina. the green bay packers will have a buy in the opening round of the playoffs off the secure and top spot in that conference with dallas losing earlier in the day, the package locked away, the number one siegel se with a 27 point one over the middle say to 5, and that was a scary moment for eagles, quarterback day and hudson, a small group of fans falling at philadelphia minute. washington has remained poised, helping support his back to their feet and some to heal for 20, for se with ester life. that's always bought for me from out of warmack's nights and kidding n b a well sound good. he's like his or inaction. i. jamie, thanks very much. they will see you later. thanks so much for that. so that's it
1:58 pm
for me in the class. this news hopefully will be right here with another half hour news. at cb like ah mm hm. and with this mold and 12000 migrants, mostly haitians in the candidate sprung up in the real texas over the last 2 weeks . they won't assign us, authorities are overwhelmed. this is just the latest flash point in a month long surge of people illegally crossing the border. and there's little in the camp for them. you can see that kind of thing. trying to trying to stop paying,
1:59 pm
getting back into the come up that they went across to maybe get through the site because there was enough food for them to be there in the car. we met nicholas on the mexican bank to the river, searching for food, a medicine for his family. he hadn't realized until we asked him about it. the us authorities rules are now flying haitians back home. there is no president, crime as high students can't go to school, there is no work. the economy is down, people can't put up with them. deportation is not good for us. frank assessments, this crisis continue to weaken a look. i shan't go even though perhaps he believed in the beginning that it was informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from the young people that he's one of the most of the things that come out of this critical debate. do you think that they should be facilitate? it's not showing. it's a gray. it's a really simple question. let's give samuel
2:00 pm
a child swans. the inside story on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what news here with news and kind of calls that matter to you, lou sedans, prime minister resigns, after failing to form a civilian government as protest grow against military rule. ah, to watching al jazeera alive from to how with me fully battle. also coming up, india begins, covered 19 vaccinations for teenagers as it struggles with rising infections of the army con, variance and avenues outlet in hong kong is shutting down, raising questions about.


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