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really simple question. let's give samuel tom swans, the inside story on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what and when can use and kind of force that matter to you. lou sedans prime minister resigned after failing to form a civilian government as protest grow against military rule. ah, you're watching al jazeera alive from to how with me fully by to bore. also coming up, india begins, covered 19 vaccinations for teenagers as it struggles with rising infections of the army con, variance, and avenues outlet in hong kong is shutting down, raising questions about the future of independent media. and how
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a centuries old technique is still being used in the rocky mountains to make a staple food. ah, thank you very much for joining us to dance. prime minister abdullah ham dock has amounts his resignation, throwing the country deeper into political uncertainty. he was arrested in october after a military takeover, but then reinstated, when he signed an agreement with general abdel for hon. but ham dogs been unable to form a guffman sentence says political deadlock threatens sedans, survival, heber morgan reports 2 weeks after the news of his intention to resign emery's and amidst a dead log between sedans, political parties, prime minister of the lamb, duke announced he was tapping down from his position, what amount was it, despite my efforts to achieve the necessary consensus to be able to deliver to our
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people on the promise of peace, justice, and no bloodshed that did not happened during the past few days. i met with all the civilian and military officials of the transitional council to explain and put the put shortage and historic responsibility in front of them. and following what i stated, i have decided to return to you on what you entrusted me with. sure. and i announced my resignation from the post of prime minister. 30 abdullah ham duke emerged as leader in 2019 after the overthrow of to dance authoritarian president amaral bush here. the country's main civil in coalition. the forces of freedom and change saw him duke as the man to help sudan transition from dictatorship to democracy. he had previously worked in the ministry of finance before taking up top jobs in the african development fund and serving as the deputy commissioner of the you and economic commission for africa. as prime minister ham doke oversaw
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a severe financial crisis during which inflation stored beyond 400 percent. but he still managed to and the civil conflict in various parts of the country with the uber peace agreement of october 2020. he also successfully lobbied the u. s. and the world bank to remove saddam from the list of sponsors of terrorism and convinced global financial institutions to provide debt relief and economic aid. but in october this year, the military lead by abdel for to helper hon. these a takeover, placing prime minister hm. duke, under house arrest and putting members of his cabinet, imprison a month later him duck was released and reinstated, after international condemnation of the coo, he then find a deal to form a government of technocrats sidelining political group. but many denise felt he had betrayed the revolution. his removal, as far as they're concerned, it was the last fig leaf that was covering this regime. and what remains is a full fledged military military dictatorship. so i think the international
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community will now will likely increase its pressure on the military regime with the hope of heating the demands of the city streets and installing a pull civilian rule demonstrations against the military and the deal have signed with them. have led to the killings of dozens of protesters by police and security forces. ham duke has been unable to stop the violence or install a government that would remove military interference. and now it is left with no choice but to concede defeat and resign. hebrew, morgan august 0, and let's get the latest now with home and van who's also in cartoon for as muhammad as the resignation of the prime minister, was expected. what's been the reaction? yeah, fully. we talked earlier today with the, with the resistance committees, those who are behind the protests in the states. and they told us that it doesn't
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mean much for them. if it means anything, it will, it will me more momentum for them more support in the, within the public opinion here. sedan, because during the last couple of weeks, some of them were saying, why shouldn't we give a chance to add the handbook in this new attempt to create the national consensus national reconciliation. this political deal, they will not united the dogs and probably that has affected their efficiency in the state to during the protest. now, there are things that education of prime minister, the handbook will mean that it will mean more unity among their frogs, of acts of the protesters. rel, staging, major protest tomorrow in under man, which was not on the shed. you will probably that's, that's a way of saying what happened only sentence our results and gives us more fuel for, for more protest. the other components of the political spectrum here. so than our meeting in various ways today,
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the party meeting this afternoon and also the the central committee of the forces of freedom and change the out of. so let me think today to, to come to a kind of reaction or decision about what happened the, the fact now is that there is more, what is expected today is more polarization in the scene, the political scene, because under the law duke was playing the role of the middle man between the bodies parties who were not willing to talk to each other was hoping to bring everybody to the the negotiation table to find a solution to the impulse. now that he resigned, there was no one in that position. and the expectation is that this will take some time before the, before a new prime minister is announced. there are already some speculations about some taken across people who have, you know, some of the ability capabilities of, of the la 100. but if the, if anyone is appointed by the federal hon or by any side,
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the other side will look at this person that are preventative, of the, of the opposing camp. and it's going to be very difficult for this is to find a replacement verizon for the handle. and that means more police station, more protests, and the need for more political will to find a solution. all right, thank you for that mom in my, for us in cartoon. yes, jose fighters say this, seized a united arab emirates ship. they confirmed hijacking the u. e. flags cargo vessel off the many portly of her data. the rebels say the vessel was carrying military supplies, but the sandy led coalition says, medical supplies one board. saudi arabia is leading a military coalition that's battled the whole thies for more than 6 years. in india is starting a campaign to vaccinate. 15 to 18 year olds against cove. 19 the expanded campaign
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comes as only corn infections are. rising. several regions have introduced restrictions and my time curfew has been imposed in the capital, new deli schools and public places there and in other states have closed happening . the town has mostly vaccination center in new delhi. and with that, another teenager has gotten their job. we're out of vaccination center in new delhi, which is dedicated to inoculating teenagers between 315 to 18 year old. that the age group that started getting their dues us today, it's a huge bracket, a population of about 70000000, a big expansion for in just vaccination. dr. i'm a big relief for parents and students who've had a particularly tough pandemic. schools in india have been the 1st shot and lost to open. in fact, as we speak, many schools were closed again. ask over 19 cases, started surging. as of now, this population is only getting co vaccine, which is it to job indian made vaccine given 28 days apart. i lot of restrictive
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and my family members told me to follow the goal and protocol properly. so i've been hired with my friends and get to watch movies in the hall. so yeah, i'm excited to go to my college campus. i didn't think there was any point we doing . we discuss it with the doctor as well. and they would have you been in the be to get it done as soon as possible. and it's just children starting next week. health go walkers and many people above 60, who have underlying health conditions will be eligible for booster shots. now as we speak, india is seeing a massive surge in coven 19 cases. largely fueled by the only crohn veteran, the hardest hit cities among by india, financial capital, which saw restrictions being tightened this weekend. new delhi has also seen cases surge, positivity rate is close to 5 percent. and as of now, schools, gyms and movie theaters are shot and restrictions have been placed on restaurants
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and public transport. the government says that hospitalizations though, remain low, and that cases have so far been mild and asymptomatic. state said they will look at these metrics hospitalizations and deaths to decide if new restrictions are to be placed near restrictions have started in the philippines capital as daily cove 19 cases continue to rise in person class, his contacts or send live performances, or band and capacity limits have been lowered for restaurants and businesses. barnaby. lo has more from manila, philippines, capital region metro. manila is back to strictly quarantine levels after cases of corporate 19 spike over the holidays. so from alert level 2, it's been raised to alert level 3. what this primarily means is that those age, 17 and under and those who are 60 years old and older are not allowed to leave their homes except for outdoor exercise or to go out and buy essential goods and
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access essential services. now there are discussions among local authorities about also restricting the movement of unvaccinated individuals. what was clear right now is that businesses are allowed to operate, but at a limited capacity, for example, restaurants are only allowed to accept customers at 30 percent. they're in capacity and at 50 percent, their outdoor capacity. businesses have only started to recover after the government east restrictions back in november. it is of course, a huge blow to to the business because for a monday, a, it is usually a full house at lunch. and on this is only the 1st day of a alert to have a 3 and, and you already have empty tables for lunch. now over the weekend, the health department officials also announced the detection of more on the current
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cases, a number of which were local cases, which means that these patients had no prior travel history. and they said that this means that there is high probability of global transmission back belt. secretary francisco lucas said that it is safe to assume that this new virus variant is already circulating in local communities. think courage, people to stay at home as much as possible. and get vaccinated. the philippines, vaccination rate remains below 50 percent. still ahead on al jazeera us present. joe biden reassured, support for ukraine, promising a decisive response if russia invade, said a man, is arrested in south africa in connection with a fight that destroyed the parliament building in cape town. ah, ah,
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look forward to brighter skies. the weather sponsored my cattle at ways. last winter, japan got a huge amount to snake and it's starting again, their warnings out effectively for blizzards in ha carter in the far north hung chew as this wind coming across the open water. the shows itself building into big snow showers. the air come stronger on is 13 and but i guess the tech is plus 12, so all of our energy has gone in to snow, shout. if you're not in japan, it's fine looking whether it's a bit wet in the middle of china. it is not particularly unusual. the ne monsoons of the bay of bangor means few showers in india, but they seem to be concentrating on sri lanka. in fact, much of the energy the atmosphere is then further west. it's been a very active frontal system. on tuesday, it brings heavy rain to the south of pakistan, probably anywhere in this valley. it could be sherry with snow in afghanistan and the north of pakistan, which eventually works across the border. so that could be showers in new delhi.
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for example, if you change the nature of the air, he caught dramatic change in the sky to be honest. that of course it starts the tail end of it means more potential flooding for the amber it's and for our mom followed by quite a strong shamal. this is the wind to wind blows out of a rock. as of the gulf states cooling things down, sometimes it's sandy. this one looks quite clear out the weather, sponsored by katara, always a sun. oh father, a mutual love of the arts. the stage is set to be more to lies, feeding memories or in a magical race against time. witness our time machine on a gina. ah
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oh, welcome back our top stories on al jazeera. so don's prime minister, abdullah ham dock has resigned. less than 2 months after he signed a deal with the military following a cool, i'm dog failed to form a government. he says more talks are needed. if so, don is to move towards the civilian role. humans huffy fighter say they've seized a united arab emirates ship off the port city of her data. the rebels say the vessel was carrying military supplies, went the sandy led coalition says medical supplies were on board. and india has started a campaign to vaccinate teenagers against grove. 19 the campaign comes as only corn
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infections are. rising, several regions have introduced restrictions including a nighttime curfew in the capitol. new death. in other world news and online new site in hong kong citizen use is shutting down. it comes amid what's being described as a government crackdown on descent. it is referred media organization in the territory to close in recent months. journalist set citizen use say they don't feel they can work safely. after colleague fatty separate pro democracy news outlets were arrested for sedition. brick. kenneth has more from hancock citizen use announced late on sunday night that after 5 years it would be closing down. citing the safety of its journalists. the media outlet described itself as a little boat facing tremendously rough seas. it comes less than a wake off to independent out the stand use close following a rate of its muse room and arrests of several people linked to that outlet. it closed down several hours after those actions were taken by national security place
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. now chris young, the founder of citizen knew said that although that outlet had not been contacted by national security police, it was impossible to continue. the indication is not clear that overall media is facing the increasingly tough environment. and for those who, who are being seen as a critical or trouble makers on they are more they are all one the revolt. so. ready this is the work we are facing. and i think that's why we made that decision. young said he hopes that young hong kong journalists won't be put off by the decision to close citizen you saying that there's still a role for journalists to play in the city. however, this is the 3rd outlet to shut down off to apple daily and stand news. and there are serious fears over whether other outlets will be able to survive in this intensified media environment. hong kong was once known as a thriving,
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vibrant hub for media outlets. but a chill has been sent through the industry since paging and post the security law in the city last year. the hong kong authorities, however, ab deny that there was a crack down in the city saying they are not targeting the media. chinese poverty giant ever grand, her suspended trading on hong kong stock market is value priced by more than 9 percent after it failed to pay investors. i'm very say it's missed several payments in a recent month. ever grand holes, more than $300000000000.00 as more than any other property developer in the wild. victor gao is chip o a professor at a, so chow university shares and a grant that will have huge repercussions for customers, but it does not believe it will affect the global economy ever. grant is the largest property developer in china and possibly in the world. and it's debt in total is also mind boggling. so it's restructuring,
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or reorganization or liquidation eventually will be painful for itself or its shareholders, for all the stakeholders of ever grant. because it not only has borrowing from banks, but also huge kinds of liabilities to its suppliers and also many ah, people who bought the apartments fryeburg grant have pre paid for their apartments . and their legal status is also very much in the label. so this will be a time consuming, very painful process ing ah, china. on the other hand, i think the debt incurred by ever grant is mostly one. no one debt. that is a debt between have a grant, has a borrower versus it's lenders, a debt between ever but grant versus is a briars, and also problems between ever grant as the property developer versus its customers . now, in sharp contrast to the financial crisis in 2008,
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which was caused mostly by the subscribe, which is a derivative ah, product, sol, to many financial institutions ever grants. debt is mostly $1.00 oh, $18.00. and it could be more easily restructures a man is due to appear in court in cape town on tuesday, charged with arson and damaging state property. he was detained inside south africa parliament on sunday, as the building was badly damaged by a large fire, gillian wolf, asthma from cape town, a national monument and symbol of south african democracy, up in flames. a fire tor through cape towns, buildings of parliament, sunday severely damaging the offices of south africa's ruling party and later spreading to the national assembly south african president cyril, where i'm opposed that calling it a devastating event. but insisting that the work of parliament must go on my chest
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. it is disappointing, devastating. there is something that can be grateful for men and women in uniform. go into the both dangerous places, but you can ever think of risking. i live in their lives. the devastation occurred on the heels of the state. funeral of archbishop desmond tutu held a day earlier, just streets away. the presidents and many of south africa, the high ranking politicians already in the city to honor the anti apartheid heroes porch would have been devastated as well. because this is the place that he not only supported paid for and wanted to see the repository of the democracy that he worked so hard. dozens of firefighters spent whole sunday tackling the blades. police and medical units were also on standby,
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though no casualties were reported. digits are very said a democracy, parliament is the home of democracy and fun. and this also assist d g, a key point. the national assembly is a symbol of south africa. democracy here is where the president deliver to the state of the nation address. and it's also where nelson mandela was elected as the 1st black president of south africa. of course, it's a place that attract tourists from all around the world. next month, president sterile rum, oppose is expected to deliver that state of the nation address. many might expect that this will no longer be the scene, the incidence igniting a long time to be, to move parliament to the countries capital per toria. but for a place that serve such a pivotal role during south africa, apartheid era that is a move many south africans few which strike a painful chord. chilling wolf,
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al jazeera cape town. at least 6 people have been killed in a suspected arshebra of attacking kenya. it happened in the coast, sol, lamar region that borders somalia, the county commissioner, so security forces are pursuing the attackers hoof also torched houses. the popular tourist destination has suffered frequent attacks by the al qaeda linked group. the u. s. president has reassured ukraine at washington will respond decisively if russia invade it. joe biden spoke where the bottom is uminski over the phone, renewing his support for ukraine. russia has mass thousands of troops near the border with ukraine. diplomatic talk seemed at diaz clayton crises will begin next week in geneva. john hendern has more from washington gen saki, the press secretary issued this statement, and she said, president biden made clear that the united states and its allies will respond decisively. if russia further invades ukraine, it goes on to say the leaders express support for diplomatic efforts,
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and there are a lot of diplomatic efforts going on in europe. this week there was a meeting between the 10th and the 13th rush will meet with the us. it will meet with representatives of nato and it will meet with representatives of european countries. all of that churning the diplomacy, trying to stop what seems like a pending invasion with a 100000 russian troops lining the border of ukraine, seemingly poise to invade. that statement goes on to say that indeed the president promised he would do nothing about you without you. meaning he's not going to have a bilateral conversation, which seems to be what the latter mere putin wants. he is trying to have a conversation about the fate of ukraine without necessarily involving that countries. it's biden who keeps bringing lensky in specifically. biden has threatened economic sanctions. he's threatened to bring more military might in the
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eastern part of europe under the auspices of nato. and more military equipment in ukraine itself. all of those are things that russia doesn't want. putin seems to want a buffer there any want to promise that ukraine will never become part of nato and biting his told him as a decision between ukraine and nato. petro book kosky, he's a senior fellow at the democratic initiative foundation, i think tank in key, as he says, negotiations are destined to fail. well, there is a principle established in 2015 that nothing about your grant is discussed behind the grain. and you, graham president, expects that the american president would share what information they exchanged with what threats, direct threats, voice by putting and what warnings were sent to, to the kremlin, and the warnings about the sanctions. and whether it be awarding about attention
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about, heard by william, of course, i think that comes to that. so part of talk, although it's the oldest international. none, but the most international talk would be what you would do you decide to in the way the brain. we see these occasions as they are predestined to be fruitless. since we think that we think associations are used by russia only to buy time in order to stop military assistance from a major countries, including the united states, canada, written and other countries. and prevents this military systems happen before russian. there are and therefore we expect that the human, these talks, the rest of the partners will see that the russians are now, i'm always attacked ukraine and that we expect that after these stocks at the level
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of military systems, the brain would be increased and that it will be done very, very, very manner to northern iraq. now, where to haney, factories have been using the same traditional methods for hundreds of years. the dense faced is made from crush sesame seeds grown by local farmers. factory workers say the labor intensive process creates a better quality product. mahmoud abdougla had, has more from northern iraq in the far north of iraq said, hook province, an ancient im, super to amy and town now called on medea lies 1400 meters above sea level. the climate and soil conditions in the area are good for growing crops, especially sesame and my dear has been famous for its to haney for centuries. with the staple food paste produced by traditional methods,
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sulaiman hussein's factory has been in the family for generations. he says it operates 7 months a year between october and june. that's the rainy season when there is enough water, and the currents are strong enough to turn the water mills, belyea rescheduled, are for or shade her dinner. the factory was mill was constructed 350 years ago, and it's still producing the same tasty to haney because we use locally grown, says may soaked and well water and roasted by firewood made. after the dried, the seeds are put in a stone oven, heated by firewood, then follows a labor intensive is stirring process for a couple of hours to ensure that completely roasted a water mil driven grinder then turns them into a smooth paste. add a thick air when john i am to pay off. marya the grinders millstone is turned by
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hydro power. from underneath, the water cools off the mill stones temperature, so that any seeds won't be burned. yordway's yacht workers in this factory say they produce between $70.80 tons of to haney a year. the highly favor full throughout the arab region. but for all, maria families, traditional to haney, is not only part of their dive to faith the whole, the weather in the mountains, little for become part of their heritage. 80 years old has an o, maddie says they've always depended on what they can grow and the area for their nutritional leads. as for security is a daily struggle. rather vargas, i her for our founding fathers, created this dish to help them move round heights and valleys. to work and farms to the child, i remember we used the as a dietary supplement. the people over my dear say proudly that customers from
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across iraq visit the town, just to buy it's a to haney. it's believe the 1st tiny, walter mill was built by kurdish rulers in the 16th century. what's not known is how long traditional mills will keep running without the introduction of some modern technology. madame de, we're had al jazeera in o, my dear town northern iraq. ah clare again, i'm fully back to bo. with the headlines on al jazeera, saddam's prime minister, abdullah ham dock has resigned less than 2 months after he signed a deal with the military following a cool. he failed to form a government. he says more talks are needed.


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