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apology, the listening post your guide to the media on a jessia. oh, you want to help save the world oh, sneeze into your elbow, m o n mm. as the only crime variant drives a surgeon infections worldwide, india begins code 19 vaccinations for teenagers. ah, lauren taylor, this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up through the fighter sees a united arab emirates, congo ship of yemen, saying it was carrying weapons. a sandy led coalition says only medical equipment was on board. and other news outlet shuts down in hong kong, citing the safety of its staff,
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raising fit for the future of the independent media in the territory. and richard leaky has died. trailblazing conservationist launched a crackdown on ivory purchase in kenya, and helped to prove that humans evolved in africa. ah, hello as the army cranberry drives the surgeon infections worldwide, a dramatic milestone has been reached. at the start of the 3rd year of the pandemic, the world health organization logged more than a 1000000 cases in new figures. for december, the 29th alone, the 1st time that number's been passed in one day. but as that came after christmas, it could include several days worth of infections for some nations. nonetheless, cases are definitely rising quickly, doubling in the u. s. over the past week to more than 400000 a day as regulators, they approved booster shots for children as young as 12. on an india cases are up
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nearly 3 fold and just the past week to more than 18 and a half 1000 a day. as nearly 4000000 teenagers vaccinated on monday, have me tell has the latest on that from any. and with that, another teenager has gotten their job where the vaccination center in new delhi, which is dedicated to inoculating teenagers between 15 to 18 year old. that is, that started getting that today, it's a huge bracket, a population of about 70000000, a big expansion for in just vaccination drive. and a big relief of parents and students who have had a particularly tough fun damage. schools in india have been the 1st shot and last to open. in fact, as we speak, many schools will close again. us cove, in 1900 cases, started surging. as of now, this population is only getting cool vaccine, which is it to job engine made vaccine given 20 a days apart. i have a lot of restrictions on my family members to redefine the goal with the goals
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properly. so i didn't go with my friends and get to watch movies in the hall. so yeah, i'm excited to go to my goal is to i. ringback didn't think there was any point waiting. we discussed it with a couple of doctors as well and able to pin in and we could get it done as soon as possible. and it's not just children starting next week, helping walkers and many people about 60 who have underlying health conditions will be eligible for booster shots. now, as we speak, india is seen a massive surge in covey. 900 cases, largely fueled by the only con variant, the heart of hits cities are moved by india financial capital, which saw restrictions being tightened this weekend. new delhi has also seen cases . such positivity rate is close to 5 percent. and as of now, schools, gyms and movies here does a shot and restrictions have been placed on restaurants and public transport. the government says that hospitalized zation, those remain low, and that cases have so far been miles. and them to magic state say they will look
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at these metric hospitalization and us to decide if new restrictions ought to be place. restrictions have been re imposed in the philip is capital is daily cove 19 cases continue to rise in person classes, contact sports, and life performances. a band and capacity limits have been lowered for restaurants and businesses on to below has more from manila, philippines, capital region metro. manila is back to strictly quarantine levels after cases of corporate 19 spike over the holidays. so from alert level 2, it's been raised to alert level 3. what this primarily means is that those age 17 and under. and those who are 60 years old and older are not allowed to leave their homes except for outdoor exercise or to go out and buy essential goods and access essential services. now there are discussions among local authorities about also restricting the movement of unvaccinated individuals. what,
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what's clear right now is that businesses are allowed to operate, but at the limited capacity, for example, restaurants are only allowed to accept customers at 30 percent, they're in lord capacity and at 50 percent, their outdoor capacity businesses of only started to recover after the government east restrictions back in november. it is of course a huge blow to to the business because for a monday and it is usually a full house at lunch. and this is only the 1st day of a alert devil 3. and we already have mp tables for lunch. now over the weekend health department officials also announced the detection of more on recorded cases, a number of which were local cases. which means that these patients had no prior
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travel history. and they said that this means that there is high probability of local transmission that felt secretary francisco. lucas said that it is safe to assume that this new virus barrier is already circulating in local communities. encourage people to stay at home as much as possible and get back to needed. the philippines, vaccination rate remains below 50 percent. the u. k. prime minister says the countries health service will be under considerable pressure in coming weeks, as it grapples with surging case numbers that burst, johnson says they wouldn't be new restrictions either. european nations consider making their responses stronger. or challenge reports from london. pupils return to english schools on tuesday after the christmas break. and the head teacher at richard challenge school in south west london is worrying about staff absences that had forced off email me saying they'll be in isolation. that beginning a turn. now we can manage that, but if that becomes 10 staff, 12 staff, we got huge problems and not for the 1st time in the pandemic. english schools are
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implementing last minute policy directors from the government, all high school students miss now wear masks in classrooms. i like all the other teachers around the country found out about when mastering classrooms for lessons. when we read the national newspapers on sunday morning, which is appalling in my view, how is it that the press know what is going to go on in the classroom for her teachers? we've been briefed on that, but this is the only real tweak to paris johnson's omicron campbell, while scotland, wales, and northern ireland all brought in restrictions before christmas. the prime minister chose not to you for england. he sticking with his decision, the way full for the country as a whole is to continue with the path that where all the gamble is that vaccine coverage and on the crowns, relative mountainous will prevent the health service from being overwhelmed. but even forest johnson recognizes its not looking good. the pressure on our, in a chest on our hospital is going to be considerable in the course the next couple
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of weeks. a may be more because there's no question on the car, continues to, to search through the country elsewhere in europe with the new here come new set france, who's going ahead with measures announce last week a 3 day work from home rule for those you can big public gatherings limited for 3 weeks, and parliament is debating a change to frances health pos. only the vaccinated would be allowed in restaurants, cafes and more. the health minister condemned alleged death threats from anti vaccination activists. now the you let us not lose sight of the fact that the objective of this law is not to restrict individual and collective liberties of french people. the objective of this law is to save lives up. if it is to protect our hospitals and relieve the workload of our health workers for your help. and despite opposition from some politicians, the backing of several parties means the lower house will likely pass. the bill will reach helen's out 0. ah,
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yemen, sushi fighters said if she is a united arab emirates ship and the red sea, the group has confirmed the hijacking of the u. e flagged vessel in waters off the coast to the you have any port city of her data. rebels say the ship was carrying military supplies, but that's disputed by the saudi led coalition, which says medical supplies were on board. saudi arabia is leading a miniature courtesan as battle. the who these for more than 6 years ma'am de la tamp, has more from seller. we couldn't tell. oh exactly. he's telling the truth of the how these military spokesperson, they are said during his pressure, has revealed some pictures that he said, show the the u. e flagged cargo cargo ship a carrying weaponry, armored vehicles, and also a marine boats. but we couldn't confirm such pictures that had been revealed by the
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how the spokesperson also the year. these are the other side or the high quality. and they're saying that it was carrying medicines or, or other civilian stuff. the, the situation is really developing rapidly. the whole, these are during his, the pressure during the pressures explained about the operation, how, how they have conducted this operation of the, the cost of alpharetta, where the have money to come to this ship according to the statement of the how these are a spokesperson. he says that the have kept monitoring this ship for in their for weeks, according to him, and also the, the, the, via the, the ag kick used it all for carrying out style activities. and the along the with c . she don's military leader is calling for an urgent caretaker government and new measures to deal with demonstrations calling resignation of prime minister abdullah
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hun doc pro democracy groups say they're planning fair. the protests on tuesday and doug was unable to form a government and says political deadlock threatens she down, survival. he was arrested in october after i met you take her there. but then reinstated, when he signed an agreement with general abdel fatter as were hand, i'm a val is falling developments from the capital coach in law. we know that the year resistance committees are, have expressed a they are non concern about the recognition of her primary sobbed, the lamb duke. they said it has nothing to do with the process of, of revolt against the military and that program of protests. and they are going to state a major protest tomorrow at the beginning they said it will be only an on demand, but now it is going to spread across cartoon. the other committees are announcing that they will participate in this sir. nationwide protest. it has, it has not been shuttled before, but this is a sign for them of you know,
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moment and that they say they are gaining. they said that his nation of prime minister, abdullah ham look only strengthens there are stars and shows that they are on the right path. they have called on the sudanese to join the revolt and the protest. but now all the, the, the committees are united and they are even hoping that the other political entities in the country will join them because there are no other options. according to them. they have the, the, the, to the, they have always been adopting this very radical stars, no negotiations, no compromise. the only solution for sedan is the complete withdrawal of the military from power and allowing the civilians to rule the country. sudan is now facing only 2 options, either a continuation of protest, more bloodshed, more people being killed, or they sit around the negotiation table and try to find a solution. but that is a long process. still to come, lawyers for britons,
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prince andrew say a document made public by new york court releases him from a sexual abuse. lawsuit burned out and now covered in snow. scientist blame climate change. colorado is winter wildfires. ah hello there. the unseasonably mild weather across europe has been dominating a story in recent days, but there's a change to come. it is going to get colder and that's thanks to cold air behind these waves of wet and wintry. whether they're gonna bring temperatures down to get across central and northern areas. but there's a lot of mild and settled whether to be found in the south across the mediterranean, and the iberian peninsula, with temperatures in places like malaga well above the average. by the time we get into the mid week, however, that changes it is going to get colder. and we've got that wet weather pulling in
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across northern areas of spain into southern fronts where we have seen flooding in recent weeks. we could see more of that. now across the alps, there's more heavy snow to come on wednesday. it's gonna get wetter in northern areas of italy, but it remains while the settled for the east to this for the balkans and greece, the temperature in athens well above the average. now the temperatures are going to come down, however, across that northwest corner for britain and island, it's settled with sunshine, but we're gonna have wintery waves move in. by the time we get to the weekend, the scandinavia it's business. as usual for winter. it is gonna pick up that temperature in moscow, we will see some snow, but it's not going to be as bitterly cold as it has been. ah, a rite of passage preserved through the generation. my cousin was laying down there until was claiming she was helpless. the woman who after indoors as go through
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a cycle of paint for what fatima naive meets the women affected by f g m. and those re shaping perception. do you think people will abandon the sir eventually about to lose take algae 0 correspond because oh and one of the top stories here longer 0 cove cases in india are up nearly 3 fold in the past week. the country has begun to vaccine nation campaign of 15 to 18 year olds, with nearly 4000000 teenagers vaccination on monday. yemen who fight to say they've
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seized a united arab emirates ship in the red sea. the rebel say the ship was carrying military supplies for the saudi lead, kurdish, and that says medical supplies, wrong board sedans, military leaders, calling for an urgent caretaker government, a new measures to deal with demonstrations following the resignation of prime minister, abdullah ham dog per democracy group say they're planning further protests on tuesday. a legal agreement between sex offender, jeffrey epstein and prince andrews accuser, virginia defray, has been made public. the documents were released autrand order by judges in the us . they revealed, jeffrey was paid $500000.00 as part of the deal. she launched a civil case against prince andrew accusing him of sexual assault when she was 17. but prince andrew lawyers had argued the 2009 settlement could release him from liability in the case. he has consistently denied the claims kristen through me georgias live from new york. christian warden is unseal documents,
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reveal it. and what is the significance for prince andrew? well, in addition to the amount of the settlement a half $1000000.00, which is considerably less than what was speculated publicly in the media, an amount of 2000000 dollars to settle her claims against jeffrey epstein. the document includes wording a clause that precludes chip fray from taking legal action against, quote, any other potential defendants. a very broad and general claim, but one that her lawyers argue prevents her from taking action against prince andrew. he is not mentioned by name, nor as anyone else in this document, but it comes at a critical time as the lawyers for prince andrew are preparing to argue on tuesday . this this case, as well as other arguments to get the crace thrown out of court. they are saying
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that she has no, they're also saying that she has no jurisdiction, us courts have no jurisdiction to take up this matter because they, sage, afraid, now, lives in australia. so it is out of their jurisdiction. the judge will have to decide on these issues on tuesday, and it's a critical point for prince andrew because should he lose these arguments? he will be forced to begin turning over the evidence. they will enter the discovery phrase. and these arguments will go from procedural arguments to more substantive ones. and he'll be forced to hand over information like where he was on the nights . these assaults allegedly take place, he's denied that they have taken place. he's providing an alibi. does that alibi stand up when they check in with his staff? does he have a medical condition? his claim that he can't sweat. and so that the accusations and the descriptions of
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jaffray of an a night at a nightclub where she was abused, are patently false. well now they can subpoena his medical evidence as well. so we're heading into a critical phase and that's what this signifies. christine, really thank you very much. need the fire at south africa's parliament building in cape town has flared up again just hours after seemingly being brought under control. far to fight as i once again battling the flames and smoke at the national assembly building. these are pictures from iran at the scene and the far initially broke out early on sunday morning and as cause extensive damage including the roof . caving in partially a man, as you to appear in court on tuesday, charged with austin. one of the last remaining independent publications in hong kong has announced it will close from tuesday, citing the deteriorating media environment and safety of its staff. a closure of citizen news comes out. last week's raid and arrests at stan news and the force
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closure of apple daily last year. rick clinic reports from hong kong in hong kong stringing media space. another loss in a statement on social media independent online, new site citizen, you said it would stop operating from tuesday, saying it needed to ensure the safety of its staff. it described itself as a little boat in the middle of tremendously rough seas. that announcement came less than a week after stan use announced it would close down. i was off to the independent publication, had been rated by police, and 7 people were arrested. in october, hong kong security bureau accused citizen news is misleading its readers when reporting that free speech was no longer guaranteed under the national security law . found a chris young settle, those who just didn't use not being contacted by national security police. it was impossible for the small outlet to continue. overall media is facing a face and increasingly tough environment for those who are being seen as
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critical or troublemakers. they are more wonderful. young said he hoped young hong kong journalists wouldn't be put off saying there's still a role for media to play in the territory. a sentiment echoed by other journalists, full. c'mon, doyle. they have been a lot of media workers who express their sadness on social media. and i don't think we are the only ones who started in this industry. there were still a lot of journalists who are willing to try hard. i still have the hold and citizen uses the 3rd outlet to shut down off to stand news. and hong kong. last pro democracy paper, apple daily that was forced to close in june last year after tacit, was seized and found a jimmy lie. arrested. authorities have also blocked programs on public broadcast, the radio, television, hong kong, and issued directives to stuff. it's now uncertain how remaining outlets, including hong kong free press can survive. the decision by citizen used to close
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is another sign that the media environment here is becoming increasingly difficult . yet hong kong authorities have repeatedly rejected claims of a crackdown. thank they are not targeting the media. journalism is not sedition, but seditious action activities and inciting other people through public action activities could not be con, don't. under the guise of news reporting, hong kong chief secretary john les criticized a recent editorial published in the wall street journal title. no one is safe in hong kong, saying that recent arrests had nothing to do with me. freedom. hong kong was once known as a vibrant hub for media outlets, but a national security law imposed on the region in 2020 has changed that and left. many fearing independent journalism is being crushed. brit cleansers al jazeera hong kong. well then 20000 people in indonesia had been forced to flee their homes after days of torrential rain. several districts in north archie have been
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inundated authority. say one child has died. residence waded through streets, salvaging what they could from their homes vacuum. she shelters have been set up by the regional government and many say they haven't received any aid. the flood waters have kept rising. i've already been out at my house, it's up to my chest. most of the houses in my area in our data for the moment we are taking shelter in a construction site. but even when we haven't received any help, molly's opposition coalition is rejected plans by the transitional government to delay scheduled elections by up to 5 years. the national committee for the salvation of the people described the decision as unilateral and unreasonable and in violation of the transition charter west africa regional alliance echo us has threatened further sanctions on officials. in molly, if there are more delays, twist democratic transitions. victoria gave me reports ah,
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in downtown by mccomb orleans or absorbing the news, the elections they were promised next month aunt going to happen and may not for up to 5 years. opposition leaders said the decision by the transitional government is unacceptable. for a bizarre sees, it will do to go holding meetings to say they want to be in power for 5 years. i think this is anti constitutional anti democratic and it hasn't got any legitimacy am and gingerly to turn the semi boy to the swooning last july. following 2 military coups in less than a year, he sought to unite mullins and said presidential elections would be held. but on thursday, a conference charged with recommending an election time table said the pole should be delayed by between 6 months and 5 years. go to supporters. agree now is not the time for elections? osgood was heavy lakers for a course in the garage doers post electoral crises are more dangerous than the
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situation we're in today because we've seen genocide, we've seen blood baths across the world. and today i think we need carno to reassure the population here and elsewhere in larger funds. the international community must understand that the lesser evil today is addressing the concerns of molly and lisa maurice, who didn't dislike criticism of the interim government. analysts say it has managed to bring some stability to molly. begotten indian by marquiz is to a large extent, it is step by it of every, every one. you just have to look at how to enable to change you out on the, on the ground in a very increment, double base teddy. it baez's the west africa regional block equis is expected to discuss the situation next week. it's already imposed sanctions on officials and has promised more if molly's leaders don't produce a plan for a democratic transition. victoria gate and be al jazeera of to hurricane force winds spot destructive fires in the u. s. state of colorado. a winter storm has now
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hit just days later. the wildfires destroyed nearly a 1000 homes and 2 people remained missing. santas it say the extreme weather is due to climate change, nor about manly as will charge remnants from people's lives peak through a blanket of snow. a winter storm hit, colorado's boat county, days after fire had engulfed entire neighborhoods. the fire began in northern denver and within hours that destroyed a 1000 homes of the sweeping through superior town and the city of louis, still, you know, these quiet little blocks were kids play did this look resident and his dog. we're lucky not to lose their home. walking through that devastation yesterday was on one hand, hard breaking because you know, there people lost, ah, there. they're all their, their belongings,
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their memories that were in those homes, families that were raised there us present. joe biden has offered funds to help with the recovery, and the county sheriffs, as such, is continuing the victims. the scenes are still hot. there still, you know, deep in debris, hot debris cover was snow. so as a very difficult task assigned to say, unusual weather had a domino effect early trench or rain let to prairie gross, his growing hide. a dry winter, turned the ground to kindling and powerful winds down, power lines igniting the grass. they blame climate change. this kind of event that happens in december with a lot of rain to increase fuels early in the year and then no rain later in the year. that drives them out is very much associated with climate change. some lives have been lost and thousands more appended. if climate change is to blame many will
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question, how can they prevent this destruction from recurring in the future? laura, but manly, on to sarah. well known conservationist and fossil scientists, richard leaky, has died. age 77. his work shed new light on the scientific understanding of human evolution. he also had campaigns to stop poaching in kenya, in an eye catching manner. oberon, gopher has more at the height of an elephant poach in crisis. and the 1980s, richard leaky organized a spectacular publicity stunt. as director of kenneth wildlife authority, he authorized 12 tons of confiscated elephant tests with millions of dollars to be burnt. although the practice was widely copied globally, critics had the ivory should have been sold to fund anti poaching efforts. we can burn, i read and do all these things, but unless we can persuade the public why we're doing it will be wasting offer.
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ivory must be seen as only valuable if its own animal. it should not be ever seen as a valuable commodity for trade. but his implementation of a sheet to kill policy against aunt pushes made him powerful enemies. he lost both legs when the plain he was flying, crashed in the rift valley, in what he later said was a failed attempt to kill him. leak, his parents were the world's most famous finders of ancient hammond had fossils continued their work. and it was an a dig in kenya's to corner region and 1975 that leak. his team discovered an almost complete skeleton of an early human known as homo erectus. the find help prove humans evolved in africa. it's paid a lifelong campaign to preserve the to corner region. it's an actual heritage site with evidence of pre history. not just of the ancestry of humility that the irish
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history of the african foreigners, better represent there than anywhere in the world. he'll get them. he was less successful when he tried his hand at politics. in 1998, he resigned after just 2 years from his position as the head of king of civil service. he had attempted a cracked and corruption, richard leaky was 77. ah, 4 as we can use on our 0 cobit cases in india or up nearly 3 fold in the past week . several regions of introduced restrictions and a night time curfew has been imposed in the capital new delhi. the countries began a campaign of vaccinating 15 to 18 year olds, with nearly 4000000 teenagers vaccinated on monday. have new metal as more from a vaccination center in new delhi. it's a huge bracket, a population of about 70000000, a big expansion for india as.


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