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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 4, 2022 1:00am-1:31am AST

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we go back to home, where it all began and investigate how far we've come since the pandemic, january on a just a, you know, a as the micron variant drives a global surgeon infections, india begins covered 90 vaccinations for teenagers. ah, lauren taylor. this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up. goofy fighters sees a united arab emirates cargo ship of yemen, saying it was carrying weapons. a saudi led coalition says only medical equipment was on board. the resignation of sedans, prime minister, leaves the military and full command as the street protests against their
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repressive policies shown, no signs of abating. and another news outlet shuts down in hong kong, citing the safety of its staff and raising fears for the future of the territories, independent media. ah and o as the o micron variant drives a surgeon infections worldwide. a dramatic number has been reached. as the 3rd year of the pandemic begins, the world health organization logged more than a 1000000 cases in new figures for december 29th alone. the 1st time that number has been passed in a day. as that came after christmas, it could include several days worth of infections for some nations. none the less cases are definitely rising quickly, doubling in the u. s. over the past week to more than 400000 a day as regulators, their approved booster shots for children as young as 12. while in india, cases are up nearly 3 fold and just the past week to more than 18 and
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a half 1000 the day, nearly 4000000 teenagers were vaccinated on monday, have natal has more on that from new delhi. and with that, another teenager has gotten their job, were the vaccination center in new delhi, which is dedicated to inoculating teenagers between 15 to 18 year old. that's the age group that started getting that today. it's a huge population of about 70000000, a big expansion for in just vaccination drive, and a big relief of parents and students who've had a particularly tough fun damage. schools in india have been the 1st shot and last to open. in fact, as we speak, many schools were closed again. over $900.00 cases started surging. as of now, this population is only getting cool vaccine, which is a to job engine made vaccine given 20 a days apart. i have a lot of restrictions on my family members to me to for the goal with the goals properly. so i didn't go with my friends and get to watch movies in the hall. so
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yeah, i'm excited to go to my goal is to i didn't think there was any point waiting we discussed with the couple of doctors as well. and they would've been in that we could get it done as soon as possible. and it's not just children starting next week, helping walkers and many people about 60 who have underlying health conditions will be eligible for booster shots. now, as we speak, india is seen a massive surge in covey. 900 cases, largely fueled by the army con variant. the heart of hits cities are mom by in the financial capital, which saw restrictions being tightened this weekend. new delhi has also seen cases such positivity rate is close to 5 percent. and as of now, schools, gyms and movies here does a shot and restrictions have been placed on restaurants and public transport. the government says that hospitalized zation, those remain low, and that cases have so far been myers and them to magic. they say they will look at
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these metrics, hospitalization, and death to decide if new restrictions ought to be placed. restrictions have been re imposed in the philippine capitol as daily cove. 19 cases continue to rise in passing classes, contact, sports, and life performances. a band and capacity limits have been lowered for restaurants and businesses fall below has more from manila, philippines, capital region, metro. manila is back to stick their quarantine levels after cases of corporate 19 spike over the holidays. so from alert level 2, it's been raised to alert level 3. what this primarily means is that those age 17 and under. and those who are 60 years old and older are not allowed to leave their homes except for outdoor exercise or to go out and buy essential goods and access essential services. now there are discussions among local authorities about also restricting the movement of unvaccinated individuals. what was clear right now is
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that businesses are allowed to operate, but at the limited capacity, for example, restaurants are only allowed to accept customers at 30 percent, they're indoors capacity, and at 50 percent, their outdoor capacity. businesses have only started to recover after the government east restrictions back in november. it is of course, a huge blow to to the business because for a monday and it is usually a full house at lunch. and this is only the 1st day of an alert to have a 3, and we already have empty tables for lunch. now over the weekend, the health department officials also announced the detection of more on recruit cases, a number of which were local cases, which means that these patients had no prior travel history. and they said that
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this means that there is high probability of level transmission that health secretary francisco. lucas said that it is safe to assume that this new virus barrier is already circulating in local communities. encourage people to stay at home as much as possible and get fascinated. the philippines vaccination rate remains below 50 percent. the u. k. prime minister says the country's health service will be under considerable pressure in coming weeks as it grapples with surging case numbers. but bars, johnson says there won't be new restrictions while other european nations consider making their responses stronger. returns reports from london, pupils return to english schools on tuesday after the christmas break. and the head teacher at richard challenge school in south west london is worrying about staff absences of her for stuffing. the me saying they'll be an ice lation of beginning a turn. now we can manage that, but if that becomes 10 staff or 12 staff, we've got huge problems and not for the 1st time in the pandemic. english schools
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are implementing last minute policy directors from the government, all high school students miss. now, where mosques in classrooms. i like all the other teachers around the country found out about when mastering classrooms for lessons. when we read the national newspapers on sunday morning, which is appalling in my view, how is it that the press know what is going to go on in the classroom for her? teachers have even been briefed on that. but this is the only real tweak to paris johnson's omicron campbell, while scotland, wales, and northern ireland all brought in restrictions before christmas. the prime minister chose not to you for england. he sticking with his decision wakeful for the country as a whole is to continue with the path that where all the gamble is that vaccine coverage and on the crowns, relative mountainous will prevent the health service from being overwhelmed. but even forest johnson recognizes is not looking good. the pressure on our, in a chest on our hospitals is going to be considerable in the course the next couple
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of weeks and a may be more because as there's no question on the car, continues to, to search through the country elsewhere in europe with a new here come new set france, he's going with measures announced last week a 3 day work from home rule for those who can big public gatherings limited for 3 weeks. and parliament is debating a change to frances health pulse. only the vaccinated would be allowed in restaurants, cafes, and more. the health minister condemned alleged death threats from anti vaccination activists. non billable beg of you let us not lose sight of the fact that the objective of this law is not to restrict individual and collective liberties of french people. the objective of this law is to save lives up as it is to protect our hospitals and relieve the workload of our health workers. ronnie, then despite opposition from some politicians, if the backing of several parties means the lower house will likely pass, the bill will reach helen's out 0. ah,
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yemen hootie fighters say they've seized a united arab emirates ship in the red sea. the group has confirmed the hijacking of the u. a flagged vessel in waters off the coast of the jamini port city of her data. the rebels to the ship was carrying military supplies, but thus disputed by the sandy led coalition, which says medical supplies were on board. saudi arabia is leading a military coalition. that's battle. the who sees for more than 6 years. i haven't de la tab has more from santa we couldn't tell. oh exactly. he's telling the truth of the how these military spokesperson, they are said during his pressure, has revealed some pictures that he said, show the, the, the u. e flagged cargo cargo ship a carrying weaponry or armored vehicles, and also a marine boats. but we couldn't confirmed such pictures that had been revealed by
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the how the spokesperson also the year. these are the other side or the high quality. and they're saying that it was carrying medicines or, or other civilian stuff. the, the situation is really developing rapidly. the whole, these, during his, the pressure during the pressures explained about the operation. how, how they have conducted this operation of the, the, the cost of an hernida, where the have monitor kept to this ship according to the statement of the how these are the spokesperson. he says that the have kept monitoring this ship for in their for weeks, according to him, and also the, the, the, the, her, the, the ag kick used it all for carrying out hostile activities. and the along the red sea sedans, military leaders, calling for an urgent can take a government and new measures to deal with demonstrations. if far as the
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resignation of prime minister abdullah, one dog who says political deadlock threatens to don survival pro democracy groups say they're planning further protests on tuesday. but morgan reports from the capital coaching. ah, these people have recently heard prime minister at the lam doke the 1st to hold the position following sedans. 2018 revolution has resigned and many in the country are divided on his departure is developmental because a lot of good hum, dogs departures a big loss to the nation. i mean, like, he had made a lot of achievements and brought progress to saddam. but the military with the reason he was unable to move forward on so many issues, the military is the reason with his christ of i think we talked about it and it doesn't make a difference of just like he doesn't make a difference if he stays no got hum dog no longer serves the demand of the people on the street. so he legitimized a takeover and blessed what they have done. and this was much less than what the people of sued on have been calling for him. doff was torn in in 2019 after the overthrow of long time president amaral bashir. he was picked by the coalition
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known as the forces of freedom and change to lead to dance transition to democracy . the coalition represented the protest movement that lead anti government demonstrations against bashir as government. but impulse to month, the coalition has been divided. that became the basis for the military to stage a takeover in october. placing ham duke under house arrest and putting members of his cabinets in prison, a month later he was released and then find a deal to form a government of technocrats side lining political groups. when he 1st took office ham dogs, popularity was high among the protest. this and when he was closed under house arrest during the military takeover, many regarded him as a symbol of civilian rule. but the deal he signed with the military in november made him lose support of not just the protest movement, but also of the political parties that brought him to power. some activists, c. m duke's resignation could be in the interest of the process movement. now that hum dock has step down, they realize that they need to get their houses into order. they need to get their,
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you know, they need to get everything organized, a need to start from scratch. and i think also the military side needs to understand that the people will knock that up. i don't have cited lack of consensus among political policies as a reason for stepping down. and as the political parties remain at odds, there's little hope of both coming together to name someone to replace him. he but morgan august 0. david chin is a former senior us diplomat into john. he says della has lost confidence in his position and the transition to civilian rule could not be more difficult. i think he concluded that he was not able to. ready advance the process of moving towards the civilian government. he had lost the confidence of many of the protesters in the street, not all of them, but enough of them that he, he was personally concerned that he just wasn't serving the useful purpose anymore . and he probably doubted the seriousness of the military we haven't moved forward
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with a civilian government. the question is whether the military is serious about moving forward towards the civilian government. and i think there are serious questions about that at the moment. there is no obvious. ready candidate out there the, the party was, had already expressed a position to even unbox return. and he made a very honest effort to, to work with the military and moved towards the civilian government. if they can find someone better than dark, i have no idea who would be still to come on al jazeera, for the 2nd time in as many days. flames tear through south africa's parliament. and it's been longer than usual count down to the africa cup of nations. another fresh doubts over its future. ah
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hello there, there's a lot of heat lingering across australia at the moment. plenty of dry weather with sunshine it's to be found. but within a few storms and showers popping off across that top and the wet and windy weather is well pulling in closer to that eastern coast. thanks to form a cyclone set. but we're expecting showers in brisbin. nothing too dramatic. the wetter weather can be found in that southeast corner. we seen the temperature in places like melbourne pickup in the days to come, and it remains very hot across the west with heat wave conditions. the temperature in perth continuing to pick up by the time we get into wednesday touching nearly 40 degrees celsius. but it will cool slightly by friday though it remains very hot and sunny now will move across the tasman sea to new zealand is looking very settled across both the south and the north island. lots of heat to be found in the very top of the north island places like oakland. we will see the showers, however, pick up across the southern island by the time we get into wednesday,
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but there will still be some sunshine breaking through the clouds. now as we move to south east asia, much of the wet weather is concentrated out to sea. so nice pause for indo china with sunshine in bangkok, the temperature at 32 degrees celsius. ah . the step beyond the comfort zone were assumptions or challenge. travel to the ends of the earth and further experience the unimaginable of the people who live it is a probably the most extreme situation i've been involved in how quickly things contract award winning documentary is that also perception witness on a just the euro. lou
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ah, amount of the top stories here now to 0 cobra cases in india are up to 93 fold in the past week. the country has begun the campaign to vaccinate 15 to 18 year olds with maybe 4000000 teenagers actually had on monday. yes. who if you fight to say they've seized a united arab emirates ship in the red sea? the rebels say the ship was carrying military supplies. the saudi led coalition says medical equipment was on board saddam's military leaders, calling for an urgent caretaker government and new measures to deal with demonstrations or in the resignation of premiers to adela. hm. doc, pro democracy group say they're planning further protests on tuesday. the court in canada has awarded
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a $107000000.00 in damages to the families of victims of an airliner shot down over iran 2 years ago. ukraine airlines flight 752 was hit by 2 missiles shortly after take off from terran on the 8th of january, 2020, or 176 passengers and crew were killed. most of them, canadian citizens, or residents. lawyers say they were aimed to seize the money from iranian assets in canada. iran's government, as the airliner was mistaken for a cruise missile. and the incident happened when tensions were high following the u . s. assassination of a top. iranian general, far south africa parent building in cape town has flared up again just hours after it appeared to be brought under control. fire fighters are once again battling the flames and smoke the national assembly building. the far initially broke out early on sunday morning and this caused extensive damage including the roof caving in partially prost, this historical artifacts of suffered fire and water damage. a man is due to appear
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in court on tuesday, charged with austin. julian wolf has more from the scene, but this is an incident that has attracted a lot of attention in the past day crowd from all over cape town. have gathered to take a look at what is happening here, including danny. it's any. tell me how you feel, seeing the wall of the national assembly bar, like it is very said to me a day ago with everything i actually lost was receive these calls are worth a lot of people here are lost her words, including the firefighters who have been here lives in tirelessly they were fighting for 24 hours the day before and the temperatures were as high as a 100 degrees celsius. and now they're back out of the gander. and they're fighting this, which has just been flared up again. now this building is very important to south
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africa and it is a place that is the heartbeat of democracy is where the parliamentarians gather to debate policy and legislation is also where the president delivers the state of the nation address. and that's where nelson mandela was elected the 1st black privilege of south africa. now there will be some significant cost involved and refurbishing this building. and there's obviously a lot of history behind these buildings walls. and at the moment those walls are burning down. and there will also be a lot to be answered to in the coming days, a legal agreement between the sex offender, jeffrey epstein and prince andrew's accuser, virginia jeffrey has been made public. the documents were released after an order by judges in the u. s. that reveal it, jeffrey was paid $500000.00 as part of a deal. she launched a civil case against prince andrew accusing him of sexual assault when she was 17.
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but prince andrew louis had argued the 2009 settlement could release him from liability. in the case, he has consistently denied the claims one of the last remaining independent publications in hong kong, as announced it will close from tuesday, citing the deteriorating media environment and safety of its staff. the closure of citizen news comes after last week's raid and arrests. at stan news and the foreclosure of apple daily last year return. it reports from hong kong in hong kong stringing media space. another loss in a statement on social media independent online, you cite citizen, you said it would stop operating from tuesday, saying it needed to ensure the safety of its staff. it described itself as a little boat in the middle of tremendously rough seas. that announcement came less than a week after stan hughes announced it would close down. i was off to the independent publication, had been raved by police, and 7 people were arrested. in october,
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hong kong security bureau accused citizen news is misleading its readers when reporting that free speech was no longer guaranteed under the national security law . found a chris young settle, those citizen use not been contacted by national security police. it was impossible for the small outlet to continue. overall media is facing a increasingly tough environment for those who are being seen as critical or troublemakers. they are more wonderful. young said he hoped young hong kong journalists wouldn't be put off saying there's still a role for media to play in the territory. a sentiment echoed by other journalists . full. c'mon, loyal. they have been a lot of media workers who express their sadness on social media. and i don't think we are the only ones who started in this industry. there were still a lot of journalists who are willing to try hard. i still have the hold and that is
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a news is the 3rd outlet to shut down after stan news and hong kong. last pro democracy paper, apple daily. that was for to close in june last year after its assets was seized and founded jimmy lie, arrested. authorities have also blocked programs on public broadcast, the radio, television, hong kong, and issued directives to stuff. it's now uncertain how remaining outlets, including hong kong free press can survive. the decision by citizen used to close is another sign that the media environment here is becoming increasingly difficult . yet hong kong authorities have repeatedly rejected claims of a crackdown. thank they are not targeting the media journalism as not sedition, but seditious accent activities and inciting other people through public action activities could not be con, don't. under the guise of news reporting, hong kong chief secretary john les criticized a recent editorial published in the wall street journal title. no one is safe in hong kong,
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saying that recent arrests had nothing to do with me. your freedom. hong kong was once known as a vibrant hub for media outlets, but a national security law are imposed on the region in 20. 20 has changed that and left. many fearing independent journalism is being crushed. brit credit al jazeera hong kong. more than 20000 people in indonesia had been forced to flee their homes after days of torrential rain. several districts in north archie have been inundated authority. say one child has died. residence waded through streets salvage and what they could from their homes. evacuation shelters have been set up by the regional government. many say they haven't received any aid. the flood waters have kept rising. i've already been out at my house. it's up to my chest. most of the houses in my area in updated for the moment. we have taken shelter at a construction site. i believe we haven't received any help at least 16 or bought
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a dead in columbia after clashes between armed groups. the country's human rights ombudsman says, members of the national liberation army fort, were dissidence from the revolutionary armed forces of columbia in r, o, co province at columbia. as president even decay has convened a meeting of military and police leaders to assess the situation. clashes between the 2 groups during the mid to thousands displaced, thousands and killed. hundreds more of the hurricane force winds spark destructive fires in the u. s. state of colorado. a winter storm has now hit just days later. the wildfires destroyed nearly a 1000 homes and 2 people remained missing. scientists say the extreme weather is due to climate change or burden mainly has more charred remnants from people's lives peak through a blanket of snow. a winter storm hit colorado's border county. days after fire had engulfed entire neighborhoods, the fire began in northern denver and within hours that destroyed
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a 1000 homes of to sweeping through superior town and the city of louis. still, you know, these a quiet little blocks were kids play did this local resident and his dog. we're lucky not to lose their home. walking through that devastation yesterday was on one hand. hard breaking because you know, there people last, ah, there the other, their belongings. their memories that were in those homes, families that were raised there us present, joe biden has offered funds to help with the recovery. and the county sheriffs, as such, is continuing the victims. the scenes are still hot. there still, you know, deep in debris, hot debris cover was snow. so as a very difficult task assigned to say, unusual weather had a domino effect. early trench or rain let to prairie gross his growing hide. a dry
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winter turned the ground to kindling and powerful winds down power lines igniting the grass. they blame climate change. this kind of event that happens in december with a lot of rain to increase fuels early in the year and then no rain later in the year. that drives them out is very much associated with climate change. some lives have been lost and thousands more appended. if climate change is to blame many will question, how can they prevent this destruction from recurring in the future? laura, but manly, on to sera the africa cup of nations begins in cameroon. in less than a week, the football championship was supposed to be her last year, but was pushed back by the pandemic. questions remain about whether it should still go head and not just because of corona virus. alexia bron explains. on the
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streets of limb bay as city in cameroon, southwest province. it's not just fan so taking pictures. it's a matter of days until africa's most prominent soccer championship. the africa cup of nations and security as tight sick says he's a hosting f con matches. but lynn, they and nearby boy are in the spotlight book, a separatist fight. it's have warned, the games should not be played there. my fear and the fear of many limbered denizens is dot. the recent phenomenon of ah bomb blasts, ah, which is, has been happening in other parts of awkward edition, like a warrior can be a common phenomenon. but during the sir of con, or a period conflict broke out in cameroon, and 2016. between english speaking separatists and the french speaking government. the armed groups accused the government of discriminating against them and want to form a breakaway state called amazonia. the fighting, skilled,
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at least 3000 people and forced about a 1000000 from their homes. some rights group say any violence could threaten teams and spectators and the competition should be called off. cameroon, hosted the african nations championships in january and february 2021. the governing body of african football and cameron's government, a promising a safe tournament. hello sir. i can't reveal the measures that are being put in place, but you should know. but just as the african nations championship took place and a very good conditions, african will also take place under very good conditions. there's nothing to worry about. cameroon, one the right to host the finals when it's teen beat egypt in 2017 ending a 15 year drought. it's already been pushed back twice once because of concerns about cameron's preparations, and then by the pandemic. some hope it will provide a much needed financial boost resume below it will groom our business because so
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many calls from over at bonham. give room a rug reprint, bowers different countries, mid so many all are be well known, new new friends menu, friends. others though, say they won't be able to focus on the games, balsam and cameroon, live in fear for their lives. alex o'brien al jazeera ah, and one of the top stories on al jazeera cove cases in india up nearly 3 fold in the past week. several region serv introduced restrictions, and a night time curfew has been imposed in the capital new delhi. the country has begun a campaign to vaccinate 15 to 18 year olds with nearly 4000000 teenagers vaccinated on monday. have natal has war from a vaccination center in new delhi, the huge bracket of.


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